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#DORK 2: Movie/TV Presidents

Feb 22, 2017|

Rich Keefe & Ryan Davey talk best and worst movie/TV presidents. Plus the always important "This Week in #DORK" and the Pick of the Podcast.

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If the door. Martinez. Is the sort of market there which cheek is the tour. Monty two is that because they don't mind cash. They executed or another episode of hash tag or my name is rich keep joined once again by Ryan Davey Davey how we year. Just peachy Richard Citi and does come a little sick of it because a lot on air arm what do you got the bug I don't expect. No it's just your run of the mill head cold about brought on by eight you don't daycare and the germ factory that my child goes to. We expect is. Ticket last time I last week you senator lord of the whether you sound may be worse. I feel better but sound works and all classic if that's any if that's city whatever the scene played in the C. I expect of them get my vitamin supplement my fruit cocktail you get a much vitamins for breakfast you know. Well that's good well this week in him because of presidents day which is this past Monday we had though one of our. Listeners eight tweets their ads or podcast created us if we lose Joseph said. They want not day best and worst movie and TV presidents and we said you know what integrated yeah there we know of what else were gonna do that this week. We get up and we got a are none of us. Neither of us wanted to see fifty shades darker. Didn't see it now. It wouldn't wouldn't see it so we get this. Rules are all we got coming up the ahead we have more pressing me. I'll say hash tag or topics but I think this is the photo we are those were against so president's we're gonna get to the first three kicked things off with this week. And hash tag dork. The other box office Ryan and Lego about man was number one for the second week in a row followed by the app for mentioned fifty shades darker and number three was Matt Damon's Great Wall of China. Angry. Called the great wall. Man. That they what I bet that movies is good at the Chinese food restaurant called the great wall in the strip all buy my house. He's the fro is very similar yes. I've known the man. No surprises there I mean. I just again I don't understand what boldly looked lonely cat lady is going to see fifty shades darker like you know what mummies night out thing is going to see this but that's gonna go fall by the wayside pretty quickly yes thank. Yeah I would things that came out the right Tom I you know around. Global before Valentine's Day that's out for February convert its heavy hitters coming up soon not this reeks of much for the following week is what we really. Kick things off and so we effigies are hang around Lego about may have collected a lot of money that's the wanna go see that. This week at the box office is. Jordan heels horror movie get outs. AM very well yeah it's good if there is interviewed very well I'm very tree that's owed to even when they're not traditional. Horror movie. People writers directors. You know third comedy or wherever else and find out that they were diehard fans I love that so I'm really intrigued it seems a little late. The premises. Ehrlich how how good can it be boy. If people seemed like it early on site I don't think I'll see the theater Bob definitely catch up with a saw some point. The other modicum those collide that's the felicity Jones. In the Hopkins movie. I got nothing on him on the okay. And let them. I want a couple of weeks Ryan Logan will be in theaters and we got word today that there will be a post credit scene. Are you excited about that. I'm very excited about that and I hope there are some. I hope some guy in red shows up. In need to be able to fund the movies people are. It's got to be I think a bit of a emotional roller coaster. A lot while crying I would act now Hugh Jackman also said now this may. Cut into what you just said there. Hugh Jackman that there won't be a Wolverine dead pool movie. I'd I'd keep I think he's serious when he says that this is his last ride I hope. I don't hope so. You know because he's he's got such a good job and yeah you know we talk about the first real comic book movie we saw that he let it together with X-Men. In. Yeah just we need our members are talking about it as young men. And and the Buick was played Wolverine that we elect Mitt lift up what did you could play it Wolverine in the IQ Jack in elect. So yeah when he sucks the northern about a Mosley can suspect that at the Australian soap opera star Ellen this guy on tonight here. Almost forty years later. You know I didn't crumble like great great casting he's been awesome. Yet that was definitely a little the first like 2000 X-Men one of you came out 2000. And are like huge yes problem Tass news Karen Hugh Jackman who gives and who was this kind of this that this is a big role Dylan and veterans out that he is. He's been the best of the bunch. For sure and so wat. You'll see what happens we'll see dead pulls and there are at all I would I would guess know you think there's a chance in the end and credit AV. Maybe or maybe we bring in you know another you know. I don't know eight it's going to be pretty big considering at this is that last one you know like amphetamine he's carried us this franchise for twenty years. And I think there were gonna get some sort of tease ahead silicon extra money three sequel. Babbitt they've already talked about that the expert agrees standalone will be yeah. The media said the guy out in the way wants to go out so maybe he was settled on. What about have you speaking X-Men have you watched the legion yet. Watched the first episode. I advocate it necessarily blow up right nips but I definitely. There was a tingle there that I I was calm doesn't intrigue there's the feeling they're gonna wanna chase yeah but it it since since it down there yet and you know you eat you mentioned Aubrey plaza on the last on the last podcast you really enjoy her. I'd still up in the air Purdue elect a six cent credit they would care if she's actually in the room. She actually exist. Doug get the Santa without spoiling too much of legion it's good to episodes in mid day was always in the the once we really can't spoil too much of it right but there's a lot of inception to it. If you know anything about the legion character I don't wanna spoil back to you all looked it up the Mets fire in The Who who he may or may not be related to or. Him. I would I would just say even based off of the commercials you you could say this. I don't know how many of those characters are pick NBC rather people not just sovereign plaza. That's it like he is in the head man Mikey there's a lot going on and there are so. I think there are sort of be reveals each week so the second episode. I enjoyed your years starting to get and a little more of his history and things like that but as far as. First all new TV shows it's one of my favorites that we're a step further say comic book shows I know it's very early. But I don't think it's time on par with the Netflix shows. Yet sector really donating go to remarks to be a lot of that is I had to watch would be told. I don't watch the first episode twice I'm gonna kinda lost me. No very understandable we actually come between us and said you probably should watch it twice in the league that I. Yeah I kind of it kind of lost me where. You know where. Not to get too much away but they were the switch in characters. Yes. Tech credit. At a loss characters written and it's always sunny this our our audiences you stood the word of the tiers that it. Effect yet and it's. But I really did like 88 you know it's killing the boy to me I was a huge free they're all gonna watch that show I'm. It it could thought that lets you watch it Abrams you know that stuff yeah. But it kinda like had that kind of vibe to it yeah with the to reality. You know I mean so in it fidelity national thing for me. So there's one character to. Teeth big league rogue is in this dirty things. Part act RR RR I wanna let people watch it unable global rules say that it will do. I think a year a season and are on this bad boy the way things are going I think. I read somewhere might only be eight episodes like I don't think it's a full long ass season. No credit to the middle there in the middle of season right now right. Thanks well yes I would like yeah that they Wear over the office first came out there was only like six episodes in the make it got picked up. And then all right right deep yeah but it might just that might become a test that the water is a little bit what distance you people are into it. Multi year arm on the new. On my iron grip with two of us are in right here let us know what you think at or podcast on Twitter and or podcast that gmail.com. Within the stuff but specifically legion I've talked to anybody yet who watches it says and not for me but everybody is saying yes this is the program. How about this revisiting some from last week's. Of this we can hash tag dork Matt Reeves we thought we found ourselves they knew the bat man director. Turns out not so much. Not too much about the reports we're getting out of his camp is that it's not dead with him yet but there was. The disagreement. You know and I think and my mind it's going to be. You know on the on their production and of them stay like this is the way we wanted the directors saying well can I do it this way the think. Yeah. Am like the script can't be great too though again a big that's sort of maybe knock Ben Affleck out of it and then now Matt Reeves is looking at it and that's probably going to be sort of what he wants to do and what. He's being allowed to do it's just frustrating because it's off to a terrible start but you did he rate is decent. You give you know put makeup on it and whatever else but. These DC movies have been adult and then the ones that aren't out yet there's been director switch Jane there's beds beatle weeks that. Early footage is (%expletive) like get I don't know what to think yeah. In there and make it big theme this week it was like oh awkward may have found a cinematographer. They. Great. If it is super duper. Yes great. Yep you know to marvel at this issue to. I would still like get the great loss film but I wanna see is Edgar Wright and may have remember that he dropped out halfway through and you know people picked up in. You know kept a rein it in it was a good movie. That's true those they they've made that still pretty good movie I dug a very good mood facts though. Yep panel will hold out hope loud. Better than anything BC made. Nostra our whip we got a lot of TV news here about the Kristen wigs will be joining the last man on earth cast and they return on March 5. That's she back in the regular characters you like a cameo. Well other promoting her so I wanna say she's got to be like a member of the cast because what they've done cameos before. They're just surprises of the data that like Jon Hamm and will Farrell at some of the other ones they've had. It may die right away he like. But crystal wig perilous third trying to swerve as I thought she's going to be around for awhile so. That's good news. Also on fox the mic has been picked up for a second season. All of peck replicate adult but it's repeat this morning and watch the episodes and I like that. Yeah I'd it thought it right where I got other stuff go to pot lecture on Mondays. I don't watch the Bandar knowing that it's on but at its give they have the final season. Are teaser for the leftovers on HBO which from back in April 16. This is one of my favorite shows. And it's going to be season three they were announcing to the final season if it's good it looks like their like flying to Melbourne Australia the cardinals going on if this season is good. I think it has the chance to view on the all time great shows. You big dog exodus blunt you and I've got back and forth to wit that I've I've actually never seen an episode of this right so. Do yourself the favor. No idea I got time now I got an ability what do I got until April I got about a month and a half. You've got to lay in bed with some mourns Jews and some hosts the march leftovers. And launch injuries and some more did we get upset Tommy I don't know. Some mass yeah debris spread throughout. You could get a birth to his hotel and those help. Opens up a little bit oh boy you look at humidifier. Rodeo under the not so there are a little some some yeah. You know clearly right out that's what I need to think that's the sort of the rugby kick governor rod Beck cream in my chest you know. Yeah yeah you could the could do that is really really real good nice hot shower steam steam itself out. Some of the bench mob but left overs is is awesome and the first season was based off a book the second season they did on their own they were both great now they have a chances are wrap things up. And three season is enough by going to compare to other all time great shows two seasons isn't enough. And one season obviously doesn't get to if subcategory for that. By the on the wire was five seasons so you know left sources three solo on the shorter side compared you know soprano and some local one spot. I'm at I think he could be a top five show. Let me ask you this is live Tyler still puckered up on the show yeah season there look at all look at all Dockery normalcy. You have that big. Big Moe Foner. Yep she's there. Sees she's that there are all right urged north Sierra guys think of little Ben Affleck Robin. You know plain and animal crackers under. Crackers doing noble horse you ride. The wrong road you'll tell me there are nice. On my favorite bit the movie trivia about that movie you know Michael Bay. Was approached by Ben Affleck and it would like you never know the story but he is like. Ben Affleck says to Michael Bailey would make more sense to train astronauts to drill instead of trading drillers to be astronaut since Michael Bay is famous flight was shut up. That's a good. I mean. It out as an incredible lines that it got a character you actually like none up given there's no movie there's like there's any proposal figured out the side. The drug be okay. Also on HBO veep is back in April 16 so the same as the leftovers. Silicon Valley we've mentioned this will be on April 23 of the following week. Bates motel overturned last night for the final season. And I heard about soccer right saw AS spot for a TV today and I made my first policy. The thought he'd be yeah. It's good. It's good they they what they did was nobody watches the super mean Billy Lanny but they jumped and had two years from after season four. You're getting closer and closer to like Psycho hasn't started. Yet to start it would norm Bates like in high school and so now he's older. And it's gonna Rihanna is gonna be honest she's actually don't play marriage. Issues Marion crane. Has this much yes immigrate Scioscia wasn't in Masai it's episode beacon to other or to start its. Or Rasheed real slowly without you there sir you lay the ground work there. Summoned did you see the Rick importing season three teaser. Those. Articles as a phony so basically gym we're 28 Albert it's just. Clintons like slam together clips like it's just nonsense to that they don't like Elton opening scene it's like if not and we still don't have a date I don't think for season. I believe it is to the lyrics of the case mr. Rick athlete joint. The erratic if you up yet so that was that was clever of them. It is very is very welcome. Did you see episode one of planet earth to. No but I'm so excited to be a holy smokes is a good. Yeah that's good at that that's one of those that you put on Netflix just like to go to bed yeah. You know I mean like that I I eight have to hold its first here's some Blu-ray oh gorgeous off I mean I don't. I never bought really much of anything on Blu-ray but I did splurge for that. This is amazing that that the camera stuff was even better than it was then. Yeah which is unbelievable like some of the stuff they that's a good sloth stuff. There's a great time when stuff. They had some lemur stuff. There was they they they have this come out like a few months ago sort of look at teaser forward. I keel I literally can't wanted it's like a lizard is get earn a one I was getting chased by the thousands snakes. How to cover my eyes like Howard. I don't want to I want nightmares immigrants. On a sound sleep when guys it's very good its legacy and your airing new ones BBC America Saturday nights you're going four for a little bit so. It'd like at the an island steam as Virgo. Do you have a video game minute. I do have a video game minute thumb there that there's a lot of things going on. Right now one of the best things that's going on right up he PlayStation users as they're actually they're actually having an Oscar sale. Auden. On. On PlayStation network and PlayStation in so it is really cool is they haven't liked these armed game of the year. Oh yeah award winners and are all for sale of you guys been steady big electorate that I've listed doom. I guess we'll under the radar yeah that the one of the best first person shooters like two years. Really Daria I am I missed it all right I pick that up today haven't played yet nice but other things like tight fault too. Battlefield laden pop Star Wars battlefront. Tomb Raider like any game you could pick up that would have huge Tripoli titled what you missed yeah I think they're having huge sale on PlayStation network right now. But I think of the same things going on an Xbox I could be wrong but there have been some huge end of the year sales are now so. That's that that's some good stuff. Let's go to somebody asked a while ago abouts. Resident Evil seven. That he played much of that. I did might I played IA I'm about halfway through a bomb like. Did it help it deal right now all right right. So it that I get that's got a year clear your schedule that RPG. So I didn't well have been a Resident Evil it is good it is worth the buy. I would say if you haven't body yet maybe hold off it's not that excited about it. I mean you got that big of a pit of the series may be hauled off to without bail out. But you know it's definitely worth checking out of the big news though that I wanted to get to the video game minute is that says announced that they are re releasing followed for. And sky rim in PR. Wow so that delegate people to buy BR. That'll get people by VR and I'm told that the bat system. Why not I didn't tell meet personally to read the article. How are some errands that are. There are these are good insider's account the fallout that system in the art is awesome. We'll recap actually like yet you can actually point out where you wanna shoot. The aka Bo elevate you have to that system in PR that it would be really cool that's definitely don't you don't know that's where you can actually slow eutectic pause. And pick where you wanna shoot somebody. That's going to be very very spot that. They'll be good I'm still I'm still probably not gonna get VR but if they keep pumping out games like this sonnet like Bennie you might be sort of forced and out. Yeah I just worried about are very. Squirrelly but it comes to people being behind me or like around me. Oh yeah you are real early. I don't really like sitting with my acted doors and all sides to weird thing but like I did my arms. The best fact that I could be doing I would have to lock every door in my house without due to be our thing is I don't want people sneaking up on yeah are you let us. Otter like somebody trusts. Yeah especially you know to play like Resident Evil seven MB ER. In the you know some just with a cake you know reluctantly perhaps we like she needs my attention by you but I just like back. You'd elbow or in the beat him shot lights out I'd come behind you Michael father of her on the back in the back. When that you wild thank you look at. The big others the other video game minute you're on national dork let's get into the top of the George Allen Ryan. At B movie presidents and maybe even a little taste of TV presidents spoke up. Iman they screw up or resign. The senate back out you know what I'll let it does holding on post are. You know it is time for an hour ride if Sampras and maybe it's the topic does your what that. It's the topic of the day. There it is now that you're big you're supposed to say I'll have that. Are safe from top. Look at that. How you wanna start we have best worst or go to some of the real life ones I've made a list they have some TV wants to hear what how do wanna play at. I don't you go back and forth do you wanna go the good ones that the bat well. Yeah let's do let's just brought a few of the men discuss them because I don't know I don't remember as well by took a took copious notes. And I have. Let's Sosa went hash tag dork related wants. This is the great trivia questions out there who is. The marvel cinematic universe president of the United States. I hate the guy I know exactly who it is not an iron into three correct. It's the guy who played. The grim reaper and bill and Ted bogus journey. He was also he's also the Shawshank redemption I can't William Hurt. Blue guy getting actor's name right is William. Thought foresight. Sadler. Now it's pretty straight because the MCU which we go encompasses like closer to when he movies already in going. Takes place in the United States where there's the president it's a fictional president if but it is president Matthew Ellis. And he of course is an Iron Man freak is the Mandarin was up to no good there there's also a picture of him seen in Captain America winner soldier. Any apparently I don't watch the show what he appeared in three episodes of agents of shield. That these super to work trivia question which is great the president now. You know look back going back into the back and they've is that if the grim reaper in billet at bogus Jerry the second. Yet I would give you points for that. I don't know where I'm at a point system but that would give you give you points for the. Williams that there was the guy who was bitching that they didn't have Hank Williams at the library it shot and shot secretary of should. Yeah so you know the movie played the breath of my movie knowledge is there just leave people though. Oh it's in there it if it's round around than there are there was also they they have the president United States in next to remember the semen night crawler. Yet another event that might mean that whole movie. Dumb idea that was I mean that that you wanted to see that crawler do yeah those again I want to do that wanna completely under you wasted character in all the X-Men. They. In the history and X-Men yet oh attorney Kurt Wagner. I come from the circus no doubt enough and opinion that would rerouted to shift but we're right where we get a cute. So that was president McKenna an ax to the X-Men the last day and had a president. But it was a different actor any didn't have a name. Just yeah and then you remember an X-Men Jesus future pass. The president was actually Richard Nixon. It was Richard exit so that show yet done that a lot of mixed and by the way in name dork podcasts movies. There is the others took their Islamic saw you get to the next on positive they've expanded to sums up how. Out of their minds they are of how trying to get it all that continuity. There is there is not a real you can't mix and match Kenyan. So you're gonna have Nixon what the hell you do or would this guy McKenna and then than them the sequel you have a different guy played by different actor. X-Men so now the other Richard Nixon is of course. There Richard actual Richard Nixon from watch that yeah. Which. Some kind of a prick. Rocco idea yet politically even look at dummy. Tough tough climate right let them not to make excuses for a but. Yes you know we tried it took because it took over though you know what I think. Not a very good political climate in in watchman. No how you know you got the get those big M the reds. Or come together yeah but it beat the united and our Richard Nixon visit his fourth or fifth term as President Clinton and that in that. Cinematic universe yeah oh they are going very well I wouldn't put it in one of the best presidents don't you don't bill. You'd be one of the worst presidents watchman Richard Nixon pressure very no. There was. He was all accredited as the president in the Dark Knight rises. Led by William de vane. He's kind of nondescript I don't remember intern. Don't pains taken over salute the president etc. I'll put this little nugget. In baton and be Superman. One of our favorites here on the podcast. Patrick Wilson you know Patrick Wilson had such films is watchman accidently kicked this. Keep provided the voice for the presidency don't sealed but I guess you hear him. Whereas with a house Terry weigh on the phone with the whether or some. There's something where you hear her babies had an announcement that he's on TV I forget to be honest but I was after will's I didn't know this and dolls look and things out there and Patrick Wilson provided the voice. Lots because he wouldn't watchman which was directed by. An excited city got bigger additional line right there. Here's the thing the way DC is the next time they use the president it won't be Patrick Wilson's. They'll they'll cock that up somehow are who woody got. Article one by one of my favorite president to watch. Early on. Memorable TV it's a little hybrid bull bull Bridget from movies to TV all the good breads. Outbreak Underwood from Costa cart. There you go I don't watch house of cards by a vote I understand that you be one worth mentioning. He assisted every Kevin Spacey is not a great actor. If they did do it was a good show. Not so much anymore. That the light is giving them that Joba the first season that show were pretty remarkable. And you watch it a lot of it you watching you figure like is that real debate but what you're going to be a ridiculous idea yet. Like at their people you know people buying votes from each other you know if it's it's pretty dark but I would say you know one of the best. You beat the worst do you think of politicians. Our our personified in Kevin Spacey character which I think is kind of a cool but kind of a corporate C a good president. Not really. But it's funny how. You know they do things in order to please her people and then. You know do the exact opposite please go to people and to raise money and made a back channel money you know it's you know the but. It definitely a lot of intrigue there yeah this relationship but his wife is is probably the most. Did you think part of Asia real oh yes. It's not a partnership that a marriage it's not citizens darker. I go to well there is one weird thing with a Secret Service agent in the Underwood don't get too much away money yes but it's weird. I had dolls there and come there now the most famous ones of course everybody sort of starts from the DB's list you your bottom of course Bill Pullman. From Independence Day. We can't I. If we're on the old hash tag dork where we where we didn't really care about copyrights out how it got sound of all these guys that we don't out of the deal with a rapid rate goes the speech by now trying to speech also. He's sneaky of the great game maker remembers just Independence Day with Bill Pullman but he was president Thomas Jane Whitmore. It. It's it's a fantastic end. I didn't see Independence Day out surgeons but he was in that as well he wasn't obviously the current president but he was. He was in and had obviously direct ties with the first one. I guess Mike alien. Links and things with him but. Thomas. It on July 4 to what do you what do you do holy smokes when you do I mean that that speech right in you know that speech right itself. I think that's a little low hanging fruit but a little bit the bullet that play. It's low hanging fruit but he's still gonna grab it. You got to grab it bothered by the fruits and and he did that. And here's one of my favorite movie presidents of recent memory Richard yes. President Duane Elizardo Mountain Dew Camacho from the movie kiddie Soccer City while played by Terry crews nice. Yes there which if you haven't seen that movie. That movie was made about ten years ago. And has never billion. More. Poignant than it is right now no. Where the inmates are absolutely running the asylum in you have a man whose middle name his belt and do among them. Running the country. Senate tomorrow at eight monster truck motorcycle. And believe that. Gatorade. Their version of Gatorade is gonna savior if that's it has looked whipped crave. There's other ultimate Everett actually beat mr. movie I'm not. And if you haven't seen this movie you'll have to see it in Europe has aged incredibly well as a cult following. And basically. You know report of the movie is you know bowl was a broker Owen Wilson. Look we'll open up the most average guy on earth. It's putting like 500 years into the future and become the smartest Baylor. What is so. It's just one Netflix owner with. Eric probably hit it probably there's some instructive if so could they want you to see it now more than anything I haven't won now in Iraq wants. We don't wanna get we're talking about presidents we don't wanna get too political but let's just say that it's pretty. This after viewing right now aren't yet. I think you'll. How about I was a big fan of president James Dale played by Jack Nicholson in Mars attacks. Eligible guy haven't even like ten years but you love this guy. W spit the booby spit out. I do love first of all technical some place to different characters for really no reason but no good reason at other that he wanted to. So he told Tim Burton that he wanted to play two roles so newscast that two rolls in the ago it's got a dream team cast. And I think people saw that. And they are that they're trying to make a good movie literally wards of the a throwback Dolly's olds you know. Alien attack movies the elites look ridiculous in this or the martians were every wanna called. They'll knots and I do like wow you know you think things are going well. I don't know like Mel screw that that it is like killing everybody. So the president. Similar to Bill Pullman here's the deal where they. With the don't alien scum of the earth is that you know. Doesn't do a great job that he does have a nice famine Alley Portman is is our young daughter living in the White House it's habitable comes on like TBS or some musicians like. Once a weekend. Talent up sitting there Washington about it but. Diaz. He tries talking to the aliens it doesn't go very well he has all the you know he's raking in all the TVs to give these important addresses but I don't think he's a great president but I I do like the thought of Jack Nicholson. Being the president says it's. Yeah allied you know I it's one of those things that it and the movie it's better retirement yet. I haven't seen it quite a lot of time and you know Eddie Murphy was taught at that time so as you know interesting that he wanted to play two characters. No doubt the gate I have yet. Chop all US and it hit the capital fastened on select wind. It doesn't matter shot at it and it doesn't matter. Public this'll noticed a little dork nugget. Michael Bay has has directed a lot of tremendous films. Ready now. On our films. It turns a lot of films. If this tournament director he makes film the movie the Roth is not a bad movie got a minute guy. Now right not bad. Comically bad. I would say yeah parent but at the time you watch that it was at one on 1617 years old guys are up. Central Al trousers schools of the rock. And the the app for mentioned Armageddon with the the Ben Affleck brutality of the animal crackers. They are in the same universe packet to prove it because the same man Stanley Anderson played the president in both films. No way that true yes. Mastec. That is a mind blowing factory at their sole arbiter down. So it's like our Armageddon in the rocker in the same universe all of the clintons Encino movies are in the same universe. I also heard and it's not out yet but I did an episode with Mac and do in the boxers. Here it's those should be out next week is here we did a movie. Auction draft for movies coming out march. Through the end of the year. But west CR west CB was Tellme. That. Basically all the Stephen King movie or all the Stephen King books are in the same universe. I have I have read a lot of Stephen King but not enough to where I'm an expert. That blew my mind I like lot not to spoil that ever so vital that. That that floored me and I did some research on it I think it's mostly true I wouldn't say every single one. But there's so many connections like we'll connections plus there's that this dark tower series. How good they didn't have anything to do with the dark tower yeah bread that's right some of that where there's like different dimension. Dan has a lot to do that to their subcarrier over villains there's lot of carrier overly references the things that's it opens at Baltimore. But. But anyway I I love like that the tiered universe thing I love like I think that's awesome all those movies exist in the same universe there's a carry over. Like the Vega Brothers and housing read a Baltimore he goes all the back to like Django unchained. Don't true romance which he wrote eating direct. Every like literally and act like natural born killers. To the movies or hateful. They like they'd make reference like big Kahuna burger in the make reference like Marcellus Wallace select another movie. Yeah oh baker noted terrorism like six different movies that make the red apple cigarettes are in like at Harvard the movies. The so remember that the care to that Eli Roth played in glorious bastards yet there compared to his son. Is. All the director in true romance that Billick on the drug or Selma drugs so. They're the same last name and that's apparently liked his son. There's so there's so many of and I absolutely love it like that the the first on the right guys Sadik I discovered on my own was that. Michael Madsen from Reza were dogs. They're John Travolta pulp fiction Brothers. Like that's tremendous that there's so many more and like they like there's some web says it's like a timeline we can do a whole of supplements they do it should. They do a timeline because obviously the classic Tarantino it's all out of order so he's got movies a hastily but even some of those characters relate to ones that are in light. Kill bill it's it's staggering. What I need to know is that in every Tarantino movie is just go to jail and another tablet pulp fiction are all the clocks that fourth when he. That's coach bill. That really think that I. Also cool thing is he tomorrow and pulp fiction and Uma Thurman is tell the story about the other pilot that she shot. Yes it's literally kill bill. It's like they like to speak to the tee like each actress like should there was like five of all sort ever and it was like. It's all exports by yet fox force five basically was like her Lucy Lou that gave fox Julie Dreyfus and and dom. Wasn't able yacht hatch or Daryl Hannah yeah I was like literally all of out much talk about once been would like explosives like she's the most dangerous woman with a blade it's it's literally that morning. So that's a single little fun. And nugget there. I'll get back to the president I don't for now what do you. How about Abraham Lincoln in Abraham Lincoln vampire. Under absolutely. Absolutely I had them list that the as the tremendous portrayal. What I what I did in you know he would read it based in reality. Which it's a real life saying would you ever want so I do like a non fictional tale. And yet you like it should break from history you know to meet. They that was entertaining movies out of it save it but it was actually really good those yes I never read it. You don't read like well let's not entirely true. I'm Tom currently reading a pretty sweet comic book which ultimately about again impeccable podcasts are rated as much about that that the that this column. But the book would actually really good but the movie was just dreadful but. Nice to see those dreadful bothersome and I thought it was enjoyable. Yeah but for the wrong reason yeah Waltz I want right now they had a little bit of form of history because Mary Todd Lincoln in real life was actually dog. Got she was a big wolves and done that they've played player out she's kind of very attractive in this dome. Yes insurgency is that is that it Mary Elizabeth went stated that the chick from. Thought ninety clothes. Thank you yes that is clear the woman from ten chlorophyll. Your. Quote I don't zeroes across the street guy you're you're in the cul-de-sac but yeah. She was in that. And that's a good one whereabouts. Who else we go. Morgan Freeman play the president president Tom back in deep impact. In deep impact. I was look at that up because that you remembered there was like that there's like movie twins like every every so often is like will be twins. Like Armageddon and deep impact came out on the same year. Yeah that Dante's peak and inferred OK about the same year. Yeah it was and no strings attached a ahead and just threatens not just content from industrial attached and detached. We've been. I there is no strings attached does he doubted that they've movie yet they'll likely get a can't miss Portman Timberlake Kutcher came up back out there are a better begin the prestige in the illusion illusionist him out. Yet perceived as trying to Christie's weight went under which. Yeah so Morgan Freeman deep impact and so what you're learning is if if it's if the world is gonna come so when and or they're aliens involved which sometimes they can be related. You have to have a president now they may not have the biggest role lately you might have a huge role. Like you and Independence Day or it might be much more you know minor like what arm again. But here's another movie twit for you so. Morgan Freeman who's in deep impact was also in a movie called Olympus has fallen. Yes he doesn't play the president but the president has played by Aaron Eckhart. Oh yeah and that oversaw that I would vote for. Aaron Eckhart. Total trip. Who face. Well are we debt he is handsome both gotten official witnessed it hit double that's true he's he's cool under pressure I noticed. Are absolutely but the move between two Olympus is on the smuggling getting to Egypt one of the worst movie president that ever seen that being portrayed by Jamie Foxx in the White House staff or. Always the home yet at which could Ito if it Jamie Foxx and PK. Jim Tatum. He knows mysteriously is is bulletproof vest stayed on but his shirt underneath it enough. I mean I'm not mad about it. Imagine Mike's got to get his money where you don't mean yeah yeah but Jimmie Foxx split the president in that movie twins and at one point. He lament the fact. That he needs to get this Jordan's. Well the nice you are out of big favorite Jordan's stupid yeah when you know. Did Jordan would sponsor of the podcasts. If they did I'd beat German government don't miss and awkward to be affected though. I think I would be obnoxious and where does stop you right out of the hat the issues. Mean we show it show up to like. My head. Like they let these vessels from the odd comment. This sport. Yeah no that's the bad president public order thinking this guy this is for all the ladies in the audience this would be the Russell rom. Romantic. Romp Romany idiot dropping. Romany valley like comedy it was a romantic. To run. The American president the American president Michael Douglas played president played president Andrew shepherd. Which also sounds like president. Dirty Mike you die you played in jeopardy. He got appropriate scenario for a cancer I do. An academic and on air we can I think it's the podcast he is there every law but I don't like to work to blue I don't wanna work Lou I know we're better at or above that there. Some human thoughts on president shepherd legs hey he's meant. I have zero feelings on that would Internet betting MM movie would have to put in a movie that. Yeah those those who use alternative to court because he did you do here is a Twitter war I believe. And have men now she was like she worked for something. On near the White House need. He tried the better. And he did. So. I also lost. Three tried to do but yet. Anyway. But how about I hear some presidents from comedy films. Comedy president's. Credit president Harris. Played by Leslie Nielsen and scary movie three it's your movie for. With Ogilvy like stop actually being scary like pairings scary movies. Yet turned into like just any movie right yeah it did. Maybe after the wins Brothers to the one in two like those are all out and not all but for the most part they were. Horror movies. Right it started dirty like matrix. Yeah they carry anything would happen is I think click the ninety's the late nineties early two thousands. Pour movies like the bass started dry out he had less stuff the parity. Which created like the same guys who wrote like all those movies ever written like. Not I'm not even a dead trading dozens of movies together but those guys are millionaires. The wind is no the guys who write those move like that corrected date movies are all we. Epic movie like all of that all written by the seem like two guys. You know was the best of well actually he's scared we wanna two were actually pretty good but the one that went in the basket there's a lot of dogs in there. But not another teen movie. Yes hopefully I'll bet those teams made got a great although we. The economy Mitch. Yes back every candidate in a lot of it is I'm pissed that like you and I didn't think of that as big speakers in the low hanging fruit that's Darren at all today. It's right there we watch movies that we just take some that would make fun of it doesn't have to be that's funny but people just like I'll I recognize that. Exactly no I think that's the formula then hey remember this scene from this movie you know like oh. That's the mint just throw that in there. Walt now. I'm sort of all right we're talking to each other all over the phone and you know put it up for her right listens and. Girl yeah. That's pretty old boss yet we're all right Taylor Matt Matt Matt you finally got them thing but it's on there are not met its up. I did not sort of boil over on the up podcast there are mutually Israel but I doubt it really honestly but I don't think you resolve the Mike. My singled pretty well at the thing I'm most upset with a right now is that might podcast does have its own channel yet. It seems to be a very first person. I would say it's that I should probably relax Niko but. Yeah I am. Would died pipelines are exploding but you know what I keep no acute by my god damn podcast. I think there's an old. Yeah. Anyway hopefully this league's sixth district but at the bus services though at the roots of that the problem. We also you know yup sorry Richard dean I don't know that Mark Cuban played the president in shark NATO three. I sure do. And I know that share your Aubrey. Oh hell no is whether it's that there something you'd be the worst president although he put it worst president bill would probably have to be archived. The best that was me what I was working at the other place Josh steering who's on a bunch of these episodes. He was our producer we're watching. You're a shark meal through come on at nights we've Watson liberals on mute and he knew Mark Cuban was going to be unit and we was we had a bat. What did he actually did pay off the illegal emissary does he does repel is those are your days that's. It week we made the bet I know how many sharks would Mark Cuban kill. It tearing set the number like insanely high like five and a half for eight and a hat or maybe ten what you thought either kill problem so what are you haven't seen it I guess. I don't over the exact number but Ellis put the number that ten. Over under. Always under and he'd probably get killed by the third Sharkey sees. Yeah I think you're right ego is way under analysis laughed all the way to raise a lot of early medic at the peace without audit that as the deny your right if you let it eat you he did not. Doing a lot of idea that he killed at least one. By. Bet like a second one is like detective. You know I mean yeah you're like oh he's. Pretty well don't know all that long blond though he says he's not there are also yes the Mark Cuban of the worst presidents. Kevin James. Played president William Cooper in the movie pixels. Outs and Dallas. There was not as good. You know that was that movie was just that slap in the face everything we old beer you CN. All caught comic. Yeah it's just the previews alone would come out. Not on the. It is biggest MP ended. Plot points but halfway through yeah. They are right in that movie is as close to un watchable as I've ever but I think I've only walked out of like one movie in my whole life well wasn't. Cool world. The fact the fact that broad net. Yeah it was clear and an animated Kim Basinger. Yes it so it's Blake. The senate is Roger Rabbit right right but it was a moral it puts you under Roger Rabbit Billick polish city remember like going to the movies with my friends like telling my mother and I was Tennessee like. Mixed nuts with like out of it ST mark and my time I might be a little off but we were. Yeah we're gonna select something like that and it's not include cool world we thought it was in the Buick you know electricity shades darker yeah and it was not believe it was just. The letter down but if that I think. I've ever walked out of a movie. Than just too cheap but the closest one I came to watch a little group of us won remember what were like 87 or eighth grade. And a bunch rules walked out I stayed into a City of Angels. Follow up he took a you know what are words that with a high school girlfriend and that guy coming at serious make out. Yet that's the thing us that there were the girls among a long talk about what we became older the fear like I'm gonna seed LSU what happens to Nick Cage. Or. But in my in my whole life was like oh you like his group would go wrong. Completed on time. You know no doubt the most that's a little bit the one thing they had was that was based in the hole. That's true that's really maybe one with on the podcast you can serenade the listeners. I think Tim may do little with a song called iris. Yeah I do ices will look all I hear the old Goodell sent. I'll wells we got we have but Tim Robbins by the president in Austin Powers the spy who shagged me he certainly did any had a nice little hairdo there and I want. Yet he's certainly that I actually really enjoy the movies and actually. The very. They are seriously Obama knows or doesn't it well there. They're fine actually oh what was on the of the day. It is the Heather Graham moments on public. A few good laughs. Yeah well I think they'll despite rejecting. Alma broad international man of mystery right now that's Elizabeth Hurley right. Yeah that's my shag me an actual gold member without BL say don't say yeah you know I feel about heard about before she became. You know this beat. Miss thing that Spain the everything up to cover that she was she was not trot. This feature was stop Billy Bob Orton the president in love actually. It's been a rom coms which. They cut this document there yeah like he I forget I've seen a few times my wife really enjoy this movie and I've for yeah I always forget that he's an. Yet a lot of people don't elect talked Christmas. Yeah and not ours that might now got to make it wouldn't make it up. Now bring in Frazier as you might recall Ryan played under Fraser Fraser. Played a number of characters in a nice little film called the dazzled. Including at one point he was Abraham Lincoln. That's all I got that little bit early who again. Always small stump adults who you wonder if he's still get yes it has yet did a Day-Lewis played Lincoln in the movie Lincoln any won an Oscar for. Anyone else report is anytime that guy does any democratic should get to. Effective at. It that movie was that bored me to tears. It would I couldn't I that one I would have walked out on a fight could but I saw it at home now I had a shot enough but couldn't and didn't. Who played Mary Todd and that was it. It's always deal valued field yet. Don't feel. GOP smoking in the banditry. Yes yes yes. Flying non Jews and having some issues. There is they you Ulysses S. Grant and Jonah hex which I don't remember which of that's the new dork stuff we should John Rowland pull. Did you see W I did not mean there can comment on that. Who have stated that as controversial president as W was up. I will played it nobody. Threw the first pitch like backpack. On believe one of the great moments in sports. Just home do it right down Broadway. Got hot. Org a little bit of hair on it right where you want to be late here I am with a bulletproof vest on buy anyway. He has goes up their all eyes are on him in he just throws the steamer. Yeah like bike from amounts due to do people brought from the front. All watch that some dog I'll pop it on the YouTube just signified need like a little bit of a kick in the ass a watch that. It you're right that whether you like the guy or not I don't care that was amazing country needed eight yes they did you already. Do you imagine again announcing it too political puts you imagine if you're going to be seen some Obama's first pitches good. Not good from the left side do you pay you know we get a look at that keep it adds a little unorthodox. It's like Denny bagel comments from the left thought I'd throw it at that. Yeah odds W just goes up there and dizzying heater. All right over the do off to see action in like no no thought to either he just like goals of their grabs the grabbed the rock. You might indelible Ross and honest and and they just easily this match like that I elect. Barack. This is the girls of foot and missile them on the pipe there we say. About about this Mosul. It. Right or have put that right right well right Dick and I. Rushed. Dick. Or the catch a tale of growing let's say there's a guy on the move from person ago legal slots up action. And attaches comes up he'd been a big deal on the down the second. It would be like it beat just like it away. W turn drowned goes balls did come on down yeah advantages there there there goes. About it. Those good arm before TV quickly we have the west wing had a onto president that it wants to show but I know now get a mention John Goodman. He was a Glenallen walk him. Martin Sheen was president one point. Well we're currently most of it I watched this could Wear receipt from. Martin Sheen mart Wal-Mart Nomar and the character Martin Sheen played in the west wing NASA oriented not an international. Not for rational behind it. Tamar she was present obvious relaunch Imus show and Jimmy Smits was also present. It tough president David Paul car. I was Dennis Hayes Burton 24. I'm glad you brought that up a guy that was I would that would be remiss if I forgot that but Pedro Serrano played president and 24 it was good (%expletive) Pretty good the another shot of the job steering. Mark Moses played president Jeff. Mick dinner in the last ship. Well as they were shows the problem there. Jerry wasserman play the president in the flash the zoo this season last season. Kind of nondescript role in in the flash. But it's hard to tell if he's really in the continuity because. They try to do flashpoints earnings are reset that the details. President and how that's Herbert garrison and in the most recent season of South Park. He was confused and expresses it is well there are so best president from TV and film and worst president. Okay so. My best president from TV I was gonna bring this up dedicate Burton 24 the guys that hit that ticker yes yes. Worst president. In TV history. I don't know I'm gonna go Jimmy Smits because they've never saw that episode of the west those testers of the west yeah he beat me kick rocks a guy. We've got. I'm gonna go all time I think you probably have to put. You probably have to put Bill Pullman up there Thomas. Worse it's probably either Mark Cuban or Kevin James. I would go Kevin Everett I hate Kevin games I have a personal vendetta against Kevin yeah. So I don't put those guys there. It oh I can't able we forgot. President James Marshall played by Harrison Ford and Air Force One who didn't repayment get off my play. Good one very good blog yes I had a quick exercise as well actually. Best Saturday Night Live. Presidents. Oh boy this is I I I haven't front meaner so what does go through. So Bill Clinton this is all out there are there. Darrell Hammond Phil Hartman and even Michael McKean and play Bill Clinton but Darrell Hammond had the best Bill Clinton. So but that's beside George W. Bush action at the most actors portray him Will Ferrell I think most famously. But before he really had his foot on Chris Cornell Darrell Hammond Will Forte in Jason Sudeikis all played on W but I obviously Will Ferrell. Oh. Barack Obama Fred Armisen and Jay pharaoh both played Obama. Carol. Great which is tremendous. Jury that rare very fair yet. And it is and a JFK it was I guess portrait by Joseph episcopal one point. And Richard Nixon by the enact Roy and. Yet which is why I remember seeing those in rerun. Yeah not bad. Gerald Ford by Jim chase Allen was not good go does not good odds Jimmy Carter by both the enact running joke basketball. Any and and about this Ronald Reagan Joseph prince to Pope Phil Hartman and Randy Quaid. And in the last bullet out argue might be the best is Dana Carvey as George H. W. Bush. It was good he also but his Ross Perot was way better good point. You know and everybody at Mickey did a pretty good like now and with the and yeah and it but it is Ross Perot is way better. When he had the debate where he was both characters. Yeah that's straight so I would say either Darrell hammonds Clinton. Will Farrell's bush. Dick Armey's HW bush you just like girl you'll you'll do it. Yet and and I honestly Baldwin strong pass Europe they're at the top. It's up there I mean only because it's sold. Are huge MI video they've battled some episodes that he's been great embodies just he's spot on the face the hands like the words he says that he's just really get them. Are any final thoughts for its final portion of the program no good stuff. Picking the wrong. It's. A. Tom after the attack on the podcast right Dave what are yacht. I got what I saw a movie trailer today that we have at least we bit off of kind of like we're on mainstream movies right now but there's one that's actually at. They get that festival right now and it's got some big names attached and it. And Hathaway. In Jason Sudeikis I heard a movie called colossal. I'll hang up and appointed a movie is that. In Hathaway's character is kinda like a screw up she's drunk she loses her boyfriend a blob of logical through a tough time. And they find out through chants that her actions are actually controlling. A guard Villa like monster in Korea. Lots yes elect as she moves like the monster in Korea moves. Wow did that at spectator oh really weird looking movie come. But it it looks really cool and it's getting kind of good reviews and get some legs so. If you haven't been to check that out or just check out the trailer they do that that's a pick apart this week. Aren't as available tweet that out at dork podcast that comes out. 8 April 7. What's up April 7. I have a follow up I'm not my last pick of the podcast was a graphic novel I was going to read. And as we stand now I've not finished yet it's they like the full collected edition Emily was twelve issues like six issues through. The fade out which is like 1940s. Or so there's a few flashbacks with a 1940s Hollywood. They have like some of the guys Errol what the blacklist from Mike of the Communist stuff. There's there's a a mystery they as a crime. New law are few well there's been a murder what's going on trying to connect the dots there's a cast the characters that include you know screenwriters. And directors and actresses. It's it's really get its Ed Brubaker who's done a lot of different stuff with the public actual superheroes but this is another. Graphic quality road and a couple years ago but it's it's really good and I. I thought it was going to be good in it is my priority recommended I've I've I don't know what how it ends but I like where it's going. They recommended amount that the step be official stamp of approval yup and then maybe next week. I give my slow reading ass going in on how I'll finish it might give you a final grade on it but. If you're if you're on the fence about earlier like I usually begin in racquet yet keep what are you talking about. I'm dead I'm already a six up this our sixth issues and I don't see how can he could be of the dot. Oh good so the go. Are of course you can enough follows on the Twitter at dork podcast you can tweet us. Or else are you cannot emails to our podcast at gmail.com. We are effort saying as they say in the biz RI to channel maven is maybe maybe thirty has just the thing we record it. We slapping up there the next day I don't know if any has changed so hopefully it is whether it is Susan is we will. Shout it from a mountaintop removal Letterman know what was going on. But didn't work and people fall who. DePaul me at all our our bodies on twitch and Twitter. And that's it don't look really world that that's probably only. Yet aren't you of any final words for the folks. Just you know yeah I wanted everyone to get up there and just keep themselves in a healthy hydrate. You know get enough sleep you know the biz this great big gold around you sound like this. You know and you know that'll like I don't like it at all on what do you make your emergency take your airport. What do you think the the black panther would think about us not having our own iTunes channel yeah. Deduct current voted very upset that we do I don't know if I do. Think that it yards I doubt that. You have a current. You know people I was working on a bit that I I told you about the soft there but I was working on a bit luck at a given away yet come out. Yet I don't David David I don't always always they recover multi those US America and I got. The skills in particular podcasts and another weaker so when it comes out smacking do the boxers. And myself sat down to an episode before we did that. All four of them Ryan compliment to your black panther. Let's go to them so that's high praise coming from them and I guess another pick the pod to. That we we move we haven't we've talked about them a little bit but if you wanna check those guys out I mean there's podcaster definitely worth listening to bubble but boxers podcast and back and do. So if you wanna check those got up out these do. And they're both on iTunes so they're easy to find. The Chicago board article. Unless something changes I'm think it X-Men like all things X-Men that specifically the movies but maybe we'll depart chosen some of the other properties of X-Men as we prepare for Logan. The following week we'll have a Logan review. Plus David I'll be attending the northeast comma con in a couple of weeks it will allow some content hopefully. From that as well. It are there other things to listen to hash tag dork.

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