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Ep. 54: Richard Deitsch

Mar 2, 2017|

SI's Richard Deitsch returns to the podcast to talk with Kirk about the K&C casting couch, how ESPN wimps out when they are called out for slander, what's going on with Bill Simmons, and the rise of podcasting.

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After you mad to support. He returned gas project type two Sports Illustrated media critic who's been part of the Kirk talent show it is a serious Hebrew text each evening series B one. Habits these guys that you would have to come on the show and then it takes over their lives. What I liked about this episode though it was actually honest. Unlike the last two episodes or was (%expletive) you meet all (%expletive) already wears a Jesus Christ our. It try to become a larger disarmament that it dries out this premium little fired up about Orton it drives me nuts and audio says we finished first. We won we are number one in that book when we beat governments that's not true third. We finished second ZLX beat the both of well. I understand the overall larger point not what he sang if they beat Felger amassed three or four times in a row they would they would fire. I absolutely love your right to host the show empathy or when militia construct. It was not very good at either one of formerly body and it's not Oakland's strength and needs to people were rightfully complain the puppet master role. And there's many times are Michael's just completely checked out whether abortion was. That was it. I now it's. He he tries mean I think coaches the believes you know oh he absolutely felt like he's he's fully ship he's not lie. Okay that's completely fair right but it's he just rising sometimes I love the guy I absolutely love he brought me in his reason I'm here. He's just rising batch it crazy with some of the stuff and and I'm surprised you guys actually didn't get into more of the am page on filters and some of the controversy that is drummed up from their with. Each bird that's true we could've done that we definitely couldn't skip points. So I order interrupting me for two weeks or decide if somebody come on never interrupt Richard Deutsch. It's the talk is just interrupt you know like I just he's he's your typical obnoxious New Yorkers and shut up he's got his opinions. And he that's ago he was great result vessel have money and I was like heaven on. We I disagree with him on almost everything but get a fun and entertaining he's honest he's going on Twitter is he listens podcast. I listen from times Emmett did listen in the Conrad Thompson one that gets mentioned in this episode. And it's really good though and as a guest on yeah right keep it is just Amish and I listened to and he does a good job came on here again and did you buy an hour along is that right. I just 55 cover a lot of stuff obvious he has PM it should talk show it was well we can get well what else we covered here. We talk about some of the news that's come out media wise Cano potentially going right lot of I don't see that happening any weight ever factor. For facts no but I do know the executive producer absolutely loves her over there and go back to Super Bowl week she had a great argument angry debate with Chris Carter. She's blasting him over the patriots yeah. That's we lots that's where wants he's got a putter more prominent role. Debating and we get into the stuff with our show and there's the station vs USP indexed and out front right. To go it's a good hour conversation Richard Deutsch is always one of our favorite guests web moniker count and show. Against him is Richard die each as the guest this week on enough about. You know I started this podcast I thought I'll have different people on every week in this I learned that's not so easy so we had some of the great minds in the business on multiple times once Chris Curtis. Another Chad Finn and now Richard Dutch who you know I follow his model he has spoken. Jimmy trainee and John already gone for good forever before week's figures to Richard. Yet look at it and others output while I appreciate in battle we get to the on one of the people that the dialogue were. City of Boston went pretty well before we get it before we get it says anything an idea but trying to portray handle it and not on a week that did not want to report. I action by I like minera it's out of him you have you know what you're Bure Muslim roundtable or some you know. WNBA. Sideline reporter or you know just patting yourself on the back. Right okay well before we get into it now and it pandering I always in update for you on who's at the top an eight out that they. Has not nervous at the sport like. Global body Joan Charlotte while. Yeah I haven't relic drove six what I admire about relic vs. Saleable minding your ESP and relic didn't like the fact we criticized him. So we came on like you know last week at a Fort Myers in fine with us that's all I want is that's why we like you is a good fight nets which relative easiest to get guys whether they're told to account but the date is a case or are afraid to do it will not fight they will not engage on offense playbook or what feels like it. Well Atlanta metro isn't it it would be. I adamant Mexican trucks but what they what it truly need it or is this basically a work that you two are doing it a Reagan like shot lead at eight. No I don't believe that parlance that would be shoot. Drill drill. Joseph was mad because like we singularly we make fun of what we did was we meet under the B guys because their for the team and I would always cultural Nicklaus and all that. And I think the lake it was. It was it was more like us angry at him I know issuing him he was angry DOS and he came in. And his hands were literally shaking it was great it's awesome for his forty minutes of raids that never stopped it was so fantastic. My they would relatives like how do you top that with you wanna be part. Like Ellis feel like these guys now are also auditioning for the couch you know. So I don't know how you continue to do I mean you know is a is fantastic coach veteran it's not he's. Well there's no way that you can keep up that kind of intensity. Five people what I think I think that it really Smart and a purse trust me I have like everybody have a catch at all. Who blew that too like that. You're right so tell us what you're such a home is always. Try. Actually liked the fact that he's very out spent six that I like about it but I feel like the ground column and Somalis about it and they try to eat. He seems like he's trying to get a little bit but for himself which I guess I can't blame them what you eat and agreed. It's a little bit of a PR PR can't paper but how can you take a shot clock who is nothing more. Then yeah hurt anybody stuff from loving guy you may think he's goofy your dopey. But I mean it seems like there's so many other people who really get going in the sport. Well he's a boy it's February rates unified southern edit the knock here on Roemer a lot what. Now welcome WNBA. I absolutely I agree with that. I got a lot from great people to dreamers trying to be like me that's like in love with which you know I was as a hell of a gold have bug -- I'm not. Callahan taking MIA I cut you up at this to get the email updates and try to. But it talent at taking it under his wing a little bit at the meant torment your height. Now I've nodded and that. Knowledge or not it's really the case we like Alex I think. Editors get a little tired to honestly be showing you wanna get full off the year gossiping at that. Ellis went away for a couple weeks maybe if that's good sign up to like you know whose re education camps for six weeks or something that the jury would be OK with that right now right now real. Are there educate I don't like the terms of I feel like the fact that they Alex. At people that you like 27 or so what did not playing on his name out there even if I disagree with some of the takes I like the fact these he's got. How how was your experience. You're here for a couple of hours we want to have you back on our criticism that you'll be back this and I'm sure at some point did a couple of hours and this a few months ago did you like to. Did you write what are. It it's back to. I can get really good feedback quote put in the one thing that I hit it very clear win it. You're show and thought I did my research on that before you know we have not talked and also like called up. Chad and I talk to trainee who actually set some very nice thing. You cannot a bit about them and you've been my podcast before that. There right yeah I put pocket yeah I Obama but I can't we got back and forth on topic I thought it bit. And treading and hope that that. The one thing that you wore show respect but well ball is just somebody who shows up. State they're marketed. And make the point that they that you guys hate obviously is not going on our show and avoiding. So they just basically they don't want there. Did you know stay true to your beliefs talk about what you talk about and those got a lot of respect you just because you showed up that was certainly my case. The pocket when I want that you got could not have been. Sort of more nice. To meet are all professional. And I do it very much at stake in your case. You guys respect the fact that I didn't is coming in and yeah I actually Pratt on what was going on that we. Did Boston sports we could we ended up talking about stuff that I do I want to the audience to please respect the fact that hey. I did the leg work I not done radio like it radio when I was much younger buffalo. On a daily show so I know how hard it is and I it would have been disrespect you for your audience for meet up with you reps on the pat then that the the Red Sox were going on the that the but right now I decided it was it was actually went fast. I thought it was really good the only thing that I wish I could've gotten into a little bit more was don't back and forth which Jerry if this was. What the really needed trust these and obviously before you. It will bring you back we'll do that. What is I've seen tweet about you talked about you've written about what is your take on this EI ESPN I mean essentially Kirk and Callahan. Vs GSP and warned it's gone on the last few months. Well what I think it's great to your station because it's like it which you Indy roll out the underdog. If that is like the right term pay and almost anybody get yet yet sort of is gonna be the underdog revealed a there's six point dollar. Company I think and I've always stated that whether it but my gallon. Whether it trial while there whether stamp out the hard whether that chapter whether it's Chris Mort. I think the movies always accept that invitation on your show. Talk about what you wrote. Understand that you guys are going to attack. That's part of your what you do that part about is that why you're popular people bought the parochial city they like that but I ticket elite sort of go toe to toe would you guys. I think that the play. You are at ESPN and you know what you I think he could keep commercial hours and hours of work on that. To attack I can tell you from talking if you bought it yet can't talent. And PR. They figured showdown over the line basic fuel our. You're not fair they don't want to put their people ate at all. Those kind of positions. I think that the wrong strategy Fredette. What you're talking about people who are paid to talk. Professionally for a living. To your talking about at least the terms and this is not probably checked at night station that this is not indicative. Don't know we get along great show after. People Adam's condition or people who do reporting every single biggest thing would make you ask people to talk to you that that should be transparent. So someone ask you to come on the air. Or someone ask you first interview I don't know how you say dull when you're entire profession. For the most part is asking people. To mediacom like your show or asking people do you. Offer. You know comments and quotes about what story you're doing so that if those guys. I would go on I understand the downside would be that they all they don't want to put a defensive position but. I think the better stretch I can see I look at it almost like sort of politics and I try to look at it like how do you win the crowd and the way to win the crowd to me to sort of if you guys one on one a one until. And just let the chips fall where they may you may never had to really win I think quote unquote went on the Kirk Callahan took particular reader you've got control of Mike. But if nothing else that feel like at least if you go there you showed. Their listeners in Boston that you're willing to step on what you wrote aware that. Outlet figure it is there's no doubt in my mind you spin for some reason it's like they got a memo that collectively get to the between. Jim Mel and between the money in between Israel Gutierrez. And all these other things that they did this thing for Martha so they kept you know implying. The bosses are racists and they backed off on its odd strategy. Re huge market and average embrace east peace and it was even worse some of his baffled by the way ESPN a society go about this I don't understand. Hit it in India and it has hurt them ESPN's brand all Odyssey started to flaky all the way through this. ESPN's brand in New England is tarnished right now there's no question no quest. But I've been chat talk about this the chat we both agree on what's really kind of ironic I don't know how much you know about this which you like to the people's business. The amount of people who work it yet yet it was sort of argue weak link to base stands is incredible that as a stocks. You know a lot of what City University Connecticut they love the university can. I know I know a lot. A lot to listen to our show I get you know I'm at there's no doubt. There are well there are many of them are kept such Boston ties. So it's kind of fascinating to me that over the course whatever it now three years four years. The the I think and I don't think this is an overstatement average Boston sports bad. Does not like yet. But probably less of that aura. Less in terms of the number don't trust them and that you continue to go that little bit they used the word hate it's really. They actually it's it's a perplexing sort of development that happened I'd you'd think. The biggest catalyst that they would agree is. The patriots to wake you spook the sport is more from there. At the terms of like listen everybody knows that box that has all the turbulent racial history when it comes to the athletes. And sports like I wish you guys in the anesthetist in print. Etiquette is just me little white person in new York and it sort of it's it's by POV. And at this sort of like a ticket to be there might GOP is gonna be different if it's that is static and wore a black and that's that. As someone who has relatives in Massachusetts as somebody's been involved in many big time. Just look at the people the athlete in that city who are a lot David Ortiz. I think it's comic. Paul Pierce Garnett is that it 1980 anymore which you right. Is sort of getting so much yet. For people vote you know in the stated that elsewhere the climate that change is there racism everywhere of course. But they added they unfair old peg on Austin and I have no problem wit you guys and others in the Boston media descending. Look you can go you know you'd win a race based. But you can you can find somebody brought that athletes of color who are a lot and that. Thought he could do you could do it for every you Malcolm butler's five million my point is though. What do I mean I'm not saying he is dimension to get together and those people what to say when not to say but is there anybody in higher ups and ESPN. We'll look at this and say. Why these people saying is why why are talent branding a city that did that we do business in significant business as racist as anybody sat around and said hey maybe we should stop doing this. I don't know I don't know well I don't know it's. At a dig it the only thing I believe that yes he and in terms about corporate strategy has done regarding bought it specifically your station. Is that they want to avoid putting salad on your station means. Position where they think their talent indeed they're embarrassed or putting them. In a position where. They get it to something with you guys and you know that the audio goes viral a lot of time having covered these guys out for a decade they are react. If they're not always proactive state they wait to see what is happening in that react to this situation. As repeat as opposed to being proactive that the figure it out up to be there. The comedy at the end vice president I'll probably pick it myself but those guys at W the. Yeah now but not. Mean that there I thought I that's that's fine but. But thought I grew up about the idea from a perk counter perspective optic meat from. The guy who goes home every day behavioral puts on you spend the night in that forget us for a talk about those guys are there is mentioned he's been everything to Whitman. We branded ourselves completely like like you said trust is now an issue to New England is significant part of that or they just not care that's part I. I don't understand. I think they care I don't think they had at the moment an immediate strategy. To change that at I'll be audacity I don't honestly know. What the strategy would be X that and again this just mean resting off the top my head I would take their most trusted people. Worked from your area and try to put them front and center so Mike Reid. The people who cover. The Celtics for ESP and Jackie nick Wallin whoever has a reputation still whose Boston based. Are that those people I would push forward actively. To try to win back some of the fans but I do not believe they have they. Strategy to gain that and I think. In terms of the US Asia in particular I think he just get it get into a very interest being weird place to get you guys are great you're still quote according you'd get affiliate right. Now we have ESPN AME at their top fortify our top four are in the market. They probably believe that in terms of management believes that. He eEye is disloyalty. Yet yet hasn't yet get a Billy. And then they're gonna be like screwed that we're not gonna put it out that I had it all. I mean I mean I'm we're having. Read about example we're not we're not and he is in Philly we haven't been guide itself was on his. Here if they iron that and I think we both would book agreement that. Is there any dumber strategy that to prevent your people from going on a radio station for publicity. If that same thing when it in New York predecessor for many many years you that you got a different issues with the yet yet but the result was the same. They were basically adding talent. From his show how stupid is it just that the PR strategy. Do you not put your people. Are the most popular show in the biggest media market in the. Yeah I've never I never understood its about it. Any bets for your brand because even if the guy is going to kill you regret that the case affiliate getting. It bought these Kirk talent killing you dish democratic county so why would you not get the benefit of their audience. By putting the people who you respect at least that you organization who are Smart but what I think it's incredibly bright chapter. Fidelity yeah because. Yet this is in my anecdotal take a picture that US at random and patriot fans wherever you know rent them are but we're happy pot of what they pick reports that and that what they think chef there can not at a senate candidate and say we're OK we shut the remedy at the end got. Well this is late chapters one of these guys here there's a reason why he's been so successful he's African possibly today. He broke the storybook or upload today. And we're gonna have among the final hour curse call him show after into the phone while he was on the air is dedicated to right now and kept going back and forth were able to get in the final salary exudes from non. With the mid day guys that he's willing to do that he's a hustler guys like that are Smart you know I think guys like Beaumont the engine Mel Gil I feel like they don't think they have to do you know. Well I was I don't corporate and personally I don't turn out really well some economic abolish eager audience rat like her very much. I grew up not have great respect for current business but I like her as a person. Results of that they have brought that position where that make it ship load of money that long term deal that he has. And there's that they don't need to go on WE guide to push there. To quote unquote brands or what ever directed that would be quiet about it. Of course I think in the same way bomb I would recommend anybody don't want any station where the gaps are about how the you know healthy debate the only place where I that this is Dave Richards died personally think why would it do with it I would never PRI's skip Bayless the show I would never peer one other. Should yep that's one that they chose because they'd be just I'd load kind of the comet that putting on the audience that the only thing where I go according to prepare for that pot but I I guess I personally find that. Incredibly distasteful but as a general rule a think you can only benefit from going up people leave it. Pat issues which is. Your work but it just felt capable bodies still its case and others. At his hit rebel long term contracts were making millions of dollars. A pretty set in others whether excluded. Whether it com. You know tray playing golf Fowler pill or body a certain group of they're kind of like untouchables that ESPN that they have more Jews than that a lot of executives. And they came out of called our own law. Why is money plus money. Just got diving erratic would make pitched English after it he's good at that position. Yet I think he understands. Larger responsibility and an information broker and I should go on the stage. Why does for for just for example get to Jim Allen Michael in a minute. What money Jones make a lot of money have lunch uses radio show gets the ratings in this television showed its ratings understand it. Well I think that's not true on the highly questionable while I'm really. Enjoyed it it was the again we're talking about the universe of sports. Television and Chilton moved to yet yen got a reading jump it performs well it. The areas that John skipper particular want it over indexes on it Hispanic audience that very import yes the end. To bring more people of color to the set. That shell I think over and act or at most this static watchers at Betty shell. Is it like polling. You know like it you know it's pulling like NBC primetime ratings well before what it does in the afternoon. It does I would say those spot does okay not that it shows anymore 2017 ever gonna gain not only is that so it was slow steady drop with. We've worked on it as four. His radio show that you noticed it had that problem because like it's very hard to figure out like national rating you know they check to a market by market. So market like Boston ample money John says. Absolutely zero impact. On not doing it like Huntsville Alabama for Yakima wash it I have to check to see how. It airs on who has the Mars the money and that's bill. No money match. What is the money is that as you know is an affiliate edit and send it to say that ESPN. You know May Day or late night show is in for a period. A market that. It is that they sell your audio out of pocket so I thought. Obama is that you they lay their TS yen it's up LaMont Jones and. Roger that a lot of a debt I think a lot of very about the but I that is the larger question is is if you put Kirk middle and in that spot yet we EST at marketing would be that they like yet that it would post because I believe like if you. That the plant it at the same reason that. You know that. And I don't blame Mike got like all coward forgot spot to take and all that money but but but but the irony about the irony the reality of all that this is. If you can't picture faint at but you may. Where you spent about a month now for them Michael Smith into mill hill shows. You two you'll Intel and publish. Your paper yet have an outlook figure. Where are you so would you say it's should be incredibly shouldn't your store should I would say incredibly (%expletive) I don't know I didn't do it that you'll. Yes we. I know I know you wanna hander but there's no way you think that showed there's no way you can it's a good show not possible. What I can't believe that you his talent and when go phraseology. And you're there you're you're able cart comes up. What is civics civic for twenty hours a week summit summit bleeds in your head. Our. Yeah I've got to make up about on this I don't watch almost anything at 6 o'clock I had seen Jamaal Michael Shelton at 6 o'clock I take care of Mike hits and an exhausted. DV artisan is it you motion. Yardage and you're that they like. I I think there are things on the show battery testing that I've seen and their thing on the show Ehrlich as they're sort of trying a little bit like a foot and injury interview Magic Johnson which are both. I lately those are com. You got it got it shifts about secrets it's rare to. With a that show is not going to appeal to everybody is too. African American in all sportscasters who are on apologetic about their likes in terms of music culture art. Politics X that are so if you identify. With a lot of what they believe and I look at everything and leave about me out. Twittered I was sort politically where I and it's like probably a pretty close to where can melt and you'll spike in interest if you're someone who just think they are bull (%expletive) and and you don't agree with their politics or there are so to have that condition you get that. The show sucks so bad that I can tell you this though this is especially interest to make. I had sports TV ratings dot com which I can't recommend not to let you out if you like television I have looked at numbers four. This sick since the start there. Brought which it it was February 6 you literally it is today that's a lot like that too literal. Early to the last Friday to basically. As updated this week. And they were only down 3%. From. Last year whatever within that they thought on the Arctic whatever. It it I would say this in 2070. If you're sports that are which is the ranking brand and it you can basically stayed flat reading I think so far that. Most promoted show in the history of mankind. That looked at their argument adding yet like actually they had disputes must. Well whatever you know him and I mean I've just seen the commercial where they're all dressed up like James Harden over the dancing MM never seem to showed this kind of promotion ever. I hit it it'd been a long time that he did. It yet to hit show get back outlook outlook. And the ratings are doubting you think that's that's what we. Say though that you know Michael Jamaal Michael Smith barely got any promotion. For the first three years of their other shows that the it'll play it back to the. It was a middle of the day nobody watched it got zeros. Here's the thing. There's honestly after the break and I'll say it again about. Develop Michael to there's honestly nothing that I that you could put anymore at 6 PM on it yet which it has worked at a brand. That will gain. Audience on the preview yeah I think the world changed I wouldn't know what is going home at 6 o'clock to watch sports that are out on top of that. Given a crazy try as we live in politically. You are most likely if you're watching TV going to be watching cable news or your local news to the other and taxis so I I. I don't think that she'll had a shot to gain and I would say if you stayed flat. I personally think that the wit here's the other thing. Again I haven't thought he would be any technical know how they think you may disagree with this but I'm telling you this they're doing. They want to bring more people of color under the tent. That exit the country changing it's like Q profit. African American commentators on the show that's what they want to do that that that they want to get more people of color watching yet yet whether that turned that could be eight. Two more tragic for the long term we will see but that is part of the reason autopilot to Michael's talent that they. That they put them on that. Very hot. Now what I was I would look at and say you have to melt good. You rescinded electrical and my god would be cardiac. Gosh I don't know but I mean but people act like you know to promote and hell I'd say this output to melt and Mike and I look at the landscape it's a we're stuck with this guy for the next four maybe eight years let's get a sort of a a right Winger who's got the attitude diagnosed in sports as well. We'll mixes some trump talk is walls the other stuff that people maybe would start watching even a little more to your right. People want to watch cable television so make it morally to cable television show. Make it more like a Fox News kind of show with Jim Melville joint user and Michael Smith out of bring the trump factor isn't. It's crazy to ignore Donald Trump it is insane to ignore Donald Trump if you're if you're in this business right now. I would say that. Could it be inter if you wanna X that you're brought. What I am surprised that would be why haven't they taken locate and collect again. I particularly love the guy actually on air is that probably most prominent. Public conservative blatant that hit bedrock conservative people think HD up. Bob lead but they're they're upping that talk of politics public. But we came will be that book on his Twitter feed about sports to maybe it'd may be their preparation do you take a located epitome get someone who is. Really left bleeding and see if you can create like a cross fire. Let me know Mets took a no brainer. I think they are. Honestly I think yet yet. They are because they're dizzy. And because they're very afraid of any kind of sort of public controversy I don't think definitely not a view politics I think they're so afraid. Are being called left leaning at the same time I think they're so afraid. Of all not be progressive. And not supporting certain things that there. How to get I think SI at the same problem a lot of fun to do is they just don't sort of know out of it diminish it'll be what they aren't yet apologetic about it. But you you know you sort of did you try to straddle all the typical lot that think is. It's not as. I give you unless there. Eddie at. I played like it yet at the same thing less side to make a little bit we got. Regional off and you know you you can't have a business without conservatives sportsmen can pack that. And most sports are mostly conservative. Rightly so eat you get a bit of very tricky spot because you can't alienate the guy who visited. You know we in Georgia born in Mississippi or visit. It taxes to whatever really got Nebraska whatever really hard red leaks they eat it yet to get that personal watch your network what you do have a lot of on air personalities. Who politically do not identify with upper. I think I would rather eat my own penis and watch a show with Mike Greenberg Keeneland every morning. I'm serious. I a tells another one like I understand people I know you like are people like her she's fine she's okay. But she's against somebody who's never draw an audience in her life on television. As a result I have not. At. And wants to sell out the report and let's put it this way I might pause on any rumors about eight only used it. Not certainly not the church is she has more on on a contract and I would that you and your. Listeners of the podcast like try to remember like when you're rumor like that think that rumor that fits well without being wiped out there. Where he lets an oblique view. So again it you know what what what they act I don't I don't doubt at all that yet and would be which indicate only became a free agent I think we're we're way ahead of ourselves there. It's it's it's like really anti occasional patients I don't she's she's fine. Mike Greenberg there was another guy gave him the keys in the car and give him when it. I'll be curiosity as I wrote in print on. I think Mike Greenberg at these sort of functional broadcaster is talent that it is regulated out of the show I think there is. Say this about you and Jerry whether I disagree with that Jarrett a lot but not. Yeah you're out there are real art and and talent to be on air force fifteen years being able to draw an audience sort of doing neckline it is indeed mentally exhausting. Yeah it might reaper credit for that. All that set. I think. Yes it is out of their mind if they make it Mike Greenberg fraud that show is somehow be revolutionary. Between seventy. Not only get what does it happened on sports specific shows. Like what NFL network. Like what happens once in a playing like one and sport that. But Mike Greenberg is going to go against Good Morning America today CBS early show. Yet and today FOX & Friends I don't see you don't write notes right call broke what did you notice suspect Mike Greenberg but. I just I don't see their peak some kind of we've got people who also like Mike Greenberg has his own sport that are Good Morning America show I have to tune in every day to hear what Mike said. Just competing against as a minute or two million a year is a real low. Well he's yes that is true blurb where deaths are. Micro market got a great agent CAA a guy who. Got a nick can't who has 506070. Client is one of the eight Israeli the top dog when it comes to sports mediate knows the market he's incredibly Smart. And he was able to get Greenberg (%expletive) load of money big part of the reason why Greenberg got that was. That potting up it was good his contract was up yet from leverage. Because they don't you know they wanna get rid of Mike and Mike so quick to make a lot of money to the company affiliated thought. And I think he. I think Greenberg was telling them and they think a lot of Greenberg that elephant you know. You I'm tired of sort doing the same thing. He's got totally rude and moved to York we can move Mike and Mike in New York. It become part of GM may yet get blew that out after announcing yet. A big yeah. Yeah yeah day so my guess is that I think reaper was able to use the leverage although most know where he was threatening to. I don't up honestly got so what about that they don't know I don't know where he could've. I don't know what the united to eat we try to do you try to create a market this is weapons one patient load up the air that money you create a market to date. You know our guy is. Courted by this place if you wanna you gotta keep up so they must figure out a way to sort of convict if the other there was a market for Greenberg. And that's why he got that kind of salary to what they don't you tell your listeners that you're not paying a guy that kind of money is Sam Mike and Mike so right he's going to do something. Get rain and he's going to be something out yet yet the ticket put a lot of money behind I think it. From everything that I've sort of been told it is some kind of show in New York. Beckham might sport that are element that brings since celebrity's bad but I would GM today he got that all. Well sound great on a piece of paper but he's stepped back as a programmer. And like we just talked like look at the land people who get to compete against. I think he's got I hate you know I don't I don't I cannot see how that shows somehow draws on. Usually I don't get that you know ESP NS is struggling you know for the in their world they're they're losing viewers and there's so there's there's solution is. Let's move a show that this doesn't do well here here let's move guys not doing that well here it seems like the just moving parts around the it is no big star. Who is broken out of silt put this guy over here you know it seems it seems strange receptive to reassemble. Well their strategy at least in terms of the studio stop is to do these sports that are style person. Don't forget that that's off. A bit about a leg but I see forgive me leverage them like this just this is not work this. I'll tell you that the issue of whether it works or not that is their strategy but they're lucky strategy Italy Spain. Get as much live sports rights as pot. To that you get in must be due that day if you're if you worry. Then in Boston really despised in dyslexia yet. Which are college football called back to seek you out the watched sat in the end whatever whatever anybody says that this issue walked in the end. It if you are diehard fans who have to watch out the board again BA you have. I'm I'm watching the masters and I'm watching the masters Thursday Friday ending yeah. When he and that's why they that but the big question is. Can they keep affording potatoes massive fight as they are hemorrhaging. Subscribers and then secondly I think it actually gonna get the part where they have the market directly to the consumers where it but the like it would give you everything that yet investors sixty a month. And forget about Comcast and forget about Specter and you won't forget about Cox. No way that business is going but something big it actually gonna happen because I think Kurt you notice if you talk to any kids. But essentially 125. That they don't have to like it that getting a cable subscription they look at it like your head is cut off. Cable ID kit or built my parent. Like among hundreds have movie packages to equal what are you talking about you right into. Okay that you talked Eddie it out of the kid that I populate the school likely jet like you look at that and I talked that guy you got not cable Billick wants. Being watched her computer it's just that they get somebody like today than thirty do you subscribe to a paper LA. Like are you from Russia would talk about what it is that's just not the big consumption anymore but it out is that the thing with app that's bought it and these scenes CBS since. ESPN they believe that probably right about this still won't have an audience that they all the sports rights stay if a deal whoever holds the Red Sox they're in terms of the TV rights. They're always going to be people watching beat up the rest that's the only way you can get your. I took this into a great book written like ten years about how bad the FS one was put together and botched its. Unbelievable to me what they have made a good move yet. To go just do what they I would say about them as just keep in mind that it's their own but boxing. Is quote they can lose big lose money for like a decade and it's it's like a write off route I go to guy I don't understand the current strategy yet that many capital that you can do. Argument television from 66 but you know box with. Fox would sort of say. Not wrong about this you know people are gonna watch just because we yet baseball because we have. The big twelve and you know where you have to have thought if you want solved the World Cup and stuff look at it if they would say that the couple Bayless and powered that. That's all basically right offer them a round of a large sport played a. How many years this coming uses FS one band around the country. If I ask. I hope I'm talking listeners listeners to our show more hardcore sports and if we did this segment tomorrow. Right people call him to twenty calls and I said to them what channel is a fast one under today would know I I was UCL a spine Washington basketball I think it's Snyder market. In his two guys of the Celtic tribes are looking at the only DVR this please watch it. I've you know I mean everything I remember what channel FS one was them I'd be they have not made that impact if not only did at all. I don't like that it as a matter but it's just because that. It's. They have in my opinion anecdotally they have not made any Condit wrote especially on the East Coast I don't. Bars that I TV bars and then when you go. Not in New York I imagine that they've been off that a big day you can extend their brand I mean. That at its yet again it'd stick to my city you stick to your city as it ever talked to anybody like collect any kind of pick up fox Sports Radio. I don't know anyone in New York so I just feel like that. Now Fox News in New York pitched a little bitty bit they absolutely have impact but I really you may outside of you know when the cops said their product that's why that a couple of other sort of program. Note it doesn't feel like it's. In apple byte. Think part of that is just because you're in it such as the fact though. Background at restaurants bars and airports and places like that it it it's just really hard to change consumers. Forty what do you think of Bill Simmons right now worries that you know I I like Simmons I get along pretty well with them but I feel like he sort of you know in the weeds right now police in the first time only ten or fifteen years isn't fueled relevant anymore. Well I think he I think that the HBO thing probably spoke to more than ever let on because you know a lot of money behind it a lot about it and remember walking in. The county York don't want it gigantic HBO the port of Nicole ship like they're really put your money. Behind this and I think now. I think he was surprised at the the that the numbers were not there to show was not good at that you'd be out about that front there's other things. Around him that were that he could not control it but the the data show was almost idiotic not to show like that. In an build a week that they. That he could we could but that show on any time now that show wasn't no work. The right direction. Eat I think he needs like he needed someone to play off of in the weight playoff which Jalen Rose and I think that's just not an actual CDOs. I think he would bet that's what I take issue I think that showed sort of spooked Hambrecht cut its sale are a little differently I'd like the fact is now. All he's now sort of back in really deep with the ringer and to writing warrant a trip to try to make that site he'll. More relevant because I think that's going to be important I think for the ringer which really need is all. It hit me I mean it's typically have Nady beat writers that voted built right person. At a couple other people I think it podcast network based on credible this. Very successful both guys are at the forefront of podcasting. And I think ability Smart and I think he's very Smart and you can't pick and choose this spot now what could he be at but being behind is untreated giant doc is gonna. Obama won that to get this documentary to make in terms of just it's gonna be critically praised. And it is better drug ship load of viewers to get on because wrestling always does the entrees of fascinating figure in that world and I think. If I was bill. I think what you search try to figure out. Where can I sort of get back you know on television or video where I am not the number one guy. And I can sort of get he had not probable player and makes some really interesting comment. As an ensemble play act like that's the what it out here. A look at it like if you're leading edit itself or leading woman it helped you to build a bomb. Elected next great move is to just take a character role. They've given a five person not a best picture type itself and that's what I would you vote senate I don't know what that will be. But that's the plight regards to all those Turkish you know it doesn't until Saturday. Incredible career all I could leave it to Richard then yes it must were ever imagine and so 31 now I. Don't retool. I know he's he's a competitive guy so I know I noted in. In a race probably enjoying it's funny you mentioned the under the giant thing. So I'm sure you're like me when I've title podcast is doing well a look at the iTunes rankings you know why if I happen to open like the top thirty Utah thank. Right result. Sobriety for moving up. Right Rea but that lets the other things you do bombing I was number one and I poured oil on my final 1004 but so from the top twenty you're top thirty I will look inevitably I'm not kidding. You know it's sixteen of the top 25 sometimes or wrestling podcast. BI guy get a packet that they were Conrad Thompson who quote two of those including the bridge Pritchard one must really love to me that. That in the richest in the pocket and get it to that. I haven't looked so I got I just download that Richard Simmons went soon. So it's a boat like this what it is Richard Simmons is like conference site. It's about basically these guys to. Worked out at Richards club in LA who knew him for decades uses this as a filmmaker. And he gets richer just disappeared and it took their search. Define the reason that the light disappeared we talked all the spread it looks bad for the it it's like. If a guy I don't wanna ruin it for you ready but it would think it's unbelievable it's just a fascinating. Sort of journey out of pocket it's almost cereal like without obviously like not a murder topics. It feel like the feel like I testy feel like you can make money you can make a living right now they're in the pocket so I mean. Nick if you are pushed for richer I'm sorry that your Conrad tops that you can't is one thing they ask them out of pocket public to you. If he told me like what does numbers aren't yet they decry what. I'm sure that millions and. Like 700000 downloads of these restaurant I guess some like holy (%expletive) but can you can make a living on this he said. If people you don't get a mortgage itself battle to clear it and welcome back to give that up but he said that too if he brought critical pod casting poll pot it would be enough to support. Two people full time for a nice six figure salaries so like that you can't I think you have to have the right. Clipped at the right cut that I think it's Simmons which is the podcaster. It because to a millionaire without doing anything else just based on its network. And yet I like you but believe in the space that it it's only gonna grow like to keep. It appealed to young people as portable all it's like leash so they can sort of listen to what states. Want idol Sports Illustrated sort of figured out how to make I'm certainly not making any personal money out my podcast but I like the potential. Our bit. Like outside your nurses got to see the like you said they need should niche is the keyword I guess like I feel like SI. Other thing you and maybe you can recommend this I feel like SI has not figured out yet. No I agree with you I didn't make it Peter King is because of sheer. But we can bring all the data did he ray and again I think the reason is anything at wildlife podcasted. You know sort of fit in the top hundred top fifty a lot is because not just doing content no one else is doing. The if you get it cut that everybody is doing honestly I like you that at the party ESPN or fox which has this gigantic. Million dollar distribution where you know you can act people know Colin power its leader of the concept that show that they stopped. Right as a volume via. Edited a volume play 200000 people are still. Outlawed that speak. That the great thing about it it yet but you art you know you're one of the biggest station in Boston so I think just by. Sure audience alone. Your pocket should always drop pretty good numbers if you have. If you had a decent gap I get the strategic committee would be. Do you stick to block that holier do you try to look. Allied I don't I don't normally. I have on why why I've decided. I mean I have on why wanna have wanted to you one week in the next week it's neither the company and it's like I guess you're a part dictates it's more about sort of having the conversations I mean that. Because it's it doesn't. I can do bosses shuffled it doesn't really appeal to guide to all day anyway. Well I would say this. The only flight that was your pre order Chris Curtis the only thing I would say about your pocket is I would I would delete box in person if they are in the news nationally. Because I think that you have a shot that may or anybody so. I mean I just. But the great example but at the part 2 guys get Comedy Central gig you have work on that week that that the the that the great guest in that got to fly or Isiah Thomas. That week says he'll stop LeBron on the best player in the world and what you guys say obviously that Pinocchio far out not a boss. The Marshall thing though is that the loyalty of bar stool is on the front of it's it's seeks an idol I mean I like I am we get along well Portnoy you know he's been on the show a lot of talk to block. It and I think he's a funny guy but I don't think he's as funny your parcels as grade I it's the the low forties unbelievable. I don't think that's about all are still I think inevitably when you get money like they it would determined group that what you have to rationalize it like he did by hiring. I feel like Eric and I eat what they could also I mean I'd choose. There appointments and short. Cheat sheets to pursue more the wish aspired to be very bought our I think you're going to do it different brand because you're now more professionally you can't be. You know you'd each hit sort of I mean I I think they'd push the outlook but I think you would agree that it's seeing them park of course I have. There are different kind of brand they'd they'd nationalize themselves more which I think is the Smart play. Long term but surely it'll just like Howard startled. Little bit in that you're always gonna lose a little bit of that in street cred. What you get in the thing about Augusta which is amazing is they have also launch a bit and are still. Light oil and a lot of those that have to be now their early thirties to whip them. At the beginning I have not seen I have not seen. That they loyalty to a brand like dat in the sports media but trying to think. However he is yet to be getting what people were so until like you're in the eighties that the Patrick Goldman here but I can't see it. Well I had port on the first one we've talked about in his the average age of people who consume it. Hasn't changed in fifteen years so it's still like 2122. Which is they've flipped over to that but third generation in which isn't hot it's actually impossible. That's very start like at least the third the thirtieth they I think the bar stool. Sad he's and that thought like an issue and my take on that I think. Of course to bet he's ever thought that it in a world where you you have a lot of people particularly some people ought to get era that's one or toll (%expletive) I mean that's the thing now. Let's kick some of course still does not yet you first stated I don't agree with everything they do what I think they are. Authentic to who they are I have an immense amount of respect. For them I also think they've made some incredibly. Brilliant lose by like bringing it PST comments there. And letting people like him and big cat sort of develop their own sub brands which is just like blown up. But the fact that those guys. And I noticed that yet can't (%expletive) up I personally love it the fact that those guys have been the number one I guess this sport and acted like six. I'd be very I understand parceled out big brand they have money blob up lock look good basically did it from Europe they went for zero. It'd to like being the number one. Sports and iTunes podcast without anything close to the promotion that it is. And yet yet people on the fox sports want people get that incredible that is just cheer loyalty and sheer entertainment dole. Partly because I like rooting for the underdog they're really. Really impressed by what date what they deal and what they've done and it they can they still if they maintain sort of that authenticity and dole. I don't want to like sellout the dole like over professional lives too much. I think they're big stake in the last thing I'd like I told my export luster off and never looked people went out on the thing about bar stool like. What have you watched them on video. He looks like overly per. Rational policy very casual very convenient Smart. At a place like lying to law that you're trying to duplicate yet yet which hectic at the dumbest move ever because I think the audience look bad like. Haven't got it like it to figure try to be like the perfect look to you should just cut it it'll be out what it is kept me. And other at my colleague gesture the issue letting letting a curse just letting us talk about what a bullet that would be far more interest in the I could escape. If you like well you know I've ordered to stop certain like trade during the trait that I don't know if. Joseph pitched for for a podcast was just Jerry and I after our show in our office and our feet up and we talk for ten or fifteen minutes leadership on everything that. Which people would be I'd on the podcast right. And that's you know and did it's you know for. Like you speaks so well because I mean we can only take so much. I agree with Alec to go with this what's going to be the biggest sports media story 2017 what what are we talking about what's the big ones bubbling right now. It I mean obviously. A lot of these sports stories that you watch are gonna be like. Well we can show it like UT television like what are these other players away from. Oh now when Netflix giving them. I think that they don't all get into it used to question not like it where you purchased your quote unquote. Television but I'll give you one that's a that's a rather obvious one because I think the Europe look escalate to this. Call the 2017. September. What will happen with the NFL's rate was last year just an aberration because the trop. And politics war will be ready for the NFL beat down again and then you have to circuit thank yourself. Has something fundamentally shifted. We beat David so we could be the most popular game in the country but have they lost like viewers and if so why is our became too long. Has the leak doubt something we hit the play the game refereeing and stuff is sit. It's capita grain that other polls show that idiotic about like what is it is the back to. There's too many national windows and not of great teams. The quarterback play sucked up out of the couple quarterbacks that that thought out to be looked into it. All of that when I talked dole ran in other people who cover the stuff like I do we really to just didn't like October 15 when he seventeen. You'll have like six weeks of medical data will Lou Reed be up. What will they want to get down and if so what does that need to stick out he does that mean something larger for the rest of sports on TV because output the NFL usually goes everything else you know NASCAR now account basketball down and that would be the question is like. Are they get something fundamentally change which sports viewers in that they're no longer watching this stuff that drove thought he'd be at about that I would restore public. I guess you I guess those peaked at certain slowly but on the other or how what it's not a massive story but. NBC is who bought next year. They hear talks that this year CB yeah. My prediction is that will be Michael shall cigarettes as last game. And 303 gold takeover tree go get the keys to wall. All of the all of its soon enough that's action. Interesting that you say that because to read go at that time will be at South Korea. Because these Super Bowl. Is spot I think it. It. Fight it with the Winter Olympics to repurchase got the call to replace Tom. Bush won't even be in country so that beat pretty bad but it it out made that. Our announcement because Mike wouldn't be there I would almost think that it might it would if that can happen it would what might get out. Yeah it factory golly cup I think I would. Did the outlet to prepare but I doubt it ago. Past twenty. 78 I think he's got two or three years. Left but it's snowing out. Little bit like the propagate to you. Love to be coddled like. As they edit and what is it like five star out if a guy who loves to be. Are in great totality log they can let vote for the game he loves the game itself I don't think he's gonna. Give that up so quick I think he's in but we got two or three. More years. We're sure what pusher to reduce keep his mitts off all the women around him BC he's good. As well as as far as I understand. That's three go to 28 he. I have never heard a single they have. The subject was not approach to be Richard die each Rico podcast that was. Would not in Italy got it is they edit it or you wanna call me hypocrite I guess he cannot feel like that that sort of backed that that'd been sort of gone over yet I will say this. I guess for you if you want. Who never get sort of our national I can't. Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report and any other papers in the guy who wrote that book which which talked about. Yet PM book which talked about what went down with three global or what it Iguodala to wreak on terms of human resource and stop. Mike Freeman had some incredible story about yet this is way back and I but yes or maybe Ehrlich without the but yet in PR. Having an. Active campaign to try to shut that book out so if you want this sort of talk to somebody who really happened interstates ESPN. I'm heading in its story I would recommend Mike Freeman as it get not to mention the fact I think to get football guy who could give you the major stories about the leak. I Richard is always thank you have you back on the show soon what's come out. Not that we did find it ought to. A nice guy I feel like MI haven't given your listeners about dykstra when he died. That's true what's comes come up maximum against the Mexicans coming from a broadcast of a C and I reunion. Swimmer me who who who. Proves it. Translate for us is you can't my next guest is Jim Trotter. ESP NR but we talked a lot about you what this season. Fatal we talk a lot about the (%expletive) the NFL. Hall of fame voting and how those guys never make their vote transparent is that we never find out anything about what goes on that broke out on top of the fact. That how old she didn't put it like we're not how much people shouldn't that the parole wonder about all I mean like. It's strange would not be the best I've always said this could be the passing NFL network of programs that they put the camera in their all down and broke it broke down and later a three part show white. Clark one Trotter would agree utilities let Bailey Buick and pathetic book what degree. Everybody and it is by playing quit my colleague Peter King Lila. He's very transparent about yeah. Everyone in that room every single day after NFL players. To be transparent and honest answering their questions yet those guys. Do not make their hall of fame both public and why they. Oh this week it is we. Week I mean. Just stand by your if you if you. If you hate Powell did with apple to you what I've basic ethylene reason not to pull from but it second respected that you're being up with that is. Yeah up the jet Blair who. Quite know the Toronto baseball guy covered all import you very honestly say I didn't Oprah this person that I think the council you make big debt. A ridiculous way to approach it will the issue can respect the guy he's telling you I'd not according to this bag that they with a stick to at least you can respect. The transparency that. Our gross that they just podcasts go look up subscribe to and I subscribe to its very good ideas. He's been trawler amendment I think that we definitely has that transgender Texas wrestler. We do it BA report. Yes you know. Now the boss yeah that's out there anyway. I'll talk to you soon thanks Richard. All right thanks again for listening to the enough about me podcasts. Actually know what I'm really not thankful at all he should be thanking me get this ship every week these great podcast totally free do if it was you go to iTunes. Download Dakota stitcher do the same and the parading leave review that she can help me out this podcast is going to be number one again I guarantee. You can help me along with the process so for that I guess at the end may have wolf thank in his last techies going back and forth here's the point (%expletive) you.

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