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The Real K&C – Trenni dates, vinyl gifts & huge packages 3-1-17

Mar 1, 2017|

Ken Laird and Chris Curtis plunge into March recapping Tuesday & Wednesday editions of Kirk & Callahan

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In March we go it's the real cane seat can't layered here Chris Curtis big breaking news on the Wednesday she'll treat is Eric in of course today I -- it is Adam show after two minutes ago her sources at trainees agreed to date at crazy about him all right that's a weird that it's not the way you know yes Albert from Rhode island's headed for divorce six months in Alpert what the (%expletive) Albert how how Alberts and how is how is married life. Yeah. Why is it won't let me but she left guard really. The guy has an electric personality. So more apparent for boring and it section of the boring maybe you only has one message group on mysteries that was the best part of the Albert appearance in which is little time eight. There're 815 a sheet twentieth Shea yes Jerry how he looked in studio anyone like Jerry seed Beckham's appearance how he was doing the single market. What what do you think I was on your said he saw overtook me you'd think that would have anything like this. I don't think I don't think it is it is it is a worst personnel even human beings ever lived it's cute though the jury is greater and love advice choices get a dog go to yoga some real work that goes through things and I just thought it was first the ball. I think Albert had more airtime on this phone call today than when he was instead of a nine minute phone call from Albert yeah how'd you feel added management all of a lot of the Lagos about performer to do they want Albert in tomorrow. And next Tuesday and overcome boxed him though do we come to a conclusion is treading going to a date Albert doesn't happen and we get some of the filming trainee and now you know on a date is that I have to. That'd show winds out and he taught you I think Jerry just wants another free meal aria dizzy make mention it every three seconds real into these topics at Torrey which are favorites for a lots of restaurants I know what it is our animals that are fundamentally marriage we are given about 5% chance of six. Actually to be breaking new. Today of course was that Jimmy drop below was still expected to stay up d.s going to stay which led to a boulder sentinel events including. Not getting out of shift Iran during the show which maker capping we're not getting our show after Chris. New of that. Your fault we we thought he was gonna be money told you he might be able to. I figured he'd do a hit on sports that are in the have a minute or two but I guess he was taping a lot of segments for the Columbine. After. The wives bought so. Actually got free right at 1015 soared good friends in the midday were able to scoop and. Again I want paper are okay. Really like okay absolutely and I grab Allen show after you listen and online and natural place orbit tomorrow but. Good that's stuck I would say from us and nine eulogized as a sport MacKenzie Brady to BG future 9 o'clock today show. A story based on a tweet says doing them plants keep crop block for 2017. And very possibly beyond but he's never ever gonna sign if he's not starting well that's when you begin to wonder and I do telecheck looks Acropolis suspect could be Pro Bowl quarterback for ten years ten years now Tom Brady's going to be fifty. Raise your thirties he would plus or Brady's third hurt. Oh yes that probably is carries over tomorrow based little reaction here next. New cycle which means you had the ball average relic geez cold hearted. So Evan drew relic. Was booked tomorrow eight to ten. And the excited becoming which was so excited he bumped his flight a day early flight from Fort Myers a day early. To not do the show tomorrow cherry picked to cherry pick everything but it's the right call we can't you know and the other thing is is knowing Jerry and Kirk. If he's in on a day were there already not in through. And there's not really anything baseball related that we can get into organically he has been for you and doomed to fail and and it's like it's over before it starts Pedroia. Can't be. God its third this season like this is better for Evan in the long run get a man on a day were there is not a major news story that he can't really relate to and then see if it goes well with that so tomorrow will just beat her injure. Kirk and Jerry were actually. Not only a first the first by like months on the Jimmy G future discussion we were hammering this September you know go back August because you could see it coming to secede. He's decision what's a huge package for the French guys just the two of them on the road that's all you need to analysts tomorrow. Oh absolutely this was you know the the start of the fall I mean if back that second quarter against the dolphins in week two. Yeah I mean we're sitting there like always show its energies on Monday this is going to be a real thing. He's thrown three touchdown passes looks can be as good as you can broad market quarter for a couple is a east bar and then he gets injured in just ridiculous replaced with a weekly can smack. Or while not retain a joint to shelve it. No it's Jerry Kirk as you all as I always say could weaken disagree with Albert when it comes to major sports stories there's nobody better than Britain and has now. And it surely it is an H street atlas talked to Jerry did give me is this special gift that they considered Q Bruins highlights on vital awesome runs and they begin for a can bring the highlights of the big broom says community here is that adds to find a at some worry. Roundtable put into. Jersey walked up that back I just go to the office of the sticky little girls sit at the or other readers values out of his view the rear amateur public nickname what. Does that mean but it was. Six the midnight moment we just replay that whole album at 7 o'clock on Saturdays game we're up against the Bruins game anyway for a half an hour for no reason also may display the out. How many hours of the Bruins play at live action this week and it'll -- athlete has to half on Saturday night yeah and our Bruins coverage. Exclusive hockey show for the lead in 6% and then we got a bonus half hour up against the occasional wanna watch the first half hour the game on our sister station much respect them. Had a great job you DJB and tires and ties got to be at the games which is being Dijjer. I don't like the way that they handled the Charl thing you can criticize that story if you want there is the knowledge that when you six. Third DNC listeners on people they can be pretty gruesome this. It's yours record prose of seven to 730 will be the assembly to bruins' record and islets interviews Charlotte wilder talk back to detail cycles on the trash the story they trashed her and then when she didn't wanna come on the show which I think was a good move on her partner it will be double that we get AM. First segment that took Kirk two minutes to bring a camera down as. RZSR. Aziz why prices are about our fearless program director you and I got a couple text management I was and kind of mood yesterday. Certainly not closely probably event excuse. You are as angry as ever seen. Which is saying is ever yeah I guess I never see you met on his rattled yesterday Moscow and fills actress opposite getting you producers sorry and you like that but that is a all week so let's. Take. Anyway I show Jerry detects and Gerry are. They'd like he has the sports drop. But the SP OR TS. Why why not let's just that supports thought we were getting into. That need to be mocking that was why the message wife who that shows our bond. He can shut up pacers I mean repulsion and the problem what why is he thought he'd end up like. Expected Jerry not to Joker but he did anyway it was goddamn face in the office today the donations to literally life and who's not. Perfect timing with the performance review unit had the show but let's. Yeah and it's 430 were talking about the show or just like Erica what do days for this to assorted go up against. They don't have the text meant is we know they're going to be discussed Kirk sent a test a text yesterday and I confirm that the attacks were real peace they don't want to look at the ratings. And fix the other two shows first that come up conversational. No and I'll talk to whom the boss will talk one Joe's our bottom after the Wachovia and so I'd an expected it's 603. My thought maybe the first segment Kirk was that a move mood right of the. It was just kind of in a mood generally today he and Jerry Kirk took headphones at the plug at one or where was that that was he was ready to lock out after one. All felt it was spring training John Ferrell thought that it is a Red Sox talk you readily Red Sox are there was another Kirk got mad at Jerry in the first segment yesterday. Because Jerry you're talking what genomics and health Kirk always brings but there's a videotape right at Kirk. Still in no mood and actually I can occur this is when you talk with the idea because you're right right video Paula talk about bush and only video but it's a different era I would tell him. Well video won't talk about you. I'm. EB I'm just saying this is I'm giving you and Kate and I don't wanna talk about it OK I don't know what the differences video. Related note to program rights awesome which was video and always. It. I don't care about out here with. Ago zoo voice for Kirk so also today. Andy from the afternoon I received big time oh big league vaguely. By a atom chapters. Scoop on Jimmy drop because. His Promos you can confirm this longer than anybody else 35 seconds every day I keep telling it just LE 800. And how. Which which Keefe. These spots are not inventory we don't care for business promoting the other show its bloggers they are the less airtime we I don't look that I really hope that they file they give up some of their young guys are of the Yeltsin graphics. Like they did last year settled shortly general ramble wanted to sound good when we go to every break Perkins Jerry here of these and when they droll they talked about boring ship or to try to make a run of the playoffs I'd have flashbacks of last year I don't want them to trade for at least. I wouldn't mind seeing him make some kind of oval it's the audio. Equivalent of where the eyes are peeled back open in this Kubrick movie what's the clockwork orange for the guys like staring at the at the screen and do your reference piecing clockwork I have not able to dice it. Eyelids are taped ovaries force the watch these these terrific images Kirk and Jerry's is like their worst nightmare they're sitting there they're forced to listen to thirty seconds of audio from dale Pollock. I'd I don't wanna trade first round draft picks who is. And their reactions are predictable it's also good is it energizes them in a negative way by energy nonetheless and so. We were ready to come out I'll hammer in the sickle were rated him down at the promo and Kirk was ready to lose that. As variety. And telling our intern are into rolled and I walked into the studio and perks like how we got breaking news from there and so forth left our I don't know the order Wednesday question will argue doubt the any saved by evolution after a pretty good trade performance that it would say she's becoming almost a catalyst solid Sheila feeling when she's she's good for the yeah I think it's got to the point where in a good where you almost don't notice that. Notice her like she's there she has opinions which you almost feel part of the show when she's there really miss sometimes with Reimer with. Whoever else they'll say some extra while lenders are out of place but when she's in it just sort of the three of them talking to other things you know today course lot of politics of the political review. The former Kentucky governor stole the show about some 45 today with this but mr. Bashir. I'm a proud Democrat but first and foremost I'm a proud recruitment at play cards and mostly America. And like many view I am worried about the future of this nation and I am a proud libertarian also proud Democrat and Republican. Green Party member has made this year. Almighty god that was great but classics hitting like good diner that was embarrassing it is embarrassing today to be Democrats assess feel bad for I'm a proud Democrat before my first and foremost. I'm a proud Republican. Now. You I have been scaled back to Monday Wednesday Friday the real cane as he podcast going forward at least temporarily is down to three days a week. There's been a lot of debate as to how this happened what's your perspective on this well first of all I feel a little like Manningham that I was somewhat out of the loop August. Because this was sort of speed there at the discussions for this began when I was in fort. Then kitchen approached me our executive producer podcast guru he runs Kirk's enough for the army podcast and he brought the idea apple bringing guys back to three days a week. He had a multitude of reasons but none of them really stuck is the real driving I don't really know why they want us to go back ports. Yes Sony's part like studio availability it's part keeping Kirk's podcasts on its own on Thursday. It's part giving the real show itself room to breathe and another which people only been one not some little hole. Four hours of our show if they don't they can get art fantastic refuel and I and also that they have merit regardless suspect communication again. Rights of the worst thing you can do on the show is have Kirk cannot be the first to know something. And so if you put out on top of all the other ship that was bothering Kirk Davis popped up in the show. And he was not happy that he was not on informed of these discussions. Prior to this morning tell me why and I don't mind that things are done it has to be reason why. In my opinion. I think we're still gonna do it if there is something to talk about I don't think. As long as it's okay with you repair is a big show like good relic moment or something pops up on Tuesday or Thursday also do something. But I do feel that this is something that Jerry was right I sit here and grunt you put two hours of work into these sounds that you put a lot of effort into it sounds occurs just sits there and grunts but I put a lot of effort into you have a little lie at home to recalled. And you have beds to build and a DVR hockey watched. And your what were you second quarter of a Super Bowl 02 Gloria gets good. Significant diplomacy. End I think it works I think this way it's wonder what they Friday every time we do it will be good it won't be unplugged that's a lot it's a good happy medium. Okay good so because of that we didn't do want Tuesday if you look at the Tuesday recap welts that reflect back a day we had Jerry by itself while Jerry would know Kirk. Pete and Alex were in the Tuesday edition of the show. And is even Alex said this coming off the air after the first segment he felt like they made of blow their whole load in the first segment and it was it was feisty. Game had never been object that I don't talk radio you don't know what happened in the history that sort don't realize that he and then we got to the Celtics it's like app I've never seen a fan base in my life really not care if this particular group list of topics in this out it's not the first round I don't understand. God love but. And around 5 point yesterday morning he's in the studios he prepared the studio reels that the office to plot to open the studio. Atop reach a long time you don't. Like that it's climactic but that normal hallway reeks. He is the Cologne cardinal are aids and awkward velvet. I don't know but so. Others I applaud the ball all the all it's in Paris these issues like that. It's pop pop got to talk loud low ball public. Okay here's what I told you entered drug this out I'm like okay XP. Which are related Celtics got full bag full of good ratings are better since I've been on they have not to social legislation that's backed. There wasn't with a minute and offer is Jerry's nights to. He's like gonna be like that it idiotic thing to do it it's not really. LP a new last year he likes his net us right so we got into it every now and then Jerry doesn't mind Il and heavy sports. It is. Almost him I think proves what we do on every other day correct right. And I think Jerry viewed yesterday's show. As chaotic but good yeah that it was. Wasn't going to be that proto typical Jerry Jerry Tang Wei radio. Yet for the most part we got back into pizza high school wrestling school sports endeavors and country music percent of problems in the history of the on my trip by Bravo Mike Chesney CD she's I saw him on an old seconds at Mohegan Sun about five years ago so anyway so was trying to get into the sporty stuff. Then work Roemer actually tried to revisit some of the fireworks from the first segment by bringing up the grey goose Soria. Which is not a bad but yet of isn't the GI under it he went on a Shell Oil rat. A wide open over. And over here's. It's those are pretty odd dreamer being in naval and all the stuff secret from mr. Rogers or something and talk to the trolley a course that would really say how he feels about all the members the casting is I've heard it definitely he's got a little feel he's got to filter to understand this. It is history station. And we solid picture when filtered did not too well so maybe the filter does work fun. You know he hates treasury absolutely think she supports things Roemer is incompetent. Think's important to the pressure on radio in my boy Terry Thornton one of the best shows on this radio station by far reporter knows now I. And believes. That the ratings are up W Riyadh because of his return if a lot more that would be better than lawns noble talk in my opinion. It was a pretty good people think it proves. That'd be crazy out there because racy and Smart as both stupid and not crazy. It's better to be a little bit off which pages that's part of is dear all that's like relic is gonna get back on the show they actually. Sell and that's why. Christian arcane and perhaps hasn't been back recently been you've got a text from mark you know like to hear this that he wants back yet so. See they want guys that are hungry a little bit off in. I got a text yesterday from Christians saying you know hey. You know any reason why haven't been on lately I've thought things went pretty well and I was like did you hear from you polled them. Honestly that we have been helped Pete sort of been fighting with but keep them going that Roemer yeah sort of go with what's. He's just hasn't been bought plus being in Fort Myers in Houston has really helped put him over contact and on the line I said. If you haven't been on keep reaching out because. He even admitted that. He should be reaching out more so that's good so having a little bit of desire to be on the launch on the market that it. Maybe get a return of the canyon and other I've but for tomorrow. As of now just Harkin Jerry quite a bit past stock tomorrow with a developing quarterback situation Friday mud is back in I helped the wanna back on nor my. But from what men is back on Friday some concern going forward about months availability on Fridays that suddenly we should get on. That wrote to farm worker will lose in mind. I honestly just don't understand I don't I don't know why you would ever prioritize the in game. Rumors highlights today bank AK bank bonus I think it's a Smart move and I think that we should be happy with whoever works and yes we could bang on that but I think that there is a a simmering bone of contention. Between our show and management regarding muscles graceful seasonally. Can't. Appreciate Europe. Diligent work today appreciate the full court we have. 3 o'clock trade deadline for clock franchise tag deadline so it was a lot to get to you wanna just get out there and get your pens and pencils ready. Working on it and I went this dog I think is coming here the I think the Bruins are gonna send a third rounder and creature. I had a dream less than a great yeah. Here where I had a dream lesson to the brood street creatures suit so it.

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