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Late Night with Christian Arcand - Anna Horford makes her Boston radio debut 2-16-2017

Feb 17, 2017|

Anna Horford, sister of Boston Celtics Al Horford, makes her Boston radio debut. She talks about Twitter and reacting to mean tweets about her brother. She also gives us her thoughts on the city of Boston and racism.

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Patriots Bruins Red Sox Celtics get more lift gate you've got good Christian I can watch Sports Radio WEEI. Greg here at late night Sports Radio WEEI are seeing here Patrick jury in the house as well. Reacting to the screw job by the refs in the celtics' game here tonight in Chicago. Game they have one game is over. Lights came on you know how Fletcher on everybody was filing out to the exits. And that also on the referee decided after the shot mixed after a miss by the way not after the contact but after the shot claimed off the rim. And the clock at triple bureau or call the foul. Boller at the free throws. And with less than a second left saw the not enough time to get a shot off they lose 104103. Were reacting today here and haggard join us on the AT&T hotline I guess I'm very excited to welcome in I believe this is her Boston radio debut certainly here at this station. The sister of Al Horford celtics' big man. And a Horford joins us here and the AT&T hotline ms. Horford thank you for joining us it's great to have you. Thank you so much for having me I'm excited and first of all great game tonight you must be you must be coming down off that high rate. I'll add to the basket and I'm actually all kinda like shaking her. Did you throw anything at the TV after that colony was there was there any sort of violence in the Horford household finance. I mean there are a lot of yelling and there are a lot of swearing and how it. I think that the EP. Okay now. And a lot of people think the year Al Horford wife you're not you're actually his sister and a lot of people think a year local through the years in the area because you're such a big Celtics fan now. And you're always tweeting about it and stuff but that's not true either both of those things are myths about you correct. Right her act back. So my brother my opinion and make. Former mr. universe she's the main thing and content. I actually and in the end. You know. And I'm usually tweeting about the game that people probably and there happened to a couple of other guard an intimate thing it's unlike any other thing. Any other arena than ever by a Q so it's a pretty cool. And it talking about regarding can you compare to. Say a playoff game in Atlanta vs a regular season game in Boston because when Al made the decision to come here. To the Celtics. Both Al and his father your father TO sort of spoke out and said the fans were big reason why is that. A lot of people sort of played it off as you know talking nice to the media but was there really something through that. No I'm a parent completely true and I don't think anybody will deny it better there's no can't beat me and being like the Celtics. I am. So yeah I know I played a big. Part own you know all content and groups in general. But different and I mean you guys are just insane. Like you're just for creepy. You know loyal and if I've never seen such loyal fans I mean even when we're not claim that our team. You still selling out and that kinda crazy to me well on and it's different cracked I mean. Compared to Atlanta that's not the highest part of clear in terms of fan interest I would say and a but that we read your right I mean there are people are crazy about their teams around here in the celtics'. With the get out of it great play that day that we've seen from them over the course of this season. Has been you know a pleasure for everybody to watch your own coming off third sort of patriots highs and all that the Celtics went and eleven out of twelve games and yeah everybody's everybody's feeling really good about this team right now my question to you now than and it is does Al ever tell you hey. You know social media may be may be cool little little bit maybe don't go after people's party you do I mean year your vicious on that and the Porter. Yeah yeah I know what you actually. He's actually pretty cool and funny. Ian dairy I got her parents. It's kinda the opposite of me at as far as like social media. He get panicky and Al p.'s very Kirk traction at all. But let me I did I but I want to out of her shell. But in that they wanted to appealing and it. Thank Italy at all and you I mean and needs we've talked about it you. And you pretty accord and he never said you know don't. You know don't don't tweet anymore anything like that no he pretty cool about it. And going back to this summer when when Al made the decision the sort of come to the Celtics and and leave Atlanta plays that he had been you know for a decade that's a that's a tough decision. To make he sort of made history being the first. Real big freeagent Celtics had ever brought in. The data are sort of come up with part of the discussion at this guy was going to be the first Max global free agent for this historic franchise ever to bring in here. Yeah I think Elian oust mine home during that is fit and are flat. And it wasn't something we were really thinking about iron need it and add new. Well parenting out spot in. Life. A big part of that was you know I'm. You guys like your candy for the main thing he trucked to prop he trapped. You know Brad now. So yeah no I don't think that was like a huge thing for Al out all but I mean obviously it it as a fan and then. You know other people buy it for hand cart land that was I really much. And or for joining us here on WEEI late night and what's your favorite. Teen fan base to had sued to rip on. All learn Atlanta yet you get me in trouble knowing him now acquired act. No I I don't hate you know all I'm not hot as a team I. I get like that and you kind trash out you know are being loyal and see. I know what I've gotten into the ball out and Jensen. So. Awesome that's awesome like it like it killed me. Are you brought up accounts. You run a cavs and Al was a part of the sixty win team. In Atlanta that fell short to Cleveland compare that led the team to this Celtics team which team. Is better equipped to take Cleveland on any seven game playoff series. Cool okay you're putting on such a tough position and yet because. It's contagious they're totally different team I mean I and the Celtics are younger. We have left stranded cal with each other which I mean. All it's kind of a process that priority kind of lol I'm playing at a lot that are playing out I mean. It takes kind. That come together that team and totally jalla and I feel like we're doing it while. On I'm not share with whom he would be better but I mean a hot struggle. We depend a lot seen that here and then. I you know rob. Got a leg broke and you know right before. I'm all that kind of stuff kinda played into it but no I mean idol even box and do it play. I know that people have their doubts and everything but I mean I think it can get price and people. And or for joining us here and when he when the free agent talk was going around I he remembered people saying it. Al was interest in Boston because the Dominican population around here which is something I didn't even realize this city. You know was known for and I certainly didn't you know when I heard that I was surprised by you've heard what people have ESPN and some other outlets say about the city of Boston and I don't live here. But based on sort of your interactions with with fans online and you know what your brother tells you about the city what's the what's the climate like around here for for athletes. I'm I mean a pretty good on my case that you Geithner did so well. So there's that but you're also the hand they're very opinion needed. And he Null. Our global. Dominican thing just to take that on at the funny thing about that is like every kind of back off and I had an important anger and well liked little bit of a I didn't even realize that you know I didn't really I thought I'd ethnic population that you well. I get back to apply row I mean it. You are keys felt. So they're back but as far as the people understand in general I know that often get that bad rap for like. Suppose that you know racist comments things like that never really you know hurts him much about that a few stories from like. Players and one night you know all that and aren't they in Beijing what you can't repeat judged in Tyre and made out of the idiot. Well. It would not not ever like you don't nature like on it to twelve are out. I don't know why not can he needs to how valuable or ration sports. And then paying. Patent that really ever come up differently and I mean just little things here and act. All right now that was a very diplomatic answer and it's on me ask you bird question that's tough to answer diplomatically. Is Dennis Schroeder is much of a tool she appears to be a. Own my. Yes Jonathan yesterday. Now I don't think now I'm. On. Ray. I can name like that world. Players who where who you know score away higher on the east or else I mean top three. I don't know that specific and I wanna do that. And our right to fire at a U covered for sure her personal. There's no way the haircut as we gave it away from when he put the seventeen in his ads like on line I know he's like German or whatever that's that that's unacceptable. I mean he confident out there. Trickle back to the less of a real quick there were some stories before before Al made its decision to come here there were some stories being floated that he had. Kevin Durant we're gonna be sort of a package deal Oki C was entertaining both of them at the same time. You know how close the Celtics team to acquiring Kevin Durant that really came out the last couple of months just how close the Celtics work. It was thirty point where these two words supposedly a package deal. I'm I don't know if I would go that far. You know I don't know if I would say packaged deal. I know that you know at all eat out and it truck carrying Arafat and it's. Packed by the literary scenes and on Ole. Three out now they are. About it other a little but I believe so. But I don't I don't think it was that Reno and sat down and it saying. Very you know that terminology I don't think that's really floating around for that. Abby Lippman main thing and you. If that it now wouldn't happen. You know so I think we could have really you know you'd hit Powell. So yeah. Well where do you come down on this news super team trend that ironically the Celtics sort of started 1012 years ago. But now it seems to be you know grab a buddy let's go play a dealer as a basketball fan and somebody that's grown up in a basketball family. Are you a fan of the that this new super team thing. I am not really honestly. I don't think it's boring and they're on the other teens so much stock earth. And so I'm not a and then I mean that out the NBA can you batter. Not area are. I'm that it had intimate and it's now I gotta go with the flow rate. Yeah I'm Anna before we let you go here and this is this is something I've always sort of wondered when I. When I mean you know family members of of certain athletes and stuff like that you're so many stories of these guys. Blowing their money after their careers over even sometimes during their career you know ship and I have paying off for their friends in and buying cars and doing all these sorts of things. As as the family member of a guy who just signed is a tremendously big contract. I mean are you are you sort of been involved in that making sure that he doesn't asserted. Thrall as money away I mean we've seen so many examples of this and a lot of times I feel like you know guys. Do these to help their families out Unita held in cousins and Brothers and sets or whatever. And I just sort wonders that dynamic ever heard something that's come up in your family is that something you guys your. You know aware of and trying to prevent the means it doesn't even come up at all. Yeah I mean I am now at this point and carry them better and Larry Allen. And really. Really nice. And kappa alpha Al you like. It's very professional he's entered Syria about its job. There aren't double that quade than something that our our kids eat it not that are all ULU not Lackey he's not ever. And no no I mean that happened a lot about it. As that even my Brothers played at a brother on it and that the only results from Pratt and it. Do you you do running back and I mean if you if you're Smart about it. And it's really an issue and we need to have the right people Raduyev be Smart about it. And to panic what happened all Alice. And he'd he'd pop. There and you say that now but all of a sudden we're going to be hearing about an hour for record label with Denon sounded sure it went on the whole thing and Al's going to be you know asking for money in the streets and a couple of years. Yeah I don't think cell buyback. While seeing the corner and let the and Al Horford thank you so much for joining us thanks for coming on it was great to talk with you while it's deuce again sometimes as font yeah. I'm sorry but I don't. That's in Al Horford sister of Al Horford of the Boston Celtics and one of my favorite putter follows. If she is. On Twitter at an Al Horford ANN a corporate you know how to spell it. And that was surges there will post that interview up for you as soon as we can in case you missed any of it good stuff there quick break we'll be right back after this are standing dory here late night.

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