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Late Night with Christian Arcand - Darrelle Revis is in some trouble 2-16-2017

Feb 17, 2017|

Patrick Gilroy, WEEI Contributor, is in studio. Christian and Patrick discuss the state of the Celtics and how the rest of the season can play out. Also, Darrelle Revis is in some hot water. The guys get into the latest charges filed on the former Patriots corner back.

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With Christian market on sports were. Would that team winds down Christian art can winds up with the Sox pats decency stock but it's getting goalies with. It's not a lot like Christian market but we're gonna get weird here. Penny Friday here. Pass the stroke of midnight this is late night Sports Radio WEEI live and our breaking studio's high atop the Mass Turnpike our king junior Patrick orient house as well for another hour. A nice to have you with us tonight thanks for staying up we appreciated Celtics getting hosed by the ref reason Chicago. That's on the table we were talking a little bit about your anger problem Tom Brady and the patriots all that on the table as well in this Darrelle Revis story out of Pennsylvania is just insane. Terroristic threats yet the chargers are are pretty insane. Terroristic threats. It direct that means something else that's got to mean something when it's when it's terror I believe it becomes federal. I could be wrong here really but I think when Federer is involved. They become federal charges. But. What. I don't it's instinct that got it did you mean like terrorism. Book making it terror I'm gonna do this in the late inning under radio guy on the radio after bin. And I'm just saying that I believe I've read in the past when terror is involved in anyway she performed charges can become federal. This guy was just 48 hours ago you was rumored to be cut and yeah so is like in the last 48 hours is really taken a turn for the. Yeah Darrelle Revis life comes at you fast Michael McCann a Sports Illustrated legal expert New Hampshire got a tour has a piece of right now about this and he says he's sort of breaks it down legally. And here's the story about the way it Darrelle Revis. Was it 2:30 in the morning. In an incident. In. In Pittsburgh look at. A 22 year old man recognized Revis while he was walking around 2:30 AM he approached readers. And Revis confirmed his identity at that point the man took at a cell phone started to record him. Reid has set a knock it off the mayor refused kept recording a Revis and grabbed the phone and tried to delete the video. Couldn't do it so we threw the phone on the street. Now around this time. Another unidentified guy came to the help of mood of the fan not of readers but of the you know the guy who's who's taping. Two men argue with readers. Then another guy arrived on the scene this person arrived to help British. Which led to a square off between Revis and his associate on one side in these two other dudes on the other side. Punches were thrown. As you can imagine the professional football player and his friend ended up winning this point. The F 22 and 21 year old guys got knocked out cold on the street. Witnesses told the police that the two men were unconscious for about ten minutes they were both hospitalized. One of them suffered a serious facial injury. A crucial piece of evidence was left behind the cell phone in the video contents. Officer look at the video confirm that Revis was present at the scene. It's unclear whether the video has of actually committing the crime. But he has been charged with robbery conspiracy. Aggravated assault and terroristic threats. The focus of of all of this the theory of robbery is likely the Revis use force the dispossessed the man of his cell phones there's the robbery. And in doing so inflicted physical injury on the man. It's also possible that he threatened the man with bodily injury. Under Pennsylvania law a conviction of first degree felony robbery. He carry up to twenty years in prison and then. Knocking someone out and rendering them unconscious for a long period of time qualifies as serious bodily harm. Which is appropriate heard the first degree charge reading from canceling your. The charge of terroristic threats. Potential five year prison sentence under Pennsylvania law and it terroristic threat doesn't mean like a terrorist threat which is what I'd originally thought. Terroristic threat is a threat to harm another person with the goal of terrorizing the individual. So the charges have been explained by law enforcement readers presumably. Accused of threatening the man with hopes of terrorizing them I guess whatever that. And conspiracy. Means the Revis and his associate planned to do this. Which I don't know about that break even if the associate through all the punches because the injuries. Revis could face the same criminal penalty as his friend. In this would be the case of there's sufficient evidence of both the conspiracy and overt acts to accomplish that conspiracy so. If the associate is convicted of first degree aggravated assault. That could carry a potential twenty year prison sentence conspiracy could pose a potential twenty year prison sentence for Revis. And he's also been charged with two counts of first degree aggravated assault and a conviction on each of those to carry twenty year maximum sentences and these are maximum sentences. And I'm sure Revis can afford the finest lawyer money can buy. But holy Moly and this is no joke this is that these are serious charge sixty years ago. I think Christian this the reason for you to be out and about it through thirty or more you work until 20 that's right what is this guy doing. He knows better he's got in the NFL for how long what are you doing. And it always amazes me when we see these stories. These guys have got advisors they've got their teams they've got everybody in the world telling them what to do this like Jared sellinger and his inability to get in all of the Celtics provided him with every. Sort of morsel of food he needed to eat right they did. They don't listen and it always amazes me now this guy's in real trouble I'm sure that. He'll get off relatively easily because that's what happens when you can portable right but again what's. What has happened for these guys to finally get the light to go one don't be out at 2:30 this morning it hit you mark. Had a sober driver we'd you do have people would you double stop you from doing this sort of stuff not join it. You you want good influences review that will stop you from the terroristic threats don't edit you don't want guys added yeah let's go get them because you're brought the wrong friends. Well here's the thing. Darrelle Revis you're right he's been in the league a long time but he's been a choir boy I mean there's never been any incidents with him he's never gotten arrested he's never gotten you know do you why he's never had any problems you never had a domestic violence problem is never Ben you know. He's been counted even with contracts and stuff like that but that's you know that's fine he's had. Great player but. You know this is the first time something like this has happened so as valley he's out all the time you know causing trouble McClover what are Regis you know this happened to. Down and a bar in Pittsburgh in a couple of guys in had taken his picture he freaks out late. You know what you you're not used to people taking your picture on public you're Darrelle Revis on your in your hometown. That's the thing right he's got to be used to open again he's he's probably need created aids and no light and he's tired and east rock in somebody's trying to get up in his face and take a picture I don't blame him for getting to know. And I don't blame him for once you have the the video probably Brandon Graham and the thing but you know week when you start to grab something you start to get physical. That's when somebody needs to be weed you and all parts Terrelle stock. We need to stop this now. And for him not to have those guys we did get the exact opposite people would have guided encourage the behavior and it took part in the behavior. This is not gonna end well for Doral he wasn't gonna have this job by the end of the week now is that this job and he's basing what would you say 65 years again. Yeah potentially the city gets all the maxis which he's not going to but I mean that's still so. Revis is do a two million dollar roster bonus on March 11. And another thirteen million in base salary and a sequestering six million guaranteed. Well I don't think that's happening let me ask you one question and let's say the charges get dropped. It would the charges get dropped and he's a free agent. You get him for not and cannot achieve any interest. I'll bring it back here I don't know her next to nothing to see him after I did I did but don't you think a guy like him knows that last year he wasn't in shape and you know he get himself initiate maybe he can have a reclamation year again another big contract. Because this guy is the modern day athlete he is motivated by one thing and one thing only. And that's the next eight yet. And for somebody is going to give him an opportunity to play next year Yemen because he's a rotary meeting and he's had a guy that strikes me as is the guy that will be ultra motivated to get in great shape. And have a really good year. Yeah and I could see that happening he also sort of seems like he's melting down personally and eight. You know this is the guy who I don't know if he'd he'd probably isn't expecting to go back with the jets even if you're not. You make in their just there'd that decision really easy forms yeah. All right well guys they've got this history with this guy and we signed his contract communities through down years and only got arrested for beating the crap attitude twenty year old in the street and Pittsburgh OK well. You know it's that easy there and it's not you know. That that'll probably drive his value down enough that maybe the patriots would consider him. Value which is what they like thriller I just don't think the value on the field is there with or or the senate mark and I just thought there because of the value play but for the patriots do best. It's true I think I don't know I mean it and. But. If Darrelle Revis is on the patriots this year. He wouldn't started analogue Ryan now what are. They do it would have been a fourth maybe fifth corner in the but I think you're sort of make my point because that's how far he's follow them right. So if this guy is truly motivated by the one thing I think he's motivated by and that's the next big paycheck. He's gonna come back next year assuming these charges Colo at right is gonna come back next year in incredible shape. Trying to earn one more paycheck because that's all he notes GM or he might just wanna caller career. You know there's also that to mean he's 31 years all the play in the league a long time he's been asked what money I mean the thing you know only. At some point if you if you have too embarrassing seasons in your big you know home coming back to the jets. And you know wanna go out on the free agent market get offered some modeling contract and try and reinvent yourself as 130 fighter I mean if you watched that. This was the safety do something like that to the old you know Charles Woodson routine and maybe it. Even then you know woody woody and a pain as a safety can you know like that's I don't know the lawyers not gonna be cheap. Is now passed up a trip all the money he made the last few years and I union tell anybody there that's true Aaron Hernandez papers defense and are paying forward again. And yeah he's not work out well he's not trying to anymore not just not sure 61777979837. Your phone number. Belichick letting Revis go and not you know not trying to match with the jet they did offer something so it's now late. Is I'd they let him go 100% he said this is that we're cutting ties don't call us we'll call you they offered money by the jets offering him so much more money. God was added blessing wasn't it I mean that's. Coup and got any better. Belichick knows went to the winter sort of cut it right end look the patriots save face because they operative something and nobody was gonna give him in match with the jets did the patriots were literally a no lose situation when electoral Arenas go they got their you know the governor want an album and heading down that night everybody expected that. And it played out as expected but again I don't expect there's got to retire I don't think he's that guy that's going to walk away 31. Not when there's money on the table yeah. I don't know I mean it's less money by the day with the solace though with the game that he played in now at this offseason knee finally you know. Shows himself here is a bootable loose cannon. Playing Jones the lawyer for Revis. And this is from canceling guesses Revis could be the victim of a crime rather than the perpetrators he can also be a victim and the perpetrators. I don't work. The said the defense is that he was acting in self defense. The reading of the available facts suggest that a stranger was harassing him in the early morning hours. He may have sought to aggravate me use trend in the you know get him to do something on the video the and one Revis can say the guy was invading his privacy. You can also say the man following MP camera was looking for trouble we could say was. Impaired from alcohol or drugs. But. In order to establish self defense revisited after showed the use of force was justifiable along those lines. You need to show we believe that the force he inflicted was necessary to protect himself from being attacked now I don't know what these guys look like. Bite they're probably not NFL football. How much money do you think TMZ is got on the table right now for this videotape that on the phone now man. Probably quite well I don't know I mean it the wait until investigation and open I don't know do that because they eagle Ray Rice thing that they break that. That's true so AT&T is giving their shady if they initiate becomes rape and money talks with them so I just. At some point this video is gotta come you're right but the thing with Ray Rice that via the casino idea. And they were able to do whatever way that this was gonna guys on and I assume got taken evidence and you know good wished away from the scene. In the cops are avid and unless someone acts that thing Fazio and map unless the police release it was a police release it or this guy texted one of his friends the video today look what I'm doing right now something's gotta take an app. I. Had to get guys that they were plunged and then they remember waking up to talk what's. Revis went raw yeah budget. Yeah you know and that's. And that's the thing I did he punched the guy just as the guy I was recording without permission that's not self defense. And that's even if it is unlawful record he can't punch or photographers invading your privacy because being videotaped physically physical threat. So instead he used force to offend defend himself if he was getting physically attacked. So the fans say OK that's fine but he he was being threatened with imminent attack Pennsylvania is one of the senior ground states corps you know you take a swing of the retreat. Episode on this and some state if you're getting attacked you after retreat. And America are wide runaway. Apologies. Wondered about and out punt from a veteran trio they went well Terrelle certainly that has yet you could say that yes he did whether he did the right thing at the wrong thing we don't know yet but he stood his. Roger Goodell is gonna get involved in the summer out of you know of course he has. Thundered in and article 46 he can punish player suffered anything he wants to show we'll see of the charges ago and then. Might be a fine or suspension of eight year ago due to do with the Seattle Seahawks in the side warnings enough here in a book. In at Doral I'm warning you don't get don't go out and beat people you know and unconscious in the middle of the night more on duty under a no more that I. You don't mind as a parent warnings don't work work work with Europe where. I. 6177797937. As your phone number 379837. That your number on tax. We're gonna take quick break when we come back I read a story that's on the table patriots drop below is he gonna get traded or not we'll talk about that of course the Celtics getting hosed. Job trap a sham mockery in Chicago tonight. Before the all star break all that on the table for you here on late night. How on Sports Radio guy. Beg your latest merger did WE I urge you and your Patrick your hear your phone calls it 6177797937. Text messages 37937. Target about that Darrelle Revis story of calls lined up for that. He has been charged with those were felonies and could be facing some jail time all those numbers I gave you were the Max possible sentences. I'd have a funny feeling he's not gonna be getting any Macs now. Especially not his hometown. Guy it that much money there's a text or pointed out. You know may be Revis is one of those guys who blown through all morning it's possible possible aghast. You don't strike against that jets signed the contract meaning just sign unless he was like increase the debt or something like. I tell you what seems kind of possible and we know guys like that being in Boston Antoine Walker is a prime example exactly what when I was in you interviewed by many times and he's been he's been a favorite of my shell but when I was in turning with the Celtics back in 9798. His first car after getting its first contract with the Bentley and his license plate said 218. I like this guy wasn't trying to hide it rate you know and once that across the street to the old MacDonald with a lateral bill. To get a mic double both for a game and you keep the change so he was loose with his money. Way back when he first started getting. We to make double at 630 for a 705 Taiwanese president a a 6177797937. Your phone number let's go to the phones here Scott is in Philadelphia Haluska. Hey I don't pattern there's Skype had a guy got knocked down barriers and ha itself when it comes I think they apparently on that point. I did at the the guy last year that that it ought to break him one. And for a quarterback and your body part and I did it go. I'll either retire you become a safety one of the other one of those and I think you'll people get another job probably how are now you're meeting next few. I did I did hear that the bulk of the attic area. A quarter it created the earn trade though Ogden hey look at him out at a really cheap price if it will it will play here. Because down years the volume he backed up or the report. If they did it in there if that happened and he would be in camp competing with Cyrus Jones can you imagine emulate Darrelle Revis. In OTA is competing for a spotless Irish Jones who was. Horrible in his rookie year I mean like that I can't like that's almost slate consulting for a guy like that but that's where he is right now I don't know if some tells me might just retire. Yeah I eat people well I'll play another thing that really all or will it help make. I've watched that and I can read and what kind of quit watching apple I mean it's it's got absolutely. With the bike or lately and it might lately it's been for awhile. I'd like hit her ought to write it about watched I watched where I watched Jordan grown up yeah and I think never got calls at the end yeah. You all. But there was some kind of mentality to gain back as to you'd jump off an area in the new guy on the or are more an elbow and he didn't solve all that and you know pretty much turn the tournament game. And in. Exit entered it Little League. Called when it come that aspect. Thanks for the cost about the united. Thoughts well for old school basketball guys that to see a game called it and decided on a call like that it's hard to swallow right. Look our for anybody forget old school basket blog and I was suffering but I tell you what's that. You bring up Michael Jordan and Michael Jordan who won the finals pushing Byron Russell off. Mean that famous crossover surely his left arm push Byron Russell waigel called there yet because of the game winning shot. And that's beat these threats really need to swallow their whistles in look at they wanna call it game sticky tacky clothes. But from 47 minutes that's fine but to deciding of one point in the game went back and forth in the fourth quarter like that it's garbage if you're if you're gonna make that call. You better been able they hear the contact all throughout the jam. You know you better like neither occurred right all throughout that must have echoed from the first from on the floor all the way to the you know balcony. Everybody getting geared you know hand on skin. He barely play game. Brushed past him but you make the call when the final curse exactly if that shot a gun in no fouls get called eat we will legal for a three point play correct. So it look he he was reacting to the moment. And he refs are human but again. Jimmy Butler would you agree whether or not. Jimmy Butler is a star in this league he is he legitimate star is a top fifteen player in the sleek and he is going to get that call especially at home. And guys like that are valuable to have yeah now I agree with you there so. We'll get back to the south and just the second let's get to attend an Attleboro with a thought Darrelle Revis statement. Papers and I don't what's up. I yeah to a role that Reeves who's gonna maybe go try to fly it place safety. And you know your views of the jets they would probably. Cuba mud minimal find their feet it became ensign was not to be at stake these they would take away inaudible and picked him. On and yeah probably I don't. I mean if he's if he's gonna become a safety was. Yet they Ali every chunk chunk the ball pareto will that be in the rope people I think you have a huge say in Joliet. Of course Heidi that he isn't going anywhere but what about using chunks so much time left. Patrick Chung is signed through next season he's an unrestricted free agent 2019. When he will turn 31 years all I don't know fell. You know I don't know if they're gonna every sign of what they're gonna do but I'll tell you this they're not gonna bring in Darrelle Revis and 2019 S treasury. One more thing. What moment that in Pennsylvania right where readers can that group JPEG recording got a a buffalo victory he knocked out a couple of bottles of. In Philadelphia he had an off duty cop yet I was in Philadelphia this is in Pittsburgh you're right in on the dollar goes down Pennsylvania. We're pretty sure I'll think he'd been appreciated the stamp quakers down their inner. That an earthquake and all riled up someone call this a dangerous equate the other memory of that. We you reproducing for them Manning and someone else was is a Mormon he's a Mormon you know wake got not a Quaker but I can see how people get those two confused. I'm back room and not Mormon Quaker Brendon is in Boston Hebron. And innovative rented. So you don't trust fund that caught the Stanley shown complain about or true here but I I mean it is no not yet that is why. Oh yeah and in a written the part in the party's election me. But image you know have a complaint with the rebound valuable on the cheap and whatnot any big guy ever much more last year. What do not have a look at Ford and maybe yes maybe one of those guys post camp was seeking peeing and Max contract player in the next Monday. Yes Richard thirteen late night and you'll go into court was tendency to accept what to rebound. I mean at some point we have to kind of look at them. Amnesty artist what kind of unacceptable organic snack money have routinely debt. It's special and probably that they. Currently it is sober and I would affect they couldn't get subordinate class discretion to decide with a portrait. And out you know on if you get caught in the keynotes atrocious. That he was deciding game I don't know if you heard it but apparently. Ideally congratulated team on the wane after he left the outlaw from tonight. I was pretty good you know but. You know back at it as simple and the you'd have to fill in just carries. Yeah okay and that's money that's gonna be kind of a problem when you're invited actually to deeper into the name. I'm right here at some point you should expect it will certainly if I know spread the floor late last thing they don't show stat line. But especially recognize that this and that's one of the big street and you lost he can't help what kind of program claim on a Maya gold is actually it is not solicit. I ice the cauldron but not a good game for worker and made them again not a good game at all but again this is the type of stuff that really angers me about the people call in about Al Horford. Outlook for is exactly. Who eat too who eats he's always bend this exactly who Al Horford has always been Christian he is a fifteen and seven guy a fourteen and six guy alright but you liked the fact that I Isiah Thomas. Avery Bradley before he got injured Jae Crowder. Kelly analytic these guys are all having. Career high shooting percentage behind the three point like it's because of what Al Horford does Al Horford is so much stuff out there that look does all the little things that nobody talks about a US Brad Stevens right now after Al seven in two performance tonight. If Al Horford is worth the money. He is going to say yes ten times out of ten it is because of Al Horford that the Celtics are such eight in efficient offensive team this year. Look Al Horford is never gonna be your twenty and ten guy he is a part of your rebounding problem naughty part of your rebounding solution. And Al Horford knows that and that's why Al Horford. Demanded to play next to a center and that's why if you listen to people in Atlanta. They will tell you that they grand plan was always to get Dwight Howard and to keep Al Horford there and to pair those two as their front line. So again look Al Horford did it doesn't do the Celtics need more from Al Horford in the front court of course they do. But they doing themselves any favors putting him next to Amir Johnson were high the cellar of the joke now. But now you're making me dislike Al Horford. Why's that because what he's gonna get paid a Max contract react to go somewhere be altered center and that but that's what he is occasionally united that you want it 31 years old that guy's not a Max player that. I put a bit I only play somewhere or another owner Ernie has to be part of the front court and you know I don't think that's that makes me not like him are appreciated but that's the NBA eight also I mean he's you know he's not having apparently he's averaging fifteen and seven that's his career numbers and what he its. Look he's averaging less rebounds and Avery Bradley witches. Avery Bradley's leading the team and and rebounding which is chock inaccurate it's a part of the problem when not ending with the Celtics but. This is Al Horford is exactly who we thought he was going to be and anybody that thought differently did watch Al Horford played the last two or three years. After he poured that oral muscle three years ago. He stopped being eight at ten rebound down. Hasn't been that in three years and at 31 years old it's not gonna suddenly start happening again. I agree with all that and I do agree that the Celtics need another player underneath the cage. You're right about a lot of things or for not being as traditional Saturn he certainly is and I mean he's he never really as bad. In his entire career when it's not ever gonna traditional Saturn he's never it was never Dwight Howard no. It looked he was never the three point shooter that he is now but he was always a great pick and pop type player 1516 foot jumper type player the only difference real. Really now and Al Horford game is that sixty foot jumper has become a 23 foot jumper but it was never a true paint tight player. Com. With all that mind their reading you just said. But. Doesn't that put the onus of on Danny Ainge now to bring in that that other big man I mean we've seen this. We've seen this season play out the way it has received Horford and need that team in general struggle on on the boards and in not having that inside presence. Doesn't that almost meaning asked to do something here I mean doesn't that doesn't add. Intensified this. This whole thing I think it does especially because the Celtics are a good team this year and they are team that should win around or two in the playoffs but. Look this was a potential first round matchup tonight with the bulls and other celtics' Achilles heel. Get exposed tonight. And that doesn't wake dating agent of the fact that and there are guys available whether it's a bogey whether it's either one of the Lopez guys that ties Gibson a Tyson Chandler. There are good players on bad teams that you don't have to break the bank for you don't have to extend yourself financially you don't have to give up next pics it's all about. You reading salary for half of these teams out there so there are guys available that can help you doesn't have to be the home run plays and have to be called George Jimmy Butler or DeMarcus Cousins. The Celtics can get real help in the short term. Pretty easily I think yeah. I I'm very interest in Tyson Chandler. That's all he does he's averaging twelve rebounds a game. Now in Phoenix he only worry is that there's been a long history of players that go to Phoenix and they sort of get rejuvenated. And as soon as they leave Phoenix the numbers sort of come back down to work. That Tyson Chandler he is playing as effectively as he did when he won a ring with the mavericks five years then yes it looked as good bye. That sure but sometimes guys go to Phoenix and then they'd come the Boston and become you know averaged thirty points a game that's true that there that is your 61777979837. Let's go to Chris in Chelsea was an electrifying phone call Chris. Manning passed out. How or what are about and ready to go. First of all baby grace interview with an Olympic got to be on every week already reached out pork shoulder if you wait about it and your broad you've got popular over here. Second of all Al Horford like the seafood power already stated that the little bit of everything everything they have good. Had posted a broad you'll hit it felt down now corporate. Third. I would all polling site that tonight with that call. I wanted verification and I don't know there are you could go at all against the Celtics. Are that the public. Brad deepening. I. That you can't cover art camp. The actress. The Christian Joseph and summer barking and is a thing now southerners there on Twitter like that I don't know where that came its winter. I don't know I don't get is winter. Instead I'm spring yet now but it's going to be summer market comedian Larry was the summer murky and and he's crystal basking in the glow that it was previously summer murky in the one told me was tied into crony in the comeback that you're the debris that I was when I was being cover or prevent a take it and I'll take it at least in some them. Actress and jealousy and yeah. Aspirations to be in a professional wrestler like that 61777979837. Years your phone number 379837. That is your number on tax taking your phone calls here on Celtics. A organist and patriots is well little bit Red Sox news nothing big but I a couple of guys getting some updates on when they're gonna start throwing. And they'll get to some of that any 1 o'clock hour. Your calls again 6177797937. Quick break we're back after this your only. 6177797937. Your phone number here. Late night Sports Radio WEEI are key in your category in the house Matty the marine back there in the wheels of steel. A plan all the hits and taking your phone calls. Now we got a little bit of time left here Patrick anything on your minds anything you again after Chester before you make your way out and I got a lot of radio to do tomorrow I'd do anything else he guided. That's that's an amateur I worked out this is the training ground right here to things radio late night with Christian are you're doing morning drive tomorrow than your own repeat to me I mean you got some real serious shows to do so anything any material any jokes any one liners you wanna try out who we just had a four minute commercial break and you could've warned me that you're gonna do this but instead you've. Put me on the spot which Gary we're talking about the glory days -- college students what we did back then right PA announcer we both have that in common picture of and what the odds of that by the way I piceance yet. Minor league announcers I would say pretty high considering his business in Ireland heroin does everything we both did I do top forty radio heeded rap radio that I don't I Ed off in my in my previous life I was. The the source and in Colorado offered for local independent about and that's that's not even I'm not even kidding when I look at you I don't take a pot but I'll let you know it looks can be does it feel similar to Rick Rubin in the that guys made some of the greatest feats of all time right the united what Rick rooming looks like your cave man. Guys upon. The Beastie Boys maybe he's the that is true that is so I'd made. I made my debut sort of professionally on the station a year ago next week I was on with a mutt that I got denied the trade deadline. And he was absolutely. Devastated that the Celtics didn't make a move a crappy dot fish or you would all the draft pick them had to make a move. So coming up here we've got exactly one week until the trade deadline and if you had to put your own money on the Celtics stand pat political move Christian. I think they make a movement that the move the people want. I think they'll probably get some meddling guy that'll fill out the roster and sort of balance things out which I think is an important thing I think that's really important for this team is rosters Varian balance they have a lot of players in one position now a lot of the other ones. And it's obvious I mean you can you can just take a look at the numbers in the amount of guys in the amount of minutes and in what positions they play and you can see so I think the yes a move will be made. Maybe even more than one but I don't think it's going to be anything too I don't think we're going to be. Making commercial battling Kevin Garnett in there. You worry about chemistry so let's say there's a move that they are against you what a Jimmy Butler Paul George or one of the wanna be stars. At one common complaint that I've gotten went up on my show is that. People Lori about chemistry and look I think regular season basketball chemistry is important but there's still two months left for the that the new guys to get things rights of you worried about losing. A Jae Crowder or Ernie pre Bradley has chemistry reasons you need to get over it. And I thinks especially Avery Bradley look I think Celtics fans have been guilty of of loving they're sort of prospects a little bit too much for a long time yeah well these prospects are what they are they're young players are what they are. But the reason why did he stockpiled all these assets. Is not to groom them it was never the intention to draft and groom all of these players are so far. We're halfway through this Brooklyn DO 50% of the way done and all this team has done is draft and groom via some. Gotta give it true Isiah Thomas Avery Bradley markets Smart rosier. James Young. And through Gerald Green and their two that six guys. You know six guards you can't do that I mean there's no way and and you get to the playoffs you know the bench it shortened. These guys are gonna have to rotated more and none of those guys are gonna get any minutes. And you gonna be stuck there with Amir Johnson and Kelly a wedding trying to get rebounds and it just in LA that has to change that can't stand. So look I know you're not a fan of surge about but the Celtics reportedly were unwilling to give up here rosier for surge in a rental. Because again he he's going to be a free agent and you don't have to spend your money on him you could've been content renting the guy. Terror is here is a nice role player. But again is he going to be the difference maker on this team for the run that they make in the playoffs this year or which player would have helped this team more for this season. I'm not talking about treating its easier surge about yes. It's surgeon about it look at the glaring need on this team apart and not talking about trading markets Margaret Jalen brown of one of these young guys that all this outside. Rosie is somebody who spent more time in the OK the deal that he's improved a lot. Making a decision on Avery Bradley had a big time decision on Isiah Thomas a decision on markets Smart. I'm sorry Rosie comes in sport and that conversation or degrade us so to me and nobody wants change nobody wants him down although it's getting minutes. He age and he's doing okay within their you're right and Rosie is like rosier set the world on fire either and it really sucks that Avery Bradley went down with an injury. Is he was sort of you know establishing himself as a valuable guy. In seventeen points seven rebounds. In the two guard spot and undersized two guard into all that mean in and play defense is one of the best two way players in the NBA and that is not an exaggeration. And and thought of that. Yeah is that probably the best two way player in the south that is by far and a definitely all defensive first team guy I mean that's what he is and the fact that this year the Celtics were able to overcome that injury and continue to win. Tells you how much better this team is and how much more better equipped they are to succeed the last year's team it's true but also Avery Bradley and plan their playoff series and they really miss them. Yeah that's true they really needed another guided jump shot he wasn't there to do it and I think that was in along with affected they get eaten alive underneath and Isiah didn't get the calls usually gets one when he was going to the basket of lotteries and analyze the losses we had rehashed it seriously and we tried it but the reason why even bring it up at all is because this team right here doesn't strike me as a team that can go into a series like that with a team like Atlantis team last year even like listing this year the bulls are the bulls are you know a lot of other teams that that are just better equipped to dances handle it. The half court you know box out grind it out underneath rebounding sort of game the F the play in the playoffs and that brings us back to my question that I asked you. Are the Celtics going to make a move yet and they almost have to note thank you have to look at can be buried there after it. In its price we gotta say this every year they have to make a move let's this is the first year when Israel play up expectations under Brad Stevens. Look at forty win team from two years ago that was all stolen money was house money last year's team was the first team that had any expectations at all but we are all still waiting for the shoe to drop on Isiah nobody could relieve that Isiah. I was going to be sustainable. Right this year not only is it sustainable. He's gotten better so I think this year's team is the first time in the Brad Stevens air. That you go into the playoffs with legitimate expectations were winning a round or multiple rounds so I think that's what makes it a little bit different for Danny Ainge and the approaches this trade. Deadlock Texas says Sacramento said they would trade Willie Collie Stein for a point guard in a draft pick if that's terror is here and not the Brooklyn tech in a heartbeat in a heartbeat and our beat. Again he's deregulate either skilled big man. Should talk he had an Amir Johnson police got broken mayor Johnson a Amir's somewhere and somebody screen saver right now and that was I was Tavis but a tough year for here although he did play well tonight. In each played well and moments yeah spurts 6177797937. As the phone number let's go to Florida talked to David. Down there in the sunny Florida what's up David. Christian Christian you know you're like yeah particular albeit very unlucky. Let's let's see other ball goes where I'm lucky I am a while we're gonna have a little profit target to direct talks or go to I got a little tribute beard back. What they have fell a cult group all by myself and emotional about it contempt call. I get got to go to public good name correct but I'll tell you about it you have to count we are. Turkish. His career Marbury admitted ball. Or he finished his career or temple or that I ordered. There wash at all. And yeah I think I think I follow us know your stuff and in your David. And now here we go Robert Parish. Charlotte hornets Chicago Bulls. Bobby or. Chicago black. Well your days. New York Mets talked. John Amos. Who. I wouldn't want the rams. There is very cool. So right that's right back. And I got all the right dividend again any room. You can't order. Kurt Warner the. There weren't running back to the quarterback. The running back. Now I don't know. I have no idea. Her one of the quarterback I think finished in I want to see Arizona maybe New York arm one of the two I don't know it. Her one back ordered a good one. Two new blood. Dallas Cowboys. Garrett Aaron. Wreckage actor. Move. Review and angels. Yeah FAA. Anyone expecting any of this to David to be drunk right now I've no idea he might just be saying yea AM I don't know. Focusing on the jeopardy music okay that's fine I don't Radovan. And your friends relatives and friends are actually in general I get your watch one Harry Franco Harris I don't know. By the way durum kicked in your ads and online you've got the first one wrong that I. She finished for the bulls did he did when I say the hornets to a Celtics portables. I find you want he want a ring with whatever I'm still kicking your hasn't he likes fire I don't know we're competing here that your children it is Jeffrey was competing Hewitt David I had. Their bit but they do we all remember where these athletes. Opera hall of fame status of what they want and wondering right. But you know on it there after yesterday. On. You know and Alia on. You know all our apple blow up Brady Garret are. And the Brady would go somewhere else to Janet let me finish school and her new. VC UNC she should they two. On and I do it and reduce or Michael there's an article about some war rarely. Hear one of them that are really test your question how. Well David I'll be waiting with bated breath my friend thank you for that that was on an to call back any time. The Red Sox are already got a Red Sox they got a guy have a direct source. What would the Red Sox can ally you have to play them so I am a little eager amateur fighter we go we've probably have the best pitching staff we've added. Quite a long while I agree and and if that ball and headed manager. Finally get it head on straight. And could be an exciting year yeah. Are you going to be you know be attending spring training debut dealer down. I our Iowa and you know they're gonna order when app or right where I IRA and I predict probably a week into it before John Ferrell gets the restraining order it. Your way at microscopic. I think importantly it. They go to they have a losing. The first week there are less and less than 500. And ego are right in spring training. Spring training for the. David that is a high standard you have their don't call me for a bail money I don't make that much money did. I don't think yeah I don't think I'll be able to afford it. I can maybe point did point to a good attorney or something that you know. Pretty good they game he could make their money better than the job brownie organized under the Gibran the typical of the I was all right a pleasure having you there it's been fun thanks for coming and I got a lot to do tomorrow so I certainly appreciated thanks for setting up the in a corporate thing I'm gonna totally just spew her from now on camera and she's your all the time anything for you. I think a lot of great to see you a great job in we can hear you tomorrow with. Excellent all right Patrick Orion the man the myth legend to be back tomorrow night at seven. I'll be back here for another hour record breaking end we'll do that next on one Edwards late night Sports Radio WEEI.

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