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OMF- John Karalis joins the show to talk his Twitter beef with Lou. 02-17-17

Feb 17, 2017|

John Karalis of RedsArmy.com joins Lou and Christian to defend his views on Jae Crowder and Lou disrespecting him, leading to a Twitter beef last night.

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John paralysis from. Who follow him at raids army underscored John. Is that the sports daily web page reds army officer breaks down all the saw the news this like a website like listen to because guys like that bar stool approach. To govern the the Celtics which I appreciate it but Johnny got all pissed off that mean I sent out I know Jake routers got a sensitive in knowing. Let the crowd cheered form but you you'd jump on me pretty good lesson. I did I hit I I don't like what is clear the air here. It's not that I feel like Gary Crowder is untreated like to beat everybody pretty all seem. I think from a former player perspective. I think you're lute is respectful to take router. When you have. Discussing like this news today people in treatable and people are on bad game there and to hop on that Crowder had a bad game night. You laugh at a guy a former player you know where that lights jug had a problem with Google and Scott. Boy here here's the thing and like I said before I expect you listen to show wasn't laughing at cheek Crowder. I was laughing at the four individuals that say that there are on tradable so on this team and Jae Crowder is one of them I was laughing at them. Well it came off bad lapping at router which I which is what be what Michael problem. When you have and and looked at the a former player. Eight they you have an obligation to listeners become a common acting pro player respect the way they're being disrespectful to the player. I think we've got to you got to educate them. Say what iPad back game this is not the reason why. He should get we treatable I think it's a certain respect they. But Tony you realize my my my job is not to defend all athletes that some of that guy. Not about the spending happy about shelling. It up being. Respectful. Why it was I I don't think he's on tradable you don't think he's on tradable what's the difference. As I laughed I laughed it Jake Trotter. I'm glad that the people that told me they're two people on this team there are tradable one guy called in sales market Smart Jake routers that tick Crowder. Re talking about Weis here and tradable. That's what else laughing. It's not that he is uncritical. But he is I value him very highly on this in I think obviously is huge role in. He's great anger you've been on me anything from three to hear him really speak for it may partly idea on this what it. To have him et Al corporate which I know people on the short while urging outlook for two. Al Horford is cuter even want to write it out having the united on Koppel I did comic progressing like a player should. There are other factors Crowder who are are among those are factors so. That are or where are all good things article we can get and others to. America understanding their fine but I think that former athlete. Now about the spending. Every beat you or talk show host he doesn't do the thing that finally get that like New York. Form crappy seeping eagle to grind you know all work out only to you know it like to go all the correct plate. You know reichert who go out there. And in just. Yet John adds I understand all of that OK box. And I get this from people in baseball that covered nationally the kiss everybody's ass and get it from the people doubted yawkey way who expect more from me apparently. Because I did play if I start every conversation off with I know he's one for his last 42 but this game is an easy. It's a hard game I know it's a hard game more. Many said bad month and a half for two months throw the baseball but pitching is an easy I sort of becomes is what the game isn't easy and and I got to respect the grind and eventually it just wears thin like I can't. I can't do that save that for MLB network save that for NASA and like I I can't I know the game is hard but I got a call what I see. And in no there's nothing to deal with. With Jake crowded but you make it sound like I don't apologized athletes that relational artists. John it's Chris you don't you don't you kind of respect the fact added that an ex athlete who's probably under. It's probably harder for them to really buy into being critical of current players were playing especially their support the candidate you separate those guys recommends it got to respect those guys a little more for being honest. All I respect got that on eight what I'm my problem what why am irritated because we got into order which would like. He knows beautiful it is always good like there are art but. It would you know I thought he'd Kmart and in this respect or you can be a lot of respect for. But that doesn't like it I'm not. Yet if you. This axiom is there to show their mentality and you get the reference that you sort out I just I just wanna clear this up okay I I do respect. That said that he's untreatable and untouchable player and I I don't agree with that so maybe you know there was a little misunderstanding new different views and how much approach that's fine. But I do I wanna ask you about this game gives you you're talking about Al Horford. And we were just discussing him and and I don't I don't again I don't play it again right the thirty million dollar Max contract and an even mention your boy Jae Crowder and and root at the numbers across the board I know there's other things he doesn't game but. Is this what you expected from Al Horford when their big free agent signed with the Celtics you know that fourteen and six that got it's that's a good pick and is always in the right spot offensively would you expect more. Another go to guy with Isaiah league game. I I would like see definitely more scoring. Argue that we had a bad game my record no doubt about you had scoring has dropped off a little bit much in my life. But he is happening has gone up significantly. Is the disparate data to like 40%. I don't think it's ever been hired an accurate perspective yeah you're one of the best passing big men out there are so cute when other thing when you look at. Citic I count war. Assisting on about it erred in being a threat that way it took about a good score the go all. We really really good go looking at what is wrong numbers are on offense if they got you think it caught up in the money. That's just not the going rate that's been caught. Like you are on my shelf where they are my gallery complaint about a three dollar. When he would you know when he burst into America I I. Got you to the that's what this great Alec are now much about what they call it and that would out at about corporate call to call wait five billion dollars a year. Could be worse we could get. Montreal or won an old guy or. Whoever. Caspian lap last seen in the tactic in particular not the more the salary cap it up 200 and 203 million dollars next year he keeps going up because just. What got caught it on our and you may read by a billion dollars therefore I'm more project. Spat on him and Clinton all your all just getting your agent you doubt they're playing basketball I would like deacons were a little bit more guests. Acting for the looking the Celtics are very obviously better team with him a war with him on the. Yeah you know and it is who he is who he is and that's it's it's the same win Atlanta. So it is what it is a problem it you'll pay for guys you'll ever because it is what it is Yassir you look at it so I'll watch that game. When you're wearing a creation. Or pay a little bit gold ball market value it in a spot. So that's also something you are. Understand that part of putting it in your court to work reaching. Out become. Less back in back into the equation. Yet the whole I would think about him have the ball into the game but that's the one thing I was like it's not really who he is. Know why you forgot that you control with that shot it and lever to open up white that. That guy you can truck in here able to shock at all. It's not necessarily. Or are and what you create to eat at you you and not okay that's. Doctor John carollo CO author of the red reds army blog you can. Check it out his website the sports daily UIC because that's odd to me I think that you're seeing. What the players are gonna look like me it is the season and right now the Celtics will be playing the bulls. In the playoffs. End of game situations last possession. Take word of their eight get rid of or stop the celtics' best buy which is Isiah Thomas so your second or third or fourth guys going to be your game winning shot that. To me they are really have a. Yeah let I think you're wanting that we really have been market that fifteen. Would never intended to be as part of this year and they're really playing well they're the second seed in the east. And we're looking out we went with a catalog injury Toronto hitter a little bit of stagnant. We're looking at east. These guys that okay they'd Witten your idol and how we can get and how we get a matchup against old but he. We're not crazy guy I think there's no. Next year and you're out there have always been I think the targets are you got beat the finished product so Al corporate income here to. Put them into final intent to help corporate gain or did you MP. In. Eat progression of putting a contender to other there's still more work to spill cap space period to spend money. This summer there's still potential trade pick to be made the deadline less than a week. So there's a lot of the goal going not to hear it as well sell corporate right there come a Wii and now. Obviously continue to increase your job so. There's there's no element there or is that how. Aren't there they'll want to be done. Our doctor Jon Karl's reds army blog and the Celtics last one for me. Where do you stand. With that its number one overall pick with trading it with holding onto it with drafting with developing where do you stand with what you wanna see Danny do. I am what I'm kind of good either way I'm fine with treating that it in the right deal. If you and you can put that it would Crowder and get all sorts out by the leak. I'd rather it's I would get it is Iraq being the player to be treated or would. You get beneath Butler with picked. Or are also ordered that pick. Unhappy because I'd like no equity over the unreal and I know while gold ball at all no guy Kirk are really. It look like guard then and sure fire hit there are a lot of your market they didn't really make it. And as we being with other sure fire hit court quote end to regain and other take a little while current develop. So why not if you can yet in the out scored now. Why not been that in just go for so I'm open to trading and buddy including met recently picked. In the right deal but I am not. Open to just meet new creed the spill like a little bit about old this year what I'm not. Going all in this your star player they treat. If he generally agree and some things those. Yeah I thought it was like the game they they offer rod joining us tickets and Johnny can follow him he's John paralysis at red army underscored John and check on his. Reds army blog on the day a sports daily John appreciate the job done.

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