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Ep. 53: Glenn Ordway PT 2

Feb 23, 2017|

Kirk and Glenn continue their conversation from last week. In this episode Kirk and Glenn scream at each other about the infamous "station incident", what the news of the merger means to WEEI and the Sports Hub, and Kirk tries to get Glenn to answer what the perfect "Big Show" would be. You will not find a better look behind the scenes of radio.

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Are you heard part one last week climate did. Very well thank you for that lot of great feedback part two is I think I have to admit I was gonna say is last week even better put this was well liked best it is as Steve. We get into it over the instant the stage. Pick up pretty ugly Graham and his thoughts I had my we fought about on the phone a couple of nights after basically just recreate this conversation for you guys almost forgot it. I was really pissed I was really pissed as other good stuff as well this is a good closer to the two harder. With a Glenn normally I think you can enjoy this one enough about me part two gunmen or way. Perfect area you can pick out one more big should do it is to YouTube favorite guests and your whenever you two guys you know site. He shall NET giver who. Iran issue. That's hard decision because you know I know you want an easy answer and your usual but what are your your simple person and I get them put. It depends on what was happening at the time I was so built for what was happening. We come back and more analogy one more than four hours. Yeah I think I think that's very hard to do our club what the (%expletive) and what we. Is she is very hard to do because it's it it to. The show was just to show was built the show wasn't built for. I know you can do it treasures just more talented than anybody else on the planet that you can take whatever is going on in the world that day I hope you've learned something from what I'm I'm trying to pull a rabbit and a with economic Ivins and right and that you put people in the studio leaflet that. You can just make it jive a lot of it had to do with. What was going. That would break a 117. Colston that show I'm sure over the over the over the years. But you know way great chemistry when he said okay. You know there were days were eyewitness emotional there's chemistry was not the greatest thing I would if you get Felder John McCallum in a studio. And you knew that there was some friction there don't get back to the uncomfortable or. That was much better in Washington does look as though they went at numerous driver Tony as a book wartime going perfect you know what. What is so much we don't think we've talked about this year definitely one of those guys. Having guy and Jerry for schori is I don't know the guys who were consortium work with them for the little bit. Dale I don't think is like this is important I think almost essential. To have to do week wanna do. To their mother (%expletive) each other and really be mad in the light of the segment and in the right Microsoft and it's okay. What don't you do that with friends were set up position around you carpet guys I'm guessing that's not just policy arm for shorten our show honesty assault this you know Dan if you wanted to those guys they can deal it output eat all I can the most sensitive guy I've known. All over the years you still pissed off about the show and the and the problems she knew. The problem shank. You know Monica was that. Athletes were doing that Larry Bird was doing that to shank cut you know McHale our sketches. Natchez Bergen would you throw on nick name's Ian throw stuff for other people. You've got to be able to accept I think you've got to have fixed it in this business you know they're gonna rip you apart you anytime you make an opinion on the radio. A lot of people ligaments that it's your complete castles that are stupid your. All it is is they have a different opinion that you. But there at the genius and you're the council right so just have to accept. If you don't you don't make it as I Jerry's great actors directors want to go learn some tools to him as a corrupt Egyptian I can. I can see Andy's heard some things have to carry over the years he'd literally we've been met each other wants one in four years. And that's it means to its targets of which you did indeed you were successful talk you know it's soft I'm subdue it known on I think there was somebody somebody else and I don't think in Miramar lay up I Florida public and editorialists and it would. As you are you gonna have little those. I was trying to get them on how we succumb to them on the shores is among the team that you might that you definitely aids is still blocked them to order a bought on Twitter and took seats that supports the likelihood do you think of it is well a badge of honor not a journalist has the most comfortable people hate me. Really necessarily true but it's not like it's up in the world would get the shot he eats. Like this that he's no impact immediately so I go to Comcast it's a couple for twellman to be applicant wanna take. I can charge a lot lasting shrink and really couldn't go ahead please real proof that. I think it. Your attitude in your approach to radio is the perfect okay you don't give a (%expletive) You're gonna go when you're gonna say and you know that there will be ramifications Sox and fun doughnut you know but I also think. This is a a heart somewhere and a little skinny for maybe yours that you get a little sensitive when you get outside the hallways on. She's pissed them off and I did what I had to do for my job for the shell to always think and radio if you go to approach this and you're gonna. Latch onto a show when you're gonna have your name attached to it's everything must be for that show to the point where you can't worry about feelings and everything else but I don't think. And I have some of that as well also it's a kind of a joint pain we have. When you get home we feel. Sometimes it but they don't have to some adult you're right but it would just as you wish him well that's just human nature I mean you know but you're right about this it is funny. I didn't I didn't care any less nine months ago or a year ago. But it it is a weird thing when your name is actually in the show why then does that mean I was just vault shows you're you're right now I mean. But I don't know what changes too much for what what that is being fueled territorial. If somebody just becomes a duplicate gradually. Makes. I think you get you know you. You you'd get a competitive juices flowing when. You hear people say you know in our kind of division I record the that I mean you guys doing great right now and the latest weekly you guys are number 1 morning dropped so right and and the funny thing is that it. People in this marketplace don't understand how the ratings were critics don't understand how the ratings work. Real we are really become a dominant radio station from 35 to sixty force it to win it 25 to 54. Is really Celtic is the other station got a two year lift over us. I say Oscars I was shortly after that led on offense and he can go back to the globe. When that whole thing happened when. We made the switch over effort of the globe is writing pieces about. 81% of people listen so lead FM 90% of the population has never listen to AM radio station what's your take in nineteen presented. I don't think the state. You know so I think I'd agree that's a state 12 unranked teams that other web but not even close what's the state due. The money is spent for the Red Sox I think probably was a little too much. The time it was a a must do because they were so hot so popular this ten year deal by the end of that contract. You'll pay for more than most baseball teams were playing for the rights fees for television across the Major League Baseball. But I think there's no number two behind. Number one while people say enemy. And felt more open door. They had an opportunity probably to hold on to another and they again. The cheapened out. They really throw low ball offer at soccer because we wanna tell I wanna felt. You know I did I thought Felder was one of the best guys rolled a net on match up on the he was going to be kind of the the feeling guy but I think it would have been a perfect thing for Michael Christie went off to the hinterlands and a small AM station nobody has listened to but he is Smart he went over there. To learn his craft a shoulder for you need to certainly to the I'm gonna learn my craft and hopefully I can go back and do what you. And you know using aggressive go getter Smart knew what he was doing. And then an opportunity to hold onto when they brought back for WE I remember right to work. Yes and if you had done stuff at the bit of a little bit more money and he was doing so weakens that they were found out pretty quickly. He can replace him but who knows maybe you replaced me he committed and who knows write a column. So able to Obama as it were were were wrap up here so you and I obvious yet. Forward close friends are pretty different from last few years when you say minus the sex I would say yeah we I mean I would say you do academy is your best friend I would say that's probably an. Overestimate of of what you were put. No I actually miss not you know I document you miss the the fact that Steve defect it's a comfortable now a little bit somewhat comfortable though it is a little bit for you who was for a while it's not a comfortable the first few months it was because I'll argue this point is Annika was right. In the day that I tried to be a friend. And ever and won't and that's I talked up its answering I answer everything for what else do you want one economic things and a lot of outsourcing commodity today I'm saying. But for the first few months after the incident it was obviously ice now I felt I'd I would say that's IA. I I didn't lose any respect for you I thought that. You would doing what you had to do. To kind of protect your show and you light battles doing why don't you what do you like deporting me doing want to protect national. You'll creating a battle between the morning drive and and that's right don't you created between morning drive and have to contract price which you don't what did you do. Yes that was a bit crude hit right I think that's what we and so you you were finally admitted you've copied everything that I've done in my career might never another voice over the fact I mean I can't you know bring join most actively and stabs back. Short of that. Helpfully brought (%expletive) me. Eric you with that we at least that we ran for. For five that fact as a matter fact yet not one of those birthday greetings was to Berkman you that is true while yes did you play it over the last couple months when you mysteries over records of EJ. I'll stop pop now as there was. We at five different scripts and yours was one of five. Ricky wanna because we changed them after what did you like. I Johnny Bosnia I liked them he was very unique. And he wins he wins the mold is broken and the you don't want. Legal literally he got a shtick and abuse that word again like you and it was so good because it was Peter. It was a good guys against the bad guys like cats and cats at. But we're brought New York. New York yeah you grow up in a Brooklyn ticker brought Marty Glickman kinda got him into the business oh yes hearing and but he was he was a fascinating guy but insecure you talk about the most insecure guy. I had ever worked with when I first came aboard I came aboard because. He was having people feel in every year to play asked is it loses voice voice very and so he had diamond drill field then his Bobble bill filling in. Suffice when they came over. Two RKL. They had mark weitzman who was to a game of former play every school teacher couldn't do the road it's. Right and it's got to Italy yes and later on became a scout and what weitzman did as kids do play by play. On a road trip one time and it was a complete disaster because unfortunately Rick wasn't afraid to play Bubba were you at this I don't college play by play don't want to play by play so I was trained they do I could do play by play over job. I was out of the Bruins gave it to the Bruins took a lot of people don't know I was a hockey god church and I was hired as a hockey guy was a little. Such a bonafide Soka legal credibility MS writing here. He hated darkness he hated hockey until. It worked for him 98 which files and suddenly he became from now talk hockey and out of a pair of hockey person he became that guy and he hated it when we talked about the picture you take uterine brightest up talks outside to bring them more likely to have a hidden tape somewhere in which probably bring out would you also UB one upon her at that I heard that the tape is available somebody has told me the tape is film still would've been paid for paid a play on your show. Yet on your focused on trying to clear so so would affect us so these are record most of what year. I with a first year right that it was 81. So him I was a year after the championship if only what they did was they put me on the beat I'd jotted music the had retired they found a job Johnny basic which was my job in the radio with a really had no problem with actors I can understand this law requires. It makes sense if I don't treat marriage not the Bruins Celtics yes so Celtics the next year yet. They were going from being easy to our tail race I was hired by RK OOK. And so. They Johnny most gets sick at first year that championship here at eighty NC yeah. And they get sick the next year so midway in that season. In the ED. 182 seated across the sixers ya right they'd put me on the on of the and they had me do the games with John. It was so when security was afraid this is the young were pushed average gonna take is Gary again and soul in Elway and it was rough at the beginning. Get a shot in the office stuff like that one night pharmacy you know weren't road said it's a toolbar at skilled. Drink and trying to have this thing out and you head out and I finally said to listen to put the honest because for the first time. The duo pregame shows and post game shows us all these drops this is all new ship now that they were doing the old days it used to be just play by play. An individual's Johnny and save your. State your critics in your career. I'm not trying to get your job I'd be a fool as these young guys to try to push you out and get your job because. People would hate me that it's OUR. And a and and we suddenly were four. And suddenly your allergies ever more years we did yeah we did seven years together waited seven years after him but. He he was still working. Partially would bring him in in the fourth quarter usually gives real sick and lost. Nobles when rooms and in the it was really it was real sesame and let me read from via via via that it was in it and it was really really set but he was insecure he never. You never do these guys to fights try to get an extra dollar negotiation whatever they gave him. He would say he was always fearful we have Doug Brown numbered around and George he has it he came on the general feeling and do some games with us. Johnny never spoken and I don't think Johnny's Erica overseas and Doug and Doug might have done fifteen games Jesus and he wouldn't talk of who's very insecure. But again decent ball well I play thinking is different animal they're super insecure people mature what that's about. With a different crowd and I think they think. The cougar placing second. Mean there's a reason why Vince Scully nine years old baseball games and it's just it's not your current editor leaves your Grammy camp for sure Johnny most and healthy and don't want to actually father lived to leave Indy theory yeah. Johnny died at 69. But this is perception out there stab in the back. What do you know if the great Johnny most he's their 37 years right suddenly he's at hates it but health stabbed in the back I don't I don't know but perception is that you'd. But I the running Joseph but I would say this and Angel FitzGerald wrote an article one time really pissed me off to Boston now it's Joseph just thanks you know he's mr. cleaver and mr. road beepers yeah there's always call right out in a month and Andy was totally wrong. Andy was saying that. And I was portion Johnny. I was pushing Johnny in the week torture cat and I felt bad for what was going on when they really did it. Now you know it's a different error broadcasting's I looked at the broadcasting much different indeed. I'm I had. Had just try to phrase. Because he would never stop it Johnny would show up he studied in that trip to the international games to if you hedged. Hovered over which had a good. Johnny would show up at the at the at the garden. There were nights she didn't even realize was playing in the game but I tell you. You he had the formula it is and know the ninth guys in the distance yes Eddie would have the formula built up and it's. So he watched the guys to get out of the court it's an out there up with a in in fifteen minutes he's looking out the. Baghdad Baghdad that's all I am he would go short in the he would it is. Which it is I hate that that guy like the way he looks I would I would pick on him though right. He would have the formula Gerry Callahan stories the first time you ever met them in the 84 playoffs now. He in my answers to all of them jobs in the next room to Johnny's hearings mockery. Mark and he said and here you hear pornography. From the next room Johnny's room blasting the whole weekend of them by great remembrances of Johnny's. Checking out. The hotel where and they're charging you for like respect of these movies rate of they'll special event and Johnny would yell. About it too as you could hear seltzer talked really would scream at the clerk and the other and the players. Should. DJ in general of the huddled up and parish would go over to the woman on the other says accounts like could you tell me what movie that was I'll tell you what he watched it and not. And then they could obviously tie the movies but Johnny was in two. Does it visit bought the U all the majors later equally noble now Sonoma then. I knew about it with Wii Sports people with different and and much it would. Don't advertise that's what he talked about it media didn't talk about it if it happened. It was something that was swept under the rug it's different. World now we heard about it or seen shortly after that. Trip was the Marriott out at the airport which the state it's an hour. And it happened we I remember hearing about it. Shortly. It no no no definitely not art pack two were before so why were you saying you're saying something about me I've heart forget I said that I said I think sometimes. Usual job of presenting radio that's what you're supposed to do urine and entertain. You know how what's the temperature even though you can even though you struck out all the time I'll do. I've I've everybody or everybody's hopping. Everybody's career is picking up a little bit of everything a little bit more like. Audi Jon east a little bit of questions so you've done. Okay that was done rook for me John or Dave and I hear the word comes through every once and a while this hurt that a yes or. So Alec yeah so which report also so a lot of heart she does it you can't. Obviously there's it's a few months ago. You know for yes Fauria and we played. The some sound on year. Which I didn't realize it but those live on to something wrong time so what. Did you stop what you would you at least admit this at least admit this. If you guys today to us. I really wouldn't stop. I would say oh okay you know remote pocket for. Agilent here and bitch about I would not. Have people under the community and so so I'll tell you start out you get a Grammy that okay agreed to some I. I that you would've found a way of sticking it to watch some hidden microphone in the O question do you would do something that that journalistic that is those anticipated got some adjustment away we we didn't play it to market to break that record we've vPro. I think that I think should agree with Christians it different when it comes to the stuffy. Obviously. Is on the radio has you know we've developed in radio but he wasn't radio professional so please look in like again athlete. And it won't try and help people look at you have a different approach to these ex athlete who's who's you know moved into a new career. I think he was sensitive. A lot more sensitive to. And as I told you on the phone that night which is led to. You being pissed at me and I was at to a view that meet you you would knock it on and do you view I think I was I think I was in that not only okay. Because adding insurance bill that has occurred only panel on how you want you to call you call these habit to distinguish you can tell me how to do things like this is you know why should yet she didn't quite upbeat I'll let you interpret all anybody that's been on the planet won't and you knows more than you know when it's and they try to electoral dog and I don't enjoy it more you know what don't you just this victory his second trip you have like this economic. As a child I need to hear that then that's okay that's what a half that your facts let me give you want your facts you like that yeah okay I alternative you said to me. You know why do you think it was hit I said to you I don't blame you for being. A little upset. That Fauria kind of got pissed off and he's a bigger guy than you and I know you're a little you know wimp and that he you know but I said Hugh. I didn't see any contact use it to our it was cut I said that might have been and Kirk but I did not seat. Any knowledge would be so that none that's right I'm right I'm Matt was you said that. I was like going after 42 attacking him I was in the physically you know here's what exit which the only way to separate section it's (%expletive) insane. And I said to you said I think first oval that I think the thing could've been corrected we could've got involved in. Being the bridge year the liaison get. You what do you what to stop its sources. I would think it's that that's that's that's it would work environments to teach you what sort of we know we're we're mail man here we can handle it I think correct all of us get a little analysts but here's your email here. Handle in the student and here's why don't you brought him here's our secure wrong cause this is word escalated more for you eight. Kind of leaked it you have violated prepared to get to management mean it was standing between two of the program. Yes well yeah I don't know again the title and Robby Ameen is not new this is what happens. OK but it's kind of a little. You chic thing to do and human. In the workplace again to a talk on the air engage you know fire back that's going to do OK so that's a no brainer to. OK but he he was. He was originally it was going to be a choice at that your again at church or potential candidates I I know I know him. And I just don't think he could I think he was playing the tough guy. I'm bigger than you a public chest out here I in the usual and I told him he was wrong protect our job my job this is Joseph I tell him where my god I told you I was thinking in the hallway during counsels be picking always point up guys like me. If you took your perceptive guy you play don't you you coming all I want to this as it does it doesn't matter a gap but here's where here's where I thought you were wrong in his where did you go. So I said to you pick the thing was was to the point where we are separating. Each other and I think it was gonna be just fine and then what you did as you said a human like you your wife is set to forty. No no that's that is that is due beacon beavis and here -- salute to you that is a misquote I did not say at all what is Shaq I did not say that at all I've heard it's I just say that you mega hit to a future wife that is absolutely not he's sad are you going to hit me like you can you'll never said that the reason I I know I didn't say that for -- -- -- at four in the hallway after is during the re right story. We had people call and somebody called and said welcome he has a lot of Christian for the coming your station. When he had his wife like Ray Rice it's his wife I was one Ayers of whoa whoa whoa whoa hold on that is absolutely not happen now with the whole story you know. You. Don't know about I've read I'm not I'm not going to budget your your quote is wrong I said to him was. Something about cheese whenever recently about newspaper with you domestic violence involves a woman is set. Okay and a bit OK okay all right but I don't but that's which says we both we both. Oakland our memories which severance and nobody there but let me be clear because it was a baucus Fauria. To be eight forays God's idea when he meets mine that's okay it's the way it's going to be a ball off. That is four A never did that never happened I think actually quite the opposite. And I think we see headlines like that it's should anything do you remember. When it happened to her right they defended. A positive to me on the phone we have the conversation on the phone that's like I am I gonna catch on or illicit. But that's a shady things because you can ask for I talked him always and that's absolutely. Poll like I never said analysts say that was at the end it was Saddam's of the enemy situation where. He referenced forty different things to me and Agassi did other things so what kicked off this this in action okay. Well I I I heard differently than you but I attribute this to you guys again can you get what you but. I'm not can sign up to him I'm not sucking up I mean I'm. And I wasn't at that and that's what you did. You thought I think it aside and said I'm not a Christian so I heard doctor Christian about this increased it was wrong for what he did but you're also argues that you were wrong. That's ridiculous and I think I was on the audible they said to me when I had a more than right now I brought epic quote to use that night you didn't disputed that not all that's actually pick out there were other people there and there were other people involved they would they will I hope but I do remember that swimming event is articulate people I said the quote that (%expletive) I never said I think I I think Christian group that. But as a publisher does what that is not true but it's absolutely but I do remember him but actually I do remember that when I said it's yours won't go there you know the story about him what was it that there is that it wasn't what you just say all refers using a few shed some refrigerated beach thirty times or forty times. It's a point just need to get a flight path aggrieved and I said I'm like axle and I think you're right as a collective NYC and in fighting back no I'd. No I didn't have a problem with you. Dealing with what you were dealing with and you calling him names back. I thought that was a low blow in eternity is that guy who went to our audience is said to me I know industry benefit you to only you defended him on the radio it was actually a nice step up and I said I remember you saying that exact you never said to me that said the foreign news is that because I would have never ever ever sent him as it's true that's pulling for the wasn't taking this size before I got to of course you subsidizing those guys which I'm don't I'm human you know on the short. Should emulate you may I interest what you mean I would pledges to meet the wireless edition Norton. Every day there's no no no I don't you know it works better for you. Doesn't it does it works better for you if you can justify that that or white took the side of the other two guys for the it'll put him every day but again this year I did you were honest in a phone conversation. And I should you at the end of the conversation I love you. You said I love you back and and we ago. I'm a much different evidently remember stuff yeah I believe ever that you love Jerry knew about that well he doesn't people are doing. But you didn't want this year. Any of that stuff I was emotional. Period of time. My thing is my thing is leaders never you reason ever ever. In less ice at a before in the necessity for a pizza is what for the beats his wife which we (%expletive) he said and the air. Prices and kids. Amendment and beat the (%expletive) that's fine let me write that book absolutely absolutely I would never deviate or Munich obviously from the some of these white for other than a bit like mutt who I'm friends with -- Jerry don't do that the people you don't order a relation but that's different we know we understand the ground about screwing produces what we did happen at such win week what we did was. We played some sound that your producer. Outplayed. Did your home producer eight. Which we had a sandwich for you tickets and off for sure sure this is working on your show or indoor that there was you're gonna ownership. Market but I do your show are absolutely right but it's like honestly I was them all. On top of my primary and the boss a baby so we toppled but I know (%expletive) and member of a number but my point is Oakland beat you and I would Ike. According to pointed bombing probably remember doing so I just like that all the time with your ego that's what it anyway you publish what you look my point it works for young like they have personnel and it works by showing is when you do that. Your reaction can't beat that some (%expletive) hallway in altercation you walk in the studio don't talk to me ever again occupation and talk to me and said. I said that for you did the right thing to fork in a source North Korea did the first thing for you did when he came back in like ten minutes later in the studio we were to break. He apologized to both of essence I was wrong. He do it right up to you for. What did you do you chip orders and you for apologizing as he was making. An incident. Something that should not have been it's an what you does that all mean it was a big deal this. Well the yeah are continuing to assist those who are hovering over Jerry mannered to ask you because we're having a private numbers. It's eleven a private conversation right that you're not supposed to be privy to in my tribe the Mike Hsu wrong. You were my go to our player Doherty are getting the Mike Brown Mike I'm gonna remembered. So if you have a conversation privately. Okay right would Gerri yes he ripping Phil's accurate yes you're ripping Joey yes or you're ripping Dino while you know it's a little bit is we got already got that tape absolutely he's often are absolutely not. Not supposed to be on you know which is illegal by the late easily all on Massachusetts rolling your eyes and it's and it's it's dealing taped and honesty that you can't you cannot. No in Kirk's world Bachmann lawyers got old bugs him attorneys at least a coincidence that it paid for. So if I do that. Do you chew wood peat. Sure won't your your it's your right your beat this and Joey hand when you jump out of your way to handle the ball on the air and off the call him what you hear what. No you be screaming in all week on the every payment of not terribly sorry call me every I really I just repeat every day you call it. I think that was believable. All the oval with Ukraine over I don't buy just about what you guys did distinction point of fundamentally sound itself the tick people off the the region and force. What's a space. For told me she. Gimmicks and when it's got that lawyer you hide your father I forget repaid if you remember the mileage that's. I know what sort cock person sausage were in here in a podcasts and they were talking before and enjoy played it for blue and in Indy and fourth annual. For but they were to punish them they take those guys before. You know they were being tame response rate and podcast they were laughing fortunate enough for what's amazing video or their show is he shows doing great to me. What's amazing is like you know it's always our fault the majorities are full tank weighs our fault this thing was our fault. It. Seat pitch well you're sensitive little absolutely I call you OK and I thought it added that Michael might or listen to them. I'm not saying it was all your fault I think it was the fault of both Christian Fauria and Kirk pupils. And it. And you didn't wanna hear that that night what you wanted me to do is kiss your grass on the phone as a Turkey were were not supported and well is that a reasonable and and a mentor to some point knobs clips that he won that Portland my point clips I'm clips that's what I'm usually there is a fine job and if the number one and it into single rating to a data about single reading about to be okay. Your ball to. My psychic my second book as the host of the show in Boston pop that you've been the third wheel for the longest time blood pushing Giles the bachelor the whole point oh you're great. And don't attributed won a few of these rating outlook and he got to talk when yeah announcement target from the sandwich for lunch you guys are great alternative fuel class. But if somebody like answer to be a pretty damn good friend. I learned a little about your waist nabbing all that themselves I heard this this is your only win over from the people. Listen I am innocent people that makes parents and you don't have unified that was something with some people of yet. And some people of distance and use Anderson you did over the years must have been out there does about actually that many people it's not edgy about their politics friend. You know it does but it didn't do that night that ninety intelligent. Four it was wrong or anecdote you that you were wrong it's arguable wrong and you don't wanna except the two people could be wrong in a confrontation. The did not need to happen for you was wrong with all those details I mean. I can embark on the weekends. That was apocalyptic teaming slow. Import demand he's embarked in a weekend. Christian cares about the show right now at least you know when he he went a little anybody and finally Paul as you know we island applied great horse and by the way welcome. Thanks watcher and that object model that was played history like. M by the way I was W dot com yesterday maverick of the most popular audio. It's usually for five bars and one of some tough number one was for you Paul flight number he was the wireline off that so why why why is it your business. The management people and in and I know what management people are salespeople and all but fortunately the program meet people. Stop the program director and they never get to the management position actually running a station. Because I understand sales is a valuable tool you gotta be able to make money and they're wonderful people but you also need to get ratings to be able actually make money. Would that you better have the best sales a weasels in the world because they've been extract something with a tight club like from any of experiences is I do a lot of reads now obviously. You know some might say I've Russell my soul can be reached at yeah. No particular. But I have heard from people in this building them difficult to sell. Maybe I don't. I've been the ratings because of the controversial when you've grooming media away that's true maybe that maybe the way that it's been presented to I would look at it the other way and say. Okay he he's volatile he's off the edge and you got to worry about Woody's going to say at any given point. He's getting ratings so there's an audience there's so it's my job is to bring. Eight client to an audience. You know many hand and and Callahan or or are doing but I wanna get back to the point you're bringing about internal stuff. I know that management heats internal stuff they eat when you talk about them. I think the audience loves absolutely love to everybody everybody everybody's what are they do work they bitch about the boss co workers accepted and loved to hear that they want to get behind the curtain. Why did the best thing they could duplicate of a split it in in stereo whatever. During the breaks with the commercials of the left geography and right that's what it was always apply for a I think is that the that's why did you talk it out just. Should be FaceBook liking the shell and it's our thickest on to a particular way the markets right do some reason but during the commercials yet willing media about the Super Bowl. Well it occurs to go to campus for four seconds in Houston that's bibles he of course it's not quite I lost that you and I hadn't over under through what is your thoughts will let you go and you're taking some indication. Money and doing it on a Super Bowl but one of them Bermuda you know I'm due. By doing your quick hits this mobile you can do that some. Yes geez Jay Miron to carry considerable knowledge and senior demo. They did a few negated I think I don't know who what when and that as a Dixie avenue walk in just Paulson. That we think about it loans in Houston the purple lights on me sheets Jesus Christ to buy into the super knowledge right now I think you're gonna do that someday is itself. It's a great. It's an expert integrated it was the greatest weekend. We an unbelievable time like it wanted to lead in the third quarter. Children's goto additions to Houston though it's. Spreading Indianapolis next year what is your current thought. The state of the station. Medium station in seed and Irvin talked about (%expletive) bomb in Houston merger hammered. I'm a bit through a lot of these things over the years it worked for CBS Radio One time before as they everybody eats everybody else up. I. Mean we know what it is it's CBS was disappointed. In this and what was happening in the performance of CBS radio and sports don't get me wrong the whole operation under 24 stations whenever. The trouble selling it to the stockholders of the gonna spin off an IPO suddenly David fuel comes. It gives them and the inspiration that he comes up with this horse along the way of getting around paying taxes for. And then CBS stockholders can continue to own 72% of and all that's what it does for what is a lot of fun that's for you where did you know leverage. Zero that's so when you're out of its 10. Inherent element I mean I am doing OK it's OK okay. I'm glad you don't. Showing it way how to guide station okay so you guys paid the station that you think you don't know I've seen now. On seem small so you haven't yet humanoid. Should you should arteries and should we equal all sellers and got out of that what you sell show. That it will be until they started or sports which can happen I think that's what I mean that it cumulus will do that if they get hold of a couple of these stations that may be. Because we gonna have to get rid of couples reasonably ask might there is John Henry. Steve or stations. The Red Sox. And it's at the Red Sox are tied in an account right now and Annika what are they gonna do you know and you think they can make their money soon airwaves and iris such ample time to appreciate them all straight and flags all red us are glad. I but I think my Y one why would you and I keep on here in this thrown out there and I know Jeff and liked that line ups in the Soviet I think it was and Joseph the issue of the so. You own 28%. The man in the marketplace. If you unload one of these two stations. Do you really believe that that one station is gonna in her 20% or else that's the other station that they maintain the same format or go to take bigger. 14% away from the it's a what ends up happening is. You you you don't do that Russia controlling billing right now the two billing. Stations of the market of the Department of Justice that's the question it and say it's a monopoly and a guy actually where I hate and some structural wilder. And actually tropical trump will be enhanced we try to change the FC yeah right now in the DOJ to these as I am in the biz. Stuff. Figure figure out what 27% 31% helped him politically its first off crafty well I actually don't Michael Wilbon I do feel like the fight is over. A little. Where if we do thirteen need to whenever you guys do and they do and never. Worker. But in nineteen from the management I'm looking at and I'm look at the the distillery like it was two weeks ago to me you know now and we all hugged and we had. Bertrand and I had trouble getting strap an arms around somebody's that you national take a picture of him to talk. No not use. It. Right so we threw only at times in my judgment. I don't right now if you look at the the ratings. We're getting in the in the demographic group the U one of males. We're getting operate in 35 plus and they are dominating. Those stories and so. You're able to in the were different sponsors that silt of the torn himself beautiful teacher. People are different places that fourteen is the perfect business comp. With two stations I agree with you I think it's except where some of the fight is now. When you (%expletive) all over Mazur somebody over there everybody elections. You're around bill can you know it really serious. And it takes away leverage when you go for your big contract. Which try to get your seven figures you know these are sweetheart did those days are over. What did you get your sweetheart deal of a 1101000. Dollars cross yeah. Because you're gonna go and editors eagle there 2000 Arthur Padilla was the first Asian could be ESP list. If I was gonna go over to the new Barbie station to asthma the temperature on the national there you would be natural that you would do with it would be per game and now. Listen a lot of that station it's really built like old white guys like me. Yeah I don't think it's built I voter at all his I grew up for Motown and loved that rock love rock of love boats out right now analysts that stuff all the other than John Legend they're playing everything like that these neat yeah I'd love and true that's what you think the station right now. I think a lot of strides and I think bringing dale back in bringing myself back is probably had a big impact. I think some guy in a morning that coupled up with Jerry Kelly might have a small impact a little bit mine in the success of it. I think it's a lot better and I think it I think. That whole experiment of going out of town they're bringing guys in and taking veteran. Broadcasters I'm seeing a veteran broadcasters. Can't be tweaked and you can't tweak with the people go younger with the people around. But just a stroll out. A just and take worked and he failed miserably out of you know they lost millions of dollars doing it. And it it I don't sit here gloating because it didn't help me. And her way either an insulator prefer I don't station was due to time. Actually fun and meet a couple of breaks and managed to get through what do you think of your show now verses say to over fourteen months. I think we've made tremendous strides Yorkshire minister. Welcome and welcome for you and I I like working with ex jocks as you can. You can play with a little bit Egan and never disagreed rise in Lou I think is developed. About. Nasty side tool right now that I think is good to know at all the time from coming up we you know what happens a lot against him nasty. There's some Republicans of the greatest sports talk show host and American he has a nasty streak but it the image she presents out to the public is it's one of the everybody's for an Jon Gruden. A relatively well like you you've dealt enough guys you know like. Usually the guys who. Our allegedly hassles are nice guys to professional mice usually. You know I mean accurate even hassles that cynical like dale is hassle the O is a simple as dark side all means real public view. I. Smoky dark and I assume that's. I would love to see because of the deal could do it on details no questions. And I think you know we certainly runs a really good show. There's a knack to. Two to some of those but there's guys in the day before he's come a long way is right when I was listening to and we start he's really goofy and you really know that much about football that watch list pre season games and he beat the best guy of those patriot sprees well again it's. We're not talking great competition OK you've written match at a marina now he's going to do Roche. I might not work off Kostis in 1988. But putting your your personal feelings aside would you say that in the fourteen months he's improved dramatically now. You don't think he's improved at all no real you know. It of professional you can't myself aside assure yourself yes no okay. Altered its theaters celebrate your race where it's now it's five. It's an additional more than me on the you do you're good about your promo as you were nice enough to do the open to the white like I wanted to take off from an epidemic decide to lob or you guys you're gonna play a power. Think about putt for a while. There were no you know lead into the show and Promos and the class seeker and hand should the Promos for scrap scrap of notice for a few months on the air they're not running those Promos race one. The problems are awful. Hogan is that it was almost a don't you think though that. They worry too much about. Promos Claus stuff like that what I mean. Joey I think Joe's academic yet good guy and he has just talking to ease of ease and I'm thrilled we got the job right now me when. But without me when of the jaw I was pushing to why you think I actually I felt like these guys some important. And coming that you were virtually the clock stuff and I'm really pisses. Mars without with the top of Auburn university and I can't read. You know I mean. And he's right he says you know get hit point 54050. And I think well from a listener that means I know exactly when we're going to be commercial too. You know I mean it's so unpredictable how much we get a little crazy like uncomfortable like. Unpredictable. I think there's got to be some semblance of the Clark you can't beat twenty minutes late I understand that a few minutes late. I think it but I mean that's kind of what the same thing admits that it's sort of what these guys guess what to tell but they Joey. You know Joseph he's a guy who management sausage and Kirstie Joey played Julie was is dirty players and supporters of gossip dimension. But it is fun to see happen a little bit when you going out our office and you put that picture that tie. That's stuff is so cool gadget on the whole what you're dealing with me right ridiculous Italy's they're concerned about when their commercials are going to be here. He's playing a totally different rules different era right now if you can't do that but. I think that he's learned an awful lot about programming because he was in the trenches mode so I think that's that's a a plus for all of us California be doing this. The spark us right now I have to adapt to routes where coloring your do what. I don't mean like what we don't do I do when I do with another problem of finally doing something just like everybody tries to push everybody on those like does that does that title if I can stay healthy and I'm pretty healthy right now. And I really wanna do. As long as somebody will have me I'm probably going to do I have no expiration date is and they are an amateur. 66. Days old fossil on just 76. Audit reports at least seven of them might. What a problem I'm gonna do some other things and like I will never reply but she did. Market sponsor stuff. All of involved in some businesses right now that that I don't Politico shooting it's he's been. Calgary is they under rated orbit for refreshingly old realist I got I got himself go at it the stuff I wanted. Did you retire what would you do what Jerry always companies like your full Chicago's Henry tower fifty your full she's like this your wife says you're right he's right. It's or even know yourself it's hard to get away if you know you can get away from the shrinkage actually sit down and listen to yourself. You tore your right it is hard to much of what did you I don't feel your pain that drove you crazy normal people that retire. In the Enron did they do it's true I gotta get something going on appear between the years to when he put up when you were what was the biggest stories you missed. The members of a personal letter on the as we talked about it right Lemerre thump on the atlas. And they pulled it wasn't always fall but he pulled salt now. How they did any of the measured how we only part I don't think they are ever ever poems. And all that we were through 9/11 we did two weeks and here we've done all of that stuff that's always a treat our guys were able to handle a Jerry or dramas did you talk host that stuff like that Dayton we came in three during that frighten creed Friday. John was good that. You know we can host that sort of stuff and and do stuff that's great can we give up little papers said something nice but the you know. Senate that the Buick dealers greatest quality was honestly it needs an underrated quote sure as to bash that pressures catcher is he would silly joke for. You know he would (%expletive) happens you hate each would talk you tell a joke on the great one with a solution. That's guy that is that I don't enter in a room laughter it's nice if it's so we did that the you know he age and now who's still laughing at you and yours witnessing the error and left it with our analysts say the meat. To see them on the year I think you probably can understand finalists I can feel by. But there are times we would be laughing and joking on here legitimately have a good time. And the light would go off and he can just six months. Yeah we have big fight over something but it was one of those things were forty other things just on the you know pit fight back I thought okay. We had a big fight now we can figure this stuff but that was when we never spoke Dan ever off the other and you know so when he left and never had a conversation with a credit to buy it sorry didn't work that no we came into the Jimmy ominous for a couple of days and she never talked about super easy that was. A bull I mean it was I was I would doubling. The park and Doug was talking for about two and half three hours when when John roll and and walked up to me for the way it turned Don they dug in kept walking spread from Japan and given them goes. So what will you do with Florida next week when you know comes up too little. Card table is she doing little broadcast. And locks up Q and as you might see some Jerry says that he would you say you think. So there's this perception that you that you injured on. Here I mean it's it's the same exact relationship I say I know. All of the right is what you preach to whichever weather you. But we both John and I want to on the come on for us to but the problem is. John you will you be honest with what I will be John is sort of in this old traditional brightly he's not gonna do. He's just not divisions they have these interview on us. Right yes. Mean you've complicate your sense that they did when he was saying that it was was resume. You know I was happy just to get up so why do you assume earlier in this conversation he said. It was it was altered its I don't know and a hole and you're 76. People that are that John Jamaica right now. Great great yours agree on the radio forty years an apartment. I just had difficulty with the right at the age he was TV guide he came in here if you wanted to raise the ball yet doesn't work reuse the bar to shop mark right that was that was the real whoever ward about politicians like that are. Odd no word about. The sports that when he came money that's (%expletive) by the way that. You know one of our management people actually count came out and said no they're not a competition for a well we are feeling that image was wasn't saying that behind closed doors. If you're looking at an FM station and we're stuck on 8:50 AM and now that was not the feeling internally. And it's been perceived that way the that was not accurate. Yeah. Nobody can mean in in my heart surgery to relieve that they were pretty good start and a format that's the real this is the real tournament and you tell me to enjoy the temperatures factor obviously. Well that you revived his career in the destroyed. Deletes your view do you. Her problem with us playing penguins completely like Lou didn't mean no I don't like it I can understand that powers are to. A prop salute you secure your hero of sports is so you have checked. Checkbox what you Jericho if I freaked out just like Ohio it would start date. Yes it. And the thing with anyway I can and most importantly would be passed multiple ways. Why thought it was pretty crazy because he told me and they know we told you that day it was the best. Avery always or something like that segment before he taught me the previous week before that how much he was enjoying the show here's hoping that he can do more I think honestly it turn out as much as I like Aaron which is to show this week. For me and you might disagree that this is the system's the best way I mean it's the best way to do I told you that right from the get when you were talking to me you wouldn't listen listen. You and Jerry. Into the show because the one thing you have not talked to weapons program. They actually sat all three of us down and they don't want to one image of the right which you two guys which I have to and I'll tell you this talent show you you have to use of the fine. I think and hard for me do shall we if you injure. I do I I dominant personality and I am one as well so I think like in the we hear like YouTube and a guy like you when the show is fired you become an ambulance to. He'd flash market with Hewitt so if handlers apparently could flash is activated. I agree with you that we're all three alpha crowd we have fun together and yes we did the shows that we did it again for creme. You know when we've been Jerry and I did. The NATO began it's easy to back in the first you do. Yes there was no question that you guys work I will say this bulls Zachary. Don't from the first weeks he was here which I get back as I was offered there was a Grammy issue Terry Graham and I think it was corporate. I think it was a feeling it was we secret I don't think I. I think it's very difficult when you make a move and it doesn't work to Guam and admit. That you screwed up it's easier sometimes to just move along and hope that you he did a much shows us where Dino is I'm rehab and Graeme knew nothing about it. Remembered I did when show boy came in and agreements (%expletive) he called out at any point I mean yeah it was solution because I pistols acrid column he committed to the show right. And they didn't even tell the program so that program that was a good guy to guy like Kevin is a god that guy again got Benedict over about yeah I felt actors I say that I. In the heat so we got off to a bad start as he thought guys wanna be OK you're fine he was good. We thought we almost did that show together because they wanted the three of us to do I haven't heard a tape review and blue encryption talked about. That's right so I heard that was off the record and now my telephone there is some paperwork that will be showing that you want him to producer fighter Ternium guessing probably provide about the state at this point in your financial situation okay so little a little general assistance is there in the world the says that you wanted to chill. Your show you guys I did but the hours I do like the hours. At the time I was waking up the greatest thing about it was the commute to worst habit is the commute I like to have that day because of the hour's commute. To be commutes sucks to be socks on his deputy in. It could take anywhere from an hour to an hour fortify these two hours and another two hours and days yet but it was so we should do forty minutes. Yen in morning drive equation but I agree with you I think that the three of us. Would be just too much noise yeah I'm definitely fight and I should he win. When we were talking about this when you you know being to actually speak to. That said the tour you can handle the show in the I was at I'd we could do was never an issue that there was more. Listen we listen to management throughout this process. You beat her countenance Salisbury. Work that would Joba jail so muted noted done in the mix and admits that it you know. It was one thing is dependent and we've been lucky is also. Part of the reason you know. When John left it was good timing from September oh that's great for those plans fall but trop patriots in your when your albums say I mean you know if you do now where it's been honest remark people's heads. Then three votes thirteenth fourteenth two wells it's working and they've. Stayed out of timing is everything. That they'll go in as you know like Alex Roemer for example was well known Ross works Woodward who work and they forget we never talked about him. Some bought Apple's new way to lecture room much or little mu Chip Kelly. He did all we did that's right he dated to. I would get calls from Cali that talented that Alex Roemer why do you have him on the air should courage and and I'm trying to get you know young people because I'm dealing right now with digital world and cute couple sees what it is to go out there. And Cecile and argue our people in them right. Like I disagree with that 90% of the stuff he says on the while we release easily to say. Who are we using we should use who has what who are who are we not using we should use. Oh. We were using them EP published some ups and for a birthday we get collapsing and he meets outside of a mission a Pete Abraham. I think people would be as would in he's the real liberal. Yes you can tell by his tweeting lately I tell by I think you do your real fold for Jerry groupies just music and and he would also defend the Red Sox when you guys wants to pop up whether it's not exactly. Think about I didn't accomplish nothing here and no more questions few Kirkland though with helium and no more nothing else freaks you regard for the week. Are gone. For a week and gore out of the country a country out of them back and then I'm coming back in the country as to what it an obvious so anybody again. I mean it's this number age you may know. You know I've admiration for you have love for you but you had a clear line in the sand which I respect throw your shadow over by for that respect. Right I mean would you say you get a is or is your response to execute what I said negatively but joined here. Everybody knows what you do is pitched like it's it's it's like east of it works if they want what people say that Cuba when they say oh people I've had people come up to me and you'll see something on people's. And then and early eighties past socks you say yes he's hassle I'd and then I I I follow up I say they get ratings and you know we get. He gets icy idealism the show and who says listen so the concern of hatred Euro it is. And that's where it's all about. 50% of the people like you 50% of the people hate you when you're at nine and ten for your notion is way busting and going to continue. It has picketed I've stayed down my goal weight in Austin in a similar to reach that patent aside look like a total hassle. If I do this for six months and on the infection this network was the most what you are lost were the lowest in the last twelve years. Probably in the 1985. Marie witty right now. Right now them about. 224. Sent to four point eight cents or nine ounces are in those older I think well wherever they heels on the left so it's a vote 75 weights about. 180 based on my muscle tone of the issue and your muscle to animals such a muscle I will kick your secure integrated on the 180 I will kick your we go wait a vacuum tubes would do it again I have to go buy you a second appearance Buick. You carry cardinal Letterman show them combined time that was good Terry I'll have four. Here. What chance he would he would not that he wouldn't he wouldn't I would he wouldn't he wouldn't know it some. He went to. And I said to me it wouldn't notice that you're doing on the audience. Which only here understood that inspire at first I was attached to action I like their first and get it was a much the rest issue. The first segment today was for racing isn't like breed TB twelve. Should harder. You know that would and that's a good a former player. Written TB twelve that was pretty good which you offer to. Tutor than the when you're off work and he's off work and you could open is a worry you government as your superstar what we need. Why didn't you don't know what you. Podcast pockets option because I beacons. I think there's some bad feelings with what happened in the hallway you when I like habitat but you don't know I like that going disliking him. I like the idea bring them into podcast. I don't think he does I think he feels differently you would I can sit here we can organize it in a podcast. As we can get stuff I was pleased me because I hate to say this is this of you and I talked about were on the final people who hate okay so even than the advantages of Mike Kelly and then all of those putts phony conservative right wing. Political life yet skill itself these by telling days different something via some people can't. Of people and I don't think Christian. Can beat a podcast. It would be good to like me who's open about it and stuff because. To me is that remember it's would probably be. More vivid in yours please him if he would remember stuff that is in the fugitive the of the units. That's true that we have a better memory than I was there to okay a CT. Where he itself. Dammit if factor all right collusion wake on vacation come back into the secure and I love you giggling I love you can go. All right thanks again for listening to the enough about me podcast. Actually know what I'm really not thankful at all he should be thanking me get this (%expletive) every week he's great podcast totally free do if it was you go and I two's. Download it noticed Richard do the same and reiterating the review that tree can help me out. This podcast is going to be number one again I guarantee you can help me along with the process so for that I guess at the end. They have total thinking is why I think he's going back and forth here's the point hockey.

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