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K&C - Revis charged with assault; John Henry press conference 2-17-17

Feb 17, 2017|

Hour 4. Darrelle Revis has gotten himself into a lot of trouble in Pennsylvania. Red Sox ownership holds a press conference from Spring Training.

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He skirts and Callahan. Which Kirk made ahead and Gerry Callahan plug Sports Radio WEEI. How much rubber Borg was reportedly in fair Barbara trader with the minister would do you remember it could be. A sign of hope you heard what we'll we'll. Or terrorism yes yes John Lennon yes Ringo Starr yacht and go Kart. No McCartney the Bill McCartney he's experts but like much on the cart or for the final hour on the fifth and final eight. Thought he stick around. Players take it matter what he calls me a minor league kids from that guy that's supposed to have any effect. You hear about that just podcast I've not set the tone for the city Iowa your boss certainly have not its dialogue talk to dial. Home soil great moments in my life and a podcast him most valuable and I said in my life. Hackers with an I feel like guys I have dialog for the city. Magical still to be a program director somewhere public Texas or American public Texas UV BA program director won the pulpit so you don't want to. Yeah I see what Joseph is doing with and see the sort of all the other things have to do for the other program director Alec producing the show but sort of my ceiling but. There's that there's an expiration it what's the next thing after the huge progress retirement. Threesome on upon years of durables. He would that's when F you money for his daddy's retire after this I guess if you see the experts like shot just sort of the you know can we do in this two year. Fifty we like the old guys recent shows no you know I thought five more years of a seminal figure some. We're certainly not articulate and chemical often goes no no lower. This tell. So yeah five more years of carts I I don't know Canada had no idea albeit a lot richer contract dictate to understand but that isn't that an apparent contract and fired an eight you know. You'll be in your internal. Side is also true as we learned last I want him out he'll be -- I happened in oh come back in no lose lose weight to it worked out well also the way came back in all spread producer he's been excellent crippled the city is abuzz there's certain guys were I never get tired drops deter tide of the Curtis drops and never get tired of the cafeteria might drop now an amendment favored that is my theory drop right now go there's no doubt at all I'll ever get sick because of miniature satellite you. I got myself out cares for me in the cafeteria. Lou is open. I just think so France. And another guy obviously we play him all the time he's a great leader and I think Cuba should think he could mean in. Is Amani Toomer again Schwarz on the money was back at it today while. As you would say back at a today the her chamber back editor and if I knew argument bodily look arguably. A body again this morning I heard them and because demining and really almost any somebody's worth the I would not put this pop shelf among this is not. It's a final segment they do personal wealth personal follow follow money this is not special teams of money but it's. If if he's a monies and moves it misses him. Seven sixers don't mean good where the world yes where playing here's among this morning I think. Weighing in on dream on green which really talk to a saying Poland. Runs a slave. Mentality with the knicks that label management and where to John Sterling. In comparing him not to I think I don't John's got addicted parents and I think it's a better compare against our shoes so this 22 Donald Sterling. As only embodied hand European Schwartzman just a few hours ago. He didn't flat out say he was indeed what Maggie said she was he was a racist he say yes. Police. Athletic yes. It's pretty close yeah that's not a yes. How do you take that level what do you take that to me on that level could the aid of that so open ended may. But on that level could mean on that level where people don't like him like him like him like don't late gum award bureau of the former owner of the clippers or. The other one which is him saying he's a racist like on the level that there's little that little and little ripples with what we. But Donald Sterling was hated more than just. Won't for more from Rhode. By the end at eight supporters for more than frightening array. But that is that's kind of leaves and gusted that tabulate the worst on the radio lives that is each segment from this four times. It's while it off. Like you like it. Racist like him like that race is not on that level like well what level what level does a level where people in like counseling because he wasn't racism like them the really. Little legal rebuttal wriggle room wriggle wiggle. Yeah. We'll get it dribble agreed yesterday it seemed like you were done to the I don't know what this means it's stupid. It's that creates habits I really shore. Explain to me flowers already backed off that the cup we have done a lot of relief Dolan. Explain me why don't news wholly wrong having Oakley leave it Pope who saying these crazy things. He was invented the do reaction to it and initially was that. He wasn't saying a lot of reasons he showed up was there for four minutes with escorted out. In four minutes time what crazy things that he says same formats and over the course of four minutes he paid for Dickens himself was sitting with his guys friends with Phil Jackson. I think the way to to come out of there and pinned him down with the security. Was great TV shore what is a little bit aggressive yes you're in the situation given to Charles Oakley as in that was sort of the the brush back and go on a dole went on a week ago today. And claim that Oakley was an alcohol that. I was more about clean houses are hard enough as an example of that was the reaction type ticket either into the story thickens in this story well it's it's a slow times in the Super Bowl whatever is next I guess spring will be the next week's spring training most animals to move in the offshore weighing it weighing in Pablo every single day. So this story into New York story that's where they like the fact it's based on in New York that he is a big interest Hewitt and so they can be hammered pretty except the all star weekend. That'll on that level where people don't like him like camp like it like de like like him like him like him like before lights are you like like her like just like current question who which box you checking yes so we had that in and rob Parker in my in my correct way to on this as well this is on FS one. Now it's your had been brought to. In my green was saying is correct in net. Was that of something that was. Painful to watch something that brought back some horrible memories for people in net here's trolls all we've been successful. Former pro basketball player. Educated college educated black men and assume. Who used to make it live being Dodd of balloons balls and Dodd who in the stands. At this very place. Is now a million dollar mop. Being dragged walked the floor and that they built in because the older who happens to be wife and old to build an old team. Doesn't want him around anymore and I think that was the part. That when you pick about. What went down. What's so troublesome to so many people and it's amazing that people have some people. Apple not understood that that the imagery is very powerful in this in this case. Yeah I missed the imagery I don't work that takes a lot of our yards has not all all kidding aside does not the Imus it's just I mean that is that's taken a lot of work there that they needed because he's black. I mean James ultimate brings black guy and shackle him and that's to work toward I agree and it's rob Parker defending that's what he does three months what he does that's that's that's the game more race which is a business I mean people make a living doing against you feel comfortable. Comparing it to some sort of sleeve that's a slave mentality slave master mentality that's ridiculous would trade on green said initially which I am I'd I don't think anybody outside our rob harper really defending. Both comments he would not bashing on the doors last 48 hours to defend. Audrey Ahman Green for those counts 6177797937. Speaking of New York. Cold Lee Harvey easiest pin staff writer. Spoke this morning with Revis is attorney Blaine Jones he anticipates Revis. Who was arrested are always up and arrested and charged will turn himself in the Pittsburgh police at some point. In the next 24. To 48 hours this this is a strange story I do understand. I understand that there's some sort of attack that happened but right. I don't get any more detail was terroristic threats. Camille author and I understand it's it seems strange sort of seems like a divorce and are recognized redistrict Pittsburgh. They filmed them at their phone Revis hated try to take away from them and some brawl ensued some guys got knocked out right. Yet they claim that it was said of Revis is gonna be charged but there'd be guys admittedly don't know if it was Revis or not it was 2:40 in the morning. To Matt Moore knocked out for at least ten minutes one of them Dallas cousins suffered broken bones in his left eye. I you mentioned two counts aggravated assault robbery conspiracy and making terroristic threats is very. Our definition of that when you get arrested for major hurricanes ready somebody can let us know I don't know what that means they saw Revis standing along Carson street shortly after bars close mr. cousins asked weather's a seven time pro bowler Revis said that he was. And cousins symbol no you're not. He then said he was again to try to take video of him rob mr. cousins a mystery has been pushed him and which when he took up the cell phone to get pretty of what he was wearing. Mr. Reid is try to grab the phone and when he did it. Revis got thorn in the street the next thing you remember it was getting punched and then waking up to the police being there. Apparently Revis had allegedly got more guys coming do you want to be next. But mr. walker not confirm it was released to him so he's got property in the area. He's is attorneys say you're checking out the property. Since he was harassed by these guys and Al quip or nearby Al quip. And let these two guys get knocked out. I yes I guess it was disaster reduces sodium met and all these guys saying get rotary but it probably will now that she's another win for Belichick it's unbelievable. Any doubt now that thing we argue about a couple years goes doubt did not you we do on the show them people Israeli doubt that was Revis and Seagram. These members of this hacked I had who's doubling over Pete you don't believe he has steal at do you normally do aren't yet yes especially with him a person is guilty of making a terroristic threat. With the when the intent to intimidate or coerce a civilian population enforce the policy of a unit of government by intimidation coercion. Or affect the conduct of the unit of government by murder assassination or kidnapping. He or she threatens to commit or cause to be committed a specified offense and thereby. Causing a reasonable expectation or fear of the imminent commission of such offense and still confused was this all. Mere threat I've. I don't I'd that what you read there doesn't make a lot of sense for terroristic threat to intimidate accorsi civilian population. A member of the civilian population. A case we made terror aboard the terroristic threat I mean camera. It's this person is guilty of making terroristic threat when with the intent to intimidate but what's the threat house terroristic nature. He says you know you do anything with this ball and if you senator George W yet something like that's terroristic. Should be allowed it to be a law against that Kimmel walk up to anybody wants in videotape them without a camera now men and it should be law. What in our did in this situation if it if previous we have no idea what's going. Bruce is walking around mining is a business and someone comes up with a phone camera phone in in their face forget we urine urine you know on main right in your on the beach and someone comes up and starts. Keeping your job. Point what they camera iPhone in your face and you don't colleague and up on the Internet and it is action that. 2007 country can do it I hate I don't think you fall people foot away from them is they're so sound that what he did right well as a paparazzi can you stay where I guess there are ways you want to yes I know Walken who got the street to forty warnings are videotaping ability should be better way to do it MC knocking him out cold problems. That's Lucia back and be honest that's what happens. I got several readers. You know I'm not either act of some date when the phone with a foot away from me kept asking if it's him he keeps saying no to drunk guys but do you 2:40 in the morning yes that would annoy me that was in America UT Revis on this one noted the whole story. Now what it means if he's guilty of it to jails mutates and finally done a good jails and the jets. Boy Revis on many Schmid had a great lead out of his thriller it was plates human touch for seventy Wii for probably getting physical which is a act for candy good lead 86 says they should. Cut him today I don't Belichick so I just got done before he came on the ocean. That I met at made it hula. You know out of Belichick was right either Belichick I don't think abuses in the fall off a cliff like this and know because it's unbelievable 2014. It is past rate dances like 41 or something I mean he was. Other worldly had no passes thrown his way teams avoided at all costs and now today did this didn't happen. Yeah people in New York saying cut revisit the Ford is because the public at large member you know I think he was actually was when he was in rehab when Revis signed the jets. Herbert going in the penguin for whatever weaker to. And we did Revis calls for two weeks and nobody nobody. Was happening Belichick at the time and raise equity raise your back what they are you have plenty of a salary cap money payment per year pay a freer to Malcolm bot was not ready Logan Ryan sucks what are you doing and it. It's work you aren't they want again. And this guy's been a disaster on the field and much as isn't it policy not to be stock legitimate star making Covert better than read this right they are making ultimately much better. What's in the I'd I don't name and move. I'd yardages and you are cool I checked out yeah lets police check out sixers is up at wide segment fairness I mean we've had good segment for the good show so for now. They're good show and say this segment could. It's more of a 9 o'clock and where it's listen my suggestions are you wanna blame B I'll take the way I was I was not -- item one to break rumpled and I thought I'm what we got that really modern Africa now I got a result which conventional use could dump truck you set don't want to sell the ski Alba because. Say that did not say no no no no no no no what it was a game to seen here at the miners back rates on 66. Yeah I'd get this segment guys over Arabian money stuff no finesse I did not hear that there's data that's overrated a month that's it was gray seven was six I'd. I've heard much better money was average month rehab. I'm saying beverage oversell it meant I was OK now. Womb if you call afford it to left break and are able night noted no as I mentioned during the show new. Yes you'd imagine what the polyester and we have some great I sound and US meter rate we have yes I did my call I'd like now I have my job I take in the both for some segments like you said earlier we have US car denied that as a result Barbara separate and members agree. I never consider this it's it's great that. It is a wiggle wiggle room between good and grateful he said. Good show so far lousy segment that close calls terrible hopefully I'm a bust my butt to do better the rest of the show I'm gonna go down to the cafeteria. Kirk. And that bathroom nearby did well was awful but twenty minutes ago McIntyre on the new it. Topps meat I wish I had about a half hour and I left my right partly I haters I don't walk I walk out of I wanna be alone in that any doubt in my state sitting Nexus One or bathroom door Roberts has lost its magic it is now. Over used a quite third floor bathroom territory but it's getting close one of the many benefits of working here night is that no reason that after midnight in the whole place yourself yes the only real. You think you know it's another 61777979%. For the phones we load media packet after that said I am IB Johnson what are we do we get back any. We go Celtics yet we can preview. Which guess we're gonna have it or you're gonna have a knot and ran out of Israel radio religion omen for good week we limping all final it's supported a lot of lauer on the fifth and final day we can always go back and play some sound of the four offers more Maloney. Welcomed our seven I don't happy you've had an erection every time we played through on major summit that aren't always VC like that I would get to whatever it is we get back 617. 779790s. Have about a half hour to go before we head over to the guys in the mid day. Final half hour of the week of curtain count him with much. To be as good as Larry Bird in his forearm here well through 301 season let let's not make that comparison yeah you feed well he Madonna. Do you absolutely genuine guy he is having a season he's had that is Carlos who they are murdered and had his best. Picture but I strong wallets of more on me if I did you hit again you on your mind. I just assuredly does not from here Anderson is annoying able basketball I never saw Larry Bird play. But to insinuate that Isiah Thomas is having the kind of view Larry Bird has ever had is not some medium isn't one category and what's points per game scoring late games you can somewhat you wanna go kind of equate to Larry Bird five rebounds defense passing. Everything else. Larry Bird has an unranked teams and every other season telling these Isiah Thomas fans tonight. I'm you guys can call if you want I will toll may that was wrong with but Isiah Thomas senior receives on top 3040 play whatever dead wrong. But the truly great players. It's not it's up to that a game at the end in defense which office which situations comes on the fool you can't be considered in the same breath is Larry Bird take you up the courtly and well. Forget Larry Bird. Burt at some weaknesses that the federal grant you that. I would say Michael Jordan is one of I want to meter shot you're one of the five best defensive players I've ever seen yet meet you at his best he was back he was eight terrorizing. Defensive figure when he won is that the deploy in the year. You could won three of battles with Clyde Drexler I mean that's Donald Ross great great defensive player underrated defensively forget about that. At each end who I work with occasionally Comcast and I like about like a lot of very nice person. I was interviewing somebody from cius and Chicago wants it before the game of watching the field could hear. A perform well Gary and she got the conversation with this guy about Isiah Thomas. Times have you ever eat up my hair. Then I'm OK. Okay well I covered the third night. Yeah. It was a tragedy it's a Chevy two bedroom. I'll go on ad while it's open book. Does this compare president Michael Jordan through Google search. He's having an excellent year Abby seems to be very good job just fine not after watching the broadcast she got much paradise she writes she does very well but. That is that is dead as we get them Celtics bubble world of Scalabrine Draper in these people something Japan part of the team. Take a step away I mean I mean you know comparing the birdies in saint supreme Jordan is almost criminal even even the cease and you can't. I imputed to kids if I get the CS and Chicago back sort of mocks and often at all. And brought management answer questions to ask her about Michael Jordan. This is what we do now because the Celtics and I give Celtics fans credit they stuck with this team yeah. But they get defensive and they get overly excited about a certain things because Isaiah Thomas to your point. Was up pushed aside by many people here in town. And so we are bending over backwards some people RT compared to the great players of all time. Which makes no sense whatsoever and in same cases as rich yesterday with Larry Bird. It does favors to Isiah Thomas when you put those two guys in the same category so I. And just we do we do this now it's not just the Celtics it's in sports tonight it's the newest thing everything's the best social media are the best it's the worse that got them back there. And that's what we are now due in 2000 Red Sox rotation ever had a couple of years it was the best you can have more than ever Paul Pierce is better and Larry Bird as cops better than Larry Bird. All these things are going on I mean and I know that you're doing Bob a question of the guys you probably got a little flustered I mean it's insane which is Smart and that she must know. That sounds absolutely ridiculous. I have lost last night for the Celtics we can disagree I think the call PMs it was the right call good call. But again it's sort of at times. Unmasked what Isiah Thomas might be in the post he's number one he's a defensive liability in big spots is a defensive liability. And number two when you pretty big aggressive guy limited to a Butler there are moments when I say is forced to take some shaky shots now we had a great fourth quarter there's no doubt. But that final possession before that is a that is not a great position. Fadeaway three from the wing guy in his face contested that book. This is where Al Horford has to be. A better player at the end of games in this where Brad Stevens has to recognize it whether it's Jimmy Butler some of the more physical players they'll play ticket Chicago. That's a playoff matchup right now to seven Chicago Boston first round so late in the game. Breaking news Mozart certain percentage numbers listening anyway. The the owner of the Boston Red Sox John Henry speaking live through media right now down for march or to go to his annual talk with the media unlike earlier generations from the owner. Done anything differently as you sit here today. Get ready for the season. We might not sort of doing this for a couple of. Well you know we do we do reflect on because this is our fifteenth anniversary this month and a I think we were cocky when we came in and says that we would win my orders twelve series. We certainly experienced this pain of not doing the job and the joys of of winning and I could just say from from both of us that where we continue to be. Focused and hungry and he just turned and this is John Henry with the mountain Werner sitting now have the media guessing don't be clear it would girls giggling understand this guy short there's a bit because he has got a lot actual mushroom flattering. You know we have anything or owners of people don't know right now revenues because they allow us to have. A strong club a year or more focused on the fan experience and receive his illness is in the old one how to bring kids to Fenway. How making experience enjoyable on how to improve the ball or if he's yourself. We're still I think we're still. On top of it will be joins in as we societies and talk to Cosby going to work every now to our question. Larry uses saying you know we're in the toy department of life so who feel that OJ library that can be part of the Red Sox it's not going to be forever that. But we're very proud of what we've done and and yet we're. Hungry. Continue to do better. At any. Reaching the match. Lewis felt bad Saturday bustling variety of Arenas Fenway Park. That we feel the need to go too much for. Only four cases I think it's tremendous experience. To me. There's Phil there's been fifteen years of tender loving care going in on an annual basis and it's been sort of built last. Built to last in the next thirty at least thirty years of about fifty members in check so I don't see. Veteran I don't think the senate race course continues plus DV I estimated he's just a little couple lemons and around the house map of and you know you come back and India play and that is not as fast forward through all what is. Why is rear admiral talking during what is going on the giants just hop on down career since I made a good idea actually do not watch. Really I need a passport rule them might I would say that's all I just I've got a TV out two miles and twelve years now who. Commercials I mean Michael icicle lights display ads are right but I don't and it has until it's one right now how easily it is to repeat not reach out. It was like he does like healthy healthy he's reached at you know had. He's proved it ought to elections with three at theory you know has read it dear leader it was like going to. This good what it basically every hole to hole here and it all worth it. Weird. I don't. Active fabric threshold spoke. It's good yet you don't if anybody you know this is the owner of the Red Sox call if you would talk she's what three types or wanna hear from this and your rear admiral shot he's silly time. Was one idea under. Well it's your part of the Basra talks broadcast if I am right I don't shut off from Cleveland Sharon's bigger issue rumble. CB team we lose him a lot of my wanting to spend a lot of big numbers and soon. There's holes. Happily issues. Timing issues it's important. That house. See who's done a slippery as the Atlantic Division explained but Toronto maple leaves yap where I'm endlessly on their way ahead of schedule but I get on track yet but that's to die presse among them this is it's it's it's really impressed I don't as you know of Angela and I won't come as a rods and handled Boston's. Yak it's I mean it's not at a cheerful I want that out of touch her best every segment and is everything on memory and do. Right now yeah laughs. Atlantic Division standings changes that are made sure. If he must come work it and nobody. Fizzling out McCain's terrible effect is it we are always looking at me thinking more Chris. I think you all know it. It's very minor change that this year. If if a manager wants it called intentional walk then. And I like it started here I don't let us you know as he now. And wrist he's. Thing but it makes anymore Crist. I'm so we're focused on. And shorten the amount of time for an instant replay what to do more openness tolerance there. That indeed been a month. Show WEEI. On this Monday at 7 o'clock here. In picture and that you you know these weeks have been you know we it was a little bit of law's house club who used to surround and there are people here on a weekday. Hearing. Lou always felt the parking lot as well. How to deal extra innings but it amateur as a direction you're talking about the extras have Shaquille. Why that was our pitchers and guys like average right short if it's seventy Gulf Coast swing totally we're we're having a lot of conversations. Who the group this talking that it's going to be expanded. Players in general on this trip was I mean this guy was almost commissioner ultimately you know makes him some improvements to keep the gains crisp and I. It means the injuries. The biggest reason is is that there ought to trust are out there excluding injury you know every ticket trapped by it obviously played world. And placed in coach is it scoring fifty affect you what do you think PGA floated up. To improve and pace of play which I think in 2017. In the media landscape and it's right on line jail and sports. News is critical no question if you did that happen. It is one game. Well that's that's a matter of some kind of got it done by a more. One of the phonetic and secured the title one and that it's so much chaos going on over there cause we're leased vehicles it is unbelievable answers between the owner between the GM and talk with a bruised right now as it was an event in all of this genre perfectly reasonable question about pictures already in place shepherd is the owner is taught us please please I suggested you're upset at us for playing audio over the the press coverage you're calling it 617779. 793 Seve pissed off you can't hear I got a Henri start at six once I'm with you I'm allergic to say what I would call and yes. But can't. They shot yes he's. Plus when you say I don't think it was related to. Apparently. They were off base jobs. Is its people and thank you for me to play. I think your sense I'm unlocks signals he wanted to see Coke put uncle played a tape of Thursday I'm not surprised at all and been kept that. When and is credited all I thought if it Pittsburgh Wednesday and and and that the pages and again next week once. You know he's that it might wanna make plans she denies. Me twice a year. Something's. I think that was flawed portions read we saw him. Ultimately I think going to be an addict. Be pissed off got them in beef and when it was ultra eagle first time I mean that's right and you know Tuesday and that was sort of the time you would Madden this time that I was at a different teams. Did you know he's just in Texas obviously Debbie likes it must like the sexiest thing in Houston. I'm not really you know gonna be wise no we ask you about enough and having built prior to the first things first. If you order ridiculous is it that had a Monica adroit at Goodyear here where. A moderately journalists can I take a very journalistic approach one of my life and in another way down. I had all night before less commercial breaks is I think that all is sure there's no ratings so low note in the end them. I think it's a good idea what you cut your commercial breaks in the national security staff. Puts it. Well we saw him this morning. I think that he has a lot. That he wants to talk her got a problem you talked to the only viewers your name is very it was he was talking when asked about them. He's an all star player and we've got a lot of confidence that he's gonna have a good here. Home. Out. Okay we're 61777979%. We'll take John from Maine here before we go to operate if you want mutter now I'm up. Yup yup just gotta love is for mr. trump legalize marijuana. Nationwide so everybody country what regulars playing rated stupid it's poverty. 617779. A second about Austin and now here the entire press conference I was line is that Belichick wants kind of a mess but that's OK final minutes of soccer encounter with mark before hand over to do and for you in the mid. Real after fifteen years. Most of us. Together fifteen. We. Something about great song on there are few things. I'd love to do my driveway disposal it's one of my favorite things almost it's a technique does it ought to doing that I could now that plays clay then come lousy. Involved with the key switch in the throwing the blows to the people of negative it was a point accomplished math business. You are useless war you can't get used it twice and have the same magic that Belichick on just didn't. People are. People that Belichick you know so adults yet people about it people love Henry you know Kevin in the car wants to hear John and we'll talk to Kevin before we handed over to the big guys and this too that was a good week that really and it just limped home file by model kept. How right got. Guys hope all of you people really get under attempting not to order here. You are right but if you talk openly or anything mr. departure jet. Should Kevin why can't agree a 100% and it was shot up cannon. So that we. I know every few years we have to. Slide down rumors that I don't know what extends. And I don't rush. We talk about. He uses. When you. You low levels usually. It's a moment. The only ones. This moment. But I since Charlie. Charlie every tree put earlier on WEEI ordinarily get telecheck talking over Henrik rear tire Eagles don't it was a beautiful and also pay Charlie resigned as painfully. Charlie what's up. He. How comfortable in my eyes were Red Sox are few days. But Turco are there. Charlie trilogy of low and this are these funds agent of the Boston Red Sox I want your and the owners through this is my. This is Curtis this and I've lost control. Yeah absolutely right you are right which we will be ship shape I'm on the promise of a all right Siobhan. It's Charlie but excellent job as we get to view Motley a minus written a into the mode. 850 winners of the curse you can't don't force ideally I would them or showed up and defended that knocked me nightly producers. But the good week probably not great for the Tampa Florida. A minor league B plus there's that enabled as some payments to degrade as well art theft auto don't guess who gets it. Guess she has this question no we we we know you'd never guess when I know I never had a yes no I stand Monday night by the way Ian Browne will join the live from Fort Myers John Barnes well. But it will will Rogers the reprints friends on the view I propping up for a couple hours of money I think amid press podium for segment President's Day Monday night. Who know Ian kabob populace I got you right there would you TV right there 7 o'clock your. Is there a segment you have got to 7 o'clock so rob if we're going to block it always look yeah. Thanks everybody this week of surely at some yes AJ Perez has some news good. The Big Dig guys are up next where they guy and and a little about the Celtics blown call last night but Paula and go into that I get some movement after rebel army as low blow called. The pencils and actor calls gonna help yeah. They will debate the accurate call Christian I think is adhere to industry yesterday that he's back today. With Lou I'll be back at Fort Myers with Jerry Kelly remember him. On Monday moved to a CU bright and early from sunny beautiful Fort Myers, Florida Monday at six in the mid day guys Christians who are. It's currently trip and she's Smart that's what's trending now on WEEI WEEI dot com. Could we can do it. Okay. Okay.

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