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Is it a good thing if the Patriots franchise tag Dont'a Hightower?

Feb 17, 2017|

Villani and Thornton are talking about the Patriots off season, and they have some notable players hitting free agency, such as LB Dont'a Hightower, and they discuss who, if anyone will get the franchise tag.

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It's much better. At night on Sports Radio tell you we. We. Are they mindless fun night. It's Bologna and it carry forward. We'll muggles but we do and his dogged it makes them known as the worst on that that's that's a Mikey Adams I don't have as I got to miss those. Oh he was a genius for Blake Blake to the point where. It genius a point of insanity yet where you could just take any topic any phrase. In UN had twelve consecutive pars out of his mall before you would even be you know been able to form a thought. Yeah I'm excited to actually go home some wonderment my copy Kate will I'm owed a copy Kate. And Mikey says he's gonna send Tim and looking forward to it to being deliberate glad muscles don't go get coffee cake while you're here I'm excited about that will be as I predicted a 3427. Patriots win in the super ball. I thought it was going to be like yelled up by fourteen in Atlantic gets a garbage time touchdowns already you can relax in the last few minutes didn't quite turn out that. Outweigh any aliens were exactly right. I I had 38. I think you know we have to Michael twenties I had I had a blow. And I thought Brady would pick. Them apart that on those rookie like you know anti ample that he did patients at. Took them awhile and hard not to get too much into it but I mean when we're watching the game the first time draws like you to a mostly invest that the relief album. Always it was yeah on the the best I can figure in not to get all x.s and those Kiki here by. The Atlantic capped a they dropped the safety down into the middle of the field to take away with the patriots love to do they love to work between the hash marks the deep middle. That wasn't there for them including the pick six which was exactly that big guy down and that worker Robert technique whatever. They eventually went outside the numbers which is not there comfort zone necessary those can be tougher throws and Brady was a razor. Those throws one right after another react I think me and coverage in just. Comeback route Malcolm Mitchell. You know again as the DNA can't I can't develop wide receivers which is a misnomer we don't have time to get into that. Here's a guy that has a future. Looks for all the world like he gets the offense he knows where to be is cancer destroyed. Area progression for him to throughout the course of disguising his early on on the patriots obviously started out. Only losing one game up until that the Seattle game. And I remember talking with -- about this in the walls or anything you can nitpick at all with the Patriots offense the defense there are a lot of questions people casual water out. And one of the things as Alka Mitchell we thought and this is your definition the first world NFL problem that year. Rookie foil off shakes and the receiving target ads maybe not quite we thought he was going to be. But then in the following weeks he started being war of part of the offense get a couple really big weeks in a row sort of a coming out party formed about mid season. And that there was that solid progression throughout the course of the year and you tend to see. Wide receivers made big jumps you're one to two. So given what he was able to do the second half of this year it's got to leave you excited for what he could be doing going head to X these. Yeah I mean again because it is is approaching someone hopefully. Does it and it looked fully brand the look fell clearly got the soft and to watch right into it like eight you don't fit like a puzzle piece. Then his hands betrayed him. You know and again had the the L Aaron two Robson and Kimbrel drop ins and yell those guys who fell out of favor pretty fast. And Mitchell I thought was getting there at that early on like he Embry weren't on the same page a couple of times I want and once you lose his confidence I'm afraid it's. Yet it's impossible to win it back but he got a mean. And I got that idea they don't complete that I I think that might have been a third down to buy it but he was willing to go to one and clutch moments against. In or the guy that they would choose and a target. Converted on third downs and granted three of them in a row run holding penalties but they they converted town and Mosley gentlemen I don't I don't. Something that that I don't think I have heard talked about that game is the officiating. Which is a good thing is I thought every call they made was correct even more for what against the pats you know there was that. Final drive of regulation where a second only went deep to Chris Colby and there was some contact there and my my wife and son at Oakmont pacifist and now now now that I I don't want them. I don't want to over officiating. And the brilliant thing and how's this for NFL refereeing this may be something that could be tried going forward. To review the play the cold the field is confirmed that's as I catch first down. Not at a hockey league Teepen is like HBO special weapon. His lap 108 oracle legs bear does he went to a motion and that just old. But game one. And those guys date that was a flawless. Game by them at their wives I had no issue whatsoever with the refereeing or the halftime show or is it turns out. The final score great an infield and waiting why wants that patriots free agency guy Greg and Greg. Fair. Great show great show OK so on. You guys have been talking quarterbacks and at street you guys that are. Definitely given me a lot of insight on different perspectives but what I really want to talk about it KeySpan speed as. I think. Every Super Bowl team recently. As had complementary football. In some form or other it has won a championship. You look back at acute alcohol and each unit I think it essentials like latched in. Every category or something like that for defense and they couldn't get it done. You see ya. The falcons they choke it away because why their defense can't hang on one stock. On some ridiculous place. I think it it dollar check is gonna. Put household name like in their effort next couple 34 years ECB hiked our guys keep ransacked they can secondary. Is vital because you look back. The grown up what value on the patriots are first winning. You know you have little nick initial petty actions like those household debt and two names heart in guys. But sickness like cycle through you know before they name. And every couple years I want that light. Back home you know he called name that gonna stick there are beatable and beat cal IR can't. I think branch can develop into that but alert young. I want recede dollar check. Really solidified his defense because this is the dynasty renews that means forward or two in three years I mean. We didn't want more eat. It it's it's ridiculous that there that are playing but I think it's common last year's eat. Yeah I think it it really comes down to getting in this is for all NFL players the patriots in particular it's that coveted second contract. Yeah and not a lot of patriots. Six warrant that they they they don't earn a clearly Chile Jones was a guy that it was not gonna get it Tom. Wilfork did he had to fight for it somewhat a Logan Mankins had the fight far the they don't he and those to just anybody demo forty got his that was. Q is a guy who get in and make it threaded into didn't like him in when they still gave about six year rookie deals. Where are based on those the six year so they Viejo with a little bit more work ahead of LA are no longer a rookie deal then and IAA allows where. Five years it quickly Ben Watson was a sick she app and he fought it yes he fired his agent and then just to execute DL but he didn't qualify for the coveted second year at the second contract cell. I think hightower deserves it as a head up. You know we talked earlier about emit when you're around. I was really harsh on him for a while there and come. Just was frustrated beyond measure for him until Tedy Bruschi spoke up about how hard it is to make the move that he made from outside. Inside which he did out of necessity right. Any just. His reaction time was really slowly looked confused. Once he got comfortable. Now you see him repeatedly. More than that the flow of the ball more than pre snap read the full back all those things. And he's a third down linebacker which we didn't think he was going to be we diaries is Brandon Spikes yeah. Now I I'd I wanna see them keep them not for. What. Jamie Collins sign for was ridiculous that so lose a franchise don't lose at that you don't pay Jamie Collins more than low key equally. That's the team eternal wind press conference is to begin when football's how they they gotta give there at their fan base something anything. So here it is he and they'll do the same thing if there are able to. Obviously take you know make a pick at number one probably able to their defense there and maybe they spent twelve for grapple. And they're looking at OK we got your quarterback Jimmy Collins began potentially lead defense than in the draft or rebuilding. There are some pieces inflation or an opera wing press top. Yeah I announcing Collins can't play but it there's no universe which he deserves to be the highest paid middle linebacker in the league his his production has never justify that some thought I was saying when you thought the patriots don't listen Motley. Revisionist history. Look equally healthy looking glee is the best middle linebacker of his generation are none. He deserves to be the highest paid now I towered shouldn't be at that level. But he should be up there and. The cap hit if they give a man at the FAM franchise and his family. Fourteen to fifteen million somewhere in there I think if they franchise and Chris Kennedy it's a good possibility they don't. It's a good sign I think it means okay now we're gonna work out a deal but will just use that as kind of out of place holder then you worry about. Logan right it does he. Deserve what I think is interesting choices are in the secondary are gonna have both Malcolm Butler and Logan Ryan Bakken at secondary Butler seems like a lock. So the question is Logan right. Yeah an early in the season. He would've been an easy one to just say cut bait with he's another guy that. Perform better as the year went on and showed where his value as the season went on personally I'd be comfortable at them walking away from Logan. I'd I'd be OK with it it is dollar gets too high yet just it in other words yet you set a number for Ryan this is what it is and you're not. Going beyond what I. They they drafted Cyrus Jones with that in mind share clearly. His rookie season was was a disaster and and I don't mean just as he couldn't feel ponds I think he was getting burned in coverage that turned around a lot. That's gonna be he just didn't seem to be able to keep this hit square with a receiver and me Arum and all those things I hate that they team that maybe that's just a learning curve right. I'd rather have Brian sales. By Malcolm Butler is restricted free agent is eventually going to get a big contract yup that's it goes about he's gonna get paid. Look at Ryan is in a spot where he probably fetch a pretty good aid and the open market. Just based on what he did for Super Bowl champion defense especially when he played in second half the year look at Jimmy Collins just getting overpaid. They're looking for. Lot of teams are looking for the than the guys that can really solidified defense you look at it ends middle linebackers and cornerbacks incredibly important positions. Ryan plays one of those are the patriots gonna spend big money on both quarterbacks is that's likely what it's going to take unless. There won't work with a little bit and say let's let's do something to stay here because in one state New England where I don't know what their priorities are gonna be when it comes to free agency. But it's pretty difficult I think he bought and Ryan's the wind the easy choice I'd walk away from. It but they've made a lot of good decisions. To maintain their cap and situated at the money's there and they've got one of the lowest capitan in footballer at all I wanna say they're total. There on the books for its like 132. Million and you look at Dallas. Did tied up for a 107 million forced seven players now. I mean this. That's of a bomb it's gonna explode the patriots never fall into that cell. They'll never overpaid to getting anybody they keep debt structure and every part fits together sell. Ya I hope they can keep in Toronto Harmon's and that makes do immunity is a good free safety Geisel. The team that plays mostly three safeties so he's basically a starter. Arm yet I figure if wind it's a big money deal someplace else Harmon becomes more of a priority wanna keep a little bit of of that group together in the secondary is much scarlet knights man you can't lose a mom I just feel like Logan Ryan is going to get number one quarterback money. I and I think we'll probably having the same conversation that we just which Amy Collins OK Jimmie columns can be good players can help the Cleveland Browns is he the highest paid achieving the highest paid linebacker Paul Ryan's good quarterback. She yet Palin and number one cannot act on it Peterson money. Darrelle Revis money I don't know that hopefully that Darrelle Revis is extracurricular is but. I think there is a team that will give him some team that we'll give him number one quarterback money in it that's the case the patriots have to walk away chill because you're gonna be giving Malcolm Butler being paid a high tower worry about and Iran Harmon after that. You've got to walk away from the top point I think the only hope. Is loaded lines once the patriot. And and says I'll take a little less than and and will figure this out in. Worked with the capsule he gets his money gets paid and stays in new England's number I'm pessimistic on the idea ranks Hotspur. The toughest army had to be a patriots fan and they'd they'd they don't relax not winning yet they lose the first couple days of free agency every single year it's you know it's. It's the stock market what it opens ever goes running and and they'd they'd go nuts over European I'll leave these these these big volatile stocks. And Belichick comes stroll in an on day two and picks up the penny stocks down and you'll open it just goes woeful Wall Street. As as it did last year I mean when they sat there and Chris Long comes in out of nowhere. Talent is agent I'll play for five bucks to get eaten a wing and so it it's an exercise in patience yet to be yet to be very sand and free agent time by. That the people of the most excited usually like the Redskins. In all the browns had the dolphins the dolphins are always going and yell thrown dump trucks filled the money at illegally Mike Wallace or whatever so. It and Donna consume are my guys an ache and they can have on a. The contract. For huge unmanned. Jack implement by the way is back once talked about your stand up shall attempt for the breaking Jack. Big actually hear me now we got to land inject actual a cultural. As well. I love the show. And and a couple of Rourke actually Jerry. What's that well first of all it's a comedy show almost been about week twelve. Where are cherries. Final bit and his back was about Tom Brady receiving the MVP trophy for the Super Bowl so my urge to go and chill. It some and I can't repeat on the error or else Chris I'll never be welcome back and in and it and these orbit but they you very much that's that's. Unscripted outages from a heart. Well I mean yeah I know you didn't actually go there. It always yeah. Let me you know. Agree. Oh and by the way. Iraq also on you know Marshall. All thanks very much it's straight to be back in the pirate ship and I'm I'm you know it's really gratifying to is that I am still welcome back here might might. Passel are still still works and gets a hang on socked it to Chris and guys like you I was I was gonna miss that now it turns that I don't really have to so thanks. I agreed it would show a minute to we don't assume that you know. He I'd like this late but now. Beautiful appreciate that that's a Jack Norton Colin from Plymouth. Appreciate winning and or crime outlined. Combines so. Probably huge and America's hometown blue league absolutely let's employment that is Pete says he has the story from the patron operate Buick separated by the way Jerry. I know I was actually here in studio out back and covered for bicycle while pocket totals alone is freezing in my pass it was cold and appreciate all the people the route they're working paid to be there because that it was freaking cold again. First world and Appel problems you're complaining about your Super Bowl parade and the temperature dust and I pray I look I love that people are these people kept their spot that they pick out you know yeah quite well. Is where we stand for championship parades at the kind of thing that makes the world and despise us and lower saying things like I couldn't make it this year but you know go next year. My pencil it in already what's the best and talking to I did it I give myself a little plug here did a story. For The Herald came out that day. With a look at that gentleman's name totally like he which the badge out and need it the guy who works for. They interstate Randall services who's now plan. Nine championship parades. So he may be the foremost championship parade planner in the world. A look at health done it more regularly have to go back to the sixty Celtics I don't know if they even had a parade back rooms that maybe the god it was planning the bulls parades in the ninety's who is done it more. Then him. And Europe to put it together on no notice whatsoever any sitting there in the third quarter Lama a quiet Monday. And next thing you know we have to turn it around to globally were planning a parade but that the stories like outwards. He's plan nine. At some. We just to have the light set it up so they they had to switch and the barricades just come rise and up out of the out of the storm drains you don't because yeah it's like it's such a pain in the attic to set them up and then have to take them back down again because is going to be another prayed another couple months. I this is the reason I say I what I embrace it beat. When I pointed tells story from the parade those solid and got a PPP. And look out and generally get on the not been Gerri good to have you back on the expect it to be here in iso to deploy it to first about the game I have to say that that whole time we were losing. I wasn't as mad about them losing as I wonder about the city of Atlanta having something to eat out the. And got about a fan base that hasn't earned it. I'm like no war and for the dozens of them that made the trip to Houston to see their team plane. That had to cancel our rally down in Houston because they they couldn't get enough participation that they never go. And yet they were a number like ten to one by patriots and the fact that that was essentially a home game. For a a fan base bag that has seen a bunch of these is it is a disgrace Atlanta should be humiliated. Well it's keeping them we know how to travel and articulate. You know and and yeah the singer went there. Yeah like a college. Found that goes global every year. Right so about to operate so I live entree Mont street and that in part side which is right on the com. In Obama surged war so it started early outside the window. And what to crowd got go in and I would leave out the window and I'd about a thousand people writing mine area. Like I let them in the National Anthem I let them in USA chants you know and I would walk away from the window did start chanted window guy. Wind joke I actually came back out and Jerry are specifically thinking of you I leaned out and I got a thousand people again in the middle finger raji did to Alan I took a picture of it and I'm hoping that some way and yet that's photo key. Yeah we yeah I tell you on Twitter. Know I know K they Gerri at our school sports dot com. And I will. Yeah happily settled I will gladly. Take that and it's 88 you both you guys are Polanski did. Did you agree with the nfl.com. Assessment that 80%. Of the signs were indicted now at. Had an apple crap. That's about 80% of the lot. And there are a lot of ticket it was more the settled he's not a coaster ports are and every right and give it you know. Just a whole bunch of junket and schoolyard and how many guitar and now. Yeah no days off man definitely did nothing except for that one definitely the parade crowd skewed younger and I've finally gotten the expiration. And maybe it will be next gives him yeah of please invite me up to that third floor apartment at directly they'll let light to hang out with those that well you know I would've liked to 1000 for any Plaisted to get warm it highlights the there is it dealt killed her Ronde as a there Braylon get Ellison's nickel back. Ya popular amongst the amongst the millennial. And a lot of you know fired tell other words the start with that did it had to do Dallas out of his you know loves basis by the way I know where we're way over for break but I wanna. It's intact in the was in a Jacobs. Is the guy runs interstate rental service is planned on nine. So championship parade season's first one was the would have in the second patriots suitable for 20030. Vote. So he's done that's yes we've done 431. And one for the teams for the patriots Red Sox Bruins Celtics we've done nine championship parades. Have to security today. A dozen permits lay out 26000 feet of steel barricades. And also ensure proper confetti cannon safety which is harder than it sounds. Oh yeah I mean I didn't lose and I would those things on military doing exactly what everywhere from a from that those those paper cuts. Yes it's what's happened. 7797937. Other half hour ago Christian arc and coming your WEEI late at 10 o'clock lining bored with you until then. Sports are UWB. It's. What's really at W. Funny Gerri we'll hear in the last ten rockers arcade. I understand it is still the guest so promoted again in Horford. Is going to be joining our cans. Unfortunately for our cannot studio. But the sister Al Horford is going to be enjoying that we generally expect that was the ground about penalties that. I'll hear more about it momentarily we're talking a little bit earlier about the that Tom Brady movie it's actually. It seemed like half the patriots now are going Hollywood here there is reportedly a B movie about Malcolm Butler a movie about Brady. And also a PBS documentary about. Who's a huge is supporter of the military so all kinds of of new additions to the Jerry Horton home video collection are about to be coming your way by patriots erotica yes exactly and I patriotic and I think that politics. And I am. Just not gonna be satisfied until they've created a hole like marvel cinematic universe and I wanna see the origins story of our TV is Mingo. A what it's either crossover aware of Vince Valentine teens up which abolished sheared. That's gonna happen if they don't let alone just of the of the wide receivers did just the people that the many loves of Julian settlement. But in my notes and about fifty shades of gray booty. Not bad about it erotic I journey into until. That in my head football mind of the genius that kind of thing likely patriotic old Joseph it's not a reality check we'll see you now that Joseph and saw that these get some ideas for casting the Brady movies up next a job. Taker he Jerry to me happened on the return of course again thanks it's great and I agreed to be back it's great to have you back on. Seattle listening to them talk on the aft and probably will work out waited call and he ought to think men want huge eight. Bombed. The united than I thought on myself I don't have too many good ideas but arm. All the font into the last name even justified he is my pick for Tom Brady. Wait it he he wasn't but I preach. Chain in the shield. Now that's a different. Oh yeah I heard this guy he presents it in movie. Decree is it major to the crede is. Okay yeah yeah yeah I didn't let it again picture around. I don't know him but I'm I'm looking in his picture does publicly Brady. Yeah I mean his tomography problem. Not the most lap dance ever fought all the run a lot of guys who look like Brady that's why it's a tough you know if you are looking guy. I finally settled on a guy who doesn't look like Brady Boyd he's got those sort of the that every guy yeah arm and that's Ryan Reynolds and I'm dog and Ryan Reynolds from dead pool not Ryan Reynolds from green land. And waitresses there is there's some virtue those two doing Billy Joe's idea in nineteen lesser known. Akhtar Ali asks him which is saying you know look like archer wants somebody you think of as the character rather than the okay and it's Tom Hanks that we we know it's sonics it's it's it's to. You know we heard I heard. Think it was Polly that beekeeper double checked that almost too perfect medium and tragic that someone else. Arm yes CIA I came over that independent of of Michael because species just awesome at everything he donned hazardous frank Underwood characters Belichick yes and you need that guy accent you need a guy who can pass himself off as he genius this guy who played Lex lethal running. Bad Superman movie but he was good at it has Spacey can just do everything. Exactly exactly and you know the go Rockwell the parliament speaker too this she's just a gorgeous two outs. At. I don't wanna go too high and the let's but I think you may be yet to stubble and some dark air like Oxley act you can tell that. Let's see there you go and that brought ladies I'm with that is it's not a big role to could be accurate. These Jimmy rappel as he would be part of this there there there are no small. Only smaller scale these maps Malek is yes and if it okay. There aren't supple cast the means you don't you'll see that sort of you know could beat a guerrilla pass things like Italy the big short all the I you know I. Or you know with the woeful while Buehrle allowed the immaculate on a ledges like randomly pops in there and that was a great use in the UK we efforts. Seven Greek minutes right. What is the greatest acting performances of all time. It that he Hopkins is Hannibal Lecter. He's on screen for a total of fifteen minutes. Let's mention Marlon Brando with. He's very limited. Roles in the pocket. Or Superman movie angels going girls sleep you know make a couple of very. Heck yeah as and he. And actually Roland what other laughs but if it were able to pick. Literally put anybody else in Hollywood in that role. In the whole movie doesn't go sideways it's still brewing at the brilliant idea failure as a ending. But it doesn't take away from the effect that that's one of the all time and it has to be Ronald in Dorchester once touch and egg problem Iran's. Yeah yeah yeah yeah it would yeah. You know kind of little bit annoyed with the seventy page you can click last week talking about trigger bronco. Yeah a world 'cause he is nowhere in the world. She's users could be key to the curb like there. Pollard he's done for the patriots. And then another one is go well although every time I've seen him come in. To claim embraced lately a magnificent. He's a very good quarterback. Right and hit a double down on the movie references though and say and unforgiven reset deserve and has nothing to do with it. In LA and if you're grapple lol it's not punishment that you get traded it sure shot. You know it in your guy who went to a deed to school. You'll lucky enough to get drafted to develop a couple years and at some point that you think grapple wants the ball in his hands and not to be just. Although that Microsoft tablet. I think we want to be a picture yeah he works well and that two of them I don't he would be excluded. And one of there are organized systems. I agree that he wouldn't be as good someplace else but he available are richer it's that you know I X it's it's like back it's not thing. Ending Jimmy grapple understands this thing the patriots understand this radiant everybody understands this. If you're quarterback. You every quarterback I've ever known whether it's been a guy who is then it played the NFL level. Or guys that just play in high school are good college players anything like that you are wired to be the star. Because it's a star position you're managing everybody else you have that that sort of swagger about you. That you want like you were saying Gerry want the ball you want to be the guy. And on top of that it's a whole lot more lucrative to be starters posted being Tom Brady's backup so I think. Jimmy grapple will be traded this off season he should be traded this off season he should have the opportunity. To be a star someplace. A couple years ago. Michael Vick. That gets inserted as an injury gets in the lineup. Fails miserably and says I wasn't really expecting and I wasn't really ready for it and I didn't really I just wanted to be a back up. Which stands out to me because I've never heard before it is what quarterback says I don't wanna play. What professional athlete in any position who says I wanna I wanna be a great third string tight end. Sure yeah I mean member wouldn't the it's Super Bowl 36 when Brady is going bananas jumping up and down a slap and Drew Bledsoe on the helmet. Drew Bledsoe isn't alpha male. Hyper competitive guy who was reduced to a back up. He was stand there like a statue. Having is no fun at all because he knew he played a small role grapple doesn't want to hold a tablet on the sidelines he wants to be the man in list. A must have gotten completely redrawn and I don't doubt he loves being a patriots player but. You know you you wanna have you uniform need to be watched the advocates is back. Happened here is not paid say Tom Brady showing no signs of slowing down it's not gonna happen here but he could happen born someplace else and he was fortunate to land in a spot. That allowed him to grow at a good system showcase himself enough you don't like to that a little bit more Blake and for all games obviously not a game and a half. But showcase himself enough to give. Teams a bit of a flavor and now has the chance to go out and get himself paid someplace else which. I say good luck godspeed and hopefully return comes back and it's a positive one for the patriots. Christian are can't get sent to take over the Airways 10 o'clock we hear what he's got planned next.

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