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Bradfo Sho, Ep. 11: Matt Barnes' 'Betances Project'

Feb 25, 2017|

Rob Bradford talks with both Red Sox pitcher Matt Barnes, and assistant pitching coach Brian Bannister, about the fascinating project the reliever undertook in the final month of 2016. Barnes explains how he, with the help of others, made a concerted effort to emulate Dellin Betances of the Yankees and how that exercise helped turn around the former No. 1 pick's season.

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Add road show. That might open definitely probably would have brought that I don't. Wearing where you don't know what you're stupid Brad broad show. That's delicious. So back bars it. First time in spring training and it was a great evening at third Q it's what runs. We strikeouts one walk. Boring who cares it does not make a difference at all what does make a difference in terms of Matt Barnes and his lot in life. With the Red Sox having in 2007 team is what you learn from last year a terrific idea. And then a really really good September and why will your about the find out. The name Dillon but the chances. Yes yankees relief pitcher Dylan bit chance at it became the detail of this project for Matt Barnes. He talked about how his season turned around. When he started locking in in trying to be. The same time pitcher that Dillon but the chances is for the Yankees really really fascinating stuff from both Barnes. And one of the guys who helped him with you don't beat Kansas project. Brian Bannister ball on the brat boat show podcast. Well last time Matt Barnes who is. On the Brad social podcasts I believe it would is doing it is probably early February and I don't. Don't know if you knew exactly what your life and life was going to be here as I know well maybe you'll be in the bullpen maybe that'll be something that'll be cool for you but you now and then the next thing you know. You pitch in the eighth inning you're a legitimate relief pitcher every week really this time last year weren't far off from. Are you a starter or reliever. If it is that weird to think that. It's crazy when you kind of expected and how everything is this going over the last couple years. Gone from Houston on moment I was start relieve and come. Up and down. Back and forth in the TO on. So's who's gonna to get some clarity last year and and get a full season as it as a reliever and trying to. Kind of figure some things out and and how to actually do OK so how to go how do you because. This one become a Major League relief pitcher which is going to happen right absolutely. So tell me he said how to figure things out close tell me you were aware of the some of the what's the biggest thing you said. This is how I learned to be this. Men is tough. You know I'd learned go well learn how to really. And be successful I don't. Beg him but kicked. You know I had a couple good months and in August and was not good for me and and then in September kind of turns things around. On the big and that kind of took a step back and looked at it objectively. So I don't Dana Benny Carl smaller guys the bullpen and and kind of went over numbers and breakdowns are fun on. How much stuff that plays to editors. We commit to come up with a formula. And the ways in which to use his pitches in and I don't attack hitters using. My pitches tonight to burgers and you're so used so in notch mostly fastball curve ball right those are. More the one into right up top with a bat by food chain right Tom. So you were felt like you were throwing with the wrong time in the in the wrong towns and are you so when you say. I learned how to use these fish is better at the right president I think the biggest thing formulas we took a step back smells like a catch him. I try to compare assaulted on Kansas and housing OK we have similar off though and you know mid to high nineties Monica ball. For relatively hard curve his proposal order mine thumb. But why are his numbers ex minor why I'm I didn't think that his stuff was that much better than mine was a numbers are so different. So that's why and today and I was like effect. Explained that accident tuition and I this is when you house like. What's he doing differently than I am like what's making him so dominant. And what can I do to get there. And he kind of broke it down and he was like okay. He's throwing this this many times that this percentage at a time when he throws a curve ball he throws it here he throws the fastball up or down whatever he does. And we came out we deemed less how he attacks hitters. And I started to implement that. And we can even look back at times knows who is successful. And more times a lot of what this game plan so we kind of took. What he saw from down in and what they thought. And Mo we've found and I'm trying to implement that to the rest of the season was the but the chances model was that your idea or somebody else's. That was mine to get about and there much of delegates I was I hinting that his stuff was you know a point now for two points ERS ire. There's many more strikeouts don't mean I thought I thought it was close enough where the stuff. Bomb but the numbers shouldn't have been that different. When did you realize. Police said he might struggle Narnia's Kim Michael Wood in September when did you realize that it. Operation at Kansas actually actually was paying dividends and this is going to war in September was of the nominated I talked and mundane and then Benny came up and he kind of talked about everything with me some time run in August. And in September. And implement that entire thing. And denied knowing that can worked operative on September at what. Was that they listen I mean everything that's from real world a fact every time the Phillies have a year ago a year sort of you did a little bit relieving and trying to figure out. My starter and reliever now you're eighth inning guy you have some success you you have good stuff. Tom when dated are. At this time last year would reduce the tea at 22 really good pitches and I'm. I'm going to be able to succeed because that's what relievers do they have could a couple good pitches and the ego. The and it deserves it the first because you know going from starter reliever from them and took that went on to get to on. Three times. Lamar Max effort recognizes do business deal catlett terms of that completely falls. Delegates you out of certain situations that you know difference between. When you when you're up there no matter how hard you throw over on that he makes a visit to locate it does matter. It wasn't maybe you know it was more stuff once in awhile is his own and velocity. But it was but it loses it it was kind of taken that didn't get new experience and and seeing what types of swings guys are put on certain pitches. But I and they've come up with without little slider cutter. Tom just has something in fastball counts just as shown little something different. Tom when did you come over that. I did toy around ended the year before. But then really kind of got into it this year some time in need the June. May or June. So I don't little salt and doesn't have to be anything crazy to some to get his off. That's not the curve ball a little easier to control. So. It's it's time of the growth of of those pitches in and learning you know the sometimes you don't have to throw session throwing strikes is almost the bad times. And in Canada go through it and learning haters use you know or or limit along those lines what was your favorite at bat what was your favorite. But he we talk about turn a corner. The most and maybe it was during that September after you sort of made those adjustments and so this is working. Maybe it's not a bad maybe it's a game do you remember one timers said this is this is the jumping off point for me. I think there were I think there were. A couple I don't think it was necessarily in on them or prior to August yeah I thought that I did them a pretty good job part of August most was kind of my. My month break finally Phillies a it to mean you know I'd an excuse and it is and and kind of missed some spots and it's a band that bomb. The Giants game is on the stands out to me. And then there was one other. What what what. What let me ask this but. The Giants the Giants it was probably would use him and remind were Miami what was what do you do in nineteen. Went three innings the X seventeen days. So aren't saltwater I know I'm not Hideki is he's a bases loaded nobody down out of that. And then came in kind of straighten out palm. Was it was. Was in first is in my interviews and fair and belt via Randolph. And those straighten him out when men on first and second and one run game. And I'm going back out there and I that was. That's and he was probably. My outing while at present is no I remember that now it's all coming back for fifth if it. The how do your job do you feel going in the playoff flu bug on the postseason rolled around how did you feel like. He went may be figured out maybe. You were worn down maybe you felt great I don't know how did you feel like going to the playoffs here. Electoral grit that's upgraded from Canada the September was who knows it about him and how some of us with this new. Philosophy or idea how to use my pitches that we just talked about. And after having an excessive that I kind of music of guys. Feel great arm feels good and is out to a playoffs your drones on and everybody's feeling good everybody's. And there is going to be banged up just 162 games. But it up when does not yours yours your comment. You're in the ground when your Jones going in and it's. It's it's fun. Anything new in Fort Myers had played obviously last year the deal way socialist when peaks or emerged. Is there anything and nothing now does that mean the whole town sinners it's crazy off hospitals and a bit put if there's Zacks Beason there. And often it is what is. Sacks visas incredible. It's a fantastic you know but he goes on and off. It's a fantastic. It's ago. Nicer like fast food kind of it's it's it's it's it's a fried chicken the next it blu sushi it is no one knows or it's I don't care it's. Next to in. Total by the the McDonald's and passed the cost of sounds better. Yet we're doing a service for everybody's coming down again I don't care because it's all about me and Howard getting through treatment but it it. Thanks so much now appreciate it will seal a little bit in and now I am going to go now break down film cypress out of you but still it is thanks. Awesome thank you. Picking up on the Matt Barnes. Till the dance this conversation is one of the guys to help work with Matt Barnes in terms of the evolution. Of his stuff last year and and that's prime minister. And Brian thanks for joining us first law. I want to go through sort of how this came about it wears shoes Matt talks about. You did seem doomed advances in just seeing that this is the sort of guy like him I'd be more like disguise it wasn't that. Simple or did you come to him or do how to network. That came into it yet he recognized. How somebody's handle success game re injures his aging. You know look to the body types looked at Arsenal. Power fastball in the big curve ball. And religious. Aren't talking about that idea. And you know for any young guys it's become leaders also evaluate her understanding who you are. What pitches are actually work in the big two overs will force them into a hole. And then decide you know continue to Bush's direction gain confidence and business. Oh so that's the first step of the deal that in this project which I am a bit in making teachers now. What is what was the first step. I think that a similar path and development people. Were pegged the starters coming up. Man it's ID fastball velocity continues to climb piracy. Match for spring training here in 2015. Are climbing out 9456. And you saw last year's it was closer hundreds and it was ninety. Band and realizing you've had a lot inside of him but all the ball. I think both those pitchers realize you know in Max effort style outdated they can over power hitters and that it is continue to refine its except that. So was it was a more mindset or was it more. We have similar pitches so we're gonna prioritize these bitches and they're gonna play up. Was there was there an element of I'm watching how he does things and I'm gonna approach it that way. Even if you have believed velocity. Hitters like you know whether the fastballs and missed astronaut rip regardless of how hard you throw. And yeah UCLA like me you all the throws it over a hundred you know struggled to miss bats dad and ask him all the splitter and a breaking ball. But I think both match. And knowing what they realizes that if I use my breaking ball to set up my fastball that works a lot better than doing it around. Some as fast what is it earlier bat and halftime lead it's that close breaking ball. So you seed but it really push women like steamy earlier in Miller did with the breaking ball. But I think adding Matt picked some of those qualities. And in realized that if I go breaking ball and fastball it's it's better. And more effective combination in a way around it seems weird and it's nice storyline in in very easily packed used by people like myself say you know build and project but there was. A very real improvement and match in terms last month and and was it was for him was is this. Did that help and click in terms of in terms of finding the way that he wanted to go about things and and do you remember when that sort of started clicking for. I side. Meet me years as he had gone through the ups and downs of the first half of the year. Religious the contents where pitching united we call it backwards which is now with his pitch sequencing. Religious feel OK with it I think good tough when you do that radar gun pop but there's big numbers up on the board. Jerry Lewis hitters on backers are getting just geared up at that velocity it went almost any of the tables on them. Man and you're starting off with a occur ball or you know little cutter slider that is so powerful pitch. All of the games on the right up the bat to think about and that really opens up that velocity. And so just just getting that point can be comfortable. Knowing do you fight it behind with a breaking ball early on confident enough in my self. To go back to it in and I just giving with a fastball. So you know doubling up tripling up. Things of that nature. There's there more and strategy is good and you know under the lights of Fenway with the pressure on you later in game. So easy for you gotta do it he really stepped it up you know a lot of maturity commanders game. In the second half. Did did you look at video I mean this seems like desperate talking all bothered to do you look did you look at who stands as studio and was there anybody else it. You did look better compared to. I think with a big body. You know that that's a very comp for him. But Boras has a little higher slot. Both pitches are a little more operate with a fastball and breaking ball. But it does little more sideways sweep to his breaking ball even Tate Nichols slider even though I'd cost curve ball. And so that they do you have variations mechanics it is falls off a little heavier. Towards first base and amount decree that that I was rotations so they do you have nuances. In in how they're different. But I think that overall game plan works for both of them because they have that high ninety's for a week ago way it. You know the ability and ball. Bart Bryant thanks man the only you can tell this stuff but I give up. I can put a name on it but you have this drivers that thanks so much as the bunkers here.

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