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Celtics wins keep coming, and is Marcus Smart underappreciated?

Feb 17, 2017|

Michael Holley and Rich Keefe discuss the Celtics after a win over the Sixers.

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The race that dale and Holley show went on as well please. Eight more years. Could be in the field you know. This is that slaves. England tale Arnold Michael holly and Ritchie could add though are we can't figure out on bacon cheeseburger now. Our big guns interest so that easy on the WEEI Sports Radio network. To. Today so you could still Hollywood keep bill off. All week long. So Polly in chief and a deals and a Monday as well to put a hiatus while 100. And on here this is the real he's really in Rome yes I'd see the pictures and let Photoshop. He's tech savvy enough yes. Yet he has an while admitted he's not he knows he's got a guy he knows if that's true thanks and commitment expressed scenario. So it's him trying to smuggle some drugs back into the country. Oh watch him. If those guys get there and flagged as Aetna dale articles never that I know that's heat that's why he can get away it is very punctual yet. Or punch from night when word knowingly bad that word for super early all the time. But I started at the work but it it's super early. With kind of hint of self righteousness. Well Michael you know I've Michael. Here it I was the first person here do know that and edited video that Mallard told a look at watches you wanted. And thanks for joining us a little bit little bit later that I would have guessed but the very laid back or not. I don't know if I've ever told you. Michael area. Maybe says. That vote go to follow it all I don't view that all but not my turn abatements and tells doctors. Stoller role. Yeah they are enrolled yet. It's about Claude Julien in Rome that stroke he's entered days off is done all those things that DOE Arnold region you can check mark there political Celtics followed also seeing. Buffalo wild didn't look like one of those you're all over it and it was a sloppy game that have left the key turnovers and about. Fifty journalist about what was going head to point to their own right that the number not more that it both teams that wanted to do. Of those ferries in this value of drugs that fight I don't I do now I'm just going towards Ortiz 44 turnovers in the game the hot it's ugly. And and they were struggling midway through the fourth quarter and in the kind of figured out might. Yeah right yeah. Over at the a road trip to come back first game at home that we went through the schedule in the all their first games back home after at least a three game road trip organs good teams so it was kind of I was the just the world little ball that led the spurs raptors and founder of the sixers. Not a very good team. I'll tell you the sixers are the sixers. Are the Celtics. Two or three years ago. Wearing you know in Italy and forty and 42 than I can finish 4042 weeks ago to a bad start. But. Next here the sixers will be a playoff team will be lakers' six or seventy. Really yes yes yes yes I like them elect her talent. I open saying I'm on prevents immensely a lot of tough break you know you'd like to see you revealed that the the plan Agassi played this year who knows. Know Joseph well indeed last night which is too bad that's ago on the city. Too little local four no nothing no law that lets you know that asks. Here's a side yeah he's got to come out saying I know the trading deadline is a week from today one week one week from day and today NBA trade deadline. And and you guys going to be all over the place they wanted to get this guy wonder why didn't they get Barca. Why don't they give up number one pick Paul George on to number one pick for bogey parents that you have the number one pick. For Jimmy Butler I like the team. I like this team yeah. And I don't let it you can always make some additions. But not. Give out number one pick. Additions. It's give up first round pick in first round pick but not the Brooklyn. I don't think anybody you could there real call for another call for but I'd like this. What what we continue to call for the Brooklyn pick in the Celtics got to do something when they won ten of their last eleven games. All 1112 now and so I like the team. What what's I let the team to play. They're I don't think they're the cavs the warriors of the spurs but. Maybe they are in that next year. So they can they can make trade. And that's the beauty of the nets picked you can love this team and guess what you have to take that much away from a usually if you're gonna require a Paul George agent in Butler. You get a deal all your guys are period opens a guy like that the Carmelo Anthony deal years ago with a nugget they are the entire team the knicks did to get them. And that's not really the case eager to make the salaries match but you get to give up that that potential number one overall pick. Because you need to add to this team now maybe maybe you don't think so cause you already figured they get to the final I think again I think a lot of people don't if you don't think they get to the finals of the U. To be open to a trade. I have yet to be open to a trade but not these tree nuts these you don't this guy VE trade is what. He's on he picked definite. And and you tell me yesterday you believe those guys can. But the Celtics over top others don't guarantees of any of it but I think someone like Paul Georgia if they give a better China says no guarantees but if you even see it on paper. Well they looked devastated on paper did you know paper don't make the trade move teammate that you're better than LeBron James a carrier yeah they're not very few. And a it would have to be something dramatic it would have to be and we talked audiences like Anthony Davis. George Collins and international missiles on an entry town's New Orleans. Isn't going to know nor should trade Anthony Davis. Oklahoma City and Russell Westbrook you know something. Yeah right all these got to beat the guys who were available and it'll be somebody that surprises us but that's the one thing in the NBA over the last temple season's. Is there's always some of smoke around a player. They usually get Dell's doesn't doesn't seem to happen you know if you're even last year negate your motion around ski. Or like two years ago wrote it would Kevin Durant Lisa Michael are the warriors no audible at home but the body the way out front of that. Guy is. I think he has corrupted and compromised. All the the email all the technology in the NBA every team. Yeah he's like the 800. It was sitting cardinal because that's who is Joseph and it. They were hack came out rats answer commodities GR I about Houston. Those chieftains cheater cheater one shooter as an analyst Aaron. Yeah he's he's got all the different is they're doing it even easier hacked into your system or. Is bought us about your organization. Their all into birdie I was there eighteen you beat to plugin. Just use the question. A direct result of his eye of doctors see this tweet. Wash their roster and their report team was recently. He said. And it was Portland. That you know where quart per sources via Portland is gonna make this trade. And that. They. Have. The franchise blow it up well. And I pay the raptors the raptors have acquired Adrian and the raptors are required surgery bucket in the rafters. Yeah we can't we are we are getting this guy we can confirm quotes two week. Raptors let you know weekly outlook problem we deal mama I think it was that I was out so. We're we're talking about it but to me because they said the Celtics have improved. Isiah Thomas is better than last year. What was all that I actually went to well that's nice euros while I said because they don't like image at the next level of dumb reasons behind yeah they can take on the cavaliers. Isiah Thomas is better than it was last year. Didn't have Al Horford Lester Hobbs. Al Horford he had figured yeah US you miss for remembering Al Horford is basketball's red line. Thought I. Nothing you. And here's the one thing and admit that we saw last night and we've been in it for weeks and finally I need to acknowledge it. Markets mark seed as I Lama. I heart. Markets are a terrific Brad Stevens says the ease you know. What is best games of the season and it's stretch that lake has had in his career year three for Marcus Smart. You know the sixth overall pick in the draft high expectations now that does the draft that. Celtics fans that unlike college basketball or watching more college basketball they had says let him dump it right you're there this is. They're gonna get a guy they're gonna get Williams they're gonna get Parker they're going to be. On the at the sixteenth. And that is our who's going to be available there and it really wants that the draft was going on here looking at understand. Probably going to be Smart or maybe Jewish Randall whose rental Mobutu got your thing and I like Smart unaware did you did you like him come out of college no I. I did not I'd like him coming out of college but. When they drafted him mister OK are you drafting market Smart and you already have. Yes I'm sick of say it I admit you've admitted to and Rondo right. Guarding Rondo they elect guards accused shoe and they said well all we can play these guys you should know. Can't play them together played together for a little bit but ultimately used to take market Smart and you have the idea that you're moving. You're moving Rondo it was at the same year they drafts Martin's at the same year beginning of the thirteen fourteen season where Rondo. Fell in the shop more yeah he felt a shower when most athletic guys. Shower injury there's also Tripoli in park vague but it blew a shower was deterrent. But they said it was a big rise in Asia are they shouted. Doesn't get an presidential power. It's huge it's a huge job I've been here ever at the time talking about this saying here's professional professional athlete how many showers in this case. Like that outage hours awfully agitated it was thousands of into the thousands. And he wiped out hurt himself as a today hopefully you really don't know you it's my grandparents great grandparents that. That is that not gonna Joan Kennedy at Seton there. That's right yes or vice chair there and it's a lot easier for the can't stand apple. They sit down gives the washing so put out but by with with a lot of all the horrible guy. Well I get slippery. It and some people prefer a Matt some people Wear like a sandal. Ehrlich a shower Hsu at John Rundle in the shower and when these in the shower now broke and and he was how. For weeks. The guy we know who has had fits in the locker room before you throw an Ice-T ball nicely polished living things at a team unity candidate Edward elegantly but he slipped in the shower. And broke his hand so it anyway ever early part of your question without port America's mart nor was mostly to party you were early to it. While you play an important statistic in my market Smart I have yes I have pretty consistent I have but. You know some nights it's easy to defend them or united defender to this in Belgium and and other nights like well. Off about what about his defense he's great offensively could. You need to be a better. Score a more consistent score like it because there are others but the you can average ten points a game. Prelude he's got to make that next job he's gonna have to use Russia in the NBA today were every team scoring in the hundreds. You gotta if you wanted to be an all star type player he's got to be eighteen points a game. Or more extreme temperature. Good question. So with. We had and I told him I told Muslims feel it yes I did I remember TJ from Fall River. I called a couple days ago and shared. That markets mark. Is like a smaller. Dreamer and journalism is averaging ten point 2.2 point two points a game now. I would look back to last year were you averaged fourteen. And say that the lemmings little more sense because he's averaging ten and on a team that went everywhere pump. So little out here even fourteen if the markets Murray right maybe eighteen time. If I'm usually gives you thirteen of fourteen points in that's fine. Because. Games like last night in Hanoi at one point. Does not really with him out here since eight steel heat steals one off the team record. And some of the passes that he makes some he just say the outlet pass over the earlier in the eased somewhat full court. He's the the way the way people talk about now. Like the Celtics media. Until about Gorman and used now I think they're very defensive. When it comes to Al Horford to talk about Al Horford the Bristol and markets mark the moment they get very defensive buddy do well that's because Al contracts. Into out of that ball let those people on sports talk radio city. He immediately. Made nodded our view topic today. It's all of that guys follow Sports Radio guys on understood and what their thing here. The lie in a lot of the year. On sports talk radio came from a collar yesterday who said quote for a 113 million dollars I need more than I do want to sit at a and I know about that I call you try and Al Horford very good player. Kate you know ask more album yes. Yes of course you asked if Hamas or reports. By the American ports might not know like the team and I'm telling elected to name of the team IA. I think he can give you more than twelve and five are going to be more on. That. 56. I'm I'm just really wearing myself out scoring yeah it is taking me away from my rebounding can score let's read more. Yeah B 858. Into well I'd be happy. Ate into well it's well. A 20 are we took in 1210 and 1210 cents. You aren't related to adult level at park and perk was that but some white boards while that Bagram and at least one moving screen again file. Trials every stick it to medals that the record those yes foul it and it was album but now markets mark. What is the ideal role for him late right now there's been this stretch where he's played really well and Avery Bradley hasn't been a part of is Marcus mark better off coming off the bench is better off starting alongside Isiah Thomas. What's the ideal. Spot for him at if this team that you truly believe is a championship contender. What is it what to Smart have to do. It depends on how Avery would deal with analysts. Crazy answer. I theaters for an audience and up field event to that too so attachment to Clark. Market Smart strike the kind of guy who wouldn't mind coming off the bench. So be it might come up event's history now if you three. Also that's in my camp vents in them humbled. Shaky and I don't know if Avery feels like any disheartening and I need to be and they didn't read them. That they both don't mind coming off the bench at the market's march start. Like that I like the difference in size. Of okay of ball to your guy. Like smarts or in an article with eyes on yeah. Ideally I'd like to start by. If Avery got trip over. Avery gives you more offensively. I think Smart are necessarily more defense in their Avery Bradley is all NBA first team grill her defense are both great defensively put the energy is off the charts and Smart. So as always. Even when he's not playing well. Are you bring that every day. And sometimes you could you make argued that's better to come off the bench to get your starters they go out there and now here comes the anger comes you know crazy energy guy order. You know the Celtics have been a team. Even this year where they've had difficulty starting games you know they've they've you know dug themselves some holes that come Arnold flat navy guy mark Smart helps prevent that. Also you know it would Tracy's around the corner I don't know if they would trade either one but we spent so much time talking would you trade did the nets pay equity trade. You know of the their own ticket also stuff here rosier. What about who has more value in your mind Marcus mark or Avery Bradley. Avery Bradley probably has more value but as I told you I'm not interest him. You already fatigue I'm not interested in trading doubles guys about what it would actually markets Smart and always want to do this you've got one. The bowl got a like news or we want. We know that Iraq entry the nets pick. But will take a a future celtics' pick. Future pick and not a lottery pick the futures WOK if you play out with the eighteen Celtics there aren't and Marcus mark. And Jerry Butler yet I don't I mean again would moneyed of these somebody else but just the that's the that's the principal piece which you do that. Intelligent managers injury but I applaud but I'd much I. I do that okay. Let I liked the guy like him a lot like the team the way is constructive and what they need is not available and at an okay. And I'm not talking about superstars. Do they need a superstar shore it's not gonna happen to have acquired Leonard trade and haven't been district almost. What they need. Besides a superstar. Is just the glass eating freak. Tristan Thompson's cousin Tristan Thompson's cousin who is not dating Kardashian go to great army and all this focus. The print out from often leave a cup matches alone just focus on reback yet that it but we'll check out. Is he available. And what about it at the trading deadline at all the prices go mono is the opposite of you know bargain basement deals people start to get greedy. As you get closer to the deadline well hey look. Of Orlando Magic got a first round pick and Terrence Ross. For Serge Ibaka who's in his contract year he made out of retirement in the upper trumpet so we need a first round pick for this specialist. They need a specialist. What's the cost of getting that. Hurled a while urged him I am very yeah very I'll take them. What about Kenneth Faried. I don't know if he's even on the low on the blocker not a big Denver tomorrow teams fighting for the explorer are out there there yeah there were three teams he's game yeah says he's been Mac group or the odds are there in that group and only is that an ankle injury right now but. Talk about it specialists that back guys one of these either rebounder yes that's exactly he would love is not more doubt I would take that. For sure and maybe the asking price is super high another guy and the nuggets. We did mention this yesterday to build Gallinari. You're apparently is his father waited an absolutely committed on the Celtics. Thanks data the data I thank you battery in there you could say yeah aren't among them and just. I don't think he's either those guys. That all the guys who retention and that the fans are crazy about. You know whether it's Paul George or or Jimmy Butler scoring produced and help the problem Jimmy brought Butler. You know rebounds well for his position but still not that you're the top. Paul George rebounds well for small forward yeah delinquent six I have rebound as a minor. Really a team lead here getting later and a surge of soccer league the great surge of rockets and rebounding. And we found out we found out the great surge of pocket costs and that was Terrence Ross and it first from panic. Which won't be in the lottery says some time it's a rental but a player like that's of sort of baucus said that at the bar kind of there. The Celtics. You think should be willing to do that terrorized the market Smart I'm not traded for almost anything really wanna hang on him but that you looked out on the roster. Terror rosier. I think you have to traded but is this. Isn't there a lesson to be learned here I mean just as we've got to be honest. You said now you you like the public. From the start markets are coming yes Oklahoma State you see this guy out of all Smart choice that's a Smart surround a Smart man aren't you liked it yellow and even though there was some ups and downs yet announcement. And and even now. They. Here or by any means. What you saw something in him and you and you're glad the Celtics in trade him to zero is in his second year. And I think the mistake and it had a couple friends of mine where and texting going back and forth. Danny is an idiot property not trade 00. Picked I picked. Don't know enough to bottom. If we if if the Celtics had traded and almost went out there who have demonstrated. Pull off a. If the Celtics had traded markets Smart. And that in the first month or first two months of his second year yeah units at odds could trade. Ball Alyssa would get formed. I asked the big difference now is a complete unit and see it it's not that would have been like you know you're just traded on Chauncey bulbs now that's without a volatile. Smart also came in with a much higher pedigree that answer rosier as you are still a first round pick he's talked to when he picked an autopsy when he picked in a dragging on without Durham and then have a not that great I mean sometimes it doesn't always points yet an orgy hotter but what do they traded him a year ago. Today that is totally be thrilled if NC double team maybe. Let me tell you something that Orlando was asking for I think Orlando like Terrence Ross I think I think they'd like they have acquired him at a first rounder to Ross they're normal rotational player than rosier if they're asked right now so they're asking for rosier yeah. Then they see him possibly the same with the Celtics Ian. And unlike. The way we're looking at on Saturday there's some battles there and pageant is about you there's a magic like a wealthy what is still to basketball teams got them out of the magic in the self that's there. Are certain Celtics are 617779790%. And it's your phone calls NBA trade deadline one week. From today three clocks are work work coming up on almost the exact. One week away mark. Of the NBA trade debt level the Celtics to ending Michael Holley says they don't meet him he's as they could still make it. To the NBA finals and that your thoughts enter Carlyle to don't have an answer at that you know that is that Carlyle to go and have a near corner. Our legacy here are your thoughts on this are coming up Dell off today so it's Ali keep Sports Radio W media. No doubt today college Sports Radio that you meet you guy Fogg itself which we view one week out. From the NBA trade deadline Celtics. Second place in the Eastern Conference two and a half games behind the Cleveland Cavaliers. Sell the one for a row and eleven to well. Which is very impressive last night as predicted by Michael Holley is gonna become an ugly game but they win nonetheless. And one of markets mart's best games of the season and that's where we sort of start talking of this team is gonna make that that leap for Odyssey Al Horford. You know Agassi and Jalen brown are the additions personnel wise to the team. But Isiah Thomas has gone from all start all NBA. And markets are an all star by any means but a either more proof player than it was a year ago. Art that the mayor let me ask you and I'm going somewhere with this question to go somewhere. I journey here every other book but got a very brief journey direct will get their very quickly. You said eight you know Avery Bradley's and all NBA defensive player you agree that yes slowly deservedly so yeah. I'll markets Smart where do you put him defensively compared to Avery he's right there right there with Avery yeah OK I don't you've got. Avery Bradley to guard. Who can really lock people down and you've got markets are what you call one to. How Bogart Bogart he split or what are this year our bodies into a lot more of it early in his career casinos that convert to use an off guard in high school. The bit at what point in Oklahoma State which is gonna help you know he's not super tall so is gonna help his draft stock. This first appears it would do a lot of that right right now he is he's doing that although the morning with Evan Turner gone PS to run the offense when Isiah Thomas is and then there is much so combo guards. And the strength of the team. You at Isiah Thomas defensively that is that's not always an Obama guy averaging thirty point game had a dirty again last night yet. So the strength of your team. Is in your guards to let up there to say yeah arson so let's let's. Let's look at the cavaliers. And nobody I don't care if you think you have somebody who can match or LeBron your fooling yourself. Atlanta on a while ago in Atlanta and Toronto first when. Atlanta was the number one team in the east took on LeBron so DeMarre Carroll he can match up of LeBron. And any better they got swept. OK even if you don't Mari care to our candidate went to Toronto. Played. Raptors in the Eastern Conference. Got DeMarre Carroll. It. And Ruben Patterson's say you like the Kobe Bryant like Kryptonite is the Colby start all these guys particularly in a who's who was the why and where LeBron is comparing himself. Jays the pennies compared this guy from Washington who was it was. John Stevens saw the shot for shot at immigration laws yeah I think they don't I don't doubt my premise that good rivalry I have a whiz nobody can deal with LeBron now. Agreed you try to throw Crowder out of hope for the Dodgers second best player cavaliers is higher. So tell me you've got to all league defensive guards yeah. In Calgary Irving is gonna do was think pled not at his normal level if you really have a lot of confidence in Avery Bradley checking Kyra we Irving. And or markets mark check and write out in the the office and I hobble Kevin Love to at least yet at least how I got even. Right right I mean you have to admit those great as some defensive players are in the league that the best offensive players usually yeah right. That is a retiree a that we weren't scores are on the basket yeah right maybe it affects the overall game especially in his series debut could Wear him down a little bit. Yeah I mean I guess you you have that cold for a but. Still in LeBron James it's. Brought to excellence both LeBron but this is ignored have a good what do you look back at the world onside got about god that's right he's gonna do was saying he's gonna average. 303030. Plus in this series he's got an assist he's got a race and I'm not even. I'm not gonna say got a guy who can deal with them although yeah surveys very interesting. I espn.com is in Boston played its conduct on and they had a list of all the moves that a team could make. You know your team knicks Celtics raptors nets sixers each division so there is a division division trade talk Carol it themselves to be put doctors Celtics hitting a lot of picks and maybe wouldn't be Smart for them to trade for anybody they're playing good basketball on and on. And again to Bradford Doolittle. Great name partly Bradford Bradford Doolittle. As familiar with his work. I was neither until he got my attention with this. So what the Celtics cash a good word the draft laws. For years we've been talking about how Danny Ainge has Boston perfectly positioned to swing a blockbuster acquisition but the Celtics. Are playing so well now they are better off making more that targeted acquisition and Gerald Green and has answered I had my guys your guys Gerald Green hasn't been too dynamic. Embossed in might get more utility out of a better defender which on this team I prefer to be more of a wing and a combo forward. What would it take to get. When he Allaire and the way back on the job at all. They have an interesting thought. You came back. That. I go there of Tony Wayne. And our great player. Great defensive player. Yeah I'm. That Tony realism. He. Well they need any more non shooters. Sir. That the problem. They need Tony Allen I don't think Gerald greens in your factor you I don't know I hear did you ever did heat that when your playoff game. By reggae. With 1818. Gerald Green right a year might bring out is going crazy Cheryl clues. The important and today yeah I don't know. I think there's more likely candidates that is is is bringing his banged on what's is that he has on a line on threes off buying. Got to know none us that's Gorman got yeah well. And harvest yes. Maher gives me good yes yes on the court Kevin Harley you don't and then. No regard for my. Are embedded in his bank it's that it's bang bang good james' New Bedford he joins us next with that James. I gotta adjust shortly not today was a Maloney nine. So the they turned him down come on out. There are about that kid that's on our that was as or rain has done or what. All the right questions as to all its policy to go really slow and I don't I don't know what they're not collecting them for Sandra the but oak which public courts in interpreting this and since that the address. Wouldn't think that straightened him document the first round and also try to get well look we're moving players around him each actually work simple. So it's a Lil bush digs you would like to Google's more. Our local support from the decision command put it or get out what to support. Your doubts two. He doesn't read about it but you know they don't all you should rebound he got you know what happens something's going on with with with that kid and no I don't yes people in Philadelphia say on this one on these terrible back at pictures oversimplify it right thing deeper. He'd get off to a good start last year numbers wise pretty good season. But the fact that they can't give them away and they don't wanna play him yeah. I think we'd be naive to think the you know guy like that who was on the bench in Philly. In can't play if they're not rushing him they they don't think they're going they're gonna win the championship and now make the playoffs. So they can easily play him and they don't. Yeah I so I don't want something from them. Now it's it's surprising is what a couple of years ago. Are there are some of the trade rumors on draft night that even a local member overboard name popped up behavior Celtics know all of saint. The year that Okafor was drafted I'll go back two years ago. So before we even look at NBA player is going to be. There was some thought that maybe the Celtics would. Move all the way up again. Pederson. And then that hasn't happened and then. He's just gotten worse and worse you'd have a log jam of big guys if there Oliver healthy there. And he's got though he's at the worst stock I mean they're not gonna trade impede. Girls and while they might move but it would cost you now more than jewel for rent and now a lot more which Okafor are you you don't have to give him much to get him. So let's say you are here to give up nothing. Or essentially nothing would you even want them okay short nice guy I don't think he's back good DeMarcus Cousins personalities eight if you. Isn't well I mean I'd only gotten the fight here below last year happened audited. A bite out of this thing. There's been a couple of incidents and believe woods a little before now doesn't have the track record at the Marcus Cousin says. You wonder what what else like watching you play is it is it just because he's not good at. It isn't talent why losers or other thing that's that's preventing impetus of that I don't have gone down in year two. Surprising to see that from a kid in his second year. Like India won a junior at at duke. So because they because he would be. Like a guy like. C'mon you just can't give up on a player that age and you know I'm wondering if could. Love that you love the Celtics team and I think it's understandable of this team. It is now is eloquently if you bring in somebody like DeMarcus Cousins you know there's a chance that it shakes. Shake the foundation however the talent might win now and then might be worth it Agile mobile format you to bring a man. Did as I was locker is. If I don't care about that because if you get them for essentially nothing benefit doesn't work out just move on sales flyer or destroyed it's just in the sound. Winning give up the Brooklyn pick reading give up by anything of value we want to see if the guy can still play all we can't good good for us he can't move on. But again as a Colorado he's not a rebounder so you put it with a Horford. Yeah makes. Now he had to the two big guys on the floor. Not rebounds we'll stick and Els gone he's got thousands and most of those young guys I got iTunes. Or there are more your phone calls coming up 61777979837. At holly key sports rated a BB yeah. Got it got. God. So got it yes yes Marv gang green. They've talk radio. Yeah Pena hey Terry I'll part inspired mad love mark the start. I love that that transition three I feel like this could be it exam inexact. His percentage from a foot or two behind the three point line is better than right on the three point line. It seems that when he's got afar he makes more Bates knows it's again I don't I don't have stats. But. We'll look at the will look into well we've well effort that. Let's go back of all for now we have stepped out in Worcester who thinks poly is ridiculous so we moved senate to the front line looks upset. Yeah. I I don't know what you're watching and I don't know how long you've been watching the Celtics listen. I'm I'm a big fan of the team. I dole I think Detroit or Indiana could beat him in the first round and you're talking about they can potentially. Get to the finals are. Why why do you think Detroit and and it what do what do you see from the pistons so far this year and the pacers haven't pictures of lost it last what 54 I lost five straight out what. What do you see from those teams. Here's what I see from the pacers they have a diet Paul George Cole. Who took a big shot maker and bacon played small. To counter. Hours are small lineup where Al Horford at the fire. And I think it you can play small against us and contain Isiah to some extent. You have a chance to win. A series. No you know this is biased and I think instead we just and and hearing you say it that way. Well we just haven't disagreed as our basic disagreement on how how this thing works because. What are you trying to tell me that is routine contains Isaiah. That you have cities that the lights of markets mark Kelly who met Olivier. Jae Crowder and children to read court gonna make shots to keep the defense. Audit license until mr. Dolan wedge to about Avery Bradley and Al Horford but there but everything. You have not played in the last when he game and yet and yet they've won eleven of their last twelve in the team and and that's. It. So okay regular season so I guess I was gonna have to project forward just you're projecting an I'm projecting but I am trying to right now as the Celtics. As a number two team in the east Tennessee Indiana at number six or number seven. I see Indiana losing their last five and I see the Celtics won their last eleven out of twelve political and forward. A what up I'm not try to tell you anything about repko and trying to tell you is if you are saying the team has got to place mall. I think that goes to the strength of the Celtics now you won a gold Icrc. And you say hey you sort team out there of about your promised. If if you wanna go bigger and say this team has some some tough rebounder. I would agree with you that the Celtics would struggle with struggle with the bigger team I don't think you'll struggle with the teams that play small like they do but I'm. My wife is when you play a lineup out there miles turner died young. On all George. CJ miles. And what some major seat on the floor. That they formidable five active again if you can figure out how to keep I had in the twenty to 25 grade high volume shooting. I'm not convinced right now regardless of what. Stats are telling me that we have shooters on this team. Located overcome I did Thomas not playing out of line the game play. Did you watch template in the fourth quarter now the ball stops will be completely which is antithesis to what they do. Then goodness gracious I. Am all yeah. Yeah Rick I think you've to you've done a very end and things are girls that I think you've done a very very clever trick. Where you'll say. Well that's a regular season. Let's see what happens in the post season on one hand to do that danced danced toward the future in the postseason that Kimberly argue against something hadn't seen we're both projecting. Well at this point we've seen Isaiah the last couple years in the gender play so so okay ought to Tuesday may not admit I don't think might happen but it does that. Comes back and says well. Let's talk about what I've seen in the regular season. Yes you know football has stopped moving which doesn't it does in fact there's so it's great ball movement so if you want to but the red if you wanted to but the post season. I can't argue something that hasn't happened yet. Democrats are despite what the regular season. The Celtics won 1112. How the pacers have lost a lot last spot well after regular season. What are now worried about pacer. Which brother of Paul George miles turn Jeff Teague that is jump CJ miles an hour Isiah Thomas Avery Bradley I'm assuming he's going to be back. Markets Maher Al or project take that other thought this guy's zone in the pacers pulled George Best are the floor I think at a Paul George would be the best for the four in that series. But the Celtics auto as a business we're here. This year and I got it isn't it a better player than Isiah Thomas is here I think it's been about a short and I did them better here than. All but three guys may be right so every he has been but the playoffs. It's an odd I'm optimistic that Thomas will be better in the playoffs this year because in fact he's been so much better in the regular season this year. It's so I I and also. He's scores it's just. You know the shooting percentage is down it if he's not as good late he had lemons go to small sample what is it ten games right he's played in the house of delegates they have swept the first time I swear I don't want seems lash against Atlanta so he's played ten playoff teams the Celtics. Still put not a twenty something points but I Anderson Erica and way to. I they're attacking them especially. You know you look at the the teams that have done it well Cleveland. Great defensive team. A couple of years ago didn't win the championship got here. A terrific defensive approach and last year. Atlanta. Pretty good defensively in the regular season. And and they were Smart they were Smart the way they played them in the Celtics have enough informed. Derided spring Billy joins us next what's up Brian. No happening out on. Logical pick a spot on what they would betrayed then we don't need to make any deal look for a bigger can rebound could not the only problem with this team right now. If we're not a 140 point tonight. And you don't have respect in that score in the line up at around Jimmy Butler. I've heard. Lou inaudible basketball with them earlier said all that straight though. The Brooklyn pick any regret leaf for Jimmy Butler I got it for you didn't but where will it is what. Averaging six point battered and Avery Bradley. I don't regret it a better out of it and didn't. And ask Ed. A oh opened sugar in them especially from three point land. Now look at bill. You keep it the way it is right now yeah we're told would not giving up a book and connect it to my health all. In trying to get beyond pretty next year old safety. No and yes our Brian do you think. You think Avery Bradley is a better player than. No I don't well I can't report but I don't think. Much will you go to Brooklyn I'm. I'm with you on that I I wouldn't I wouldn't throw that the netspective there either had at all let alone. With probably I would do houses does he said that brow these that are defensive player better shooter a better read about it he's the better everything how is not a better player today he would say is that play out. Only the only disagreement I have a Bryant is one thing one point one small point yet. And in this. You know the hole the shot it Lou and Lou and all of his basketball with them not really necessary generally basketball fans. Some fans of some sports and I went to hockey puck sometimes. They've had some sports. Yeah what do you got what do you moon yeah I you know I play I play. I will actually play a little junior's. Aren't. That passed it's it's it's freer than that it's freer all the laws or it's more inclusive c'mon how well we also heard color ask you. How long you've been watching at earlier in the week somebody asked me if I wanted to cut so don't let that. Got another dog out on those are liars out flyers aren't. It's it's an open community come one come all aren't. We'll continue here we have more potential of trade Celtics could make within the next week. As this that they're second place in the Eastern Conference but they're the number one team in Michael's eyes. At least as far as the east is concerned when the hearts through your folk all six of 77797937. Dale's also Inky Sports Radio W yeah. Hollywood heat coach dale today tails off all week long so it's been holing key fear. Hopefully that'll right. There and it also done all right. I think we've done all right without without our quarterback to quarterback is in Italy he is he's a fraud and now I'm sure we'll come back with some stories yes. In I wonder if you whom kind of fancy himself as an Italian and he thinks an Italian in Brighton yeah a touch of that Italian that cultures he can bring about whether to bring it to bring it back anything I don't. I won't exploit that. Well I'd say he you've got a long time do you think they will yeah remember Boozer finished. Well how. I didn't want it. Let's not do that little that you know he's saved for podcast I'm always yeah perspectives may not always. Appropriate well while you Oca. But that's that's in the span yeah the long time ago you know better than right either aren't dale is different now is that he's Italian did. Italian they also will see what happens he'll be back next week we started Celtics and there's a lot gets it with the Celtics when you see where they are. This season. Euro sort of different angles you can look at the the turn around you know when they had to rebuild this thing could you have imagined. When they first hired Brad Stevens that the couple years later you know yet if the one year where. Though there they're kind of a mass. But you knew that where there were headed he knew what the idea was they all their stars are gone. Then they eventually get murder Rondo so you're basically starting from scratch. And for them to now be where they are where you consider them an NBA contender concerned I think that next tier below but. Realistically they can be in the Eastern Conference finals and they have a week. To either you know keep the team stand axis is this is the group were comfortable with or. As everybody keeps pointing out of all the contenders for the quote with the top five to ten teams in the league. They have so much. Cash day awards it's that essentially trade off you look at some of the draft picks they have you look at some of the players' contracts that they have. They can do a lot more than say Cleveland or Golden State could. I you you mentioned you mentioned those teams I Golden State and San Antonio in the West Newton. And toward Houston just just for kicks him toward Houston as a contender I mean look at their record. Advocate James Harden James Harden is a great basketball player name and identity I record is backing it up too so I'm gonna put them in as a dark horse a clear of third you know you hated once San Antonio is close to. And a distant third his Houston. And then in the in the east mystic Cleveland is a clear one. And the Celtics are two and a half games back but they're probably not that close to Cleveland if you look at it that way yogurt. The Celtics. Are a distant you know where it's on my five teams. Five teams and what you think of the clippers I love. I personally love them but they have three really but there all the floor together they have it quite Iran and I don't wanna say it's injuries injuries. Take the clippers out of touch him and that's in the clippers' healthy. Yeah in just blow series. If era it evil doctor got there he ain't changed and got the owner. Out of the knot that he didn't respond to a but the owner was gone yeah that was a big part in changing the culture of the clippers yet but they still do really stupid things. Yeah so. No I don't believe him but I think the clippers can can win a championship you think it's five. It's five team so out of these so these are teams in three out west if the Celtics. Somehow someway. Got by the cavaliers. And it in the rockets got by. I have to around rocket off the rematch of the 186 final 86. 86 and eighty wander. Yeah when I are so. If that happened yet okay. Yeah like Genesis. Celtics vs warriors notion. Not arrogant I just don't see a scenario they can deal with the warriors right. Celtics vs spurs. I don't want to say no I don't like you don't like the chances. And what do stands like the I don't put Cleveland in the Golden State they're not unbeatable TE golden gate. Category. The ideal as it relates to the Celtics CNN Michael Holley is NBA. Five teams can win the championship in which keeps NBA you three know I was experts can. Out of the spurs and I think it's going to be the third straight year of warriors cavs in the finals like most people do yet but spurs have been the only team that wouldn't completely shocked me. If they beat the warriors and a great. Western Conference finals series. The rockets Celtics nice stories the jazz are really nice story this year the wizards are playing well but now those are all going to be. No chance but they're there on that next year and a tier below that and yet but. You're you're saying. That you don't think that's the worst thing for the lead to maybe nick we're seeing the same thing but just. Let me just that this Iraq. I think it'll be great. To have a league where. Instead of that exercise we can't we just did where you see three teams can win it nicely five. I always say thirty yeah. We say. While teams could win. And yet you still get a rematch. The last two or three years that would be OK yeah I think the problem is. Three teams can win realistically. Three teams to win a championship. And you get the repeat of the finals the last two years I think they're carbonate well it's problematic. That is the question aren't so well teams do when it is at twelve great scenes. Or is it to twelve teams that can win because right now you have three. Ridiculous teams you you have three teams that all have been you know the mindset of winning multiple titles. That that's who you're talking there in the all time. Potential teams are to compare eras but you're annoyed if you least look at the players on the rosters there alzheimer's it's not like your ear splitting up to twelve teams. And each one has you know one all star another almost all star and that's who's competing because you're right you're the first round of the playoffs. They're there could be some some bad series but once he gets in the finals. I brought this up earlier in the week you're talking about if it's warriors cavs seven of the past two when he or 25 players in the world altering on the court once and that. That it like in Betty unfortunately there's there's too much of non competitive basketball on the way to get to that. But that I think it makes it tough payoff. Makes for a tough regular season yet and may story. Tough sell it to a lot of teams. Hey you know your team can be to your team can win more than it loses OK that's good news. I seem to be two games over 500 that's good news entertainment coaches wage or to call. You mean yeah. Britney images what do we are 52 and thirty in a regular season that's pretty irregular season isn't it yes niceness and deputy plus when you which have no chance of winning a championship. But we don't have a chance to win a championship Olympic game. That was just is it is necessarily a new phenomenon or as it's been on for one again in the ninety's. Well it was there was the bulls right wasn't the bulls they're gonna win now maybe the worst year the first year thing about thousand much closer. Series and I got those two that was the very beginning of the bulls in the end of the lakers. But it got to a point where. You know Jordan needed to retire for a couple of years to let somebody else win. So wasn't that sort Ari that you're kind of resigned to the fact it was going to be the bulls in the finals and win. We're now on trying to remember yeah I watched it all of the while while you the first the first repeat. Okay I okay the first this isn't a new thing. Right word team we're team sort of keeps there two or three stars together. And you're just gonna see a lot of them you receive them. Whether they win the finals are gonna be in the finals and you don't there's not going to be a ton of parity along the way. John thing. Trying to think here we got to remember there is a lot of parity in the Western Conference at that time yeah they've brought somebody knew who I was the bulls yet but in the west every time it was somebody different it was the deadly Olson gallons it was the jazz as the Sonics now than to have to energizes but stood right yet it played five different teams to win six titles. Right so yeah yeah that that's the thing is if you have to super teams in two different conferences. They're just take and they are just gonna dominated right. And if you really wanted to you me George go what the story lines like cold you root for. A wanted to go you can root for the stars get stars in the east with Tyree yeah LeBron and Kevin Love he'd consider him one of those stars. And in the west you got that all the warriors just just go up and down the roster the whole thing so. Best way to look at it if you wanna go for the the underdogs last contender. The underdog finally got a hundred dollar content contenders I think Houston fits into that category. And loosely the Celtics and that category think about the how the cavaliers became contenders became contenders because the brunt. Decided he wanted to go back there ready to do I want an Akron yet I'll go back there yeah. And I will I'll trade Wiggins. For love or don't not Hollywood not only was it because LeBron that you go back under all that other black fired take it back to back number one overall X. And three got to watch 43 and apply there so I see carry him place like him. We need some are held. Yeah I don't really trust young guy Wiggins only after the Iraqi summer moved him to Minnesota governor Britney and Kevin Love so they're dictators because LeBron decided to go back there. The spurs. That's it that's a tricky thing they had Duncan for so long. And they were able to you. Give a lot of people to play around him because they knew how to ask out internationally before anybody else that they did they were well that's about as far ahead of the game so they considerably in the second round ya get Tony Parker in the the first round so and then they got some guys through the candidate trading away that they are David they were. Our response trade or why. Right and they are certainly draft Luis Scola Goran your article or done that all those guys. Additional played for the spurs but then. So they were able to take guys later in the draft the U Geiger and I don't think it's definitely Lisa adopted. Dumping the dugout and was the night was a jarring cards so. I didn't wanna give them a lot and I didn't get credit for using their smarts but they also had Tim Duncan did dug in but they also found a way to. Compete in the regular season without pre K okay I hit every he's no longer now abundance gone and there are still teams were talking about the big transition and elected not to go on a complete tangent but there's so many comparisons between. Popovich and Duncan and Belichick and Brady. But now Popovich Downey has won the whole nine and a guy doesn't have his very you know that Brady and he's still one of the receiver talked about that can win that's insane and we and it's in the heat we have seen him do it yet. Now we know we have seen them does that did that get that championship without so. I'm prepared to forget about but the warriors is just yet they give them credit toward you know drafting. Staff curry and dream on in the second round and Thompson not those guys top five picks right so good. It got Kevin direct evidently on the title bout to it would 73 games last year in the Kevin Durant. I know that's just it but they want to titled out or they got back to the finals without those guys at the attic amateur is that. Also mourners cavs now you can't. Possibly root for either one. That's the other problem what is. Off the upset what the upset. Who what they must upsets are the rubber match of the three game series and out of anything if you're somebody who hates super teams what do you know. Both are created them. Let's get the underdogs last contenders and how they were built the Celtics traded to aging superstars. It will three because Jason Terry whose foreign secretary Jack. So back to real men they traded real mean Andrea OG and they got that time yeah I'll come from all patients there. Marsh on Brooke well they all pick Humphrey expect that it Batman arbitrator coats coats wondered out Saddam out and I don't know if the coach I don't wanna rebuild. Get out of here and Rondo leads green though rubbed off yes I broke my hand shot at a garage saying he's gone through a first round pick for obsolete and to Crowder. It too and they're coached according to coach college and now it is at the time 3536 years voting looks like he's sixteen did this guy. And they just do it for its smarts. It was just smarts. Ya with their current Houston. Well well let's again now that they haven't done anything yet but Horford was just the signing. That he had saved warriors just signed Durant yeah I just signed or altered Kevin Durant Al Horford other very different but what you're looking at the makeup of the team. One of their best players probably their second best player so much knew once maybe their best in his third they do their best player. You can browse rather than. I don't know her edit our yeah. But they decidedly so they drafted Bradley admitted unbelievable trade for Thomas they drafted Smart they made a nice trades for Jae Crowder honored that out did you play around the program I don't dozens edit drop analytic. Are getting an argument with Cedric Maxwell after that trade. Because. He was saying it was a great trade for the Celtics now say and wide with whom they've gotten more for Rondo. He's originally Brandan Wright public I don't would Brandan Wright is that. Okay. They've rhetoric of god available on the island of corrected actually liked. Router but is there a lot of draft picks for the Celtics a couple of nice trades in the signing of Horford that's their team right now. But the but the core of it is. You know attracting outside of outside of the atop thought of yeah. While dale brown yet but we'll let me mention yet no he's not a factor right now. At and unity Houston and Houston. Houston gets more credit than any of these so called contenders are we talking about. And today. Personal maid he. Unbelievable. Almost illegal trade. With Oklahoma City. Yeah I if you're impressed he. Can talk about analytics all you want an always on boy and he's from around here and yet come on yeah. Let's be real you drafted yet. Give yourself credit you're drafted Russell Westbrook you drafted Kevin Durant and you drafted James Harden into those guys ago. Yet you know and wanting one of them with anything when you know each him yeah traded him at a recent insurgent took. It is so yeah give Houston credit they were at the bottom. They traded for James Harden is that we're gonna build around James Harden who now make up about 75 different moves that you won't understand. Don't make as marginally better marginally better marginally better. And now look what position they're in right now. Around James Harden and not much else. So I don't give them credit their like. They really don't have that if you look at their roster. Shouldn't be in this conversation. No but there in his conversation now strictly because they identify that one guy and it's it will will we are willing to do whatever we need to do. Just to get this guy on our roster and it you know make every decision around him. Again coaching him up the most important things National League now were you know. Hi Lou and Erik Spoelstra on titles. But you know Mike did Tony another reason they sort of bond though you know Brad Stevens you mentioned with the Celtics upon them go back to the Harden trade this is this is a great one. It was pardoned waves. Cole Aldrich Daequan Cook in Lazar Hayward. To the rockets for Jeremy lamb Kevin Marten. 21 round picks which turned into Stephen Adams Mitch and Gary and a second round pick which was Alex of preakness. That's that could happen. That's just a day that is wrong until the phones now we got Mike in east long meadow he joins us next what's up Mike. They guy Dario and Michael. Well you get back at about it is it's the NB AM and I agree with a lot of what you said I love watching the Celtics this year. Well Michael you know as well as I do. That at least. Other than Golden State. Rebounding and defense wins championships in the two biggest things that the Celtics lack. You don't like the defense like they're defensively I didn't I agree with him I gotta like a rebound in. Those everybody out there all that that's and the league now I don't I don't doubt you look just that you know points per game and a couple of years ago Golden State was that way it statistically one of the best defensive teams they do a couple of points that sort of pace of play type of thing. You could golden state Golden State. The operation of its all think a big win because they score. Yeah but they also played pretty good defense they're our neighbor if you look at them in there are in their championship season not that lasting personal they had. Great season last year we know that the nit championship season. They did they did everything unfair mongering defensive player of the year bank releases in the mex. Last year he wants. As. The match that you. Are under eighteen point two games under us. Figured out so. Web ads are Mike but it was the defense we're just arguing visceral points not let you argue with yourself said as. Okay it in and out. So well let her. So Cleveland won last year likely to clean them win because of defense and rebounding. Or. Or what. They have put their best player. Tell you they have three superstars routes they have a superstar and they have two other guys that are pretty quick. Basically Obama ever I I'm gonna reject the premise and I don't think defense and rebounding is gonna win a championship I don't I don't. I don't think that is I wouldn't put that one into hey you look at the best offensive teams don't win championship not necessary. Art of put something out in front of him because you get product used. I have used the academic record of one income. Part of it is the view that this season but it'll eat rest guys left and right at Cleveland got doing the same day. You can't win which one would wonder I. I said I invite. My way out now where the debate we we agree Arab epic that rockets in the air as he eyes and dark horse sense that they are distant. Third. In the Western Conference they probably won't win if they don't win it's a big it's a huge upset of the rockets are an NBA finals huge upset. So not I agree with your mind but an also an not to get too late in the analytic sort through nerdy. But you can't just look at points allowed so that's the best offensive team for example the best that the fewest points allowed in the NBA they guess who allows the fewest points in the league it's I'm gonna guess either utes are meant yes that's the you judge us. They're the best defensive team and its place law. An important time is right and what it is him though. And that that's one thing I would look at put the warriors. They give couple 105 points doesn't score a 118 loses its aura of a little bit it's a little bit different I suppose I wouldn't look just corners up around the league this year yes tough to say well. This team is. Look at that given a 103 points a game 104 point last year at the conversation that this year does change. 617779793. Sending also text in the 37937. A lot of Celtics here one week out from the NBA trade deadline Celtics final game before the all star break is there against Jimmy Butler. In the Chicago Bulls are logically Butler conversation here as well know dale it is holly Inky Sports Radio WB yeah.

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