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Celtics needs and what might Danny Ainge do at the trade deadline?

Feb 17, 2017|

Chris Villani and Rich Keefe are talking all about the Boston Celtics and their needs to put them over the top and potentially win a championship.

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You too much at night on Sports Radio you. You guys. Sports are idiots WEEI know my. But the morning to get a lot of it night rich keep yours while I don't but I'm good Dario. Recovery yeah. That. Though I have heard that about making things then you're really feeling it now. I'm old it's 6 o'clock at night this is I now that it it's been a like the party just broke about an hour okay or not because it's the excellent the smell it's amazing you understand like athletes when an M course comparing myself now to world class athlete as arguments it happened right through the connection bomb but oh well when guys go sell it tends to be precipitous drops along with athletes these yacht off the table like it. I think the same thing with realizing when you go out and instill panic and Lee used to when he can't seem to me I don't know the exact date but it was almost immediately there's like one day. Yeah I watched vigilant after college college is probably the peak that it took 245. Probably still feel pretty good about it that one day you wake up my god the healing arts never going to be this I've extended my physical prying into my twenties a little bit yeah and I don't know it was one particular day August. Center right 2009 or something but I. I was able get a little bit in my twenties now my thirties though I didn't do it. Yeah you just paid the price the next day yeah you'd almost fell asleep in two different courtrooms that alone. It was a real problem were awake ready to go now. I'll like to get to Celtics take on the bulls tonight is just turn into the trending now top the hour Friday by AT&T mobilizing your world. And this a pretty interesting game here at key firfer few reasons number one. All of a sudden the Celtics are the hottest team in the NBA. When eleven out of twelve. All of a sudden the aunt and I'm not going to the point of the Celtics are are right there at the cavaliers in the standings they ought to an app back yeah. But he Cleveland team. They explain LeBron a ton of minutes it's without Kevin Love for the next six weeks. Maybe a little bit of of a chink in the armor there are slight one at least. And if you're looking in the Eastern Conference landscape that's overly favorable. To the Celtics in general. Another plane the team to get Jimmy Butler. Who I don't know how you feel about Butler I think he's got can be a great date in a lot of places the Boston certainly one of them and all of a sudden with a week to go before the trade lines at trade deadline. The idea of while you wait till the offseason you get at top pick where is going to be for Brooklyn go from war consult its way to get a right now in the future. He got I don't think that it is and I know Michael all you know all afternoon all week long. He is more convinced. That it's a possibility they could make the finals you know he's saying net that Cleveland could be gotten this year I still don't see it yet you go back two years ago. LeBron James and the cavs. Know they finished in second place in the conference they finished second front seven games of the Atlanta Hawks. And then when it when it comes to playoff time they just whacks that it was there was even a contest they go they ultimately lose the files in the finals. They had some injuries than last year they went the whole thing. I still think the bronze plane to Ohio a level it even if it was just LeBron parry Irving. Even if you want to Kevin Love doesn't cover what you it is a great player yet but he's not even there I still think they fall short that's why it is going to be. Such a tricky week. For Danny Ainge because. The audience and maybe make Iran sooner than you thought in trade away say the nets picked reading Jalen brown a guy just took it that three overall. Or do you say you know what the the the plan is still more long term and hang on to those guys and maybe there's a there's like a slight tweak you can make. 'cause a team this good chances are yet to do something you'd adult something to this roster so now my what are we let our rebounder like like a rebound Andrew Bogut. That tweak about what you two week I mean girls the well I don't know you have to give up together on terrorists were read like a rebounding specialist. Would be a two week because. By two week Eddie you're not giving up anybody who's in your rotation. Or. The nets that it be another trade outside of that which is doable deal at last year's trade deadline. Not a lot of big names moved you know the cavs at someone like Channing Frye that that's a two week and so maybe the Celtics have something like that. There's an inning that question I guess is in and it's intriguing tonight has course the plan boils and Jimmy Butler although that'd you'd trade talks rang him. Every single report has said that the bulls wanna hall for Jimmy bought what would it take to get him. And another addition this sort of balancing act that that you talk about Purdue any danger of this next week. Is the idea they. You've got a team right now that is a buzz sake of the team right now his role in Peru. Teams and in winning games on the road win games on the West Coast coming back home. Able to I get themselves in a position there two and a half games away out of first place even adding EE superstar talent. How much do you upset a mix that is working right now how much even if your editors to tweak right even if you're making just a smaller remove how much do you really wanna upset. 88 group right now. That is playing like one of the best teams in the NBA. Yeah Isiah Thomas said last night and I guess accorsi would but he said last night the Palestinians want to add to the team I'm sure he's gonna you know that'll help but I'm good with the we have right now. Plus Avery Bradley is supposed to be back after the all star break so that's another addition if you will salute to the team and that's. Little bit of the changed though that's homicides armor earlier in the season is after cavaliers game. Even saying in this is it a little bit different but he said something along lines. You know we're just not there yet yet exciting Alison we need and whether that was denied sending any change whether that was a nod more internally right maybe need to play better. He seems to have the how he's viewing his team right now seems to have changed the last. You yeah Erin makes sense of you went eleven twelve. You should be feel that way in and you see you do jump off that when he said that they are probably force in the standings are set you know for the work. And now there are kind of comfortably. As the second best team. But you can't just say I really like how this team is is going right now. Let's not do anything that I still don't think this is a group back in when the whole thing you're wondering stupid but if there's a trade available. Where you let the shake up the chemistry to get a lot more talent and then you have to do. There have been so many times where it feels like you know from the fireworks summer fireworks that turned out not to be so much where right you're waiting for. The Celtics waiting for Danny Ainge to make that big move with a flirtations with Kevin Love with Kevin Durant has passed Nazis and and it's never really seems to work out and really seemed to come through with a at least over these last couple seasons. If there isn't a move to be made whether the big move whether it's tweak weathered something in the middle. Over this next week unity disappoint very disappointed I think he should be. And understanding the fact that you need to teams to make trades at the Celtics need to find willing partners and do something its market to and adversely affect them. He bombed out the Celtics fans perspective if I think I will be 10 yeah now the trade deadline if these teams still looks the same they still have that feel like you said of the team that is good but you don't feel competent about them right now and yet that's teams competing for champion. Out of there on the outside of that group there that next tier down there and you make an argument of the fourth best team in the NBA should Wear whatever it is it is a league where easily one of the top two teams always win yet and right now there's there's three that can do it more probably looking at the third consecutive year of Cleveland vs gold state. In the finals. You know I think if you're being realistic about it you can't be that disappointed if Jimmy Butler Paul George to Marcus cousins and whoever else you wanna throw on that list if none of those guys are traded. You can't say odd Danny didn't give up enough to this knowledge he saw what it would have taken what do they don't get a rebounder. Shouldn't you happy and move yeah yeah yeah you know the polite about what especially if there's one that Mowlds right and and that's the failure if somebody moves these are all that it wanna give up. Terry rosier they didn't wanna give up their own first round pick and a couple years they wanted to do that. There aren't that aren't absolutely be frustrated because that right now is they ate pretty glaring. Weakness of the team immediately get every dollar practically every single night and that's something that should be available. Between now and next week. I absolutely love to its Brad Stevens said to I mean there's too shy and Randy when he asked him. Harry said yeah did you know that you're now the 31 ranked defense and rebounding team in the league. And he's earned point out whatever it is yes it would to me drop Utley. Yeah there's a hit it right at odds are he's not dead last how is that even possible via cell it's going to be kind of a fun week for Gainey into a lot of Celtics and bright ball to this category two. Are getting a little bit have got a little bit impatient with ancient thing going in to get the it's been waiting for the Brooklyn picked. Pay off to to something right whether it's going to be 88. Gets a point guard because that's actually that's obviously rappers that are this year at least or whether your packaging epic in trying to pull off something big. You're waiting for those kinds of fireworks speakers. Right now the Celtics it feels like they are at your peak what they are right now you might be either the defense team yeah the best team brightly but that's not enough to win a title. Not in this league not a seven game series right now even with Cleveland like I said shown some vulnerability. There's still one for the last ten or something like that audience can't help it cap that off now it'll be a lot of the good teams. League doubted they struggle against the best teams this year that's for sure are gathered there and you know guys missing in some of those games but regardless they they haven't been. Very good against them unit that's sans being patient and overall. They have been because you go from the taint year to a supplies surprise playoff team. Two last year disappointing but still you that you saw there there were clearly out to the wasn't any doubt there was you weren't check in that. That while the teams are doing down the stretch in their playoff team you'd like to see them when around this year they needed they needed to advance further but with the nets knicks. As one of those things where you make that trade it you know immediately it's a good trade you know the nets ago are going to be terrible. And evaluate those picks the Cummins yet the wait a few years for the next. But then what maybe you were prepared for you that need to wait a few years for those picks to be good. So Jalen brown for example might not be may never be good but. He may not be good for three years or you know in that thirty years when he makes that the John Ford and now you're you're so far removed from that nets pick that it's hard. The kind of stay the course because they take next year might not be good until. When he took when he boy and you know it's easy. What what's Isiah Thomas Dewey or for probably out corporate probably retired Thomas probably still good but not this. He's not even an MVP conversation mostly in four years probably sell what what is were the composition of the team you look like which kind of goes back to the idea of is there something out there is there a possibility. That they can put something together for Butler and and to run at this thing I Jimmy Butler. Egan a puncher chance against Cleveland this end users. I know it depends on what they give up understandably outright hate they keep Thomas. I think I think. No I really I just think Cleveland's that much better Paul George Alec more than Jimmy Butler so I would say that would give you more of the puncher chance and DeMarcus Cousins as a completely another dynamic that. I'm intrigued by Jimmy Butler is good. Very good but I Soriano but give up the nets picked former you know I don't know if you really if I don't even know if he makes that much of a difference. On this team did I give the Netscape were. If you look the nets pick not upset the rotation right now. I ain't in. Take shot yeah not to mention is not a one shot that have Butler right yeah consequently I was gonna make him part of that of that rotation going forty try to spends money it doesn't figure at the contract situations with their own guys out in the offseason a lot of moving parts as I understand but I would trade and expect from. Yet I think a lot of fans would but to me he's kind of a line like he's he's the best player that I wouldn't do it war. In so I don't know if that's what the bulls how much more they would even want because. They've looked like they are gonna completely rebuild and then they went out the solves these are about Dwyane Wade in and Raj on Rondo in civil what does this Tina right now there actually a playoff team. So that's another reason why you wonder are they still based on the appetite to trade away their best player in the guy that's going to be their best player for the next three or four years or. Do they say words you know now's the time we're or try to get the most in return form right now they wanna be stuck on that NBA purgatory. Telling the Atlanta Hawks respect in for most of our lives together again. Always the fifth sixth eight somewhere there's still an Eastern Conference distilled area but it's never going to be enough to really mount any kind of challenge in terms of the post season 617779793. Said the numbers jump on board taxes 37937. On Twitter at Chris Maloney 44 and at key to when he won the calls lined up he wanted toxic Celtics let's get to start with Matthews out in Oregon. Leads us last year much at night with Lonnie in Vermont and Matthew. Court's orders. I'm just saw him. When you're a lot of people are I don't know people are super on the bandwagon lately sir. You know TD run based off this. You know eleven out of twelve whatever those. Listen I actually Isiah Thomas's step it up. Another level this year applies I still think people completely forgetting how. Exposed he looked in the playoffs last year. A ticket so I don't do it but I just it. He's always going to not listen to dispose of my everything has to. So we still have a losing record. This season against teams that are that are winning records. And that means a lot more to me winning eleven out of twelve. I just I'm not a Big Ten regular season streets. I actually to be a supply of 120 people aboard a critical look at CNET right now I don't think you're about team I dislike you so they don't make any kind of moved this is going to be another second round lead to something like. Climbed out of London metal classic there are we're already ahead of schedule anyway. But I decided. Everybody's getting excited over a regular season winning streak and that it's too much right now. Well look I think this team. It was nobody's saying that there there title contender right now we're saying that next Echelon that next step down after but they moved themselves closer they're playing better basketball they certainly feel better about the way they're playing mentioned Isaiah Thomas's remarks they feel better. About we hear they are as a team right now but of course of course they need help and of course the overall record not only against winning teams at that we got one win against. The upper upper Echelon that out here yeah the landing in Toronto and the other team that brightly have to be. Why it in seven game series thing getting where in the Eastern Conference playoffs so those are reasonable concerns but that's why. The question comes up do they need our RD close enough that he superstar can maybe alleviate some of those concerns put them. All over the top and get them into the net puncher chance we're talking about in east. And the good news is where those you know the rumored superstars that could be traded and who knows how likely they are but the one that we keep bringing up. There are all undercut they're all young ruler there at least in their prime and they have years left so it's not even if as if you're selling out. For this season's team right you know you're not or even for two seasons this isn't the nets that when you fleece the nets. They say or bring it pierce and Garnett with Darrent Williams a couple of guys aren't Wendell thing right now. All that's a good idea but if you don't then you're screwed for the next bunch years that's not the case with the Celtics specially if it's one of those guys were talking about it's it's gonna be if they afternoon built around these nets picks. There's going to be a lot of decisions about what the rest of the the makeup and his team looks like how much you're willing to spend money now to go with picks that may not pay off until. Some of the money spent by road those guys are gone or those geyser not quite their physical primer kind of on the on the downswing. Of it's a five year contract. Josh in Providence up next hockey Celtics they Josh. They guys and social and medical appointment is settled so. Let alone talk about the whole incident helmet and it was the hawks little cutesy little. The number one of the guerrillas and then at about choking in the play out so. I think we've seen. LeBron whatever it. You have bad streak and receive and then invoked what else to temple combing. Door and asking now and then it goes to go visit should be LeBron and I income. We are missing one more piece I don't know what it is I think the big men would help. Rebounding is huge I think that and we'll look at and then another point is view talking. Well go to Netflix and everything I think this is really gonna show amusement and arranged by think this is really missile Hogan of the general manager used. What does double takes and we treat our leaders our thanks. While one peaking control unfortunately some medium point guards there at the top this year's draft right assesses the way we can go down. That's that's that's how is it meant you got to figure at least one trade would have to happen after that now you can always. Take the player than figured out yet trade running your own guys the way. Plus it's not like is good is he is if you're a contending type team. You wouldn't expect that player balls faults are reduced to start right away this maybe he's a guy comes in off the bench. Maybe even you Yzerman certainly Jalen brown maybe expecting little more than that but that would be sort of the idea at least you won so what you're not one week from now. What are we talking about the Celtics doing overhaul tweak. Nothing. A week shows you three options week. Closer to nothing close to nothing sold it a big man fifteen minute again panic under. Yeah there rebounder yeah president Ali that's my that's my prediction that they need yeah they need everybody how that's not much that really changed the equation of the season. Say improbably same. Outcome they did not not at all to name does really well right now there's no guarantee ago a lot of us are probably saying fourth or fifth best team that yeah most but it's the Eastern Conference finals that is the wild success. I think. Yeah right now though the two seed so that's where you're projecting an ago but. Stevens doesn't want answers yet but most of the players on the team now or other than Al Horford does anybody write ball rather it was on some of those the gravity of Africa as a they don't know what it's like so put the put them on the on a team and at least get out of the first round of the pack that's kinda great unknown postseason success are at Alex spot niche on your phone calls were talking Celtics lie and rich keep. And analogy Sports Radio W yeah. Progress is. Yesterday it's one. Well don't you don't like the jets have never goods and Danny and this link and click. Unless wherever he wants to do I know if he does is go to. The decision to make the team better but. I'm fine with the guys we have now. Isiah Thomas liking the way is teams put together right now wins and 1112. Why does the applicable united it Clark crisp lines which keep which right now apple minds of voters get to momentarily. I text like 379371. Thought he'd settle this for me. You're saying to punters chance not punctures chance. I'd never ready punters chain with the punters should I have no idea of the harsher stance. It's always a punctures Alec got one big punch that one hit maker yeah and you Buster Douglas. It without your chance punters can't upon what is a public Johnson dale. Mean Ponce. I don't know them yeah I'll just the idea. Actually no idea texts are from New Hampshire asks her says the only reason I'd be at that Dini for not trading. Is I found out he didn't you retreat because at least the other team and that's and you kind of touched on this before. A lot of it depends on the landscape of of everything else I think there's a lot of Wheeling and dealing whether these stars complementary pieces or both. And the Celtics are left out of that allows you to look at the price tags OK what did when he yes or what I was always he worked what was he worked on the Celtics got to match that the Celtics could have been in on that. And that I think will open up the possibility for some disappointment at the Celtics sort of left out and a lot of movement. Right and that's why over the last couple years a lot of the same names of them brought up and then you know finally one of the guys who was rumored for so long it. Who did get treated with Kevin Love. You realize I had dated now that we've been in it they do not have an Andrew Williams two to put in the trade so that was not gonna happen. Other times though there's been really quiet deadlines or draft nights in use and well you know nobody was you know willing to move up there. That texas' request and just how good is the birthday party ended up into different courtrooms today is a fair guess firstly it's a fair question to pass the fair question that it was good news gated 32 birthday. Alex the cars we get back to the Celtics talking your phone calls that Alex. Yeah. Yeah so term I was thinking about the update and thoughts about. Who can win the championship and you know. A transformational. Players such as Larry Bird Magic Johnson. LeBron James Colby Bryant. Out there aren't any of those players about it. Don't eat it how I'm going to win the championship now. The Celtics got like he got a great Garnett. Ray Allen and Paul Pierce pierce was already. Out it is already shown that I can't comment by himself. Cannot eat out in a way because it just last year and he covered. But 82 player and it got awkward now. I I think that I'm not the addition of deep I don't think you're gonna win. Can't get the market content but maybe that'll actually you know how battle may help beat Cleveland to. Because the cut to the big guy and I know the only problem with content. Is this attitude that nobody like him because it's not like you know did you get something like that but. Perhaps that you played on a team that's gonna goat he made ill. Himself but he day. I think a chance I would take a shot with them yet and it goes back to my eight. I'm tired of watching his team sort of spin it's wheels experts will not fair they they they made strides they certainly happen on I'd wanna see this team. Become. 818 it's in that elite Echelon team that you talked about in context of winning winning a championship. Now. The kings supposedly want a ransom for. On someone intended there for cuts but he's also talked about wanting to stay. In Sacramento which. Then maybe if that's that's what he wants to do. Yeah but that's probably a Smart thing to say you know for a guy gets killed for everything he does anyway if he's like cattle wanna be here I have a good attitude the less than but it beat Italy's at least a sales they years for us if they. Signed on Max contract maybe just think that'll. They'll be fine they've said they're not gonna trade him but oftentimes as soon as a team does say that. That means there are gonna trade them or they will trade on so yeah I mean that would be a huge shakeup. Ball on the court in the locker room all of that but as much I like this team right now. They need somebody as talented as him to you know put them over the top what about the column the first part of the college primes you need that superstar championship. Yeah not many elite superstar 99% most teams do almost every time most of the title teams to Andy. But did to dozens of candidates and you look at them and they were still. Yeah of the next year I think for morals are spent walls was the defensive player of the year and all NBA player pills you know as a good player but that was the most. Sort of dated now a top ten guys even the mavericks' Dirk in the exact a six he had Dwayne wade in his prime Czech league career so. Yet typically Unita union that that superstar presence they don't quite have it right now nick in Maine once thought Celtics basic by nick. I'd want to hear. Look callers who made a point that I totally disagree wit which is that the hawks game plan by their comments. In to score enter key points in the class I think that's totally lost it's it's into the game plan again I think it comic when a limited doubt when Avery Bradley is out and when Jae Crowder was and a mother lost lumps. They know shooting and no spacing is Thomas had space and he's got to score. Which is why I'm rich I'm a little concerned about your desire to token rebounder it has to be a rebounder he can shoot. Because Isaiah Thomas need to have space on the floor he's not going to be at best. Yeah but I think if you of one rebounder when guys dedicated to rebounding maybe not your crunch time lineup but throughout the game. He assault for shooters on the floor if he's up there with or bird who's a not a rebounder. Say Crowder or Bradley or Smart or whoever it European pair them up for those guys. That's four shooters and you can get it you don't need five shooters I think that's a bit much. That's fine I can live with that but you got by the premise that they they were a better team in the hawks that they have their shooters on the floor. Yeah yeah I mean I I thought there we're gonna win anyway I don't pick yeah I don't want their guys get hurt I thought they are still go oh win. Thousands thousands factor of it. You know Isiah Thomas the eighties yet a terrible shooting percentage part of that was. Spacing of the floor he didn't get to the free throw on May be as much. As you would've liked him to Oregon and he got their good amount putt. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah at the than that that's true he's much better Marcus mark is much better. And then obviously the addition of Horford whether whether your Horford standard not just he's an upgrade over whatever else they had a year ago I'm becoming more ordered and yeah that's for sure and I think another advantage getting rebound or just another big guy. The last tandjung Al Horford. As of five but I the more you get him away from that spot the better he liked yeah he get a little bit of sort of domino effect there if you're able to add that big guy can play the pot and read they need a better Amir Johnson. Yeah everyone wants a while he seems like he can do but for the most party Kate you eat it alive rich man's Amir Johnson definitely needs a wealthy man Samir jarrah and that would work body need in my next on the Celtics are about. Present. And we're told the agents legally obliged not wanna come here. You mean we can they do all we can get one of the rules you know the talk a lot of players is going to be via trade well fortunately. Well which could put this number. Xavier in. I won't hours or however however as the second best player to change teams last year. That is of multiple animals are easily the best reason than ever signed. He was pretty good. At bats at times I'll Al Horford about a sign Albert church so. Each of us but you just you just said all they can't get a free agent and yeah did a couple of years ago I would agree with you but how can you argue now that they can freeagent. For outdoor opera house ought to outlaw oh look wouldn't you could play. Luckily he's gonna cook I would take Jimmy bought will orbit Al Horford every day it's what is what is my point is you're gonna have to make your trade. And it its target and yeah I agree with everybody because what are they looking at digital element or Monroe she switched what liberals are pictured them. That would school. The middle defensively here and everybody what are you will contribute what most walked to toward our order what you look into trading. The one of those tricks to damage to the jerk or torment or one broke and that would sort of decrypt it blocked in Britain partner. And those. Evil wanted to give way I would like to go about it. Before you let you know mortgage interest in the bottle. You great. Yeah I mean I'm a orgy air than Butler anyway but Allen Drummond are absolutely from a German spine and and I think the so this is. I idea that the Celtics can't sign that big free agent they can't yet. I hear that time I reject that premise I mean for one Horford and that's easy go to and you get most of the celtics' history. They haven't always been in positions. Took a lot sign those types of players because you also need to be able to offer a Max deal but that's that's part of it. And I don't know you can you can you can argue this one either way but there are at least in the conversation for Kevin Durant. So all they didn't get them so it was a do you say they can't get anybody's elevated Denham. But the fact that they were one of the finalists for the final three minutes then didn't lose out to it wasn't like Boston was an undesirable destination relative to another comparable team lost to a team won 73 games last year. Eggs and went the NBA finals. So he went ring shop and yet and don't know what happened to the NBA. They're a little bit different there there maybe I'd be most desirable place you'd be crazy to think that but they're not on the you know do not sign with analysts by the way attacks Italians punters chances and English term comes down from from penalties and that in no chance. I don't I don't know I'd I don't really care and I'm America first two with my veto all of my idea analogies to things like that shot a Watertown on the Celtics could trade for gonna John. Hey guys I don't. It or happy birthday Chris. There it knows that he you turned 49 last week and didn't pick it. Oh yeah. And rates up I love your prediction. That's. Gale Pollock so thanks to make that Rachel. My. Who. We're on the names. Jimmy Butler and market hasn't. And I will ultimately. While Georgia is little different. Those two in particular. Arctic Arabs are a lot of limitations. That don't necessarily. Who. Some of the weaknesses or exceed the Celtics the Celtics are they need to. Really great RBC that we are well look at these aren't defense in general. And I don't want to someone by armed Maryland's well. Would realty. Ticket are good tee and make it very. And nothing else he would make it their car competitive. Theories with clean. I don't weekly if we had balanced well I don't seek treatment coming in just likeness. And that's my opinion but I am. You are with yet. I would actually give up the Brooklyn pick. Albert and her older well why don't folks I absolutely out on the ideas and I keep profound a lovely guy at that age I would give it up for Butler alum Bob aren't ready to give about that perhaps he sought out. Well a bit let me tell you why because I think if I want to know well at state college. Unicameral. From Turkey. This year he would be proper. And he would be that ask and best big candidate wraps and I think our own that's exactly what they need. Victory. It it's fair value. I am considering. The the deficiency with the Celtics at this time. He added there's absolutely. No chance in nine I wish I had that happen again means we do it I wouldn't do it I brought you the best big man in the draft is a noted big men in the draft. This year yeah that I'm ending college game whatever was voice over a couple of years cares but yet you've seen them. At the sixers have and obviously to keep a front court he does like is rolled or want to move. But I don't know what it would cost and I certainly not going to the levels given a temper and 6177797937. Tax line their 4837937. Jerry importance coming in now at top the rich keep with you until then Chris line here as well sports ready at WEE. He's portrayed the I attacked Celtics drug force this first hour. Celtics and bulls tonight trade deadline one week away. I'm really disappointed Celtics don't do anything in next week we'll see how this trade deadline plays out you guys to win in on an all hour long we'll keep that going. With Jeff in Plymouth. On Danny and seeing should wait a little bit before making a deal he Jeff. They get power. So appropriate thing contact. You know on on your patient and keep on these menus to work. You know everybody. After the quote iron was basically. Criticizing. The Bruins for all the moves. And getting ready young players in not doing things currently an end and my point in the matter is that I feel you know like getting. And you know and everybody's perfect but I think that you know he's done what's right for the ballclub. He's brought and you know people that have. Has fit in choose you could I think that it took. You know how corporate little bit at times he used that. As cell phone struck out there O'Neal little bits and until this point would tell you that it's not your fault it's right thigh your eyeballs I votes not your fault they should call some kind words in there it's not false. Yes he doesn't want them to do. Well he wants to think about that's the thing is I don't. Nobody's asking you give up a lot for a rental like that you know nobody's now disaster for them to sacrifice the future if they have a lot of young players on the team right now there and they have a ton of traffic so there's no way. You can trade also had a way. Yet to turn a couple picks secretary couple players wanted to eat whatever and a big he could still be set for the future. And I think it in these types of situations. When you're dealing at the trade deadline it tends to be advantageous to the buyer. Which is the Celtics in this case if you wait until the offseason for example let's say Jimmy Butler and deepens the example. Well the bulls wait till the off season then there I'd be looking at more teams or cap space. Just more opportunity and then beckoned drive up the price because you have more teams in the next right now you might be able to get a better deal. Because somebody is of the feeling well we just we want to move this guy now. We just want says it's a move on get something that we can do so that's why. I think Butler monopoly where by the end of the trade deadline when Chicago gets blown away with an opera because. It way to the offseason let teams clear some space and see if they can get little bit of bidding war with few different teams wreck. Sell or Woolsey. But the idea of waiting for the Celtics. Not necessarily not out of there is deals being made there Kevin in the car on the Celtics and their needs he Kevin. I was going guys so long to get your opinion on a couple of statements and I would be disappointed also if they don't go movement would be more disappointed if you'll put his presidential election in a forest. I'm Greg Norman wrote I am a plumber. Following him for. Last year and I think we can get hurt that's Celtics uniform. With low. Get into the court routine to lecture given up too much as far as. Draft pick they wanted to dump salary. In the there are a lot. And I just saying you know that are trying to move for a year. And he pushed off of that before all week it will blow. And actress I think you can get harmful. To our true. Gerard Gauthier and young and effect on the sort this year these guys. Well this would be. That this would be rebounding tweak right. I mean meal yeah better yeah all of our own I don't know I don't I don't. Love or hate Greg Monroe I guess you'd be somewhere in the middle for me but yeah I I think could be a little bit more than that I don't think could be a complete chest throw away. Sex romp with a caller was willing to put. I wouldn't be it's a second round pick plots. Plus everything like that Amir Johnson to repko fill it bit them I want an actual asset in return they got what they did just. Wanna simply add on that seems foolish for her and saw that you sell your fan base Ottawa does the idea again that they're trying to get rid of him for a year. Doesn't necessarily mean that they're willing to part with him for literally any piece of crap that Celtics are back at the items in that but it terms of just filling the role. And he does it. David said he rebounding game and I did I give you some minutes he's big. I can move corporate away from the five which helps Al Horford just at least for the minutes that he's out there so I think there's a eight. I just I don't REIT I don't have a good sense of what the price tag for Greg Monroe would be yeah. I don't think you'd be I spent on more work and since it's more the other what the caller was saying let's go to Stephen Carney Steve. Guys listen doesn't matter that it's Jimmy Butler Paul George. That's not going to be enough to get over the top okay they need a big immediately got to find a way to get one actually. There's nobody in the draft this year they really go after that they'll make an impact on. A you know the clean. And other kind of stuck I mean you know you could ever popular due partly it's not gonna gonna gonna be brought local state or even possibly yet. And the other team that's great. Which Antonio election out. A big man they don't have wonder it's lately hitting a couple of ports and Kelly all of it shocked me because I doubt it but he is but he's playing great. But I mean don't joke regarding support a wide as well went well maybe trotman. OK that they could still look oracle will they get will that get them all that up to beat Cleveland. The U started out saying that there is they didn't use of these of the neither bigbie and I guess I do is yours. Well I mean we are all. I think they need a second scorer and an all star rebounder but doesn't necessarily have to be a big man. Artistry and scored when it yet I'm not say they'd be at Cleveland's jubilant and into. Crowd that the duke Crowder if you want to own line now on the continent Dudek and Israel will play its. It's the situation opinion. Many somebody that can block shots second rebound you know that the school tremendously but it gathered to contribute on the says that. And they don't have that you know they haven't and bottom line is replicated. Of course but it cousins cousins out more on how to delete it rebel planes Sacramento on a crappy. Then maybe get traded to a decent and I know that. While I thought on it is like it's a legal papers 'cause. When other teams winning the great play is pretty it's it would. Antonia do you easy Davis and you know and it's only the pacers only if there is got you wouldn't take deputy Davis don't want your bottom line come down surgeries and Antonio Davis who's a former player I know that's a human anti Davis he wouldn't take him you win big games or cousins. Pretty close that it. But just they need a big man and indeed but you don't want the two best pigment. Well get a spotlight on not on the cousins theater and meanwhile here and walked army was given no trade clause though does it no trade clause. You see it does yes he does and the other side it's okay because he does sell one and and the other thing we have that there's a state received but Porsche is well. Look at vote to change with the matter I I believe they'll still but the debate that we've gotten I think it will sink in salt may. I know is saying you don't need a big media but. You need at least a superstar and I. You're talking around in circles are yeah I don't entirely. Got a great I'd I've no idea what that was about. They need a big man they don't need a big mandated superstar they didn't they tell us Antonio Davis. Probably had the few few games there was a bad back from the dead to consolidate our position with Oden dale Davis has lately hello Antonio Davis. As far as Anthony Davis they're gonna trade everybody else in New Orleans before the trade absolutely. But he's a threat to us demonstrate the GM the treatment he's gonna trade owners but their arena you're out there. And that gives DeMarcus Cousins a personal I do not believe he has no trade clause I'd be shocked by that only like. Three players of four players in the league get no trade clause it's like Carmelo. Almost nobody has no trade clause to just playing the odds and I don't think he has no trade club we come here and and I'd send you get out here are very important is coming in that's rich Kieft. It's union that tomorrow afternoon near him again with Michael Holley Gerry Ford is going to be joining me coming up next we'll keep the Celtics calls going als toggle the patriots. And Red Sox as well would you guys crystallize in Vermont Sports Radio W the.

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