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Bradfo Sho, Ep. 12: Dustin Pedroia predicts he will live until 100

Feb 27, 2017|

Rob Bradford is joined by Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia to discuss the 33-year-old's longevity, his thoughts on Tom Brady's approach and what the real deal is when it comes to who is the leader in the Red Sox' clubhouse.

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Brad road show. That might open deputy probably would have brought that I don't. Query where you don't know why you're. Brad broad show. That's delicious. Dustin Pedroia read he was 845. Yes. Last year on the fifth or games that's one of the best. Is that this career certainly the best since 2011. Pedroia is gonna turn 34. This season. And what he's on target for it at least worth conversation when it comes to the hall fame. He's tracking actually ahead of one of the guys just getting Craig Biggio. It's an interesting conversation is is also interesting. Just to talk about Pedroia his lot in life. In terms of where he fits in this team right now. Lot of people already talked about he's going to be the guy he's going to be the guy who takes over leadership mantle or the what we sat down at Pedroia we talked about longevity. Talked a little bit about his leadership. And and really about his place on the team. Which I think. Is something that. Unless you're in that clubhouse every day you don't really get a good grasp Bob adds Brian Butterfield third base coach and infield coach. Explain to me just locker room the other day. Wanted to be good this. If you go to do what he does have its. People do watch the week. Good. Good to see what. My big event for. They know what's it feel when things aren't right I don't know them they know you respect what we do. He's definitely respectfully does so you hang around them and without here and see who wins and prepared for this week please. Freedom. Series a little sit down with Dustin Pedroia. Who always done is found himself. At the elder statesman of the Boston Red Sox. Making guys second appearance on the Bradford showed Dustin Pedroia Dustin we've known each other for a long time correct. Unfortunately. When it oil and where was the first recollection. For you coming crossed my. Mya full mosque capacity. Might excellence by my everything. Or Revver or a year that was what has been a while but. Yes and you're still the same shape. Right exactly booming in perfect condition anyway speak you. Speaking of staying the same and and I've changed since then. I think I don't know I may be an app but but. I look back it was 2006 case here water. You are holding you 33. The effort to feel really old. Now. You feel young. I mean I'm. Yeah Clinton living on the hundreds of. Overnight halfway home. I mean. I it's fair agreed to listen immunity in baseball years eat out the right there you arrayed on the Mendoza line of aids so. The says baseball reference. But they like. I don't know me under concede people. Have for baseball players will be so it if you what do you what you want to how are you wanna play for. I don't know I have five more years of the my contract so. In honor that it and that's. Figured out from there you'll be elected decrepit forty hi drew little play second and Hubble no army you. Nor do what I do a mash up every year ready to play in and that's my job and. On thing about when you look at a guy or for a small it's you know you look at last year and yeah and you tried to get. Quicker and more ads and all that in the off season and it really paid off. And how would match Egypt on the same W a knee surgery boot coming into this year do you feel long lines of what you did last year when you were young at 32 years ago. Yeah I feel great. You know I'd. You know did. A lot of the same stuff turning wise getting ready. You know it. At this point you know it's maintaining throughout the year and and and more focusing on recovery stuff and and you know in between games and and trying to make sure you feel good for the next day. So we're retired about longevity. Around New England Brady is the guy right apt did you fall is all that stuff that he does. I may not I understand what he does and I know it doesn't mean I it I think it's awesome. You know there's there's a reason why successful at his agent and he's. Looks better now than he did when he first came Italy MS plastic surgery and now I think now the line. But no other you know you have to you have to be smarter as you get older and and learn. In a different styles way to train and in the way they carry body suits and be able to perform an in and day on the field. Doesn't matter what's we're playing so you know he's definitely got it figured out can I get a sense. You have a little of that now you might not have the avocado ice cream and that stuff but I remember going over your house and you had your private staff man of the people. Making use like the tortilla soup for our and random once in the offseason is so it it it is there a little of that of late we are you your contrasted. In sort oath. Of keeping yourself young and in doing that stuff it's not only going out lifting and stretching and everything you have an interest in that. We are users. So as a way to carry your body I mean it's not just in the weight room and throw awaits our economy in which is what used to. That's I think that's an ever when used to do. But you know I as you get older you know you're in the human body can't take. You know the pounding you know if if you're going in there and and lifting power lifting him and it is. You know when you're younger you can handle some of that but you guys you only got to be smarter. Sometimes. You know less is more whether that's weight or reps or whatever you just got to be Smart. And and eating lies and that that's a big part of recovery you know if you if you put the right foods. In your body you know you'll you'll heal faster here injured her or recover faster you know sort of karma and the bad gas and growth secondly the same. Our ringgit. It so what is the thing that you may be you do now in that you didn't even do a couple years ago because once again Euro are on the edge of being decrepit. I. No I think it's just pay attention more of what she would you know the you know you always on it. It in us sleeping is important obviously I mean I don't take naps but a target you gotta make seriously good. They JJ watt do you like the fraudulent twelve hours now tees at three kids. And our which is just understanding you know what what can make you feel better. Minimum what can make you perform better. So. Retired about changing and evolving and everything now he said you're treated how how has that changed how does that change to. Tom you win you yeah that you can go in and have the same intensity in interpret everything else in there and and speak it's he made by. As a 33 year old with three kids I know that when I was 33 deal I'll three kids and they changed how has that changed. I mean it hasn't changed in my job I mean you know I. That their my number one priority coming out to be their dad. You know what when I come to the field I mean I'm still I am I mean I just do my job show up and try to excuse every day and and and get better every day. Wolf the so Pope when you were younger so when you're you're. Once again when we first cross pass it wasn't he probably wasn't really thinking about anybody else but yourself. Right. Well as Mary and so are really. Governor in 2006 but anyway. Nam. Same same same thing you know him always. You know you always have someone that you're with and and and yours. And yours here in the fight it. So I have slipped out of him. I'm I'm probably made these actions may be can be. How much. You use you actually you haven't gotten any better in. Twelve years your job. It's shocking. Which reached the pinnacle when you two week it's like reaching full mosque capacity I can only maintain my excellence correct in their own world meant. And here's it's definitely years. So would you come into took the took the pivot away from my I don't bring everything back to me. So when we talked about heading into this year. And and up what you did last few leading to weigh in while he worked. Is it was it are you just basically saying hey you know but it worked last year you had arguably your best season pay to correct. Yeah I mean I. Think I've been pretty good every year. You know a couple years ago hurt but. I was on the same track so. I think when you play your get. So but when you so when you look at last year and mute. If you're due to a new when you have a good year. Do you say hey you know whatever adjustments I made I'm gonna keep doing this for the next few years and or. I mean can you learn anything from what you did last. Yeah. Learn anything from this area. You know you are you're always learning our Sony better. You know. You always take pieces that that work and and try to try to put it all together. There are so do things I did ten years ago so. You know it it just got bad and sometimes attractive and go from there. Did you so you went to last you want to be quicker and and prioritizing that today and five and put on runs. Did did it do you think it translated to be translate throughout the entire year. The toll Gergen. No yeah I felt good. You know so. You are basically are felt good every year and and until I've had a couple now broke my foot caring enough about that in and I heard my answering stepped in a spongy spot Norman those you know are at a couple hand injuries. But. He can't we can't plan for the stuff so but denied I feel good for for what I'm trying to do. You know defensively and offensively and and in my role on the team. Do you think that the whole leg. And I talked enough I guess I'm over blowing the evolution of Dustin Pedroia because you've always been awesome since the age of to come by. Is the a lot of people go hating and a lot of people have into this year well of people had in this here. And say oh well David's gone Dustin Pedroia is going to be the guy it was a you know the Rudy on top of them on top of the stool it do you think they when you hear that stuff about the leadership to guide to look at it he probably going to be the same guy that you've always been. And we've heard before or senate. You never see him it says sorry. Problem nobody that's my point as well and so when you hear this stuff is you like that's stupid. Are related pay much attention that it might my job doesn't change. You know. Church church guest David right now you know he think I'm pretty good leader. I. Mean so so how did. What what OK so it's sort you guys and on the right about. So that I mean David. You can't replace him ever. It's. One and a million years guy like that comes around so there's no replacing him there's no. There's no way he can't so it is it's. That there's there's no answer it any anybody's question. I'm going to be the same guy I've been further. How long I've been here and you know. Two pretty good job what I do. Facts are facts there OK well we'll see. Listen it's about proving yourself everyday right in the end this. So. But when you talk about the in this clubhouse and I always say this I remember. Too I used 2007. As an example. That is every bit as his leadership in every core of the club so I mean the baseball that that's why I know him. No knock contact because they gave him the sea and everything else. But at a club house is led by multiple individuals when he says so. Yeah 100% but they're they're there's one guy that. Trumps all and that's that's and any. Chain of command and anything I mean that you know when there was an issue you go to tech. It's facts. You know and and know where we're lucky we've we've had we've had multiple guys because techs helped build that. And it's our job to keep keep that going. So again. You're not gonna change what are so are you Jack I now. Reluctant like edges that we had a lot of guys like nobody says that there's one guy who you go to do we've been multiple guys could tech. That's what that's what he did he built that or he was left that was in need to go to one guy got a couple guys potentially. Might might listening comprehension Jessica. All right so that's good that I'm I'm glad that you straight doubt might miss perceptions of the club baseball club house thanks. Because the I don't know what I'm talking about evidently. Last question do you have. And understand data de. Do you get the contract and everything else like that but do you have any sort of goals in terms of I look at all of them my love do in the Dustin Pedroia this is where Dustin Pedroia is compared to Derek Jeter. But I mean how does that ever. And to your mind now mean that we got. I'm I'm turning it better every year meant every day. You know I'm sure I'm done playing a look back at me like Mandela. But I can do so that's that's that's from turned to accomplish every day try to get better and and do all I can help us any questions from me. You answer a moment. I think we're on the same level like on graduation thanks for joining us.

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