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The Real K&C – The Wheel of Choice, censorship & slobbery 3-3-17

Mar 3, 2017|

Ken Laird and Chris Curtis avoid being bumped by the SoccerCast and recap the K&C shows of Thursday March 2nd and Friday March 3rd.

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Friday marked the third it's the real okay NC I would daresay first for the real case he probably can't hear Chris Curtis we are in the air studio I was rattled as an American. Sheila alliance it was just the kind of a cluster (%expletive) finish but it bumps from our normal studio but the soccer cat. Welcome on into the WEE guys' soccer cast and I'm too nice of you got to tell you all in the other room Alex is a good guy Alex does those guys are in every week joining me on the phone as always rusk gold and how we doing today era I was not aware it's 10 o'clock until nicely got to say it is the real okay NC this pissed off many in the office I know he's pissed that I'm not this who. Who who I didn't booted out these pissed that he's the only one that's this about the soccer cast giving clearance over and then that's sort of set up the whole thing happened to. A good show or not I couldn't see the force of the trees I enjoyed it this was a classic example of us having. Pretty much all the sound ready we had multiple podcast come up we have the die to broadcast. The crevice podcast per easily just hide in the studio we had some reaction to Paula cap predict there. They we learned Colin Capp permit will change his stance on the National Anthem is sol where do you stand. You wish you just it is Tom. And we start the show with. The new Comcast TV show. Right into Michael polish right Pauly or remain in his day job as an afternoon drive host at WE I the program will air at 9 PM to midnight every weeknight. It is how the every night every night and here's how to buy the network is a cross section of opinion. Information and Feingold signal that that is a secret other management 10 on information and final like god. What price information once. Opinion opinion who well late edge really good ripping on Paulie you know we can do a good job as an afternoon drive time this would Wear me costs. And be the fact that once again the afternoon show has an opportunity. To address and massive story and chooses to avoid. Good radio went over Sharkey part it's a Madonna I missed I missed a completely. At the very fair point I don't know of keep herta is usually a way to the party maybe Pete can tellem today you're in the men they have Pope blessed I like the first hour of the show they got us into it a a new staple possibly the real choice of the real choice was. Cross section of opinion information fondness that struck me as that's that's a good idea for she asks what's been the wields in the Boston sports night we'd like to. Curtis and into. One couldn't we have information. Cool yeah. Well as always but for the first hour is coming applaud and good. That's rock that's a so like Curtis for I guess an hour at the action headlines. Was feisty today Jeff Sessions Obama take down art and all classless. 44 president is now. In. As a full time job out of his mansion as he eyes as he doing his job is to bring down at trump how's he doing discredit trump as he doing it. As to what what does he do you just have a that's tied to sessions has its. You were trying to weigh in with did you at any real idea what Obama's plan was called Kirk won at a group names of and in their creativity surrogacy to save his legacy Valerie Jarrett as we've operation hours from our Daily Mail. To the name of it to be honest the budget would come up with one IE I said the insurgency. Apparently. It's but he got a lot of hours of I was reading the word insurgency in front of me in a story by the Daily Mail put he'll Bonnie insert my two Brothers. And a crock pot but kinda does his voice back in that segment kind of set that one a little bit these how realistic do you. I'm not sure the the former president is directing it. But it was Martin no win situation Megan and appalled at what he thought he briefly bigger and gave him shoot at the end of the segments or you we've been here while he was called Jerry Jude right he's called Jerry Julia I'm surprised and disappointed disappointed I. YUN the generalized and can't handle it can help us and your journey one that I'm the one analyst agrees with me because Sophie gets into starts depending Jerry Kirk shoots over him for just being you know try to deter his approval and -- doesn't ways and Denny's killed for not being a part of the segment and this. Oh we can't violence. After that Kirk got upset we had a debate. Behind the glass it was a miscommunication or off that is would markets upset which does lead do you could come in and discussed coming out some internal podcasts out he was with your obvious you were able to dig deep and led. Kirk exhaust you that was our kind of a tentative plan right I tried to read the situation at the line of scrimmage. Kirk looked at me when there was no audio playing I thought let's hold off people who are obviously is he started ago and he asked me oh no sound of art. I'm guessing that I responded in his ear which is a mistake. Hey I'm so happy that which. Jesus with him here semen got a and then. At the end Latvians at all I thought he threw a break yet. The break completely yet I think there's one would get to that we get execs want separate 779790. Three's. This thought of the downward spiral for me at least just from from 8 o'clock on I was at. It was salute the start the segment Kirk came back from getting his cocoa puffs. Yeah they put it again new sugar cereals eggs from cocoa Cory Coco Crisp user policy and I ask them a sedate you wanna do this year we get into orcas drill a point there we're gonna get between the show was a relic. I'm gonna metallic podcasters and thanks to us. In his appearance. Obviously nick Kurt and Callahan nothing helps like your personal brands like arguably they're stronger. But today with the shorts and we deploy this new parliament so yeah whatever sure so I've really that Cuba were literally within seconds of coming back from the break at that point. And then you were sort of Reading Kirk with user instinct there. Is that nobody in their car knows who kept who. The people with podcasts arbiter of course that's off lower staples and so welcome back persona as everybody knows who you speak. Right and that's on the Kircus WI about saying you know why would you do that why would you place out of nova in the car knows it is so I understand were reflecting on our. But guess. Kirk pause was anticipating a sound Lagos and flipped out because of that the I it's his rhetorical question in easier shot hop Jesus. And that is no fun and in the segment and anybody cot this actually well he started to get the phone number up we are going to break each. Happy and this week by anchors one we'll get to that league execs want separate 779790. Three's. Eluded him the talk practice say in what the (%expletive) you doing. And them was not pleased with there routes and. Yes that we had a commercial spot that did run. Where was scheduled not their fault com. We recorded it in another studio Paul's intern barged in and for the first on Kirk is seen posted there. Bob is the state. You need chat on a first look so curt saddened that. The ball Augusta I had no idea what is the order to reflect the volume with the X 600 possible to be looking at Leo like what am I doing I'd never see in person before. It's appalled six months to get and we're happy he got the progress we've put it. Lessons challenge like that interns from. I don't know that likelier to crack or. Trade violence all could be. I'm not a violent person so we barged in Colombia the I don't know Imus just literature capitol of her sisters stories now can. Where are the reasons why the world is ending another one yesterday we finished the show. And I thought yesterday I was going to go to was a client yet I -- has declined for Kirk or Kirk and get some talking points near my house there will be no big deal turns out today so what bump into the sales lady who's in charge of this account is expecting me there and I don't know I don't go to a lot of these I just threw out there are saying you know always there like some sort of a dress code or Alamo like with me. Yet you've. Is this okay as things went well I was wearing us there was a vineyard vines shirt and you're very typical Michael J. Fox puff for code which where you're totally hard though I'm not hipster and she said well don't like hustle law. Look over for for her and in a way Kirk for the show that you know about it. I or you get matches are out. I see it if I do but I don't know it's the point is is that this is nothing but driving to Dorchester just because like I happen to be in the neighborhood doing it because at master I'm happy to do it. Told him. I've been told to and part of this I just wanna I'm going there aren't a lot of the around people in suits or jackets or should be wearing slacks I don't know. It's like a pretty logical question in the roots it's just so rude and condescending like. Oh. IC meant it to be that out of its out its its its name offers yet like I'm a teenager. Like us off. That the go marshals pigs slobs and dogs anyway and then click back bogeys and whatever I can. It's what you can only hear from these people when when anything goes wrong. You never hear from them when you're getting fourteen the number one rated show on the market. When there are sold out spots because of the success of the show you never hear a peep from them. One spots out of place. Or one thing is is not right and you have an email chain with 300 people on that under selling minicamp to be nice to know the bank Q once in awhile but thanks for the show running smoothly today they Vicksburg. Doing a fifteen and you know giving me new. Hey hey hey back on us but let's walk the course where during Thursday's anymore I will say we've added outpouring of support. On social media I get at least two tweets that comedy you've got pepper is that the five is like at three in the last report it is people saying freed or brought freedom bombarded yeah open kitchen he's getting crushed free the real king at CB one of five days a week you know people drops in their head. Makes me happy that does make you proud legacy we've created a we have got back to three days a week. Soccer cast is going to be five days and yet it's been teaching did sit down with revolution center in mid Scotty Caldwell for 1005 AM and holidays going on yard are coming up the search for us Paul's in turn is coming out of podcast also turn has missed the door. I understand people that are hurting out there we have to look back the Thursday it out to. So it's up twice a week now we're going to be double recapture. One of two days kept. What was the big take any day I think probably the most viral sound if there were to be some. Would be the wheel on we will choice the real fun. Part two might be album from Rhode Island totally. And plus. If we you know we're together quite quite. Would have secured it they'll grow peak unfortunately. That the joke was taken the wrong way that's I was joking. You were not sure why not lower at you like salaries. She's right on. Such an idiot. Such community well teams not the right term woody do leaders seek he claims dual slider try to play a joke on us or the guy doesn't have a funny bone and what he has no ability to laugh at quarter to take anything as it's like personal satire or sarcasm there is no. Mean talk about miserable human being which proves that he was telling the truth. In his appearance couple days ago he and his wife for a rocked for eight after six months how is married life horrible horrible. So she's left and ready albums. She left guard you really think about it now he's gotten heat for it. The home office. Made things worse so who's trying to pretend it was a joke of the money Jones joked we got here telling jokes you're on the phone lose he's there or could you play with it for like a minute. Before you say and it's not true you know are set him up saying that he thinks strings federal and he told me that yesterday. You can at least be you know all I need to see pictures no do something. Just totally pop the balloon immediately into the entire era outlets that I would say load Kirk is rightly seated at all. Answer either wants wants the segment we went south good luck Lucy are losing will try to do with ties the next time. I hate she was there she regretted ago was Albert the room that's that I think Thursday shows what shall show would you do not agree oh absolutely I thought yesterday was good we had obviously bigger problem who's got lots fallen in mouse. They give Mott a hard time today that they showed it was at its best when we were off the rails on the keep him impersonation by right by Kirk the guy that is are rich. Yeah and that thing with Lester as he went to the cubs. He's a lefty and ago. Through. A terrible rich keep. Really it was yesterday. Was good as you know the contentious you know that the back and forth between Terry and Kirk on the future grow up blow the show after reports from one year back one more like making 25 mil like he would ensure they can't for one year you can't he can't reaction to hand you can't to possible it's a book she gets a legal religious liberals I know. And you had late breaking news with with David Price as we get Bradford on which is huge for us is to Brett response. I. Stock up on a big group as they say yep and then we had a about the last two that one's pretty good Beau Biden. Widow is a duck with saving the day it was a two day story we got that at 630 days from it wasn't that those are information that's different age they are boys aren't. I love the information. Can I start right we you know what we do with the real tells us to do so. Among the wheels organist for any trigger a story today which they. Sort of referenced where she said that she is offended when people refer to her knees as a cute girl. Edit that words matter it's just words and looks chillingly called beautiful baby food that I really truly. Don't know what you meant by I have a daughter my daughter has friends I'd seen my daughter's friends. I may man how to lie interpret that. Anyway it was somewhere written on this story I don't know what he was doing doughnuts. She'll be here on Monday I've a feeling at that story will be mentioned with her and the guys also affirm as the first Monday for her zeroed in on little money. I don't know what she was governor Tuesday she prefer Monday and she sort of reached that status were we'll do Monday is Jerry now what likes people on Monday guest fastening trillion on Monday we'll have the new Comcast show to talk about and some big breaking news behind the scenes. T see what's or less than I don't know Casey said Smith nip this in the normal yet Casey so Casey Smith is falling Kirk and Callahan. Yet you correspond with her. Sent a note haven't heard back LC you know maybe one Avaya appearance by the new star of the Michael Holley show but I do pray for you. Casey's meant yeah beat out Kirkland I cut it is unbelievable can you imagine that news breaking during your show when you don't talk about another. A three hour show until midnight the same husband should on cue for doing an hour showed til seven with with mud. Give us Keefe. From two to six and don't put anything else on its plate. Saying it's distract you really gonna be there all three hours is that. He has battled but it Scotty some nice to beat Italy it's a three hour show that he's at a headline and so no matter what it's going to be taking a time. But the big take away yesterday the big reaction was of course a play by placing all Micah and which I thought was gold at 745. And management. Got involved. You and I were put a tough spot. Put a kibosh on some recent play by play calls. And you know been in Dallas supporters he always does. Censored here Peta people like here that their cars that the number one start the BI and a common goal family might say it's it's got some handcuffs on all of this was Wednesday a around eleven that we started coming out that mastered an auto and Britain were calling the game that's pick. OPEC DeVon relic listen himself heap praise than yesterday ailment podcast in Caracas. It was the Tim Britton and Jason after not as great called game excellent call guys. Radios everywhere 850000 on a number like that you wanna years not since Levitt's arms and where we on in Boston so you had a huge audience going there and Kirk with a brilliant radio mind that he has gets on twittering to starts doing his own. Play by play. So Wednesday this real I'm not sure we can replay here in the post a podcast that we even replay Errol segment I believe they burn the tapes it. But a delicate week a delicate week and it's all we gotta attract people that's been more than. Well it's been like every quarter it's either we had a performance review in the middle of that we had the texting about the show content and we we can't talk about. The pos socks play by play guy and then we had Kirk's reaction and everyone of these were you and I were planning for what the next steps are because if you say one thing to Kirk. You have to be ready for his response and then you have to be uber ready for what that leads to some were talking to like six steps felt alive today in the control room. Try to figure out what you know we're gonna give the dissidents like all be all because the market pulse like skies are tailor made fifty. Yet actually highlight the Thursday ship to me was when Jerry called for more pos socks play by play audio at nine. It by year and I had to tell him discreetly subtly in Europe Kirk on the level of play that's Jack series at a look like it and the league. And Robson blame me my car broke down that was erupt when you're also like it's not a solution. In baton a bad idea and I do what's about it. Tell you was not planning drops from put the game play by play guys allowing you to be kidding me. He paused. It. He get a little corner glanced to Kirk as Kurt was the there was no doubt he said Allah shall I tell Immersion and not element you know a 100%. Jerry is anything to get cart there oh my god that was funny I can OK okay and capsules took all of a millisecond from beside him and his eyes light up in the it is who sit a lot of focused or that he knows that a set Kirk on fire. I'll be clear about the type I might have I he's a parable play by play again. I asked my opinion I'm not allowed to talk show host in the biggest archer host in New England to have that opinion. I can I can have an opinion why. It hurts people's feelings advocates say eye socket is a talk show host an open air heavenly feelings your monster I feel like it you cut me I believe. It goes a bit and that was just a man. While we appreciate the dedicated listeners of the rookie as to podcast for sticking with us this has been trying week for you and I this has been our worst podcasts I think ever. I may just replace stretches of the soccer cast here. Even mentioning he also has still Bob Berry if you want you to know lumber. You also have up front they've brought back fabricated in its betrayed for that it. It should go listen to the soccer casts instead of our show I think I'm cinnamon and seed here in the main air studio and I'm impairment committed and yet I feel. Off Cayard and headphones and they bizarre way to finish the week but Curtis you have work to do. You're gonna represent Kirk minute well Dorchester where are heading I only do like a slob even sales people were concerned. Through my best to represent sales with with some real style and glamour with great passion and reconvene here Monday and try to do better on Monday and it could weaken. This early threat. Jesus where that's what's trending show on WE RU WEP I'd like trump. Could weaken.

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