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Bradfo Sho, Ep. 8: Where are all the Red Sox storylines?

Feb 16, 2017|

After a day in which Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval both addressed the media, Rob Bradford and John Tomase recap the spring training existence of both players while searching for legitimate storylines (and eating strategies) heading into official beginning of Red Sox camp.

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Radler road show. That's my open authorities obviously. That's bio. Where you don't buy it Brad show. That's delicious. Special bird the crowd goes show podcast novelist in relish showed up through spring training. And he weighs less than the last time we saw him also in the mayor's as a smile lit basement is David Ortiz. Kind of as he thinks he will be back and he's app says absolutely he will not be back. John Tomas he was on the scene today in Fort Myers long and myself John what were your takeaways. Yeah I mean I think the first thing was Handley was uh oh. Freaking over the top positive and excited and and trying to embrace this role. Filling them kind of leadership void in enthusiasm void I guess now that. David Ortiz is gone and lit into outside when he is almost like he's. You know planning a sequel of a notebook or something but starring hit him and Ortiz and called you are my everything. He's my everything he had but it was kind of endearing and after the year that Hanley had last year where he was such a good soldier in a two productive player and you of course I think it's fair to wonder okay. No more he's not he's in a ways gonna come back in the same kind of peered today was certainly a good. First step in that regard good first impression and that on the problem side. You know. I get make it Ellie you will he he certainly looked better. He had about two and there's that he had force for pretty much every question every question is going to be answered one of the other is working hard. He's here to win the positive thing that I took away from Pablo is just that. He is taking ownership of those issues that you have last year in the year before. I have something to prove it's none of it you guys don't believe in me any of that stuff because no one wants to hear that. He's at least taking accountability and saying that he has approved. He says he wants a place for May eight more years over under. I'm gonna take the under by about how many years elect and contracts. I he is not Tom Brady and like he starts out with a hole. You know flax seed whatever creams and what have you. I don't he Pablo playing a more years I know he would that he wants his kids. To remember him as a player and I am just like well I hope your kid as December at its carrier floor if he had exactly. I guess I don't he problem bravery are certainly not Ambon. So what I take away is that ruined we lose screaming and yelling after screaming yelling murmuring and whispering the after the Hanley press conference on Mike and he's so conducive to reduce or did he was dead he's fine. But you know we saw we've seen that we've seen them before with Hanley you know him and we get the love affair with the over tees. All's well I go back to sort of a remember writing his column. Whenever it was railing on Hanley the first day last year which he did the what problem did this is the long lines of the same stuff. Saying all the right things and say OK you know that's good viewing day one. Now we'll see work go for a charity one day two in day three united date 300 whatever so he's continued down this road. By Utley and leave it was a big mystery here a big surprise you is when the game quick he and entertaining. By. I guess that that whole vibe that you got from him about today. Why not maybe it's new wants to him is that game he's got a little bit more prevalent jovial personality. But it was a lot like him leave last year if things. Yeah Mac in the back compare and absolutely. And you know him when Allen delivered which is a problem gonna have to do and until he does them I'm really reserving judgment on pretty much every evening late he looks like he's in shape. That is a positive that is the only positive I'm taking away right now from problem because who wanna see him do it Hanley went out and did it. We were watching him closely from day one last year playing first base is put on the bag is he working our butter as the getting out there early Oliver's out. And eventually he proved it he did it. Pablo do the same thing. L exhaustive. I really tie Africa. I forget how how old spring training wears on you and I you know this is Greg Oden I understand knowing here's why don't care for knowing care. The fact is it's. Have to be early and then you have to work well today and Andy eat and then you do it all over again welcome the spring training so. I I I like spring training but it's just a reminder that is a different rent them. Two. Our existence. And I am also buy new strategy for spring training is is terrible it's awful which is. Not eat breakfast. Charity like 5000 pieces I am in the press Brock and his save all the money for when you're starving him night in now you spend nine dollars. At dinner it. Saudi where these are these are the issues well those were by takeaways from the first two days of spring training telling yourself. Yet sports writer problem in on sort of good to its hand and ensure that the the rank and file they're listening to this podcast at work at like 9 in the morning narrator whatever dinner. Feel really bad for I think you people don't understand we have to beat the hierarchy at 8 o'clock. In the morning 8 o'clock. Nobody is up better LA's. Yet though yeah I mean the B spring schedule is tiring that is true. Retract all my statement I was his pitching for the sake of pitching Tyler track always statement. I apologize to the working class and I promise who's you know up this podcast titled justified my exit and even more than I did. The first ten hours this day continues. I think was it about another rather than down here for like thirty hours so. This is a solid ballots it was a day and a half. And getting it back today on the Red Sox take away. I mean I liked what I heard from Chris L the other day and all of that seems like a very. Low drama camp and I have a feeling it's gonna play out that way other than Pablo there's really nothing. Out side of you know I don't random David Price Tweeter something. I don't think there's any thing that we're going to be able to hang our hat on in terms of almighty god you believe this happened is crazy. I think they're good team may know there are good team announced just get to the season healthy in here you can do. You know it's bizarre we have had like three years for people we had this same conversation today about this low story line camp. There's no contract stuff that's a big part of it in in. And this is this is may be wired so it's a hostage because after actually work harder to find stories of this was always my default. They who who's a free who's gonna be a free agent and have you had contract negotiations. And are you worried or bitter that you have not signed in new contract but. This is think about I mean we usually do three or four guys and usually at least one of them are big name. Ruler high leveraged story line guys than nobody's like that this year and really. You know is going to be like this next year either. Yeah I was going to be my point like it used to it because this is the new normal for this team at least for the for the able future hander Bennett and me. Not to be talking to him about free agent until when he when he whatever. And monkey bad Bogart's you know on the list I mean I guess at this time next year we might deal a start asking him replacement is opt out. But other than that you write that bad drama that year to year aides are living and pick up Nader is option and they gonna re signed Pedro what are they gonna do with Manny. Ortiz my god Ortiz was the contract tutorial like every spring and I think you're an island that well probably as much as anyone. And god bless them for it but we don't have that anymore you're right though the contract up this thing care because it's such a young team. And who we were the enemy is the red sock or drama always. Sort of reveals itself in unexpected ways but as things stand right now seems like there aren't pretty get past. I will say this I do best Mitch Moreland about being free agency. South that was that was good as you can hear right now. In regards to know how it was gonna go. Seem like it was. Slower than I don't know CBS news. Yeah I don't know what happens noticing what it was that way lead lives. I. But when the but they're on when these things like this and starts happening. You know. Obviously when. That call from from its I'm very intrigued. And another guy I talked to is true pom rants who is really contrasting today he was contrasting with me. Not interesting and everybody now because I asked him specifically about. In case people don't know he was last year he was on track to becoming a relief pitcher once again for the fifteenth straight year risk. Seven year career. And he went into the manager's office when it was going on the road of looking like he's buzz in the chant and really said. Ot I wanna be star won a legitimate chance being starter in the day after. They gave them that chance and then he became a legitimate all our starter where he is now at the last from a year ago. Yet this meeting and how that changed his existence could cripple. What. The adults or teens and she's not easy and it is leave it right and I had a bloggers believe his form but I. You get pulled back on ten years and leave it there. It's their life. Beginning. Paul Francis died. You look at it like Steven Wright walked around drew pom rants talking about stem cell injections. And and run a lot of Rodrigue is. We don't know what to make of them and all that each time but the drama the one drama that we could have here as camp unfolds. Is exactly what I'm talking about witches. The back and others for a taste. Yeah you can't say that it's a good sign that Steven Wright who got her last August 6 birthday at the beginning of August last year. Six months later he still not thrown off the mound I don't see how anyone. To portray that positively or not even positively but just as of now there is no is what we expected he's on schedule that concerning. The fact that. He had not set foot on amounts between yesterday and when he heard Disney. In in in winter ball though. That was him you know stretch of a couple of months like without being on a mound again for what is supposedly a minor injury and then you have Palmer dance with his start being delayed because of the ML injection into his elbow which by the way is was the subject of the medical report that the Padres. With help from the reds are you start to look at these guys and it's not like. Of even writes showed up and twisted an ankle and now we're waiting note these are all three of these are longer standing injuries are just makes you wonder. Could we be looking at. You know growing and Leah. Henry Owens or somebody like that in the Red Sox rotation to start the year. And remember last year it was so much the top there a position to kill them it was that the reason they had to go get true pogrom. Was because they're fourth in for starters are averaging like two and a half innings start and they were murdering the ball then you wanna go down map. The story. We've found the story lines. Right on the mossy thank you so much you are taking off can you hear me snoring by the way when when nicely. When you're sharing a house would Doug lane there's only one person or not you. 'cause my strategy find it's much like the Red Sox he keep getting people were paid more. Jamaica you feel more comfortable like the starters pitching starting pitchers. I get people who snore louder. All oh IE scheduling note for all you who follow this podcast. Live from twin peaks restaurant on Monday Monday night X clock we have confirmation from. A bevy of high high profile Red Sox players to sit and very comfortable chairs eat chicken wings and drink beer if they liked. At twin peaks for the remote podcast. Of the brat for a show that Monday. So stay tuned for that John have a very safe trip back and if you're in the air and you have nothing else to do listen to yourself on this podcast. Done and done. By.

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