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Jerry Thornton helps us cast Roger Goodell in the Tom Brady movie

Feb 17, 2017|

Villani and Barstool Sports' Jerry Thornton are discussing and taking suggestions on casting, particularly the role of the Commissioner Roger Goodell.

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It's much that night on Sports Radio you. He. No Mike McMahon. Morning show weird pat and I were discussing paddy today and I discussed we can get for there's data sitting I think you were. We Jerry port is he's got nothing to do you have nothing's is set. Around until it was all of it due to find a pair of pants to come at pro LaMont in common but nice to have army adding most of the time I work from home we appreciate just Porky Pig and it around my house to shirt no pants and you know a couple movies pretty soon add to your porn collection right Bill Belichick narrow reading a military film and a movie about Tom Brady's rise to greatness and the Malcolm and Malcolm college that's secondary all of them presumably starring Mark Wahlberg. We SE Mark Wahlberg is gonna casts himself to play Julian adamant. Danny Amendola James White I'd Donta hightower basically anybody and huge play a night game he's got to be there and also be a paratrooper from a 101 airborne all the sudden coming in today it to Germany already in France he's Josh McDaniels on the sidelines and make him a call things on Omaha Beach which is down now all of my. Webb my buddies nick and Matt media does the that the crazy kid rock and roll station and we will casting. The patriots. 2016. Movies so it's Fidel. Ol all I like that. I yet we didn't get that deep into what I need that the most. Miserable. This likable. I just likable toward I asked them the most evil character. Who's the guy who police like the Hewlett every single. Maybe change speeder because she's please don't we you know because James bad they grade actor yeah he can play. Desiring evil and menacing. And any Jon Voight has been that kind of guy in the past boundary look you know the I was feeling and it was complete any world I don't think you would demean himself that the guy completely in I don't think it means possibly Roger Goodell now equaled his elbow got you know what actors love playing in the violent. It's it's easier than plan of them that again I governor. Charlie Baker looks like Roger Goodell not an actor. Looks like. The shore. The unfortunately for him at that it would no no disrespect an element cart load naked two hours though than Luke Wilson. From the concussion movie. All that's right children yeah like he just looked like him it looked like him at all. Right there is no look I don't like the guys are old school like value possibly planned 88 all thin lipped ginger scumbag. Whose whose evil to them into the very court is eight Ani actor put a scowl on his face and say that's Roger Goodell wit what's that excellent I want people to race and 937. Who who they wanna have played whom I've come. We managed to come up with this my personal choices. Kevin Spacey is Belichick 'cause he gives off that he complete genius vibe he's yeah he's personally can do anything im thinking maybe Ryan Reynolds as Brady. Ryan ran for ad coming off the dead pool where he's. He's got the look he's got the brains he's got that the charisma maybe chanting A dome. And a cameo appearances rock. I just gets you really doesn't back out and to this one might sound it is amazing here's Hollywood. That has completely run out of ideas to the point where. Every time you walked into what the idiot bombarded with reboots it remakes it's another ninja turtle Fred's ghost. Part of the exact thing but it is now. You know what I was actually just thinking a couple of months ago we need another King Kong movie. Were overdue brother King Kong or and here comes one yup I think that bring it back another guard Zola. Another outing on they just tried. They just have the Power Rangers hockey Power Rangers they just read did Danaher. It was a disaster because the rest of the world listening on. You don't let other celebrated film it's at the record for most Oscars. I have it on dvd it's on cable but no I wanna see a slash reboot so in this environment are transformers. Which is basically exit and a theater for two hours and haven't people truck auto parts at U. They have what they finally decided as you know what the next great franchises that have fun of us for seventeen years the patriots are. Lousy opted our eye balls filled with great dramatic stories we'll be better than them Malcolm Butler story. There was you don't work in the fry a later a pop buys in his dream in life was may be owned his own pop ice franchise. And now he's not just a want he's won through each turn himself into one of the best cornerbacks in the league that's a movie Ed wanna see even if he was. With the Detroit Lions. It's interview is with the Minnesota viking we shall and you can picture to the the frustrating scene in the middle of practice in the two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl or is trying to defend the slant pattern and misses it sure. I'm never gonna get back coach Nell you can do it Malcolm's you can make that play in the mix in the Super Bowl where he's hardly a lot of games down the stretch of the season where he didn't see the field. In Super Bowl 49 until it was at Kyle Arrington was get torched right and they put him in there any made several plays. And it was a guy anguished one Javon curse made that that catch of them of the millennium. And comes back and is the year old that's at Betsy great story it's like invincible accepts with a better player. Yeah no disrespect to Vince apparently but it's a student Mark Wahlberg. But it's and it's a better player yet it's like Rudy except Rudy had a couple of factual inaccuracies in there yeah it's Lamar on my favorite sports we have all time but. For instance his brother frank was actually really support of. I'd the end of mine was a booster of his gaffe and in the movie arm. They portray Rudy is not be in a complete dank which he has a real life they they cut a left fell apart where he's and the miserable jerk might do. Your dad always wants to and can that I grew up a Notre Dame damage that can stand Notre Dame. So I really we're we butt heads on that. And he always said he wanted to column Joseph rustic who played on that presented great a high school player Milford high played on that Notre Dame team and see if he actually it actually played out that way in the game he gets in everybody chanting to bind at wanna put an end. Because a lot of it didn't seem especially at the end of my party was tipped off about that they'll. I was under the impression he let them make him be the heavy just because Andy was played by that guy from hoosiers who. Is that yeah the jerk in every 80s will. He'll from the jump. I understand that their minds it Asher you can have someone had the bad guy click the play. Happened exactly is on the dvd that play that sack that he made it got talent that's accurate yeah that's right lot of people like to say you know Rudy was oxides which which he wasn't like yeah. Put the Butler story is a real life fruity except his. Also not a dink and its speed and made by the people that made lion which is up for like six Oscars like this isn't. Just some fly by night. You know local. You know mom and pop right film crew these guys are a great amount the ones that make in the Brady film. They did and if you seen the finest hours. And I yes recently chiseled above the sea rescue caught up close to Chatham great movie and they did dumb. The fighter. Below the fighter also Oscar nominee outsell the patriots have become the do Oscar bait. We're gonna see everybody on that team be the subject of a film it's heavy like marvel. You know we'll take every the pay more and as far as stuff the so we're gonna wait after the credits than the CD. And credits scene of like Belichick getting ready game planning for the next season Cyrus Jones comes back in the next season almost like Tennessee natural left wing or. Yeah exactly. Belichick and Matt Patricia sitting around Josh McDaniels average warmup after he. Commenced Mickelson. Now. He east Hannibal. Poll after bad guy and Doctor Strange he's he's played the bad guys that part. Certainly would ring true at the low on I got it yeah Barcelona with wills in the first time did that Goodell is portrayed they'd be hard to be worse than that. But that you can't just pick any guy make him look mean and say that's right now the it was I laughed he could mean tickets here what is. Any human with the acting chops to play him which it might have to see GI Hamlet grandma Harkin. And roll one's a Bradley whispered from the west wing plead the Weasley guy in Madison. Yeah because malvo Goodell is kind of a bigger imposing figure Rhode Island on column property and a promising college career coach very promising a clear what a great acting performances of recent vintage who has to deceive the Kevin Costner vehicle I draft day. I did a yes and it gets. The audience and that. That cheered when Roger Goodell gets introduced that was amazing like what are the federal that was special effects or they just hired like really good method actors to pretend. The ride to get delegates cheered at the pick traffic lake. What I'd bees a what do you detest. They he had that inject himself into that will be added nothing other than. To create this. Fiction it was public the price of the NFL cooperating with them. In this film to let him use the Cleveland Browns name again so was idol David you've got to let it got to elevate this guide hero status when everybody in the world. With a brain despises them. I love that movie either ten minutes into it he pegged the ending. Right yeah yeah okay that's what's gonna happen in the to I don't know if I should give it away now for a few years spoiler alerts or whatever but. 810 minutes and you figure out how it can and it was one of those very predictable kind of saccharine sports movies I could do with it. And awhile a goal I decided to jump up that train of Kevin Costner playing out all his jock and it's easy out. It's Kevin Costner as the mightily catcher it's Kevin Costner is the Major League pitchers got us there is the ball for early OK okay we get out to meet up with it. No but I'm just at some point. A gamble is the darkness him fantastic. It would listen fielded dreams still you know it's like Catholic and pepper sprayed right again I think maybe by around. For the love of the game pace decided kinda kinda had enough with him trying to Brit he's. He is through sports movies what Donnie Wahlberg is movies about marathon bombings like he's got to put himself front and center at all and so now. He's at that age where the best he can hope for is to be the general manager of a crappy NFL French. You out of the game he's gonna buy him as a starting pitcher or backup catcher at this point I'd get some phone calls people wanna jump in on this 61777979837. Orton and Gilani were to be here up until 10 o'clock Mike in Framingham. As the game is gonna watch the Brady movie when it comes out they might. How are you. Only teach the pictures Tyler at age around here like patriots. You don't story there this story about Butler for bringing. Knowledge of the conscious every insult. And start think that when when it gets involved they don't do these things. Unless they see there's a but to be made and is impossible might just play the game with me that may be he has won the crowd. Light again I'll make a movie reference like Maximus and in gladiator you know where they are. They they were root against him but he put on a great shell and is it possible maybe that people are. Are ready to re except him. It's also on the rendering except parade. But being being absolute. Hatred of the wedding as the patriots. In this city of Boston and especially bill folksy bill. Question does not apply. I don't know I at the medium he's probably right by a thing about this in a regional sense by. Again if you bought the these movies aren't vanity exercises. For all for film studios right there ready for the actors but they're not going to put together a movie with the idea that it's gonna tank. Nationally so can you making compelling. Sports movie. And also had to be about a team yeses it pretty much universally panned. Everywhere I think that's going to be the child they make the movie good people go see it yeah. I mean this isn't against them cited Lisa made up. Real rocky thing it's. It's actually a fascinating story that I think a lot of people like to shut their brains not to you know you when I work in in. Kind of more central to it yet so is little hard to step back and see that it's fascinating to the point where. You know Chris a couple weeks ago sat down with eight documentary film crew. Who's looking into its patent and they are not necessarily sports people the last documentary they did was a bulk mammograms and breast cancer. Well liked but they see this as this. Fascinating. You know the story that involves. You know legal issues marketing issues a public relations at. You know it's it's kind of a crying people plus had failed a course for its yet it exactly and so. You know I varies some drama there it's hard for us there. Think about it because it's been such a big story right here at it yes dumb to death. But a year from now two years from now I could see what people would look back and go pretty wild thing with an amazing ending. What about that techsters mentioned for casting doubt Christopher McDonald. Always shoot Gavin. Oh my gosh yes. In Happy Gilmore had a great choice reattach it probably right around them the right age now guys that it will have only a moment came out 21 years ago today really just kind of guy that. Yeah I just slows things they came across on its on online look around your head so yeah. That's it exactly like oh my god yeah because he's that's got a big guy to like it validating physically you can buy it. It's like I'm a little bit and could be really good like it like a whipping boy got big wanna panic is that when you watch on tiller. Until the screen and an ego maniac like ago you'd see an eight plus as is left arms just a bit longer than his right. That athletes I think it is gold jacket Alex in the car casting the Brady movie Aleks. They're doing it let's apple. A blood James Woods. It down. James Woods. And Howell K. He he's. Plays. Griese ease penalties got you got the eight does right does look like only a little old James Woods is seventieth thank. Well it's Hollywood to Jamaica tomorrow and. Adds extra meaning they could probably figured out he does. Have the does look like I'm a little bit and he does have the potential good actor he can be that that bad guy that villain he's played that role the paths of AB. I think her out of McDonald those leader in the clubhouse and on the anniversary of Happy Gilmore. And if I would Goodell has anything to say if in order for the NFL to sign off on the rights of this it's gonna be like come. Randy and yeah exactly I was gonna take Clooney. Yeah I think I think that'll be perfect and he's gonna be cheered when he hands the trophy to Brady and Belichick indisputable that the fuel bill embrace of those same. We really respect to mr. commissioner absolutely 617779793. Settled get back the tax line as well at 37937. On Twitter at Chris maligning 44 and at Jerry Horton wind it's Lonny and port which you up until 10 o'clock Sports Radio WB yeah.

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