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The Real K&C – Pudge on a plane, animated shorts & stone crab 2-27-17

Feb 27, 2017|

Ken Laird and Chris Curtis recap a K&C Monday with Alex Reimer joining the guys for a post-Oscar themed show

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Four back together Boston's were team where Banda for right now. February 27 it's the real okay NC can't let Chris Curtis. Apology to dog also Leah seat that we purchased and put your sponsor what a great travel across Florida before I was dog we have to get to get posted. He did get busted apart dot RG dot com I was out there Chris you and I can't I would spur of the lost some jokers get taken behind the woodshed today at 830 you and explain in detail what happened to return trip from Fort Myers so full details about. An hour before we actually got to this on the guard Jerry and I were talking in the hall ice it's and I was a flight home the budget make it home okay and I of course says what I said you know prim you know we got home okay but with little bit of pain and I told them my dad had purchased the sequel. Which is I have no idea that we were told me off the years when enough for a Erin I look at sure I'd just like talked material like the man. And I sat back down and I was like. It in my stomach once it's gonna come up on the show. So of course it is and I was my eloquence opened the describing it on the air yes we were out to dinner when you guys once we saw the dog with woman to be Mexican placements without punch this region but basically we got to the airport Saturday night at for return flight from Boston and my wife went to the calendar. To exchange of paperwork which documents that. Pledges of support dark what is your dog do for you and not a service dog just the support I support it doesn't actually have a service caller. It's just taking forever and so eventually I walked up to be asked and I think she's blowing historically man ought. In her life and and the dogs the dogs that he wants and Noble's balls the guys just saying you know this is in the proper documentation needed. You know documentation. Always give me the riot act he's like you need to have the specific witnesses specifically the doctors treating you for nude of the doctor's license identification number so that little best you got on line for ten bucks didn't do a meanwhile Mike Reid had this on three different flights it's never been an issue lies assaults on the mission as the costs and adding normally when you know it's for long story short. Our Foyt supposedly is about to be taking off or was delayed I said what can we do like okay whatever word we go from here on the college did pudgy flight back. The old man gave him his own seat boy why it doesn't bother me to have help from my dad. Because it is George. We championship and the fight and this career what are called this hobby. My interest is Sports Radio listen to sports are elected to also happens to be my job if I was an in radio which everything I've done and radios because of my own doing don't have help from my daddy capitalized never going to be connections in radio got a lot I choose to get up at 3:30 in the morning radio coverage. I could post I could sit at home and work to do whatever and that's because my debts that wasn't my choice I just happen to be lucky sperm into law that you incur. Right you trust a little rich I would be much more. Frustrated with someone who was in my situation. Who. Didn't work party who didn't have a good job but he earned Digisette there it is you know Spalding smells like. Nothing. That's like an odd duck and hide from it not like it doesn't exist it's what is it is what it is my dad's wealthy juices this year with me I'm not ashamed about it. Curtis she mind you there's a little sensitivity and Kirk's part because people like to give him should about the stuff the stuff so we always like to distance himself whenever I'm brought up when it comes to money in forum due Dick you sound like that economy for having money I would never do that how to have a hard time about current is you know. I. Anchor arc is it. I mean we said that whatever jury member I come up these situations he gets manager for marketing mad at me like he gets mad at them during Leona Helmsley. And it's like. Okay and Jerry likes presidencies. Are working. Streak in the mean streets Eric apps that work is welcome Chelmsford worked Israel. Agree work ethic from his dad all that clinical trial but. I kitten ought. I mean I guess it could turn it down but why make it more difficult on myself how hard it is just to travel hole in state Utah comes to is the one thing right you're absolutely been given an advantage would be in. Work acute. Sit next to my dad deal loser you know. Whatever quicker couple buttons and he made a lot what is the what do you do yet. But I'd I choose to do this is like getting something out of working hard and growing at an industry that I care about one did know. I don't wanna be a product of my mind. After Reid who. Starting up a staple I'll use it to yourself at the shot to Datsyuk for enabling the situation and any. Ali local circumstances he is but it's like OK I don't know marketed. Fighter I've I've bought it for awhile part of the new Chris machine concert is if you let the dog you know. It's impossible like couldn't chip it's a battle I'm willing to fight a market to go insane over are we bringing the dog and yet a pants on Chris first of all put your pants beat in man and say we're tickled this summer we were talking about going where the summer that's redundant. They. I said she's like oh we can go to Charleston and bring plug in like no we are going away. We're doing something where it's costs because it's not a vacation me up at five and take the dog ego ego really is job. Oh my god that we went to Cape Elizabeth Maine a couple years ago. Went to a dog friendly hotel low they had a dog menu at the hotel now we're supposed to before it probably propose and thoughtfully which makes sense going to be swimming pool you can users Goldman's first close right there there's nothing wrong with that it's just so it was like. I had no there was no time to relax it was just constant you know finding it hiking trail to take the dog to. Finding a restaurant import limits you know got a dark for so this summer. I've laid the ground work going away for weeks yet you know happened to be on the road allow the dog went will be free and I'll worry about the ought. The dog group my parents my parents are being analyst TDs Lovelace I'm sure if you put absolutely that's settled or at least she facetime. I just not an animal person as far as that's gone. I'm allergic you know patio the producer but the dog and I had a terrible Friday against Houston at the Super Eagles so I don't understand the tent mentality. When I don't I don't from a lot of people. All real I ever had one before it off but life as a pet person. You know what force have a dog. And I admire my mom's Italian member of pets inside the house everything had to be in a note that and but now four years in with pudge. Then it's changed everything she will not embarrass you by leaking her balls in front of company well we get a little dog talk today the dominant. Two topics in the shoot they were won the Oscars costumes. But the cost of humans to Mac makes the Texas wrestler island you're today. Who is transitioning in the in processor and a really good heeded this. Discussion it was flat debate uncomfortable times between Kurt and Jerry from nine to 1945. Today almost the whole 9 o'clock hour. A father telling his daughter no you can't wrestle bacon of the sport you think but what does she loves it just something he's probably good that she finally lights that you say are you can do because jury girl because. It looks weird is tradition what if she's sorry that sounds sexist and I pretty much support now. She's got bought sensing note you must hunt she could shine my life threatening to a surprise I'm now attract. Roemer was in today for a couple reasons as you described a show Jerry reached out to the crew yesterday wanted a third man in because really we hadn't had a Monday's have been just Turkey Jerry but I think they got a little tired of just Turkey Jerry last week. The last maybe a little too much Kirk and Gerri time if you combine. Houston this was to the last like 34 weeks have just been Jerry and I on the road miss some fresh meat and it'd be a recipe that just isn't a time right now where you usually. During the football season he had radio Hasselbeck you replay gradient that's Andrea to. So there really wasn't room for a third person to navigate that show now that were out of football season and that this sort of Super Bowl hangovers over. I think it's. Time apartment so it was good pitcher. Roemer was good today. For his take on the transgender populations. Ditch honesty would say you know the transgender population and he's not a big movie guy by his own admission that. Least he was there for solely Oscar time keeps the was somewhere there you are seen any movie at all Alex and bill and yet now the Nazi movies. Try to big short prohibit that early work well. It sure was last year he was correct about that vote is Kirk just throw them off with misinformation and you are fake it is anyway the Viola Davis is probably your best Oscar segment at six what is it. I got excellent yeah I didn't I didn't hear it live I saw this this morning and I'm Thursday a great. Compilation of the ten most liberal moments of the Oscars last night. And I listened to it and then we had grabbed it actually worked well for crazy Sunday we had the sound pretty much all in the sporting. And when she says that the comments about. 'cause we have the only profession. That celebrates what it means to live life. Second I heard that I knew that was going to be a Jerry incur cents off one Hollywood pats itself well Davis is a really good actress she won last night for fences and they gave a speech rice said this is Hollywood rated only profession that celebrates what it means to live a life. I mean is that not to fire lane arrogance have you visited like Jimmy Fund clinic now. People hand you scripts and you pretend. You've made for. Sure they would spend as much time on the Oscars flawed because it's kind of cliche thing that everybody in the country will be talking about the elected dig a little deep pershing on the show. But I think because it was so late at night. They wanted to keep everybody Lou it is the big story today I'm seated in this award this there's a mistake like you guys won best picture while Landers Jerry calls at LA land. And sought a solo and into it pipe got some of this new. That was fits attack Jerry was soul it's gonna come back from break he was one minute away from finishing the short and illegal for fortified and your loved it seemed trophy. As the guy who the camera. And then put on my two little birdies. On a beach a Specter is edited. It to. A short. Love Pixar adults that is did didn't jell. Always I've good job in joked that it that it changes stated we say. We get to a problem never had a great joke about. Kobe grass this is the year we play here. Tampa has made is they've added former Astros outfielder Colby Rasmus who being slated to start in left field and also reportedly signed his beard to. He Q as a package deal. And can be an adventure. Drops right and governor of my guy got play agility and in the system for their debut its spring training yesterday and it was a that was done icebreaker six answered. Our men I just kicking off the stone crab the black group lose one of the local delicacies to live out their very pricey. Doug lane just writing notes and a balked. Us and your produce at that grade and knows everything about the C tells us that. A problem this year is really active person tent at least not stalled crap. Back in studio for the rest of this week I believe we're here at least through this week and for the him. My dealer wrote some golf events are so the traveler's check out and I got the next time or on the road will be. And common Marathon Monday which all overcome by Jerry's gonna go despite himself and he loves the calm and I've been to about six or seven come by its idol I use the law of the common. Elliott Indians the cover for preferred yeah yeah us. I've never ignored but that's I guess the guys here would put a new. Sacks are fascists and it's doll you going to the watch the events like you're in. You don't watch them actually run before nice to watch a TV I mean it taken like a select few media members of the sign up at a title taken like forty. There's just sit in the stands you can't say this there and it's suggestive. George Allen had a great start I was evaluate. What would be the negative of having your investments. I don't know. Sue Davis never opened it fully did media diabetes talk to the players overall in the neighboring men in position groups like days at a time in the you know just one boring and ya through another crook but can you just have like a section of the crowd likes. Doesn't really big media they keep that for all the the football Waltz. Michelle Richardson who faith freaky defense that apple is off. It's packed it's Lucas Oil relish Lucas Oil is just as they'd like to keep the stands at the loss is the way to my favorite sauce stories that he used at all. Listeners it's huge column by love to come and knew everything about com. So we're down at spring training this as we were returning later on in the year and on the come by and starts. And throw it vote you know sausage to Washington and so like three days to come by and we finally get to. You know who look good you know what effect is. What they have nothing to live for besides this job appropriate facility at but it seemed column by and walk. You know missiles that. Negative. You know what's covet is it this is adult for sports calendar it's a tough couple weeks in March Madness it's. In a few league if you like college basketball which in the past the NC adult culture oops. Very little pleasure remain at the some kind of a turn into it Oprah Israel wrecked it's round two of the biggest ass. Tournament we'll talk about you know there's a big storyline you know one of the games are some bad call or something goes offers but in general we don't touch. We don't treat it we don't act like all the sort of read USA today. Buyers of don't want him one thing Kurt likes to point out as you've got to focus on the twelfth five game blue ball always beats the phone on its huge so we gonna get into battle but I've a critic keeps going to be big into the mark of a cool head of the wealth and keep from. That's right the key for madness though others work Republican prepare for the are buds sit complex. As Benadryl exit. We are now you throw out at a drill is possibility for this Thursday is that legit or it will how we do that you have month from drone attacks on Wednesday Wednesday's the opera. Did you trade all right third deadline day also known as the first of march from Washington Kurt afternoon. That was hurt to target the. Get a little bit of fart but so I figure out a squeeze 10 keep running. Not successful I mean Horford. So I ticker right into what the target. Go to the bathroom clean up I mean there for like twenty minutes left to finish the run sort dumping on where the shortest opening. I run and I get so shaft changed after a run and sweat. Rapid. Every enter. Through his wreck on Wednesday from Fort Myers it's O. Or is there accountability we're turnaround but misses the week of relics so you never know in meters up this week. Metres in South Bend they play Wednesday it clocked him in some snippets yet so we'll games yet I don't want lost season for Beatles talking with us embassy. More heartbreaking just. Had a few of these issues. Eighties out old news clean house this week and it's that wants not just of the guys just BC so relevant suck they fire their athletic directors nobody gives you shouldn't fire leading and he's joining consulting firm over. Jean before we bar exceed these are consultants the exit earlier retired analyst some health issues yes there so by the way haven't been able service as a product ahead of high tailed out of Fort Myers who goes by excellently. Orchestrated the DO segment thank you that was organized chaos was really actually. It was shall I mean you are the guys I have not laughed that hard in my entire life let alone radio I was. Pissing all over the floor laughing sort of finally Kirk and enhance and a good move back to Cuba hopefully for months that view and you know. Emigrant good morning. Well below the you know. At the morning. I do it. On good morning. To double sets by Jerry Jerry Jerry in. A. We were left here too in the Booth with me was we had a plan going into delisting. From 830 last week this time I thought I liked Pete shepherd sound board malfunction. I thought we would have this one pretty ironed out we all questions. Ready to go from deal I have a question for you but they threw me the deliberate curve ball. Right out of the gate where that regardless they have Jerry. Say hello to Dino. And that's what started that it's really my friends good morning I was a couple of Trace data. You know morning pole and race they. Don't part. Particular drug that been. Small. And Ike and he couldn't communicated these exit dissent lately. To them why don't you go to the new beach I have a small team. This every I don't battles. Like if I was the top. There's another some nude beaches here's the reason you don't go to in the these nude beaches I've taught it. Open for us hope. If tiger that you are what he's my wallet. Our audio system we have a lot of shepherd drops it pails in comparison to the Dino I mean you type in Dino and there are just pages and pages so. It's a it's a full weekend's work on Hillary catalog wal. They're there but it is not readily available in. Andy's. Those on the line like sort of went through. The Sox in society. But it. I agree with you when you're talking about general society but in this particular case in general society you can Wear your socks anywhere you want them. At all. Accurate foot. Purdue we're talking about your rusty. Give our players the Internet do you really will now Lee's fantastic we have had some great inserts Aaron it's. Offs each of which we have an intern for the summer so. I was this close to firing before even started. He would send a question. About you know what what my duties for the centered reply. He said another question. What time to recommend a report. I'm saying it's Friday afternoon try to relax whatever Ricans started. And I keep getting these (%expletive) one letter. Emails one question emails and I said I got ago this meal. Rates this summer to be a struggle so summer's going to be a disaster purpose for Ithaca college's meters but he. Now it is a meter it's the meter insiders civil suit up and knew we had dead. Connor holly in child lose two fantastic turns back to back in the air I think my beaten the best but generally you. I got a soft spot for Kyle. Are all great I think I didn't think it would be possible match. Titles. Dedication and hard work areas creepy and also unspoken is that we can file discredit her driving for members yeah. Eric comes over an hour away in Ireland. Everett so fine it is a week doesn't this. Those in his sights I don't wanna to compile status yet it is pal was as good as I think I've ever had but Aron is on his files. It only was good Greenberg was going to be that's really did a good run into these guys leave you gonna be detention on. Ads and our our performance will drop off. Tomorrow we think each ship wireless eight. Seven I booked performance that was nice he would turn and hit it does know is shepherd in this week. And tomorrow yeah yeah it's really who did curtain and improve those amateur. Like to book them and asking us first. It's a couple of atom plan for or books and it's awfully booked through hours and dwelled on my piano I said. I spoke with via text yesterday it is confirmed to be free on Tuesday because other people. Like if we needed an arcane or someone else that requires more time but now I knew that he was able to do so I was gonna talk with the guys today. In my text exchange yesterday I did say Roemer today Pete tomorrow heated but like are we to other code. But anyway it's in tomorrow that it didn't respond. Honesty didn't seem to be very. We got along text exchange between Gerri you and me yesterday about when we got three letters from from Kirk immunity but the question mark. I with mock thousands of tired cup but you know it wouldn't. They're passionate so. Moby at Friday will be in tomorrow train Wednesday impossibly broad appearance on Thursday. Look at pudge. Thank you thanks here's sealant.

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