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Taking a deeper look at the 2017 Red Sox line-up

Feb 17, 2017|

Michael and Rich Keefe take a look at the post-David Ortiz Red Sox and how their line-up will shapes up.

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Publicity goes who have been look I'm gonna love him no way of us that Linda. He totally but this time and you might vote Saturday that the here's. Reminds out of those out of baseball right now that I did anybody who like everything was pathetic. There's and but. So you gotta do. You know mostly Dave is not falling back it's home we're responding. Hit fifth and if that's you've got that thought nation. That we're gonna have to who has. Other Ramirez down at spring training for the Red Sox to do you say you have thoughts you're you have concerns. I do or just right up the question observation after that we're sort of workshop your workshop here so you have something that's kind of bothering you but again you're not sure who the father who's just. So then a little net of an idea again that. Yes so first of all we know that they were seized and is you know thirty close the forty balked at one mean that's down the line yes that's gone. Now. Hanley Ramirez was great last year the year before not so much red and nice April a man completely fell part last year. He was thirty and 111 immediate 28680. Played well first base your job good seasonal comply tremendous season. But it would be fair to say that a big part of Hanley success might have been having David Ortiz on the team. All in the line up off the field or in the clubhouse all that stuff yes so I will I just wonder where that goes if he says even though. And on the devout or pardon each of the six years and it's one that does more is that more can he says you know he really looks up the Ortiz and you know what I what I got him to with a follow of his career. Said all the right things went when he got here and again in his first season didn't go the way we wanted to but the second season he surprised a lot of people. Just how good he wasn't for the second time in his rear that in over a hundred RBIs this season. And I just wonder if that. That comes down just to be expected at my knuckles 3111 again. How far that is is the drop off because then your replacing really too bad so familial or your placing one and then maybe you're not getting the same production. Are from the other and are worried about him now we're right there are that I don't know what about playing or about being a DH that maybe there are they ought to go back and forth. I think he people probably like that too you know sometimes being up first baseman sometimes being the designated hitter. You've got you're you're close personal friend Morlon. Yemen Portland who can play first you hate its moral don't go on the record don't have it now now it's just too bad it's too bad they have. You know vary. Competent. DH option if you're they're not gonna pay attention to. In Allen Craig ranch ear or pay attention Allen Craig even though you want Allen Craig to pick it over orbits more over Mitchell oil yes okay. Break that down a producer on the fifth pick that put them in the workshop. That's all or George I don't know what shop where is no large jobs and everything goes right I I see and I I like human mirrors and how could you not after the season and had a year ago. Also guy who's fought through a number of injuries throughout his his career. You know is he the most reliable guys in the house of any and a kind of banking on it a big part of their offense that scored a zillion runs honesty is smokey bets. But then right after that Ortiz and it was it was really Ramirez. Yeah I mean Hanley at his numbers can go down. And you and this is where I said yesterday where I am just putting a little too much and and into this guy. Too much faith too much confidence and this could be a foolish move put. And their mirrors as numbers go down inventing these numbers go. So you might be able to get the same thing there so you lose Ortiz. You gotta get. 60% of Ortiz. Maybe even 50% of Ortiz for more. Yet Alia. Fifty person yet that's a good moral and yet. That his or even though so I'm going to season knowing that they're like 40% yet again. Put your pitching should be much better your setup your set of games should be better. I don't know if I don't know of Campbell's going to be better this year than it was last year. Which are starting rotation should be markedly improved so I'm okay with enough at their problem. So if if you put pop up problem though if you have Pablo over. A normal problem season vs what you got last year from Travers Shaw and halt. What was better. Your average bubbles season. Or what those guys gave you last. Shop holes and hill in L Aaron Hill and their two Josh college so I think you should he should be all right we have Pablo. Your opinion for those guys. And you've got. Morlon stepping forward tees one is about the same in the open is just a dramatic baseball just ball. You know even try to say. Yeah you gotta know you can. Try to shop. Six home runs 71 RBIs. Last year. That he was a sliding sliding slide although it did not that I added on and particularly well. The last season in San Francisco for Pablo sixteen home runs 73 RBIs. In the senate huge deal now about how about on base and slugging for word. I don't have shah's up right now that I sent all our economies more yet. I had a good player yet what you know when he's when he's when he's out there if he's if he's healthy if he's in some time to shape. Yeah I I'm not expecting a lot of it bad enough but I like the outfield how could you not yell at the middle infield. Hanley Ramirez you're not gonna be one through nine all star hitters we're a bit of power in the line. Sure so moved he moved he give you power and the question as you're back where does it where does smoking yet but last year you had the luxury. But I you you can start yeah you can lead off guy whose great great you know great Africa then you can make in the middle of the order guy. I certainly drop offs again hasn't haven't heard we your lead up to Pedroia. Pedroia that you have standard. Now I I count righty lefty Michael bad intended to continue going down that's benevolence you don't sensing and I'm down I am a little guy from like 89. In the line up all the way to. Well you don't wanna go ready ready ready is that right righty Manny this thing he can hit. Right because you probably gonna have you know either hand earlier Bogart's hit fourth nibble on it I think if yours you know based on this line that were thrown out there. So. I don't joint five straight right he's so probably I would probably say Bennett and your second what Victoria has power to Pretoria as pop. Hello so go get enough about Zander you saw some of the power last year this power. Also wait on the a lot better than it has power oversaw last reforms and considered. You've used his started to see him make it a couple of years ago those doubles doubles doubles became home runs one of Obama did. One home run power. 88 and route to play Oz I think I think he's rising so Zander move key Hanley Ramirez. I wish that I would put Pablo and I kept it actually not really you've got guys. A power company is powered guys do you need. You need five up for 67 the American League I don't think so we know that hitters that last year will get with Ortiz Jack we'd rather junior do you counter remedies that that's a fluke because. Those were some give out numbers from. Yes I mean he might guess in today's. Baseball. Maybe he has power plant pot he's a guy M Moreland goes to when he retired Portland up there when he actually gets a hold of it. Yeah okay. When he actually gets it there. That might in the car he joins us that's the semi. A guy I get that if I saw that I had been incredibly good line but that's not your wife called though I think I got a good casting for our adult or. When he got ultimate. The ultimate villain will default. Well no I don't know I dad I did all he either great actor you really. Portis face I don't know if these are these the right role for that because again went through evil. Yeah. It's got to be more I can't be so outwardly evil. Right well. He's. Yeah now that's the hole looks angry do you moon than yeah you know of those teachings the issue of Jack Nicholson's. Performance and shining that is just to right right away like this guy's crazy. Where I guess in the book it's more but it looks like Joseph what it is like yeah and then just kind of anti news cycle would have BC jacket version it is it's a RD weird right there at the hotel yet he's got a trees weren't as you know excellent time afterward for questions. Let's original Rodman yeah it's. Like that it's like he's now thrives on line yet. Oh what he's lying that's that's the tale this'll tick which is all is alive just nonstop mountains dry. So we have or or caps in the Brady will be going over some. Socks concerns is returning they'll not real concerned because they. Now now that we've gone over the line up for the better though I'd like ally like all the guys on the on the squad Tuesday. It's the modern Handley is he yet awesome season last year he was terrible the year before what is he now loses thirty year you know Boston. In Boston. Freezes. I'm searchers to see what he can do you rely on him as in 045 that are 34 that are. The great thing about their lineup and particularly relying on one guy. Nah hey right they did last here's a look at the regular season there Austin. Would run production playoffs they struggled and is that just. The moment with a pressing in the moment. Where they exposed or was it Tito just knowing them inside and out you know. Just getting an unbelievable. Pitching run from their starters and from Andrew Miller. So by the Red Sox the conversational get back to the Celtics as well 61777979837. You can text them. A ton of casting picked commend the excellent 37. 937. Dell's also Colin Keefe. Sports Radio WB yeah. It's hard. He's on the field when I'm losing all valued enough and can strong. We'll reward that I blew off season. One of the mutilated people being here. But we'll sit all sounds great to go back to be no problem. Put him at third base we'll see any issues there. They are loaded dollar and they're loaded double sand at all. They are looking into what we're talking about this team. We're trying to trying to make our problems. Or making up problems look at the roster. There they should win the American League so yes that is very very RO us. But you eagle from one rate first base Matt Borland unit and like Frankie so yeah. Tonight at first days. And the rumors OK first patient Ramirez yes I like him likens second base doesn't dry out from a lot Bogart off shortstop like Bogart's order a potluck Pablo while I don't know. I I don't know I don't know that there's not a lot of there's a lot of pressure on catcher. I. Don't not a great about it alls I know about it that's a question Mark Penn ten. The we'd both love. But you could see how maybe it's another year away from really breakthrough I got I love them I love them but would you be shocked if the baby wasn't. May. He's he's informed. Of the disappointment and soda but here now this is an interest in center field. Because are you convinced. That Jackie Bradley junior and I had a whole year and a whole year was insistent. At times looked like he was about the you know always gonna falloff has gone through Georgia Bradley junior can't hit any pick back up yeah yeah and he showed you more power throughout the season than you expected. But. He convinced that Jackie Bradley junior is 1875. A 45 home run guy. I think he's a 250 hater who it's twenty plus home runs and I'll take artist on I'll take I don't these are the season if there right field you love. Law law of right field DH you don't look now. So the air force spots. You know again you're better than most you know most teams you Iran nearly you'll like two guys you like three guys who like more so I understand that but. I don't know if like on paper it's it's oh whack but it had it it is. Oh and it's just a pair of life. So that lineup which has Mitch Moreland Pablo Santa balls sandy like knowledge. Are saying about the publisher involves not a problem in the lineup he's got a now he's got a great he's not a great hitter pretty subtle problem it could be. He should POA he should be all right I mean you look at this guys Ivan was he dirty now. Thirty years old. It's worn down thirty okay 000 worn down thirty but it still is like his his career should be ovaries should he should be 88. Good player of the product news could. The year before it can boss. 2014. He was good but he's not a problem. God knows our product. I sat right for that anybody you need to see hated him but I I have zero confidence in him however. That he's not gonna maker brickyard. But they still scored on Iran's but he probably be guided an eight or nine. Where they need to be good they're good and let's say he's a disaster. Got caught in depth it was just he just can't play yeah broccoli you know you don't have got bigger or you'll be fine and then and then they're starting pitching have no issues with. Is not not arts. Fourth four of five. Fiber every average user question for five and it's not even that I think any of Lamar back I like all the problem. This is a day is Steven Wright can be healthy enough is Eduardo Rodriguez. Is he fresh as he fragile you know what's what's you know drew upon slate all these guys have different injuries yet that's still a concern obviously price in the playoffs and Erica. Days all of in the playoffs all of but did but you get to the playoffs and that's that's something you you'll deal with them what if your credit agencies and you know why don't five and 57. Which is possible. Which is but. Really 105. That's a good teams here that 11050. And if so might Ollie says the best Red Sox team ever I would say that that is there. Why that's Red Sox team ever would win the championship a tripod thing out again if they add they have a hundred winters and you have a lot of this let's say they're 162. Aren't our older 10063. And I gave yeah that's. And they drove it in there there it in the post season and there the best team in the American League at least in the regular season. Then you can start worrying about the playoffs I'm not gonna worry about the postseason performance of Chris Sale and in David Price amber personal. I won't be worried about it in April or may do you have. Any concern that Chris sales. Adjustment to Boston. Will peace anywhere like David Price Josh Beckett John Lackey. Reports follow. Any of these other guys that have been good elsewhere they've come here. It all figured it out but in year one not very new. Only equal the only equal is price because we're Purcell was never. Before last year was never under your prices level John Mack John Lackey was neither know. I'm saying is anybody on the level you take his average season. Right it's not the same sales but it's his average season you put it in Boston and it was nowhere near at least for you want that's my point is they commented that idea what turns out is different. Yeah it it's something you have to you'd have to think about. It would it would surprise me if it happened but then again I'm surprised last year right right right that's why out of price was the most surprising of all because this is a guy who knew the division inside out and he had picked. In new York and pitched in Boston and diesel as Baltimore and then it was going to be a big deal but it was a big deal sensitive. Little that's violet Chris Sale on I would feel more confident for sale that he's not on Twitter but just the way. That's that bothers them late or David Price is easy to pick apart his press conference first joined the team. You know he's comparing opening day to starting in the playoffs now the same feeling Ellis of cowboy. But it is it that they've feeling Erica here we go. With Chris Sale. Again another just press conferences put everything he says nice but yeah I can't wait to see would discuss that responsibility for the uniform death analog data into it too much. So yeah he's in here and he mentioned the greatest 1415 year old every tournament a press conference Djokovic and Andre what he would native entered the best he's ever. Ask him or is that he admired knows it. Our final hour of the show coming up we'll get back to the Celtics are still casting the Brady movie and we've been talking Red Sox or did any concerns Michael thinks they're gonna win. A 105 games I didn't I would from 105 to about 99 and pulled back that I had to solve 35 that's correct. 677797937. Dale thought that's holly keeps portrait Adobe media with little Lamar open New Hampshire to lead off the sour on deal ought to keep a double bar. Let's try to lead off the most of them aren't and well armed and. On. To Conan can't it talked about radiant Montana. Joseph Montana fans should be for united Scientology they go on and you're now. I have to admit that I agree performance in the Super Bowl now and although records that he hasn't. Yet to be considered the best quarterback all time but as far as being the best players are injured right. Our best players here it's. This I think that's that's now that's an and arguments to some possible you can present really is because now. Are you do you say best skill player. Philly DC I don't do is it best offensive player. And if you guys are right for the player do you include left tackles authority is that just too hard to analyze left tackles and and what their impact is it's the only should. Port I mean obviously in baseball it's it's the who's the best pitcher than who's the best hitter. Right admitted you wanna add fielding you can you can do it but actually hitting and pitching fastballs or who's the best player hockey is the best player because. Alternatives that they Elizabeth skill players who wrote it gets a feel player may be in best defensive player. Maybe. So skilled player I asked you know if I would say Jerry Rice because now you're including. Quarterbacks and running back I don't know. And Jerry rice's yet playing that position such him and as a dependent sport anyway but wide receiver with Jerry Rice. Is he so put it this is Jerry Rice was so great that if he and his second or third year. Instead of being with the San Francisco 49ers let's say he was weird. In on average quarterback of of the 1980s. And average quarterback Jim. FDA users in 190s. It would give give Jennifer Parker. He's a Jim Everett but we still saying Jerry Rice is great. I'm not sure it's a tough position to do that completely carrier quarterback when yeah answer if you're you're shaking yeah and has any has any receiver. Made his quarterback yet every Randy Moss. With gold Glover. With a all of those all of its efforts ever Brady yeah I would say TO did with the Jeff Garcia. This WTO buys them apart yet but I know I did a good call yeah. Is that there is hard for Ruslan was committed those guys how far to Vegas. You know ginger ice sort of to for example whereas we'd have a that's. And that I think you have to save Payton would be in the conversations. And chomping Walter Payton. What would get a conversation. Not just because of his of his numbers but before they were good as a team he was. Remarkable. And Dave playing behind nondescript offensive lines and still. Putting up great numbers a great blocker. And at times can be your emergency quarterback. Can take contact. He he was a very just got a complete. Player and a separate patent and there it Jim Brown. And Browne. Sanders and then some and it's meant what is that Lawrence Taylor Taylor. Law. The on. And anything can tackle these throughout the united Erica I don't know that I look at our phase in the NBA and I'll probably do football player doesn't Aaron Aldridge a problem. Chris is that Connecticut what's going on Chris. Lawmakers. The dark. Where it got better get ready to gel thank you. And big area jock. I don't know why is Sarah thank you thank you. Quite equate them cricket gotten the other. Part of our program everybody at the time I'm Mike Lowell. A budget and I am a go ahead and I got behind Michael hole here. No. An iPad patty play well authorities played very well in the post season. And Brady Brady has a lot of trust in them but. I'd like to see him come back but it doesn't come back I don't look like when I wouldn't say all the patriots are in trouble and Jordanian and go. I'm gonna benefit club wanted and I think I'm a bit. They don't see it play he plays well in the big games you always has you know he's he's a great playoff player he's a guy that obviously party to frosts which is also. You know what you're looking back on this team is pretty remarkable the senate Tom Brady trusts probably. Eight different guys that he throws still. This makes him he's made some really big plays Ammon go nausea so to think about the the Baltimore game and those settlement with the past but an adult with a catch against Baltimore to. Ammann dole in the Super Bowl in Seattle touchdown and I am a dull what was the AFC championship game really big catch over the middle against Pittsburgh I don't like it was a tough situation there and he he caught it. Emma dole in the Super Bowl several. Now one bolt sprinted to touchdowns and he was he's been all over the place so. The question is. It. What's the mark unity for an enemy you know is he gonna want take another pay cut if they offer one I don't know how many how many times can you do that I was either a good spot. The team's been successful. He's been successful there's not a lot of pressure from the necessity of other receivers right none amid even if things how does he plaza of the radar now. No they do it with the Michael Floyd let's say they bring Floyd back. It is it does it come down to you. Because of the economics. You have to pick one over the other. On the got to bring Floyd. Our per hour have. Settlement in a dole look Mitchell Hogan. There may be drafted guys in the mid rounds that's been there would be my receiving corps. At that if the rookie ends up being good maybe play a little bit he doesn't mean you know he's just he's a scratch for most of the season. On the need to bring Florida. Joy like eat it. Well yeah he wins it wins in guy's so the only the only reason you would bring Floyd back wouldn't be. Basically that you saw on the field and be okay how was in meetings. Do you feel like he understands. In on what he's supposed to do and and can you recapture the player who was out of Arizona two years ago. So you bank on that you sign fluid English and until Clinton that would be your risk it's a slight risk and really we're talking about you're. Your fourth or fifth receiver right. The guy who could be a healthy scratch my back that's deadly violence. Let's go to Brian in Westfield on the Celtics have thought Brian. They ally area. They com. I've elegant talk about the Celtics but on a kind of bounce off what the repute colleges brought out so one receiver that out really liked the patriot the target. In free agency guy who. Sounds late in every single media conference you'd hear him talk about the Puget Sound like he wants to be a patriot. No doubt and it Brandon Marshall. He's someone who would definitely buy into the system and. Definitely. Yeah ashore however I don't. I like it these skills that Brandon Marshall but no one Brandon Marshall would even say I could definitely buy it's in the system. He's out of he's never. You audit anywhere he would. And. He is here and helpful called Belichick the greatest coach Gil cargo. I'll gallery does is it the greatest coaches say bread and we're you're not gonna get a catches in this game you get two catches and you got to help out here and a running game he's the other is the playoff game. He needs or wants and he's played for Josh McDaniels before men might hurt him we're it's that's right Denver. Whom he said about a six I don't the guy's got a workout clothes yourself respond Brian. The Celtics. Really. What they need to do in the next seven days they just need to get a score you could not rely on just Isiah Thomas to put up thirty points a game as. In the playoffs they're gonna try to waited. They're gonna find a way to down you know and make you need someone else you can or Al Horford he's not really much but it. Big scorer. Outlook dispute and get Jimmy Butler or Gordon Hayward somewhere along the outlying. But the problem poses some wondered does it do they think they already happily the next Jimmy Butler and Jalen brown. Yes while. And takes the Vogel Brian does decide exactly help you know about what I Shia Jimmy Butler gadget you're out of a playoff and Jimmy Butler help you plan. Entirely sure how much you know do in the playoffs but the either way. He's not. Maybe in four years or three years he's Jimmy Butler liberties right now. It's a he says scorer is the most important thing I don't agree with them because you're saying you're making the case earlier that they have enough. Second option the F the second option does jump out you can't. The second option changes depending on the series depending on the game. No one day your sex second outdoor game in your second option might be Avery Bradley another one it could be Al Horford could be. Markets Marty could be Jae Crowder. They got enough guys who are capable of scoring in double digits and I'm capable not knocking down open jump shot yes it comes to that. But that to me can also be a dangerous game if you're relying on so Isiah still needs to get his. Let's say thirty writes that he's gonna have to turn around his playoff performance where. Again he he is scored points but it just you know not very efficient you know they've done a good job you know Cleveland and Atlanta. On him where you very low shooting percentage. He's gonna have to be better in years you're relying on how cool it is the one of these guys will step up our Ed and. This is also something that there's a misconception. About Isiah Thomas and no teams doubling him and somehow shutting him down that way. That's trying to. Isiah Thomas has taken a leap this year and that lead. I believe has put him into the oh into a superstar sweet. Superstar so it's gotta to the superstar suite where America I averages thirty points yet. For half of the NBA season that's difficult to do some guys do it an odd bad teams they just they just chalk up points their ball hogs are teams. Don't really benefit from all of that school. It's like a book because I'm originally though there's been about for example on NASA's I don't think that it is is that I don't have broken them they have that another problem has. I thought well. So Isiah Thomas is not that guy he's a thirty point scorer on the number 2 team in the Eastern Conference. So that he's got is as good as LeBron James not as good as as Russell Westbrook W I don't I didn't doubt those guys. In the playoffs. They get the benefit of the doubt. It's oh that's what Isiah Thomas has been missing the last two years. He goes into the playoffs. He gets fouled he doesn't get the benefit of the doubt because if you're if you're not recognized as a superstar or near superstar. They called a game differently in the playoffs everybody knows that they don't brought they don't advertise but they do. So if your guy you're you're used to getting some points from the line which he does it excellent free throw shooter. Going to let out a double team him he tried to the basket as you think it would take to the beach I'm shocked my team needs something he tried to the basket you get whacked. And they don't call it. What do you do and that's that's part of the story with Isaiah Thomas if all the if they look at him as a special player. You'll get calls this year the end of last. Dead at the big thing and even the regular season at the Olympics thing he's averaging 2.2 free throw attempts more this year than last year and even last year. Around all the stats of Foreign Ministry led the team pretty significantly in the shoes take another step up. And he's shooting at the best is only grazed greater grace pre flight 91%. Now is off the charts and if he's getting eight. So he's getting 2.2 points from the field essentially an eight at the free throw line in Asia need to do that again you're out to do officials. Recognize him. As as a legitimate all star or do they call the game like he's a fluke but he's just Isaiah Thomas from Phoenix. They call a game like he's Isaiah Thomas from Phoenix yeah you got a problem they called a game like Isiah Thomas all star thirty point score legitimate MVP candidate. The drive to the basket they'll get some calls now we know. LeBron always gonna he's always going to calls. You document it off Westbrook does it cost Arden is gonna get calls Har hardly the free throw line the hole here. Will Isiah Thomas get the calls to big part of it. Yeah no it actually is let's go to our Matt Newport joins us next what's up Matt. We're great. Are out great I can't speak I have doing so well does and is happy to be here I'm still I'm still pleased. Wonderful here. Gentlemen I was one narrative if you guys could break this year is England patriots football teams want to just won a Super Bowl. All time patriots an all time and a pal. Off all time NFL I don't believe I can do. Artists not nagging me to think about that an all time patriots. Ever does that action before before we get there before we get an all time victories away does. We talk about Super Bowl winners or do we make a special wink wink for 07 or did you candidate when it so he can't. Hey I didn't want him you are a franchise that has won once or twice you would include them but when he won five times as gentlemen I think you rank the five winners yet others receiving votes honorable mention something like that special designation but yeah I RA right. The best team not to win in the history of sports was that patriots. That Apple's it is to pull a pot or either unless I thought taught at home. I don't know by the talent that other lists of wrestler actor opened up as a either that one or the blasters warriors. And a good point. That part that victory that right. Now and you don't win a championship yeah. It saves in a once in three chance of good they've already lost more games this year made it all last year or or the same. Yeah they write were awesome and I'd like yeah. Okay. So breaking the U of IR and number five my favorite one is number five favorite team. Super low thirties. Yeah at that I agree you that that. Favorite team. Past past when we we've done those rankings in the last week plus. But yet he if they all played against each other they would. Number four on the list would be Super Bowl 49. Tuesday but but you know I know I cannot very economical the economic change it a matter of 403 and a I'm a mother put three Super Bowl 49. Because you about some day they they had a a critical point seasons are off to a two. This critical point where inflation all of these quarterbacks we thought at the time great quarterback Jay Cutler was one of them. Philip Rivers who has Philip Rivers when I'm Stafford was one of them rob Andrew Luck. Rogers and Manning. A squatter Iran and they lost one of those games that they just brought to Iraq yet. And they just they just added got into a group were I just knew at. They were a team that's why they have to be three instead of four. I knew there are gonna win the Super Bowl before the playoffs start. Really I visited it and when it's they're the best team they're going to win the Super Bowl and I think that the Seahawks passed the goal line but that's beside. I've looked at their talent considered your opinion on this is tough. But somebody else in there because. Quote 030 yeah you went through. Two MVP candidates in the playoffs. Co MVPs which is lame and itself. Paula you cope with the people put a bit of both I kennel like they're grownups I got grown ups. And I question. They're both great it's really not open all the view you vote yet Gerald. Gray is the brick the Wharton half. My question is. Is that the roster that started the season is that what you're looking at or through the roster played in the Super Bowl holds the whole season so LeBron counts for this team. Or now that's a weed out I don't have an anti lock counts for the woman he met. You just that of a hole below it is important that the whole season the whole season. Yeah I think two years ago might have been better than this year is really a fight between all four in this year. You know I think fourteen in this year person. Revis. Of the big Revis guy yeah but Revis the last great season of reasons that I look at sea and it wasn't great he was it's very it was very did Larry Craig right. That whole year was read this great the entire year. Into doubt it was great but we we try and enjoy unfairly. Don't get past. I enjoyed watching them and I can see just how much preparation peninsula. The skill level really. I I liked watching him I think you're looking at and now the fact you're going to know that it is but you might now that I prices. Could you. Or one less thing storm totals before and gone I do remember this. He said that though Logan Ryan Moats are over Revis on the team we left them and yes. As we didn't on this team this year yet he's he's right he's he's at Logan is at Logan right out of Logan. Economic and I don't have a lot loud and you know it does well in what is on the hotline so it is hard act. I don't know he can particularly Italian. Kevin yeah. Brady they got Tom Brady down from forty we got to. I. I am not I don't. So confident and if it's done. A non I was early in the game now slower out of the comfortable point negotiating like a thousand that's Humber and religion and acquitted. Embarrassing them as good so I pick out. Yeah I meant it. Okay you know what is out there ought to slow so you think this is the best team they've had and it it's the best team on the dale scale which is when you take where you rank offensively where he ranked defense plea at that number together however. I think this season and you'd been admitted to a little boards for sports talk radio purposes you have to give an answer now. We're you don't like for real world purposes world sports talk radio though I think stop right there are some real honest right there is secured by real world. Please come with the right. To cost too close to caught I caught up. What is the law when they are the hope for the best even how to watch the super ball fifteen times they pay the other day. Am and my wife must've thought I really was she had had become a different person because I'm watching Titanic at an old. I do integrate movies. Yeah sometimes they showing off to Titanic. And yet it out. Can delete the Super Bowl. And all this other stuff you why yeah. That the least likable guy on TV was the guy the guy I would like five wives Cody sister sister wise it's a wise I. That you got there were already. I've recorded. The guy from like I'm sort of looks like Tom Brady what is movies got that delete that stuff at really. On dance obsolete out of here. What do you delete the super hang around. Yeah I still read your marriage you know I'd you're gonna come up and answer though aren't so it was close but you know right now right now I'm gonna say one on this is is attending. You know you wait until you're due to its real answer 617779793. Semifinal drop and give him as a yet. Before you do toward a Portsmouth. A filed out of a play and it's now Mort your phone calls on next tortured at W the. Don't give us.

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