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The Real K&C - Open cafeteria, lactation consults & Curtis gossip 2-17-17

Feb 17, 2017|

Ken Laird and Chris Curtis wrap up the week with a review of Thursday and Friday's K&C shows.

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Close again we get could weaken here on February 17 it's the real K it's seek Hitler here Chris Curtis that today out yesterday for the lactation consultant the mic hole placement getting a lot of attention the last two days shield can his spent 32 dollars a month on to the chain should the populace is integral thrilled with those that. I bring them out about the one interject this jet styled conversation. We're gonna bring them up and we know when it's going to pop up although it's been pretty consistent opened the show there's a couple questions about. Your mother in law her TV viewing habits. Like holy to that three part season finale anomalous attacked her. 830 she's out she's closed the door she's done on account which he does this coach were you you watch TV your room. Idea. OK where's your wife. Room the cost of the Indian the Indian TV channels and disinterested and I do. I thanks in six instances of fall which frankly flat while at regardless yesterday I would of said the first and fifty minutes of Monday's show with. Our nation the first and fifteen minutes of Thursday's show was. Our. Meter I'll take that personally as I was very involved in the segment there was a lot about you and it was the technology in the house yeah. And then Turkey's very offended by yet if might want to sit down watch Sesame Street for a half hour or a ball first of all hobbled puppies actually I would say about ten minutes others of a spot and there it calls were getting Altria. It was Syria any thankful. To have political analysts. And just going back to yesterday I agree with colors are dear leader Kirk that. Meter man and we said about the show hey hey hey. Hey hey bank bonus he is this it is a comfortable shoe but I think he's a little too comfortable. Open on buying he was meters this is what you get when people he's gonna be that he's gonna be that guy who's. Friendly man in the corner guy at the bar you know he sees these Peters you know coming more and Kelly this is meeting your boobs at Brigham and enjoy the popcorn and written in the BC media mean when you when Kirk O meter on the show you really think he's gonna come in like flaming hot sports takes open in Europe. And what are the what are you expecting. I expect waving at sports to express I always say I expect you to listen to understand some of what has been going on on the show. And I think that's an aspect portrait he's got a lot better I won't listen anyway. I'd be sleeping and that was our one real criticism over it used to feel like we're trying to would come and we go. Like in restart. Now I feel like we just keep on going and she's been listening to go enough to be a part of the conversation sanctions on the centimeters political all peaked was in decline Chris. You called earlier today he would take the bait if he knew he would be the foil in the bushel podcast DP did the month look like a man today getting makah do it every day would be injured in with you everyday I don't think you do with Jerry everyday north that is that is on don't give him the big stuff yeah that's a heavier a minor league that's yes I think common earlier. Curtis is college reminder illegally in asserted that Chris is opinion that's a covenant acts here. Hugh Laurie Clark or high gas Ari car Gallup lately it's a tough drops from the boatload of experience the highlight of the week. Is being made in void of them show indeed be maiden voyage bought and Maloney Sports Radio WEEI. On this Monday seven they've marked the year 2000. And eleven reappearing on a great job bikers cars to these discount of sleep it was news UW EI video it's my exciting likely leave. And their fans sports great pitcher out my interest to Sports Radio listen to sports corporate elected to also happens to be my job. I clicked on it and I was expecting I knew it was going to be bad as I've heard Kirk market in the past. That is the single greatest five minute clip a radio there are people here on a weekday in the cafeteria. Lou always open book marketing Rodgers all the electrical cooperative but it and how often places all but it up a the cup of Lou everything is it Lou the cafeteria. Lou is open for Spoelstra is Dave right the coach afterwards meteors arcs bluster mean. You'll also dastardly. Kirk Bryant CP aero which. Which it will appearance. Some solid selected. Now it's fair. Four robberies in the audio does we can click it was the lead with me commuted. And the leap pad but I think having never delivers a what my hat into the theater arts got our. I was at 8 o'clock today it was definitely Fokker on Friday that say it's seen its three of those this was a good week Tuesday Wednesday weren't that shows. The last couple days we were do I had fun but it was a little mr. little mr. I think it's a pos we saw this a lot on all the sports media platforms for a country traditionally. Free throw shooting contest she saw people picking who's gonna play Brady in the movies you. Before emptying. Their pockets option to talk with sports market its common. People that you can sense the audience isn't quite as engaged in sports after the huge pinnacle the patriots Super Bowl run suitor some silly (%expletive) I thought today I was disappointed. Justin how it didn't work I thought they had repressed conference would have been. A little funnier but that epic is reserved for Belichick. And we trotted out was where the shot it is the. That we have we had some fans. Listeners who were fans of the playing audio over John Hendrick in particular good idea by Kirk played telecheck over. John Henry in the ultimate irony that's so full. We need a little less as usual it. He said oh. He only wants them. And I use myself as you said the need better than anything we're doing at that point which was getting back in the celtics' docket there. Just no real meaning of the Celtics got jobs I know you disagree occur this rarity to follow. I know not a foul. Actually I tease them well hunt down and well first answer cal rice can't write as usual and we did that for a bit but I just can't. As they'll light sick in my jolly is up over a Celtics season. Elder would call it botched please don't beat your panties in a bunch Tuesday Wednesday were I agree were best shows and I think. The highlight the vote came yesterday. In the Albert for violent phone call wasn't really the highly because I took disperse. And Kirk said this that and it's right I couldn't. Quite fine. Enough to ops. To do it perfectly but it way maybe I'd back in two was actually better it was so that actually finally to three. At pet Luke. So because we kept the same ones over and over again it is neat Albert reviled so even Albert and brought I'll go to high Albert no it is not how he and he shepherd. A journalist to report. I know it's tough act did. He's second the guys are split up it's up. I you're disgusting human being you I think human being it's always gotten out later in the week boy Pete got to ask them right. Could it have been exit you did perfectly yeah. The way an old Kurt and quell that. That dealers parlance. Curt said quiet quiet Albert let Pete respond and I had nothing that it is dead silent look I've looked up. Chocolate yeah yeah. Guys. Air pocket you'll pick it looked at 1 o'clock in the afternoon Tom Brady or. It creates what would your initial accident which shocked. You got silent this one's for some reason. It what'd. He cares he got a W elements them. About her likes and respects those who work hard. Game so if that or sausage you literally would jump through the screen and strangled it to dumbest people ever to escort a vaginal birth and now. Chris Curtis. And Craig. It's whoever. Sausage so that's assignment in those who work in port but also. It's about Jones and here with that argument that you all up and up trust me that's adopt your. It. There. Six the boards that were supposed to be jumper that word and still plugged through to vote yes it was. It was the perfect you know organized chaos Kirk well blast yesterday. Does the child per yet we're talking about the stats about weight or burden as it promise interject myself the congress' and it's which easily likes lightly producer did yesterday listen of that action figures halting eyes burning 586 and nine point eight. On sorry six point eight assists a game point by point eight points. Shut up. Showed up just part of the stats I'll read them go to Josh in the truck that sought to Joshua stock we'll talk about oh we're gonna compare the two on the other all the sugar producer can talk as we speak. About the stats right now bringing me here now per 85 things that I say that you're shock jock right now while the 32 understood. Is it bad to start today he does she'll I think Kirk gets to a point in the week where he taught. Meet more than anybody else just it's tired of seeing my face and if this happened in Houston Rockets into Thursday night with an epic Jerry optimistic. And Kurt looked on with a tank where someone out to dinner. And at third statement the show is it's like what we were discussed. I asked for water too many times her and get him is hot chocolate the right way. Whatever. And it was just things is build with Kirk and reports occur in the online and I think. Yesterday he wanted to be the one giving us that he's an old school Larry Bird. So I sort of jumpin. He was it was just it was the final straw after being out meal and then he. Credit them but I think in their relationship that he could spend a whole week with mutt doing shows and he didn't mean. T Neil what do you know a great deal but those guys are still unknown in the good buddies you could that you know chatting it up of the backroom so on what's a good filling gaps for. So that's I didn't mean to sound condescending at first before Loretta and into one rating and Betsy a year out of my league that's good. I just think there's a department and the answer is yes I think common. From anybody know a go and because it's a different vibe when it's just Kirk and I thought this it was a great week of shows it's not an easy. They're building you know the Celtics facility in the snow but it's not an easy Rica chose it's difficult not want to talk about. Peoples are exhausted all the patriots lines. I don't know I mean I agree with the jets that beat the jets the closest that you app in the division. To a robbery out. And I thought with as little as we had to do what I thought it was an excellent week of shows nothing but a big part of it because they have a very good chemistry together. When Jerry's in the mix I think it. Alters Mott a little bit three set up Peter king's. Page Monday morning NFL raw recaps is that your head he's America's. And it doesn't work as well all think that I mean do you think they could restore to the other three of them five days a week. Jerry would have is still much very quickly right. That's that's just the fact that doesn't mean much some minor leaguers just chemistry with each Jerry. Maybe it away would be guilty to drive Jerry crazy and it that's kind of entertaining for awhile so but yeah I grew it's not the three of them together as much different dynamic on that note. We talked politics today because trump was unavoidable analysts at. I'm changing it from titans are very effective and we've got a new great. Trump sound bite of all time is exchange with a black caucus I want it I tell what you wanna set up the meeting you want to set up the meeting. And other browser or set up I don't. And praised by the big boss today than you got praised the big ones I collected yet. Phil's Acker Gian and it's a great sound like currency dropped a perfect timing. African American off all right girls. I couldn't say thanks whose lead producer of the delegates we know it is produced from them so. Ortiz Chris Curtis. It's them. Lack skating insensitivity consult and I'm not sensitive. But but we talk politics this week Jerry was out. Walk and we certainly opportunities we have Roemer in on Roemer was salivating over to overeat deeper as well as daddy as silently protest like Kirk coming up for air blown away from the political global Jerry was in this you know we add that much different. Joints it's not it's a smorgasbord of different today is a smorgasbord. Far heavier politics. I think truthful I haven't spoken with Kirk about this I'm no clue what it's thinking it's. But knowing Kirk well enough I know that he doesn't just do things ring. Today could be that Kirk wanted to see whole week of may not as active political talk did you know to sort of a test run. Secondly I think he knows next week is going to be very heavy politics as Mac and he knows it's just going to be him and Jerry for most the time. So I don't think you wanted to blows loads of dispute this week. And you're music summit for her to be theirs wracked with them and I also think that we were talking politics trying to grates on turtle bit. I think him sort of screeching and going crazy so I think that that was part of the reason with re reading it too deeply into. Well again and Jerry's the rightwing panties so. Re recourse the but the Kirk's a lefty but he would not a happy guy argue with DreamWorks agree that your rights at work today because you have mud. Who would have recent cut the trump did well yesterday. Support that actually. Surprised tokens everywhere they're big with us and did you think trump that well all my god I'm so embarrassed I voted for and he's such an embarrassment. I am the least. Anti Semitic person that you've ever seen. It's so brutal that I Kirk said on the air today I watch I still can't believe it's so bizarre feeling. But you look at them as the president of the United States and moved her like a bitch. What about the Spicer in like the White House showed neo. Spicer slick thing I would do you know obviously you haven't heard anything from them. Oh clothes keynote to eat. And Sean Spicer. Grab Sean I am former co host of WEEI is Dennis and Callahan Show this bullying for direct message. I have something important. No not seeking access. But BI have. And heard a word about Spicer Jerry's you know he was took the picture with him he Solomon PCs that we were invited so. I think and the show's gonna go no matter what as part of media that's the plan oh Exel that was a lot of discussion whenever they go. Is this last week yeah so we're gonna head down and stay I'm assuming teachers once watched while auto while we could be see Mara and that could be with commuter. Didn't get to that this week. Open. In the first quarter Gibson time. App that shows great austere they lost the coin toss on you know. Slowdown. We had a civil money or drops today that was a bit nick of the point tension I I think a money was worth playing we at 9 o'clock. On. Five seconds of of solid the money. On that level where people don't like him like him like him like does it like gum. Bureau of the former owner of the clippers or. The other one which is Jim saying he's a racist like on that level of. I think impugn your car your entertained however. The segment then started to fade that are surely there after we. Like the James Dolan dream and greet stuff we barely touch the last two days you can tell why the what's restarting didn't do it adjusts. You could feel the Shalit a sub. We have rob Parker sound completely undermines our employee. Who was decent out fresh sound new topics and addressed it and right into it I mean your hearing rob Parker talked it is nobody's gonna says I mean you know he's going to be unity you know part of it it's going to be the race baiting thing McCurry mentioned. And who the hell you know does that pretty passionate about all cleared on this maybe. Of all the (%expletive) stories that happened post super born dead sports zone's this be the leader in the clubhouse and a weakness just in the office. It's leading first to yeah. Yeah five days we bring the gossip these days do you had too visited that I mean but we should what does it cost a pretty talkative at 1003 month yet is that you know tells more of what how is the overall Vegas experience with gut and a via. Also in your thoughts on Roger gossip quarter Kurds got what repeat human nine point two point I don't two point doable all right Oxford I was bad it was. That I was excited I was exceptionally excited as one person might say what what what what happened when he was involved. People bearable and yet those begin to politics here right I urge you to hear this and Julian Ben bow dug into our program because we're about about it. At that Dan Shaughnessy had to break up. While and like the Boston Globe house. Nobody knows Julian and I and there was more layers to a product like I could be in trouble apparently got to the true details. But I don't think it's shot it's a breaking up a fight between globes was relatively funny that the paint the picture not okay and that I had you know Doug Qaeda. Who is a huge fan of stroke while right. Obviously Charlotte was spitting or win bella all across the nature medium to rule and Charlotte was lying your ass off. Telling members of the media things that can happen. Posting those stories on FaceBook all the poll like. And these people of you know aside and herself and set a curtain counted they think that we're picking on the little snowflake who's done nothing wrong but be abused by a mean specifically like. Combing through her social media they feel like we are an injustice. That her privacy privacy in that you know what are what we waste our time picking on people for. But they don't understand is the reason there going to be you know doing the whim block for the next twenty years at NASA dot com giving five plex they get the network can't stop the gap in the big gap in the reason why this show is drawing more listeners than it ever has the most wasn't whose show in Boston and New England is because. You take any perceived slight in Hewitt Hackett. You don't ever awhile lies to be said about EU. You go on the offense that the defense would occur as Kerry would say you give it is good as you get in that as I've said a million times I'll say it again. The David show really turned the corner with Kirk and yours went after cal importers. That was when they said enough with the bull (%expletive) going after the people why about us in the station. Feeling. A big threat. And a bass pedal and now it doesn't tie at what Kabul show him respect. Out they respected big big bludgeon him but he didn't lose that seat he fights maybe week and the the guy that we're looking to hopefully get on nothing big game is but. This guy Avant relic from The Herald it was on ones who wants to. Read them desist tweeting about how our easy armed robbery which should be pretty instinct is that the Inca. Kirk is mentioned how he would how they work a certain shaft of performances that are. Yes that would be entertaining radio next week but it Kirch after the drop machine of treatment. That is a work in the shaft like it's about the fall off our rights so I next week is fairly well set relieved at a a sampling of Allred such yes but it's not gonna be borne its stock and full on record aboard Red Sox talked hammer and David David Price which I think would be very interesting with a lot of story lines about him at Fenway this year with repeated story. We can mask I'm I personally wanna show pictures applied select NC Astro. I think those two would get along and we have Chris Sale obviously big storyline with these Jersey and all that stuff and Chicago. And I'm more and I'm becoming less and less inclined to think that the ones on or will join a more or condensed girls more. People I spoke to yesterday around the office and just like occur now I would say eighty. 10% Jessica is now. Out sourcing game manager either but it will be the first time that the man through the team. Does not join Kirk and Kelly and our element. Adding he does join us not forget he's been he's got solid ground now the organization if these very well respected even endorsed him he's the guy going forward. It would serve John farewell to beat this handle this morning she'll want to take the Dave O'Brien approach of course I feel that way I get an ego just like you do. But giving you your just like my. Maybe not like you can. I think it would be a massive mistake for him out. Massive. But I don't I think he's now at the point doesn't give (%expletive) he doesn't want him. He thinks that we're beneath them just an empty head but as I was saying earlier who's gonna talk to Lou next week zeal of the devastation. So maybe David Bradford or. We get to the bottom of the yawkey way exodus liking it too Brian Abraham like the tip left the data analyst and a lot of key piece is so. We've just reporting for recurrence and well I'd like to walk around and checked out you know who's the next then intended who's coming up the ranks as the average looking you know I was the first interview minutes in the last year was staying at the Bradford the Wii Fit in a few times from the acute. Oh Michael Terry. I do yes in his office and did you that might direct quote was chemically Michael Michelle at your choice. Do you. And go with bells and I volatile since that Chicago mayor's press books Gainey as a player as receptive. Like you area delicately couple stories turn it isn't all oiled stories. It's. Loads of this drive at about all the tries to but he Abraham. And Trevor Immelman to its Pete Pete Abrams I've done here. Pete Abrams is warm desert regions album the press box has right now from the group that would broadcast room do you ever open the doors seats means. The Icrc castle. A lot of fans of the show there while makes and we'll try to Chauncey. But he gets less like there are more likely for you think sometimes gets guilt didn't do you like the bee's story now is part of the same company with excuse. Not yet. Told yesterday those classic stay classy. And of course and on this that's the article is accurate David Field. Our fearless leader the owner of intercom corporation. Throughout Gerri how his name first when mentioning the great personalities the intercom as here in the Fulton Boston. Was waiting for Kirk to follow but it was Jerry. Let shortly. Greg Hill nary a million mentioned Kirk didn't seem bothered at first than there. I think that it's the answer is it set in their little bit sept. Crypt in the brain a little bit there have a great relationship with relay heads it's been mixed so far. I think he was. Couple if you were really paying attention when averted by you know bode Gregg Hilton elegant one of those slides though. Andy was talking about yesterday about prior spring training with Jerry you know the guests please as a follow what's your personnel moves that Jerry Kelly and armies or use. Mick Vick shirt was known that he was doing things the right way. An old man and he likes old men are Curtis Serbian investigators two weeks of the last four that you had to spend on the road with Kirk in Jerry. Arrive the week I will look forward to speaking with you and good luck to you India and opiates some sleep this week and the next time we speak I hope. You get into the second quarter the things get a little interesting and always the spoiler Chris Kerr says incidentally in. I might say good week attackers. All right guys here's what's trending now what WEEI aired WEEI dot com Bethel church and Alan WNW. The other column Gerri John Kirk all the same.

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