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The Patriots have a football dynasty, now they set their sights on Hollywood

Feb 17, 2017|

Villani and Thornton are talking about the different film projects members of the Patriots have had announced in recent days. Tom Brady is getting a book and movie made about him, Malcolm Butler is having a movie made about his life and path to the NFL, and Bill Belichick will be narrating a military film about D-Day.

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It's much that night on Sports Radio you. We. Second hour with that Jerry Horton setting interest aligning and when might an anti tonight 6177797937. Is the phone number 37937. Is the tax line he can chime in on Twitter at. Chris Maloney 44 at Jerry Horton one. And those are ways to get in touch so I thought these two. Two bits where we're pretty interesting and make sort of relate to each other first of all. I Jerry when I just mentioned Jeff house report. That the patriots and Tom Brady had interest in a new contract now. By way of a little background here the patriots and and Bree kind of monkey around his contract a little bit because the plate gate. He ended up with a two when he was twenty million dollar signing bonus rate dropped his salary down to a million dollars so that it lessens the hit. When he suspended this year. Now. The question is in a fourteen million dollar cap paper 2017 cap it's a lot in twenty ET 2019. To I think 882 million he had 22 point two million dollar range. The patriots may extend him and I think they'll put themselves in a situation looks like that. The year after Brady goes. They're gonna have a ridiculous cap hit. For a player that is retired. But it's almost like that the cost of doing business for having Tom Brady effort twenty years so he kind of live with that but the question now is. How will the patriots how long the patriots investing. In the idea that Tom Brady still going to be an elite quarterback. He told Peter King that he thinks he's got five more years and in that sie interview Monday Morning Quarterback interview this week. So that puts him at 45 years old that's rare air for quarterbacks certainly it's it's uncharted for I have to keep playing at a level where Tom Brady has been. If the patriots though do you invest in Tom Brady to this chunk. For referred. There's 424344. Maybe 45 year old sees. We're into it for a lot of people I certainly wouldn't do it for many forty year old. In this case Shia because you save yourself Oki the foreseeable future of the part that weekend. We can project and have some semblance of an idea like who we might have won a contract and so on. He. You go low for five years at most down and you say who in the world is gonna give us the best chance to win and another super ball. It in its Brady you know to me it's not it's not for apple it's not Jacoby percent it's not some kid who's in college right now it's it's him. And you write that an end you look at his performance this year. Misty did he did he have look at he had any health problems does he look like east slowing down. I'll I'll I'll take a step further he looks better. And ended with quarterbacks quarterbacks can age like wine sometimes because the position to be so cerebral with your great pre snap if you're great with your read your great. I am sort of thinking the position. You can be a really great quarterback late in your career and we seen guys do and Brady's that but you look at the way that he moves in the pocket. The way that he scrambles and don't nobody can speak to him for running mobile quarterback anytime soon don't get me wrong. His arm strength. Some of the physical tools looked better at 3940. Then the and he looked at it I remember looking between. But positively if it dual bit NFL now they Schoen and a lot if you don't have it safety DVR re watched the Brady six. There are times in their mid career. Yet he doesn't look anything close to the physical specimen that he has no idea I was using that shape you as a productive quarterback out not timid he went through some like. Disinterested that period I'm saying that he is. Better physically than he was before he's. Bullet out of the pocket on occasion when he said he never did before he had a twenty yard run on on a crucial third down in the and the Super Bowl where as it I don't think at 29 he's making that. That scramble now we'll look at the the other part of it look at the work ethic like he he still. Out of his mind. Dedicated to his regiment. In a way that you don't you'd you'd didn't see from Brett Favre or most of the guys who who drop off. He reset back countdown clock that counts and soda does it. That's in his gym that counted on again off of the next Super Bowl thirty cent last year after the AFC championship lusted to Denver. And so he still like I who short apple for anybody else did to. You know the weight room and eased to one of the resistance bands and so on. And I felt for a while Chris like his goal the reason 45 is a magic number there is because no quarterback is a good on. The bidding he had a full live down to 44 out Warren mourn Steve the berg and whatever the list is. I think his whole career is in this mode now where he's doing things that no one else has ever done. No one's ever won no quarterbacks have won five knowledge of 14 two point Alan BP's that's a goal and even if you don't reach it. It's a target it's a long term target and I think he's not gonna drop off in terms of dedication and hard work. Dobbs and the Internet and and at the end of the mobility also the arm strength you noticed when he needs to their. And people get Tom Brady for not during the deep ball well I don't know why there's this obsession with all the candidates and some people seem to have but that's fine. Bull when he needs to get. A ball into a tight space when he needs to get it there all men are and any needs to put some zip on it he didn't guys' hands but ease ease the guy can't. A couple of specific examples from my game last week. The one where Malcolm Mitchell fell down. Yeah and got back to its feet the ball was right get that thing was was laser guided there was a one cattlemen Connell. We'll keep Al. Where the defensive back was all over his back and again. Bright there was nobody could get them out and I'd you don't that was one of the knocks on him in during the first three Super Bowls as it is and have a strong arm luckiest. You know Chad Pennington had an adult editing and I Nagin done yet he's out there with these sponge Bob arms or his he was never a. A bad for all but now he's he's added a foot to his fastball so. If on the patriots I write data that you won it would get extended let's do it let's reduce the captain let's keep plan and four for five years out with this guy. By the way and this is some would attend gentle thing but we haven't talked since since the Super Bowl. Did you find that after the Super Bowl is over that you were in sort of he's were other there may be cattlemen's catch. And the touchdowns I couldn't remember specific place. But I I couldn't dial up though the memory of that those two plays you are talking about until I watch the game a second time. And that it was in war he kind of relaxing kind of watch I was just in sort of fog the entire game first of all the patriots getting down twenty to three and then obviously to come back from the end of the third quarter run. That I I couldn't with a few exceptions are noted the touchdowns. And an elements catch which is one of the greatest in in Super Bowl or an apple history as one the most phenomenal catch of ever seen. Other that I can remember place huh huh. 2% under this hose and a few state rate from the beginning when they when they you know they they Lola a very capable. Third down conversion on their first possession. And only in his first play from scrimmage was a 37 yard run out and want OK here's another first quarter and another Super Bowl with they don't score a point. And it but people are over my house is that a few close friends they left in the third quarter. And I don't begrudge and they were the same state of mind his journey. I didn't have any fun I didn't celebrate an iota until James lights with a touchdown in overtime like even when they. When they tied it up I barely registered a fist pump because our kids still make it conversion gaffe in in my head I'm going to. Though conversion at the end of the game in Denver last generated in January that they couldn't convert itself. Yes it to the point where. I the next day the first thing I did was we watch have to act like lady got gotten to know how she held a halftime perform wreck. U2 is still the gold standard for me she came very very close that was like that out there at YouTube and I think phenomenal they did end but I didn't know. I wasn't watching it. I'd I didn't see any of the commercials all that's all vote the insular in the window dressing so. So yeah the plays the same thing and I'm still watch and I'm still discovering things on the. Only time I've really had fun watching the patriots Super Bowls the first. Because it was so surreal and you couldn't believe it was happening there by two touchdowns against the rams that they were. Favored to earth the rams are favored to win by two touchdowns the Petri right beating them by two touchdowns since then since the patriots sort of became the hunted. Which happened immediately was two seasons later in the fourteen to. Since then it hasn't been on. Really gradually able to watch the Super Bowl been like an exercise in survival and four to six times they've managed to survive twice of course they didn't but it every point. The there was somewhere along on the line it's not even enjoying this anymore what the hell is this and it even as it predict rounded out there Cleveland Browns fans right. Now they're driving their cars and telephone poles Beagle is yeah this guy in Detroit they're not organize and make it on the canned food title and help us out as they feel so bad would it save your shipments of water. You know would sit there our National Guard hey I get to but it would be nice. To be able to just sort of enjoy one Darrell wild but having said it. For first world problem plate I'm I can deal with that yeah I think it is it would be nice for once that not be like. Find myself hovered above my body looking down on myself on the itself up ages prayed for the sweet release of death like I was is. It was going to be tough to face the world act after that especially with a pick six. And Brady Maya city opened guys in the world is gonna say is done Max Kellerman is back we noted halftime raked in a tweet out. Cliff yeah because he had said Brady's gonna go off a cliff at some point today and couldn't didn't have the is that bad is this some thought that. That Ronald Allen a buddy of mine and it's actually a guy went to college list. I remember back in college. We're on some intervals student radio station whatever in 2004. Talking about the ALCS. And he's the Yankees fan and he was already lining up the pitching rotation after yankees in the 2004 World Series against the cardinals which obviously was about to happen. In that same passion he writes on FaceBook at halftime that the patriots aren't a great Super Bowl team which I was a ridiculous premise to begin with but his argument was that. They've always except the first one in the favorite team. They barely win when they way and they've got not sexy and it too upset last a jet setter it's that are. And then of course they come back and add to remind him of his fearless prediction when he setting them who's gonna pitch game 123 in the World Series back in 2004. Very much akin to. I am sorry product 2004 is these were two times in my life where I lost. Hope I am I do. Eight as much as I get treated as they did you know we shameless uncle when I'm not I'm a fan of emotionally invested. But I can't sit there with my face paint to go. Act like you know in the I was I was in the HBO documentary the reverse of the cursing at B&B you know and and a great quoted me up from. Dennis leery that we did you resolve my moral champ Sammy Knight I wish I don't like tuzla the Denis Leary said anyone who says. They believe they would come back down 013 after losing nineteen to eight is lying through their I think teeth. The only people and all my life for my son was like. You know he was probably seven years old and just deal that share innocence of a child whatever I checked out. I eggs and I'm done hey Dave Roberts stole a base yet beat deal they they drove a man. A great so now they're gonna lose fall in Atlanta I just whose sole. Angry at myself for being a Red Sox fan it turned into that old geezer that have heeded my whole life the old media guide us yeah. There about Jeff millionaire fat cats they don't care about Yale right I became a guy for. 24 hours yeah and then. Midway through that a game five was an afternoon game. Yeah I came home from work and it's. I was at it and never looked back while an end and it just not to belabor the point that even thinking back to 2003 remember the movie fever pitch which I didn't really enjoys a movie one line that like with. Red Sox don't just lose the elevated to an art form. And 2003 they could have gone quietly into the good night in game six. With John Burke it is they're starting pitcher instead they lose in twelve freaking innings in game seven blowing. Five to two lead in the eighth inning sell out that I was got. You're almost waiting for that they come back get it to game seven and then break your heart then. But he could've just gone quietly in a suite where it got as the page it's a never reach them will ever. This was this was cut the world would have been bathing in their blood especially if it stayed anything close to 2530 by that and there's nothing and all what are given credit for making nick competitive if they. Didn't convert that final two point conversion and lose by two points. It's gonna be failure more failure Brady can't get it done against past Belichick by blah blah so. I'm sorry I didn't believe them when the wing pro football reference had their win probability Tommy current came up with a man at zero point 4%. I wasn't sit there god it's good for me wolf from now on and I'm out of the business of everything can add a leader is too big for braided overcome. Had just made it more fun increase your degree of difficulty 6177797937. That the car once chime in on Tom Brady came out. Hey guys Gary yours. Now the Brady one man died at the article. Oh thanks a lot Dave I very much appreciated Matt. It was excellent I'd like to quick comment but I have a question peek at the comment. I would begging or via the F 2000 or Satan behind the Yankees bullpen whenever there it was warmer now. An extended innings. The air with a lot of that medium have never been at it. An experience like dead silent for example or at Purdue when he came back and real built down 31. Who'd a thought it. There was can do is no reason to think there was gonna come back against this and men non. It was ridiculous and ought to outlaw. All two years ago Butler inspection. Shot you are like night want it. Bit on. If it is in the order remembered around eight area at this strange feeling. You or if you like when you're about it the nets. I expedite and make it an eagle Beagle who were orderly suitable. According. Pig. But Italy's attitude. I think in two. But I don't oh. He had just kind of relax let our rights out about it the big Jim did your main curse Javon curse by element for minors to bunkers. When he brought that bald and of references on the air before but late brother sit next to me he goes and pay Sox. Yeah they have the same field that Tyree catch so yeah I guess. Dessert that's a fair point when you freezing to death you start to feel warm. It would shoot the strangest it would ever question. The Peter King our cap pretty you know that he wanted to finish for you were a patriot yet right. Eight. Yeah like you would want to continue. My question it. Brady is still image conscious and it is brand you've got to know they're going to another team to sit and duke coach. You. Mean he's not aimed at yet on and a book of forgettable year would you actually go to. San Diego charges Johnny Unitas I don't I actually was pretty good in Kansas City in the air get back into an AFC championship game a couple won a couple play out how I don't think we're past that point. I path I I don't actually we're past the it will. End with them shoving him out of back door. Point I think they. And it kind of goes to it to what the college point was Brady's being image image conscious wanting to. Eileen going to another team learning new system that not wanting to be remembered as the guy who hung on too long. I think he wants to play at least 45 a two goal but he also wants the play well until he's 45 I believe the comment that he made all of the last year when I sock a retire right and that's still are meant in two years ago and that. Obviously has not happened to this point in second in the MVP voting this year so he is a guy who is still playing. At an elite level and again going back to the Jeff Howe report. It seems like they wanted to. Make this work. Beyond. These in adolescent carpet for the the 20000022. And 2019 that they wanna make this work may be beyond three hours choice and bring him in now well into his 40s4344. Year old is. And I want to declare Chris it's germane to what we're talking about here because he did discuss in his contract so it's newsworthy so I don't mind us discuss and what Brady's future is going to be bottom of the constantly amazed over the last maybe. 67 years. Which this obsession. People have about how to come in for breed a much more time as you can have it's it's this weird. Doomsday cult Lake Worth seeing something that's never been done before we we're we're watching on B or its career. If he got to plea to the age of forty. You know and and there are people out there and it's that it's a common topic of conversation they they don't want to talk about what we're seeing. It's yet but it's the it would it would just like it it's a natural. That the natural credits at naturally neat feeling and people don't know that I remember it say. Larry Bird in 1986. Lake again urged a break he's not at the Larry Bradley and flat on his stomach on the sideline stage of his career he still on this beard extended prime. Which I say well it's. Let's let's ride when when Tiger Woods won his fourteenth major I don't remember sitting on animal to restart seven back problems of multiple surgeries and his wife attack also look at and it's got guys act. Look what he's straight set afire hydrant on the on Thanksgiving night so. Maybe it'll it it it when he said it it's topical for would do one right here today. But in general I don't get why people want to talk so much about. And and badly weathered it and the coach can read while they will they move on probably keep grappled and I think he's not and just got to write this and and squeeze. Right every. And a cracked a bone and eat the marrow. Ride the wave your magic grapple wanna get into that next conflicting reports and thoughts out there from a couple of ESPN as sources as a matter of fact. When it comes to Jimmy grapple talked about that lions are loaded to get to your phone calls next. Lonnie and Gordon with a Sports Radio W yeah. 6177797937. Crisp lines carry forward. Sports Radio WB EI. Very much related to the Tom Brady window and holiday and how much longer we'll go where you wanna look at it is Jimmy brown was future. Anybody ask Ed werder yes the end saying that. Sources there tell them the patriots will not trade Jimmy grapple out of chapter. On this areas station saying that he thinks and sent more like analysis rather than than source based reporting. But says he thinks grapples going to be gone in that the offseason and if you're making what one way or the other items. I've gotten to the point where it doesn't make sense to me. Hold on Jimmy grapple in mine mine to the patriots and I wanted to almost like Jack and rose at the end the Titanic they're trying to hold onto the boat and stay on the boat as long as possible. I liked the idea initially of trying to see which you've gotten this guy but it was also premised prior to this season. On the idea that well what's radio like. What what what's hot what's forty year old Tom Brady actually going to be able to produce and it turns out it's the season that had he played all sixteen games might have been worthy of the of the MVP. Sell. That's all and oh by the way another super role in this bowl MVP. They penetrate wrap this offseason EE years maximizing his value. At this point. And did he didn't seem to be anyway can go up. Relative to to what it is right now and a waiting game and a half but he stood out in that game and a half and I think that's enough. For quarterback starved teams to part with something pretty good with the with a decent draft pick in order to get Jimmy grappling. Chris summit under percent to ma I'm on team trade. And those two reportage you mention if you put them in the war in the octagon. It gait in this corner. Ed werder. In this corner. And I'm sure after whose word are you gonna take it WW betting on in and after that yeah exactly and. Eight I just think it makes sense on so many levels in the kind of the forgotten man in this conversation. Yes we all want to have a good quarterback as a backup and I think it's important I'm not one of these. People who scream and why did you draft or apple in the second round because you'll need a good quarterback people disabled eight that's a wasted pick. I'd I would always say to have a spare tire in your car. Now and I want not just he's spirit I want a full one I don't want to ride around on a don't know if I need the thinks hopefully I'll never take it out the trunk but I want a good one. The guy that no one's talking about it this is Jacoby percent. In if they feel good about him and they scouted him they got to know warm today. Develop them. He looked too good for the game where he didn't need emergency surgery out there you know he look like capable of eight capable NFL quarterback. If they're comfortable with his progress and project that he can move forward and they like him in the. In the film room and on the white board in his approach and how early he shows up and everything. Cable then they feel comfortable with letting grapple local U turn him into an asset is don't just let him sit on the bench and he he's worth a lot from a lot of reasons you mentioned that he a game and a half. In the history NFL that's enough. Sure no matter what they got paid on last oh yeah absolutely and I am humbled that you Chris there was a time in my life and is is gonna shock you with the patriots had really lousy quarterbacks. I I grew up on the Dick MacPherson days are Arab member that was actually my first down. Indoctrination into into Boston sports in the patriots where I thought they only played eight games every season there's an art as a watch the home games. Ankiel iBook be there in regard as the dynasty by Jerry Norton which talks about some of these very day's work. We are out there what do teams wouldn't downtrodden franchises that a breath of hope. What they hang their hats on usually. The backup quarterback and a great team that's open pages and with Hugh Millen then why Italy played behind. Joseph Montana babies a fraction less. Good that Joseph Montana or that way until they got a number one pick up Mark Wilson from the raiders and if you want a draft that winning DNA on your program usually by grab in the back of quarterback. Teams are overpaid that. I'm Sam false hope not as a knock Jimmie grapple Khatib may be a really did a wonderful quote we don't know what. They had Matt Cassel with the 238. Pick. And they flip them to Kansas City for a high second rounder. That's Matt Cassel after one season with eight Greek defense that it won sixteen games in my brain one that treats yep okay and I think that was kind of like. We're moving on from rate gap Norman has a leanings this spot we had he only likes to whenever. I think they can get eight hunt for grappled you can turn him into an asset you do UT could be an agent teams are term. Minute mark and I liked the show after report from earlier in in the two in the playoffs we said. That there are asking for a first and fourth and that to me that's the buying and price to sit at this particular poker table minimum. And that's important to me because it's symbolic because that's what they lost that deflate gate that's where the beating begins. You know and outweighed that that they'd Germany made France surrender at the same train car where France made them surrender at the end of World War I. And I know that I'm compare the patriots that it now Germany here with a minus the genocide just that revenge acting justice say okay you took away our quarterback. Just like you let a showcase. Our backup quarterback. We got to look at the third stringer. Now we're gonna win in every single direction might turn in the back up now. Into more than the picks that you took away I love the poetic justice. I like the idea of back. And I like your give a first round of for Rob Lowe certainly and I think that's 88 fair value to expect. The one thing that might work against that is are the patriots in a spot. Where they need to move him. Are they in a spot where. Dakota hold on one and happen in the back up for very low priced next year but then if they wanna franchise and be looking at a 2.2 million dollar. Cap it. The next year so right it's unlikely they do that then they let him watch yet and you know compensatory pick back. The third rounder should OEUERD. In a spot where they have to move him because of teens know that. They might not be willing to sit at that first and fourth round here. The beautiful thing you've got the upper hand as George fifth annual harvest yeah I've never let him get hit Jerry. I'd never had an example of where is EE no you compare it to these Sam Bradford deal. If I got my numbers right on that you know in order to get a first and fourth at a Minnesota. Philly had to eat eleven million dollars late so Minnesota give up the draft picks but it only cost them six million bucks. The fact that grapple has a year on his rookie deal left and then teams can franchise from the fallen nearly eight. They can get him no one that they've got him for a couple years that stability. I think that increases as value in Minnesota well have more back. In Minnesota wasn't a little bit despondent a spot desperation. It's ADC's hasn't started you lost your quarterback you feel good about your team inferred a little while they did look like like a team can make the post season may be do something once they got there so they were a bit of it a desperate spot. To go out and get some money. I'm you have to is there another team that's for example would they deal with Houston. With the deal with another team that is close or thinks it's close. And want to take a shot on a quarterback and that's if Houston. Ends up with you know and that having to go to grapple of other options don't work out form but is there another teen that could be in that desperation Spock. They're gonna say were no or overpay for this. I think teams always are and you just need a couple big against each other. Some that maybe they're too we got there looking at their draft board and there's sand okay you know we were gonna. Rest our our hopes on it to Shawn Watson on Mitch trip is key and. You know maybe these guys project well but I think it's it's not a great year for quarterbacks in the draft. I tend that you address aired. And it's okay to not be not real look at yet I mean at some point I understand it's like. I'm pretty much hurting out and I talk about a money in my like a guy once it's only a ball flight might be you know dungeons and dragons like Carrick. I had a buddy of mine he's is all jacked about the com mine just can't. I just can't get into it made no interest in whatsoever you'll have a normal one but I'm with him like I I I watch guys run around free cones and it's weirdly fascinating to me it makes it makes no sense you you're you're on the side of the angels there. Mike Barack is one of the I think better draft analyst Obama rarely ever write that he's not bad. He's got to shield Kaiser from Notre Dame who was benched twice. In the fourth quarter of games he's got him is his number one quarterback is he doesn't like. Really the quarterback class. I think of that dynamic comes out more and more it just increases. The value of or apple I think teams are gonna say they saw this I played really well in Arizona. In shred. Though the dolphins for a half sell. I beat her ability to eat at one big names out. If on the patriots and all my god he's he's an Iron Man are banking and these wicked terrible legacy. Ice and I think the habit of looking like they got his team's perspective it is a part of me that wonders if maybe the patriots are looking at that dynamic from week four. In same. You know grappled showed up we thought he was going to be the starter he couldn't go. Even though all the medical staff was saying he could go out and here's percent. Like I said on his way to get him surgery. Gut it out and men in openly Needham and it. It is much is that game you know. Was not an artistic success they were still in it midway through the fourth quarter and a I think. He went way up in their eyes I'm just on the outside looking in but I I think he went up in their rights and it's possible grapple went down which they would never say because. Why the image of value you know this at all those currents great. Yeah huddled on the brakes are fine yeah yeah it you don't talk about the fact that you know that it's gonna need a mufflers or 65 that you like if you act. It's that guy that Aggie spirit will make a mopping your hand the brake lines might might. Breaking your butt. And again I I think. You created an environment where. Grapple is the best asset old there and you make teams pay for those and if they don't. If you're only getting some amid round pick out of the deal you disabled in only a walk away. While that's Regina get even just little block in in a year anyway body in the car wants to you by China ministry jump back to phone calls anybody. They guys. Our site I think eat out in the mood whether. Whether that first topic I mean the Cleveland obviously did not want at that we. Well I'd and bought my rationale it because I think next year's team. It's gonna be a lot more like the other two birds and Anil orders are going to be a lauded new. Especially if we break the bank. It's you know there's going to be a lot of new faces and it it. We're gonna need capital. I think that we could push chips in at number twelve and maybe a couple. Couple swaps would. Cleveland but I I think you hit the nail on the head earlier with Brad. It's inevitable someone's gonna get hurt in training camp. Just pray. That god it's not Tom Brady. About you know what I mean whoever gets hurt it's gonna happy with the Bradford etiquette we it's it's it's the annual bank we happen to have. The best back in the game let the controlled blasts that you know it. Could it he's got a clean Bill Buckley somebody it's gonna happen pre pre draft. And I hope I got my eye and that twelve pick by Cleveland took my gut feeling is that they take care this before training camp. Yeah I mean you got to I want to open its draft because you don't you can't miss on tour many drafts. And. Maintain your elders of viable team while. They didn't have a first rounder last year the year before always Dominique Easley who's already got I don't skip a year here. The first rounder. Was in Domenici doesn't Malcolm Browne about that wherever you're always on the media soul. You got nothing to shell out of tool of your last 31 round picks so I don't wanna wait till 2018. To get an a the first round. And I light that Cleve once it right there that's a sweet spot for them. They go with the defensive end at that with the with the first pick I'm in. Gary and I'll Garrett as the guy that they're the ones that that projected. And then they take a twelve and they tell their fan base we got a quarterback. From the best team out there needs as you know he's good enough to start in the league. And that's a win for them whether or Hugh Nolan you know be not in the listen I I I feel bad for grapple well. Really had to be sent to that you know ninth circle of NFL held Japanese and they said Jamie called their polity is punishment duty I don't think they'd they mean any wilted Iraq. Larry Page as findings are you paid handsomely I don't think even worry about eventually I think he's gonna get his money easy to get paid my gut feeling on this guy I don't know any more than Yunel or anybody knows no my gut feeling is he has the potential to be a star. I think he could be one of the better quarterbacks in upper Echelon quarterback in the week. And that's based on not much admittedly it's based on a tiny sample size based on March. But you just need one other team to believe it and then. Iraq to the races and maybe get something good back 46177797937. Jack John Alex bill your phone calls when we come back maligning important your sports hernia WB yeah. Airlines are loaded six point 777979837. John in Medford and when he talked much or book Jerry. That's a sign and bring it on John Medford go ahead. John Medford is apparently still listening to him or. And you know. Buyers of my book should be real veterans while no petition that radio somebody wants tightly stand up comedy be reasonable consolation prize. Sure brown Jack employment go ahead. Bad night for Thornton fan is is not a good night for Jerry Norton hello in fairness most of my fans. And they drink instance at odds of four hours that that is fair let's go back to John meant that he's leading edge on. Hey guys played on. And Jerry I'd either kindred spirit. You try to finish the sentence with both good Germans when they. They after the French scientists around they blow a car to do. They really. Every historical fact I did I miss that. Listen that you go way back you go away but I want region book ever always admirable qualities books it's been fantastic. What like Michael's that he said that he. You didn't wasn't concerned the ball. Anything but the time if it was quite a reduced considerable time and I I puddles of very good point. But I go way back out once I became well OJ Simpson told the Russian. Look at my uncle. In his snowstorm right. Yeah. And interest rate hike. Swear watch and OJ run through was a 258 yards against the patriots in a blizzard and I thought. When he was trying to put those gloves on. He could got to modesty ends of his heart was in it haven't seen that effort when he wanted to break the rushing record heat really could have putted yet no incentive. Locked and I I can't believe I would love that game and that's all I am not old by the way. So I have one question before I leave you guys them the question is that I I am a more homeboy you guys they need to trade Jimmy I. What do you think both. Process as a backup and on a couple of the guys are. Well I mean would backup quarterbacks in this is that I this is for me the Tom Brady lesson. I've learned. Through the Tom Brady example they can be difficult to judge of backup quarterback based on a sample that you see in a game that's the only thing juicy not at. Practice but going back and so many guys who were on the the team circa 2002001. It said this. There's a reason they kept four quarterbacks the year before there was a reason there is 88 undercurrent. Of Brady starting to in the eyes of the coaching staff. Take over for our Drew Bledsoe when you serve lets those spots when he went down and Brady took the job. It was may be. I was speeding along something that was sort of in the works anyway so it's more about what they feel. About Jacoby percent in that they moved Jimmy eagle rock below. Obviously that's a pretty strong endorsement. Of Jacoby percent as a back up now he did not look like you quarterback ready for prime time. In that second start knowing of course that is playing injured. Is a big mitigating factor at all of that but. If they feel strongly enough to trade garrote below. Beyond the fact that they're just gonna get their best value or right now rattling and watched. That to me is eat pretty strong endorsement I think a lot of the stuff that allows you to make that endorsement for the patriots happens away from the big games the wheels. Unquestionably in May be you know we could come office but it patriot haunts for saying that. We trust their process. Blake I do because look at their tracker how many quarterbacks that they had here. And then cut ties with and they went on to some success like oh my god they blew that it Kliff Kingsbury and Kevin O'Connell. And yet. Matt Cassel was as bad in August quarterback is my eyes have ever seen. I. Michael bishop and to go back to 2000 looked phenomenal. They got rid of him and people wouldn't Rio pull their hair out he was cut like months later in Canada. So I did track record is pretty stellar on BC's Matt Cassel while he's not starting is on a career path to play while these two least forty that. Matt Hasselbeck kinda creek lake that you sign up to him to keep around so if they say will will would. Moving him and I'd go from grapple because we trust percent. Nabil K with that because of how they've had done this over the years. And acting you saw again in in small sample sizes in in short burst he saw something from percent. Rape and yes I at least some some capability to play the position he now he looks comfortable. In his pre season games and a deep you can only have impressions my conclusions from pre season but he looked more comfortable in the pocket. Going through reed progression sometimes in missing guy whatever that at me it was an old you know perfection. What I said he's ahead of where I thought he would be given effect he was on nobody's radar going into the draft. Bill and small then once talked about this to Rel read this story if you missed it Darrelle Revis is facing potential criminal charges in Pittsburgh after an altercation where. Police say they're taking knocked out punitive friend of his. Knocked out a 22 year old and 21 year old a 2:45 in the morning in Pittsburgh bill Amal to go ahead. Yes because I mean nine no one has said you know. When I mean we don't walk in the shoes of American ale like that yeah but you know if I'm walking and anybody shoot at 2:45 AM mom headed toward cop. Yeah you know what is she doing. Out did obviously it was it was not. Good. I don't I mean I don't care so much about that I'm out late sometimes two sometimes it's for work sometimes it's for fun if they got why guys in the offseason he wants go out and drink to the bar closes and then walked home. He has to get behind a car. I have no issue without locker played morality police. We had to do was accept the video. And move on. That's our guests that are yet but the what is he doing out at 2:45 in the morning. He's over to when he won he can make zones right now but I am and fairness this is like the dead time in the NFL season but. But still you're right it at some point around 31 you may be starts. Realize this is not how late. No and it. Yeah yeah have a bad incidents and you say you know maybe I ought to be done with these now at that I have never got to that and I have the bad incident and then. I say I want to would get that I'll have a again down the road I don't recommend my lifestyle. Would you and maybe all the time you get Dicey point cameras a. At you he is a better way to handle it and rip it out of his hands and then have European police beat these guys unconscious. Just two quick points I mean to me dig them things I've remembered of that last sort what was that second two point conversion. I mean looking back it finally just said. I'm ending. It that was that would this might be the most nerve cracking point also Julia. And in the field for Evan dole it to convert that. One of like ten huge pleas he came up on an outline on the heels of a boat five huge pleas he came up with a Super Bowl 49. Telecheck got killed in this town. Full letting Welker go and you try to replace the damage all the guys critical laugh and I'm waiting for people who say. Jag I guess we look and around about that because this guy is he's got it. And I do think that he will take a cut because I want to stay. I YouTube and last year. You know that that was a jump ball that look like you wouldn't happen and in me you never know what motivates these these guys Chris like how much is enough for them it you know way in the value of geez you know what I can. I can keep playing here and I'm happy animal winner and it's not appreciable difference money than I would you know it. Keep the fight left the whatever not to mention he's. Dating him miss universe from Rhode Island after that. Would keep any good to be Danny Amendola via its good to be Danny Amendola right now absolutely out of by the way I was on the pro Amendola. Side I loved the addition Danny Amendola back at the time is the I'm saying it into attitude probably thirty people in a radio station Burlington Vermont but I was saying it. And I I I love the addition his injuries in the past. Were like car accidents they relate catastrophic kind of injuries it's not like you're the guy like for example Rob Gronkowski whose nagged by constant. Back issues and has had some of the freak injuries happen to him as well he wasn't that kind of guy so. I was willing to sort of trust and his ability to stay helping his turn the idea that groin injury. Right away yup and played through it now buffalo game when he first gets out his toughness I don't think it is it was really ever in question in my mind. And it certainly has been based on what he's done. You know last couple years since he's been short. He he got killed for plane twelve of sixteen games his first season here which have pirate call was having. One fewer game and Wes Welker himself played like Wes Welker was on the decline it was it was sad to see him go. Because IQ does it appear as a folk hero weep you know he was tough as nails but he's dropped percentage was on the rise. He was stagnant grind down. They made the right decision and it's OK to have criticize it than we don't this this is America brave men fought and died the right to say. Belichick was wrong I just if if Yemen dole out was a bust. We'd still be hearing about it. Ball when he's a two time Super Bowl hero. It's all crickets I just need the people who. Criticize every move the but the Belgium eggs Jamie Collins another prime example he got killed that the middle this season the defense got better. He knows what he's doing it's not perfect but it's leaps better than anybody else that that he's come should be compared to. All right well past time for breaks it'll take one now come right back to your phone call 61777979371. Or two open line to grab now got another hour ago oval Lonnie and Orton taking you have to WEEI late night here on Sports Radio.

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