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K&C - Celtics lose as Smart fouls Butler; Was it a foul? 2-17-17

Feb 17, 2017|

Hour 1. Kirk and Mut talk about the controversial foul that cost the Celtics the game last night.

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He's currently. Time have you ever seen in my hair and. I covered Michael. This is tough to drive me crazy that. There's nobody you have more respectful of the reporters and good reports he's having a season he's had that is economy through layer deeper and had his best. As a candidate to the with Kurt committing acts that really has worked he wanted to bring you back which times I don't wanna get into your emotion and we've talked midday the cafeteria. Lou was open we talked afternoons you know. One pitch they wanted to put you and I on an afternoon drive within this close they'll work that you probably know the work I would have been able I was fortunate I wouldn't. Yep I'd love what you do with your yes sir and Gerry Callahan. I'd be good for us that's going to be really good quarterback so he's been horrible I have said it. What coworker said it this time. Compared to Jim Nicaragua in the same time has more upside to drop below he's got a federal armies more athletic he can run here we can buy traditional Sports Radio guy here. Hot top. I'd never have bad about this guy. Brady is being selfish right now. Freddie also chose to go radio silent during the marathon bonding I am a journal on Sports Radio WEEI. It is Turkey gala is Friday Gary ten ways in plays he's beaten Dominican Republic for a week. We plus anguished families they get a great big group with a big east not allowed to vacation US and go. To France's Dominican Republicans have all the funny ones that they get all the kids that inequality in your eyes. He's a I guess a free form Friday that wish it was a different in my always hated even in the old sure Fred the I never liked. And like freestyle Friday. And only. Agenda free Friday although the material is there a better if they Friday let's let's go live magic thoughts first I go first Jimmie and in Jesus Christ. Which sucks. We oracle nick analyst at eight under our sister station and we are being classy guy like Michael and tell the Jimmy Jam. Chance on all those guys with any leads the big meeting last night before we get started I have. A much thought they get through with them Mike Komansky my co host the former star of what Maloney better on the star of star lot at night well you did that say when the co stars of planet Mikey is well now he's got battles are battling on that yet and I the star of mud at night between back on Monday. Back on Monday and then now amid days will be joining you live from four miners after my TV in addition to you on just how old is the ultimate view that OK good yes that'll happen whether do you with the meeting last night. Yes we both at Walker's got there and did a good deed inaudible night ending the podcast via what what time was the meeting between the four was five and has moved four in the big big big bosses here big boss talking field. Yes it's that is how what was the crux of the meeting I found it just and he dropped three names of great personalities in Austin media. Who currently currently here Gerry Callahan right Damon has no right or way right. Great deal. Clinton. And I will shell out of that we're justice have a great relationship with relay heads it's been mixed so far. Rejuvenated the shield ladies and hold me and he likes Oldman you know. Jerry's politics and Jerry's so for offbeat doubly sure is great radio personality you can put it Reagan Glenz ratings together combine in the almost equal minds aren't salaries. Coming up but that's OK any other big notes not really you know lead CDS entities were there's a loose and he greeted shall laughed at any idea how did you learn nothing. Not much like. They went stating definitively that it sets it's going to be for fun it's grown Kristin took to the end that's correct I walked in at 5 o'clock meeting with the replacement the X. Act out but curt says he announced he gossip. From other sources named later to get that right now apple. Well during the Houston we have the Super Bowl I was told is it pissed me off hasn't gotten him noticed America. That there was a altercation. That almost became physical at the Boston Globe dinner party in Houston. Will cool move. But did this is all you know. All rumor and innuendo innuendo no act political exile and when the sexual in nature. Another beef eggs that are not sexually India might be anyway. Prefer the stories I have about you know. Well names what what what what happened with names involved. Be able. Payable and yes love begin the politics here Judy here. And Julia and Ben ball got into our. Secure about that. At that Dan Shaughnessy had to break. While. Or call that a great piece of gossip. It's not as UC's idle for a restart with it's so sick of some Gaza be opened for a bigger day I like Chile about about your open Italian media Julian and nobody nobody knows nothing against him there will be those who he has. He's have a higher. I've heard is yeah I did not hear that event the temper got away like does have a lot of videos only vols had with me last night I did the hit on the show two yard before early edition yet. If you saw that happen I saw the Taj playing that suggested that only to find treadmill. And of the keys and it probably not gonna like you would it's bendable and here I want to ask you football coach does is at least he's gotten some way to tell that meter Perot yes celebrities and I've told you before you need I'm a little concerned about a year physically I'm more concerned Tomas. That's who have to get a transient US. What are give an odds to las he dies down there which was sick. It's wedding let's stripping that get that it did the ridiculous market plays off the accelerator just runs he's got children Aussie for. I'll say I'll take formula that we have president so I am a wanna talk about changeable you've changed your wants a boy and currently was not that I'm usually the airplane is the Ozzie the worst a year ago and partly. As. That it. Might enter combat lets us healthy that it faces a very public awful awful. But you don't you don't beat a guy it's preaching and beat Tom Brady preaching these guys wrote what to do what. As he yesterday meter. Meter skew the networks have for his spoiler he's this big you had been out early and saw how he got the worst place you want that. That kids. Yet he's he sees so fat content literally right now I love either goofy who had ideal it and you guys not love me here. Obviously and I'm glad he doesn't buy the you don't know a few years ago would help me out a lot but. Ease comes in yesterday and is a completely just. Load balancing mailing job. He's just catalog for the right you know quote work it he's Catholic eagle on them happen and tell the story here there. Did you think to meet with active in the show yesterday. I did not I thought it was all that he was on wanted to talk Celtics India added nothing to culture died as he sparked this stuff. And abide by short it can't say Marcus mart's name it was dare to touch Celtic you don't you'll pretty sizable criticized a load meter ever. Ken Kenneth come into the the studio once this week great when meter with here you came in to get global that's bound to get meter Connecticut public can realize that meter was. He's tired yesterday or cruise control that can came into a couple months to get outs. An example. Great motivational speakers around what a pleasant work. In metres metres. Meters I would say on the bubble he's got to do is acting to me your service outages and Jerry in development. He's the entitlement is not something like this is violinist thing. And it wouldn't drive meter that'll cut tuition and really I don't think now Britney admitted that one. We missed a little this way but. Things should hear the open you've figured joblessness and we're still played sound like little little. Quite the opposite really as good as gone out since he left yet but I would say you know we did a good show Alex we did a good show Pete. Initially shows fine. But it was just might night in late you know meter deal was like I would you'll Dino and Gerry and meter was media I think meter thinks he's still playing that role where he's supposed to be at least. But 33% but more than 9%. Who's gonna put who was that he put. Did that the defense of rankings for the Celtics a one more fight and he's gonna will rank those well I think YA fight wanted to. I have that as a lot of more fight for meter and that's. He urged that I want and I don't like good guys walking if you like art wall. I'm entitled beater I'd you know it's my spot I've got to work in that titles at the right word yet sort of like. Take it like it's on the job. You know the not seriously comes kind of in its. Yeah I mean for a couple of hours I didn't reading meter read that there's been story. No notes no chance slash I think you ready any of the Gymboree study meters ever listened to their social podcast. I try to listen yesterday. You can't do they were busy yesterday right now. Busy day you told in the half facet that was your order form earlier today I mean just enemies do good. Clinton's final tied to your response to tell you got to have passes of doing all we had a medical professional was in house yesterday to get elbow. Lactation consultants to. Purdue Beatty might be kidding me serious. You hired a lactation consultant elected I'd be either sport you don't you do that when there's like Israel hospital says we lactation consultant come and hot rolled at there at the nose after the baby was born the week has transpired deal that will all kinds Athens which every tough tough time breastfeeding so everybody insists he'll need to bring somebody in from just pumping guy that's all on a roll there wanted to be there. She wanted to would you would you add to that come in particular was you keep the bottle. Horizontal feeding. Out of the ball well why I'm so they get to what's what's follow what I doubt how's he doing. Like tilting it's an angle certainly that's what triggered angle on US. You are going to be your them eat the jury gives these other world you the most helicopter parent all the time to Q school route. Just all collide Anderson there is to get a search TV on without cutting our TV person of the talking. Certified expert cheese it's insurance Andre paying neighbors are great excitement my dad something but like you know people did this forty or fifty years ago. Before these consulted a lactation it's a sell. Those house on a Thursday and a podcast after a routine and getting struck. Thomas is listen. It's as if it is going to be some tough times you get them Campbell but you learn how to do. There's been no weight issues write to gain weight of the errors. It's tough. And deal with T this is to get that also adds this is that first couple weeks really don't walk and are obviously sucks but. Could easily get by that is one of recently changed a lot. It gets worse you feeding chain harper they start moving around stalking thing. Can you but they sort sleeping long yet all you guys some days all I mean but for August when border twos or posted better yet but it did today trade off if you are now dealing with a when it Knight who is heating and Keith is ripping through their gums and they cry and cry and they cry and cry. For months at a time it's affecting the ocean. I would say definitely it's an issue I think it's that you go for week 18. Only way we won will be an adult like yesterday temperatures were earlier enter it 305 and protects the voice and said no podcasting Curtis very quickly very quietly. Nope like I did in my passive aggressive way over what did you occurs at such except podcasts as the one that mr. Huckabee text and so is Kurt you can. I was outside a busy person of kids. If this dog he's a ticket because. And diverts and exits elect aiding U legs does a digital marketing consultant does. On my drugs and we Kurtz Mexico Curtis may have some wide yesterday about his wife. Visit which is definitely trust he has come and now we are now Saturday now well congratulation all timely three's company season six episode workers and his girlfriend or wife is in town at the lie in his Buick guy. And just go by go to my father's fight for me. Great all the limit ratio Super Bowl week it was in the fact that exactly impressed everybody vacation we didn't want my work could not work that's all you're gonna say you're the only one of the show it doesn't have a family member got it when you go it's. Think I should annoy you all week no action like he's he by myself and not be bothered but say that we go to work you don't. You know which one is that's one it was a vacation hours of work. To working for a short. Artworks are going to be affected at least a veto that because she's going to be there's Democrat were grad school work to do and I'm going to be working on the show and modify it and why should there. Well she's gonna come over from my parents and Archos for a couple days papal but it doesn't really answer why she's there she wants to come over why place. I don't see what place. She Fort Myers who Fort Myers beach and that's who's gonna go with him to see that. Mean that's that's right. So you're there for my speech something happens you do with their Fort Myers beach so will affect your performance. Okay what are my best picture of street. OK you guys are on vacation a working again now McCord bill. Welcome doorway trick and you know mama. They did you feel that way he fired. It's gonna say I didn't listen the podcast yesterday I'd get the idea that David England are on the same peasant you know I it it bothers me a little bit the miners and management hates me. Sales people need. Other people to station eight. The other host A mean I've come to accept it understanding this might want life. This review one of the beauties of the second walked in my office and nobody talks to people can deduct their hit it big nobody went ahead right it's one of the beautiful things nobody wants to talk. Walk around the building about that ninety seconds yes it was a walk with you people as they avoid eye contact us they get a pure way yes you do not wanna talk to you so if you really. Me agree. Three different people eat it for people high and in their in their in their business. Told me that they have talked to people says he will sponsor my podcast ever were one month from them were one. For sales not what is surprising he's either podcast again or backtrack on yours you're downloads and you don't have we national advertisers turned out a few a heavier yes yes yes at a local guys. My guess is mostly is successful as it is. Yes it was in the top 32 sports it's what about me. So that part correct. One. Defied products should do me undies you know I would rather do a little but I'd like to hear you reading the high that's like I suspect once. That it's. It is popular as it is and it's insane people wildly popular maybe the most that troubles and I've looked at numbers that are the most popular podcast America well machine asked well oiled machine. A appointee was my point. I you light local sponsor like 95%. Local people listening you you tell me how would you I would think there is a lot of transplants are on a country that are Boston radio for this listening to England or wait a minute pop old people the court and that's so what about originally to be he's up to an easy sell the trying to finish analyzing food. Is the big boss is complementing great don't normally. Which I you know I am just I'm. Pretty sure he's been on some emails about lining his pockets with cash with the ice. About the past and the fact that you know of the says that opinion they now Curtis is coming in who's dumb vacation this is the Friday before you go to for advice would you retaliate narrowed about his wife pretending to come down to Fort Myers that's the other than that it out. It with the right. Video evidence that is when I was at my dad's points. You know Richard who wanted to the glow of every ligament in the finger to grow Curtis has won on Algerian group of group dinner notre why not there's no chance and you get dissident head of the table two families the purposes and they get Callahan is breaking bread a brother of Robert Colby active and that's sort of there was hottest piece got clobbered Ian Browne due semester and other. In thanks Bradford twin peaks of his dumb podcast that starts Monday via an obvious joke how we maybe on Monday Joseph Kelly Tuesday David Ross Wednesday. Oh. Will be Wednesday. Dustin Pedroia. I'll towards Thursday Ian Browne Friday he. Ought to feel O Butterfield ago won yet are Philip patriots are now. Yeah and good night can't wait a huge new. York and these girls with these you know these twin peaks growth Purdue in. Moles on their breasts and speak out huh. All right 6177797. I've recently across a response by complaints insurance midday guys. Al. Anyway on the eighth hole on the fifth and final date and light from the producers. There there are so I'd teams of zombies they're going to Curtis Atlantic athletic. He's got a black ticket elect issued its in his house Curtis already planning his trip out on Sundays I feel your quarterly records. Like ultimately a you Eleanor Curtis is sports league what's the there. Yeah patriots media cartel that is. Fully on team wilder. In the Kerr Kelly little low line is that source. I will not reveal how can you tell me off here. Anyway what yet. You get. I don't know scorer in got me yesterday I hate him he recess a bowl you do not hate like foreign you don't paint like Greece I do in my crease he's been able I don't. Capable he reached his respect and being nice but he's been. All the jerked me be and it's been terrible all year vehement absolute liar now you have to make it big I'll be nicest guy in Boston ten feet right next he's not rich as a nice. Every time you meet all does is smile and I think he's nice people us. So don't say he's not nice and I'll claim they can be that nice when we get that later now you got me them and lose my mind anyway. I want to start with so. What's assault scheme last. I'd be fair watch the fourth quarter its. First I was flipping around very into the first round via. Revere obviously in the of that yet of what three play fourth corals around Miami and as for perhaps you'd go back to the MBA. Or get TV call in the second month in your thoughts on. That's why the NBA modern NBA can drive me absolutely loopy sometimes it's a good game it's equally competitive game pretty intense back and forth. The final three minutes and 25 seconds of a close game a close games on the game we are following the team that line. Fourteen free throw attempts in the final 325 last night that took about forty minutes. And ruined the game now we arrests in the NBA can suck sometimes. But there was no flow in necking and it drove me absolutely nuts watching it diagnose the basket they blow was by when it was a horrendous call. Thomas went in forced to not do you remember about him in the have to go Taj Gibson with Gibson a parable cult nor remembers he'll. Of course we'll talk with a one call but callers waves just as bad throws his body and indeed in baseball free throws at two points repaired the vision. The other thing before we get to be cool. It is when people compare Isiah Thomas to Larry Bird and Michael Jordan. When you see Jimmy Butler a big strong physical defender. Take Thomas for the last couple of minutes. Enforcement was shot like he did in that final office of possession at three point shot from the windows fault that that is when your Celtics fan is you get nervous at the post season and B you are dying for that second score. Dying for that second score my right. You sell that but. The plays he made the fourth or are great I mean he was he carried that team he did the fourth quarter I understand the limitations there but they. It's not a one possession game late in Quetta in a position and I'll lose asking how he was he's not getting to the basket he isn't tied. To me he was one of the overall positives from last night big picture you're right so the questions about. Even a playoff series but I don't know where they are now four quarts of more about the other law that allowed him tenants without Thomas their enough for yeah I mean Horford was awful last. Not awful when you watch Horford. Like we had a good season as a Max contract player Timmy he in this modern day NBA unfortunately FC right good good not great player I mean nobody thinks Al Horford I know I don't help the team not at all and we are very good player yes and he's the highest paid player can mr. With the Max contract yet I sniper for ten. Seven points. To rebound on segments ER eleven yes softness has got your I like corporate. Would you watching you say that it in the fourth quarter. You ever think she's wife were productive shots he's not that what what generally the year he missed that layup not only is it but ultimately a winner against and Detroit I mean he's had his moments this year. Anyway let's get it. We have to have a call and concern. Remarked we've grandy who you know you need to. Two minutes I think that would back already is at this point. On a file called yeah. Bigger body started there for in that sub point gay guys that are going to liberal and not no issue I understand activation stuff expressed that no issue. I'm aware that what three minutes ago the answer. Outlook should we re looking at what point in the life of your child will not affect your jobs and you work as producers that victory next okay good enough. We're Fort Myers should be should be easy you know. I'll be off the about myself and it doesn't matter Jerry will be at frigid you know SeaWorld. And Curtis would be you know for and I'll be doing the dumb shall buy myself a sit down parts of cubic Carson. Up next joining us while he's out of all public loss awaken to see Karl. Carlos couple questions first of all Thornburgh. Did that mean duckling swapping new fishing stories right brought a few joints of pride your thoughts in the super ball and your big picture. Let's go we have. Jesus Christ. I was. By the way I hate saying this because I grew up loving the guy it is time for mark to put on the slippers and going to he's a little bit slower and yet he's lost sounds weak fastballs 8786. Cents we commit tale obviously of that. Remember the popular vote on what about both have a chat wake up Kevin Kevin three way and write them is that a cause a follower not a file I would tell you right now it was worse had 6:24 on Friday morning any free form get me to Fort Myers Friday. That was the correct call by the officials that the was the right all. You play this game what game. The game where you say because he touched him with a fingernail on his doubled exit and called them like a couple of fingers on his shooting elbow mayor she wondered finger Andy Murray shooter shooting held out the shot of irritation when I brag about how good you're hurting your score of money out and you'll meet but that's but if you watch a game you go. In the second quarter that would spot unite all I don't like that I don't like that. A consistency. Vehicle that the second quarter which you have no problem if you watch that game last night. After the second quarter you don't think once about yes you can't yes they do what they fingernail on the right player out that yes. It summit I hate that call we look to two seconds and that if it's in the second of oak yes we're doing to the final play my games or we're taught him it matters much of the final play that you know does not matter much if not. Oh wait I hate that I've never understood that OK we could call do you like it back on official. You know Zacks arbor it was night and looking. At the plate looking at the basket waited about a second to actually call into the ball didn't go in the I don't like that altered it the right call on which he made the right call. A second later after the shots in the air okay you watch the ball goes in or not now there was contact me contact with the Schumer don't look at well I don't. If you believe that the foul right called right way should you wait to see it's all it's gonna go on the bass player which is a garlic which make an adult if you put if you believe it's the right call than if you make the right call for secular group you'd because you're quietly played better. It watching you labor that you made the right call out watching the night watching ER it was thought he saw there's a mailbox of the call follow there was shield law. Or stop not called in the final seconds it doesn't matter that mattered to me to me it does I would rather I know there is a play actually he's the place of these watched my eyes like what you varsity point I've never it is never made sense and you call the second quarter should be different on the fourth okay never got in the fourth quarter when it is it that call in the second quarter have been questioned in the fourth quarter when he barely get eight. I sit up on your finger on the shooters elbow that's not to be called to call it I don't watch the play is your problem what is our Thomas. On those that all right so what does it matter particles that same bad cold out there obviously it was not palace made both free throws me if they missed a wrinkle in the fourth quarter would not getting to that the bigger storage is they can't acting rebound which is not at Thomas really out the bigger story again you know I'm really do rebounds 150 that's a rebound against Chicago nobody can out outrebounded by gets that third at least that's that's what cuts or cost one job don't focus on rebounds talk about. Controversial call we disagree you don't move on reach out. I'm not moving on anything I don't see how do you look at that last night he he made the right call eight like almost tech with the oracle. In some terrible. A technical black and white arrogant in India Canada by the Ruble now it would wilt not let the gotten into watching the play. Right. Thank you Tom. Once I don't want to sound bites and a call last night like yeah my sister station gradient and maximum cost I'm angry that called sports pretty good break will grant is deliberately go and get some confidence issues but he's a good but when the frozen four this year he's knocked him down. He tweeted out a big guy iPhone note that because the Celtics have big games coming up who peek into the frozen four meanwhile the Celtics aren't good. He just bails on as while I Wallace yeah I want you to sell that he's I'd 617779. Cent all night 37. It is a whatever Friday and even care does it get me at 10 o'clock Friday saw the talker but he. Turkey Callahan much is it if you disagree with me or mark. He watched the end of the game I think it was a good Colby right call but does not. Smart on butler's 6177797937. It is Kirk and Callahan mud for jury. On Asia. For a. The Jimmy Butler against Marcus ball. My second city of Chicago down below and we'll still apply for or against baucus Mark Smith whose right big shot at CNN. It's. Cool. They did their celebrating. What is snacks are let's move now. Yeah. He called. Max agrees. My friends that are Maxwell your guy outlook last night every spot that. I love Macs could mean I know him seems a very nice. The greatest for protecting the full one yet. Critical lot of Red Sox games. We rain a lot aided battering part of the World Series team when it matters they darkness degree rule. I've heard it breaks the grip on the guys that meet people talk the most elaborate stories he's one of those guys. I've had the only good dealings. I understand you rate red lights and 617. And I'd just like I iPhone settings are as you've heard. But I had only good run they do I know I've never had Jewish and I did like when. We've. And Simmons and awkward but their feud. And produces very tough emotionally because of it to his best. That's the great Boise again. Outside looking and he seems to get really really really. Keep him out of it very investor had no idea to put a good thing to go play by play he has. I heard he's been trying to put the shoot my equipment back that he be who know where heard from but I've heard that. I know he does like to tell people he's part of that World Series broadcast team that bothers you Bradford for some. Yeah I don't. The three games you can hear it three game I think we obtained a lot of game one obviously what you're saying I obviously I did a lot of shows myself well now usually you know obviously one is O'Brien two losses upon just bothers me you know I have heard rob complain about it effort brought CO brides. Well it's AD DST sitting in pot here will urge congress thinks he's part of too difficult public. Broadcaster general consider themselves part of the guys are globe that we managed bizarre executed their bizarre by nature a date normal shocked I was normal. Now back right now which. O'Brien will be on this agreement does next week workers I know I don't wanna get away treated zoo. The mall. What else is to have that rest of the Ford Paul metals daughter of golf hall of fame a metal right there egg on college with any lineup for next week. Org guaranteed Chris Sale and all that I heard it yesterday OK got that one. The others are David Price John Farrell. Arbor or Solomon is based on the Cy Young award winner mean I would say what's you know if he's busy and don't push him you know what it this way. Was worked out we know that majorities are suitable make it apparent that that's we know that they guarantee Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and Friday and again to dinner appeared to yes you'll get that that are other than that as I said a memorable ownership has been requested I doubt that will happen in my talk more but I don't want you to Augusta next week and you guys aren't big fans about I don't. Did Jerry ever lived problem the deferred on the show team like there were now for Mars in forty guests on like any other or now it is my guess kind of weird right interest yeah. The Jerry does with the eco was Watson he's a little ballot he's my little about the subject right that's why I heard yes I would get what they have on the eight years ago for Mars they ED chalked parties. Thirty called it the whole roster charter pilot charged texted me last night talk about white man of hash tag freaking cult or a magic eight. All right 6177797. Not teachers have and I am with Cedric Maxwell nimby champion finals MVP. Yeah the game seven and 84 excellent broad number 31 is in the rafters he's a good call right. That is a good call I just put somebody sent me a couple of free trade pictures it is a good call now I thought somebody like picture what do we often would still monetary touched. The east they have just email there was contact. Made a borderline flagrant. There was there was that that's a thought you guys watch the game I think enabled to. You don't do well there on the left with a I watched the end of the game this morning and I'll watch it it is filed. No not well. Actually I. To them all down and well first answer cal right stance and went right as usual contacts were with the of their there was a foul you have yelled kill someone in the final help always get a call there's surely putt that affect your shot X of course and affection shot. Same errors in the second quarter yes if yes the and the secretary of that as a second quarter they're going to call for its review really believe it's a foul on their backs are about my Medicare original placed just like all. Don't care where he's if you look at the want to play he didn't he went a little well look gateway to for the shot the car camera is not looking he travels. Is it trap if you call he made the right call being rhetorical. Would we disagree about that. Technically by Europe NBA double don't end it ruled out here we go especially to a series please do want to know basketball games in your life when you've seen you have do motor guy in the final seconds again like I've never been a fan ever it's never made sense to keep played. Completely legally I think will be penalized as an official one way or Jimmy Butler say 47 I just filed deeply 47 it's well within the guys get together to change the rules the last minute that's never listens to this every team carcasses extremely well actually it's a shooter and it affected shot at dates. Complete deal that usually if a great defense the national let the play go and later played college ever made sense let's get to the calls John not. In New Hampshire's first with Turkey and. John. A little early Dugard case John. So I would like generic. Or is it difficult search that that followed the pitched you know certain guys did so. In. I hate that too I've never I've never like that either you know and that is that I Brooke. Is a guy grew up you know worsening Larry Bird you're right you would get a call that you know. Whoever wouldn't I understand that the Connor and we would. That's not right do you agree with that star she got calls no I don't think so star treatment. Jimmy Butler got sharp tricky aspect and and I am not Jimmy Butler you make an architect biological as an extra goes on Larry Bird that's Doug McDermott. Taken that shot they don't get that call probably as a white round about now in mobile. Our turnovers. Nobody says either with that Christy Arnold police TO with that shot naked Nicole while that's wrong. I agree with you the should get the call that if a hole. Is it followed by the letter of the law the letter of Washington to see in the second quarter as the fourth quarter to eliminate the roads wacky guy yelled. Beckham receive wacky guy and the elbow he may agree on what it was it was close enough where it needed some sort review dated at a pet. Have you written by the way. He didn't scale I was convinced that the video that still shots that it's easy to make contact me if we have a conversation the contact with his help thanks. But it still out. I should shut up all our children to know found. Some disease that it was a bloop bloop and a summaries. Please. It. These acts are resigned to watching it. Much as to the ball goes your count Draper and a teacher publicly post game shows things can affect the Celtics mood over the long all star break I think of epic with the both have their scheme starts cynical bit over us. Steve at a truck gave think go to New Orleans bones are going nor Dallas celebrate this are gonna be really don't know when they go you know. Down Bergen street when they go on vacation in Florida for four days should be devastated. Stephen a trucks on Kirk and cal and I Steve. Good morning guys Stevenson. My. People on my John not as long as two years because. Of the distribution without that she explained. He released. And it that is being at home all wrong wrong look at right here gadget you'll want to ask you got right. Right. In energy and touch it so well its objective while you're due out of the plate before what's my school all due. Value as a follow that he wasn't foul that wasn't what he. Called Steve a look at raise yours because we're talking right now looking at. Freeze frame. Published toss the ball and Smart as they can contact that is available right here a month look at these sick. Look directly slipping you know finally that got such a gap at all by this point that's it's. What it is that we did the guys behind the point he's got a lot of them I don't sell it to accept all behind what. He wasn't a god they what he would say it was impede your Kirk meets a file thank cynical today Steve. You've been you can at least admit the exact are not watching the play happened you can see from the the full court view he's watching the rim and as the shot doesn't go win it. Then he blows the whistle on second after the shot and have a problem with the way it was called a problem with the call itself. In policy for game losing announcing that call was made was the correct call but sent it hurts fees that the if you score more points yes I was so hurt by all my god but that by the holy and it worked in Santa. Mean you saw that picture reduced cost technology to what was the Celtics or bulls Orlando Magic or Denver nugget that call the end of the game catalyst we are. Was a concert in our. Maybe. It's one. Apparently it because it is safe not have not had it taken a lot while seconds and upon the defense of what's where is why he should be flat out penalized more news site directory is content to make the call to make the call when it happens not to see the ball does that does that matter what these officials. Deciding a caller not what the ball goes in that's what he did know I do not so but but it and it was the right call me I think yes I. I'm telling you was not me that that would not the right call that spot. 6177797937. Lines are open if your Greek history brutal loss for the Celtics last night good call made by the official view of the game. If you disagree let us know it is perky gal and mutt. Is it project. Until last night I would say that was you could see the dirty he's played Soviet history not a clips. I would say that I'm Marcus a I'll say five game suspension. That appeal of that icing was a lot. Great I'm not sure he fouled so go one game suspension beauty very NBA yet to be the NBA back and of course at the 84 finals that is the turning moment of that series game force of which down to one about to lose a series. Mikhail clothes lies Kurt Rambis. Follow called no flagrant no no technical aid it got kicked out of the impact. Couple years later parish punches Billy beer the face which just Kersey staring at him not kicked out of the game endured loses you and that team bird stole the ball. So you know last night's sparkles obviously controversial I understand that I get why fans are so I'm watching the full speed and thing boy tough call to make. But the right call to make I think in because for me and I just if you think. That you should make a call with the men to go which would make with a minute to go in the second quarter that I'm with you a 100% in useful I was so good that got I would never bet a waiver different styles hustle guy ever just have a big. I think every second matters much every other second that's mean. It's true the second quarter Majlis and the fourth one. On the game was poorly officiated in general it was in the eighties and was just in that fourth quarter that Gibson played talked about it side there were a handful of others it was not officiated well. I'm in these refs were heading into the all star break but that played that Tiki tech or just. You watch it and I rather have them let it play out and do not call something that is that clothes. Do not call something where the rectory is not paying. Not paying attention but he's waiting to see without the shot goes in and out your depend on the dish the shot goes in not gonna make the call. But with a second left Kirk you don't make that call and ultimately toys and Emilia a layperson here we'll see talked there's other people here the Carter Syria might. It's empty Rhode Island opens at seven Dottie downstate Ali because it is at dol dot it's all done its bit to that area. Lou always open I got to Idec couple Texans. Number Texan of the ship which is great. It was it was almost it becomes so bad that in a segment away. Or again and the other what was the there was the cringe worthy person which actually watched last night on when you lose your first ever all the you have problems if you slow waddle on you to that was rough Kurdish leader Victoria artist that snake a hole that he was three dividends through that I will not the audience I don't think people care if it's an awfully high it's again you know we're liars Heidi and he had utilized now they. People aren't enough Saturday that you hear that yes every yet. You've got no matter which field I sound a lot better and haven't assays on the issue it's a yesterday. And you'll have to agree it is. The show's got a lot better with. The mutt reload showed a lot better after that first. You wanna play that and say that's the the benchmark of the show the Nubian and ask as the show got better after that. I got better who got better show got better to get great acting at the ratings to stick around that golf in the war cost. But the show got better after that but that's out of here right there is embarrassing puree league wanna be radio professional take that five minutes and 31 seconds. Which I watched and cried and did one drink this week I gotta get up early and late had a more. A glass and apple Bergen I driven out by sadness and dean dean the only sport where else were occupied by. Don't be that guy is my radio professionally you'll be that our show that your first were to derby indeed that's a bad start. I made an envoy to go to war effort and the fact I think Lou's name a hundred times net segment about it as a cafeteria elect of the and Schwartzman. Top flight or whether you wanted to you know that's what solidly Jeff Schwartz we have bodies found later to begin today music music is as good as I thought well yes it's it's. It's it's you could listen to India among sound ever but the ones I think it's solid not not legendary optional mount Rushmore money it's good nor heard this one coming. Was not listening to a month Taba NBA all star game since checked on Saudi Arabia. Waited on racing oak in his own ability that's. Take a caller to your theory suggests. I ration. Gracious yet before we end this horrendous first hour John Northampton on the NBA hi John. As what it did that was a horrible call if you've been with you watching the game has been way more important gains they call you can see. Just do your job. Accused child with a dozen that she got a hundred times less. Charles if Charles Smith against cross with against the bulls the news on an X. Guess what reaction they actually yeah actually delicate foul at all Horace grant in particular was great in that sequence he was not follow. All or do you ever touched on don't you don't know. And that's what to market Smart as. Have a judge your energy argument should be 88 which he perceives a bad call a half are rather a quarter century ago. First the game last night that's not a great argument. What you see John's are already. Again I would say that was not that recent. And this century Jon this century but the I haven't even essential I'm guessing your picks I guess your neck and you don't you think the NBA's fixed itself. You beat the NBA's sixth that's that the notes says yeah definitely okay well I I does that does that work last night. Oh certainly wanted to sort of what was he points spread is going to. And supporting it wasn't a graduate didn't even less so that it may be different in order to let out. Yes. How. That would work abroad did you shoot yes that would have been following are you reportedly. Maybe not and I agree that's bad that's a that's a good point and it gets fair I don't think. They should be inconsistent about that stuff you are right about that I'm with you on that John. That is what occurred and I love you guys do a special under the on the radio. Yes and I love you to have a good weekend correct hours in the best ourself. Let's. Controversial call the open is one and a half point fable and of ten NBA ref shouldn't be in the bedding fixing games let's answer I don't would never happen what I wrote guy acted alone. It make phone calls and if god is itself on numbers are ready Alps uncle help Foster 376 times and that's normal. Revenue and our way that is the big show had a thirtieth rate. Washed over story in sports history David started a nice gobble up all divide and and then tried to keep this stored on like going on radio interviews and but jobs carries about forty times and it's been two years of a loved him Donny this little too much Andreotti won Brad Faxon to that was yeah power rankings for awhile mystery of facts on the current gallantry. We have not. He is down and sort out. Figures early tomorrow mile before the masters I guess in hopes you can do is masters pool again this year I'm hoping we get into good news. Do you it was very passionate about that. He didn't read it actually happened about does like a little anger this was this was in the beginning text like loose pays. Question mark question mark my so yeah I. Re. Why it's all right it's always put it on the grounds and had just the act. Yes I was there for this one. One beer can for that and now you were 0103 a town like ten years ago I was in that I was then. The cells away from penguin is your take is it going to be you're ready to dump its exits that were. They want that to about I. Six months I've 7797. ID 370 god perhaps they feel is right your accountancy I would be industry. Our company got lots to get you more droplets of by the way it's picked up yesterday yeah. Credence to make during a thick it's that they may be some truth I was saying before. I'll get to a money as well we're going to get through the president of the United States who is a freaking my god what a day yesterday what a dope when a humbling humbling dope. Don't exactly the media around when I got to get to three hours ago Kirk and Callahan with much.

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