WEEI>On Demand>>Danny Picard gives his thoughts on the Celtics, the incredible season Isaiah Thomas is having and potential trade opportunities for Boston -- 2-19-17

Danny Picard gives his thoughts on the Celtics, the incredible season Isaiah Thomas is having and potential trade opportunities for Boston -- 2-19-17

Feb 19, 2017|

The NBA trade rumor mill is beginning to swirl as the deadline approaches and Picard is ready to go! He talks about the possibility of Jimmy Butler coming to Boston, why Isaiah Thomas is not getting enough respect and the future of the Celtics.

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You know I'm in Rhode. Didn't god take you up until 4 o'clock. And take him got a phone call 61777979. One thing I whoever got the trendy knowledge that Blake's wife Dodd's bill as they. They said yesterday. There live VP I was rated. Lamar alone he's Twitter account. And he said that's why I did throw. A couple all the pitcher's head down and live BP today. So everybody's keeping an eye on that I closed out my show yesterday on this station by talent if you actually watch the video of Blake's one out with a yet. That was tweeted out a couple days ago you can tell that really while people trying to tell me the issue we psychological. I think what team gonna do is try to get back to some mechanics with him now. How much of that has to deal with. How much of the mechanics stuff does that have to do a handle on what field in Albion catcher they don't the outfield. And don't back to being a catcher. I think there is some psychological stuff that goes whether it is are you fix it fix the mechanics it's clear that the mechanics are all screwed up if you watched that video that was to weed out. I think it was by Comcast sports net a couple days ago but. Judge and by what I'm haren today Donna spring training it's why not. As a case idiots again it's tough for me. The pellet the issue is because I can't say a video of an on his rating on to put a part of it's the same thing that we saw the other day on the video. Yeah I got it he's got a lot of bang on he's got the right or not plant that it's just it's a match. It's the mechanics and the psychological stuff I think we'll have a long way to. All worked up you really wanna get. About. The third. String catcher. If that's we're gonna call their strength and he learned that shot when it comes to a hot dog on the plate the Leone got bass says that's why out to me is temporary. And that's gonna knock in his talent that's senate race for the guys that actually still have. In the organization and I think when you look back on those dollar if this does become a major issue perhaps. You question is why not trade value and that's real look at the front office with the Red Sox and say what we Dolan. This offseason by not over and slide when that his trade value was at its highest so that's what I question more than anything else but I do think they'll be able to fix. What's going on because when I see from that video the other day it's why not. It's a mechanics issue to fix that and the psychological stuff will come hand in hand out. Does it ever three dollars and talk about a third straight to graduate basically yet at spring trend and on February 19 on on on and I'll. We're gonna get back into the NBA trade deadline. I did three dollars of it yesterday. And I didn't watched these skills competition in the dunk contest them three point contests last night's did you get that out of the way first. It was such a lack of creativity I cannot last night at the dunk contest. They should've. Called this the jump over somebody contest because it was like every guy that kept on people want to jump all of how creative that's created to me. Let's get three people are okay that they they told someone negotiate backed out and jump over just this is devastated. More creative. And where Aaron Gordon who by the way looked brutal I mean you look great last year and maybe a spoiled last year. I know that I didn't expect last year's dunk contest could be as excited as it was. Wind. Aaron Gordon and it was it Jack Levine. Right is that illogical and Levine I expect that to be that exciting last year. But it bloods and Levine I believe he's injured. What's in and is used on putts that Don contest and goal and the way he was done or try to. Lightly injured. Himself on one of the first attempts. I pick what could've won it all all is the road like they had these drone come out with a basketball. I'd love the announces do about it and I know it's your own good he's got some sort of draw a moment and always. Felt throne prince but. Wait a minute you can't act like it always comment and that Abbott sponsorship to go along with the drone. What did you did Don but the drop was at the drums coming out all I needed that one. Is for the drone to drop the basketball you catch it docket my dad's dad's role is the creative plot to make. Woody try to deal was the drone struck the basketball you try to technical terrible lag behind the back chart. It out don't get greedy here. Okay you've got to drone dropping a basketball but the match that should be good enough I actually thought he was gonna catch it in mid energy dumped. I haven't got enough for many. Try to get to not to try to degree and I think you matter himself because the next couple times you try to bond he couldn't even finish. Couldn't get up a real. Soul it was just a brutal dunk contest at three point contest with and. I wanted to teach someone like clay Thompson stick around. And the skills challenge is over before you can even finish your first beverage. Like that thing is done and five minutes. Isiah Thomas. And I compete with the skills challenge. It doesn't. Really get too worked up but if you wanna critiques and things that happened last night I don't understand. Why. A guy can continue and the skills challenge while not one of those passes you know jet pass. What you just wrote three if you don't hit any as long as you stroke three and continue on that you're should have been picked up. Ocean at the very act passed and that net. Much like you have to hit the three point shot. God that's my beef with its dual challenge but last night. I did watch a bit attention to that there was an awkward moments. It's just some cringe worthy like I feel embarrassed for certain guides economic and finished on I felt cell embarrassment. Medicaid Gordon Orlando could Don. I also felt bad. A step curry who was their spots. And a half court shot well not this. Money dollar today Greg sag foundation opt out 500000 a lot about it and I'm gonna be free throw I thought it all the media and eighty's I. Could it the first one but give me three shots that I half court shot unlike. I'm myself well you know what I've seen stepped sorry it's a crazy shot at the same time he hit those shots after he does his warmup there was a little clues about. All wearing jeans. And a sweatshirt. Like. Only texting somebody and up. That they put in a tough spot I mean he agreed to it even if get shoot at what point is I cannot I am gonna hit get to meet its I'm gonna hit it. And he couldn't hit it. And it was stage fright at its finest and I just never dots that car he would be in a position when he'd be suffering from stage fright patients at a shot he's hit in his grip at the same time. He was in jeans and a sweatshirt he didn't have a normal warmup Cologne before they beat the event. And let's be honest they missed a Topps isn't a top spot in its going to charity. You wanna hit it even law and you know you don't it's like oh what are we gonna do not have a plan they should have done with taste apple gonna give you three shots. And that if you don't hit them. We're gonna have adequate sag it's on or is that he was not what I did take the shot checked all the company's gonna dump the ball and. It seemed like they did an element but I think he really wanted to hit and I didn't want it hit the shoddy wanted to adopt. But he should've shot pretty. And make it look like hey I miss them on purpose of it this kid could it. Like they screw opened up so bad and I it's it's. Some awkward moments last night that's. Awkward moment that the NBA all star again because Steve Kerr is the coach at Western Conference. And he's got four Golden State Warriors. On the team Doran. Curry Thompson and drain on grain. And Westbrook is also a Western Conference halls doesn't seem to tie the Indy five guys on the court at all times. So if you get Paul Lawrie is out there. You gotta throw was brought. It would make for must see TV now I'd say that. Not truly Nolan. Westbrook and Durant relationship right now like I. They can to wallet like Westbrook instead at half court in Oklahoma City when Durant makes his comeback and he can you know. Talk trash and knock it had down and talking trash that Iran never once gone nuts. Want you to do. He's got killed you know he basically. Left you guys and screwed Elba and went to Golden State. The dreaded chaser rank and Golden State would about a team. Should be talking trash. There that's what it's like a lot. Man you know fast food it's been great it's actually just get an exact date. Not a great living in fashion Fortson. Collections and good. I don't know. Don't Westbrook and Durant really need each other behind the scenes. I'd you know like I doubt. I doubt it. And it's awkward when it actually lead to. Find out. It is the spotlight maybe they showed it through college. And don't hold a grudge. And outdated and do a tight spot should be. Paper electrical those guys. And not talking to each other in leopard I think what it is not gonna pass he would take every shot that I want to see. Find out if they do. What locally will be focusing on his game tonight is Isiah Thomas. Represented the Celtics Eastern Conference. Brad Stevens represent the Celtics and his coaches that these go to Eastern Conference. And and you hope that they and all of abdominal wall and recruit a lack of a better time. Some of them last night bill that. I grew a couple of tweets along these lines from some people who comedy NBA. And and and this what in the middle. Scared me a little bit. What are we. Think of Isaiah Tom has been an all star weekend recruitment for the Celtics. I think may be if yard another city room for another team and you watch you'll stop player to beat her recruitment for your team. Probably want just stop play to recruit Isaiah talks. What leapt out of contract is what is your kids old age seven and MVP caliber season and get what you say I verdict. Like I've heard. And who is trying to tell me that when Isiah Thomas is doing right now is some type of fluke I I think you must believe that the guys like 3132 years old he's not 16. Okay 26. And the improvements. Are such where I think it's it was never Shaquille. Issue two confidence issue. He has. The most confidence that I have seen in an NBA player. A long time on a cool. Well could it at some point got a hand some people might think so he's running around call himself became the fourth quarter they had brought. Yeah not all like you're about that he continues to meet again before. What is became the fourth quarter and MV PC and he's. What do you look at its contract. To be a Max player. I don't hunt you could actually dispute that based on what you see him right now unless you believe that this is some type a flu. And if you don't what Isiah Thomas is doing right now is some type of food I don't know that you actually paid attention that progression he's made. As a professional player. And I don't pig actually understand just how young this kid is. But it's obvious that we did three hours talking about all George Jimmy Butler Georgia 26. Those 27 we're talking about to enact a kid in his mid twenties and here. We all stop plan Isiah Thomas twenty twos called all stop it not just all stop plant is gonna get some MVP votes. You make an argument that he may be chipping the MVP right now. The Celtics team at the break that's the number 2 seed in the Eastern Conference. Now. For Isaiah Thomas would be an all star weekend and recruit for the Celtics. Degree taught. And I think that's pretty don't. What if you take a couple steps back and we take up the Celtics Jersey for a minute and British publishers or someone else in another city. Full. Rich for a team maybe once top player away from contaminate an east the last. You know maybe there are her Isiah Thomas. And I don't know what Isiah Thomas wants to do. And the fact that I'm pretty sure this guy if he's MET vote I'm pretty sure that he is gonna want a Max contract against what he's gonna get it. What I given all. Of the Celtics because I bought a digital. I hear people say that. Don't the Celtics right now all they need another player to. They'd get over the hump and it's true they needed they needed an all stock play in my opinion they need to all style score. They need somebody's gotta give it 2425. Points tonight. They need out of a guy because I think of UN into a series right now what Cleveland. You lost that series I'm telling you right now we wouldn't be talking about rebounding or defense. Because I I don't truly think you can only play so much defense on LeBron and Tyree haven't seen some of the shots that they hit right. So you need somebody else that's got to be able to keep up with the score. But you need that other player on the wing with some seismic what is is impeach. You guys got to be able to put a 24 when he five point tonight. And that. This topic act I don't like big big detect quickly actually. If you think they can't. I think you're given a proper credit to my ticket is and what to do. This. This is the type of season. That. We've been bag and for Danny Ainge they're gonna get a guy who would be to put up this legacies not Isiah is having right now. So I think you need to look at that as well and they aren't the Celtics improved from last year because I think it always has men. He would he would put itself on its elite level in the NBA. Heads. But opinion that's a fact he's an MVP caliber player right now to white pick next year it gets it it's although he's not gonna do this. Just mechanical aids each committee meets on her as a professional athlete as as a professional basketball plays 26. What I give him a Max Max contract after next season absolutely not. Next is a contract yet to have. Which again could be improvements could even be greater not to because it happened as I did mention the fact that that is still majority. Yeah he's in his mid twenties. You don't now an organization that's going to be in the playoffs. Multiple here is you got a lot of playoff series are well. How about this in a full quarter of a job well the fact that. I and and that's Chicago game the other night. I don't know all this automated banks yeah head into the all star break some guys already got their bags packed. And how they got. They are to get their flights booked. It's it's a tough game for me to judge a team I've watched Celtics most most of the season. I am watching what's topics I had Bruins this year mainly because. I know the Celtics are a better spot to make that move him before Thursday before the trade deadline at 3 o'clock Thursday. The date to get damaged spot where they could content birdies to conference championship idled there and about a position. And the Bruins opted to Bruins seemed Don Sweeney talking to Joe Sakic the and I for an entire period. Last week tells me that there will want to give up on some young defensive studs. Tickets shuttle Atlantis god who is only gonna get them in the playoffs and that's it. Okay the Celtics to me have a real chance to do something special between now on Thursday at three it's gonna get them. And it competitive seven game series with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Day off. And I think most that and most confidence that I cabinet statement is based on the fact Isiah Thomas is playing like absolute beast this season he's MVP caliber plan. And for many consider that it is some sort of fluke is not paying attention to what he has progressed as a professional athlete and as a professional basketball player. On the knowledge I don't use common knowledge in the fact that. You know. What he does in the fourth quarter is. Is something that. I have really been able to see around the entire league and make other teams have multiple players in that spot would edition of all of duel and may be that. Is a reason why if you're the Celtics even more so you need to go out and get an LA guy before Thursday. Gerri before and won and I agree it damn where it is. When you get into playoffs and you're gonna see Isiah Thomas double teams triple team them topics on his back. MVP caliber player this season didn't. I don't always urged the Celtics whoever you play. In the first round and I say if they'd be just Vick did do it with. What are they gonna do it with router they gotta do it which not Dick had a letter out not to when it was Isiah Thomas. That's that's the mentality you know teams and a well when I have that mentality. And knows the dodge. Win a playoff series. Sick sick Isiah can't overcome that and the Kama. And have some great post season performance I think he will. Picky well. A land from some mistakes last year and it took biggest amount some things out on from last year I also believe that. This is a this is a better team. This Celtics team this season that was last year. Because you have Isiah improvements also have the improvements from shoveling mock it's not like told yesterday is knuckle anyway at the trade deadline. If on Danny Ainge markets Mott is untouchable. Untouchable dark yet. Isiah Thomas markets but you can't have a you want to Brooklyn next you wanna regret. You want to make you want analytic. Smarts not alone anyway. Thomas is it on anywhere up it's not going anywhere I think that perpetrate a trio right there. Makes you a better basketball team especially in the postseason did you skip. If Isiah Thomas is gonna get double team triple team that got to talking on his back and not gonna let him be your at least another team in the playoffs is gonna do everything I can. This slow him down and it's coming out yet. If not kidding and between now on Thursday at three you'll better make sure. You these assets that goal off and get you some type of all stop play at that can give it 2425 point tonight. And you take advantage of that and might even. Make it a little bit easier on Isiah Thomas to get his foot in the post season and get some easy looks. And that's how you improve the team even more because all of a sudden Isiah Thomas Alford Jack MVP caliber season and I don't think it's afloat. That's a major improvement with the Celtics team from last year to this year. Isiah Thomas is Dan got last year to the what he's doing this year's even more special. Act it would Danny and is an opportunity to do is go out. And make a special type of blockbuster deal I told yesterday for three dollars the most. Likely trade targets Ike and Jimmy Butler Paul George. 26 point seven years old Paul George's contract for one more yet next season and that is a player option and I don't expect them to use that. I expect them to get some money somewhere at Indiana try to get 220 caller 220 million dollar extension. He's not happening just yet he wants to see what they do with the deadline that's why Indiana said we're making our own first round pick available gonna become biased are you staying in and. And a I would like to I would like to I think the big stages it's more than when it's championship will be the first. To what its efforts to bring that together. They have some of the greatest fans in and we have one of the best fan bases. Just their love of basketball this is so different. It it any other state that I want I want to give them. I. Signed a money worry about as big dog cited mention Larry Bird comes out as an optional not gonna talk about it during. If you're at Allen George got a shot at a Max contract. And it's the patient back up not want to talk about the play. Don't you need and it's it's gonna become a distraction. Tell me 220 now I'll tell you I've no distractions. A lot of distracted right now that's what the biggest one at money. Money. And two what are what are well. Structured. And Paula it's not a good of the got a dual shot and didn't get a check yet. While he's in his late twenties early thirties I do that. What's win. George was one. It left in his contract next he's. If the patients. Get an idea that can be able to sign that. A bit academy able to do what he thing the next couple days at a piece of the puzzle because their first round pick is is meaningless to other teams right now. And and and Paul George's like that you know watch this is no good today if you Indiana if chance to get. The potential number one overall pick. Why you pass a pass on. Get that chance in the Nazis in him a chance to get that type of picnic season why wouldn't pass. I just think the Celtics assets right now the type assets that you could. Go to an organization like Indiana and make somebody available now Larry Bird might be a little hesitant because he has wanna be the other former Celtic legend. To help. The Celtics win a championship. Where the train wreck. Like maybe an iPod and what if you wanna put outside you wanna get down and dirty with the business. Basketball at the trade deadline if you fill of all George is not gonna stay in Indiana. I don't contract is not this year it's up at the next year if he got again if he doesn't use the player option two years which I don't expect to do. But do they get are going to be a shot and an extension. Then how old would you not entertain the idea of making a trade with the sell it to get that number one overall pick I want you to turn down. So I I think all George is a likely try to target because it it. It's it's realistic I'd towards Indiana when you get down to business. At a court for the Celtics to get down to the business of the assets they have and also the business of basketball it is what the Celtics need on the court. Is that Diana Laing beckons giving it one point 15 point tonight. Who's won in six years old. Bowl art is one more yet what that is the Obie did you shot to keep him around after that I just ate he wants the win. Right these guys wanna win and what what are people wanna win and they get Chicago. Some people try to tell me why would Chicago moved Jimmy Butler. Oh Chicago would move Jimmy Butler because I honestly have no idea what's going on behind the scenes in Chicago. It's crazy. I'd I don't think banal and maybe they wanna start from scratch no better time to start from scratch or you can go out and get the potential number one overall pick. And keep wine later on the big man make it all down did. And then you go get an a one pick in you have that sort of transformation from way gone down soup missed. That indicated that you get noble and over a topic got a couple rust plays to go along with. I just that makes sense that I make I didn't make sense for the Celtics look. George those one of those two things make the most sheds anything else that can happen between now. And NBA trade deadline Thursday at three. Since idea why did the show yesterday for three hours I get some crazy. I had some tweets at some crazy ideas like people trying to tell me rule I would make a lot of trade for Jimmy Butler and then go trade Andre Drummond. I mean because this isn't a video game. This is an NBA two K seventeen when I do it of course I would. Do you this anybody in the history of the league had to trade assets that did open those guys and trade deadline now. Unless the pistons the bulls. I just given some away for free. You know they did get the whole Philadelphia seventy sixes and what they could do. You got the process and beat that's made a couple of got a big expendable Noel Okafor. I take even Noel opens. I'm telling you right now. 76 is it gonna want an awful lot of those two guys is what did you I think. That they either trade one and they need to get dodged that you would take the 76ers dynamo open book on Noel petitioning Avery Bradley you're Jae Crowder other wanna pick. These these are all our next year. After next thing that you don't. Not that vote for the top three number three overall not a lot of what is. What is all the wells what 21 point 20. He's gonna give up on it just because you need it got a god somewhere else. I did you Simmons is coming next chairman Simmons is basically a put a lot of times they Benson is. He isn't isn't that decides it on paper on the debt shoddy Dutch shell and edits and ran the ball. I am I hesitant to call on the LeBron type like Elena I mean I can do everything. Seoul. Don't give me don't feed me this idea that Phillies has given you open for a given you know well produced a roster player too I happened they don't want the republic. They don't want. So I mean if you give up the brick and picked all I'm telling you is usually packaged Oprah on that wit both Brooklyn you know maybe both Brooklyn that went. A crowd or Bradley Opel and go to doctor George. The courts about Tim's. Editing house because someone unrealistic. But maybe you've thought of some that I didn't. And because of that. I'd like the effort is 617779798376177797. 9837. The all star game tonight the NBA trade deadline Thursday at the rate. Yup phone calls. At this time out.

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