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Bradfo Sho, Ep. 9: Lou Merloni faces the Red Sox

Feb 19, 2017|

Rob Bradford is joined by Lou Merloni to talk life in spring training, his toiletries, sleeping arrangements, and facing off with Red Sox personnel that he might have been critical of. Rob and Lou also get into the dynamic of electronic and print media when it comes to ripping the Red Sox.

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Add road show. That might open definitely probably would have brought that I don't. Query where you don't know what you're stupid Brad broad show. That's delicious. They knew his first appearance on the Brad social podcast blue reload Ian were doing it lives. From Cassidy of baloney and you know that's correct but the the house at Maloney is living in. But myself and Doug lane and all the other WEEI people first off Lou welcome and what are your impressions of this house that we're living them. Thanks in round I looked it had my own room you know it's actually a loss to you know connection down there and he would put. It wouldn't makes me nervous that two years ago I think ST with you three years goes in complex and that was Arnold remembered. But remember I walked in the to a house I thought was yours where we're stamp. It wasn't I set up that deck and we entered the house it was an old lady next year at the living (%expletive) out of her and I thought I was gonna get like shot. So it kind of brought back some bad memories to be honest it was a toll forgot that it and that was the real rule story that you're sitting in someone else basically of being someone else in the living room. Whom she could miles on the phone and she came out of the bedroom and I'm just sitting on the couch that stream as weird actually invited UN time and now it's also became a whole house. A whole season. Thought he really wanna talk few volume entering the belly of the beast that is spring training right. First off I do 10 naked I would I do or make confession when we talk about the house. That you are staying in Nam in the room with the pullout bed right correct. Yeah but it's fine and Hainan island but listen and listen I'm not high maintenance rock okay can deal with. OK so I was sitting in that room when Johnson prosecutor John Rossi left I was going to be good soldier. And I was going to say Lou you take the nice bed I'll stay in the bad to have the bar right in the middle of your spine. But instead I thought the audio file Lou baloney singer rob Bradford drawing a vote Cokie vets. I said (%expletive) you Lou you're a stake in the of the hit in the bed with a bar right familiar ride a healthier enjoys a image Julian finest and like Iraq I don't care. If so we before once again you went over to spring training. And you you went. Face to face with all these people who you have said nice things about it not so nice things about and you broke down the demon know what he does a better. Before you we get to that though. I do wanna go through the product that you have in the bathroom. Because it's is this the sort of Major League level I don't this is not sportswriter. Dots it. Give me give you what you give me your routine so I know when I wake up in the morning this is going on in the bathroom what is your routine. It's it's not that complicated means that most men I mean I have hair product. They have deodorant and this is different for this house to yours and you niche yet. Com I have area high and shaving cream kind of from my face relation even given the beard it's not that just round the neck so there's just some things that normal people have and I know you don't normally eat things like that which opened deodorant and toothpaste. In your house but I guy. Well it's what is next levels beyond that there is there was a definitely a smell of Cologne or something. That that would that with not present when Johnson mossy at last that bat the ball what I have left that bathroom is so if you finish off the whole equation when you do the whole. Luke reload the I'm starting my day in this is the Packers in presenting the world you finish it off with a little that vehicle down there. No Cologne a K there's some face cream maybe that's about it you know that the dry skin. But it's amazing how you tune neanderthals aren't used to certain types of product which is sort of keep the clean and smelling good that you're trying to compare. What I bring to the table compared to John to my seeing yourself I mean about a. Fit for us well you can downplay the fact that you put on face cream by face cream is next level I'm sorry Ed and second. And yes you know I yes he did smell batter it and maybe we don't put on colonial maybe we don't you put god you ordering. But still that doesn't make any lesser people in. And and I think that you are metro sexual so I don't I just your match the actual record there's no Cologne there's no Cologne of their what you. You said phase three. Right now faced him down near Florida who get Rob Lowe faced him I mean you put on suntan lotion what you need pastry and absorbed in motion I gotta now have outpaced me this week. But it. What is this like this and you lop cent per could be Crawford. Mask of you what rule what is going on it to have a three scream your face him again dry hole with this case the it's oily that's a different level drive that thing out Leah. All right anyway I will have more or will help more about the house here if you've everyone's fascinated by it even though. We don't real we're really not here hole while I mean this is this people asked about the rhythm a spring training. He's not even in the house all right. Well and such an effort at the TV I mean seriously what the (%expletive) is going on and we channels do you have I just tried to watch TV. And it was like I had to go from a zero it's like a thousand just a Washington NBA anything. But here's the thing though once you and cracked the code it is so delicious it is as there is every channel you could ever imagine. But I agree via in in in his you know the worst part about TVs like this. Is that. You if you press the Ron button you were down a path that you can't get pack your light our story in and out. On remote that each day that you're gonna have to call the guy. And by the way knows a thing to look at what the grocery store rights is and the local publics. And I got like a nice thing of water big huge camping water I get some fruits and honey do some strawberry is on the fridge. Who it's Coke to Pepsi what you'd what that's not me which means there's a Coke Pepsi outlook in this fridge you know Mike. Christ my half a block the dyke show that's not me that Doug Wayne. Who has been here in like five days man odd that's not me why am I sweating so much right now news. This huge bag of peak like an enormous. Thing of beacon in there. That would've figured its proxy statement I I don't shot that none of that is mind ideas votes that's not me. What's up with the five are an Ngo that's what I shot I shot five idea of the cease fire and Jia. That's about it I have 50 my so my days is that I wait out. No and no face criminal would you order in no nothing you don't show leadership and brushing teeth. I but I go swimming and it out top. So by I I've locked in honesty place across the street. I mean you know I exercised this lament you run a mile and a missed 110 laps that's might ratchet right. Sounds good but the polls like ten feet long it shouldn't push off to push off you keep pushing off implied that matter all the old people thinks it's like Olympic sized bomb. And then I get my apple five RNC and then I go the park that's the regiment. And that is a winning spring training regiment I'll do (%expletive) straight a's cream I don't do I do Judy deodorant there's nothing worse. With Lou we can joke about it but there is nothing worse when you identify the sportswriters did does not deodorant in Florida in spring training Tibetan look. All of Netflix really I mean I'm impressed with your elite athlete you know as far as like you training Richmond everybody goes about it's it's impressive for this all right so we did that today we went over the park to over the park for the first time. Were you nervous were you nearest going over the party Vinny be honest were you little I mean you aren't I saw you go over you went right where the players were before anybody else for where you are nervous off. If not is not nerves it's kind of you know comfortable and I like to get over the soon as possible and initially what's up if you got a problem standing here. Com so it it get that try to get that out elation as possible moral overall it's still. Friendly with everybody special that you're the coaches not having sent down to talk to dementia yet so wait now and that will get that thing over the soon as possible but they'll it's happened for me and I just it wants to talk from the front office people but some names. I like comfortably Alec come down watching guys I don't know much about. You know me with the holiday I don't watch African price port so throw to like VP form right now I'd rather watch some of the general Eliot so. It's I love it but like you say which roughly translates to great radiant. Now that will now know we give a (%expletive) about African night starter and at depth chart it's not it's bullpen but for me I like it should. And I can occur like that I I was the other corner one on I was watching you and and I like you said you were there before everyone else out by the catchers in. John Ferrell walked over and you'd you'd get a chance to talk to him but you're right there if you want to address something you were right there and I'm sure to be right there tomorrow. You were in the locker room today we talked the players correct. Yeah one of the guys that you either choose what sells and I wanna say dined at the desire I don't I think that there's some underlying hatred towards me with him so wolf again now it's like you said hello and then you canning can come back double around. Here we cool or where we act so I think that's important and not. Radio guys don't have that opportunity you know but it's unique for me here because they do some of the games on radio -- in their locker room in and something that I have to do would have to be there and there's a sailor I gotta say I sailor belief and sometimes and opens people it pissed me off as a if I was player so I need to at least be there to address. Do you sense so it yell at what you set I was there when were you were waiting on port fellow and to me when you should be in a Marcelo is real quick. But something has quickly is that like there was no I sensed no vitriol all from port solitude UTU. No I think a lot of these guys kind of obviously used more to do with you one he had the Erie had you know eight. How do you not love we heard we soft him last year so it's it's a lot too shall put in the past you know there's some that were rattled the grudge right at me that's the that's the prominent baseball team know as well site due. One of my biggest problem is that guys love sitting their doing about it more than actually if this goes to. All media all confrontations. He just rather sit there and just do about it in murmur and usually if the confronted about it he's done on. No economic team or they just sort of walked away and don't wanna confront instance say hey you know what this is what I had a problem. And I think. This too is a global audit some guys will do that you know people have the ones just look at NC you know what those cup years ago. I don't care your piece of (%expletive) you know part of my life you know be honest for the and that's that's a fine attitude to immune. But I don't affect anyone on the team's life you know might say some things that don't like but. For the most part it move on what their lives focus on what they gotta do their job and it's they should be doing. When you now that you serve in the world of the radiology says a player UB pissed off if if you heard some stuff that maybe you said or other people said. You sent to you do you think in this world not as a player play your probably thought differently but in this world do you think there is that. Necessity to at least a once in a while making a parents like you did today. I don't think you need to think a lot of people radio it's easier if you don't come on in the spot where I have to. You know it's it's part of Martin's something's on the medium and to boost sometimes for the Sox game to me in that locker room. Gaming too much from Meena the kind of beat down their neck clubhouse and doing some games though. I have to but yet the reality is found a solid start doing radio is eagerly talked x.s and nose and strategy breaking down swings and things like that that maybe interest me. The new doughnuts to other small group of people maybe love when you break downs are next in those but for the most part. How utterly utterly entertaining how to talk what the game and it anyway unfortunately in this town a lot of that is around negatives if teams do well. The border in all of team goes as residents Longo point 31 in April a guarantee be a boring team. If people have much talk about they'll focus on the one or two with three guys that are struggling on April that these discussions. So if you find out quickly and do radio that unfortunately negative news sometimes leads discussion you know things are going great it's tough to talk about so it. That's on the net I think popular tough time grasping you know that a plane commonly but when you're in the business long enough he set the realized what drives. So obviously you know I'm sort of content middle like guy. I am a round have to be around more apt to be around the locker more but I also think I've understood. That a you know up my bread is buttered when I'm on the radio have to be on the radio I have to give my opinion nine app doesn't make a difference and if they have a prominent have a problem with it. While a lot of times will players will come up to me whether it is usually something somebody else said and usually it's through Twitter usually through TV Howard goes is. Is Twitter number one TV number two. Here are from their friends number three in actually listening to on the radio number four that's no light on the high ratings of WE guide. But that usually how works and what they complain about it what ice today as they listen. You know sometimes you know the reporter's job is different then the guys on the radio job. Or TV and their job is to entertain Ning case correct. Yeah. Not absolutely and I think. Unit on it because I've had a lot of it's conversation drifted. When did what to dissect in a domain like widget or somebody I know said they heard you say that and believe me on a daily basis. I will say the sky's blue and some moral call and he just said the sky was green that people hear what they wanna hear soul. You know sometimes you look at the source and say yodel that got its soldiers wrong but it is a yacht I say what I feel I know more my opinions aren't certain deep parts of this game. And for some comes up to me aside in a matter practices once it must know what I hear maybe someone on my show. Horry caller said this and correct them right away which is people off so. A lot of it is third person a lot of it is time Mino mix interpretation through one person the other so. They you know they don't listen if they do listen themselves they don't like something in the Natick and it can say whatever they want reluctant to come some of the people that quite frankly Q what they want. Here you know what the the line that I use which seems to hit home and then they might want no one accepted but it hits home for them which is. Their boss the people they're complaining about. They're bosses every gonna come down and say hey Lou you got that wrong there you know I really think that that was a Conner. I really think they're ERA was lower while I really think he did run hard down the first base their boss is never ever going to say that. There are only going to say. Did you entertain and did you engage in and we sit there and we said he used to drive me nuts and does general driving not so much anymore. Please drive me nuts when you have guys or the radio I'm not even talking about you guys you know on the radio like Tony masters someone. And can he covered this you know better you know better it doesn't make a difference and and so. In that where I think that the players and the coaches and manager and everybody the executive all have to understand that it's a different job. Yeah it is different job and it is. And I joked about all week talking about a clean slate of New Year's in particular talk about the managers and you know we joke about and have fun but honestly it is you know I mean it is with everybody they need to realize that you know. Temple sells good example you know in the mirrors a good example we know Pablo CT can rebound this year he'll be another example but. It doesn't take away from the B what they did reasons why your anger or. You don't recant in the area five and a half in August known Heatley line at this first year I thought embarrass the game with his effort. And Pablo and bears fan base by taking his money admitting that he basically stop working so those things don't go away but you can rebound. And we praised Allah reckon Jiri and I love the fire that he showed an amount in the way through who's the most reliable guy they have from day one he was outstanding. And hinting about a hilly mirrors enemy changed a lot of opinions. Seek it density hammered me couple years ago you know haley's case that Kia. And I thought it was thought it was legit but that last year we praise you because you're above ebitda and you know the right way. I'll go back to refrain the last here this is a good example of love. Now sometimes I think that we get frustrated I don't hurt we're talking about. The imports of splintering nothing happens in spring training and and you're down here earlier in spring training and try to make opinion you have to see it and you say yet to make an opinion off and we were married tonight I don't begrudge you for doing that. As spring training went along and Wear a suit stock here and we have to watch it every day. And we start writing this Haley rehearsed and actually play first base stories in the middle of spring training. And then toward the end of spring training and we're telling you and telling not you but telling everyone who ones that they go wherever. And no one no one down on doesn't fit in there it doesn't fit the now. Form from your perspective going got to like spring training do you how do you look at that because. I get the sense that sometimes. Again you are stock and I have that narrative is great for radio. Right that didn't that this is not good radio if we say here and we were Marist play first base and into opening day. But when we're saying over and over and over again that is is it just like I'll probably wants. And I think the biggest thing was as you know I mean. When you start hearing. Things like that on Hanley looks great you know you give back home and it's a question is would all be right it's sad because the other just has been a positive you know and Sosa is so it's how much you take is how credible is it you know because in evidence about Warren that's sort of like the mantra right but for me and Hanley. The first week does generated see him once in a back field memories of every day was a canoe excuse Indian you know as well as I did there was some frustrations organization about him not knowing what to expect from him if the effort was gonna be there. But I have always felt from day one that he should play first in May of his first year and again get in my left put in the first music you play first I've always felt that because I knew that he could. The question was work ethic. But I think with what you're saying I think a lot of people just that with a good it's been a positive yeah okay so that's fine but I mean again I think it's also. It's not but it's not good radio is not good TV. If it. If I just told him it. What works on radio is negative mail I mean we'll when the patriots got a three game stretch against San Fran Cleveland and patriots are different. Same enabled three game stretch of San Fran the rams in Cleveland. We Knoll as a show it's going to be tough three which or radio it's going to be difficult because there's not going to be any kind of threat. Of a loss you know it's gonna be all positive and they'll lose so remember 2011 is the example for five months there was no discussion threats out there are so good. That new beaten Helena everybody. That it was appointee recovered the zoo doing what they should do they should win. And also in September Al cheated the fans September and now said that you know he couldn't even talk on for months because of what happened September. So in league being good. You're right that's socialist. That's a a small example but. I thought as we head to spring training it's always an interesting one because it was frustrating because atlas and you guys I know the narrative about the B two from B riders but I think these guys are working hard and I think it it's unfair and a lot of respect but that's the narrative the a lot of people are sticking with the narrative. Because we can say hey a million times problem for him last year couldn't bend over for ground ball and doesn't look good. But and we did we were saying that the if we see him in a marriage is Dudley do it itself the the beat writers are protecting it. I wanna go back to leave at about positive or negative what's in trust me. Is that. Patriots. Positive for the cells like patriots negativity and I don't know how this trance I know this translates into the digital world. But. I don't know for translates to the on the on the year in terms of ratings and everything else the right side like you said. Is negative now I am going off folk I can even numbers every single day. If it is it is it is a bizarre dynamic in the view on the patriots of the benefit of the doubt but is the bizarre dynamic if the patriots lose a game. There at the numbers the next day are a fraction. Media can be just aimed stories ray in the same approach everything else the bus. The Red Sox toll opt. What's. Maybe digital but I think general that plays on the radio is the patriots call in lose a game. Make people earn arm upper arms coming to phone lines light up people wanna talk about it if they if they winning game and don't look good. Don't phone lines light up and they blow a team out it's. Is Mary I've also heard though people I as I've said this I've gone in mingled with a riff Raff low. I've talked to all the people I've selective this theory and they said yeah you know and pitchers lose I don't wanna talk I don't deal with a fourteen days. I don't bombing so they're now but anyway that's legal fact that the whole. The talking with a beat writers and obviously I know everybody works hard but he you know in in a stigma not just beat writers but everybody sort of Chris Hill for example. Sounds has all the right things right and and I haven't sat down with a Marvin talked to all of central East Coast tomorrow so we'll see those who whatever life but. BC he sounds different than those other guys like price or other guys have struggled the past year on year one port so when Lackey and part of me I wonder if we just try to convince herself that it sounds I don't nothing in spring training and when Lou Lou this is the mr. Wright Jimmie sounds different you'll be different Mike what makes you what did John what did John Lackey sound like. That made you feel accused in a stroke Joba. Think that you know I know everyone once alarm the BB WA together in one big basket. But I think you and I both know the people who usually are saying that stuff so usually your writing this stuff you saying they had the ball's coming out there and grade all their actions around the back on top the charts is going to be completely different view by both know there is that there is a difference you can differentiate. Between this group and that group in terms of the writers but I've heard it yet I mean I'm not you're absolutely right it happens every single year and you know a lot of it are the electronic media people come down beyond. Tree blossoms and such as what some things such as the beat writers now you know now it's it's a TV people you know whether it's a radio people that it's. Well the guys different in a Michael I think you'd think he just wanted to be different threat but the bottom line is that. You're one here's been a struggle for a lot of high end pictures of coming with very very good reputations. And we just really don't know because I always felt the only way you know is a public deal with failure and a lot of these guys have come over with. Great careers in great Reza mates have never really fail let me David Price never really fail the has problems are postseason. But never in a regular season Chris shows never failed John Lackey was thought out of the gate. You know what cells come off a very good year he failed earlier but you just really don't know that's up so there. You'd end and all the people like all of us to a Julio Lugo play well on bonds he likes the big date public and volley be performed well in the postseason you must like the big states. You do not in mutant David Price you know he can handle these and these other places. He'll be OK he's a great teammate he's a great guy he can he can be OK and we can make our best gas balloon Europe absolutely 100% right. Nobody nobody comes to Boston can be defined until they me adversity in Boston for the first time. Yeah and with him I mean obviously can be can be lights out you know but. We also know they'll defense team. So we know will Chris blow up that you if you write an article about price or Pablo or you know amino post solid they struggled someone's gonna struggle on this team this year. And does he defend that guy you know and his attorney into an issue but from everything you hear I I do like what I hear from him like obviously did the Reza made it becomes. He's got a little bit of aren't asked in national tomb which is nice to see an amount I think you'll translate. But again you know let's just let's just wait to see when looks like. Are we gonna go we gonna go have dinner with the biggest kiss ass the writer of the modern relic. Do Sochi still this is basically what we do at night you went how the schedule works. We figure out where we needed night and then we go to bed Lou thanks so much and to locked all you're gonna come by for the next wave of do it be nice to Rick were so low. The next stage of being nice to Rick Purcell. Two Monday night at twin peaks. 6 o'clock for anyone who's listening. The brat Fo Sho podcast first remote ever which is basically the equivalent of the Wilbur theatre like the bar Bristol guys and as such as Tim rally at Joseph Kelly Brian Johnson as well and and I got a feeling Lou there's going to be a few others I get a feeling because. There at this is very strategic dislocation this is sort of like. Bees on honey you know and remain. Well listen I'm not to do some TV during that time if you keep a little bit longer male would go listen as a kid you can be wasted our thanks Lou.

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