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Late Night with Christian Arand - Final Hour; Late Night, Low Light 2-16-2017

Feb 17, 2017|

Final hour of the show and Christian recaps the Celtics loss to the Bulls. Also, another edition of Late Night Low Light, Chris Christie is forced to eat meatloaf.

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Late night with Christian arcade Sports Radio. When that T want to down Christina art can winds up with the Sox pats decency stock to get a goalies with. Sounds a lot like Christian market but we're gonna get we're here set. Final hour here's towards Syria WEEI aired here and it went didn't go until Zuma said Louis tonight. One making quick correction. Reggie Jackson finished his career with the Oakland Athletics not the angels I was thinking about com. The naked gun. Imus kill the queen that's what I was thinking or without him in the injured yet at that was at the end of his career but he went back to the Oakland a's for one more season. David in Florida you know clearly not. True Becky and with his. Was hosting duties they're renting a dollar us in the right. Anyway I wanted to make sure that that was the that was used in the clear. Don't like being I don't like winning in around under false pretense is. But I still won violent. There's a story out right now and I'm very surprised right. Big baby Davis. Glen Davis remember him. Former Celtics head coach dark rivers the target. Some curse words from big baby Davis. Hearing on Chris Broussard podcast. Davis called river is lucky as hell and overrated. When asked about his former coach. Where in a fox sports are on the exchange went like this Davis. Because what doc had an away with special and he was lucky as hell what he's now. The year before that they were wearing trash bags but then the next year they win it now is one of the best coaches ever. I'm just not feeling that you know what I mean yeah critic KG of credit to Paul Pierce give credit to Ray Allen those are the guys who major whatever doc need to be done got done. And see now it's easy for doctor do his job. Then you give credit to Danny Ainge that's the one you give credit to because I know multiple times Ainge had to talk to dock in just say hey doc Lee Malone a dark ease up. I'm off that dock tip. He's a great guy but as far as the basketball stuff. I tried to an end Broussard says is he overrated as a coach Davis says yes I think so Broussard has really Davis as yet. Wow. Shots fired. Where is big baby Davis trainer she's a plane. Our memory was. Yea and I use that anywhere in. He was with the clippers. Maybe that's it. They have like they had a beef a couple of years ago. I think rivers Blake had him. Escorted away from that out of the locker room I'm like crazy man did that add. I kind of feel like they have they did during a game they were going added. Really yell at each other and I think rivers either had to arrest hitter Adam escorted off the court or something happened it was like Charles Oakley but it was during a game. Doc Rivers had security escort. Davis to the locker room after the two exchange and I had was rim of rivers removed him from the game against the rockets. Guard. This was okay march 29 when he fourteen. And then on July 19 when he fourteen resigning with the clippers in one year deal. And hasn't played since. Yeah became an unrestricted free agent when he fifteen had an ankle injury in the off season. And yet that that's that's been after big baby. It. Interest interesting take. Now I like Doc Rivers and he's good coach. But don't we always say this same sort of thing about guys like Phil Jackson. Phil Jackson a great coach your video of Michael Jordan and then Kobe Bryant and Shaq and then and then you see him you know put in this knicks team together maybe that's maybe that's Elliott. But no one mixes up Doc Rivers with Phil Jackson dinner you know Lenny Wilkins is there any of these great all time coaches it Doc Rivers considered one of those guys I don't think he has. Maybe got I don't know what led up to this I don't know what they're talking about I think doctors one of the better coaches in the league right now sure. But I don't think he's like an all time great coach does anyone does anyone think that about darker. But. Big baby's not 100% aren't. You know Danny Ainge. Is the one that made that team happen. In the year before that in now. The only thing he was sort Iran about saying we'll the year before that there really bad. Yes big baby the year before that they were really bad they were dumpster diving for drafting. You know six. And that team was really bad. The 06 Celtics heard the other top the wash. They were get blown out violate the Nate Robinson Steve Francis Stephon Marbury knicks. Back in 06. And I remember I go to I went through that went to a game after Thanksgiving and on six. And everybody in their place chant fired up. It was funny because there get blown out by the knicks who was either the day before Thanksgiving the day after Thanksgiving care murmured that is in 2006 on the game with my brother. I was home for Thanksgiving. A Solomon Colorado at the time I came over Thanksgiving we went into the game and I mean throughout the whole place ever when chant fire doc and I realized they were chanting fired docket first. Because it seemed like they only chance that it when Brian Scalabrine would check in. And for some reason I thought there were all chanting fire crotch you know this gal. But then I'd look around I see little kids chant that with their parents and gone what really. The only kids they firecracker and then I realize though is they have fired doc but Eddie and real like his when every play whenever you put Brian Scalabrine in 2006. You know something bad just happened. The really any time Scalabrine was it it was it into the game is over here about the win or something bad happened and it was garbage time no offense calculus and that's you know we know. We know the truth about Brian Scalabrine ever was gone fired doc and I just misheard ignited figured out you know what's funny about that game another memory about that game. Before the game started. A member of the Celtics. Addressed the crowd. Before the game after you know the un dude National Anthem in the starting lineups and all that stuff. The lights came on and there's a guy and the Celtics stand in their hold the microphone he addressed the crowd any made a nice beaches and now. We understand is the holidays it's the day after Thanksgiving in a lot of you heard you know home and you know spending time with your family and that's really important but you're also taking some time in this you know on special holiday time to spend some time with us and we want you know it probably had. Once or other places you can be here right now being here with us and that's great and you know we really appreciated here thank you to the fans you know made this speech. The one they west. If it's it was beautiful puffs could open up the credit to your read from a developmental point of a look so good. We have the wind there was an armored after he made that speech they demand that guy really as his life together that they're really sort of they're really gets it in and Delonte West. You think he's gonna have a great career after the U. It's not funny to me whenever they get bit. It's kind of funny. But anyway have a big baby. Going after dark. Best coaches ever though calls Doc Rivers one of the best coaches ever. You know Popovich you call one of the best coaches ever Doc Rivers is that even on U one of the best coaches in the league right now he's he's one of the better coaches annaly. He's not in the best coach in the Western Conference. Would you rather have Doc Rivers are probably is the red air Popovic. And earlier Brad Stevens and harbors at this point now like I again I like doc. But dark was great with those guys. But the other thing here is that you know. Sometimes it takes a certain kind of coach. The coach certain kinds of guys. And doc who is you know dark played with when Garnett was in the league that I think you've I think they overlap right. Maybe even pierce still. Not played for awhile. Played Blake into his late thirties I think. You play from 83 to 96. So now I guess he must adjust and maybe that did turn a plain and clear when your ethernet. Maybe not but I mean close enough rate they paid that day. He had Garnett was drafted in 95 so great Britain and dark rivers actually played together. The beginning guard after enhances and at the end of dock annually missed your two years right yet disappears grads of 97. So I mean in not the need did that these guys are only play for someone who you know they played with third were close to playing with. But sometimes it takes a guy like that to be able to get through veterans who were sort of thrust into a position like this together. It's not like with you know LeBron and Dwyane Wade Chris Bosh those guys are on their twenties when pierce and Garnett and Allen all came together there are all thirty plus. And you know I mean there's nothing really comparative. People say you know did your it was yours talk about the super teams and now the Celtics were restarted all that they did it it's it's very different now. Guys came you know towards. Not at the end of towards the end of their careers and were traded to Boston. You know the super team now are these guys in their primes. Teaming up pin in and going places or you know I'm going to play with one particular superstar. And it makes it a little bit different and that's why I had those troubles in the in Cleveland around Lou you know I mean add that guy that guy from Framingham whose name escapes me now. The old coaching Cleveland got fired a Porsche lob. So bad that guy. And a similar views doing a good job when they fired and they were first place. Was a Kansan. If you remember. Really bring into around Lou. A guy who I think. A big overlap with LeBron. And LeBron is a veteran you know he's now the age that Garnett was when Garnett came the Boston. May be off by year two would roughly that same age. It seems like guys like that guy veterans and aired in LA thirty they don't like be in. You know sort of boss around record taken orders from. Some guy you know I think. You know I mean like even if even if it's a good coach. It's either got to be someone with you know big Reza Maine and sometimes that doesn't work either because those are coaches get in a little big for their britches. Seeing that happen over and over in the NBA or. They want a guy that they played with that they know that there are familiar with and friendly with and have a report with inserted and I respect them all and all that. And Doc Rivers was that guy now is he one of the all time great coaches now I don't think he has. I don't think artery an all time great coach. He won one championship here. He was very personable. You do with the media. The players all love them. And now he's in LA players all of them out they're so. You see the greatest coaches of all time with the club for not on and I think the clippers would be good if you know someone else was their coach but. He's their coach they liken their respect and a player for. We'll be any. Big baby sounds like he's going through shall we here in. They sound like there's other things may be going on big days like which all along. In a neck and heads he had some. It's struggles. To say always. I'll never forget him crying on the bench when Garnett was dressed in Denver that many. Rich green and out of. And the tears just start flowing. I mean he was crying. Crying on the bench. While getting yelled at by Garnett. I wonder what happened Garnett from brain muscle like short circuit in when he saw the tears on the when he gets someone's face you start column names you start trying to challenge him to get better and they start crying. You know really. I saw a big baby Davis one time in the north and I was eating dinner at Lucas down in the north and use them. And when I tell you that he had an entire feast in front of them. I peaking it was like. You know he said Ford different pasta dishes you know meet meatballs. And a big get down. Gallon of tomato salad all the Stein he was just sit and it was just him use their prime south. You know as I get a big table for people it was just him sitting there like you know king Ralph. You can you speak in tired or Italy. It was impressive I gotta say. Against the respect for for big baby Davis I respect people based on how much hostility to any one sitting in particular in her coworker of mine. BS saying Doc Rivers overrated interest and interest and stuff their from a from big baby Davis a 6177797937. At your phone number 37937. You're number on text. Now get back in the Celtics a little bit here a tough way to end the first half of the season. You know they were so hot and playing so well and they had this win locked up tonight. And they get screwed by the referee at the end of the game on a really blatant missed call. Other I'm honest I'm being honest when I say that. If that refereed. And put his hand up immediately if you miss the you probably saw the highlight right now but in case you missed the drivers on the Jimmy Butler gets the ball bulls down one Celtics up 103102 with a you know last possession in the game. Butler gets the ball isolation on the rates I would markets mark. But to move on Smart that'll you know pump fake spin move. Jump shot. Smart goes up. With a hand in his face. Very very. Rushed contract contact. If that I still NCA and we don't have HDTVs in your which is hilarious but we don't. I didn't see if they actually touched his I don't know I mean I kept my eyes are so adjusted each Spina. Are watching games manage the I feel like Geithner. If you order now worm in context here. Shocked. I. The ref didn't call it. When you contact them. The rap waited for the ball they hit the rim in miss and Benny called the foul. Which is just so rotten you know that's really that really sucks and it caller called in earlier and said you know this is why I don't like the NBA anymore. I haven't seen a lot of games decided this way in the NBA I feel like. Terrible call maybe just with the Celtics and I haven't noticed to begin to feel like the Celtics haven't encountered very much by. You know it seems like this officiating is actually gotten better or crazy to think that. I was thinking about it the first time I really remember complaining about Bambi erection and all this season. And learn for the Celtics for anyone. And I don't Celtics just won eleven out of twelve games rating in a bitch about the refs from there winning every game now of course not but it. You know is there another game this year they got decided by a really bad call I'm struggling to think once I can't think of any. And you know I know one I don't c'mon you know I don't carry these games but it's it's. It's agers think it was sort of like a slap in the face in our. You see the game you seem to screw over at the end on a bad call Dan guard at a rate has the MBA with a lap of but. It wasn't something that I feel he's been happening all the timers on in the inner. NBA's really got to crack down on this year this is a rare instance of its socks but you know let you move on and yet the all star break coming up here and trade deadline and everything else you can't really let it get to you but it faded it does sting a little bit game was over Celtics had. And they give them through free throws. Lousy way to and that 161777979837. Your phone number. Worst part of it probably those salvaged and crushed on the boards out rebounded by twenty and off. Can't win that way 61777979837. Quick break we'll Greg back. On Sports Radio Joseph. There. It's. Still couldn't move. Guys. My timing on some bird pretty. Well and terrible. That is and it's. Was written that there that was vote. But ultimately not that need to be I got all the anger out you know when it happened I was freaking out rampant. You or I mean we are annoyed by it but you know what they would you know now they're back they're rewriting game in the end the year right now. Or watch this again or change the channel receives he had in fact we're gonna do right now. Case you missed it the sister of Al Horford one of my favorite Twitter follower Garrett Porter follows an hour for joined us tonight. And she was great and our gunnery run that in every interview for you right now. In case you missed it without any further ado myself Patrick you're right and and a Horford ms. Horford thank you for joining us it's great to have you. Thank you so much for having me am excited and first of all great game tonight you must be you must be coming down off that higher rate. How apple. I'd actually felt kinda like shaking her did you throw anything at the TV after that call I mean was there was there any sort of violence in the corporate counsel and I. I mean there aren't a lot of yelling and there are a lot of wearing hot at. Apple TV program. I don't and it a lot of people think the year Al Horford wife you're not you're actually his sister and a lot of people think a year local to the year in the area because you're such a big Celtics fan now. And you're always tweeting about it and stuff that's not true either both of those things are myths about you correct. Right. Her act into. My brother's wife as a nanny and began. Former miss universe she's the main thing and content. I actually an end to end. You know and I'm usually tweeting about the game that people probably thing and there have been few a couple of other guard an intimate thing it's unlike any other thing. Any other arena than ever and you. So it's it's pretty cool. And it talking about the guarding can you compare to say a playoff game in Atlanta vs a regular season game in Boston because when Al made the decision to come here. To the Celtics. Both Al and his father your father TO sort of spoke out and said. The fans were big reason why is that a lot of people sort of played it off as you know talk nice to the media but was there really something to that. No I'm a parent absolutely true and I don't think anyone would deny it there there there's no the end beef and being like that Celtics. I am so yeah I know I played a big part own. You know all on the move in general. But different that I mean you guys are just insane. You're at it or creepy. You know loyal and if I've never seen such loyal fans I mean even when we're not playing our team. Still selling out and that kind of crazy to me well and it never cracked I mean. Compared to Atlanta that's not the highest part of clear in terms of fan interest I would say and a but I that we read your right I mean there are people are crazy about their teams around here in the celtics'. With the you know did great play the data we've seen from them over the course of this season. Has been you know a pleasure for everybody to watch your own coming off their sort of patriots highs and all that the Celtics went and eleven out of twelve games and yeah everybody's everybody's feeling really good about this team right now my question to you now than and it is does Al ever tell you hey. You know social media may be may be cool little little bit maybe don't go after people's party you do I mean year your vicious on the head and the Twitter. Yeah yeah I know he's actually. He's actually pretty cool and funny. In a dairy I got hurt and it's kinda the opposite of me as far as like social media. He'd get panicky you're himself he's very Kirk rational thought Whitney I guess I would I would want to out of self learn dull. But in that they want and feeling and it's. Thank Italy all out there and you I mean and need we talked about it you. And he'd pretty accord as many never said you know don't. You know. Don't don't tweet anymore like no he pretty cool. And going back to this summer when when Al made the decision the sort of come to the Celtics and and leave Atlanta plays that he had been you know for decades that the that the tough decision. To make he sort of made history being the first. Real big free agent the Celtics had ever brought in. The data are sort of come up with part of the discussion that this guy was going to be the first Max level free agent for this historic franchise ever to bring in here. Yeah I think Elian out mine alone during that it's that are flat. And it wasn't something we were really thinking about or me it's kind of new. Well certain things about spot in the like. Big part of that was you know. You guys like. Your feet and beef is amazing he trusts the props he trap. You know Brad now. So yeah no I don't think that was like a huge thing for Al out all but I mean obviously added that the fans then. I've you know other people but for hand hurt plant that was I really much. And or for joining us here on WEEI late night and what your favorite. Team fan base to had sued to rip far. All learn Atlanta yet can't you get me in trouble you know you have now choir I act. No I I don't hate. You know all I'm not hot as a team my age I get like that it and you kind trash act out you know for being loyal and see. I know but I've gotten into a ball cap and then at. Ballot. Awesome that's awesome like like it kills me aren't you brought up the caps. You run up tabs and Al was a part of the sixty win team. In Atlanta that fell short to Cleveland. Compare that led the team to this the Celtics team which team is better equipped to take Cleveland on any seven game playoff series. Rule OK you're putting on such a tough position. Get because. It's they just they're totally different team I mean I the Celtics are younger. We have left stranded jalla each other which I mean. Lol I'm playing at a lot that we're playing at I mean it takes time. That come together as a team and totally jalla and I feel like we're doing it while. On I'm not share with whom he would be better but I mean a hot struggle. We depend a lot seen that here and then I yell stop both. I got a leg broke and you know right before. I'm all that kind of stuff kinda played into it but no I mean I've only been box and do it play I know that people have their doubts and everything but. I mean. Adding fifteen get price to people. And or for joining us here and when he when the freeagent talk was going around IE remembered people saying that. Al was interest in Boston because of the Dominican population around here which is something I didn't even realize this city you know was known for and I certainly didn't you know when I heard that I was surprised by it. You heard what people at ESPN and some other outlets say about the city of Boston and I don't live here. But based on sort of your interactions with with fans on line and you know what your brother tells you about the city what's what's the climate like around here for for athletes. I'm I mean that's pretty good on my case that you bet it did so well armed. So there's that but you're also the cancer very opinion need it on. And you know all. Our global aren't. Kinetic and things just to take that on the funny thing about that is like every Canada often I haven't entered library and well like I'm a I didn't even realize that you know I don't really I thought I'd ethnic population that you while. I get back to the plot brown I mean it and you Ortiz now. So they're back but. As far as the people understand than general I know that often get the bad rap for like. Suppose that you know racist comments things like that never really you know hurts so much about that a few stories I'm like. Players and want you know all that and our band aid saying what you can't repeat next entire and based on that the idiot. Though. It would not not. Are like you don't nature like audit and twelve are out. I don't know why not continue to how valuable or ration sports and that kind of thing. Patent that we've really ever come up differently and I mean just little things here and act. All right now that was a very diplomatic answer and it's on me ask you broad question it's tough to answer diplomatically. Is Dennis Schroeder is much of a tool she appears to be a. All my guy that's yes I doubted he decorate. Now I don't think now I'm I'm I'm. Ray now. I can name like several. Players who are who you know core way higher. And the keys like scale right you mean top three. I'm not that I thought but I don't. And paranoid mind and you covered pressure personally. There's no way the haircut as we gave it away from. When he put the seventeen in his ads like on line I know he's like German or whatever that adds that's unacceptable. Typical back to the last summer real quick there were some stories before before Al made a decision to come year there were some stories being loaded that he and Kevin Durant we're gonna be sort of a package deal Oki C was entertaining both of them at the same time. You know how close the Celtics team to acquiring Kevin Durant that really came out the last couple of months just not close the Celtics work. It was thirty point where these two were supposedly a package deal. I'm I don't know if I would go as far. You know I don't know if I would say packaged deal. I know that he and Allan you know commit criteria narrow pop and it. Text messages were exchanged. And on Ole. He had no they about it other a little but I believe so. But I don't I don't think it was that Reno and sat down and it's being hurt. Very you know that terminology I don't think that's really floating around for that. Abby Lippman in the evening and you. If if that wouldn't happen. You know so I think we could have really you know you'd hit Powell. So yeah. But where do you come down on this news super team trend that ironically the Celtics sort of started 1012 years ago but now it seems to be you know grab a buddy let's go play. A US as a basketball fan and somebody that's grown up beneath basketball family. Are you a fan of the that this new super team thing. I'm not really honestly. I can I get the rain and there on the other teens so much stock are. And so I'm not a and then I mean you know the MBA keep you batter. Not area are. I'm not an amendment itself and I got to go with the flow RA. Yeah I'm Anna before we let you go here. This is this is something I've always sort of wondered when I. When I mean you know family members of of certain athletes and stuff like that you're so many stories of these guys. Blowing their money after their careers over even sometimes during their career you know ship and I have paying off for their friends in and buying cars and doing all these sorts of things. As as the family member of a guy who just signed is a tremendously big contract. I mean are you are you sort of been involved in that making sure the dozens asserted. Thrall as money away I mean we've seen so many examples of this and a lot of times I feel like you know guys. Do these to help their families out in how to help did cousins and Brothers and set to whatever. And I just sort wonders that dynamic ever heard something that's come up and your family is that something you guys your. You know aware of and trying to prevent that means it doesn't even come up at all. Yeah I mean I am now at this point in period of veteran player it blank for unpack. And really. Really neck and neck so and the he'd IIBMJF. That caught up Al Al just like. It's very for fox all these different theories about its job very irresponsible and not even something that's our. It's not that or I'll yell you not Lackey he's not ever. I don't know that you got a lot of the a lot of Vatican. Guys that even. But rather split it democratic on it and that the only results from France in XP you do running back and I mean if you if you're Smart about it's really an issue. And we need it got to have the right people Raduyev be Smart about it and to panic welcome mat and all Alice. He'd pop country. Parent. You say that now but also and we're going to be hearing about an hour for record label with Denon sounded sure Edmonton and the whole thing and Al's going to be you know asking for money in the streets in a couple of years. But yeah I don't think felled by bad. We'll see the governor and let this thing and Al Horford thank you so much for joining us thanks for coming on it was great to talk with you let's do this again sometimes as one. Yeah I think my marriage but I don't. That was the and or for interview from earlier tonight here on late night we'll come back and wrap things up next don't go anywhere. Your phone calls it 61777979837. If you wanna get on him before we sign up. Do it quickly. And I promise we'll get to you know late night promised quick break we're back. And now. Time for the movie. Yeah night. And low liner. I don't know sports we know W. Anyone who disagrees roared that's right. I sat here late night low layer. For a period WEEI ex couple minutes left. Com I was gonna do trumps press conference. Because my guide. If that wasn't rock bottom for democracy I don't know was. Moves through the sport Turkey shut up at the late night low life. Whoever won. And that is that press conference that it was sold irks me oh my god that was one of the most I could go I couldn't stop watching. I have they somewhere I had to be today. I sat down watched that entire hour and a half I did not move I get to go to the bathroom and get a BA in the watching that trainer. And I was gonna make dad you know in news late night low light but then another story overshadowed that it's sort of in this in the same vein. Chris Christie remember him he ran for president. Big Chris. According to the Associated Press Christie said that when he and his wife Mary pat met with trumpet the white house on Tuesday. Trump force Christie to eat meat loaf. Forced him to eat meat loaf. This is what it's like to be with trump Christie said according to the AP he says there's the menu you guys or whatever you want that he says Chris you and I are gonna have to meet one. Reportedly trump urged him saying I'm telling you the meatloaf is fabulous. And they spoke about the nation's overjoyed epidemic over said meatloaf. Christie added that they did not talk about jobs because who has the meat loaf guide during their ministry. That was from Esquire. I'll I'll say it. This whole interview and I'm talking about the meatloaf and all that. Took place on a New York sports talk radio show and I wish I could tell you which one. But I read ten articles about days and not one of these articles identified the show the distant third place I have no idea what show was. I know he's filled in for boomer and carton sometimes is going to guess vote for them. I read something a chase down some link online about how he gets posted some SN wide baseball you know. Spring training tied for show or something like that and S and why. But I read literally it's the same AP story over and over just repeating cut and pasted to fox five New York the New York Post. The New York Daily News. NBC seven New York whatever it is NBC New York. Not one of them identified the radio show. How do you do it. Even the New York station didn't identify the show. Oh my god I was if that was my shall be furious. Chris becomes not tells the story about how trump forced them to eat meat loaf in your not gonna tell the world that it was on my show Mike got I would madman. It ends you know. You start to think maybe there's some to that and maybe Donald's not so crazy. Because if not one of these out. Woods could identify the name of the show the Christie made these comments I'm. Including the associated beleaguered brats. I know I'm getting angry about the wrong thing here at the click and I'm very aware here that that's not really big could that they're the thrust of all of this. The thing is the trump for our. Basically ordered for Christie told him what he was gonna need. And you know Christie didn't like that maybe he wanted the meatloaf but Christie strikes me as a guy who doesn't like being told what to eat. I got Chris Chris the agony when I'm ready there. I don't need you not tell me what to eat no one tells Chris Christie what they eat. Took the president. Took the breath. Yeah. That's something and that press conference today holy month did you watch it meant. You see any evidence yeah I got it all like to watch it if you if you can watch it from beginning and watch the whole thing are those runways are thinking the question tomorrow. It's I mean it's it was unbelievable. Is Jerry back to see back there and I recognize that's. Man I'd give Hussein has allowed this you'd be here Jerry this we. Would love to hear twist themselves into a pretzel trying to finalist. I am not offended that the president made that pretty clear I think in these on this show. Don't like them. And after his performance today I mean she's. He couldn't even the worst dancer. There's a couple of them. When he asked that that woman if she could arrange a meeting for the Congressional Black Caucus can you arranged the meeting I. They Hummer reporter jackass the having get some of these steps to do it. And the head of that one guy goes Casey sic you're the biggest Electoral College victory ever you didn't. He's like I just meant by Republicans are good he had not necessarily that either HW bush beat you by about you know forty votes. Any goes well I was given that information. I was given that information that was his that was his response that all my bad. OK sorry am as the united demos that makes an episode I was given that information. And I didn't even apologize to my wife. This ice on the BS who evil it is unbelievable. That he's the president needs wheat. He spent the whole time he was there to announce some guy that he was nominating to his cabinet he spent the whole time ripping CNN talking about their ratings. That was the whole thing. He's in it didn't matter what the question why. You would turn that in to how CNN is biased and I hope this and how they you know they don't they've their ratings are good ratings are great by the hour. Ed the other thing in New York Times they're subscriptions are an all time high right now. Print media Donald Trump bringing print media back. For all the time all this what in all the things he says about him he's really help and held in the times that a lot CNN people are watching CNN. I feel or hear it shares a couple of Jewish people 00 yeah there is the thing with the Jewish Q that wasn't that wasn't good. Jewish guy ask a question about anti semitism in the stretch at synagogues and stuff. He basically goes I think they're all made up that particular line. They this guy's unbelievable. Really. And he forces be Walid meatloaf. That's my time. Have a great night everybody mad at the marine and the entire the entire troop. Pack your and it and Al Horford. You missed any of the show will be up very soon have a great night everybody back tomorrow at Kentucky then later.

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