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Darrelle Revis has found himself in some legal trouble

Feb 17, 2017|

Villani and Jerry Thornton are talking about the breaking news, and conflicting reports about an incident that involved former Patriots and current Jets CB Darrelle Revis. They talk about how in hindsight Bill Belichick's decision to let Revis go was a brilliant move given the on-field struggles Revis faced, and now the off-field issue.

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Sports hernia w.'s guide Chris Maloney and Jerry Ford and hanging out with few up until like 10 o'clock 6177797937. And casting the patriots upcoming patriots movie for the last few minutes mentioned this in the trending now Jerry retire commodity kind of wild story. Now for guys who. Boy what looking in the rear view of some of the bella check moves. You know you want to and I I I'll be honest I was on the other side of this one after the patriots of course that the key to Ralph Reed is look at the difference he made. This is gonna be the ultimate test of the in bill we trust. What happened. He looks out of shape uninterested he got paid yet his contract and now all he may be getting charged. Or at the very least was involved in an altercation Pittsburgh. And according to their reports your local TV and website in Pittsburgh which is a fun place to navigate yeah W. T eight Pittsburgh action news and Katie and I lion fan and I don't watch in the mood here is tense whammy yeah it's. If you when you first heard this did you say only god. Revis was you know a fight in the streets he got jumped or something no it's kinda start a look like. He and his crew were the aggressors so this is from WT's. Sources. Revis was approached and as happened in the middle of the African night is like 3 am yet to work 43 AM I already yeah what. I was in bed at that hour we were in bed at that Al Crist that and I yet they involve rough fights in the streets or or no because because you weren't out walking around 243. And it was a ballot though Pittsburgh Pittsburgh some outside. Yeah so this actually egging go without the WGA sources is about. An hour or so ago Pittsburg police put out a press release described in the incident. So 2:43 AM. You've got according to the investigation they became Durham police responded to report to mail's been knocked unconscious according to the investigation to 22 year old male. From kick inning. Was walking along east Carson street when he spotted a male who were resembles Al equip a native Darrelle Revis. Quarterback of the NFL. He asked the man. If I used to row Revis he confirmed he was the man began recording the interaction is cell phone followed Revis at some point Rita snatched the cell phone away and attempted to delete the video. Another 21 year old man from Ross township attempted to help the 22 year old retrieved the cell phone. Revis through the phone into the road of verbal argument followed a male came to his sister read this but the 21 in 22 year old state they were punched. And then remember waking up to talk to police. Witnesses state the two were unconscious for about ten minutes the officers view the cell phone video confirm the person was Revis. Charges pending against 31 year old Revis to include robbery terroristic threats conspiracy and aggravated assault. Terroristic threats is big in Pennsylvania. Paid western. Terroristic threats of our re threatened me exactly why the bouncer what you think it is sleek yet I thought OK I have a trunk full health fertilizer and I'm gonna write parking out front there it's probably. All of all come back Carroll in I'll kill you or whatever yet still still the kind of thing. You ought not be doing I think here and you your bank poured more than I have but it's for various reasons but it region without making threats rate. Well yes yeah it wouldn't be bad potentially Wichita got through threats to commit a crime I think is the man. It used to statue maybe there is a specific won't be you know worried that you need to use to have it become terrorists but come. Yeah but the the fact of the matter is this sounded. Like. Revis ran into some some idiots in couldn't walk away and couldn't leave well enough alone which is kind of a weird too when you hear these comments that Brady told Peter King about you know. Not letting people define who is of someone calls and an a hole he doesn't feel they need to answer back and call them. Some them because he doesn't want them to a you know to control his emotions or whatever it's only grievous. You know at some point couldn't just bring himself to just keep walking. And I'll give Iran this 21 and 22 year old or at least the guy who started filming. Your purity yogurt and a jerk fat flat out to a 43 in the morning leave the freaking guy alone it was one thing just after he's Revis each it's at now. As it now I'm not I guess our laughter ops I get panel time Nolan not but he tells him yes he's read this so. I need it's east side Darrelle Revis lock away. He's being an idiot but shore and it dessert could be dope slapped for it to shore but there's no way that situation ends well. Once you grabbed the phone if you read once you steal the guy's own there's no way that the situation ends well for you. And you have more to lose being Darrelle Revis and some got to college and are acknowledging each. It it is exactly that they end now you're opening yourself up to lawsuits criminal charges in a nutshell you could have gotten away from this. With somebody haven't a video of you lock in on the street. And not potential criminal charges because you not to idiots out coal and they are audiences know there's no question about that but. I don't know I double watch the mile and A multi millionaires. Markets since before I don't know what it's like to have guys take cell phone videos of you lock in on the street by. You see that crap on TMC all the time and would you do you shrug ego I have hey look here's. Is George Clooney locking into a restaurant there is in others. I don't know of snoop dog hey they've got video of a and it doesn't it doesn't affect any. And her that is just camp McCain has the whole White House her awful but remember Brady skip the White House two years go for a family commitment and economy by an an apple watch. In New York City right while the teams at the White House that happens happens to shrug off it's no big deal. And again the guy's a jerk but there is no way that situation and wealth Arenas and knocking both of the guys out cold and that's what's alleged at least. And they say in this police report. That's the kind of stuck the landing jail that's the kind of stuff that will land you on the suspended list that'll get Roger Goodell involved. Even if he's not. Alternately. Convicted of a crime you don't need a conviction. Even need charges necessarily. And in terms of an indictment. In the NFL told this time to new scheme checks. Which the jets may be fine with based on the way he's playing but it's a bad badly for Darrelle Revis and he's got himself some pretty serious trouble now and what a and I was already saying this everybody ones. Well what again another example the poll tax credit how. Right now no way we suggested that Belichick knew that Revis was gonna. Get an altercation a quarter at three and you're gonna get beat us. Happy with the contract out but at the age of 31 he's never been involved in this kind of stuff you know usually these guys are repeat offenders in L a at a Joey Porter a Vontae is perfect air act and has Jones and Eric. Parted it's what right to a master class like he he went from doing nothing to just you know reach it rate for the for the top of the Moses. So boring things they can be imagined by the way is spending three hours watching people followed jury questionnaires which is exactly what I did this morning. Almighty god almighty likewise with the herald's send you down watch. This stuff gang back there at the globe reporter just watching people fill out question keeps. They did for seventeen years it's but again it was my job so I got to I MIA and I had to be there. I would write it you gotta sit there and say okay no one's best comedic gold podcast while our icy highway it. 3 in the morning I'm not be it has the paved roads and right middle of the searing heat but it is. Tedious beyond measure is not something you should ever have to watch today. Was the day to that was maybe at least interesting in terms of the the ended reaction of the jury pool is the people showed up on Tuesday had no idea what they were getting and analysts they've really been locked in knew that every because I think I wrote it one of the peace every juror and handled. Everybody shows up for jury duty at the potentially in pamper and handed down apparently anything else and ports so you showed up for jury duty today yesterday and Tuesday. You were going for air the air and think OK and when he first walked and and people again didn't have a sense of what they were there for a uniting old and advance you're kind of right training inaccurate way to what what what is this how. And then they explain you know the Trout in the last six weeks two months in the people of hardships can't do it get excused. I today I think the word had filtered enough that people had more of an idea of what they were showing up for but there was still definitely that when he walked in. And then at some point he's introduced and he stands up and turns around it's as good morning there is that says sort of eyebrow race factor of a wild that's that's the guy used to play for the patriots right there that's the 27 year old still looks like you play it'll take some pretty good shape former Pro Bowl tight end. And it's amazing that they can ever find. Sixteen because they'll go look for sixteen yet twelve will deliberate I want is the alternates in case somebody has a an illness and in my specially what a month trial. Alia they'd yelling 888 alternates may go with with with more they'll they'll do alternates at the trials and last two hours or whatever put. Com. It it's during that process it's amazing that you can ever find enough people that. You can both sides are comfortable with they're not common in you with any preconceived notions yeah you know and if you went with well have never heard of the guy will you not gonna find singles Olson it has to be different standard has to be are you gonna believe this are you gonna decide this on the basis of what you hear yet and all you've heard of and obviously. An open mind yet you know stuck in an open mind he willing to not learn anything new. That's the other thing you can't do is go researcher try to find it. Look let me give a helpful Clinton I bet you did it anyway because it's just. It just instinct that's the way men are hard wired when you sit there through some elements that deliberative and that's a little more than an outpouring. Tell me you don't start look at the the crowd at the most attractive when yes they thank you for that and I had a guy body and second and watched and did it for a right and sometimes there is. You know there is Sports Illustrated swimsuit models standard figures. You know I had a police standards is a Boston standard course. Treat you well yes it helped to find the most attractive she does. I mean the guy's got out of a Marcia Clark did go back a generation here in light she's nobody's idea of up. Well hey check Earl plate. Tablet to hit on the right but in a courtroom you'll like okay shore. About one and I ate I did a two week murder trial in Brockton. With this one juror who was just stunning and she was impaneled on it and me and a couple of the court Ives is just new woo her every move into the point where. We relate Stadler in the trial was still prepared at any attorney or friends with its like. Come on guys like I Sera truck. It's like the murder track just wanted to call you wanted to see people you got guys like Roman legionnaires cast the lots for Jesus is rolled to a sort of like rock republic. A letter to Dodd of white women it's how. Man where we're all basically just. You know visual animal. Yet three hours in my way he can't use your phone. You can't tweak or take agers or anything like that Terry usually can't quirky can't do it in. Jury selection in jury room. So three hours without that yeah you're looking for pretty much anything to look at at that point it's any port in the storm. 617779793. Settled come back to couple phone calls here Kile in Connecticut. As been waiting to cast Roger Goodell this upcoming patriots movie take out. It was tough guy and tell me not nailed not dumb and dumber like noise newsroom Jack Daniels has you down you can make. Rule all hey you know what Allman. Yeah you know it and the things Eagles can do anything. I mean this guy got his start. In an obscure Woody Allen art film called purple rose of Cairo when he's in like a blockbuster early terms of a dear me this tear Jerker. Ghost of dumb and dumber. You deeply Joshua Chamberlain in the Gettysburg movie like there's nothing and then you rate usually is no child a boy. In newsroom yes and where he's like a complete. Good Dalian to yeah. In authority it will actually has beat out. And are quite went that went into our readers turning to block all of a sudden knocking out 221. Once I did. Down at. Yet put of the reports he had some I had some help let. But the thing is a private jets fan of cynical it didn't tackle anybody left to lose his party's delegates aggressive on the streets of he's a cell site that aren't. Hardest Haiti's main two years is no question Ed is a guy who's actively. Goes into a back pedal to avoid tackling ball carriers. Liked he's got he's got buddies and not in suckers out the street. These cars and streets are organized by a couple of college kids conflicting attitude 40 during the morning Antonio in the car up next Antonia. In doing well it's yeah. Now you and your partner patriot movement. And a boxer movies. And tenacity. Prepared well Tom Pickett and put up two with no secret choate an actual. To order to these triple blow and nuts like Mexico or Europe. In all current economic interest and the on the world now. Lol yes good good good call because they. Hollywood's all into those international markets now that's why. If you notice in every latest and it did get open up the Cannes Film Festival is that it's gonna will only every crap. Some. Franchise movie now every slack to Italy transformers. Are GAAP battleship or whatever all these Michael page pieces that trek. There's always the heroic. Chinese character. Period lately the last transformers movie. Late it was the Chinese government of the ones that came in and basically saved the day and that's part of like OK this is how will let them open up their markets to his bike is so not to let. To the Communist regime so. The fact is you don't Brady does have that. International. Mae and I would imagine how very total wanna most powerful women in the world have you tapping into that is out that you tell the ticket opening up the are you gotta have a big role pages out world ad market she's got to be the big love interest here even if you have to shoehorn her in there. You know get away from the football and have a lot of off the field scenes. She'll be tough to camp late night frustrating conversations about Tom can't throw the ball you can't throw the ball and catch the ball the same time things like at all see that's party opening montage that's the frustration that the low point would originally and play yourself. I think that the fox. Bosnia I think you probably have a lesser role I don't know shield and that the international peel the same way that is only. She still looks good. And I think lately Aggie and that's why if you are in the jewelry Iran bump if you were in the jury room this morning I would've. Kept the time where she. If you were sitting in the year and yes you know she's up she's a Hollywood. Wood nine. Yeah I don't and a at a courtroom a messages it's courtrooms lately to what exactly are 6177797937. Lines alone will get your phone calls get some taxes while 379837. He's Jerry Norton on crystallize Sports Radio WB yeah.

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