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Pete Sheppard and Jerry Thornton discuss the possibility of Jimmy Butler coming to Boston in a trade -- 2-19-17

Feb 19, 2017|

Adrian Wojnarowski has been talking about the possibility of the Celtics making a trade with the Bulls to bring Jimmy Butler to Boston. He actually thinks it may be the the marquee deal to keep an eye on this week heading into the trade deadline. Pete and Jerry discuss and give their thoughts on if they would want Butler. Pete thinks it will happen, Jerry thinks Ainge will stay put. The guys get into more Celtics, present and future and if they can battle with the best of the NBA.

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For the final hour already out of work for you shepherds are for the review until 1 o'clock it'll give way to change the card but take up until. What form. And that's for Stockton is in the house until 730 minutes of the NBA all star you were his you just heard. If you want to house in the stores up on WEEI dot com by the way the Celtics. What accord to Yahoo! sports' Adrian was announced he was very credible the two teams the Celtics and bulls having days of panera preliminary talks. A potential deal fortunate bobbled the quote if not gotten. Far down the road on a ban I've been wanting Jimmy Butler from beginning of the season so I am absolutely my willing to give up. It and and obviously go to the U gonna keep on a mis this and this is the rental certificate of the Brooklyn picked. I want established I don't care how good these kids are you shy away and good soccer whatever I want I want this guy. I would take Jimmy Butler I would give up the picked I have no problem doing it and I would love to see it make this deal have wanted to from the beginning of the season on the we stand on how. The whole. Came here is about get in the next guy whose number is gonna be retired and I stipulate to Paul Pierce and probably KG but the next guy who's going to be in the in the rafters. Is Jimmy Butler that guy. Is is he eight feet because you're not getting to the two way you got to get to you're not getting so that another banner without find in that guy. And Pete I think they can get that guy through the draft I mean it without question they gonna go in to this draft lottery with a 25%. Chance. All of. Random number one peck and it guaranteed to get one of the the top three separate. Yeah yeah I have a lot of one day if it's all these you know it's very point guard happy. All right yeah I Garnett that's whenever the best available pickets were for the 12345. It's probably gonna take you regard and I plot they're gonna trade pact. And trade. I mean they're not keep in nova guards are rather cynical after Jimmy Butler. Mr. when he severing her resolve these in this fight right now go after him and get them that I'd I'd I think it's a much safer place. If it gets the next great guard it if it's been a straight shooting guard then okay I I kind of feel like I just want that infusion of talent and I'm not that hung up on. What his position is if it's than than the next Paul Pierce. It then then fine I'll I'll take them regardless guys and out there on the strap is that we that we know me as though it you know it's not a sport and those and that's outside us. I guess it's like eight notes it took to quell the great. Don't Mike from breaking bad no half measures. You know I don't wanna guy that's got no. Vastly improve them if it's not that guy who's gonna be the next great because we we all know we we are all capable of having the adult conversation of. They're not getting there with noticing this. I think it's very evident even in the bulls' game the other night. Where we've seen it from Isiah Thomas before in the playoffs where things get a little offer rosters shrink. He gets double team sometimes even triple team believe it or not and you see what happens. In crunch time and I fear that if I think if they don't make a cop a move like this. That come playoff time this year that could get bounced in the fourth round. Because it fit the bulls right now the first round I would province outspent I would be. A little scared chocolate M why don't they play because the root because you need Isiah Thomas basically to have. A good egg and very good to great game every single night you don't sure. As they're currently constituted Pete even as hot as they are this is a team capable of going out in six games in the first round. Org given Cleveland a decent series notice I didn't say getting pass quickly and I I I I can't face the reality that you know they're going did. They're capable of beating Cleveland and it. Stranger things have happened but I'm not going there so yeah out with without wider gulf. Do you then trade Europe your best chance to get the next superstar. To improve your chances of beating Cleveland like you don't feel like it turns him into a championship team does spot would turn them into a championship. I victim what's politically what we're gonna tell it out of a ball bodies CL everybody else I'm telling you. I want the guy this guy's establishing military jet with a 25 point tonight five assistants exports. They desperately need. Definitely need to everybody's. It's a guy who whose right there he offered had to sing rebound I mean hopper that 666. Point six a game and and and bot was at six point three. Date you need a guy right now you put Isaiah Thomas and Jimmy Butler out there. Now talking and offer now we're talking I don't I don't. I don't know what's on guide west took some potential card is gonna be on this team we have Jalen brown he's at the hip Warner right now for me is he gonna be that guy. I I don't know the kids out out out and wrap better than him. I don't know twenty years old I'm under I'm gonna let the you know the. The Scotch that is him ferment a little don't want revenue and a let let him get me out in a barrel fired for eighteen. Years the basketball Wilbon of the eighteen years. Arm. I like what I see out of him I'm surprised they hate wasn't enthused about the pick. I was one of those guys who wanted a big whatever and where I'd make a mistake all the time we all that I was the guy to grant who wants the ramp I want I would Greg Oden. You know the biggest boss the blog I will but guys guys that's that's my default assets. They have always been taken before Jordan and breaks his leg you know and then stops and half of first and you know. We're precision operation and never went and that's bad. I'm trying to get away from that I need a big guy oh. Eldest draft they'll take mark helpful so I'll take Alonso ball just because they are talented guys who can't be that that that next guy and yet you'll be guard heavy. But you can work that out you can you can make deals. Judge I asked if they draft a guard at this happened that this doesn't go down the department thing and I think that got you going to promote friendly habits were well thank you. But did you at the garden this year should sitting on the board overall pick that that puts him off of mussina Lacey says that. I don't see them keep them that could trade him. But we don't look the rest of our lives and not get a pick that high. And I don't get all that it's treatable because it. Historically there hasn't been a market for these high draft picks allegedly last year he tried dumped a move that that what third and died note taker well this. Well thought what Patrick Gilroy about it tonight a new and a new. Fair remembered WEEI whose big NBA and sell the insider by the labels really got on I was blown smoke I was I was I was right and I look like that I'd rather slick backed hair that he had everything else it's fantastic. And it by considers themselves got more parliament of lollipops by the board. Is out of those gathered quickly from yeah okay I would slip back here accounts can't be around with a thud thud and a fractured hand and keeping it again though no doodle the government is not playing on this vehicle and the shore and I don't give a Nolan guy without it compared to our rights it's what 777979%. Let's get the default report talked about this is our Peter Drake a plane up next to repeat Jerry WII Peter. Detonate a good day Peter the visit. Well at or around that problem. Then yeah it's conspiracy and the and in any case I was told right where you get reported. Maybe interest. But Maria which it. You know it's nothing they're always been rumored really since the start of the season so much surprised that now things are studied up especially forties before the deadline. But I call it I really like within he's suing him OP doesn't do anything and trade deadline. Because I think it's. That intimacy that is where he can really determine what these I would trade that that they're going to see note and on the council. You have OK but like I said if you say that an abort tickle overall. You know they're not gonna they're gonna take the best player available which is part of your point guard who's going to then get traded is that we want to see happen. Well well he's in nestled between the second. So in the news right now. Become what I watch it again said I think if you watch the bowl game the other night I think for a lot of reasons I'm much it'll make a major change but adding Jimmy Butler would help big time. You are putting a tremendous amount of pressure on this team particularly Isiah Thomas to almost play. To have 35 plus every single light can say distorted and only explain it better and you know market smartest and playing better later I get it. But come playoff time and we've seen. Isiah have problems in the playoffs before when all that pressures on him Peter I don't know I don't offered to take some off but offered testimony games like the other night Canada offered at two deficit seven point 22 rebounds I can't happen. I play is a much better player this year and every coach you talked to after the games that we try to do everything we can't stop this guy is just unsolved. Not good on Thursday night was it not Thursday night it was in the fourth quarter and mean it was a little bit different things got a little tighter against a possible first round playoff team I don't know I didn't. He's looked better than he did in the fourth quarter going to be at the the other night. How many games he's he's equally important court yeah abs absolutely I grab greats of all that about what I write here and there are monitoring and honestly. Odd you went out but you probably right but I'm saying come playoff time it's an audit that the game becomes slower it's more about half court game. It's gonna get double team a lot more maybe even triple teamed it's I don't I don't know Peter and it's they need to they need a pick McCauley for a lot of good points when you got that they need to do stuff they wanna be serious get to the Eastern Conference finals they have got to take some pressure off our Xavier. And I think a rebounder can do that announcing it you don't what kind of guy that's not gonna cost you one of the Brooklyn picks which is the the best essay you have. Is Thomas. And just below him of those for politics. Now they don't necessarily the picks have a lot of value on the trademark because whatever teams want to win now and I get it. You gonna have to be patient with whoever they they get out of that pick but was a world gonna be four years older. When that guy mature as an end. Okay if that's the guy who's going to be the next one to get as does number up in the rafters. Then I'm willing to wait as opposed to squander an all is on an attempt to make yourself more competitive against cleese. What was to be better than anybody the draft top ten right now let victory but over anybody in the top ten anybody. Amid a way opportunities Michael Jordan's out of. Kelly I want you guys out try and I I get an army Butler is a known commodity I I I totally respect that. I would rather have them. Move a couple of pieces to get a guy 88 forming ends Kendrick Perkins to to to complement what Horford does just bags that because when they lose them though the rebound battle. They have almost no shot. They have to be competitive on the boards that game the other night against Chicago it's amazing how they were getting shellacked on the glass and still manage staff are heavily sort of second chance. Point but that's not gonna happen in the playoffs you cannot get away in the playoffs logged an out rebounded by twenty and 224000. Patients once at the the thing is that you just brought up Jerricho. These Larry put it they had not. It's not 1982. Would generate 345. This is 2017. These picks up television you brought they're not as valuable as they used to be right and I got. I don't see that it's not it's not science if it ever was it's it's alchemy you know at a media images or you're trying to create magic here. And sift through all these guys all of whom look like they're they're great players and the ball straight on them is off the charts out as were evaluating. Nineteen year old kids and trying to project a mentally like I get that that. Every superstar in the leak came into the league the same way which is through the draft you know you have to trust the process out but these guys can evaluate them and make the right Alex. If one thing and and to be as you know and we're generation apart about LeBron now coming out of high school that was far and few between right guys had four years of experience back then Patrick you played for years to bunker play point I mean that's that's the big party lured. The fundamentals of the game is so many these young kids and to the Joe Brown it's a perfect example I see a lot of flashes and understand what the Celtics took him. It makes a lot of mistakes so as a lot of these younger. Kids still because they have not had time to develop for the mentally even at the and you company NBA it's different it's to different and I think it takes that amount of time to demo Joan brown mideast next. Best thing since sliced bread eventually and a couple years. But if you talk to me about kids from UCLA and whoever is involved guards who drafted Jimmy Butler I'll take Jimmy Butler 100 times out of a hundred times right now this year from this particular team. OK so then let me let me turn the table then and say why then would another GM. Trade and established our late Jimmy Butler. For the for a pick what's a very good question and the reason is that the only reason it can't be is if they're gonna blow up and rebuilt. They have enough though that's what I think is the bulls have the balls ownership they have to decide what they wanna do here because obviously the trade Jimmy Butler they're given up. So he's got to retool and revamp everything or they think they can make you know I don't think they can make a serious run. I think that would give us up to Hart found a playoff injury but was there I do a big deck that series summit should win it. But issued that we're last year to order and it didn't happen offer play terrible I thought on my whole western playoffs for the hawks what. But your ads are great question that's the thing audible on board which way they don't I don't think they know yet well. I don't really no reason his might go like that recent history tells me that these high draft picks have almost no value on the trademark enemy. Allegedly last year if you believe the reports that he couldn't ship. The number three to Philly fragile local power who the year before was the number three out late like to me that she might perfectly adequate value what they just. And and if you again if you believe the reports and I don't know how much I believe this time your. The deadline Thursday just we know what's going on but it's been rumored all year long as it's the markets because that's knocking DeMarcus Cousins not not reality yeah. In no way joy do you take what I'm about to say as you know suggestion we shouldn't talk about this because we showed this is this is great. What this is the worst topic in the sports calendar for me is NBA trade rumors because. There's so little fact there it's it's worked well I think what would lenders webpart in two months arguing about how many angels can dance on the edible like. I it's seven directly into an. What are Rouse uses it as plug and a guy is there is but if you look at. Historically his his timeline there's been very few things have ever come to fruition that he's talked about in terms of Roma's it's not like. Baseball where where there's smoke there's usually fire. These things it's it's the misinformation superhighway that stuff is coming from GM's that are trying to increase trade value or agents or agents of barriers and whatever in this whole. Actually I understand that this is not this to be part of that does not breaking news if you want to ask you reported that the self I mean I think I am abuse of the Celtics ran out there a follower of the NBA or Celtics. That didn't fit doesn't think that Danny -- all season long. It's been knocking on the door talking to abort the bucket Jimmy Butler and that's been rumored for. About a year and a half shore sought that's as far as agent Rick it's our job is not breaking Lou which all the that I Ortiz. Are up a this'll give it a little loud we're getting close to the Devlin on Thursday that its its. It's gonna gain some momentum here it's just a question of are the balls on board to. To start over in a ritual epic ever bought or obvious who they are but a much sure there's no man's land right now there are moments when. It now it's heating up now that it cools off what are. What does that mean that it Annika I don't everything and 9% of these things he can shoot down just by sample the contracts don't add up. They then that's a prerequisite payday have to match before you can even talk about a trade I don't know. Cool they have that they can give the bulls to make that even know where is just what baseball does some semblance of reality and at the end of July because. That doesn't matter it's just you can trade prospects for. An established contender when you are in the hunt or whatever as opposed to. The NBA where it's it's just this abstraction so that said I love talking about it out just frustrates I got to the misinformation superhighway. But the Butler thing that it is I don't think that rumors going wait times or are rough is up next it Democrats are probably external reality Jerry Ralph. It Geist you don't bolt have really good points at Butler coming here to give this statement published or. I certainly. Don't think that this guy's gonna put jewel the top. You'd have to keep in mind he Chicago which entry into the rich guys they stopped which has not yet. One dollar that's obvious dollar were to I would be more than that I would assume that probably made behavior Bradley or maybe even Jake Trotter may be both. Might be involved in that got up wealthy that don't misunderstand. Markets but they gonna want it was yeah it well to your badge. There don't want the Celtics to completely re construe make markets Smart and simply trade because Butler. Abdullah saying the public can put you over the top this year Ralph okay but you have but now you have Ed Butler Isiah Thomas and an Al Horford. That is better than anything that they're gonna have out there the rest of the season anything and they need a guy like Butler. To get to the Eastern Conference finals tropic gonna need a guy like Butler here because on time I'm very concerned that they don't make some kind of moved here. Say it don't widow Vicki can also the first round again. That actually you know what's gonna happen in the playoffs they have got that kept useless. Lee Thomas doubles Russian who he's gonna get it cost first got this you know what it's the playoffs. Not to let the latest but the thing about it too you know whichever you're making the big guy. Who Kendrick Perkins tight tight because of that is magistrate and think it is that but he major that last increase in trait that he did that was big that was a disaster. But I would like to see if they give it an ideal pick a a guy that can doable but it rhetoric. But can score off from the outside because also it is not playing his position he knows that the Celtics know what he's outside all that. Let's just game that's what did you would never was that guy that low post guy bulbs. Very quick I'd now like frustrates Ralph frustrates the hell oddly low electric back. Please dial lol get more rebounds if you get it won't let out a little bit I think that would. He won't about the problem Ralph or text or call the problem is is he wasn't coached that way Atlanta is not being coached that way here he takes too many threes. And it's two nights this year rushing seven point six points two rebounds three rebounds. I mean I what Michael Holland a swim again at least eight eights and if they don't have to prepare for double doubles every night but you can't. You can't goal you can't have a player of his caliber and what he has an off night. But this went on a lit up seven point 22 Boortz. Geek out rebounded by 21 points you've got somethings not right now I have Brad Stevens that the court better coaching better. Or get it through his thick skull and he's a great guy great teammate from all accounts. You got a tweet to game a little bit in order to help this team instead of out there on the perimeter shooting threes is not helping all that much I can't stand now huh. But I mean the ball. So the college point about you know they need. A guy can go in the low post in clean the glass get by the way shared outside a figure out can we tomorrow what they need is a a role player to give them that thing they don't have which to me. Is rebound. Well yeah and you betcha Kendrick Perkins in the store came up this week he wants to get back into the MBAs I guess he's in very good shape. I would take a ten day contract on it and move on Danny Ainge why not all you want to support taught him how to cure what else he does right just grab a few rebounds. When he can and throw not pass that's all you have to do so I'm. You know I'd that would shock me if indeed what Keddric says is true this week. That he wants to get back in the game and it and he's in good shape and I wouldn't I wouldn't hesitate to commit throw attendant contracts. Oh definitely yeah you know it's. You you have nothing to lose this one he can go baseline to baseline and just get in the low post an Indian you know Brad Stevens loves spacing guys you know he's big into space well OK this is a guy who just occupies the middle so everybody else can go hit the permit including Al Horford and it takes pressure off by him just to be though. That part of what made KG great in addition the fact that he was great was he had. Perkins did do those things to be in the what hockey guys look the called the dirty areas and they're still should be electrocuted February 2010. Real Americans know Perkins and Ohio impression of their social entered it that was that was a lot like that the last the patriots Super Bowl where I didn't have a look a fun. I'm at a bar filled with people Meehan to a my best friends sat there. In didn't smile and had a bad feeling about evil and they were up thirteen one up bucket if they need to sit down and I think I would have felt real Roberto record but apart to free throw down stripped brass were correctly I was the by. With the without him you're right that they were amiss and that that toughness that that that piece of the puzzle has game ultimately is of. Add in the other game with a doctor era that is despite what big baby says about knocked you over at his approach was which I think is just a poppycock hot water and it is the fact that. The Miami game after winning game five invited me you know with with Rondo go going crazy game two we got screwed. And then you just. Throw a clock or game six at home to clinch it you know we're at the Prague just took over that. That to me was he was way more painful than losing game seven on the road to the lakers in 2000 and being up by thirteen. My guide your top 25 guys who projected in this NBA draft there. And talking about cards I don't account. Four of them that are over the age of twenty via the oldest guy in the top 25. We'll canard from duke who's twenty point seven years old there's not a 21 year old to be at most of these guys are 1819 years old even the Internet. And again if you if you draft Grayson out of Tokyo he can play hockey and basketball. You know and you'll put the Bruins won't so why are you that cheap shot somebody does get him an apartment at the guard it's a beautiful tie I hope somebody deck decades. It's common. That kid is gonna end up. Seriously hurt. That is yet it's gonna it's gonna happen and were Christian leader of the new millennium personally it was never like that I mean in my outdated it that little spot on. Larry Johnson epic right back in the day. Output. That was adds nothing and still you upload compared to what this kid does. Nothing arts it's what 777 night seven under through seven dead dates but others you guys lined up big separate Jarrod Darden we're talking about the stuff actually Jimmy Butler rumors are. Again we're discussing it right here towards sports rated and we via. Yeah. Well you know the one thing that I know Vinny who will mentioned and I've heard the same thing from this and is that. The Chicago Bulls asking prices extremely high you know we're we're involved with. Apparently he was telling me that this might he had to sit at home this is Brooklyn big and the one that deserves to have power right next here in addition to a the players it's so you're talking of massive all the Chicago will be. All of which is why the closer we get to trade deadline. What I'm hearing that Ed Butler is going to be moved it's gonna be in the summer rather than about its trade deadline. I've got guys stay Sharaud Blake leaders pretty plugged in. Are about Richard Butler earlier this week and again Yahoo! Sports figure was announced he said earlier today other two teams including yourself and bulls have engaged in preliminary talks and a potential deal for Jimmy Butler but quote have not gotten far down the road on a and this is not breaking there's nothing there appeared to follow the Celtics all year you know the Jimmy bought a rumors have been heating up. Since their's is ridiculous I'm not surprised the big question is are the balls. On board. Two blown up sort of speak in just start all over and I think assured there's not going anywhere is a separate. But they could give the Celtics with Butler will give them a hard time the playoffs I'm convinced of it but we'll see. Are they have really cost of care and Gerri to via audio ordered a debit card takes over 61777. On seven under through seven days ever thought up next you're WEEI hello Dan. Right shell ears played on girls girls gone. Out of the topics are. Two years away from being all the talk I don't understand why people consider unit. I won a playoff series to be anywhere. Remotely close to being. You know maybe if they get but they can extend Cleveland I've gained some of the being swept anything that he's done. Is going to be for the 200 years. Oh I agree yeah I got going here are much say any to any type of deal they make whatever is an interview published doctor propel them into the NBA finals this year I just think it's another piece of the puzzle. Here I think that makes them a better team. We're Butler and offered in Isaiah out there boasts three. I've made six what does that the next corner called Big Three I don't know but they would be a better team and they'll be a better positioned next year to really give that the cavaliers run. He just took my point I did that victory inevitable and anything I thank you Jimmy Butler hit back idol thank. To a three years now it would have a victory it's going to be a day in the I I mean you keep that nice player like you're not gonna win yeah. Partly you've been waiting with an orphan kids so. If you're not re Max contract I think couple years. I made it got to be one of he's gone. Bill has got to come to line him that willow and on borrowed time with him and he's gonna deserved to get paid. I just it let's say someone's ready to make him a Max contract. To do that is I on the other side don't yet group called Rosie doesn't anonymous disputes what he's bringing to the table every night. Does does he meet the criteria for Max contract is he that star that's got a chance to carry you to would to a championship fight. I don't think he has and and that's like Pete I think I'm I'm with you an honest that I think their best shot to get VAR guy. Is the strap X it'll take time and it nobody let's go earlier. Agree I I completely disagree because I think it fete Tuesday and up but they do nothing. And then and then draft the best player available to what Danny age will no doubt at whatever they need is it could be you know obviously one of senator what whatever their need is he doesn't care it's gonna take. That's his demo he takes the best player available in albeit guarded in my opinion it will be traded. We'll try to find a better deal for that player and and and make the team better than Butler an old barber. Because gonna build on this but I think you could. Yet still the potential to be a contender. Much faster with Jimmy Butler Isiah Thomas and now offered and you can. Waiting doing nothing to do drafting an unknown. There is no out of a college and I. And I don't dispute that absolutely that makes them a very good team eight conference contender. It's not gonna get them over the top it's not gonna get the diet fish barrier that button guys era. Could you don't ever created maybe you see a team built together with Butler and Isaiah and an offer and you say okay. Sitting at least covered finals and lose two to Cleveland and that's a big F I shall but it's a big gift that they can just get out of the first round I really believe that less than make. They tweaked something GAAP to get they have to get better but people this all the consultants look at the brats that they're the number two seed they got three. Really good players they all made about a three quote quote great players that like who who throw that Vermont but three really good players now we can build on something now. That could be maybe attract a free agent that normally would wanna come. To the East Coast a couple of situations I don't think players some of them actually care about winning. No winning titles and they may see a Butler and Isaiah and offer while going to know what. That's something I'd like to be a part of that's the team I think content with the cavaliers we can get the files I I think that all of that play. But what state. We will say tennis and Clinton a Dixie or WEEI repeat and Jerry. Aides have played out of I don't know how he's that's. So I literally had 2.0. My god he's usually comes a point. Okay. We're report that ultimately that would have been top ten KX amount of mr. not so. You look at the summit next yet started to see this yet. That they get three top ten picks next attitude keep all the potential creation cost you round shorn. Smart Smart maturity that he could easily be basking in the immediate action in the NBA. In the idea of which received this year and they had. But he's got like honey I obsolete siren being about the Golden State the better than they currently. So that. Aren't and I admire your optimism I don't know Jarrett Arthur I got news that employ go ahead. But it won't utter disrespect and so that you have a two seat. There to reach an agreement Cleveland Kevin what was to wait while we disrespecting the Celtics you'd say they can't you decapitated it and keep it might. I got sick any. Any of that stuff I said I said I think they would have a the issue even getting out of the first round. Against the Chicago Bulls the way that they don't do something or tweak they had beat you cannot rely they're relying too much on Isiah Thomas. Also my point is that they didn't keep a cap as it's not what I like history. Jimmy people like that so great that you are you. Think they could reach more. No actually I don't think that would be blocked it to I don't think that throttle and I don't think beat Cleveland oh yeah and his three teams wore public heat cycle by reason I'm sorry I can't stand it. Why would why I don't think. I think they would lose huge I think I have a heart hypothetically I don't due to the game to have him with regard to what to do given night. I want every object what did you think about the performance against the bulls. I don't particularly good it will this year alone in second half of grassland. Football global being fiscal will be getting some. No big deal OK that's it that's your first mistake same physical if there's a county in the NBA playoffs number plate I guarantee wouldn't route part of the went. Ten M I'll tell you I think Thomas is gonna get beat up with a playoffs at these you believe he's the guy and you saw that's not disrespecting grow optics were expecting. Please grow op disrespect that disrespecting you that would whipped up telling you that not everybody about wanting against the bulls. Somehow that it did what what second chance points that is reality disrespectful. You're being delusional if you if you think they can get a waiver plans like that playoff at beating anybody the first round sorry. I mean disrespectful. Reckless to look at three. The public green team are I think you are too but you've got to be realistic about it. Got a great autonomous we're talking about haven't a a duck boat parade when they won two games in the playoffs last year and they got Sharon the. The couple's annual right now no matter who they play the first round as is that they don't know what to think I'm telling you. You brought up the practicality of I doubt they will heat up on Isaiah. We saw him last year have issues in the post season all right. It's a huge step aside let's say of what it's there and I'm telling you. That as currently constituted this team is gonna have a hard time getting out of the first round. I just I honest to god whether it's two sevens if they click the bulls right now I think would go seventh I think the Celtics would win. What I think it would by the skin of their teeth I think they can't be beat. As it is it's that different world come playoff time it really it and that that. I disrespect or just let's respect the Golden State Warriors to say that's up next you can bet the Golden State. And he made an eyebrow there whether you're just made another mistake with this three top ten picks and look at. Enough I don't I don't I don't tour championship they don't need ponies they don't a thoroughbred they don't need another car shiny apple sillier it int he says. Well where are wherever those guys are Wally your emotional well I'll never ordered from had what thirty plus points of the night I mean there's some there's some talk about those got up and he called him up to at play on a CY Olena LA overseas somewhere you know I would go to deal because being changed. All right you heard this a pact agreement going to be the geely geely for our Gatorade the Gatorade is usually. Ya gonna try not to let it destroy my faith in the the integrity of the. Oh but hey Jack and others to see you guys lined up 61777979370. Shepherds are born with you we're having a Celtics discussion until 1 o'clock and its data card ready or Sports Radio W Riyadh. Back here final rip the speech different jury toward. You get the car takes over 1 o'clock for shark and that of foreign at 730 NBA all star game radio reporter don't read ya look at that believe. Jolie drama tonight. Some drama for Aussie guys they have playing OK no difference and and over and then. Brash approach rested his coaching but we'll Steve core of the balls to put in the rant and curry. There Westbrook at the same time if I hope so that's that's the drought woman brawl. Somebody asked I think I've got this right as Westbrook about to orient. And he answered the question by talking about New York city's Fashion Week on sort of what it should put and they put on opposite sides yesterday New Orleans or Friday in a during the press coverage that they had you know. I'm at 12 o'clock was. Was carried it was derail it and at 6 o'clock winds. Westbrook so that outlook it by her through it all the pumps and meters they really couldn't do the go layers they're gonna shipments returned without the drama yeah. Please and I beat Steve Kerr is gonna deferred his own superstars he's gonna you know to it's in his best interest unfortunately has. I would love that had loved the theater of that you know Buick. Like on a real housewives episode. 81 like the rental for a wine in its phase is something I had to do that that a white model each other Bob Eckert and pulling each others hair extensions I. Are there ever a border border. 677797. Under through seven. And the two republic rumors heating up again not totally unexpected at all on how anybody can be surprised at. If you want to house Kia put up the story at Yahoo! a little earlier. While ago a couple of hours ago that the Celtics and bulls have engaged in preliminary talks on a potential deal. But quote I have not gotten far down the road on it so what is your prediction. Let I really heavy talking about next week I think. My gut feeling is bought was coming here. And it's particularly of LaMarcus Smart you give up a pick and you give up prouder. I got no problem that our river brat I gonna problem I don't I yeah I did take the Brooklyn picked out that to me Bob I'm sorry I object of. I'm gonna the other camp on an assay that. And the next day he's given press conferences resent. You know what the asking price is way too high we tried to do what was in the best interest of the team that you know teams or over value when basket more than we were willing to give up. That's part of it I mean again and this is all based on if football's want to indeed do this because of they don't if they think they can. You putt putt around in the seven spot and be in NBA purgatory so be it I don't know what they're thinking years. I think ever bought more than opposite the gonna ritual that gonna reorganized if they don't. Maybe the worst admitted there was this time around be seventh they succeed for next three or four years so I don't know. I think the deal's gonna get done that's my gut feeling that he was affecting my part of its gonna get done. I Davidson made about their W Riyadh Pete Jerry date. AP you know or all of the last few reachable but diddley bow out I am happy to hear your all the onboard finally. All I was always unfortunate bottler I just wasn't I wasn't fully on board with the markets cousins but that's why it. Right yeah that'd be realistically we talked about it Butler is realistic. And then the other minor moves that people keep talking about would be Orleans though well not yet but we need to do all keep. And venue would be I'd love diagram there I love that. You BA championship contender now and on the street fortieth you have Thomas offered. Butler and go a little while all of our markets are a limited Jalen brown. That's her talk seven tournament LaMarcus blocked in my eyes would be on a ticket Bob do you like your brother Bradley. Jae Crowder in the war when it's. Okay do you haven't named anything to give up for no well it seems to me like that's a doable thing because that the Celtics are loaded with backcourt. And and Phillies desperate for some so that's sort of seems to me two teams that can each benefit. Terry load the urging young and Utley Cleveland taken the Celtics 2018 packed. That would get all of a lot couple of mid level first round picks in a couple of young than Terry was the year ending got. And the money works. I would not be exposed to that at all I would I would love to see that happen differently that would. Money works in your top four players would be Thomas Alford. Butler in no well it you can hold on the market Smart. How the team right there. We offensively rebounding you'd be loaded in the Albie in the car and. That's it's against a good thought David I think Marcus marble be dealt an appointment diablo like that you would be part of it along with. Eric Avery Bradley. The pick and maybe even though the player too I mean I just that Marcus Moore will be part of the deal yeah I don't know how well. Hold on to women die in it whether it later underwater because he's. You know he he's still young he's emerging he's start shelled late date in Al east you complete both ends of the court. One of the top defenders as he will he's gonna tell you that he has it in the league so sure I just. You know I wanna avoid trade talk that involves we're gonna give you a bunch of nothing we're gonna get back as superstar return it's gonna have to be somebody that that it hurts to give up. Yeah and in inaugural of a Collison there's been disrespectful for the Celtics got the British and imminent trouble in the first round other than the pistons. So that would happen for is probably first played them. What matchup pretty comfortable with the bulls Indiana and Atlanta can all. And Toronto and Washington all those teams to give the Celtics are products all sold the should be favored in every one of those series not a column is again I don't think the only against Washington and how much should be paired against Toronto we had declared an airport. Even that I'm not sure about that. I'm not anti that would try to be a pick them. For me they should be favored slightly against the balls but I tell you Chicago if they stay the way the opt I think would be typical series I could sell to win it. But I thought to be some cakewalk. And no doubt have this volusia to Granger for some reason about Isaiah Thomas in the playoffs and out of nowhere that's coming from. Called back what's the post season last year and look at what happens in the playoffs to hit the nail on the head. They're gonna bounce this guy ought to be a physical with them all over the place and I'll tell if they don't have someone legit. They're gonna take more than offered he'd better get you more than seven until he can't they can't win. Let wouldn't go seven point 22 boards are okay in the playoffs it's not gonna happen might get away with a here and there. And regular season but you can have games like that person his stature. And in the and the policies and they'd better get Isaiah some help adult and Kelly when tickets he's played some good ball right now Marcus Moore of playing better I get it. But they they have to get better otherwise. If there's an earlier to get in the first round would shock me. What got you. All right it's a delicate because of that Gerri always a pleasure show's over it is silly to just let's start and l.'s met local great job this is at a plastics to rob Bradford thanks all the lists of what kind words the great. Other back tomorrow but for blend of hosting Vienna OM efforts that tomorrow be from a ten to two along with I eighty art. On WEEI did the cards up next does stage soon. Have a great state recipe sounded like your listening to sports rated them yet. Really gonna have a reaction wreck the together the body of life is not mode. The body applies to. Not even outrage at least ultimately he could get package shock wave to facilitate I'd love to have heard that it everybody right. How about what I.

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