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K&C - Old sound of Mut and Kirk; Enough About Me with Ordway; Chris Curtis Gossip Hour 2-17-17

Feb 17, 2017|

Hour 3. Mut's history as a radio host is revisited. Kirk's latest podcast features some in depth talk about radio in Boston with Glenn Ordway.

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He's currently. Times have you ever seen in my hair. I covered Michael. This stuff to drive me crazy. There's nobody you have more respectful of the reporters and good reports he's having a season he's had and his colleagues who they are deeper and had his back. As a candidate. With Kurt committing acts that really has worked he wanted to bring you back which times I don't wanna get into the you don't show and we've talked today the cafeteria. Lou was open we talked afternoons you know. One pitch they wanted to put you and I on an afternoon drive within this close they'll work that should probably go to work I would have been able I was forced I would. Yep well like you do with your yes sir and Gerry Callahan. I think good for us that's going to be really good quarterback change I think I have said. You coworker said it this time. Compared to Jim Nicaragua in the same time has more upside to drop below he's got a federal armies were athletic he can run here intact by traditional Sports Radio yeah. Hot top I've never got back about this guy. Brady is being selfish right now but he also chose to go radio silent during the marathon bombing I amateur on Sports Radio WEEI. Seasonally you know I've heard you wiser mind years yes you know I mean there's time grosses of stupid here of course I thought I am. I at ease on the accelerator. At the good thing they got a training has according to scholar clobbered by the way it's aggressive. No that's a rat's Scott for some he's been on mentioned the show since he came and said it would meter data for hours district on eight of which I've which was the day after you I believe were like oh. Which you know was out so I was crying watching scheduled to work that Friday and did not work that you wrote such a good column about it didn't want to come to work your fellow committee out of boys would be cost me day's pay. And give your vacation no cuts to grants current roster guys in the vacate 2000 actually IDs catchy all meet a vacation because that's true that gets in the way it is true if you beat him you've never gonna show was column I'm not our officers our three Kirk does a Red Sox pregame account now we're doing the heart of thing before the show very hard inside rating we're trying to figure. How many people we've worked with on the year and are years and I think most rain a person we it's only shows we publishers together. On the weekends for one year and half their cars in the parking lot. Lou it's like that would you what you do you felt you'd change when you went. They went back on pork might. Become a Dick again hope to win against Workman junior winner behaves. It was regular person I've worked on them full shows with new ideas that quite a by sat down and Brooklyn with the approaches for your fifty people. Coach of the day lesson re. On the shuttle launch and 25 in the last five months if you counting all the casting counsel mark de Janeiro counts or one hour meant when you say well you think you'll far exceed mindless because you penalties cast members yeah we didn't have that. And he shows him John rook. Crystal I mean I mean a lot of bodies on the list of that nature of the rock you know on Harry and John Ryder John writer Eric Reed met all. Map on April mama analyst at royal. I mean this is this is quite a list. That is a good analyst at Purdue a spear Paul Flannery Chris price this is all analyst Brian CP air. No yes or no no no no no health but for the sequel yes that was a chart specially put reprise it here for two port and this week. Potty current hobby car and Troy Brown. I would not have you guys were Braude on some analysts on ion. Bob new model the regular year you saw dot it's he goes into the triple digit I I I had the most obscure one you cannot match my most obscure you know that you will be hurt who's more bank or bank uses your barrel or Ben Curtis. It is now and what if I was Curtis on your personal anyway he's putting value human rights it. That's out the other and here's something that occurs however lower banking group. And it's worse she I didn't multiple weekend shows their hours of sports talk radio lord thank you very nice when all else very very nice yes not much of that you have a great person I was at there was Madrid surely it's okay. What's your fantasy football segments look terrible and now on the porch on the island to I win great divide. Bad thing pair separate us now could somebody delete all the felt like I say ice pack. I didn't say that yesterday I get but the take your parents are Italian has got you tied. You get the bushes gave us all markets. Their work dig it yourself store. Gotta be that it's at the equipment yourself the source subway couple hours here by Brian St. Pierre Brian. As ago that our record at work I appreciate you coming Ernie Saturday what sort of got here that what do you think when you look at you break this now what is the couple of things at the real thing depicts and when you tell me if you think if if you don't what is the case to make that brought the Broncos did you hear for Thabeet. 2120. I. That's that's cafeteria. Well not I didn't think that put on the same ball high enough it's bright. I think you're out of virility d'etat pricey PR. Nice guy who cannot speak well I think he did intersected pretty good I've heard of like the language I mean a thing Gator got the best they get these things like meter in chops love these guys that it owes a great guys awesome guy. Bring a lot in you be doing that for two hours. To weekday being on a weekday loo little bit of pause house Saturday Sunday and used to I was around and I feel bad bankruptcy appears in the eyes one common theme there both of our voices sound about ten octaves higher well it's also seven years. I heard oral. Force that is good old bags and a and Xavier tonight. The unlocking saint Pierre I thought oh no you can't complain about it you show them. It was not a plane. And its. Rear and asked the beautiful. Well. That situation obviously we're supposed to do you step up and get the most that we work well if you honestly you'd like you've done this week a lot to work with here be got the most out of the people bid and do we parent or a Sammy never delivers a what mine and I like Bryant beat tonight you'll meet Brian. I looked bright just. I he was there Rappaport good guys and bag him I'm not bad we don't have you want to hear him or don't do not everybody you are bad guys and only sapiens job is not for a true. You're one of them he was sideline reporters going to be close I'll stops partly it is because I think it is Monroe Udell. And trying to stop them up or Kirk I don't care about that at the locker oligarchs that. How to Kirk respond that you place on that segment so don't come online your outlook and just play your out what this place which which side what's what's segment. I'm gonna put a curse and oppressed he better place I like are Mormon hand. More than him from that and I'm fine if you wanna play more of me right now we have more sadly there yet Kenner we are out here. The week today being on a weekday a little bit out Saturday I'm used to the surroundings. There are people here we play the cafeteria. Lou always a parking garage that is great that it's on the technical route and you break and let's take this game between one point or maybe that's the you also said whatever ones you gave we're here on Saturday. Night or Saturday so I don't. Percent what they are you wanna know what native middle Cigna church or fun calendar. Robert you what is wrong with you seriously. What is wrong with you you keep playing the sound and ignored by you never swear anywhere rosters are always tough shots where elaborate on the year. Of such of you right it's what you do replace him trying to just to move on Lani delete the audience yes people card here does yes oh it doesn't. And plus it was not it does not go into bodies stop its navy and intentionally marketed well these Sports Radio WEEI. On this Monday you know and I think of our failure there's a thousand delegates there's been an eleven. Not everything they ever tell you sure I remember 21 belt so perfect you can't find any sound it. We call a guy like I think I'd be happy to have mom isn't this the third guy him spreads and suggests congress is part of the early prop multiple ball what are we seek. Yeah very very very nice guy. In multiple aides. Back the profits bird. He talked about that if I'd ever gonna show hundreds and he's so do the silent BC. I don't know that notes agree it's got future. Scott future. W went back on work life. Bought a powerful bossi waited all day on Tuesday yes this question 8 o'clock on Fort Myers Friday we play the sound million Thai people heard by now know I'd play and malaria anybody tired that's certainly yet. A it took an impossible to get tired. Annoyed the hell by district Friday here's six on seven server out of nine. Seven not a smoking flag front all of our lined up as usual at the Celtics here. In a minute let's start with Mike and a car as. Mike what's going comment. Hey guys they Kirk I remember when you were a little useful comment not. Cattle major territory. I think it was a Saturday's show where you went I don't remember the hosts work what you guys are hard. Oh boy that was yes that was I was me I was side. It was the date. It would bring it was a weekend should they bring in the teachers draft picks we sat down with. Ryan mallet. And meat sold there and then we had that battle with jacket which to be fair use that never has weakened those would not right now it was probably a little over the top. Although I did work review and we had a boss command and tell us to move on from the jacket were subject so I had I was part of that was filling in for. Luke is filling in for you. And one of our. Auburn lost virtually yes it was a wolf yes advocate and they'd score the goal that's that sound like you Jack elated as well as we launch our pretty good wolf we didn't like that the other stuff going on time so how's he threw the door open yelled move on right. So. Only time I ever I moved on outside the door now when would kill to be my boss is a guy Jason Wolfe who wants from in his office since then you'll never be an every day on air radio person. He did not yes he did god what would. He said with that nice ways occasional security every day god which can be good filling in and the committee Imus had absolutely and I thought I am going to bury you. Archenemy of life is Jason wolf a couple of years now I will be enormous and you will be doing you know what does that what does it all he does a good job with the money financial ramadi Medford yes don't you on board doesn't look very good not only one or your spectacles. Odd Jack and Freddy and Jack you're a W yeah. By Eric. Yeah. I'm loving. It hurts for premium to. Chalk it. Responses that left wing liberal site yeah that. I'd call it looked like object. Ought to act like I am saying that it will not be told the I didn't argue. And driving industry not a mobile unit report now. Fight enough. Fight in transgender it I'd been struck became elected and he's not any given the benefit. That would. No you're right you're not you're actually right trump can knock out. Jack Jack Jack could outlet to respond you're actually right trump can never go wrong with the trump crowds blasting the media and I agree with you the media is corrupt. They are totally left wing I don't trust them at all but that doesn't mean trouble doing good job either both to be true. No it doesn't that's what it looked really good job he correctly call that the media. That's not his job reaching age up to holiday job and that's got a good job on my forms whoever residents posted under my dogs properties to elections can be he's right I group a with trouble 100%. The media sucks their liberal bias. Trust me I'm completely with you but that's his job. That's a job or not Americans but because that sorts attack on Amy has two guys back on. Just Jared we know that you don't know Jack has laid out why he asked to fight back this way the president is they are spending everything that I trust right now US cities are a good job music guess it was evening buys yes I'd like president's job you can and you like the back for court yesterday it's new that's different. The difference the joy and it doesn't it's doing the right job. He's the president so what will resist it over and over again what you Randy is Jenny gets right back to you rank. Would you rate correctly calling it the media in in the imports of what the president does it's not at the top of that list I I don't I don't want to. But based on the current landscape in this country where why is why why would oppose or support you know the meat a Twitter play no. Press conferences not to do. He's jobs to government is what you that is that's at the biggest part of his job absolutely nobody is hard to do that and get past hundred days that we people get on that's fine. The immediate it's already. It to him supporters won't. It is lights seeing and it's much I think we'll get the calls and second real quick reference forty our attention to orders but a pretty good poll I think. Are you tired of the old school at my WEEI drops you have two choices no absolutely not so competitive why I've already voted so yeah. It's. Not violate a thirty votes that actually not as sudden 7%. Away idol idea blocks were hurt in which eleven targets whatever gets you when you made an. No I know it was apparent when you hate I don't. Don't hate anybody who's apparently can't even pitching a daily Arnold I just it's awkward at times but he me. Daily Arnold I suppose the I guess you should they spoke about it's it is with these weird things where he picked him on the are not on the I would convert I'd committed partner. Would you mind it's you it is not it is absolutely you you may it is. Did not. Not me you RD daily Arnold text like I I can actually more like post and elsewhere and you want art gallery stores where let's swear on your children. It's not you that's where Harry. There is it is not one of the fake daily on X Twitter account because I take your mind Obama I have a wish Adam and I don't you type but got it goes to Maine writes a list of enemies and angles through that list of enemies and knocks them off one by one by one hole. Pepsi right now outnumbered with the weather heroic and let's get back via calls your real quick let's go to you told you. Let's go to mark in Connecticut marks on WE yeah. Might you know remark engaging. A genius and your take on the Celtics got virtual drew what we that was about all Russian situation. That it okay explained to me like my five what do you really affordable operate on a good oh. Why Russia matters is the read it like swing was talking to the Russian. Picture which is about and no question about it. With the sanctions are about Ukraine right now what they did the actual cost them a lot of money while attention right so. Really what the problem with this whole situation is that and you also remember about Mike's wondered what went in a tie between you worked. You know in the military in the time that you would mean at the bashed her departure. What they can control in two different governments including Washington with a pin consultant to the separatist group in. Russia based. We're on right so yeah. It is like to ask the questions you know that's what they used to request so yeah. People like in other people in the patrol it won't were actually having discussions. Specifically about sanctions during the course of the Q. Then all will be action becomes much more. I'll give you you'd admit the president said yesterday is not a contact as far as he knows there was no contact by anyone in his party. I'd during up to the election other than just you like I was successful in this business some extent. Like losing his mind over parity countless Kirk stop I'm not losing. Dale Arnold text if you think you're you're you're just. I'm upset about anything. It horseshoe on thank you Dina help. It pro mod. He was gonna read that trending for those of Portland promoted at all also cared about. He's added you read the section that if you read these trending much I'll give you my on air endorsement powerful endorsement up for the morning show. Everything queuing at the morning show full time and partner in the process when you told Lee I thought it might get the Irish had dreamed it I never surgery and you see Soledad. The new new new beyond I ever say you read the Sheila noticed that too and it's my call but I never says. For more smoking flag. I I think you guys here we'd we'd conversation and never said right. We it once that lets it was pretty clear that this works they know what should be full time in the morning and want the job. Outlook that you don't act. As the number 1 rated morning show in Utley and it's a very unsure did you who wouldn't want that she giving bucket do it every day who have been injured. Like the rotating better. With whoever will be due to area it's a different. He's been at this. What did you guys jokers you know Chris is on adds added edited north that is that is on don't get him the big stuff you know Nazis of Europe minor league that's. I just isn't the answer is yes a bigger problem. I. Mean it's bluster purchase college or minor league as a take under. Take I'd exquisite pain. We get autographs the pictures that got. That's it. It's a big headline will be down the road of may have you have do court of the market on laughter Chris here does nothing for me. That it's absolutely but I think from leave now I'm Richard came. Yeah a more items and Al brought him here. What he'd done a good job this week a dark don't covenant next here. You Laurie Clark lottery idea RE Clarke now. Coal. That. Dollar dollar bills you know. As a. That are really good week the cafeteria. At always open. Tremendous week but a lot of fun I don't well thanks I do and I think you do your job or night. And you know great job after the Red Sox can't get any area they herb carriers under prepared chambers on a pregame show no. The most amazing thing about that night that ice always still say Tony sees. There's that much of the opening segment I want to ban was sitting next to him and said it's all right and that's why he still be fine and knows it was fun don't you were told it was fun and you've got but he really did that. Got homes to talk to do. That it's you I'm not as confident as you are the best in America that have a lot of respect for Texas they'll still based at the that you manufacture runs. We literally are through that third worst record in basically the American League. We ratification. Very modeled on a lot I've iphones pulling out its policy. Click on regular seasons at a post season. That was kicked out of Ben helped me out on the year yeah it was good thing I would agree they were in their eyes lit that's what's at wise relive that that's a we had five full pipeline that doubles to recalls remote yeah I think. I can do a show but easily every single it would just be eight you are right it would be different shows the shows a little light when when Jerry's not a and that's not a business and enjoy it more left but it's a different. Yeah it's gonna Gergen we got joint. Meant much a good patent right is an excellent go right at Christmas to I think you I'm aware of it myself but. Chris ultimate makes the super Watson and Chris in charge of six point 7% to 797937. We get back much. We will get back into where we started a couple of hours ago I think. But the sub team we disagree about that call to in the game and you are right we have some sound that's its procedures salad or orbit Whitney's. I would say for people that don't talk doorway on the phone frequently. It's bigger here are some things that they are shocked to hear about this station on what look what a bin. From I think we're 226 affair I think so only 17. Though. You kill one person. The offensive to me you love to portray this image figured I'd say it's and I actually like this budget to be quality that I know they. You get dented by stuff but what can prevent them you're addicted about the fact that you wanna get into and I'll give it to the notorious. What I would that's assure sure if we'll do we'll do that or. That's what party do. Plaudits he would show here on Thursday but I think you'll have at least one view page he likeness between now and then. Problems and looking at these figures stuffing a potato occurs stuff and is FaceBook ready Reid yeah universe articles on to a five now who owns a lot purports to forty. And it's a terrible. What a terrible thing to putting trending. Bubbles weight doesn't know you wait a self. It lovers waited as the mystery a lot of belies the cargo shorts and a lot of carters are like that and cargo short shot we disgusting. Open feet you that's your defense or cargo shorts now that the baseball be ready uniforms and I would rather have those guys I think I would rather have sex. With a man wearing shoes and with a woman not wearing shoes that's so much beat discussions acts that have wrote a not political statement but why pick one stand by Peter he's at those discussed he never had sex and you. He white keeps her she's on yes yes yes everybody does little different a bit more solid again. No white hope I can view them for sex but would you put your late would you have really dished issuance fee no I've never it was hard and I've never done foot warship I skip by that every time on now porn hub. He's at a reluctant to I find that disgusting feet a net but men's feet. Articulate it's possible a bit more discussing it's the most disgusting part of the bodies of feet. Honestly on you know and I shall be second. Like at the couple now I mean if it's not complete idiot thinks it's vacate it in and around them saying it out of gold I go that actually number would resign if Curtis some one of the reasons he incurred so much was he was four pots I love Curtis disgusting the Greek. I mean it grosses feed the world. Eight at a meeting and you know oil era where it anymore and that's when our best no foot plot to make the trip it just me. I told my prior total package. But performance your pack he's already done cluttered -- or to hell affords her a little early exits speaks to some sort of psychotic. Why it has washed all the causes more anyway. You packed two week had time for left the little here two weeks. Two weeks slight decrease. Amid a good mood though I'm looking for a trip to some extent we're going to be alone which I like and I feel like our. And we'll have a cold I feel like I'd be it's been a couple days may be the shepherd thing is that neither do 48 hours our studio are beer right here Eric. Sometimes it's just another. I think we'll today no I have just in case the case why I took the first couple baseball Shepperd typically every day in a release. May start doing that and whenever Nicole or your price stone article on its full probe but it definitely helps shortly too cold to what are arts restarted the show they'll sell. Or put your voice we wanna do saw the tour to work here to I'd rather do more and you can get back to the Celtics in a moment hang on callers. Part one of the podcast is with orbit yesterday I got the numbers formed me we're not the company. There Russia late date but they Arabic we did big numbers on. Or way and they always again proves my ruled that since I got here. Media media stuff as people for most of all he wanted massive numbers only one did really well it was causing but only one. Which in the enormous numbers of people who that inside stuff or sequel by as well. Final Bora region that dumb stuff people just love it or we came in yesterday as you said it's like three million phone conversations I've had with orbit at but he gets talking on the I know is new for a lot of people though if you ask them probably call populate the radio you just give your phone call talked. We don't talk as much more obviously. But part what I thought was pretty good. Part two is really where the fireworks. Were I would say this even he too intense for intentioned people here. This was more he thinks and Woolsey. This was information this feels like this sets the ground work for the fireworks and in podcast number two but I think there are some some big nuggets this at my biggest take away. But I know I'm sure right new and applied I know they let her I don't I don't think so you know I tell you where this is one of these things that I thought we had an open relationship out gossip and information. We talk about our job situations quite frequently I don't remember hearing this win. It sounds like we're close to having a afternoon show you in Oakland or what. I would say it. Let's say it was not close I was already on the show with John Dennis and Gerry miceli you're looking for a way out of action I'd frustration mr. partridge. There was opportunity this was after. Saul was gone and they were sort of doing the trial process that Odom way about a year and I was when you're in here yeah. I was already starting to feel like. I was having problems or John but I also felt like kind of wanted to get my shot maybe one Meyer's third of the past. One of my own show and I didn't think that was an app and realize then I was going to be able to drop I mean that John was gonna retire. So. The job was open and I talked to some management people instead I'm happy I opened that they came India should say and it's. You know basically you can pick your partner potentially I'd like for Marc Bertrand one day. At poppy geno is right down the history ironically I work Bertrand Berkshire ended the regular salad and repeat the pizza was very awkward. We had a good lunch accused ads you've still felt very Massa won the same time so he's looking for bigger role yet. He's found it now amid days that are sister station yes and we love we love our sister station although our shows is beaten national media mergers texting yesterday complicated. So I thought of shortly and I supposed to gonna shop and a management liked him at the time it seemed like things smoothed over. So we did get a 18 Bancroft steak house Burlington after Comcast television appearance by me and met Glenn. Kevin Graham and I wanted to Phil's accurate there's well we sat down for a few hours. Infill and cabin and I listened to Glenn story of radio. And the show I didn't glad and the bitter end and Glen and I stood outside talk for a half hour and a partner driving home and taking. Totally Jerry. For gland that was the question in my head the answer was at its core no doubt that done after show according yes wouldn't elaborate game it would be good big Jerry allows me to go places we're glad I don't think it's always. You know it this sort of in Jerry I think likes the fact that I've lost my. Good glad I think it's a little more supporting MacKenzie I think Jerry else right pushes you to illusions he recognizes the buttons that there's a lot of chemistry and you with John that there was going to be some sort expiration date Jerry and I would get a chance to show together and I really really one that. So I would have done it they've said you know listen we want to do this. You know this is your does not your choices are gonna movie you're going to do whatever contractually I probably would have done. Now I do remember talking Jerry injuries and if they do that if they do that I'm going to burn the spilled. He sent a Democrat has. I believe that he was not happy I remember him specifically not being happy about that Ali got the point re ever discussed it further we had dinner. But I was it Graham as the comeback at some former fashion and an infant that was ever going to be issuing new music. I did not realize how close to God's sake I would love I would say there was that sets and high level there and yeah I'm level player and I would say and I think dale was artists aren't going hauling they have been like that I think you're comfortable with that's like double. Think that is accurate about it in the paper. Tarver talked on the phone and said dale it's a bullet in each and every now and I like Monday I didn't really I would rather work with Jerry ultimately. England's second part talks about how they went to him a potentially doing. Showed me Jerry and I didn't think that work because I think when talks too much to deal which. I don't we have Glen and you listen to a with the guys -- big joke about it but I think they like to save more on that show about a radar for a loose sale law I think that's sort abortion don't view this weeks ago. And I'm still saying. Now he says everything he doesn't shut up but what Glenn doesn't shut up. On the air or off because he's better he used to be you joked about the the conversations that you and you try to talk to it to Glen off the article was very supportive when I got the mid day game he was I think the first guy. Awful pioneers station call me call me that day when we agreed behind the scenes doing and he could not have been more helpful or supportive. When he talked to Glenn you when you talked on the phone you don't talk like now can you know a forty minute ride home like you get home talking in client and you would speak for maybe. In those forty minutes right and it was Glenn going through. Every other bit of gossip you already heard. Actually emanated from Glenn it turns out when Doug later Brad for recur or some talks do you then I'll start with a client or Glenn or Glenn forgets he told you. No no guns tight gossip page told him. And and for Canada's on yes he's also done that you job market and I told that Clinton like two days ago pocket. To a let's take some calls you let's go to Jackson Jackson and Randolph I liked it if you're not so. I say this to you can't pump enough could you do the podcast but all I've gotten that if you're not downloaded yet you would if you like inside radio stuff. You're gonna love this I admit I want more fireworks in your problems or violence we are technically a part we also think the chance part two does and I think will be okay. It's not about me can subscribe on something or something ulcers pictures of the Lieberman and liberally if you would if you reduce the podcast future contracts I've done it I've done your podcast that's true hello good point good point Ajax and he's up. I Jackson. I don't curry are the more it's not. Our guard on your current and furs jewelry new radio. Show. Would you spurs shoring. Gently. I would work. Pleasure or forgery. At the number that are made out of radio right there are quote while it works errors were which were. Now it was terrible show you. The next. And that sort of thing in the market and ornate it's got out Jordan with a normal exactly what happened recently perhaps moderate. I think my shirt little march. Where become our shop apology has. To the show unless Howard got some. I should track I think personally vote for trump it's an easy moron seek a cool. If I would the president because this is not off Jarrett. Other Arab turnout are the truck for the last I'd hate to view of these posts he gets all defensive but I mean if I'd argue which are able to try. All of this entire election affects everybody but everybody criticizing about KE Kimberly on this one accident away no way. He never did I personally never he never did that he never did that that is not true he did not in any way to do that is not correct in. To try to get to be finally got there it's not true. The idea that you Jerry don't fight about tropic days. Jerry's going to be. Ready to go next week amid dazzled a lot of up presidential talk we're going to be six in Fort Myers told all all body record Campbell's here Jeffrey Wright as as man. It's denigrates and block and they were Butterfield next to a woman in the community during tires screaming and each other Dudley asleep. A begin at Ryan in Rhode Island I wanna break. It's Ryan go had been. They got I know a little delayed on this but I know you brought some order. Ma am deathly afraid of you being on the show as opposed to a screamer or try to. Another better among. Anyway so it is new peace of mind knowing Kirk. With both of you are hosting the so people can't decree that beat one or it. Radio a lot to answer to pretend side is that they did yes because deep down I know that you not think that that's all. No I think right here's what I think. I think that it was a foul by the letter of the law it's a foul and that to me a foul. With three seconds ago in the fourth quarter is the same as they file with nine minutes of three seconds to go in the second quarter that's how I've always felt watching games I've never understood. Slowing the whistle of the registered star treatment. I believers always inconsistency. In on this one they were consistent you might not like the call and I told we understand that it's a close call and say it's even ticket tackle wanna say. But in fact was foul doesn't all. I don't. I kick start treatment. I don't just noted I don't disagree that I don't disagree with that you've slipped to around there they are not mechanical. Smart didn't even if she did she scratched it doesn't matter who made contact with the army to contact the shooting arm. He did not Alter the shot he did in the separate wait so long now. I I agree and again among the sugar free did a great job you are right he waited for him to miss Alfie made him with mad at him over so league if they don't call that there. You're here I'm not a dollar shall today for not making out what was what all you want letter of the law says. I would say you could've made the call right I would hammered Ike. But I would say it was a foul Lehman what you're hammering fans and guys like me think it was a bad call obviously had my hit announcing I disagree I think he made the right call. It's on its most egregious color not called history sport. I think the guy got raised on the arm but that's how to close in that spot I see that in that spot is where we disagree that ultimately the core the crux of our describe that's for the flags start smoking. Yes that's very auction of smoking flag over that's in particular are wise the big Budweiser boss communion with the not a world but it's the fate is if you lined up wrong we get back six point 7779. 7937. We've Chris Curtis chance number to a gossip. Number one was a swing and a miss for some band born Julian bimbo fight at some of the which nobody in the park there's about it. Number two involves Kirk and correct. Yes and I care about your listeners care about its possible me I won here we get back Chris Curtis gossip power beached. I can tell. That was just sit back in the opposite of that and others about what Kurdistan workers that I'm well. Sabotaged show why it's on whether to shut up Kirk and Callahan. C Sports Radio W. But we do here we'll let the routine. He could go with whoever will be due. To different feel out what that is I'm done with gave him the big stuff at Xavier finally gets. Yes I figured out a month ago. There. You are a better man than I am this person together go in the office and strength okay we have the core of the market on that stupid. But I don't upset Imus thing I think it's now things human nature it's Chris Curtis. Was I mean it's it would react to blow roll the sound of Chris hurt estimate might get reported that Kurdistan not known it went up. It's actually not about an hour away from Curtis where she or they have a nice weekend I'm sure it's. She's a smear that's what's trending well on WW. Dot com there you go could weaken though. Every every hour it that Friday. Before we get to be Dawson I didn't I didn't even know Richard your visit at night you should be promote something Michigan what do mystic. I forget I forget sometimes forget what. The year nailed god yes I'm gonna be a bit yes I'll be up in Portsmouth and rightly say social. I can just tell your looking at you wanna. Make fun of me if I cannot write anything important I'd at the big baseball that are seacoast mavericks a dollar tickets available tickets still available the club's legal battle ought to come here it should that was on the show a lot of minutes fans are adequately upsides and Bruce Springsteen. Whoever Bruce Springsteen memorabilia they had last year yes I remember that it is there again tonight. Either tonight good friends and now orphanage and be out there Tikrit area it's a charity that. What did that these charities to capture much with the charity you're used to being paid four's post giving it back to chaired. Can definitely getting pace calories a little argument back. Guess I want you volunteering a lot these days I don't get asked I guess it's inevitable if you're not B and C that prepare at all who. Where he got here 20 look at this couple tickets to a. A private good memorabilia that tickets and Red Sox get their argument way to I've been awesome of the pats pizza if they are more curse all our own pack yeah. Three pizzas to grow at present political and Obi typical of these events have done this in the fourth one I've done word every question I get will be about you off the is that really true yes. Are Bedard as frequently as god for adjustment guys that he's this year I must just. I hear all the time people's delegate assembly which I'm. What is asked about attack or supplement published but Gerri said your people people think you are one way in the reality usury. Great. Excellent great greater that's for great dad. Good guy Hank Williams loser fringe as every year at the birthday parties you do it and say you know about we know each of the guys who are not friends. But your friends and I invite the point guard was beaten you on. Plays tonight what time is that and so if you can we have information for the tickets when the bout Chris in between that seacoast maverick stocks not a good events the website via ever by these events all of us to go Friday night to make a lot Portsmouth it's great to right there on the water up to. What's been put up all the answers were intended to will not be a Red Sox teams and what is the team. To baseball better hot stove then we'll talk baseball hall was it what's while the team heading into next candidate that's elegant lately you were once. I'll be at can you bet but and the things arts that's true good food. Excellent food good good always good food. Excellent he's had a very good or for miles Wilbur he was the courage award winner last miles that they are asked folk actually met miles mom at that event like yes very nicely and she was saying how logged expert training event it was up crew was out last year. We went a year ago. Yes it was a year ago fusion this right you're thanking you guys and dale specifically your show dale long of being so supportive. But my two million miles a great. That's awesome awesome a tweet that could go to night now. Support that and help my surely do a good job he's good monologues and saying I am go to them thank you Jerious relies so let's get to a matters most and make sure you get a chance if you're India Portsmouth area around their go check out tonight. Curtis is first gossip was this morning which results say about the pit bull and Julian bimbo wife went like a much a lot of people know he has got to me. Physical altercation in the globe troubled and yes Ben Coleman two in an argument to be separated by Dan Shaughnessy for Houston. Funny you understand Shaughnessy separate. Senior Hamas won his body helped put up like that those two are mindful who's who. On mobile bulls at some meat on his bones out as soon as a lot of meat on his own artists are they not that visited so nothing really led. Last call Julia. Item number two was what. So you know the short while the story our listeners do that you wrote the story made a storybook us confronting her in Houston right so the media party she's told a lot of members of the media about. Said encountered it never happened and a certain member Doug Qaeda. Of NASA and took a liking to her I'm and believe per side of the story. Passport the last week on Monday. He's hurt us bring up the story again interface proposed it was incredibly angered that we continued to attack this or female juror. Now axis is in his diet I join us talk about its component request and then he goes on the other shall occasionally write I'd just totally he's you know. But if Doug would like a piece of members of the globe. On the news media so one person that while there's others agree with him but he was we're. Patriots media cartels how respond to Baghdad was taking names that I am joined them on an impressive form. Well not I. It was a war for you to be angry at dispersed that was Russian president that. Okay some. To be worked out on it to get them on I mean. Much or what he's defending but I'm sure he's young die each one how can you read what which has Rhode Island. But I ran defendant acts. There the nature's. Micro. DGB ball. It. Whom. Really yes really real theory on team wilder is that true yes what's. Called the DJ has that community CPU want to come on here sounds from Comcast sports are good guys or maybe last hours of talk and I would look he has no history of stabbing me in the back and I've been in trouble. OTV's continue to was on the list correct he was analysts things off with them. You know I'm up in Maine potentially this weekend that this is always open. These bring trading 2070 and I our fourth cup final hour per gallon mocked alongside 617779. 7937. Back to the Celtics and some other stuff as one job by the U for the final hour mark my ex Celtics aren't there I think you can always promote dead eagle on or way podcasting and that's chump wedding with a very good I didn't once again bring the president of the United States and his good day historically awful performance in a press conference yesterday. Our force.

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