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OMF - Can the Celtics make a trade for short and long term success? 2-16-17

Feb 16, 2017|

Lou and Christian take a look at the NBA trade landscape, and question if the Boston Celtics should trade their assets for short term success.

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Well yeah. On the back of the show polonium Maureen MF has come and ask your. Flynn or way he is on. Vacation would take your call 61777979837. About the Boston Celtics team lot of people excited about this so talked to people on earth talking to Chris man X moments in golf from the vertical gold over some of the possible trade. Candidates here for the Boston Celtics as a slipped and that we are talking modern brake you know Philadelphia 76ers. Preval for years now whether it's New Orleans no well to a local for jewel and bead and Simmons. Every year there 123 draft whatever is and it's always bigs right it's always big the one year. Where there's franchise point carts you know and they're winning too much. And readily I had the guard heavy dragging regards emir there it's close it right I just looked at the fifth worst records it's not bad but they're like a winner to away from being late fifteenth. Right I mean if you're if you're the 76 is it's like to have yet we've got a lot of these bigs. And and if one of them are two of them with three of them like you noticed just. Turned into these like absolute studs that we can get two picks and a top five to grab our two guards to go too big now move in the right direction. They're winning too much. For them that's still not saying a lot because there's still liken it to play castle still end up being a lottery team meeting about. The. The business that. Into the zone. It's terrible this noon at the system like it's eight seed. Serving days. Think ATA usually click green and it's just like the highlight of Julius at the Afro Andrew Toney shoot threes I feel yeah. If that's if you've got my seats. I hear that one point record minerals and oil restricted freeze dishes qualifying offer five point eight for next year round. So let's bring up these colts get to the main problem is an out of court might it hold the Mike here at the MF physical body. Got going up. To marketers to Melissa's been spot on that we do. Look I I gotta tell them look and make in all the sense in the world with these boys is reasons why do I mean really Lou I'm not what the app that's right. Is stockpiled enough after the Google assets in two. As you know I'd seen changing player might not look at Jimmy Butler and here is where guidelines. It's gonna take. In my opinion can pick up Brooklyn pick of the crowd are enrolled a year to get him about it. That I'm climate that they Astra AB Avery Bradley that's right rebel lines and it's. You know what was the whole Lotta the money were the hold fireworks comet may of two years ago two Summers ago this summer before Al Horford ranked. And atmospheric the what Kevin Love was. Cruise around Fenway you know Rondo is hanging out or Neil Ronald goes of the game with his glove. Is that two years ago. That's when the fire or just comment was made that CI Philly there's so much. Attention and interest in this because of that comment because of that here comes the fireworks there's going to be fireworks or other than Al Al Horford and. Yes I called act more like sports center I'll call and I don't work that thing would butler's that you know he's making 175. So the money's got to work so it's it's. Is typical for this team so you look at a guy like Amir Johnson and he's a guy that it may have to be included but he still bodies to the big east or starter for you and and nobody should stop active one for Butler. You know they should maybe maybe it's Crowder and Avery Bradley and his dad is pointless draw the line there. You know and and you gotta make the money work would you be willing to give up Brooklyn's number one pick this year Jalen brown did it all up. You don't want to meet him at three to give us all out here and of Olympic this year and he got hurt my Internet with that. So and I agree with maximum hole the demise of the Cleveland cavs a that's been. Overrated up and talk about weight too much they're not dead they're not it's not the halfway point and herb he's gonna get better. A love's gonna get better and LeBron James as a matter what team he's on. Regardless of who was cast of characters is he's going to be competitive they are going to be in the mix they'll be in the discussion. They have a great although we always is Roberts shot championship yes we're we're just him. And nobody else. We do this every year of the bronze changes teams you know there's always a point mid season were fallen apart Miami doesn't he doesn't owners don't understand is that -- and he's he's a drama queen he brings a lot of freaked and drama is just eat is he's the best player in a clinic but it's the truth. And in Miami it was always the same way about it in Cleveland the path through. Quickly than the past even last couple years or not a Miami it's always mid mid season this out this time a year it's. What's wrong with my hand out don't play look at all like a half penny and penny penny this guy's ball and in the end. There in Eastern Conference finals and their any NBA finals so the question is can you get in case they slip you've got to beat that team I want to go to this call weird little. Great and all sad and the world has dropped a stroke let's go to luck Peter JP Peter you're the MF has go. That you guys I. I bet too potent the list and thoughts are our Tutsis and lastly it needs to Egypt in the release our votes are to be so. Always at the end of the game so as you load them. The other NCR. He or. He's is he just the church five years seven. Million dollars a year search for have been broached. See that it took part in the any good really good player so. I wouldn't trade. Jerry crow. Palin in what order it their own rose three point shooting. In to meet absolutely putrid or should but I just my thing. Okay. I would check trademark sweater or. A chick. A market Smart ten million dollars and an extra years so we have a lot more money to go get a free agent cool you know. Mean there's this sort of talking about are cool. Gordon Hayward. Who'll get what we can't wait like war. But really cool you do you wouldn't trade Jae Crowder you know why make a seven point eight million because they're the six may need a lot because yes. He's so. Why not take you know you're starting lineup would be just I disagree or Christmas having Marcus Morris is he's a starter now. You know he he can eat in it doesn't have to be big guard heavy. You know team that he's that your plating to get him to Smart to start he can guard bigger guys do you guard more physical guy that AB Braun leads Isiah Thomas. It's Marcus Smart. Al Horford. Or. He could govern he covered you know a guy that's 686 and no problem because he says it's a cordless physical player yes and you can't of the guy like that now own a rhythm starting. Okay Ava Braun has missed the last nineteen games thorough Aybar broke back in the because he's a two way player by and I did Isiah Thomas agers bark Marcus mark. BK he gives it all points great if he doesn't so what shut down defense of player and you heard medics also it's gonna be guards to guard again Eagles defense of players. Take him off the bench needs to be it needs to be green needs bulimic and he's one of those other guys that comes off the bench that he's the same type of intensity with the ability. Score. It's I don't know similar diplomacy crowd is un watchable. It's huge difference between a guy like mark a Smart you don't wanna give up I don't think he's untouchable I don't wanna give a month. But he'll. Anybody can be touched. But Gary picking just can't happen you'd give me a name an outrage to some of the touch of all right but I'm saying. Anybody can you got to. Jae Crowder we get the point we're Jake Jake Trotter I'd like to crown OK but I think he's got to report where he was. So. He's overrated now. Our outstanding under resent us live right here that I think he's now overrated. Reason I late Jake has just a waste because he had his he had his Marcus yet like the Marcus Smart mentality he was. The regulator he was a guy that was going out there or you're gonna put him on somebody that you wanted to rough up. I think that that's the biggest and the best part of his game is is just his musicality his ability rough somebody up you don't do it cause trouble. Let's do it through teaches judo or Ed because Ed looks like he's one of those guys that doesn't lead they should do anything to head at. Hey guys they don't double confession to make. I got laid off last week in my life has already bottomed out sitting around listening to talk they. You. To be helping you lose your you would you platoon. And I think. We have lots of assets. But individually. Spend them Tibetans and have to overpay for something so if you look at apparently Jimmy Butler who only wants his career has played more than seventy games. If we overpay what do we get to that really push us over the hump and get to the finals probably not do it again this past San Antonio Golden State probably not. So I'd rather wait until. They'd be addressed. And then at all the training technical aspect in normal that we want Jimmy bought them we treat straight up the Brooklyn tech. Rather than. The book when tech plus Avery Bradley plus somebody else could I just I don't want to overpay because we've all been so excited to get this Brooklyn deal. Why waste all the assets that does not win a championship. Why is it wasted. I mean he's really what we're gonna do it thanks for the caller this is worth what you guys wanna do you wanna just hold on to these guys. And just. I don't know see full so ball is the answer so we can afford guards that this year. Let me you know the blood and then sold you draft a guy like Fultz or ball than what opens the door for Avery Bradley market Smart. But you know what I guarantee that if you draft decade you know I don't wanna treats moderator Bradley because everybody loves everybody and nobody wants anyone to go anywhere and we wanna keep this cute little team together. And we don't wanna give up a damn thing to try to take it to the next level. I don't understand that. You've got these assets you could Jerry Brown here hollow before Jalen brown would you championship all of the twenty so I think these are picks next your gonna go yeah it would only carries here. Orlando the New York good at doing it the better chance of dogs are better that he'll do with an the next three years. With the next three years. You'll wanna have Isiah would Butler and in and Wofford gimme keep me one of the two defensive 22 guards whether it's Smart or Ed Bradley. Yet and I just you don't wanna do that none I accept that listen all the cause it was the people talk about this team minutes. It instead of late normally originally the goal was all right let's just get out of the first round but just get out of the first round. Now it out to beat the likes of San Antonio and Golden State. But just leapfrogging Cleveland. Leapfrogging and Toronto this team does not wanna play out and had not won a series in a while now he won two games last year that most U before that and you waiting to make plans the other thing everyday and ask your enthusiasm okay. Here's your goal here is the goal here is beyond. Kate forget about the the Eastern Conference championship. Get about it. Day did you get there possibly. Possibly. Okay. Yeah the first round in any Kansas it would mean can you get they wanna series yet points I'm just hit I don't know rights abuses and right now you would be playing this comparable I think right now is a great coach. OK I'd like what I see so far. But there's going to be a point where it's like okay. Let's see it. Let's won a series we look at Celtics fans I feel it looks at this roster and and they they'd love everybody. Like that regardless if something what are they accomplished. I love this team to all but impossible to look at a pick any age is the same thing to be honest with ya like upgrades. Their needs to be some upgrades this team Maloney goes so far. You need to upgrade which means you need to give up an asset that nobody wants to give up. I don't I don't understand it. We really know what to give up that Brooklyn Pickford Jimmy Butler. You don't wanna do that's. Hello Jae Crowder. Do you I'd I'd take Arianna when that dumb with Colin on the Dixie you know it it worked out the time he seems like it start to be right. And chaos we don't force the issue. You know but don't you raise any issues don't be afraid to haven't heard a little bit. If you got a if you want the success of you want it you'll get back to the top and it's not I have to hurt a little bit. Both sides are it's not gonna be a win win situation. On its its its go to Tim in Quincy tenure with the Americans go about it. I don't two point you know I think you could be more wrong oh alright Brett the public and much credit you got to get credit. I dispute with the opportunity. To pay it back. You can't that you and the team last year to review it review is because it. Right in the top two right now we're playing right now and the Philadelphia. Game and he anything now. You must. Bowl what was your first point. That is what does this team is better than we're given credit I think we're giving him credit them all well credit in the world that's the way are deployed to slow down but what looked soul your first point was thing of Philip. Just first of the person is. Given plenty critical audience to. Now we got back to back to you first you first your first point Sox scored his second point. At a point. And are not accurate. Quite what we were cab with no real. All speed but you brought some really rough reality like LeBron James is getting the Jordan rules. Aren't traveled in what all I grew that's a that's a general that's that's an epidemic going around the NBA movie that's there's a there's game of the day hole record there's a game of the day. I would do was. The guy was drip dribbled the ball stopped jewel again right from the rest of the rep did not call traveling the day to be to me I I do at that point that's. The NBA so it's a wait and are calling tribalism so Tim you disagree with us a hundred and what exit point 5% in using the only reason by the cavs are good because the refs allow it. I'm fine with you not agree with the deal honestly. And I thought I want to see portrait as it has not and I'll poll we want just like that yet you are certain topic and re moving screens create. It is not a big deal. I want I want to be able to win the one and a half per game I've watched every game one and a half but you have. And we played a cap you at all credit market market call traveling call held over the call the movies recall. Is not it would put the cap. What that's the only reason let a good date yet it probably twenty to correspond with the game. I this all going to be argued yet. Six point eight points I'll give you some some extra love and attention for LeBron James for being the guy I will give you that I'll give you. The fact that the rest will be a little bit harder or Marcus mark for his history. Think that's that's a thing that's not disguised making it up. Rest are talking about when guys call up. See you guys are wrong and you guys idiots and and sound like that. That makes me actually feel feel better but let's go to lollar Ryan in Springfield grind ahead buddy. It's got. I'm really sick idea why we need to trade everything right now. I don't understand we're already hit good team. That's a problem with bringing. Who spoke uptick in to a team looked at where are you need right now outreach don't make out in the ball and help you reach out. You wanna trade Avery Bradley and Jimmy Carter. You drink while I'm Erica there are great and urgent care energy. I don't know at the. Oh disagree. Maj disagree with I think Jimmy Butler is a much better player than Jae Crowder and with David Bradley in advance for the scene for market Smart wonderfully slow expendable. Okay we wanna put it frequently enjoy it take you regret. And. Let's I don't I don't know who said that first off. OK we're just throwing names around I don't know what the deal looks like. But you sound like a guy that sits there and said this team is good not just give me a rebounder and they can do what what are you waiting for. You wanna get a full you wanna get it all out of the draft and have him Jalen brown didn't 1415 minutes a game to win what and when. And then mark and then okay you try to go to older I don't play and you don't get the first part tickled to big gift by the way go to first pick. Aren't yet. Two picks. No I don't know what you do sorting and order way you keep saying what two picks. With both with. He called on next you can. I don't know we included both. Well I'm just saying. If you get a duplex next years but really good at coming in coming out what are their names. Yeah you can you know I didn't know I don't read more about what you body we could go up that old. Snapped back I'm also a control of this hitting right here so yeah. You're doing what you wanna hear. And they're giving does not give the guy credit because most people opens it is not a big men in next year's draft we're talking about juniors. And see gunners in high school right now and this guy is it freaking Bullock who sits on the computer and reach about juniors and seniors in high school. Good body appears you're seeing your knowledge you have I am willing to accept it thank you very much and again be used a lot of loud and got a lot of championship in 2000 at 25. Lot of lambs and 88. So the top point prospects is up by a fox sports for the point seventeen NBA draft as a B version to. K I'm not gonna go to the names OK but it's its freshman. Freshman. Freshman freshman. Freshman. Freshman I mean the raw freshman so. Receipts on the first top ten. Nobody's ever gonna miss to blow up the top ten all freshman the top ten prospects of a two point seventeen NBA draft are all freshman nobody. Ever misses either of the book what I mean by that is defeated Sergio Brown is gonna turn into a franchise guy and whoever they pick the issue of the first is going to. They don't. Ellison these guys there and there's a and I of these top ten guys I'm sure there's one guy that's gonna turn into an all star maybe three out of that three out of ten. The other seven are gonna wash out a B average players are just. You don't get hurt who knows what they'll do. But they've already kind of gone through that route they'd draft young players got the young guys young shooting guards some more docile and dated. James Jones sees you gotta start to kind of figure it out. But I'm all for getting rid of them almost for the nucleus is there the basis they are the foundation is there. Now to add to. Add to it is that you could very you know I'm gonna wait or could very easily Marian fox I pressure on a Kentucky you can better rebounder. I liked that idea and I can help this team and be on the issue that's probably what they're going to do. But at what point would what are you looking for. We're looking for anyone to take the first pick this year I get it and then say it's faults it's a cute ball. And you know I get him any detailed brown. When those guys carry to a championship. I tell you what don't miss. Don't miss on them because in it and then what in the following year I guarantee you nobody wanted trade that Brooklyn picked the following year. Indian to have these three young kids that are gonna be top three picks. Don't nobody wants to trade a single soul and evidence is that people think Jae Crowder is untouchable. The the people actually think that they would have done that. Was there Comcast are laughing at that of course they would have on this and everybody just in Terry wrote fear they wanna cracker for a bucket. Is that a heartbeat even two months two months of about to make a run at this thing this year and see how far they can go in the Eastern Conference. Or treating every. Notice that we over value the hell out of these guys are we got our first round picks topics over and we can't wait for his Brooklyn they negate number one it looks like it's going to. Who's there weren't going to be used for a so go to go to cheated Allred rule debris outlaw. On when nick that would do wanna look at the 2019. Draft process. Would you wanna get some go to TJ here because all it's coming out of the of those juniors or lighten it up preps I think I CT is a dead body. You guys fight or good. I guess I I are also in agreement with us the other guys that trading the pick is really the less like yeah all right because. I know it was insane to retain. Does it bring a championship that would rejection. I don't think treating it it wouldn't change that because. I thought about dumplings couldn't vote required is that what are not adding. And what would your approach uptick in Jakarta we make the slightly better better what we're not yet shifting so I would only get that fixed if citizenship which will be good to have a better shot at. Building a future championship Jean where's the potluck. Edited in a bike for gas about a topic that if they the guys in the guy out there that that you can treat the what this unit that will definitely push when the contention until it. I don't you know an old school Tim Duncan off while also what you watch what sort epic four. And what about that. The market content. Isn't it and so I would I would keep the ticket and continue building circle now. Oops there by their parents are but the at that backs are in need to. Com. By the time. The guy you draft this year and by the time June brown are become the players of people think they can become whereas Isiah. Isiah has now signed to a Max deal so he's here for the next five years air about her age double when you left. It seems my four years from now Mary's. Whereas Al Horford. But we're we're now now what now can now get it will get another right I'm just seeing right now you got lucky with Isiah Thomas. We said before you gotta get lucky get a get lucky in a draft gonna get lucky to trade you got lucky. You got a guy that is probably gonna be third or fourth in the MVP talk in a trade that nobody at the time realized it was any good well we didn't think it would you got lucky. Right now and you get 21 round picks them the next couple years. Yet to give up both of them maybe you don't. But if you did you get Jimmy body can look at and say I had 31 round picks three high pecks and not a bit I took Jim Brown a Jimmy Butler. I think he should be happy with the navy go with that I think you'd be good with that when you take a step back and say what did you do with those three picks the U head. That or lottery picks what did you do like Jimmy Butler to control the three years that maybe I can extend him if he's the player because he's young enough and had a Jalen brown acute could be a really good player and asleep. I think you should be happy with that. Yes our water and and it seems like the people are too so awesome Pedro holy Jim John buckles. Right back to sort of take a break because they're all those dealers also he's there's suppose it's possible to get to. There's some Susan possible wanna get too but the Celtics are driving the show gonna stick with Diego. Body op well. Shots act series 11 tie break. Line by a FaceBook Twitter and he's just grab more of or wade we're loading in 48 right now. Sports Radio WEEI. Away. Voted for in order based on vacation. The Celtics right now sort of running the ship will also was dive into a little bit Red Sox a little bit later on with. Published in a volume premieres and talk to me yeah surroundings that John Carlson yesterday about replacing David Ortiz maybe different strategy. We think of that may have may be losing one other coaches yet and in some reaction to Tom Brady's. Little article interview with Peter King but for right now we're still back on the Celtics let's get back to your phone call 61777979837. Let's go to John in Amherst John your own. They have all and I'd. I think you're awful but it would be massacre at a bar owner. I also should not necessarily is. Offer. All well I think Obama or at fault. Then in part. In the future and both are out thoughtful. If book that I can't. Look at their current owner Bob. Bought and certain. Ought. Audit all of Fox's. All protect. Our outlook. But that they both of them. Then. That the actual. Tenure at the vote out there they don't false. Aren't you willing to put more stock in a kid in college and what Isiah Thomas doing right now the next few years. He doesn't look so where would it icky. It. Of item project I like it is it that and again to eject one of these point guards. First pick overall starts right. With you start point now what. Who's on the roster at that point in time we'll ever really wants trade anyone who literally begins at eight rallies there he needs a new contrary he's up for new concert Marcus Martin to contradict Thomas. So one out of the president your day off Reba so all three runners they have a team as is actually right now on his hands are all. Saturday I think there's a chance at once the season ends they can one of these guys are going to be gone anyplace. I mean I mean the the way Avery Bradley develop WiMax talks about most underrated guy in the lead you know the meat. Now the general public may not nobody to rally but all the coaches all the GMs and all the scouts know how value. He is the thing that went when this whole thing started with the rebuilt for the Boston Celtics. We look at that deal would Brooklyn said wow you know and they had a one year really got to six and it took market smaller so. Years a lot of years in a row here we gonna have lottery picks and last year was three this year is probably going to be one or two will suit up as most of you want next year could very will be that is well. A bitchy back then if you said that the Celtics fans would you want to majors draft all of these players. Oh would you ever trade the pick to get eighty another player that will help you rather the calls it. A bitchy too old man they would also know Liz young trade the pick used now. I think what are nobody wants them to draft first this year and the next do you use Brooklyn's peck. Draft again this. I don't know why they might say to people actually I think it got to get easy to change just when they train with the wind if the Celtics. We're not playing is lower than when when it went ten a level last eleven agreed on the road back to back commuted the numbers are great everybody's playing well. Even with guys missing games. They're playing like crap will be the narrative all won't we be talking about from trade and I are gonna get heard about other rebuilds not working. It's a you'll look at the way did any good as rebuild this thing so far. Amidst this issue put this guys have a class and how to do it. Everything is working so far on the picks the guys you're you're you're hitting the right there YouTube hit the right players. Third developing for their plane for you. Marcus Mardy is keep this up. You forget about whether I'd just get half the production that he's give you a of the month of their where you'd be happy. Yet there's still look at it as let's go back to four years ago we should mean Gainey is in rough shape you know this is a tough tough league to kind of rebuild and re tool specially from the middle this is a tough spot and you disable full five years later. You've turned some of these facets in two. Isiah Thomas. Okay who'll probably be top five union VP voting in a trade to you got. Lucky which is exactly what we said that you need to get. I think you turn it into third pick overall Jalen brown is still a fugitive with Beckett and then let's say you took these next pics even both of them. No the hoop scoop guy or whatever didn't wanna do it but even both of them for Jimmy Butler and he's at four years ago returning to an MVP candidate. A number three pick overall Jalen brown. A sixth pick is Marcus Morris turned into a hell of a player. And a guy like Jimmy Butler who was young and and it's it's one of the very good players and his game while whatever whoever you want a rate of Kirsten why would be happy it and you got a guy like Al Horford reagents and that's a hell of a jump that is a hell of job before five years. But I think people are so in love with these peck. That in the end they really just want to substitutes. Drafting. Interest into a member there let radiator and gets. Crude on the on on the trade that's what that's why you hold on last year I asked the 88 we had him here. And I asked him if you ended up drafting all using all of these draft picks from Brooklyn never trade and we would you be happy said no he'd be disappoint. GM doesn't want address them but yet you did oh I just I don't. I don't get it I don't get let's go to Aaron in New Hampshire wanna get errors take anybody. Yeah I actually agree with that let color as well I think if there was a deal out there. That put us in position to beat Golden State because really that's the only thing doesn't exist if it is. Exactly it doesn't exist so I don't see how forcing it trees in giving up all. All the actor completely Garth didn't ask for most of them. To get Jimmy Butler in here. That does that that won't get into where you wanna go all that is put this in a position where being become capped out we have the and Jimmy Butler to add to this means we have more page to all our assets that could help us improve. We have now become an Atlanta Hawks. Might because we are greedy congratulations. What are you wait and cold air what are you waiting for. I'm waiting for. Four. Talent. Without and try to you don't seem to want to how old are I don't care how old. I want talents after the game that we're looking for that matter. I understand you talking about. What talent can you add right now you want to add right now that can be gold state. I would I tell it that put assistant athletic as the continued talent that either put such a position to beat Golden State. Or at talent that puts us in position to trade later to add a player that can beat golden. I don't understand how do you do that what are you talking about hopping you add tally just admitted that a guy like Jimmy by a dozen. Did you close to Golden State admit I admit may be elevated advocates got the Eastern Conference I mean I don't know almost Segal played against but I don't. So so so what I saw this kid falls out of Washington or ball or Jalen brown. That's gonna get you to beat Golden State. I'm not assuming that it does but that's really what it not been so let's get caught principal balance. It puts us in position to maybe later we can move Bradley who would probably replace in the starting line up. We can maybe create another package with some of our other epics we can move other packages around there's always still lateral moves we can make. Continuing threat is not the worst thing in the world because we still have cost control panel and we cancel them. Air and why did the Celtics sign Al Horford them. Talent and put them over the top not up. Spent a lot of money can't be cute Beagle stayed with him. You try to improve. About winning it which is Stevens free Bethpage. He'd they want to add guys who at talents to winning. Care I guess I agree a 100% and I'm trying to we know with with trading weighed this pick. Picket trying to add talent. Honestly if we gonna sit down a few if you're Celtics in appeared to any agency OK I can't make a move. Until it puts me past Golden State. But I can't make people both until I feel like it makes me better that Golden State. And cause a shock when I get the hawks let's act better than the hawks I did in the team that Q4 Q last year. It looks like all of reported that Paul Millsap got god or for god and at that articles have been the same team but also how he how many players do you think. Actually interest the Celtics are a handful five. That that that they actually look at and say all right if you look at just to add talent I'm sure a deacon was Paula a bunch of players but you can choose from Richard if that's really their goal it. I just wanna add talent. Right there's a lot I bet there's a lot of options if you look for impact player. Gotta hand we got five guys maybe that are available that are that are in the talks that are in the works other than that. Utah is adding bodies uniting role players you're adding the Evan Turner of the world that is butcher adding guidance on a last year of his contract. Former first round pick former stud looked to rekindle some sort of you know you're shy in his game. And that's what you give any of the believing insight was somebody else. So find you wanna add talent Bible to help you Woolsey. I don't know I don't think it will it's just you know it's still I just over the hump to hedge. Eight the year. Of you know not. Just sitting back and yielding go get a big help rebound and I'll help this team and it should solidify things and hopefully it's Eastern Conference finals but. And honestly sit there and have the mentality of I can't do this because it doesn't make me better than Golden State. Then close up shop. You need here's an animal what Hillary out to Eastern Conference don't worry about. Or about what the west to I didn't Newsweek I think it's apparently been Antonio they need to worry about the west put this in court later shouted as Anthony Davis make you better than gold state right now. Anyone now I'm not that they're gonna cash and so cannot not do that. Because you know it great that he's never be available what did you sing like that really we Iraq right now. He's consider around here and just draft kids that god forbid if one doesn't pan out if one of just really sucks and if you browns considerable player. Late could god then what then did you turn that into. Although you voted you used one of them you use numbers six and markets Marty number 30 Jalen brown. What is so wrong with you get some young players what is so wrong with these in the last two on a proven player in this league that you can turn into a match player. And try to play this thing up for the next three years. I had to sit around waiting to be better than Golden State good luck. I would continue talks and Celtics for Roemer Loney a lot of calls still appear of people disagree agree it will get to a mall coming up next anybody can be touched touch him. Christian rants about the cat socks decency is courtesy of Twitter and Christian Fauria. Right now we returned a moral or away Maloney and Fauria. But Sports Radio WEEI. I'll go back. Celtics talk. Taken over here so far the first couple hours to hear from him in mayors Weldon spring training. In the little of that discussion as far as a reaction too from Tom Brady in his interview with. The Celtics stuff right now is I've seen some pretty fired they have just throw quicker so I might should be the only should be there's so much. Pablo sightings it's driving me insane slimmed down pop note here it comes problem confiscated Pablo army and got lane open yes they're injured. The hunt is on routed and aside let's go keep go Google game. Google and its own country I and I wanted because the Celtics fans and I do I wondered very patient so far with this team they're a joy to watch it and being that. I love watching his team effort couple years that he gave Egypt to this point is that everything. He can possibly do to Max things out. But I wonder will point to Celtics fans stop being patient. You know they stop looking at is Lleyton is is another first round the good bounce the first round there'd there'd be some angered then. But at what point can you start to expect more. From your Celtics team I don't know let's go to James in a truck James journal BM efforts cat but it. Hey mark mark one quick look like a cracked up exploit you guys confirm or deny the rumor that ought to wait but they're they. Still building the arc out. I thank you confirm nor deny. You sit. Down the government can't say I'll be right back toward buddy very thought that it happened you decide to call for the next three days. In all seriousness the I agree that under jumping over these that make votes there is one way only one player in my opinion that it will want to post your debit card move at any bigger. Don't go to real. They used to our country that wants but the realist and I believe if you go around him. Trying to discredit every that they'll say we're not Galactica are among white guy. And then all the points. Exactly you'd like shark yeah ordered you recount should preclude a bit. Still out beyond it it's that they're coming tackled in thirty conserve your next year the Packers are not the early or go to Tyler go all out the book. You got the money did you post it on to create what he had yet crowded underpaid. Yeah yeah I know I hit area you know it's funny that you bring up names of of players who are. You know Monday mentally important to the team that are already on cozy at the Miami Heat are going through their own rebuild in Whiteside is part of that process. Anthony Davis like why would you give away. Why would you ever do you weigh one of the best players young the one of the best young players in the NBA. For lack. For another young NBA your kind of know what deputy Davis is the dog run did you did it work for you. So I don't wanna hear the white side I don't wanna hear the Anthony Davis is of the world I I don't. Looking guys who have been. You know. Players on their team like the like you talk about cousins all the time in nobody's gonna and appointing him he's got to go anyways I can help you. But a guy that has been established on a team like a Jimmy Butler. And the tip just really not going anywhere and they feel like they wanna completely terrible what are Chicago Bulls to do little to get. That Giuliani just went on to get the ticket I have a look in the weeds its Dwyane Wade wade it's it's Rondell it's nothing that really significantly is gonna move the needle long term. Every Davis is not going anywhere Whiteside not going anywhere all the it would be great. There are going anywhere. TI Andre Drummond I think county mention him or not I think if a gas prices align. And he's a very good player. But as we go back to Jimmy Butler Arnold is available New Orleans no well he ducked out whites I agree that no well outing of a pivotal role for all the balls up and see what happens. I just I'm I'm getting the ball around start to get little impatient. OK I am to be different if he didn't already have a couple young players and and in Ari draft acutely Jim Brown let's see Rudy can become. But if you were to take these final two picks and given get a guy like Jimmy Butler and you to look back incentive what did you do with at all. How did you rebuild. Well wolf we did was we actually stole an MVP candidate in Isaiah Thomas from markets for. Ha ha you of that Marcus Thornton to winning and ended 2000 and say whatever was cavaliers first round pick a tree almost gonna be but whatever right that does. The last pick we knew that there are good team markets point you've got lucky. And then you said OK to use it to get Jalen brown the third overall pick. If you believe in him that I LC is to get Jimmy Butler. Did you do your job. Does he didn't you do your job and you didn't you do it is it enough. Whatever I mean is it gonna be gold state may not go get a big who knows. But I just I'm getting a little bit impatient I think I was team right now I just I let's go to Los even the most Steve bad. They without doubt the quick. Isiah Thomas is the only scored its habitat because of that the only thing that Celtics haven't even played a ball. On Isiah thomas' hands and then when he checked and double teamed or triple team what do they do they give the Balkans Smart with the ball markings that indicated dish it out. Side they out what the role or something like bill slam off the ball in those situations. We just need another guy that they installed all through that they can keep the ball licensing and may even get I think a couple more access. Get him averaging a double doubles as something you know. Well I think you sticking with the Celtics is that is concerned thanks for the call that a post season. Isaiah is the fourth. Quarter option period end of story right and now if they double him was a terrible Washington Toronto you're a good deal. Unity at wal and he needed to Rosie got Lowery at the Toronto it's it's eagle one guy. In one night or score forty the next night the other guy might score forty. The Celtics have options. You know so it's not Isaiah it could be Avery Bradley could beat market Smart Jake product could be Al Horford. Errol maybe that makes them more dangerous but there's not one of those guys you can really expect it out of and and that doesn't make me feel caught profitability and Larry Butler are right. You wanna double Isiah had Jimmy Butler goes off in the fourth the next night you wanna go we'll go after Balart Isiah goes off in the fourth quarter I think it's a more. Consistent. Second option then then one of multiple guys on the social show up argument case. Gold hole and because it's the name that was brought up last year a lot polling that people talked about there was now looks like Jimmy Butler is a name and and they're going to hold and who who you do you like. I think retreated two picks that we haven't yet Blake curtain from the clippers. Or we treat one of our picks immediate Carmelo because we have pleasant change we did discuss on the also started make you happy and I figured they might work well together. I would I'm I'm over the old Blake Griffin experiment. I just he's heard all the time he's never really done much for that team we never turn in the person other than dunking like crazy. That's it he's got like a great shooter as static BO shut down defender. On the he's heard all the time down and them Iverson's good player not to say but that's not. A one shooter. Gears saying I wanna shooters and Carmelo. Okay giving up a first round one of the next pitch for Carmelo to meet I don't agree with that. OK I just I don't agree I don't I'm not a huge fan of Carmelo I think he could help I don't know what the asking price would be depends on what the asking prices but a guy like. It's different view of Butler is Butler I think is a young younger player that I can build off of it may be extended. And make him a Max player be part of the franchise for the next 67 years same thing with a guy like Paul George but Carmelo. Now Carmelo goes to a team that it wants to win right now. And you know and it gets more ball than now not now in the future that this of the should be now in the future and can do balls. They can do both.

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