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Bradfo Sho, Ep. 13: The man who the Red Sox got for Clay Buchholz

Mar 1, 2017|

Rob Bradford is joined by Red Sox minor league infielder Josh Tobias, the player the organization got in exchange for Clay Buchholz. Tobias, as it turns out, may be one of the most interesting players in Red Sox camp, not only offering great stories about finding out about the trade, but explaining his interest in space, books and UFOs.

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Add road show. That might open definitely probably would have brought that I don't. Query where you don't know what you're stupid Brad broad show. That's delicious. So I was rolling the back fields of jetBlue park looking for that guy. You for a guy who. Was traded. To the Red Sox for clay buckle to go back to the clay buckles trade we're all wondering what are they gonna get for Clay Buchholz. They're gonna get something big. Clay Buchholz legitimate topic irritation pitcher potentially. And then all of a sudden. The name Josh the bias came across the lot. Josh to bias is the guy big Red Sox got for clay buckled so I wanted to find out. Who this guy was there's really no one have been talking about him except for those one or two days. After the clay buckled deal. Thought finally found Josh surprised guy who was drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies in the tenth round. And some people who know bottom obviously the Red Sox dole bottom that's why they identified him one guy who knows about it but the guy who drafted rumor tomorrow. First base coach for the Red Sox who used to be the GM for the three weeks. Ever much some play your support against Vanderbilt so some very for a series itself swings the bat well from both sides baseball player. Mine a little bit of like that Terry Pendleton type of guy I mean Terri. Whether you reach that level. Of success and I don't know but. Actually develop on both sides runs OK. Mom. Place at placed second and third caucus someplace third base quickly moved to second guess for the Phillies and went over there. Please baseball player you know like play. Enjoys playing swings the bat very well to do that from the left side and we liked the liked him as a senior science. When when the Red Sox are about to make this trade and talking a gust call Obama in you that you had some conversation about and it via touch all the bases. What when they brought his name up what was your reaction. I'm Mary liked the kid I mean like the way goes about my plan I think he's got a chance via. And equality it. Equality if he's not an everyday hands of being the president of being an everyday certainly screening that probably has a pretty good chance be of a these utility type player summit this when the map from both sides off the bench or something like that but. You know we just unum more we drafted him Johnny Hammurabi units in baseball player you know and good kid loves to play the game kind of based mall rat and you know those guys you can never measured just tools on those guys you have to measure a lot of things and one of the one of the tool becomes Harden hadn't he's one of those guys like that baseball Soviet sincerely progresses. So fortunately once they found the bias I was it was it down of them forty extensive conversation and as it turns though. He may be one of the most in trusting players in the entire. Red Sox spring training and I'm not that's not hyper rule the that's the truth. After talking with him for twenty minute you'd be the judge. He is a fascinating fascinating guy who clearly if that deep deep thinker. And he talks all about only baseball about being traded. Throw our clay buckle and that sort of stopped. By. Some of the stuff that he's into in terms of space then. Man. Time travel and UFOs. Than what he's studied in Florida in his contrast and it is. He's a fascinating guy he is the guy I am doubling as the most interesting. Player. In the Red Sox camp but fortunately I was able sit down there for about twenty minutes on a golf cart jetBlue park here artists. So after our first question take me through that day take me through that day where you're waking up in the morning a member of the third Philadelphia Phillies organization and all sons. You're all over the Internet that's a pretty funny story because of house in Columbia South America at the time and I just spun back. From a wedding in Miami that. The ninth the day before us now is tired. And I got a call like it caught and falsely who uses those unknown number among what's that I had no clue what this salt like angry house like hello. Details are played on an official Jordan is like a judge Jose romance with the Miami professional voice on us and I Asia. And now he's like yeah I guess news when I know it's not a single he's got traded to Wear itself felt like RI it is time. He's a Gary and his unit stuff and great to have you know be calling you soon solar RI they hung up he did tell me he's just a picture about and who is forward Mike. What I count if you listen. Total common Antonia gets paid no his voice again it's awesome so. Then Mike Allen back in the time fell off on this or blown up arsenic. I notice of claim locals on the eve of training so connecting to three days I fumbled. Analysis when they crazy I mean just being in a different country those crazy kids here and that. Obviously you said if you don't know we're going to be traded for you trade for pitcher if you going to be traded for somebody. It's been to be traded for a guy in clay buckles has just caught the Mitchell speaks and in this this this is a feather in my cap you wanna resume builder bonuses this is pretty good. I am deaf women is to reach out to me and it's also a huge opportunity and the testament to their thoughts and eight saw something in me that they wanted to say. Getting a chain of failures and I'm grateful to them for believe me enough to attain over here. So so take me through so you get that initial side. Take me through after her. In the moments after you are you a Google machine are you try to figure out anything and everything are you calling people you were former teammates in the Florida guys the organization. Bryant Johnson some other guys tell dignity through. The moments after. The stuff like some super low key and I don't talk about myself at all like I told my roommate who was I catch the Phillies thousands of Americans against a treaties and it's awesome. I call my dad I follow my best friends from college. And I takes a few of my friends and Pozen that I'd. I do wanted to see like. What what actually someone's home and I got to change this article is like do those go out and realize that. After that he was kept helmets I mean at the two articles on my phone but it. After cat and mouse like because I was in winner balls mainly for the Phillies and they ask me canceling their eyes out. I called the Red Sox at The Hague as a candidate like come on come to know is kind of tired and finally here again come on. So I can get a surprise on payments for Christmas if I don't come until like. December 28 and I came on the 22 December actually am not a majority in the morning and surprise them also that's a pretty cool. Yes celebrate when half the trade the biggest win was the fact your parents at that. The C unity you're gonna see a so that if it's already been your world has taken a turn for the better immediately. Mean it's definitely has nothing he's experienced and we never have. That if Ford is being. Mean twitters of his game like it's nothing else training at one point oh thank you so we're like the I'm not like ally I'm not I don't Shalit must follow Obama won like taking him Iconia I want him I was I was also. Is it from going to let Stephanie. Something on their target. And so when you're clay buckles on the clay buckles is we're looking at it mean with every time clear buckled his name came up and trade. It was Craig you know you're like oh my goodness this that's going to be an enormous trade like you said. This is a huge feather your cap that you were traded for Clay Buchholz do you go in look at. Important I don't know if you are familiar with glee buckles. If you look at what his numbers were deal with it what he'd done do you look at what is exactly is the luxury tax threshold if you look at any of that stuff. I mean I saw it and I was like wow I think I'm this is that they say sales iCloud and knew exactly who was in my forties number Red Sox and along Jimenez. Super crazy just to be a part of that. I mean I didn't even looking at any of that status in casinos and you know already. So do go back an hour to go back a little bit in terms of who who you are that says that was the thing I'll tell you charge. One of the most read stories are told people that's what most read stories we've hosted was who is the guy who they traded for clay buckles. That's the. Mean. I'm pretty. Most people think I gonna see kinda goes to see draft I would just like the exact opposite I'm not a time bomb to relate back do you mean. Welcome fundamental planning and half million hard. I'm playing serious guy joke around all time. I mean BC CBC is coming in Palin makes he has guys mean. I mean I love. Academics of overeating. I mean SO silence said to me today that you're really Smart. So yeah I know you only talk about yourself. But OK if we're gonna talk about the facts and and and we talked about achievement what is your best if we're diplomacy with someone in he's really Smart what is your best. I thought. Academic achievement. We know how to get my degree years before I was a geo science and environmental science major so just in that degree and haven't got to that employers or colleges probably one of my. That's academic achievement slows Macon and the honor roll every all years of my senior 'cause I got. I kind of senior caps and classes in the kind of cynical views the house plan but. A graduate of like at two anonymous three they decide to maintain that all yearlong sentence geology Renton yet it was geology major and I mean. Is this like offset geology and excellent geography like with a meteorologist or do. Thank you so now you're you're you're mixing geology in me urology and also so what what did you if you onto the base but what was the what was the plan. I was in your back in my masters Nina PC IE Sony professor onto that I wanted to. It's either status he floors they like ground water movement in Florida tonight. 'cause I mean there's plus and posing for honestly and make a check houses are suitable suitable to build up on top of this experience tells Princeton in the exit a couple. Class and geology of Florida and just what's underneath Florida. Didn't see that you just convinced me you are intelligent edited by the fact that you actually. Went to class and Florida because I guess I would go and give Brian Johnson crap and say you know real athletes and universe of Florida could never go to pot possibly go to class. I see like. I enjoyed and I'd like wake up earlier go to class I enjoy it like going to class and I was so really we've never taken like I wouldn't take I take I wouldn't take no I think you're right it's right in class they can do that because I was learning thing. Solid is listening I'm accusing you be listening 'cause I think he's gonna retain more than if you write all of them are done keywords. It's like listen to want to just talk us out of Austin million dollars. Those talks are still talks on our press is now like via FaceBook and so we're pretty good friends in Iceland nice loved and that's. So now you're driving around for Mars to agribusiness ankle there's a cinco listen. There are elements of the can't can't can't even make an honest and right there are figure of the six cents what's the Internet sadistic sense and again a good job when I've run them I I'd notice I was you know looking at some old stuff from the new cheaply video was super pirate he's like oh yeah laser beams out of my ads that would be cool. I I aisle as he agency as still an engine like superhero movies and all of X now marvel and DC united. I lost his all time autumn on my iPad there where there's mutant superheroes so so in terms of the baseball stuff if you if you get drafted as a senior in Florida. And you have a really good senior years did you go about where you thought you would you which was the tenth row honored to be secured go higher and then when you did get drafted. Says okay I'm on my way and I'm going to be in the major leagues or might might. My plan is to be in the major leagues by X amount years. Yeah I mean. On the south side he's just letting it jets nineteen year man had a great senior year I mean. I didn't like how can your right address housing nursing home I mean I was resistance in an attempt down game opportunity ending. Planned for years ecology not in effigy here thank you see some hindsight it's like no I mean baseball's not going to be. There forever so I do you know I do draft you junior. I didn't play great the first half I think like the second half the Atlanta. Going a couple of definite must game drafting Glenn talked name by solid summer school excellent but. I just after I got castles and I'm a place cause I can for as long as I can weigh that into three. For years and alligator thing has taken makes a big leagues I mean that's my and it's they're like in those things that make these as well we're toys are play towards. So when you were so you get drafting in the Phillies organization what would be and once you see what you're doing what you're going up against collier. How professional baseball works did you feel OK you know I can do this I can actually function I can actually this can be a legitimate goal make them make. Well it definitely means going through the first sort seasoning of a first full season last year and he played it's got their top prospects and I can and does not. That doesn't mean how much better than me so I mean you can gauge your. Abilities I mean I think it's a good thing as a player in the litigation there's an and you can tell like you're not good enough like I think it would tell if you want to work on her. Weigh your way to compare to them that's competition I think in the night. I think author of the best I think that. I have a great shot at playing and anything I can plain things they don't have any doubts and I couldn't function I couldn't produce of their what's your best position. Second or third I mean I've played their ultimate cause of hindsight in the past two years saddest thing of sinister. The game and when people say what do you think that you do well the people might not say you do well and there's going to be the reason that you end up going into the Michelin. That that people thing I don't do I mean I get a lot not from my defense in this Dunlop that are in the past two years and you know keep me on I mean. I mean remaining under the best hit this time I got after them tonight. And making money soon making the days it is gonna make you money you can make you might mean money solid play for obviously and that clippers on the plane. That's what I think nick as early as my defense sometimes and people don't know that network on the art than anything nothingness and the lawlessness in the past few years. So when you when you go get traded to the Red Sox do you immediately say not only you sale Carroll doesn't know as a second you know so and so as a third. But also this is Susan AAA is Susan double AD start with him of that. Nominees and Evelyn I'm not like them has focused on myself like I got translate all right time for no relation I mean. They seem playing for a mis timed keep doing I was doing that got me jets they got me playing on the present this. He played well on species so is any chance in the display artists and chance income. So what do we know about you with so tell me something that people people don't know about because you know I do I can go all the live long day but. But united on Brian Johnson beyond and show me the video you're dancing in my stance that I know that. No the unique name is Toby in need DJ Toby and I at all this place what tell you something. As a are you said the U says that you like you know comic books are not comic books but. What's the tattoo. One this is truly blessed all my in some bison. I have one that says they say things Hawaiian. And then I'd across on this armor there. And I think some people and Mary looked cheerful lot yeah. So so you talk to a re human is different levels are reading. It is aware of what's if you talk about reading what you read. Harry sideline looks like I don't. Harry Thomas wasn't Larry a lot alike read a book now called Childrens eyes of people like. Earth is. Natalie Morton nuclear lords are trying to find a single planet. Which I think actually that's the Villanova they like a secret like space travel select. Like Perez he's nasty got an all time. And I and secret like one that we're gonna live on Mars and that her somewhere night. Black holes in my space time continuum on super and that I please see the martian yet in the martians in a stellar. Policy was a new one that's enough a few months ago was. Trails called. The passengers. He had yet now don't bother me my damn that's on the demand of secret knowledge space travel one night you believe in your folks it definitely. Haven't seen them and other out there I mean there's. And thin and now the planets out there we don't know about news. In the candidate in anything when the people out there. So Wired News. If you don't see when I'm not neither abide by it's by you read about it you see the movie is everything else. What is the what is he most convincing argument or the most convincing example. Of the you do if you're reading a book you said this happened so I really think this happened and I really think you slow success. There was a movie that was the name of the movie was it was TVs when you were you weren't born yet. That was about the heat being abducted by aliens of course you have the latest one with the emea atoms. There's all there's certain things like in history can read about. Like. That's ancient people like John Pike hieroglyphics of like. Cravings and I believe in god you I mean. I think that aliens have comment like shed some light on us because sneaky thing about like certain things that happen like. I'll think humans have gotten the knowledge we've had just on our own understanding we've gotten a little bit of help from some places. I mean I'm pretty sure you oppose finding out things are things just meteors an Intel or some things like the estate here's some sort noises and there's some some of the minute and is not just planets. Contact sue them over. Jodie Foster Jasinowski. Thank god. Certainly you can't find them to your photos are part that's a good one I mean honestly that. She is clearly is good talking a little bit about this because this could. Because it seems like your pretty deep thinking what's he talked about another book to you know res scifi is sue them when you dive in the book what are we Tug of war and he sort of went our. I mean scifi as I mean now but like. Over the offseason arid and doesn't demons by isn't. Some movie the movie direct and and there's on this solemn look they make a movie or not read them yeah I did I'd now ask you don't want this at a Washington wants to hear that and I are at the one. Dan Brown eyes aren't that in the book called inferno a citizen and we've got two things currently I mean like that that's not where it. It's almost like conspiracy theories like in keynesian and puzzle they illuminati in my. How they're trying to. I basically take over the world I mean if you think that's an avenue miser and I mean. That package you know like that's the thing used. Maybe maybe maybe I read that and I think about it I mean just like the history behind it like having been inside the bag and stuff like an inferno he wins a Vatican and the DH had actually spent lay. I'll play on the road to Alex he displayed was sterilized like 13 of the population. Because in his mind. Published in the population keep going dryness that was a trapped miners have to draw until we can't contain anymore he wanted to cut and accidentally catch you saying ourselves now. It was tough talk about this group with your teammates and their view by a beauty and you must it must be hard fight teammates who actually. Are thinking on the same level of a few people like him and that if you guys now I can't remains on a few guys that. We talked up before I mean some guys we'll talk about Ike Taylor. If things others and then you might mean my brother living council as he was a these guys Ph.D. in miniscule particles. And that's why. It is chemistry is like nano particles in the event Ximian him out like really deep policies and also like this now also we lost the same shows Leo we've received due. Brother do what's his name I want to give them proper public names nine utilize surgery like home he's still he just graduated like. Maybe three weeks ago so he's just applying to jobs now I mean. Things got one he's gonna get into invading California where you're Smart for that Alia my cup is file of Brad Arnold MIA. My Dennis doctors my mom just got a doctor's two weeks goes well and administration's principal and administration. I Bettis that is doctors to. Two was there when your dad with two dead doctorate what what's he do all you think me and my mom almost like administrative so they use a principal points in college professor. Hamas in a painful for a pass like 87. Or eight years. And Brothers plotting and do something and I know what you must do. And my act in other sisters who works in college season and when admissions counselor. And my older sister -- around hospitals working on how to communicate with the staff via the customers of possible like them personal hospitals again you're you're you're way too Smart to become a professional baseball player I mean. It doesn't right now delta got some options behind me that mean. I can get me pursue my baseball's number one right now is. Here here here I am thinking that your biggest talents balance of that on your nose was so you wanna sit down dinner talked about they assault occupancy three hours about a lot that's hard. I don't you know and two or three hours but he QB in a nutshell. We're gonna sit died actually saw you know this I saw your tropical smoothie cafe. Identify if I knew you like you know you now notice and is missed get their health not protein sic which have gotten for. Fifteen straight days now and this of talk about space gimme gimme if you if you say to me fifteen minute commute fifty make conversation Bell's face what would it be. I mean. I don't think I start I start somehow we know about black holes and like a summit today. Some Osama Thomas an illusion also it will be volatile black hole actually is an illusion because you know abs neck rather it's a mixed up and time it's on except as. Times relative really I mean. They're hard to measure time as a tunnel that that's a tough match how. There's so many different galaxies out there I mean. And my galaxy isn't like our galaxy is all the planets earth Mars Venus and all those put him on you believe in time travel. That's I mean. That is weird inning because kind of hard to be NT two places at one time I mean he's out there back and the effect now mess up some stuff I mean. The stuff we don't know I mean that's appeal that's a Michaels who think that if he'd fallen to a black hole that you thought could time go or. You can trash like gravity you ripped in half an excellent I guarantee you we I would not be having this conversation Clay Buchholz. Deathly inlet and deathly interesting item pretty nerdy. And I. I think it I think and I like at a wedding I mean I'm not lacking power stations tires if I meet a girl like a psychotic or whether. Tonight to weed out slightly by a recently say that's that's not a huge aphrodisiac talking about and that's on the ballot and the mother as a work react task as the work for you before. Yeah I mean I've met a girl one time randomly I was I was at a restaurant instead assign counsel a lot of materials like is we've now. It's not like point eight minutes about life. And from planet's face school mail totaling more than in the interest of some putts at it works for certain people at this and buddies that he needs that it. That's great while I don't want to overtake a body over time I do look forward talky was you again it was good to get the million little bit. Because again though we knew you as this one reason I wanted to argue is every ruin this day is the got to get Trace clay buckles. So the outlook for a target the yen thanks so much for joining us on a problem that you're much.

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