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Bradfo Sho, Ep. 10: Hanging with Rick Porcello, Joe Kelly

Feb 21, 2017|

The reigning American Cy Young Award winner (Rick Porcello) and Red Sox set-up man (Joe Kelly) share a meal, some drinks, stories and conversation with Rob Bradford at Twin Peaks Restaurant in Fort Myers.

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Add road show. That might open definitely probably would have brought that I don't. Query where you don't know what you're stupid Brad broad show. That's delicious. First ever remote. Rapper show podcast that rob Bradford with Joseph Kelly the Boston Red Sox Rick were so the Boston Red Sox. Introduce yourself so people know that Tony your voice here at twin peaks restaurant in Fort Myers. It. Reports might you that team for a training room mate you've already screwed up if he's supposed to introduce here. Himself so people under Elena now let's get ugly as I was finalist talked and I got to do about it. All right so and you said as you point out. He was cures for pretty roomy last year this year you you have kicked into the curve and you have David Price that's street tree and I. Kitten but there and I live by yourself. I guess I got I got booted. I got you by and let I don't know what I did wrong I tried really really hard. Trying to make them happy. What is. What is so light so I don't like the movie that's driving the golf cart definitely think it's a big scale. Well as the wacky before we get to the beef potatoes and podcasts here what the game at twin peaks restaurant in Fort Myers thanks for having us beating as the and filling its goal of to Israel. What was the what was the wacky thing to happen in the years that will be known as the force LO in Cali spring training. The line as well yeah I mean we we try try to teach him how to fly at this time. I candidate yet that we got out we got out of step forward just got an open water as low ugly. There's some people that are out there are getting hits and that. Started to watch the fiasco and survey upon us we had to get out and it's an hour's. Now is a mess. It was little sketchy. You know what this is much. Harder and doing it is yeah Riverside California. Under a red state boards. Getting into trouble. And did this one day in my life you know like isn't there so I don't live with a brick last year. And he's an avid you know congressman has been in magazines no interviews like major job it's a company's. They've now let's go out there and ending get on the the stiff and we'll figure out how to get like this like yeah good law ironically that's exactly why we're doing this for twenty restaurant here. Because he yeah outdoors votes he. Correct exactly I don't feel level right exactly this is on the wall it's beautiful so he takes me out there are probably out there maybe an hour and a half. Teach me the basic mechanics of flight visiting. And let's just say that I aid. Could it done more harm to Rick's base there I. You say you're giving me I've been applause it's time there was hope it's done. I'm trying to use his it was mine health and mind so so you're living with David prices here grip I've you can flag fly fishing in the living room David writes. No it's more of you know. Couple video games and there. Sport that's much better job of voting for the reports those spring training anyway so we're gonna go through some question thanks this is what we're gonna. We're gonna go through out ask some questions and ask you some things who's better at. This or that then in some people on Twitter I ask you guys like so by first question to. Rick it's one as the heroic yet have you ever guarantee something that didn't come through. Outfit can call that particular instance but I'm sure I've done that over the course nobody ever guarantee something that didn't come true. Death like a lot. It's been numerous they are you missing that you're missing your missing what you guarantee that it. What Imus did that come through for Rick for so. Doctor I don't. About threatening went with when the first time that you came over to the radio Booth and you guarantee something that did not have. That was morbid joke that you follow budget. People that'll do when you found out to myself and I found out Rick that is they had you know my personality that you found out that it be that Chip Kelly Tivo for the radio Booth. And guarantees Cy Young that's like that's so what was the cause it that I I laughed laughed about it being chosen to benefit. But the outsiders you know like on the outs first of that's not that far out of the realm of possibility. That kind of stuff that Joseph has so. Tonight I actually wrote them actually wrote that story that this is alive thanks lives over making you look. Back but knowing just knowing just personality. I think we don't know. Have as terrifying enemy relapse. I've I think you're just yet okay got fired. I did you I say give their backs me relatives there response yours yours that is very committed to. What's your response I I can't wait to be a way to be quick about first my first question. I this question is for you joke. Have you ever had a supermodel ridicule what you on Twitter. I've never all right avid reader who a lot of people. You know probably not super model. Been ridiculed by some of that thinks there's supermodel. Olmert said wryly maybe you are. Rick. Now you all the except that it's an honor really. That heavy listen I I I bet you pick the bullets where callers today. Did you won a Cy Young picked up a lot it's wonderful so I thought that's what it's all about that's very good as the week went very good. OK this what is for Joseph to. Have you ever had the brother a lot of NFL quarterback charged the mound. Never read it. You know pick it back. Up I mean. These questions are yes man. I think that it did I didn't and let. I've got to get the big question restarted with Elliott started it yeah yes yes that I have yet at the ultimate up or. All of your own. Not that well that. Well ordinarily just wanted to know Leon but only ultimately nobody got very actively chasing me down. Well unit tonight. I was having arguments are Brad notre. Us thinking about what what I would do with Bradford so I was films like yeah alzheimer's. Would you. Really I am. Rarely does pass my thoughts I might have. We you to one years old that that happens a different look kept you close. Where he taught yet. I was. Studying in study hall writing notes on my leg but wearing vessels worth ninety minute test involved. It generates that is suit that it says very clever it's elected you I don't want to die we'll we'll sort them about the authorities in. Yeah it's DA requested. Climb right back down elevated test and it's mixing harassment. Grant sue you really younger not reject the you particulars I think it's enough that it has yet ironically it's several years later we all laid expects him play so congratulations to a song. Who isn't so this question for both of you who is both famous person. Most famous person you know outside of baseball. Both Davis first. Got an in joke joke and by the way jokes so desperately wants to answer this question I don't. Though. Gophers. Josh wolf. He's he's gonna come out later and so honestly. Johnson out of hours Johnson can be reviewed on a blank that out Josh wolf. Want you to. At what what might what level of relations and I guess that there hosted meetings of the united your Vodafone. I don't know I haven't slowed in the phone book. No nobody. I hang out on the lowdown. I believe that some. Are well I did play so what is the what is your vet you went you. That had the most famous people like so I was that. I was at the airport I've met Joseph Gordon lap. And I I've never mentioned that ever before. And now I am able to get a bit Joseph Gordon-Levitt and I went up to it was pretty BA big game. Everything that I love you you and let that result of the fact John unitas candidate markets. The good that so so I give credit event like that. Yeah 1000 high school. I went today espy's. That are Gatorade player of the year for baseball. And errors a lot of people like that there it goes right. A lifetime ago now and remember it. Would it mean. Everybody dad and everybody that yesterday's that puts so it's been so me to view did you. Go up and actually try to talk we'll only do those that are pulled up. Out of the office that and house eighteen years old Baghdad after. I mean. A photos that I asked for just we're Levitt's photo league needs that now. Really I'm certain that point that the city city down in the airport so that the airport harper on the airport now and you know it in the as the worst feeling when you act go do that you. Throw yourself out there as you say not right here. Yes. I haven't looked moments us flying over why. After I graduated from high school my grandmother on my mom's side so my next Ingraham mama not. Sent all of her grandchildren know why for their graduation present so my cousin. We're a month apart with a straight. We're coming home on an LA acts and ice cube was about. When he being run me. Physically there goes ice cube so I ran up the guys you play a Q can I get a vote and it looked at me any kind of bad news tonight. It's camera ready it's not like probably be my camera and he sort of walking down like he's like keep walking when. So note note that we kept walking that walk that walk in act like a hard ass. Then I get the camera is like you're trying to politically well. So I'll let you read things that you have read that and it returned and he went from might mean to like straight smile life. And then at the ticket vote straight mad dog walked away like really it's like to be the real nicely fit yours. No they had a vote nice view of is back on what phone though wasn't the greatest fundraiser. It was is this cool I mean like guys do is where our houses is on your wall here and had no chance that that phone's gone. Well. The guy in Kirk financiero Debbie guide you to the test at river Alley injury. Rally injury the actress. Susan that the reader customers. Button. The media event that the read it was commercial which is the laundromat and she doesn't split its catch is that burritos and mind you haven't. You remember that. Yeah the rerun marathon. Republic we knew that name Alley in theory jogging in the marathon I was significant analysts predict marathon the Boston. And I guess you're walking and I was sprinting god marathon and we rely queries he wears the become up to three miles. Initiative right now extras were Mario Lopez who burial as. Dario pimples yeah yeah they were there were Mario actually started walking together that we start running back Chris is so long ago I had a disposable camera you know. So I started pictures of Alley intrigue from running the enough now that's my that's my best story. Yes not as an accidental story yet time intelligent. But it did it. Pickles are going until we're done. I unless you have bettors had a talk Fiat revenue analysis of it and they went on espy's yeah I had Isaiah USB that it was not meant. In case you. One hit wonder. Who Hollywood entries N. I got to knuckle with a nice view I think yourself with humor that mixed feeling better. That's. Guys that I'd. We're Steve may wishes they could be here right now. If you know what they mean. Up OK let's go to it. Tonight at night. And it's and it wanted to be here you know it is admitted that he can't come here. Noise I actually saw him near last year. Now with with that in mind as Atlantis is betting on. Soon but it Bennett is he's keeping a low profile you. That so Betty that here Bryant Johnson no look at what I you have Brian Johnson was supposed to hear whether it's but. The team now with food poisoning. It's at the B go to excuse for every bad so it. Veterans of podcast I'll did it better between two of you yeah yes. Did you know it's food poisoning death today was it was and then I've read of him you know who's better between you two ready yet area. Doc to the media you know no risk assessment on line you look at the people love it though. If you give Intel does not only you had a good he's got a great personality of their loved it. I who does the right the grid. What he says the rights of rip. You think he's good with the media I do no no I'm asking Rick I'm Rick if you think Joe's new media that I like it. But that it's a lot better you. But you try to be boring. And on occasion yet. I think Ramsey goes with the new clues chances. Goes out sometimes the good news if you could tell answer by. So he's pretty so which one who's better show things you know. All right who's getting asked the best with a medium Tyre today. Silence doesn't work. Crystal sounds pretty. Much knocked right x.'s block them I'd agree I think David. It's. It's. And he's negated an area was the worst with the media. Pedroia that. You are as fair justice says everyone's was better hitting. There is no yeah that. Five in ninety got a accident behind you and he made it seventeen and nineties there was number and it was on number around. That in a lot of them were no violence no way Joseph let's not blow off the wall off now only goes up and away I'd. I had. That's very important Smart some are there it's like ninety and 99 we have video. Well what I can't believe it he showed its. Videos as the accident is an ass execute up in this Obama's budget outlook budget studio just ahead on you know. I wanna get jammed in a flair for second day one strikeout and it's on that yet. It Arafat's now that the ethics and that's all the that's all accounts was better pitching. Threats that. Don't. Island that's where they probably draw out run 300 miles an hour within massacre of all. Not to say thank you guys that is closer Brad the this goes to their questions actually vehicles fell in past. That's cynical Kelly asked Joseph wider use there that's when it's. I agree it's stupid show. Yeah okay Jim Johnson might as soon as evidence I am opportunities earlier it is. On the early yeah I needed a totally on the the Friday cities yet on the snow's comment outward and happen to frequencies and you you're you're married yeah and how they did in Knox and India home right now the idea. Figure here yet Sylvia and next year here yeah I'm here on this lady street yeah if Britney yeah you know. OK act Josh wolf comedy. Josh wolf Josh locals comedian who was on. Let's tells like charity events in Chelsea Lately in right. Yet you know said Joseph you guys to be affected Joni you keep saying your standup comedian. The going to be standup comedian correct I would like to do something I'd like I just sort bit. It's gotta be less than five minutes all right give us your best joke. When you want some time it my best. They can be some podcast Knight did Knight says no it's not the life. Because it's a little cross the line a little that's where I mean you can do it now by nine. It again stated that you knew he had to go next next question Brad the and he joked that he that I had those this is going to be this isn't going to be like what my best about that first if he's going to be a stand up comedian you say Josh will say what you they're doing and that wanna do it. Okay like you would think you would have one good joke and I'll come back that. It's piracy. Act at 323. I tell ya know I got. While it would give you give one. I don't get a job during an added note that on the episode. You line late nights of my this is where this is where people don't know is comedy that's how. Activity data households and sentence now this is an act comedy shows they know that they're there. It there's going to be line from the this is where this is not on this is aware. Careers are launched. One way or the other. Bible my group down. Now get a lot of you and your career right now it's a terrible. With the New Yorkers aren't going to IR. Started you know I don't know if you hit it it. My my my my it is really based on its just that follows on the all right kitty kitty before the sense that you would show night at. The understood through 21 to the memorable Twitter account. Our facial creams too much. It's so green like listen yes. No I use one. Entities aren't trying to use an appointment. I mean I usenet posts news. Bomber to know that whatever. After I'd saved my eyes out. I don't apply our applied you know it would go yeah I replied you know it OK. Lucy birds asked what went out CNET. I hope there won't let go over not yet there you. 300. The augmented. It. Tell you thousand hits off me. Better than his yeah Lauren story arc. Aides I just do what you do follow up 10 come on yeah. No way. That's really good this guy's guys yes. Yet answer you like it you'll get a at least at least eight and again. It. These guys again let the sun and get to play well congratulations on everything dad. It is. Toward. So you were tonight I have my got to go but we're taught me right that's what you do the Bradford show celebrities about it. It doesn't candidacy a guy who got the guy onion. I mean that's the go to very anyway you guys made great story literally put it for thirty years you know right. I'd. The people that Torre played for thirty years he knows that that's right and he goes this show it is. A delegate at the mile at least twenty still this is like you guys are too young could seriously you go out today and it on you hated figure out right now. Yeah this and percent you this is like basically the equivalent of the the the usage you have peace deal with things where it's tagged out his living room. And it's like people would sellout. Of course it was for a reason libel invasion by. It's kind of the same thing the rat pushed out to people red people I don't even that's probably a good comparison if that read those you've definitely I had a nickel for every time but I feel right. That's Barack confidence picked up a lot of ways you Weyrich. The auto NC park who is the next question I lose LSU birds pass. What do what advice did you give Chris Sale when he got here and it does not like not like what advice are you plan mean. I know you're you're one of the starters you know he's the starter. You went to and that's when it I know I'm listed on it and he got out our nicer out nicely done I'm at my cousin got married in California at a making way. I thought that was such as very very get. That's the what how did you Dana good now it's it's beautiful that the through. But it might have done that would have been I didn't you know having given Curacao any advice speakers. He's fine night. I mean yeah I know that is game now but you know what it is it's like when you when you guys go when people go to Boston it's like we talked about certain. Like reporters and say they watch out for this guy you're act this way or whatever. You know so it is not that I don't have anything bad to say that you guys I think you don't think that's it but if that's what if it's. Borrowers to try to say that's not like illness or rates at F everybody in the media and the low that will be that's fair. If he is if there's questions that he has obviously all elements that are there to answer but I outright. It's not like there's new article about some night duty got to be ready if they see everything that night. He's got it I mean he's been planning to do a lot of outs it's it's definitely it's not a hapless different I thought it was a legitimate question though there is a question and expand. And it's okay loosely use the winners in this. OK as hard blunted did you ever makes of a crime literally. GAAP. I finally I was I don't adamantly is news and I was so competitive. If we lost the game and in the Italy ache or travel Holler pony ball like I was upset select where. I was crying after all the games I was so upset that it doesn't take much for it crime but that. I cried quite a few times but I got I want us out of a game for throwing my bat unintentionally. I'm hitting at the plate boy I had a lenient in a lead in the gap nearly one out yet it immediately GAAP. They need to know what I did badly that I guess I. I threw a house 11120. My Little League and yup. Cost you the Agassi hit the umpires Bledsoe I didn't get that started should not read about in the Italy bird act that early Saturday ran me. I've told as the young. Was presented to when he fighters and are scared I used to umpire again Rosie and I get to put hoagie in between innings it looked. So I'm excited outline and then what these guys got another run out of not a bad line yeah. I gas Joselio. And I think it costs and my dad was coaching. Are you actually look at those abuses that are expected him to act and out going first to third. Being ripped you know grab it and run down piccolo and out and back for a second days. I hit second and I start running back towards first base. At sadly incomplete brains aren't like that could just keep going back. And yet he picks I can't fix that that's so not funny about it at Baghdad Baghdad this. Lost it I didn't widget that you had a tough coach onion. I mean. Yet you you know on Italy you know I coast it's right. Two years I mean there's a visit there's a boundary and there's a line that can be cross with and it's the coaching at a I think that if you wait too. 90% of all big leaders. I gain speed their dad or their mom or whoever. The parents you know were much harder on them being your average. You know Little League Baseball player it they definitely are part of it definitely wanted it more I mean. I think it's good like I've I've I've asked plenty of friends you know that limit the based off. And I know that like their parents were tough on like harder than most kids parents are tough on them. I think it's a good being. Now Obama while I I think that ominous tone it down a little bit but. There comes a point where. It's the kids and they knew that it was like looking back on it like I hated it at the time like. You know thinking at that forget now the ground balls there saying that the practice or make my dad and maybe do that Ali Al time or favorite. I mean there's a lot of times out wanted to do and there's definitely I went there. Where it yet I hated I literally quit my eighth grade year I said I'm don't baseball I'm done I'm not playing in my house I have skateboarding only I got played basketball played football. I'm not playing baseball. And then my friends like him and we miss you like it took you know six months off in California that's basically like five years to play every day. A friendly haven and we miss you like we come back you know like I don't know what it's like him but I mean I got worn out I played you know every single day of the year and so ago poignant. And I was in my butt kicked it worked like we're all time you know. Always grinding like every single day in public debt other kids are doing this. As I got to do this madness and now my dad's obviously La land on it like looking back I think of the great advocate being. But there's there's outline. It well and aka back the original question which you guys both they answered the question very very well. But not accurately but did you did did you make it Ewing cry. You Rick Mueller did initially said yes or network aware of how to get and I said I cried I said we cried. Yeah Brad I cry about it. Yeah how's it at Dexter I could pick in the sand all you it's and it wasn't like it and I held up my swing just in time. Whereas it's actually MBA study gets its lows no. With the barrel that with a donut on the that's emitted at here now on. Assisting in track acts alone and on about them might be your teammates well. At your own deputies here tonight and when I was when I was they do that it was a through the glass is played right field that it really wanted to hurt us government. I mean we've played right field. House lights were not actually order a bit. That's a pretty good ones that you bigger wicker. Really communicate with a pitch. No I I I don't remember any specific time make it surprise you get a pitch in silently and. What is the what is the most pissed off you bet this is from Matt Phil Stacey what is the most pissed off you've ever been on a baseball field. Iowa. Playing against that he knows maybe. Twelve years old is travel team is my drink yeah answers we played against. Visitors start replaying eyes that's nice that's not commented that the ice certain thoughts to replace the team it is socal stars which at Stephen Strasburg. Or it is the best are the so Cal's. Show us and you with those one of those teams where in Palm Springs and like a big tournament where all the best team goes out. And back it and you to a result you know. Everyone's popping up front and out you know it's a cheering them softball cheers and bubble law and you know now nowadays you know. Team but yet do it but thought I heard everything out on the mound. And I'd I've faced him on time and there's name might. Now he's rattled like I gotta have it now is rattling at a I was kind of on it but we're gonna rattle this guy. And I called him on I don't like that about. Thought Mike has come out and public. Yellen like hit me the good around the country in Spain of vote they vote. And around on the note bit ahead of time about the aggregate went it's. I don't get out in his address in one like you know maybe 31232. Like minute waiting. And the guy Mike was my coach will still play today that story to day you go to south and be like this musicals there's all they have seen. So every diocese that they think they get rattled the select we set to each other and it its money up front result. So upset that was the cause this off of these soldiers one I'd like committed and I analyst view and it's like now I would hit it. And lost the game on purpose just making field. But I didn't know that's a bit played twelve years old you have the other hole with a wealthy. The most is dying baseball bat and retirement commodity he hit it as a all right so what's the most is the occupant of that. I don't know bit. Is that a few times I was. I was young at the tower is six point eight points due at the time and we are in Pittsburgh. And I had. Throng like 82 pitches that attitude it's shut out gone and we're winning game three and out then. I was at 82 pitches through eight innings asked to its. And Cleveland took me out of the game. It was a closer at that time. Very mean used today is Nancy and I he went like perfect Nazis so by it. Stupid is possibly what it was in the days system and very positive thing. I mean yeah I mean it is a minute fitness the United States in the dugout but it. We had been written on the whole it words I mean. There's always some wayward you have with a man with Jim Leland thank you bill. You know snap back but seated please request of the hall mayor again. As respectfully is like that I. Told them that I disagreed with the decision but if it's. Excuse me sir I disagree with taking out of the game would lead to this though thank you see. You know those activities. Like this spirited regularity here. If that if it's. I've noticed transpiring news site bases were loaded with nobody out and the bottom and I. The authorities say the game today ID plus the gas again don't even ammonium orient. Bases loaded nobody out wow we're out breed out things like. And yet so I mean I saw the first guy out and and now about double play. That's not them those that nova building authority guys this source Torii Hunter dropped by this show which usually does at least a so he didn't even know you need it no mind and he said they. With the so I waited and I. Oh Brad I don't I don't I'll probably credit on their laps on. You could do laptops that read vote on earth you read your laptop and that rapid growth earlier I did hear today I don't I'm province have not known my name. If I note that he knows me because everything I've interviewed about David Ortiz 50000 times god is out about the news but there difference obviously. When he when he jumped in the in the bullpen. You were the ball down right warm enough you'll what did you think you're gonna get this is the favorite T Grand Slam in Yale CS. Their. Not that not every night you know it's yeah it's not this is that this is may fifth. 2012. This is the ALCS. IA. BP I don't know it. That's all it knows of weird home run Geeknews. Now's a line drive I mean up ball was not like it normally under teaser rates soaring shot. That blows a line drive and at Fenway at depth while the ballpark it's pretty please pretty big right and so. Understand and Agassi gets hit and hit my first diocese balls in the gap and scored three. Berkshire and and I'm going 11 wolf my associate editor at lose it if that's correct that and and map. At night channel. Why didn't it did you guys think they're gonna bring in Phil Coke. That works in both again it was a lefty out there right. With a focus letting him go but he was a lefty he was on the roster I don't know I was an icon like everybody thought I guess I guess other then you're ever come on line. I'm not saying that you're saying that they should it should average shouldn't have on this thing if you think that was gonna happen. The problem with that was it that Phil Coke could with what wasn't available hours of them you know. I think in that situation and an NLCS. And Hakim don't lie had been so good for us up to that point and of activity to PSA. Politically correct answer I got. That's what I think they he was the best guy in our bullpen at the time and I game was a must win game make if we win this game work to nothing go back to Detroit. Right great seeing you win so they're best hitter against our best available army bases loaded by screw it let's go to we got. And that's suspect's right to minority student walked. Kodak please vote yes I mean Eddie honestly I if I said I called the biggest hit Red Sox history because you called it. It Basra the radio and don't know I called to be like and if fight to fight on it that it must be true. So. Thank you predicted there's no problem although no well I'm saying in hindsight is the biggest hit Red Sox history is why you touched on it. If he doesn't hit a home run. That he can Newt. You walk single double triple anything if he doesn't hit a home run you guys go the World Series. And then in the cardinals Libya as we lost the Red Sox again. And that needs to be widened Mike Metheny start walking Ortiz I mean your grandfather him again this is safe place it. Mike's event there. Did you what I can't say I understand nicely done. It's obvious that you look at his record against him in the league since 2012 and is when he percentages grades you know and mass layoffs that every oh month. But eighty days. Might have been. I mean it was everything ourselves that we should start law you know honestly. You expect and it isn't some like that you expect. To bottom you know. I'm not sure the numbers were thrown out but his numbers are ridiculous. I think I might got about one seeds it's like it's game three gave saint I think he might head up. Miss a ground ball to second base and that might have been the first out if we recorded. Through the first you know three games. In hindsight I mean I'd obviously be should've noticed around them because. The whole team besides that there. I mean if you live team that is I dated. Yes and have been value Ortiz hit like six bit and addressed the team probably like to create as salmon. It is pretty similar honestly there's a couple they and it's expected actually on Ashley. The factory outside too you know yeah yeah we've reached a walk them. A good at a I mean. But that's the basis so crazy when he did Nike. Even worth thinking OK I mean. He's a human being at some point he's got to got to value it at some point gotta nest and pop very. Roll went over and bad news is that now locked down at me. You know we. I'm watching Miguel Cabrera hit since its races we used to say today wired and now walk. He should be locked and audience it raises yet and David Ortiz. Arguably one that's. Clutch postseason there's more time so he plays the law yeah. Yeah I was I was a mean looking back now was to lock them or I would something. You know updated to death. Somebody with a brush mop little bit you know like. And he accidentally and Haley as the Ramirez doesn't fit in honestly don't regret it if there's accidents that's throughout the vast networks TV have you broken ribs. I went right past that were boys now though we got fat that's good and that's got to beat the Dodgers. But yes yes of that I am sorry for both of you to bring up bad memories overs and relieve him but once again you that's why. If you ended up at a good place. Right here it's repeats this clock gets by the last Twitter question was from Pat Riley W Bradford which my son yes Twitter. That of I gotta gotta be my standard ice I got to find an attic now. Is it tweets and done stuff you follow a very political. Road with bill was site young. You've got to determine I know it's I've done that. Which is your favorite movie what's your favorite movie I know that's like like Riley. Generic question identity and I mean yeah. The rocks now. What is a Bronx now Oden. That's a good one but that's artistry but not to answer those questions that are there. Some news. All right that is our question I notice those better I signed the don't ask the tough questions. Maybe TV showed today. Our favorite TV show breaking bad. They're movie tombstone maybe you see you watched documentaries. Not not Imus on TV none of turner left that night. Yet Beckett got a job prison yes yes yeah Dylan right yes it Dylan and girls people who see it thanks for spoiling the. If it's news it was in the it was an every newspaper yet and it's this this is the part where you asked me any question on. Who has the best tax out of all the mail media members me. That truthfully. ME. Doubt it. I I haven't. Prepared anything. Who was your best bet you're thinking about right now diabetic render guidance to wrote an article on the road. Let's David go to three city road trip now you have all the games right. At about three city road trip. Who will you take that there. More. Go to dinner way. I'm not taking anyway and who you go to Ian Browne MLB dot Ian Browne just you do know a third will still disagree don't come along if you like go. Did. Yet now I like all the writers. Almost two hours. Just wrapped like you're good at this brat yeah they're the body the best out of all of these days. That's a false statement asked for a dying we. Knew immediately I play for the time. I've run five marathon that's gonna. Yeah Jason has drive you run five marathon run by America off Basra the masses on you lyrics out any help it. I believe it it works out and eat healthy. I don't know over yourself what are your time. It's. I actually my best time was four hours and respects that's that's pretty regularly gets ready yet. And I trig with I was gonna do book each trying to medically that Israel it Will Ferrell trainer. Actually they'll be treated what is wolf Borough marathon arm I don't parent here in the marathon a year before yet it will be chosen phenomenal save whatever we we sit out your cabana or you know giving Aaron like cars at the same body on we are similar we have similar lies flat bodied I was gonna do a book on a non runner running America Online book. I've written hitless night I've written two books the idea really yet and I didn't write this one but. I want to do a non runner running a marathon in meet up with interesting people in the way so I was trained by will Farrell's trainer. You know the Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. You know you know the guy trying and Conan. It's that's how I'll I don't what's gone you know politically Okobi Mobi the musician. I don't love it but yeah it did it in and out with him dead yet so as a whole scenes of us that the illnesses here it's so Baghdad. That a growth. I take pictures back valiantly trying to medically united. Technically I only for its name ineptly whether that's that's all you got those how so over your time covering the Red Sox. Who is the player that you needed covering them most AJ Pierzynski. What Anthony out with an immediate never every team he's gone to give me a good guy here I that's at all. There's amongst everybody guy or perhaps a year after that it got mad at least one full season under his belt. That I needed yet coverage to strong words. So what did you dislike the most. Alfredo sounds like he's missed I was scared of them. Utility if he's down then I always would suit him that few people I've been legitimately scared. It's Alfredo Savvis in Rudy Seanez. By the vote line. The the commune race stack up. The attachment rule in Tibet as a federal on all relate to rotated players through their duties yes it was a and then make guys who just like he was the bad guys. These scared me quite the structure right now. Well. So you don't like it Latin American players you're at it from here at least yeah it's weird a weird make America great depth they have breakfast programs podcast that they've found account. I think doubt guilty by association. Alfredo Savvis disguise he was there mass medium medium answer not I. Right if you went through you visited about the regular service to I don't know off and process. I'd I'd I'd and I don't have a great stories about atom. Jason Varitek like you know. Why would you read about that thing we did you do moon I'd do anything. So why it like I think that you it's. It's a business. Yet. The result is you now right yeah I was the rare thought I was the only guy that got along with you can't get sensitive like data tees off business. Not since. You know that little sensitive. Well. I mean I I like to get quotes. Via so is everyone I was the only guy that like Josh Beckett though. Nobody like to thank you know. Use. I likely be guys like that because I thought I'd like let he is like using mass whole lives. That's what he wants. It he also did things for people that yet so and he. Media member who beats the words. Most unhealthy. Being no chances it's no. And I know we're back the soul to talk them. Regina and Jodi Miller Johnny Miller Johnny Miller has got to be the world's oh yeah yeah unhealthy. He you have ever yeah I was and I mean I've seen him ran it on itself and on top of that bit. Here's the whole sorry today. That's real close to the giant today just because you know I had nothing else in my locker. That night it was there Weaver Christopher sale. So I asked on if they donate. Good good glad your back whiteness over. Well I had done and I had this I was growing up I don't rock crisis I've asked that question vocal agility he really that we agree this is dead there's your story. I know both Donny get family of where you live in it now and Ohio I'm into this evidence Somalia right so what did you eat for breakfast. These idiots who bagels plane. Cinnamon raisin from Duncan with a Coke and as it was time this. He's at 5 AM at that it will leave the ones he said haven't Adrian Barnes and its environs but that's already beginning. The thing I have been ambivalence and inner conflicts of Indianapolis today. Now and go to Wendy's and knocked out on the net income of like Johnny that's not. That's not very healthy that I haven't done it for fifty years of like all right stroke so what did you do. Would you eat. The past few days he says he's at McDonald's for dinner twice. When he's treated it twice last night yet dairy queen he's going back to Wendy's for dinner tonight every single million ever eaten as they're actually the puzzles. Is that Hogan didn't know. Late in the dude trying to do thirty days at McDonald's diet recognize me now doubt that that's still ahead on dialogue Borger it's relied escalated. Why does he was eating. The biggest that not a course that I don't think John is notable now as you outlined it on the Johnny and I buddy Miller WBZ radio every day we all know that every morning. We begin at the press box there's donuts evaluate that at 2:30 I am just about a 530 which opens its parents alert off very generous. The he offers doughnuts and he always has cookies every single day busted it and if you know like Orioles hello. I've always liked and wanted to they have some or you ever offer Zaurus enough for the players knowing if I don't it's an old man now and Natalie back to back days where you notes which media member. As the worst round. That's easy for me. I'm not if trying to. On an aircraft that. I don't know everything about as we're Kamal Brad I know there was there was I can name his name at all really created an unknown but yesterday we got our. I the realism here but to begin on my idea that aren't so we'll let the media members right now you'd I think. You guys that is that is that is clear and answers and I hate us. I'm actually met him yeah I think the hypothetical. Quotation marks if you speak another hour's wrap that all the media members right now. Is it being no. I don't know all of guys liar I don't know episode so I don't. So there is to do it while they played Brad there just isn't that you guys you guys did the rounds of questions are gonna do same. But the but you there is a definitive. Amongst the players there is definitive bad breath media members and percent. Yeah how much (%expletive) and I didn't listen guys talked about the media in the back room. I handed out about that but being. There is not a must you wanted to designate and no I don't I don't cannot I don't it's not it's not even a bad thing busiest days ago we go to dinner that's all we talked about. Players exactly it which players the bestseller again an ass hole yeah. Yes I gotta order through the remains. Well up throughout the earlier you do remain there at the room they would legged chicken ranch. With analysts and no ego. We're in that order there and I've started to that question correctly. Age beater on the books on line on ability of certain other reliable what do you do or just come back around tonight ten minutes but that's I. I'm so let's word another way pet have another beer that. But the fact that that in your children that he's not treatment once again twin peaks thank you for having us through these lock secured for buyers come on down on the border. What's this road. This road Donny Daniels. Not. This is. I go a league that you wanted the Likud three lines that path that the hub of the universe. So it's not a word that a way. Was needed him at the worth envelope well now don't go right back to and let go right actor and it's it is. People who have deer in headlights look we don't. Now what's another donut and awesome let's get on a summit Allison. So that's another question and editor called so let's let's they'll talk in the brat that for the past I don't know who knows it and that if let let me ask you. Apparent post they are Brad and I had. What is it goes under pitches and yet now noted that many estimate it for a so I regret thirty pitches. Can he possibly you know there's a hundred well it would say it. I'd define him a good base a base hit so we're at right defenders out there feelers out there yet archive. Thirty it's thirty pitches one mixing them up on us when he's on Emma tonight mouse. United you run. Sixty random mark on him if he's accused on all of his pitches you and I get one hand okay now Brad your best hope is to get a tablet this and take one of the rips it right here goes I get on base. If Brad I'm NASDAQ like Rudy started badly there is throwing me thirty pitches. Will he strike you know once. I don't know it wasn't there when it was 300 pitches they think you're right afterwards now. You and that's. We believe T national walked out and broke 300 it is yet. They'll give you 38 and I guess I don't. I feel out what their rare commodities to get better as I go online throwing the ball strike and hit zones that you now. Can he strike you know once. I was I would I would saying now all right he's throwing grant not he's trying to below the speed. Okay but get it but to jump on them and your hands on it sometimes you get trigger happy you're cancer clinic. I don't know you can escape act ever had why doesn't achieve what you but money Brad over the movement on. Out of money and you OK and that's the answer whatever the pits fill the one thing you're sick to care. That's not what I got a real that's why isn't that prices down and distributed to strike out. Brad both show of New York Yankees media yes O while I'm on a winning streak record of winning streak dropping dried it played any real soft bones experience. I guarantee I'll I'll take you on and any external up off the tops off plus top. If it looks like any sport you know you want to play. Three point shooting is something that you competitive. I give you a three point shooting I want action I want accidentally I'm on action who'd you re gonna today. You can hear a little boy to whoever your own replies you three point shooting and those guys polonium. Obviously an issue yes he's obviously Tennessee vault world they have to remain in there field. Where the announcers they have a whom he can quality of the law is I mean yeah he could dribble around and done gone you know whatever it doesn't matter to me. I'm like Rasheed Wallace at the end of his career I'm going to the line the line launch in threes. I but really it starts school okay. Is now being unit starts tomorrow. Through I amount guards are missile yeah I got artwork that this is documented and and style document before we leave Fort Myers I will have a three point shooting contest. On. Xbox one know. Three shots he spotted brown well I bought one yet it's not an accident Xbox one well played well luckily I have an Xbox one a camp XOK. That's fine. But it was few weeks it's gonna be here I am it's about savings could not contrast to the other questions they'll move back to the who is the word we got to know. It. But they and that. They don't question. We've got a little too close your basement NEV news and their press smells like (%expletive) Yeah what does it what does it I just ask and I don't mean to be that president. What is the deal. Land. Like there's times. At a post game interview tonight there's a lot of media in the room upon. And everybody's trying to get that first sound bite you and this circle starts closing and I view and the plan. It close any closer until there's like microphone right. Indeed thank. You're there anyone in your case we're going to touch you always go with that that you don't know what I'm glad I don't know you wanted to be utterly stupid take that away from them. This general Dave I'm I'm not what you do anything that is asking you what's the deal there that is. It's it's it's because what happens why that everybody the first question that audience that if you have foot further out you're not gonna get. Seem audio as it here but closer to 200 mighty so that's the TV dynamic all at the end you respect him. That this is Mike is tell us that the nibbles this. You might just have that -- vote that's the ripple effect of an effect of from the cameras yet chaired the audit. Ages. It's funny that those that can. And then let Johnny Miller of the Christmas. Why it is delighted I appreciate the fact you're not one of the guys that's been on that. Now I did the fact VOA mark tomorrow and ask questions after the unit me you do I just get this on the table. There are those to us and this is it that well I just spoke for twenty minutes they've now Randall's coming up to you after months that I mean enemy itself. Are great and unlike you I get respect forests ought to know it but it just did in the regular enough visited the dynamic look at a battalion Bluetooth all that you get a new favorite. It's because. All if I'm mastic a. Hey I think he he puts salt and pepper on it but I potatoes I'm gonna ask you question what's going to be good one. It's not going to be in front of every serious questions of course yet. I only ask. Doubted. I will never ask another question after the basically let Rick is saying you know I don't think alike don't melee that out of now. He's trying to make her feel about all of my video card who's arm is it tantamount to do it attitude targets population rob Bradford while they deal. I'm just I'm con you out because it's a trend we've created huge strand a third event. Third if your bank be interviewing somebody at one time as well as thirty do you believe Brad folk of the view it as a wise it analyzes just you know. As long as our guys are sarcastic aren't and it's it's like this whole linger effect and then before you know we're doing on ones with our. I don't act on these animals need as popular as popular as you say you aren't necessarily the people could be following you you are leader. That's true that we've that schools around the locker create a fans everywhere. So laughable if you don't like this weapon they you know I don't the actives go from place to place the place to play through it to you your right. There's a lot of like it yes ethnic again and again is trying to support Ryan the tense or Japan. You know rally on politics is that Getty. Yet it body. So you write and ask questions. Aren't you know hours rep in the media. And you ask questions. Don't know that that's that's done this honest I had a podcast. That's a good delicately like after Howard got. Arnaud I don't need TI if there at the salute around allies on TV you know it was great piece of news namely where's it here lately I honestly I don't hear any. Yeah he says. That active member of the media line. Obama. Yeah just to get things moving yeah so it will wrap up is this what you expected. It was fun right good at times it's fun and I get. I ordered the replied I. What it the one thing that I was promised. And needs Hillary nor. Normally. I'd expect rapid by CN there's two things now you bring in he's yours yet he serves one of our. Elected on and thinking and that those talking about food yeah play you know awful late. Section our authors and does exactly what it is lighter yeah Wayne's I know that it is everything. And it's and we came in and Brad closes right now that was sitting right I'm so what I guess 64 ounce cans are now. He had a sixty yen up big gulp and go oh hoping and yet. All mozzarella sticks he's got a little banner onto coffee tables. And there's been there to go forward to be had no we came we really came and ordered the reason audience certainly it is because we are waiting for our food. And it's no order giant rip I think I think it delivered except for the teacher on every single lot of props. And you really hold yourself accountable on president but as a big privilege is applicable with crystals is better now our. Well because she's respectful part yard. You guys here. Thank you. Yeah nice round just rest it for you man and a unit it makes you after I get it to you tomorrow with thirty people you come after you negative ads you weird question. We've gone please don't added that one part about it. But with Portland that. Story I wrote that outage thing yeah you welcome. I all right thank you by everybody my next round.

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