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#DORK 3: X-Men Movies

Mar 2, 2017|

Rich Keefe & Ryan discuss the "X-Men" movies as they prepare for the release of "Logan." Plus a look back at the Oscars, DC's upcoming movie schedule and they attempt to pick the field for the 2nd annual #DORKmadness.

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If the door to Martinez. Is the sort of market there which cheek if the door. Monty two if there is my dorm blob cache. Banks are turning to another sort of hash tag door my name is Ritchie joined once again by right Davey Davey how you. I'm feeling great speaking voices back. All levels great across the border rated ago. That was tremendous because this is a very important. Episode there's a lot going on. In anticipation of Logan which is up this week will break down all of the X-Men movies to this point. Also it is the month of march that means. The second annual hash tag dork madness. Will take place we have to figure out what in fact the bracket will be about. Yeah we have to figure that I wouldn't forget that outline. Figured out a lot of different brand of doing alive but you know we don't have a whole lot of time to waste here's what you series Gatorade into. Did you get the Academy Awards and there was so quite an ending sue the Oscars what did you think. I watched the majority of the show I thought everything was rolled girl on board along nicely. NG cheaper scrapers and giving a series start off with Justin Timberlake and an end with a big gaps like that and comment that's umpire. It was solid that was assault jaws I Jimmy Kimmel thought that a good job Alec I like him. Yeah I thought the other Brigham the random people in what took a little too long. Natalie and that's a wildest. That Petri district controversy you know I guess the. Well black guys they are rapists or something and just jail when that's tough that's tough to do the face of your you know good moments in any Oscars but the Jimmy Kimmel baguette on Matt Damon like never gets old like like religious crap on a teller. So that's pretty good actually I saw flick the night before the Oscars I finally saw at least one of the Oscar movies and I was Manchester by the city. All I yeah the weekend prior to the Oscar that stock is my wife was a cure your wife was very adamant that that's you watched wanted to watch an extended cut of Doctor Strange. You know the Quebec got shut down a million dollar watch Mitch in the west so that's what made just about the and darted Elliott for those listening at home if you're in for you know indicted with the white where you know things might escalate due dot. That's the sad state of affairs I can only imagine for you being a father wants him that even now is like no man put this. Up. Yeah it's so it was very predictable but even still here like this is just read it you'll sleep depressing. And it's like one of those things where I didn't know a lot about I knew was depressing bill down in the bottom of the vote. You know him taken custody of his Brothers skated I new the basic plot but he didn't know like the character's back stories at all. That now mutilated and I would like no warning. I didn't I love the movie that I thought the acting was really go to by Casey Affleck deserved to win about Michelle Williams. Probably should've warned dotted C. Fences. Up partly by davis' for ridiculously just. In a battle ridiculous in a bad way not ridiculous and a couple of. Yes so she won the Shiite ended congratulations to her she's the first African American woman. To win eight Oscar and Emmy and a Tony. Yes it. That looked that's fine but she did our trucks sprayed all equal but she thinks she's pretty good dozens and or should I mean that is unreal. The way she feels so. I don't know that I of those bit annoying. But. All other and that the again it's weird you know we don't see allies in a suicide squad one that's I want to bring up like Margaret wanna I wanna thing so that's pretty good. So has as many Oscars is pulp fiction and Shawshank redemption look at that so yeah wells to govern Oscars entering. Delegate. Justin Timberlake is fantastic what is it in to that absolutely want to degeneration now. You know you might start my gushing too much about it but don't opera and realizes the value of yeah you Kimberly can I just slow. There. Aren't just Kabila's well I do appreciate some sleet and it would. Respect adore paternity and maternity I do remember that yes this cleanup would you wanna see Justin Timberlake an accountant who. Now to states they relate in any. And if you do the rom com thing to do you know I'm sure he's in them by dramatic stuff that notable wanna be you know. Well it's Iowa there might be some roles open forum in the ROTC in the new DC. Potential lineup ahead. They've mapped out and I forget I want you present user I don't nine or were. Deadline Hollywood of one of these web sites they mapped out what there expecting it. The the whole. Like you know the MC US all their moves not tell it forever so now they have they have the DC movies at least what they. Projects this year were getting a Wonder Woman ever getting Justice League. A year after that were supposed to get I think the flash. Maybe sibor but it has so many and I'm asking myself that one rooms like the Batman movie one of them is. Like black Adam she is damn green lantern. Men of steel to suicide squads who Justice League to league is every bit don't forget out one man. Right now yeah regular point that's when action there'll closer to making it but that hole and of these movies out there and I'm I'm asking myself. How many of these human in me the what is your paired what is your prediction for how many Acxiom it here on the docket. I did it but yet you have a sale of the safe estimate that doesn't. It. And I'm in behind any good. Now. That's. Actually chipped in at this point you know now they are and the like. Especially if Justice League is bad later on this year the what are you ago. I mean look at the marketing unite the sixth this five and seven of them are. And on all the like most of the the outfits looked terrible. Our it's frustrating. Or the thrust into this a really good characters and we said this before the podcast there. The actual graphic novels comics that the best stories from DC to meet are a lot better than the best stories from marvel. Yeah I mean they take they take a lot of Rick Moore ripped you know I think there's a lot of marvel very clean in terms of how they present their comic books but by adamantly there's you know the whole thing with venom that's supposed to be about oh. You know drug addicted addiction and then you know. Depression and all that stuff and and they kind of basket with that witness I think deep seeded kind of goes for it especially that we we raved about the that meant that followed yes it. Really go for the development. Yeah absolutely. So again we'll see what happens with the with the DC movies are some sad news to report from over the weekend as Bill Paxton dive. Yeah I'd let you know that's one of those things we use it's one of those guys you just expected to live forever yeah you're gonna be added to think. Yeah he was I'll watch in the daily Austin and watch and that the real like people who died. In this people on their life but died years ago now but I apologize Tug of war was dead twenty years ago. David. Or seizure issues like posted bet for like the past decade. You know and then you hear about a guy like they'll actually 61 years old news that Jesus Christ like. But you know that's that's amazing. You know. What would you say were the best movies that he was and. I would say the first movie I ever saw with Bill Paxton. That I lost it. Was weird science I love that movie. Really yeah aria if so what are like judge uses the weirdest movie obviously we are excited being in the title yet what were they. A young Robert Kennedy junior to them by the way he has no solutions arm. But I thought I remember watching that indicated they keep elect those two kids you meet the girls were so cool yes that's what set me on the because they're not supposed to be cool but in my head but some of these is the best known did not know that you're missing the point. I think I was like five or six it saw that movie. He's got a really good tomography of the if you add that one. On to obviously aliens the terminator in some of these are small roles then you know frailty which he directed did you write in direct frailty. It. By and does well the ones we talked about last thoughts over about for the underrated. Horror movies which is really. Unbelievable views also in club dread and wherein you. Think this is tremendous and that. What else tombstone. True lies which he's got it is a nice little love. You thought the neutralizes what they're you know his car salesmen who helped write the belt deeply despite. Really good to himself what that's one of the funniest thing I've thought put the field is when Arnold Schwarzenegger scared about GP. As good Eddie was in. Near dark which is another sneaky good hormones from the news so law now or our IP sue to Bill Paxton. And I was there I would like to I tweeted it out and thus some you thought that. The only guy to be killed by a terminator as you know morph. Which is. Pretty pretty awesome. This has very greatly as adults. We also did you see this new show us tomorrow artifacts culled feud. With Joan and Betty. Yeah I had I don't I'm I'm into this by the way meet Iverson snow into this I'm not let you do a solo autumn. On feud. There are no no we're gonna do I kiwi and now. So I took forget what recourse plus some film class in college and watch a lot of these old movies and what we I forget which one who watched one or two Bette Davis movies. And we also watched Mildred pierce the Joan Crawford was in which Jackson won best actress for. And so. I like I sort of do it read up on them and us fascinated by the to a home and then I saw whatever happened to baby Jane. And you're like knowing that they hated each other nearly the two biggest stars and that movie like the rules that they played it's it's a creepy movie too early a definite recommend that movie. So this is an eight episode. Season. It's sort of you know like a lot like America our stores that Ryan Murphy's charges of cynical one off next hearing a sorority doing Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Is going to be season to a feud but this I guess senators around when they were making what are happened a baby Jane. Yeah which is which is pretty cool have been in the pit the end of the movie history in that that speculator really cool story little pretty fascinated by it and that it's. Susan Sarandon and. What holes in his job just Jessica Lange did away you can all write over stuff so yes he's been unbelievable on the show isn't all what did the one to the one bright spot in all across the board. On American horse or it just elect as he's always done yet. Some of the Ford that also on the USA network FX a legion continues to all roll on you all cut up on legion. Not what I am caught up on taboo which is like. FX is just killing it right now whether it FX or at XX. Yeah right knowing exactly outweigh the hunt taboo houses on it's it's getting really kind of Obama. Yet there it's I talk Marty who Deloitte also adore you look hopeless you might elect. Actually this is kind of his thing. Yeah added that this does have a role perfectly suited for him. Well outlaw I can Segway you we won't say where yet but people really want him to pick up the Wolverine nipple and we will but. What do you actually think he'd be good that. Oh yes it is seen warrior if you see ET Matt ax obviously. Gas in golf yeah pasta but unanswerable really. Arnold got a shot. So anyway I say you're trying to find out is God's blessing legion Lisa continues to be good we'll see where where the season goes on the that's obviously in the X-Men universe and that leads us now deviancy the topic is York. That's the topic of the day oh. X-Men movies we have had. Tell them up with the nine. We've had nine and well actually lets you know what let's address the elephant and yeah. First though do you like the expression elephant in the room. Is dead pool and X-Men movie. That's so. Fascinating question and one that there is no simple answer to. Have a I agree let me do let me hear your. Response to approach side. No audio immediately caught. Well actually yet Tellme part yeah that's a good idea you tell you tell me that it is and then I'll tell you that it isn't. Well clearly it has to be in the X-Men universe if they make mention to the X-Men movies now you can say that did Poole is is you know. Are famous for breaking the fourth wall and having this knowledge of like anything deployed in and out of comics of the regardless of the universe. We'd you have that there is a lot of talk about education. There are mentions two other X-Men. You can even mention. You see the black bird you see a colossus who is I would say he's on the on the bench. Is it the first guy off the bench and excitement. You know it means so he's he's not. A guy but like he's been Ito. You know specialty role at a player and I and then that is 98 warhead who's like. In the delete them they're both. You know in terms of excitement but it. They make mention a troubled Xavier they've been mentioned to Wolverine and make mention to you know bunch of different people so it had to happen in that unit. So I would say up until that. Do that and it is part of the X-Men movies. But I don't think outlets I would say it is not an X-Men movie because. The X-Men movies are about people you know in the X-Men. And dead pool really isn't like other doesn't cross over stuff obviously there's a lot of X force stuff we dead pool. But for the most part he is not an accident what you go through all the work and right has authored a good point that's another wanna beat. In the X-Men so they may be in the same universe but that's like saying. This could be a bad example maybe it's a great example you tell me guardians of the galaxy. It's an MCU. Movie but it's not an avengers movie. Yeah I mean I can appoint and OK bush on the content side again just to add to read but yes yes is the addition of cable. In dead pool to make it more of an X-Men movie then exit poll want. Proved without the movie is called dead pool and table now you're certain slowing me a little bit but if it's just dead pool to the no. Right but it it's bed pulling cable you now because then. Accidentally X-Men universe they're gonna make an X force movie right exports now now under is yet but now seats gray. But for the sake of what we're gonna do right now I wanna put it in. But I wanna put it yeah where. We are okay now let's screw it but they get out. No way to put it. Well. I am. Now I guess we can leave that in every did you go to X mansion so by my answer would be no that it's not. I would say that it stands right now know a guy but it will be. It might be if we get it if we get like OK now what it did polls showed up at Logan. Yeah out. Well no eyes still know it it's like if the guardian like the guardians at the avengers to mere two separate things and men maple fall within the MCU so if you wanna. OK so is our I gotta I gotta good but good example that. Is even stranger an event. No. Now. Or chose. Right in to me it's a bigger umbrella right cellular marvel cinematic universe which encompasses all of this but if you're like 08 at me and Iron Man hole tapped in America. Those are all avengers movies which are also MCU movies. I don't know what they're calling this fox. Universe. But I think it it's and you can't just call the X-Men universe if you're also making dead pool at those will be two separate things. Within the same world but I don't know what you call. That. Non MUMCU. And partly I think the choice to put X-Men characters into dead pool was to kind of anchor people who might not have been. Pretty dead pool before so like a hole the right no expense you know to me like it's helped. You know it helps tether to that world. Obvious that I think about it BP when did locate locate and they had no idea that it was going to be this good no I think right rental little person knew it was easy to get. Exactly and they always you know dead tool comics and get a lot of interactions with the -- and but he also a lot of interactions with you know publisher and Spiderman. And you know sort of a New York. Guy so he wasn't just exclusively with the expect. Where's that or to register a lot of other characters that you. You like if the if there was a cyclops movie without the without question now would be an excellent movie. But dead puller a really really. It's the boring admittedly. This site clock cyclops and half you know couple of Brothers the summer's drought. Of clips so aren't so dead pulls either in or it's out. But the movies that we actually have start all the way back in 2000. Where you have ax man. That's followed up by X two and 2003. X-Men the last stand in 2006. Does not the last stand by the X-Men origins Wolverine canal known nine. X-Men first class or they reboot the system 2011. X-Men the Wolverine are actually an office complex and in my have been just vote Wolverine. Though will refuse me in 2013. Excellent days of future passed in fourteen. And then 2016 you have both dead pool and X-Men apocalypse. That the that the bars than we have Logan coming up this week. And then there's rumors Ford did tool tool. On Tim that the new mutants X force whenever they're gonna call the apocalypse sequel. They do I guess they're gonna go to the ninety's now going to be about the dark Phoenix saga which they try to do two point celery. Exactly we've we've dabbled in that point and I don't think you can actually split. Back comic was so confusing. There's a lot going right it's kind of overrated as a I think yeah I'm with you and I like TXI grown up I was like the X-Men more than. The avengers considerably for the movies came out a lot of people like you expend more then the avengers are fantastic for some of the other groups. Other argued and it you know part of a part of like you and I growing upper on the same time like. The fact that the X-Men had a public. Unbelievable car to. Cartoon was amazing and some of them like arcade video games are great. Aaliyah elixir you Newt yeah I think I walked into. I remember being like in the comic bookstore in my town grown up when I walked in at the very first thing I wanted to see you would expect the united played a game that fond spot. All the time but I would just like pop like play dollars worth as I elected to come and go and I which day you don't mean. And Saddam in because that would watch out watch the cartoon that was huge micro. Yeah the back yet to play at night crawler in that X-Men game was off the. Always great it was great so what's rank well suited to work rankings. For all the X-Men movies. But art it's probably easy yes easiest for us to go to one through. Nine rather than nine through want to get screwed up. So number one the best X-Men movie. Is that pulling her out we decided they get. We have not decided that we should have decided already we have not. Let's say outlet it up let's take them out. Yet but it that you and I would put him at least wanted it'll be one or two yeah I agree to Eric Phillips take a lot of threat that's. One of the better what's your recommendation for number one that if we take a double. I really like. X two as Mike's favorite X-Men. A big. That nailed it again if he wanted to make an X-Men movie I thought the second movie was where it's right it could it be because Alan Cumming did a great job late night crawler. Although very much underrated. Maybe micro. Macro was great but you've got like that. Wolverine back story. In an X-Men movie. You know with striker and all that's what I thought that was probably the best done X-Men. Yeah you know why I like don't allow. Are those losses let's go to that let's go without a number one. Number two I think Q do you do go on a few different directions and that's kind of like. There's groups with the Jackson movies similar to yo avengers like there's three or four to drug maker Harman for one a couple on the middle and a couple distraction. Right so I. The way I see that they were you'd like this one or two that are at the top you know that there's like four in the middle and in the region reporters trash. So this might surprise you this sort of like a lot though I thought they they threw what saw that she knew there was so much going on. But they decided to say Ari we have the original trilogy we have a new trilogy we're gonna try to lined them up or gonna take some of the best aspects of both. And I really liked days of future path. As number 20 yeah. Yes see I had a bucket so this is what I had I had first class second on the civil and future in David did you pass third yup. Because I really like that new trilogy. It was a sweet way to reboot it I don't I liked his future pass because of Wolverine though. Like that that makes it a little bit better than first class for me on because you know first class of the 22 cameo Wolverine. Which through word that the best bit a bit about the most that's ever really done. Yet so than you so two and three would be between those two are there would you say four would then be the original X month. Yes I would put the original expense sport and I the only reason I put it for. If you watched that movie now I mean there's a lot of exposition in that movie it a lot of stuff it's a lot of wasted time. And that has a lot of stuff at the mention whether kind of explaining. Two good they're explaining to Wolverine but they're actually explaining to the audience who everybody is right right. And there's a lot of that which is great to meet just kind of wait it out of would have sure. If they were to do that movie again they were kind of speed that up a little. Yet Estrada is a good start again you you basically had laid a couple years earlier but nobody really was aware of the blade was a marvel movies so X-Men sort of launched all of this. And I think there were too afraid to go with like the real. Like you know what the X-Men like uniforms. Because they didn't know without really take worth like now you could do that you can just you can throw Wolverine now or maybe announces we've seen somebody would without it. The way people watch comic book movies now. If all these expelled or wearing a ridiculous yellow outfits which it's also try to do in the new trilogy like that be accepted in actually lights whereas there are words like black. When my motorcycle outfits yes most of the first or. Isn't it crazy that I watched this movie recently I think like two weeks ago watched the first X-Men movie just for fun. In its rays need to. But we talked about a the last podcast but when we first like that who it was Hugh Jackman. Right we're gonna you know I've ever talkative but you about that Ehrlich civic unique musical that analysts new Jack yeah. And then. Com how over the past now it's been what seventeen years. Which is not. Yup seventeen years for Hugh Jackman is Wolverine. He. Has he started out what you didn't look anything like wore green except for the air. Yeah right now over the past seventeen years now he looks like what you expect wolverines look like like he'd actually aged in the wolverines. This guy has the one thing about him is he's a lot taller than you probably want Wolverine the B. For these tiny east titanium like you see it in some of the consulate to scale what he's standing up next other people he's like social work. For which. I think it means it is just. Ripped to pieces which by the way in days of future past. He is still read. It in the war. And the Wolverine yeah. So which by the way is probably the fifth best movie I write them out there. General were lighting things up we have some conflicting ones come early but that's on the same group would have to like a good result Wolverine. Is right in the middle of tenable along with those other four are like significantly better and the rest I like significantly. And it's it's been it's important to note too that likenesses that is the reason I put it there is it's such a mixed back like I feel like it is no Hugh Jackman actually. You know the best he's done to date with with the care pearl Wolverine. But I felt like the other the supporting characters in the movie were so. Week and attic credit wrecked. Yeah no that that's a good point that when you take him out in your now you're not. Using any other X-Men or you know villains that we really are aware of it's a cool story but you still kind of need that. Yeah I mean did the cool part of the story was like hell. You know Logan just wanted to die they just won't make you gonna be in the yeah it's on had been wanted to yeah. And I thought out the cool part but then that your main villain this over samurai it was in the movie or. Thirty seconds. Right fully functional pro like this you know I meet the young. So number six Timmy would probably be apocalypse. Yes I expected apocalypse in that. Production value lies in the scope of the movie like that. Where it should be. Like characters like the like the magna ego stuff with fast spender was good. Right and like some of the characters were all right but yeah I was just kind of a de missed a second nothing movie. And again I mean I think the biggest fault with these movies. I think Ewing he will be out hopefully be avengers gotta break that cycle but I feel like with these movies like you get. Bogged down in car in characters like significant characteristic and it of this comic book. Get pushed aside I mean not like how to help you not use storm. How to held you know not used Jean Grey how to help you not due cyclops you just like or beast it is like yeah side. Yeah like really we've got time again they've that importantly a vendors on such a better job of adapting characters. Plus and that's the other fault though it's a problem the X-Men. Is they don't have like the singular characters besides Wolverine. T even have their own movie would you what you would really do that with the expense here kind of forced to have. Like a fifteen character on stumble and like some almost never talked would like all that's that is that a reference this owns those. Yes they do believe now I'm regularly bing and yeah there's a teenaged night crawler who. By the way did back story is that he'd actually misty and what's his name. That demon guy son. Well as real as reality yet but yeah guess so it didn't believe their son but there are limits and an arrogant in the not yet so it's like that's. The big problems along the X-Men movies is or or. There's so many problems would like the timeline. But if you're trying to connect him which I I on the one and I appreciate them doing like you know tying it all together at all it is one big universe especially when he can do. Sort of you know these these times jumped type thing that that that's OK however. How do you possibly explain the relationship between. Charles Xavier and mystique. You don't on the first three there even know each other than what they do is like they hate each other like they're like they're on opposite sides. And then like the new trilogy which took place before the original trilogy their best friends. So that's that's annoying meant that some than that. The obvious he wanted to do in first class because I was I mean. I was pretty good stuff you don't win with Mac avoid it would Jennifer Lawrence I was good. But that you like Harold and that it doesn't add up does not a popular stuff. All one of the worst movies ever put out put it at seven would be X-Men the last stand. But it took a year ago I have a very personal deep seated thing for this but I actually. Do not have I have bad debt less. You think that's. Worse than wall X-Men origins Wolverine. Out. The sole reason I put it again we said the first four are. Great. Five war with the Wolverine is like OK like that speed that yeah editing and then the last three art distraction yup urinate so. They're all that. But I said Ari. Have an uncle warranted. And just kind of irrational. Hatred of Brett Rhett. Well I mean he's terrible like I hate Brett Brett yup but I never elected elect the rush hour movie if you look at JT Michael. Yeah he's a city Michael ban. Negotiating Michael Bay who like stupid movies. He got lucky with something innate you know rush hour. Bryan Singer didn't wanna do it like speed in Shanghai night much at duke. Ratner yet may be as heated rush hour at a mediated both Russia Garcia. But that's not just you should be just such a huge Beck you know to be like yeah everything I hate about. You know Tibet that kinda. Life. If you producer on the resident I'm actually looking at this Philip tomography. That was real and this is still gonna work though double dip this so heated rush hour two. Yup and then he did red dragon which is kind of a terrible terrible. And then the next he did. A budget TV. That. Like good body good red dragon recourse. Famous for the scene I believe. The hole is only at Allen who was in the files of the one where Ed Norton screamed as Kinsley the suspense. Is unsettling. Out of so he's done he did Hercules in 2004 with the rock. And he did. Obviously Russia Eritrea and how tight which I'll town I asked the long not a good move back to business yeah. But he candidate yet if you also claimed to have slept with the Libyan Mullen among. Who again another wasted character. You know apartment influence you look great 2000 liquor to the spot on and it's one of those things I don't feel bad corner one issues in absolute doll or she was thanks so. Might be there at our quality. On the water yet. But it's when you watch like you watched I follow her on Twitter and all that her Twitter feed was froehlich month was hurt training. Moment not dialogue then it already don't have her on screen for about five minutes so. Not others choose a waste. I go back to the argument over which is the worst X-Men movie do you say last in because of Brett Ratner I read it because I just lazy. Well what are you don't in the dark Phoenix arena. Not an apple like or if we have if we have an open end with a Carriker look we don't have just don't. Yeah yeah. Spoiler they kill the budget characters who are what's happening at the plucky yet you do this work. But thank god for you know he'll. Brad singer coming back and you know you wouldn't be the future past which un does all of that what I think hand that the great. Let little nod to you Buick we know we know that suck. Yes there like that now didn't exist in an apparently wiped that out all right. What let's also not as I forget the names on the characters but in last stand doesn't make needles a recruiting like all these different. You know villains and stuff to join up and he had you know pyro and had you know Jean gray who's gonna become the Phoenix. But there and you know mystique. That there's all these all there once he meets you like the X and universe is ridiculously how many characters there are. Yeah and not well enough time for them we have time for some like (%expletive) ones like the porcupine guy in Mexico the other like the terrible. I will report to show for F forge an hour right site at a guy like speak any language. Is exceeds repeal. I think I still think origins Wolverine takes the cake because they had did well in the movie and he couldn't talk. Yeah which is like. It's. Ever right they had Ryan Reynolds is dead pool they screwed up and they have our guy Tim riggins has gambit. In this in the screwed it up. Yet like you're gonna put him rated you know put you know thirty or to a movie and some yet in the ball. So does that he had yet fumble issues. We get a bit at the rear wheel all a little bit yeah yeah. But I mean yeah I mean that's another complete waste of a character. Of a well established character again that timeline doesn't match up. No god no. Now and all you you have the whole weapon X program that you have with a young striker communities that like it pool. Not dead pool. They they're adamant that it wasn't dead pool even though the character's name was able. It is labor and Ronald PS in that you had oh will I am inexplicably as a season there. And and Ed block. Blocked out depth is grilled the blob. So undergo X-Men movie rankings XX. Two. Excellent days the future past X-Men first class in the original X-Men aren't 12 year ago rank them anyway he won and we wouldn't argue with you. The next year probably all to its own is the Wolverine. Then I I do think X and apocalypse is a ball of the next two. And I think it's eight it is because you had those established characters and yeah was some. Explanation for it there you know there was something. There will like apocalypse at least had the a quicksilver. And and had some good meg needle stuff wears like last year Wolverine your hard pressed the fun it was the best scene in those movies. And that that those in those two movies have been axed the quicksilver scene of that movie was unbelievable. So that's what it now don't hold that this'll probably a bull smoke biggest waste of character was apocalypse. Yeah. The first mutant he's though the one that all of this started. He's the OG noon yet and what he's what do you do when he seemed pretty easy to get rid. Yes right exactly regular season he's unstoppable I actually don't quite solvable. Quite weak certificate. And then the last stand and though Wolverine or that or origins Wolverine. Are the two worst expectations very high for Logan. According to run tomatoes that it is very very very I think the last summit check this morning. I'm talking knew that 95%. That's awesome iron up our Obama ticket. For night before. I was the lunacy and and then hopefully love an episode next week about Logan. And see how good it is what would you rather have them make the gambit movie. Or. A new mutants movies. I wanna. I do not know if Channing Tatum is can they keep saying them will be put on the spent with the I mean I don't know in this. The book is always close a couple of this year yes what are we don't. With somebody DC project. Our would you say is the best scene or scenes. From any of the X-Men movies. I think one of my personal favorite team as good as the one that apocalypse what beat the com. The quicksilver seen in the day the future path als also and that is that obviously don't have the second one without the first one right. But what a cool way. Dispute that you know this is like the fastest guy on earth but he's you slow it weighed down you see it from like his point of view. He's almost unfair though when you watch that Selig wanted to use use him for everything. Yes it is like movement bullets or the just beat so bad that kind of economic existence now and the fact that you juxtapose it by putting time in a bottle by Jim Croce. By the way yet highway I don't know if you've ever the leader to that song but it's about the plot their singing net on to his son. Which is great men you know me you know at you again and quick so that spirit that. I thought it was just so clever. Better put a silver suit than the avengers looks over yet. You can watch the Russian bank and a voting we we didn't get Fox's version of the that correlates. None yet but yet and we'll go. Actually no it didn't didn't quicksilver he was there. Wasn't future passer apocalypse or is like playing with a sister. There's these past days and at home like they were younger sister. Who has very little sister as. Well. It anyway either way it plays I would say the night crawler scene to open up next to. Is one of the all time greats in the White House. That that is. Very enjoyable. This the wolverines stuff obviously in all of moment each one kind of slashes like its own the wolverines scene which is which is knots. And I think we cameos are great to equity showed up but the weapon next best thing on in. But apocalypse it doesn't. It was like a little of that serve the same time that you wanted it like I got cut like oh this is the kind of went out of their way but you don't want a man. About it. Also you know as crazy as you go back to the first X-Men. And the the first scene with a young mag neat though. Into how Schweppes during the Holocaust and it's a it's a fine line because you look at it you're like. Are this is the comic book this is that this the count book it was the comic book movie. And then you're gonna you're gonna bring in the Holocaust. It's like how do you possibly do now without being over the top offensive. And they actually I think they they have the perfect balancing act because it's it's very emotional. It's it's not you know cart to me by any means in your showing it to hit a character. Who that is a huge. Part of his story and for why he is the way that he is and he's he's knocked him he's not gonna change and red delegates of dangerous choice I feel like that to put that in the date they XQ it no way. Where. Okay and I think it actually makes a lot of sense he's a kid he's starting to see his powers as now of the powers. But battle's always being grain to them for the rest of his life. Right and that explains that the rest of the movie what you like well I don't like I've seen this before I've seen people you know try to do this to other right. You know and and Charles who lived a very privileged lifestyle doesn't really get it. In and regulate Eric gets it in galleries like they'll I've seen you haven't seen what I've seen you don't know what I. So so the treatment of you know again the Holocaust in the treatment of the Jewish people in the then the they expend doing with the treatment of mutants I mean there are parallel there yeah I think like you said it was very tastefully done. Yet there. Our best characters if you get out and again let's walk will keep to the movies because cartoon and just comic books are probably different answers but just based off of the movies. Three or for the best characters and they can be from any obviously any of the the time jumps if you wanna potatoes are like the ultimate. X-Men team. Who would unit. Oh I think like we just have a minute they spanning all eight movies yeah I think you have to put meg meego in all of those. Just because I think he did the deepest of the characters he absolutely. So and I and I think. You'd need that kind of flipped sides like known but it isn't great it's not great to have these things happened the you know which suck it like the waited after the meat was it and it's not great if not we'll look we're special you know we're unique in which snowflakes. And actually. Now this comes from a very dark place. And he's probably the best marvel villain. Like combination of his back story wind like his ability and my what the whole point is any. He sort of toes the line too especially in comics from. And David maybe Canada helps out the X middle bit that he's right back that not you know it's sort of catwoman me in a way any more developments she is but he. He tied does balls that he's just. He's not one of these just one sided kind of bland characters. And I think that's the I don't think that's what Medicare to so intriguing is what people earn treatment catwoman too is like. There's more to elect its not that simple yeah you know I'm not just the bad guy kinda wanna blow the world up and get money like there's it's different you know ultimately develop a more complex. Yeah I don't always like drawn to that you know right similarly you know I think one of the more obviously the more flush our characters as well he knew that you don't epic minerals. What do you were where he's urging grads I think gene grade. Is the most important. In terms of how this story's big everything to do when you look at the comics and you look at the movies that everything kinda revolve around her yet. Because she's the most powerful mute in the world and you know draw the gators the first stated she is she's more powerful act. Right I'm like well that's stupid seen in the last stand whether where that one got longer as power is he could tell. Like how good of a mutant everybody is like how strong rarely one through five and easily Jean Grey is like the only five he's ever come across like meg needles I'm in a five afflicting Reyes. Yes now a quick bit Dominica orient they idyllic need to go there but fair enough but what you don't have to hit it over the at that Latin unclear. So I think he's important story but I you know as I don't think it movies have done a good enough job with her yet. No I think again that big a. It truly we'll see what happens in so returners playing her now she's a good actress obviously. But the vet I mean that it's similar to the scenes you know if you're making it team if your regular one X-Men movie at a boil it all down. You'd probably want Wolverine and night crawler. Quicksilver. Some colossus stuff has actually been pretty go there once they really get him go one. They are probably all be in the mix it air of course Jeanne granny going up against meg veto some of the worst characters. I'm still disappointed the iceman and they've made kind of a bitch. Paris sucked. And so ice there was frustrating. Rogue. Wrote had some good stuff but she was so much better in the cartoon. It. Shouldn't why. She wasn't. Yes just wasn't the same can emit light dimmed it was a wastes it and and Wolverine and same with the same without a dead pull that one night. In but what would that they have the pollute even the gold team and they had two teams and captain Alex Norman. Cyclops. Just as a store I would include storm storm passed it and there yes start a cycle of to a two. That beast and colossus night crawler. Non rolled. Jubilee an exile lock. A lot of people there. They a lot of people but the absolute must pavlik beat that we are in. Yeah actually our depth at all in Yemen right concern that just kind of a given you kind of have to have been Wikipedia oxman about him. With X watch where you get the extra. Now the villains in these movies Maggie goes through the best but here are some of the other ones that appeared yet mystique. I you have Saber tooth you have to code you'd William Stryker lady death strike juggernaut the blob. Emma frost. Sebastian show our. Our apocalypse. What's over samurai. What city. The by aperture. Now Ole opry. You so anybody who is who's the next best after meg you know. It veto it. I. You know what Stryker. Stryker yeah like if you have the melodic got a couple different actors play him. But if you use him right like some of the scenes but that's that's one that's characters that also kind of makes cents Lagarde this what he's doing this is why Wolverine hates them but this is this is his motivation for things. Right but again like you don't see. That's why he does things but at the same time like you you can't sleep on paper to. Yeah true I think we have Shriver was we could've been a good neighbor to yep in a wasted movement picky with the high point no unfortunately yeah. Let's he would have been the peace huge. At Oakland because you know in a big due to. You watch any rate on these big there among them and you know mystique was kind of a throwaway character in the beginning and then became. Yeah much more reporting out of equal care yup true Burkle ability maybe to cool stability. I think so yeah you know if you wanna like you know eight get anything done yeah. It's kind of cool and its identity theft. But you know. Yeah part of it part of Peru are the other person elect eighties you know kind of got. Lost in the shuffle only because I think I think January jones' just like dead fish which she just doesn't have it in. Oh era. But she was a war that I'm Emma frost Subaru all but Emma frost is a huge deal expert you write me at some of some of the trade like that don't want it just Wheaton. Wrote she actually rotting the gators will isn't sure she's on the first accident and yet it sheep like babies gonna keep exe running. Yet in ruins her. No but in a sheet of pretty boss character you know so. LIO. Overall kind of a mixed bag for the excellent movies again like when they're good they're some of the best lady to put some of them up there for me anyway as far as enjoy it and wind. Some of the best. From the MCU. Obviously better than DC movies at this point where's the worse. Are worse than anything like that with some of the war say it's all the worst most crap ones go. I don't think it X-Men origins Wolverine is the worst. By the way is that it's called expand origins Wolverine because they planned on having more. But that one was so bad that they can they killed the whole project all you're right I went out. You know wasn't gambit maybe that's how that all the concerns about that fell apart and then they're sixty gray want to create bigger one which then turned into two days. First class. It does it does look out of place that we look at all the names and accords in the war and OK buddy just called Wolverine. Devin either spoke there as well we met Tito won they've been you know immediately you know those beat but all right network so bad and killed it but at the same time I don't think that the work superhero movie of the. Now that's I guess that's true yeah I like the remake fantastic four or count woman or Jonah hacks war. I don't know of the green lantern wide screen there there there's a there's a calendar Superman. Does that have misspoke every bit as bad as those were there and we've seen worse. Like if you had to sit down. Sound like young deer head yup had to watch green lantern yet to what extent argued over what would you watch. Honestly maybe just because Blake lively is and. Oh shut up viewed as an undesirable qualities would don't even do it like try to be you know vehicle. What you just told me you like last ditch the Brett Ratner. True. If the I'd probably right though probably Wolverine. And he'd like elements to it I'd like maybe deadbolt talks this time out no no no it doesn't. Yeah I would shut up last ten minutes. Yeah. Do you have any anything else on the Jackson before we get to what should be huge impact of the podcast etiquette like it. Because the. It's. Are the first thing we don't need to map out the entire thing bought. Last year we did hash tag door madness for the first time and it was a smash success we took 64. Comic book movies and pit them against each other. Winner abide by Twitter votes in an email vote yet he added in the end that's how we advance all the way down to the final four. Which. Forget up the top my head what it was I do remember though in the final the Dark Knight defeated the avengers. Switched. It sure that I agree review I I voted for that as well I think guardians of the galaxy made it to the final four and I forget. Last long ones maybe when a soldier. So I Randy the first Aaron into first. Iron Man without that made it wait I think that made it about us at least the it definitely the elite eight I don't know yeah. So I have that some already would you pull that out so were to be starting soon. Hash tags or madness the second annual addition. This is what I'm thinking now there's a lot of different ways we can go I want something that's not super. Niche so that people can vote on it like the movie was very easy Nike Buick has now at this mover in this movie. I was gonna do comic book characters. But I feel like that is real aggressive and we were to leave a lot of people out. And there are so many different comics agree you're breed searchers from preacher and sog and all you know all those. Org we simplify it and go marvel DC characters. Yeah we've I have to only because again I mean. You gonna bring stand men into into this whole thing that a curious. During the boom into the whole thing. We'll sit and is the DC perhaps he's gonna perfectly. Constantine and yes. I think so I I did a rough outline this afternoon. I have in my exceeded anybody but this I think is is he's rather than mix them all out because of problems with last year. Was we did 64 movies but you know you in the first round you had to vote on the dark drier catwoman like note that your immune like right there is no chance of a first round upset a lot of cases whereas this one is much different especially. If we do. Sixteen marvel superheroes in one of regent grand sixteen Marmol villains and then the same with DC. Yes I did they do is brilliant idea because again you know what you get down to lower it down to the higher seeds. You know now we might become upset when we have a villain vs a hero in an hour getting them upset. The Tom. Any other W. Unfortunately one of my favorite spot on his out on the spot and make the tournament maybe you did well on the Hannity but. We could we could do a separate region where you have. Yes all these different nurture all the means politicians like the darkness of liquid blade of like all these quick random yet yes. Doctorate video game by the way the darkest darkest. Area. Habits aren't so this. So I have right now we confined to in this this is an etched in stone guys wanna get some names down. For sixteen marvel superheroes. I'm very real and just give me a yes and it on than their locked in gimme and we can revisit them or just that no in the Walter will place. It's only sixteen and again we don't we can see them later I'll Wolverine. Spiderman. Iron Man. Captain America. Hulk. For. Dead pool. People love the pool on night crawler. Malcolm X and I crawler gambit. Come back to him at daredevil. The Netflix showing people aren't. Op punish her. Who it a couple of come back out there arguments on the cyclone. I know he's the he's the leader that's the wrote. Yes only because of what her power as it I think that would be about the interest in the that's up with some. Professor acts. Might be right literal road that this is most popular there are all right and I thought it would and it might hole. All world. Most popular so that there's pleasure to be paper yeah. You think we should do fight. I think the most popular to everybody here's the mall near the most popular comic book character OK okay yeah I AppleTV here quite. They get out the other is gonna know that some of merlot unfair legally silver surfer. Yeah right this is better although your fighting thing is intriguing. We'll circle back a little circle way about our so he wanted to go through my general quick check every Wolverine. Yes splatter and yes fireman yes Captain America yes spoke. Yes or it. Dead pool yes night crawler. Now know about now is our most popular. Gambit yes. Daredevil. Yes publisher. Circle back to back cyclops. Yes it's mostly girls and wrote it it'd most popular music city leader debt and broke. No broke up. Professor acts. Storm. Yet star lord. Yeah all right so if you crossed out or. Night crawler. You press that give our own neck crawler on a shirt. Winds. Rogen and yet. Our than you need three more to replace about root. Mel Brooks I viewed the most popular character and MO your baby grew route over publisher. As far as in terms of popular mainstream popularity yet output grew over the pleasure. It when Ayman rated down for now who will go over the political analyst clay ability of people agree with are now we'll we'll go over the settlement valiantly to play in game. Are it's a group who else beats him more. Geez see is the star of the guidance yes both the nova are a bit. Latest iteration of civil civil war to achieve that aren't that person and it meant. Yet when Emmitt and. Aaron I'll put them on their for now we can we can circle back. The sixty marble villains ready. Mag need help yes kingpin. Yes green problem yes dock rock. Yes venom. Juggernaut. Yes Saber tooth. Yes doctor doom. Red skull. Yes low key. Yes mister sinister. Move. Back. Apocalypse. Cross bones. Aaron's Nemo. It and sandals. Are so you were a no on mister sinister apocalypse cross bones and turns the ball. That's fair in war you to replace four. Or keep a couple of them O Tron. Coca balls from. This mystique count as a villain yes. I think so let's go mystique. He wanted her. But. Yeah I mean he is the best known for. Yar Al Al and it and then we can within. Figured out about Bordeaux. New gaffe may be. No popular areas. Very DC heroes. This is not that this month a lot more straightforward thing. Batman. Superman and Wonder Woman the flash. Yes green lantern. Are women. You know he uses the rotten to the roster of injustice you're pretty much yeah at green arrow. Yeah yeah a year to put Errol Yakima herald Shelby you're the arrow in an hawk eye out what back to that match up who wins. The who's more popular arrow where or who are sucking my fighting against. So here's one do you wanna put Robin in night wing or just Robin like in that Dick Grayson or we put decrease. Just Dick Grayson. Output Dick Grayson has both. As as both because Dick Grayson was Robin night wink and that meant. Nine nobody could well throw do you Rogers put night wearing an input Robin have Robin Buick Damian went. You could do. Just great -- I'm sick cyborg. I think he has not Constantin. Who just asleep dark yes. And there. And then but he's sacred rhetoric yes it. Constant. Usher super girl. Have to back girl. Yeah. Red hood. You re I mean I think every year I didn't. That's my guy. None the last two. Maybe three if you if you combine night wing and Robin just to decrease in output down Suzanne him in martian man hunter. You have to but the martian man hunter only because that is that is association with yet. With the justice. Right so that's I have to ice as AM on the I don't know. Trying to think what would you put there I mean you could put a swamp thing. Developed swamp thing down more territory yeah he's he's good. We could swamp thing army doesn't view overlaps that Constantine and stuff so. Arc of six of them off our DC villains last thing Joker. Penguin. Oh yes and a Bain. Radler. Yes scarecrow. Maybe you. Maybe comeback that they were get a little Babbitt heavy. We need I don't know why don't we I start off the diamond gonna move on. I as catwoman here she's gonna be included more Jack city so I would putter. Two things. Yeah yeah Roswell rule. Are we done badly enough know around locally the no rust. Wolf now poison ivy. All the best films about. The standards. We get sixteen and having Tenet over about it dial on its more sugar no or your hold on him was not all on Columbus to freeze. What about calendar man. I think Peter you're getting around to victors that is if the holiday blood clots like ear like I and I got more Angola on our Lex Luthor. Yes death stroke. Kind of back to back mentally he messes up love the people. No it doesn't own comic right now on rebirth but where's Harley Quinn. I'm there she's also baton and you realize I don't elect somebody other that day care and better is that what you gave it harlequin harlequin. Yes death stroke your now are you know no industrial dead shot. No dark side. Yes since Astro. Yes. Black Chatham no. White Ryan. Yeah it. I never you know who got snubbed from the marvel heroes is black panther. But it was going to bring that up. But I didn't I didn't write imaginative. All right so then got up got their cars that go back to scarecrow and Ras Al ghoul poison ivy mr. freeze down to replace him with somebody. I saved at impact aren't aren't even bookmark this generation of that's great I like you love bugs are those who is not yet because talent I didn't get. Our editor edit it somewhere so. Lex Luther yup you got a but the thought he'd skipped odd. I did was put him in. Saws is in. Your norm black Adam you know the block and rob we're gonna head that is the rock my play blackout. Yes right I doubt that happened but what harsh. I listen harsh and stern visited there in the series do you and other matters sort of separate it or yeah there are. But Saddam didn't beat a deep into the act now by the way not gone back not known Armenia for a little bizarre. We'll Pizarro and their. Does this ever got sixteen seed telling got it like I European. Yeah Albert not to do this rips through this off Mike and figure out the seedings in the final sixty. On all doomsday but. You know. I think this will be good sore arm were to start the voting sometime this week or next week will do on the Twitter at dork podcast. Follow along all all all whip up a bracket in its entirety will try to fill the bad boy out. Also of other pick apart gas would be the most recent episode of Mac and do a smack. Campers say and do it. I was with those guys the boxes podcast in myself than we did an auction draft of all the movies coming out. In 2017 starting march 1 so your wants him in that. Was pretty good. I want there now very upset about you are invited to make it. And make wells looks karma comes and can be sold for come on until developed obviously we have to work up a logistics but it wasn't gonna. Typical for your outpost just like racquet. For hash tag door madness you can follow us on the putter at dark podcast you can email us to our podcast at gmail.com. Did you working folks Foleo. Well first well I think get a regular podcast is very excited about that the baby can be a game minute and not gonna happen. There or what kind of run out of time. Or this could be quickly. There is it on PlayStation network and PC next month period they mature rated old time hockey video game coming out nice and wide it is significant Richard. If it takes place in like the seventies and like all like these like crap leaked like stick it slap shot but it video game. You can speak fight. You can do is fighting his blood just wearing lots of nice the best part about it. Right yes they have. Could the control setup you can do like a modern set up with the two sticks or he can do a button wanna get it to make four and get fit they have a beer mode. Where you can play the game with one hand. That allows them. So that's something you might wanna check up for the B game and it also. Horizon. You're dawn came out it's spoke to be really good haven't played yet it's on my list of things to do. Also the my two picks to the podcast star laden you can find me on Twitter and twitch and anywhere else basically in the Gramm pat are on the RB OND. And we are continue to effort our own iTunes channel that is a been quite a battle here at WEEI so we'll can. To either put up posts in the WEEI podcast page you can listen to on W. EEye dot com and one day just one day maybe you'll our own page that maybe that day is today whose. Hear the call to call all you horse skillful would be strongly worded email. If you could you want to offend somebody I don't know even who descended to a majority attitude WEEI just put it WEEI WEEI. Thought he would have to see you back sand and always started with whom it may concern that's right you know I answered the door and just let him at a I precinct error an attention yet our arrivals are actually god bless thank you hasek or.

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