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K&C- Red Sox manager John Farrell joins the show to discuss the upcoming season 2-21-17

Feb 21, 2017|

Red Sox manager John Farrell joins the show in Fort Myers to talk baseball, not personal matters.

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He'd skirt and Callahan. Which Kirk made ahead and Gerry Callahan. Once sports real WEEI. I'd our Jim Kirk Callahan lied to ship on which right now. Manager of the Boston red John Farrell as a going. Not. Our fault if you're not going on it's that was it might. Outgoing walker Gary I think we've had and four days here camp already. Three days with full squad like BP than normal progression at least two games so. I think the overall view is that guys that a good job and Nazis and take care of themselves physically Mitch Mitchell you've managed World Series winners and members last placed team when you shall. And look around. The speculative worlds a potential World Series team. Well there's no question we really like hurt like the Ross with the additions made the offseason Salem Farber and I tinkered and allow us even improve the pitching staff that much more. The loss of David Ortiz obviously big so when you look at ways to make up for that we don't think anyone is actually replace him one on one. Well when you look at the ability to maintain a run differential the additional pitching probably helps knockoffs. When you look at it is a matter to you at all when you get and you were talking about before this I served as a matter to you all who's taking decisions should be favored in this stuff. No not really you know I think those guys are clubhouse have been multiple years understand that there's it was can be great expectations around team. Uh oh what our win loss record is sitting there and I think shy of a deep run in October probably a less than thought of season. But I don't think there's any greater expectation that and our club house we embrace what's out there this year we know this and we were confident that we have a good team. We still have to put in the work in camp here which to what Mexican who's starting opening day on him. But you I will say this we've got three guys that are very deserving. I also look at you know a guy in an hour or so years come off of that's gonna give him a lot of momentum just because as a Cy Young award owner and how consistent he was first. Of course they'll obviously get more crucial to the price multiple opening day start assignments underneath our belt. So. All of all. A good choice to be had in either of the three and relive like that definitely rotation particularly is right now Palmer tobacco Mamas and she doesn't really. I mean is it really say he said you know parcel on this time the great years or in this right star. This to sell pricey here it is really matter ought to. I think there's a lot honor which you're giving the ball on opening day of baseball traditionally get definitely gonna be a means that knocked him. It's like an issue right. Now and I think you know the fact offered numerically here's a guy that's been on the top performer. There's an understanding cash market they understand that so that will be announced details could force it knew it certainly earned it and spring training. I now unless. Things on for scene take place in terms of injury and what that might. Unfold if you vote interesting dynamic and you do stood lefties in one. It is. Ordering them we know would -- that Chicago we knew. You know we know what the uniforms you know you know plot with. Management and the other guy that is little two cents might be a little too nice a guy. David Price do you worry that he is that the revenues he's listening to many people are concerned about. The reaction of the fans of the media. On on my concern. Ultimately is pretty bright guy actress Monica is too bright no because of the same reasons why you invest that amount of dollars we did them. Guys that are intelligent there they're committed they they they make. Quality routine performances or what they've built a routine that hopefully gets them as consistent as possible. Could stay in those same factors give them the or make them look more. Conscientious so try to uphold the bargain so they try to do more. That's a possibility that possibly the first year in a big market under the term contract. You know I was very critically last year I don't I think he struggled in game thinking man thing liberally that bastard really good manager toll gates open for. To prosecutors asked about it in the past few structure back with an answer your good game manager go boost that you might my question I guess I've too. Number one in that's a fair criticism. Number two so you work on in the offseason that's obesity maybe they don't do this as well as other things and look at certain moves that made it should be and if you. I guess the question is do you do that stuff and ops. Well first of law I think if there's anybody that it is committed to their craft regardless of the walk of life if they don't self reflect suffer view. Maybe they just look at the past trying to move on through right so yeah I'd look at that so to give you explicit examples. I'm not here to do that but. But they were there are retreat he looked at last picking up to I went and had an LA but he did I guess the best well answers that you always look to look at ways to get better job right the yeah absolutely sure drug addict I'd make mistakes god knows what. Noise is that I'm not perfect you recognize the criticism do you think it's fair. I think that's all part Boston I think that's part of what the red talks about the fabric of city it's a major components of the people that. Their lives in politics attractive so. I'm not afraid of and that's he figured he gave me. I would say this in response to your criticism. I don't know that you have all the information available for those decisions and only option shall so I understand there's going to be two sides in the end of the great thing about our game it's debatable. Does the bench coach matter his decency no matter. He assured us I think he's he's got a rapport with the number of our players already come on back into the Red Sox. Organization eyes get a good he's good fit in among our group and I think it's important for us coaching staff. To have unity in moving in the same direction so our players understand. And have a confidence in what the game preparation and the work we're putting in the league. Did you think it was a time last year when they got Los Ange you pictures sort of specific when you think you were eager fired at any point last year at him I don't really concern myself that. You know I'm committed to work to do so whatever is being said. I can't let that affect the way about more after days of you have to that'd that'd. Get struck by Cleveland today appeared to seem like you were sort of thing. Purgatory if you will you think and point nine you know she really don't think about that happening now you know focused on took part in the best position possible went so. That might be a surprise to occur but that's not. Now housing market that's access to a finish second in every piece that there that was an epic fail. You can win what would you how do you classify these 93 win season when he gets swept in the policies that success or not. While outs in this left a kind of a pretty crappy taste of all amounts as abruptly as it arrives at finished. Winning the division that is certainly something that were all proud of in with this particular team I think the building block. It's. Because of the page that left in them in our amounts we come back and who were hunkered the pace in the energy has been shown here in the early days of spring training so. We're we're looking forward to work ahead. I am surprised you got hit visceral fun. You know with all that everything's set the managers and after making decisions at all this year every positions. Most of rotations. On that you might rolled out a bit like 10:11 o'clock you know well but you're so surprised then at 530 his wallet darkened in order to ballpark what's its. You know to it's a chance meeting a workout in at that time but still we've got some decisions in camp we don't know what that five slots rotation would be. There's some physical issues that all three guys in contention for those two spots. A dealt with a year ago. And you know the third base situation play itself about Campbell's wallets but that's animals jump to loose Cabrera. It's his to reclaim. To reclaim from home that shows on. And we will the one thing about our team as we like the versatility in the depths in the roster. You know and if that's brought Cole at third base platoon with Josh Rutland that's an alternative. But I think you know the Morse most important these panders. Well understanding of what's ahead of him he's done a great job get himself back and in the condition needed. That's the first step so the next step is to go between the lines and requirement is it harder to stay in shape. In the light of the baseball season and seeing other sports and it just seems like it later nights. Yeah well there's challenges that every player's face so you know we feel like you have a multi pronged approach that was apple dietary to conditioning to all the work that he's put him he's in that place and it was a year ago with him right. You'll also he was a joke principle and so I wouldn't go that far. We'll see how that how that plays out I think the one thing that has clearly emerged is the competition and our camp that goes back to last year. So if there's a right handed option that that could be a better production player. I go to keep that open you don't have objective Ortiz is gone in the of this question is what do you miss most in N presents its leadership is. RBIs would put what is it that that what is the boy where's the board felt the most. We'll certainly is experience I think you know and particularly difficult times and stretches let's say we go through a stretch where things are clicking and you know that there's. A little bit of a rallying point in our clubhouse it was always a guy that stood up and spoke. I think a number of players who have looked him because of experience in the ups and downs that he's gone through we've gone through in this city. And he was. Of which are reasonable sounding board for number guys in more than anything I think he exuded a lot of confidence for others to feed off you helmets moral and we don't expect to have. Replace him because he's not. The hitter knows not in north and there's not a guy in our campus. So we like to sit at the outset we understand that you know David Ortiz is an one for one replacement it's how we performs a group. And I think we'll see a number of other guys. Grow. In grow into leaders and all right a widget which is great. Prices first year overall from Beijing and it can you answer any in my small sample size I don't know doesn't seem like it. Can you point to a single reason why this post season numbers are such stark contrast different season you don't answer and the last part first comes on the execution of malicious and you know. Granted it's only two it's a lofty ERA. There's been a couple of starts inside that that grouping of policies to start for the insult ball games and that was a game which he took one lead and I think the seventh inning against Kansas City a couple of years ago. So it ultimately though the body of workers can condemn a consistent execution. Last year I thought he had a good year force I wouldn't say great your obviously but when you look at 230 innings pitched seventeen wins to Boehner and you know career Bryant strikeouts there's a lot of things have gone well for him. And yet under the expectations of may be very lofty at times it might fall short are our two peoples' part but. I would expect. With David known him now after year. And knowing the environment in which you that we were all work in pitching and he'll be a little more comfortable than your you know you know who is coming into camp with a lot of pressure low expectations meaning and it's funny we're showing in the magazines and when rookie of the year is the number one prospect in baseball going one of these. Publications. Everyone's expecting them play left planet gold glove caliber left its second and hit consistently. Are you thinking full time job he's never gonna you know from two of them. And that joblessness like the next accuse. That would be great to sit here and and guarantee that you write that out. But it's you know forceful. With the expectations on him you know in the hands Williams thirty plus days it is that's last year. I think the way he handled the big league environment. The expectations of a young guy coming up from double play and just a year plot softened the college campus Arkansas. He stepped in he's poised. He's got tremendous basketball ability so whatever the the prognosticators have out there I don't think there are gonna rattle him. I think it's pretty clear arm where's focuses on the Lagos about he was again pretty darn easy in his actions and I don't see him coming out of that though approach at least initially but. We've got a right handed hitter Chris Young who's been element used or held a job against left him pitching. So he will be in the mix how that unfolds yet to be seen that we know everyone knows you like Chris young and he could. Two with either left or center correct. On a day where there is that it had attendees at left is Miley numbers BC it's if you have any probably a little bit more quick to hit lefties he's he's he's well equipped to that left handers. But as we know as we saw last year with even with our young players. You know. The destruction that season started short political late physically which does every year so the ability that you know managed guys and and mix them through. With young and left on days that much like Bennett and senator we've got like a simple food a lot of versatility and probably second. That would be the goal to break up those four right handers that topic particularly guess right hand starters and it would go who hit third of that weakness or Bogart's. And again that's mentioned that much right. After that Wright was or breaking them up as best possible. Did you did you think last year a year ago just the stuff you personally feel like that that. He handled properly. Distraction for the team's something that you regret the way out. You know again and the anything personal I prefer to keep it so feared view when asked him the about the Red Sox but I guess my question stuff like that ate it every distraction for the team's starter. Now again and personalize you know that that's where states. Do you think Chris sales it is it is shortening a look at this she didn't kill everything in August it will blow form. That doesn't seem to be any way that he can fail other than injury. Yeah you know you look at the stuff the age of the years of the stuff that he has that consistent performer is. You know watching him here first time though you stand on occasional Washington view rather than haters gonna have. It's a very comfortable back and you've got a fierce competitor inside the person. So you combine it with the physical abilities. He should be an X extremely successful pitcher and so when you come in here at once pictured in this first do you feel that pressure you feel that. Again I think that's the the feeling we have ever hear that you know eat what I say with sale. Mean it's more than ever this year more than that squatter that we embrace it I'd say that's the bit the the opposite of that will be a bad place to be the fact that there's high expectations and feel are around Boston around baseball that is a good team we share that internally. It's about a stone Mountain Dew on the waterfront Terry Francona never has to do that he's in Cleveland in this politically ever expect them in the American League. Should get a very personal I think it was pick in this team. No. Accident that probably the two best team yes I'd agree that but well you know the bureau later but most people think this team with the indigenous. 193 and added that. Arguably the best to forget that puts it in that report to us. True right that's what these guys Pastor Wright and and the only thing this about you guys is the Ortiz that's only. You know the question Ortiz who replaces Ortiz and you say. Combination correct well. I don't want cameras are gonna fool ourselves moments there's not to be a single person or place David Ortiz we we know that but we also know that we got. A very good group of players with an improved pitching staff and you think that the aggregate out of the end result. It is equally successful in you know what you have a bunch school lovers which. Well I I think the one thing that we've seen over the last couple years is that well two things a blast appears that is really transpired one we've gotten obviously younger. More athletic this is a team that it be compared other Red Sox teams in the past you ability on the bases and have that kind of team speed is not been there so that's a different dynamic. The other is that we've gone in thirteen we have one of the second or third. Most that lawsuit opens all of its well. Not knowing where that stands up right now you've got upwards of seven guys that are 9500. Now. I know that doesn't guarantee success but the ability to many experts what investments one position probably is a little bit greater. Then that previous group so. That gives us that power farmers are in addition we believe that we are as comfortable in the uncomfortable that that this Silberman Michael Silberman rankings all divisions. Kindle. Straight to close this fourth of fifth yeah fifth. Which saves for sees it sees the success so things have been concerned. I'm not concerned but it wasn't as consistent as dominant as years past obviously the three weeks missed his knee surgeries part of that. You know he he he'll like any other pitcher has an instant the delivery and that was a challenge heat we saw some some mountains where. It walks trolls out particularly in its and we often have little walks we issued in the and that's. On characteristic of Craig Kimbrel so there are four points for every pitcher. And every player in camp those with great news. So that wrecked last that is pretty close quote these guys most guys ranked first. In the division at the position. Brent second that's first. And main UK Europe reload is loaded. Well this is there's a lot of people that are involved in put this team together and echoes back you know multiple GMC. And people on the way so. Our fans should be excited this is a good group it's exciting team I think to form team to watch. Is that in the steal the thunder from numbered in the patriots I mean this they haven't done much. Now not much all right. Well the game will be finished so I think we all share the pride that they continue to generate each and every success and look in the global. You feel like we've talked about this before football is costly trying to move for Wednesday Yonkers to zero do you feel sometimes that baseball is behind. I don't know for behind but I wanted to get a second second peaceful trees for Siemens not a fan I know that's going to be attempted or or at least try to out of the Arizona summer league and they and for the gulf closely what's international rules. To try to speed things up whether or not we go for just that signal to send a guy demo for space and said before it's intentional walk. There's a lot of initiatives a lot of conversation on what can be done to try to speed up the game. I think we have to recognize that attaching him and attracting young fans is critical for the health of the game for cool if you could do one flow to the Iowa State the simplest things make them that Austin box. And they always talk about the that would do make it to you out and another distant a number of attempts that end and you'll see you'll see some of that encouraging from home I don't try to keep him in there I think what we're gonna go to pitch clock I think that's coming. And we've seen in the fall league guys come from Dublin in Tripoli that's forty in place so. Then the the more players that migrate to the big leagues that's more the norm I think we're going to pay as you like that. You know at first that was dead set against any clock ball park boat I think one of the greatest impacts would be in the two minute or tool fighting between innings vaccinated major impact I think there's not a common comic yet second it's too quirky picture earnings that's that's too. Yet throw that out there and then and in the aggregate value solution and go to church groups and that's not that it's sort and that you don't have it's kind of compromise but it's book. It gets in people's heads right and only a minute that doesn't even matter after they are conditioned to correct speed up they say. I don't see the clock I just grew up with with a well really it's creating about writes that Massachusetts is Swire skis and Garrett does not MacKey sensor. That I don't I don't jump to you know it. You know had a couple days were some errant throws and I know grab a lot of attention but the work they had fallen through the basis that powerful was accurate. You know he just needs to get some repetition background plate after missing after his injury and not solely the left to play with guys went through that stuff like that and in Iraq for Bart. The unfortunately. But yet you see it from time to time and then it's just try and fund routine it unlocked maybe some thoughts that are binding it got you see Rick Ankiel to skip the book when he tried to do some. Well it. Stricken vodka before it starts. Just to get me. Golfers of drug that the you know the sport and and on baseball players did that I know I've not read the book but it's it's pistol tease tease him. And now it's important we're two of them didn't. Work you know unfortunately this you don't just for you can view it now it's much much. I got have a good thank you John. John Farrell managing the Red Sox joints your 617779. 7372. Of the union notes so that is good times come back tomorrow. Find that. The gates was so different. That's. The best you can show them where. You run. I didn't use it might still moments these position by position that he's. It is he's it's funny I think it's better alternatives than managing him. He doesn't win nine. I mean ninety apply pressure from. It's from us from us from the fans get some you know from outside force. I think from the process question is what the brother the trustee is aspects and that's quest team. And so was Henry Ian Moore and the Huskies fired eyes and see he has snap and I don't know does a great affection forms volatile relationship are defecting attitude of sneaking into the last of course we million dollars. Of course of their if their fourteen and twenty I think you lose. And I and I mean it's. Idol lead police to round when jobs that are of course the news media that there possibly I understand. It looks good doesn't. Huge huge withdrawal looks the part as you point though it's very important that we have to get iChat which that it's. He's definitely the books that he couldn't commit date. The young player which he allegedly used to him pitchers out here that we missy I think there's no question Chris is a lot of course aux I think in debate about. But you referenced or civil right there. With you it's it's easy CU I think he went to watch. These wells I was right next. I think attic and Morse I think it he said writes it was such an I understand that's one game and use these Randy Johnson IDC traditionalist so easily won this idea last year who cares it's one of the it's not. Matter to me start you start it right out excellent is right now. We're still thinks is good pitchers Chris. No order that actually means that he knows little trophy that's when it was Pedro. In Chile that was real competition that you try to teams. Correct price second picture correct torsos there corrects of one a would have to show that solid. Crisis is that you were when that first game of this it provides 67779. Seven that mister seven that he can get you have snacks.

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