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OMF - Pablo Sandoval Is Back 2-16-17

Feb 16, 2017|

Lou is joined by WEEI.com's Rob Bradford and John Tomase with alive report from Fort Myers. Pablo Sandoval and Hanley Ramirez spoke with the media for the first time and the guys break down what they had to say.

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He toward swimmer loan and Fauria talk host. Or quake ain't nobody even talking to you on Sports Radio WEEI. This. It was like. OK deep crises at two and a half court. You at the Cy Young award winner Rick or sell Lizzie. John who is and who was number one in your mind for the love of god give me a number one please. Always. If those guys aren't who always. Pedro Clemens. That's that's what I heard the Red Sox of course that guy with the watching baseball forever since Johnny Pesky. They don't have the only animal want to Demetriou. If 32 and a half percent of sox' David Price blows report so overrated. This what a deal with right now Robin Jon judge on the mossy rob Bradford joined me down it's retrain this is what I'm dealing with right now. I'm even when I catch him they don't have a number one. Well you know it Lou I think the most important thing we have on. Mars I'm ready to do this yes hue or are okay I'm ready to do this and go down there by the ways John and asking for me. I'm Bridget chocolates. With which John you talked Farrell. Of course you know cause it was already is the only imagine it hasn't come up pollutes strangely out like that that's perfect. Under the radar it was we had a lot of audience seemed a lot like yours that sidelines it's getting those offensive. If obviously those old miners that are so a lot of depth of framing him on the baton. We could judge the bus he rob Bradford Debbie I don't come join me down for marshals on late published in a bold. In the bears both spoke today at uninteresting we're talking about that the sound policy related pay attention to lose weight or scale a fighter to believe. You know that's wrong because I said that in Tampa. When he showed up in whatever August September and grab them a few minutes later yeah plus 22 rounds. So of course it scale. He had a big right John I mean this is when you this if if you are talking about it before pure guy. That lets say weighs two pounds in the alleged you do your body comps gonna be better you know you got back. To combat it 200 pounds but I what does he lets body fat more muscle. Then you don't pay attention to skinny petition body comp when you're fifty for compounds all the way you'd better pay taxes game. Well and at some point you know ought to look at the scale at all anymore but let's show our product you're probably depressed person to talk to about this did you pay attention to them bought com power or the oil law but what do we lost 35 pounds appear at this scale each and every single David should be proud of the should commit to you democratic paid attention by the way I lost 35 pounds. A lost forty pounds. You know Pablo has. Always been resistant to admit that the way it was a problem so even when he says he's in better shape and he's worked hard and all of this stuff. The underlying thing is always that there's no real acknowledgment that I was too fat might ease he's getting in shape. But he was never saying that he was too heavy doesn't quite want it goes C a with a yeah unreasonable Lou I don't know what they're takeaways. From pop or what your take is on on Pablo. By. This is it's easy error. All right you lost the way good for you you look better now that he can hit left David Mitchell sackler shall be did you bend over for a ground ball. Because when he signed this contract there wasn't. It wasn't like he was a superstar players and he was that he was a decent player getting superstar contract. We forget that sometimes you're not going to get anywhere near what neighbor he supplied to get what basically is healthy Brock COLT. Can supply a third base at best yet of exactly easy that is it's crazy but it's true I mean. Pablo is best case scenario if he earns back the clock and is to seventy with like fourteen home runs slate that's. That's the best you gonna get a little what Lou that take away from from the U. Press conferences today there in terms of gently model. Well I think nearly Alec or heard from in the juniors are now like the fact him and talking about the aging insane on still gonna work on a first patient border. Because you never know what happens it's a long season a continue to like what I hear from Hanley Ramirez so. And Pablo Sandoval often like to me is to guide I don't think in the stands on the speaks the language very well. You said he's trying to downplay the week which if I was him I showed up lost obviously losing weight. I would have a problem talking about it the other billboards like you won't yes but here's the thing the problem with our with the redemption story and hopefully worked up because here we did last year. I'd strong feelings about him going the Jiri proved me put lot of people wrong he was it good great player for this team he swung the bat he played the game the right way. Public can do that again but please don't say always shuttle you guys up this guy openly admit he basically stole a hundred million dollars stop working stop put in the effort got fat. Didn't care anymore and cares much you should have and I was gonna pack that's great but doesn't take away the first two years the pretty much pissed that my throat. What. We don't I mean when a president dumbed W woman's face and a mental. This dog rode out I don't know I don't know it's sort of came on OK well let's if but he if you don't you wouldn't think for 36 million dollars over two years that if the equivalent of the on or in the Borough. And you know outlook given credit for this much he was asked you know Rudy you have to impress this year thirty you have to make all of this until it says everybody. So he's at least saying the right thing he's not playing me all you guys don't believe in me. I'm gonna show you he's taking it more like I have to prove myself to everyone because I know ice last. Yeah I won't even Woolsey was the other thing turns out that loot you remember last year you were down here with Pablo talked last year. Yes yes and you remember what a disaster that outlines obsolete. Yet at least at least they get their act together that respect. And are absolutely at him again like what I heard and cares keep your ticket though that dumb Ferrell talked yesterday about maybe doing some things differently. A sales kind of misinterpret it related Muster not wrote an article the other gonna bought more arm and team that was eight and sacrificed funds. The political bunting more of my cold modeled on the he would not animal sacrifice bonds we just did a bunt for hits to avoid the shifted to me I still look at is a left handed bat only. Yeah all look at the guys who he's talking about it I'll go against this shift its Jackie Bradley. And Jackie Bradley and it's Andy badly it's been Cindy and goes to view it published in a vaults into Leone it's much more. Oil and where the shift on if you feel like the guy has a better chance of getting on we talked about this last night but only on the left side though. Right well I mean who also who are they shifting on the rights of the leadership the Christiane. Oh yeah they shift the human rights that were limited dropped the ball on third base is a guy there. She got a couple guys there so not bunting as you can shift on anybody you want as a write him bon. Doesn't this offend you you'll marked up you want because there's no defender there. Yeah yeah yeah you could do it right but you're right it probably not a more logical thing but the fact is that they even when we talk about Jackie Bradley bunting. Just to prove that you want to I don't know but with all of our sponsors. Now no doubt they got to prove it but. It's it's it's only to meet left handers unless you're talking about push bunting but you don't push Monica's still defender that's on the ball as the first baseman. Lefties put a push bunt because all that being infielders are on the second base I'd over it it's a free hit. You can screwed up instead of getting hit so I just a look at just the lefties and I'd like that but only in certain situations as well outlook acted doubles. All guys are laudable marks. Right although the that it was so we say Jackie rallies then this whole thing with barrel yesterday this with Jackie Bradley more than anything everything mixed Portland's going to be laying down ones left and right. And then the other guy the guy on the right side you can actually do it it's bookie bet. Ball your point Lou why bother and -- best of show and you build it to actually control Labatt so we can get the other way against the ship yet let me just. Provide just a little bit more context here for what he said yesterday he was talking about bunting as one possibility what he was more talking about. Is the overall broached yet when you're shifted and that. They loved Mitch Moreland at. When they had to defend against them they didn't like the finance and they'd love to approach because. We knew shifted him he would hit the ball the other way he would hit the ball where the fielders work in he would Alter his approach that wouldn't be this stubborn. I'm gonna all the ball through the shift or over the ship. He would still that ball hard but it just that somewhere else that's the kind of stuff they wanna work out it's not every time left to get shift shifted we're gonna tell them to bond dropped a bunt. The third base line that's not what he's talking about it's about an overall approach and not just hitting the ball right into this guy you're if you can do that. That's obviously a plus she knew of good bat control but that is. That is also playing into the mindset of white team shift thank you for your strength is is is pulling the baseball. And I enforcing you do something not very good at going the other way out win. Now you pop up the second night trying to manipulate the baseball it's outside of your swing. And I'm good at getting you well because you'd change your swing by the way defended use of some guys can do what others would get a lot of trouble don't. But that like this out about the bookie bet smoky bats didn't awesome he was one of the best I've seen it to saying you wanna shift on me. Then it changed my swing a punch at the other way in next time you'll chipped army but you're right I mean I don't think it's Jackie Bradley at that same sort of skill set to do that but you know here's the thing so Arctic rookie Beth who's got. Poolside power right yes you changes when you brought in and punch it the other way I win. Beat get but I just I don't worry about your pulse site that's your pot or use our own opposite field home runs now I gotta change the shift. But he's been begun shifting so booking it's a single to right who visited double off the wall or lol I'm. No there was there were visible examples of last year where they shifted on bookie bet Joseph Jane to swing heated inside out swing he went the other way he got ahead next time out dated shift and even quite as much you open a hole so that you can have your normal soaring. So I have no problem that. Only shouldn't vision altered. And I disagree with the team the changes to the guy punched a single to right god bless good for him that's why we shifted a one to be a punch and Judy you know I don't want to be bookie that's. Of one attorney with the Jose Iglesias. Purple buddy. But here's the thing Lou what he's supposed to do offensively if you. Are not taking advantage of the way the defense display and you like why just continue to hit the bonds at understand if you're David Ortiz. I'm not asking in the drop but if you're Jackie Bradley. Or somebody who yes Jackie Bradley as any five Omar our I think we can agrees not your classic top of the order middle of the order our inner. Why not take advantage of that four base if on the right handed hitter at Fenway Park I would never Altima approach from Opel that are. Ever. Let's put that into the gonna take away what the single in the hole and try to the ball off the wall fumble keydets I would never ever try to punch the ball right field on the album and again motif that's I put in the category a like Ortiz. So I'm not try to move keydets count and what about that next year. The bottom of the order inner yes it's your shifting because that's the spray charts I would nice shot and I'd even more rook and Knight Doug Moe left the who learns to bullet. Right anyone to take it way that that is perfect little little things that your swing is your swing guys got to the big leagues with a certain swing asking them to. The now be something else takes a lot of work and a lot of practice and sometimes you're not the same hitter because you're you're outside you're comfort zone try to be something that you're not. I don't think him in to come back to your original comment and the original narrative. All we're talking about here's Jack Ingram. He can say that name ethic been a tend to benefit all the lefties. An idol I don't I don't know. If if they want it to better candidate dropped out upon every now and again at the shifting on and that's no big deal let's not altering this way they never said. I was the wanna talk about Oki bats altering his swing once in awhile these other guys I don't think in the city Jackie Bradley. You know what changed the way you swing the ball against say learn how to block once and while this if you need to get ought to get the Shia and anti during itself fields anyway. Yeah I mean I don't remember him being shifted a whole lot last year. No it's a realist and you feared guy like that in the gonna shift that's a free knock especially you can run I do that all day long you know what I'm talking about is his. The idea of shifting any idea of a hitter. You wanna be completed see the ball ought to have you wanna drive the ball the other way but if I'm ready Fenway don't keep you shift the Meehan not. Pull the ball if that if that's who I am you know look he's not that I will be dressed ball the ball park Anderson I'm not. And I just use the example we'll keep you on the other way the ship I mean this with you count ten times he did it. But he did it and I probably mostly on the road your probably right but the terms of this conversation this is about. They were thought we might teach Jackie Bradley had bought a little bit absolutely huge ship we should. Absolution as that's basically where the whole conversations. I don't like getting out of me on these. It go it. Because I love angry would I want you describe what you get out here it's forward and be ready to believe me. Would you find out the bad you're sleeping and pump up big bar in the middle of which I've been sleeping in the last couple nights it's going to be angry Lou for an entire week. Roger really column that is that accurate that accurate. Perfect I don't care that's good wake up bidder pistol shell territory wanted to know. So there's this is the music that I wanna hear that's what we're gonna be don'ts. You don't listen to adults don't go anywhere to go quick little break we'll come back we'll do the process to watch YouTube joining me. It's the bus he is Bradford did out of Fort Myers joining me right now we'll talk more Sox beat him back. It's at those guys Hart who is. Later tonight. Aboard red Maloney and Fauria. There's the lord weighs on vacation and four of which is kicked out so I get to mossy and I got rob Bradford down there Fort Myers. Talk in Los boxing guys recently take one phone call went out and bring in Jay from Boston. On Lou let you don't. Not all. You get lots raised right right the Red Sox and the mold Palestinian partner right now would defects. It's in. It and they all know the place of the Yankees. One at that permit a three and out. We have the board of the doable low Wall Street don't raid in the right side hey Larry are all meant. Next we talk would have liked well. Out of dosage agree you know I think that it's a very talented team and W guys stand on this city yesterday. A lot of people complaining able depth I don't know to me team to have like a six starter of a lot of red Regis you know. How many teams love their seventy tonight's starters and AAA but when you look at this team. I still look you Cleveland as the favorite but I think there's a one and one day I think the two of them are head and shoulders above everyone else. Yes I mean where you if you want to look at the Red Sox and find their weakness is if guys get hurt. And that's goes for a lot of teams like you point out what their solution for a lot of this is Rocco Rocco rock called blogs body all over the place. Now accidentally gets hurt then I think that changes the meal the order dynamic it's you don't have anyone who can replace that type of bat and ball bam bam Sam Travis. He I heard that's where batting glove that no wonder usher did you hit it gets a really tough for him. Yeah all if you if you if you ever spring training fancy league you should have won Jackie Bradley incident Travis there's my that's my advice for. Joseph Joseph I look at this team depth wise right and it's always gonna AAA could very well of a water reuse right just starting completes wire is your catcher. He did Sam Travis is your first base less DH. Third base devers by the end of the year I don't know maybe next year maybe the condemning isn't yell fill your little bit thin. The era is there there's some depth I know I'm concerned with that as well that you're always concerned but there's still some death. There yeah I think what they've done by trading oil they're prospects as they've. Actually turned themselves a little bit more into a team like Cleveland might. When Cleveland has an injury they don't really have anywhere return because they've put all their resources and their big league team. And it feels a little bit like the Red Sox have gone that way as well just because there's so thin and AAA. Specially in the outfield brought up the outfield. But also a third base you know devers is only plated single day and and he's a guy. Did impress me compared an Arab media days somebody who's sort of struggled at each level as he rose through the miners. And then was good to go out gets the big leagues you could easily see divers needing. Another. Your clocks you know not reaching the big leagues until next year. So they do have some areas where they're thin but the thing is they're so good and so young at so many positions I think it's gonna mitigated Clinton. And you get those wanting at that that was lost rob real quick that this this offseason you know when you traded for sale. People or so quick to say you know I can't we be on trade the future to browse these trade away all these guys when you fail to realize. That the outfield. To your shortstop the catching position I mean. You are young but you are already young that she here. Your prospects that your actual starter impact players on this team in trade away the future of the futures right there at 7 o'clock every night. Yeah I would say this that you mentioned some of the depth guys that's why hearts and O'Donnell list. Yeah they're but you can still don't know what type of Major League players they are in an and I guess that means you don't have that luxury a lot of years. But if you had a month about a still here yes you have all the young guys a month out of it the guy. That if you came to spring training I think that would have been more of a legitimate competition at third base. I still make that trade obviously but might buy what is it that you don't have that. Definite upside down that you might have that in other years. Our boys this and I appreciate that segment brought you by fine mess money dot com ones and just chicken it would double has done its spring training and assigned to see you guys and a couple of days men appreciate you joining me for a little bit lower you gotta be Monday night where there with a podcast for voted twenty solidarity there. All right do podcast with news that we're doing well way to resist wearers it's free food treat the year so yeah character nicely another word that begins would be get a can I swear. Yes I don't have I'm players will be there you can have a doubt that it's going to be out there loans and let me know what's players and little theater but said the show Oprah that I listen I appreciate the excelsior a couple days Lou there are back here now rich keep joining easy it's referred. Keith and holly as a political. And keep the respect knowledge in Cali motif and Ali are like that moment and arguing what do you got today they want to read Celtics fans ya. It turned. Early on what happens everybody wants than to just they don't want the victory 'cause it's never gonna be good enough so just keep all the pick strap but kids have a nineteen year old team have a lot of fun right sore as the day went on to study its of people biting on the beach and one of the trade. I want a trade to bring about a week from today. All right guys over the rights and Butler that computer gear everything technology and not only to get everything for him and know no win. A like DeMarcus Cousins like Paul George and with yeah I'm with you. Allegedly Butler by I don't think get to Europe the nets that form the rules there were you the market Smart had are held a game is at Nestle stretch gold port here. Sort LaMarcus Smart is he somebody can rely on plus we had some. Some other stuff that's float around out there the Tom Brady movie. You're about that yet to get stating Mark Wahlberg I heard him play on Obama and Tom Brady and there it is we got teeth that we got a Hollywood got holly teeth. That is coming up next Christian I'd be back at it again here tomorrow. For a Friday here and show everybody enjoy your day a colleague Keith that's coming up next. We are back on your body because office. Movable voters. Anybody touch touch him. Anybody. Touch of Cyrus racy.

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