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#DORK 1: Avengers: Infinity War Featurette

Feb 16, 2017|

Rich Keefe & Ryan Davey breakdown the Avengers: Infinity War Featurette. Plus an extended "This Week in #DORK" covering DC directors, Legion, The Walking Dead and more.

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If the door. Marquez. Is the due to a Martinez which cheek is the door. Monty. That has my dorm blond man she. A security there another episode of hash tag door my name is rich keep joined once again by Ryan Davey Davey Howard you know. About any better it have to be twins Richard that's very nice thank you Ryan good to have you here does have a Valentine's. I didn't. Well I mean a lot of people have Valentine's Day I was lucky not to kind of win win situation from me because I'm not. I'm not one to go above and beyond for romance that's where that's happened to marry young lady. I despite what the whatever space I'm not actually married view. Autos poorly worded to lead by me saying yes now I actually married to a wonderful gently. Who is who is named. Ryan as well. No lie no lie. And its body and and the reason it's funny is because a friend of ours in high school David now at the high school together for those get you just joining us for the first time. And Ryan used to make fun of our friend Morgan who was going out with Morgan and they actually married each other later on to Morgan Morgan and David always say. Morgan held Morgan to a Morgan Morgan. Yes that would do that he was much much larger than both of us right I was playing a dangerous game there yes and she was actually larger than both of us as well. True not not the sense that she was. She was tall that is tall yeah it is very well. Not yet so I had to kind of backfired on political newsletter run and run to Morgan Morgan if there was they have trailer to it. I got you know. Yeah you're right. Yeah it got its comeuppance. Yep but anyway so she is not a person who likes flowers keeping slower as the dominant point listen thanks so yeah I mean it's kind of went in the good good good exposure ballot that. I was fine lot to this nice Chinese restaurant and we have this certain kind of the Sichuan solace Alex spicy things in this literally numbed my entire mouth. It was rather retook a trickle water and I didn't is that water anymore it just like. Hot but it was like it was like my whole mouth with late in taste like a wax like Hitler you couldn't even it just like flew over it is very circuit I doubt it ever had that before happen and it is very enjoyable and I look at it as out there that don't all you know don't. Not those very good what do you say a so this weeks or give me a little bit different normally we have neither ready nor rankings or a yum. Best of worst of type stuff or we look at a specific TV show. Or movie. I almost saw the Lego Batman in this movie or this movie this weekend yet but you know with this no that Diana had a more stuff to do that I thought so I did not make it. Yeah we we also I've got. Hurt ya know there's more though. But my wife has made me promised to take my my two year old daughter to go to the as a daddy daughter thing so great that it definitely on the radar. Due to report back to us on now I I might see as well by that so. Thousand were figure out David on that but then last week the avengers infinity war feature rat pack out of nowhere at least I was not prepared for this. Was released its or are really dig deep and that but the main portion of today's. Episode but right now we we kick things off as we always do. We've this week in dork. Thanks jamarcus from the boxers podcast for that little number oh so the box office riotous match of Lego about me and that was the number one movie. Over the weekend 55 point six million besting fifty shades darker 46 point eight million and then Jon quick to. Got thirty million. Getting great reviews. Finished third sorry a pretty big weekend here in February firfer Louise and all the pretty well. Yeah I'm really excited I mean the fact that in a Lego bat man. You know I thought ideally you'd be seen the Lego will be at the actual let them. Yes so I finally this this week I did yeah aside I I popped it was on its on demand right now TBS went running by is on demand so as I was. I'll let you know what I wanted to see I was all excited to see Lego Batman and that didn't work out from like I didn't want the Lego movie which. Was god it was it was definitely it is I'm glad I sought. But it was the best part of a 100% he was and at some of the other super heroes that are there so. And I did you like his song with a no parents in. Yet that without the best part of the move up now that I agree. I'm excited that he's getting kind of his own shot and we'd be. Despite be getting a little too this week in dork. What might be getting ahead of ourselves here but with the news that Ben Affleck is not pleased. Know with with how of that demand is shaping up and is all but gone. From the project. Voted that a second look I I'm glad that he's he is probably going to on the Tibet and the people enjoy. I know at the love. For ten years and like the last eight years but we haven't had any good bad and yet. I I take that back because investment decent man bet Ben Affleck was probably the best part of that. I he was here is pretty good but the more it was such a clunker that it is hard to really get too excited about it in a Dark Knight rises was and so liked the rest. That man movie was the Dark Knight now was like ten years ago. Sure and I'm excited to see Batman back on top rebel yes. Agreed that that. As far as fifty shades darker I don't know who we're seeing this move who had seen this will be. I really. Like tender dates I don't know. Like I work with. High school age or the all boys. And I heard them at bay they did that big lead to do reelected if you're in the back of a buck in do you think this because here at people sitting at Breivik in here you've got a classic and do a huge bridge shade darker goto it would do movie Bruntlett goes he would like. I don't think. It's not porno it's not yet available at. I'll get it they don't get excited fetus well apparently I'm I'm wrong because 46 point eight million dollars this weekend. Yet it obviously didn't douse him pretty well down I'll look at it like to the starving I imagine this last week the pylon. I'm not the most attractive person in the world the Volvo looks but for that movie where it's supposed to be such like a sexy steamy being. And maybe I don't know I'd I didn't read the books or maybe that the roll calls exactly for what that actresses but that she's not she's not the special. Not so I'm Japanese media daughter Melanie Griffith and Don out yeah. All long Johnson. It's not their ability grabbed the ol' long Johnson. Are. The movie is sitting pretty right validated because she's 9%. On our. 99. Beckett. Looks like the the guy the main guy there has like ex girlfriend. Pops on the scene so who knows who knows little happen next. Oh that sound like that political track about stuff like intrigue that does that sounds good and Jon quick to. We both have we're gonna see it in and out weirder but this this bad boy looks pretty guys and the other girls are dead. As well and that it is just again like how many. How excited you just this peace something that's just not it did exactly what it says it is it is like you know it we're just gonna shoot guns and lot of head shot and it's gonna look really cool in key artery marked Fishburne are back on the screen together. Now sold not really that you know what I realized too insular group watched the original Jon quick tuna. And the guy who like comes to soul Muppet street after the awesome club scene yup. In the key maker from the matrix trilogy yeah you're right about. A lot of matrix people. You know which is which actually really cool is that bigger than your matrix reference with the key maker. Like that. Like lawmakers referenced this week the box office this knowledge that it's going to be quite as good of the great wall. That's the not a great all fired up. Are you all right yet you are you all right I'm Matt Damon fist fight that's the Charlie de ice cube will be. And a cure for wellness else wrote down now looks kind of strange. It looked like it looks like I'm not understandable you say at the bit of that. Bit of the Macau. My dad and if you like dream sequences and people get out of bathtubs a cure for on this is for you. Reaches all Leach is now. Up up. So that's this weekend that not nearly as good oblong orbit a lot of news this week we have. This is is intriguing to me did a ride. And David Gordon Green. Who does a lot of stuff we Dane McBride to do it ought to be Dane McBride. About vehicles which are eastbound and down David Gordon Green has an apartment that those two. Are gonna write the new Halloween movie. Yes I read that like John Carpenter would really excited about it. He's pumping he's Gillick produce and he says he might even do the music which would be bad ass. Yes I just I'm floored that you know it he was such. Critic of Rob Zombie and the key you know he called the pilot shatters them like that. I believe yeah you whose hands he's he penned. And our wireless unit or he panda is the way it's the thug he he had nothing positive to say about. Now that he would be so on board with it gaining any McBride right. Hilarious now starting in left field these Beckham. I don't know. Bylaw that I I love finding out these Democrats in Jordan peel he has that movie was to get out. Where you know these comedic guys that long of pour movies. It's like a good view and I and this is I know speaking a little too highly of ourselves but if we wrote a couple movies chances are the first few would be comedies. And then but then all of a sudden maybe there's sort of projects are way like to not you know that really the bill they were horrible. And we do harm really so we could normally sure. Sure but Arnold John carver have been like yeah do you think you're the guys we want. Like the film. Eyes hates babysitters. Yeah that's. But yes that's really interesting to me. Over the last week did you get a chance to watch legion. It's great it's really good we got a bunch of tweets about it maybe when the season's over be able to standalone on. So I know those spoilers or anything here but it's on FX it's an hourlong. Promoting the longer the personal but legion a very under the radar. Character in the X-Men universe and peopled asked the question hey does this tie in to the X-Men movie universe my answer fine. Shore who's athletic boosters say but who's to say you and I fit into the X-Men universe they've destroyed that big so many times it doesn't matter I wouldn't we. I don't know I wouldn't get bogged down in that they deem. The simple answer is probably no but if you wanted to twist yourself into thinking that it is fine but it won't affect. How you watch this. I don't wanna give anything away at legion for those who do go read some of the comics back of there whatever there's obviously a very direct tie. Sued yet to the X-Men although they don't allude to that at least in the first. It was I don't think they gave any away in the in the first episode but it's intriguing it's it's inception level there's a lot of scenes that looked just like inception. He's a very powerful tool mutant that maybe doesn't know how powerful he is there's certain things Euro puts real but it is had a as good although. Aubrey plaza is and it you know from parks in Iraq. I do I know I know her very well on the big fan of. I don't think that I like her. Liquor no I'll play the first couple seasons on parks and recollect. This is gonna what she's doing and Mike has got also does men had. I just I don't know general Hartfield honor I'd be heard. She is droll and electoral. You don't like role you like kind of like eat you know. Speak plainly woman at a thank goodness yeah I don't think sarcastically tell me what you know. Some if hero right IE hates sarcasm. They got an RUS sub guy in the air the other day. She's just really really set me off because I hate when people ask odd you've watched the games but I hate that because yes I watched the (%expletive) games of course they. Would you watch again we thank you figured it would come out here and. Like I like it first fire I would anyway but it's also my job so yes I watched the games and then their point always they always follows up with some like asinine thing after the fact the deep much against. And and this guy like I told all the now I haven't watched that it on the season. Editing as some like ball shoots down about whatever and then the guy was he like you just heard a rude to the conservatives were gifts are constantly. Like I can't. Not load. Yeah I mean I'm not I'm not ready go to Twitter egg like dug it up they'll mix up our enemy. Think I'd like it's in lake because got an obscure stat and then just called in to to say that one thing you've been that not all day. Yeah aggressor right but what how does that help huh that move the conversation. You're Isiah Thomas has you'll the most points per game when someone with a ought number is guarding him in the fourth quarter and I didn't. I had no doubt in why would you ever need to know that idiot. Either want to watch the games that that is that is it sets me off. In Iraq I highly. Tracked down at well find them. Yet there's there's too many trolls to keep track of its not worth it it's not only smell or that of legion with absolutely. Worth watching if I am interested I think. It might MB airing tonight as we record this but I mole it I've always in the one episode and good so far so good wanted to. A lot of people who are asking me because a lot of people last beat by what these shows as well be what shows. Set yup. Yes and I'm like no like I say you know I try to watch as many things that and ended like. What did you that they keep telling the I have to watch the shows like could explain it to them. Because they don't get it oh yeah I know this'll be one of those loans sooner or that but I gotta get you tactics way to do it would be people are that are watching a lot of this week it out about. Well what do Vermont OCR hash tag dork is. You can't watch everything. Yeah read everything gale watch everything apparently tried. You can't play everything. It's it's a whole thing but legion is one of the things that I will be watching. All right. You mentioned bat man now it sounds like Ben Affleck as we talk right now. It will still star in produce. A potentially rights but he will not directive about man. And it looks like Matt Reeves. Might be to got a direct baton and he has war for the planet of the apes coming out this year purity did dawn of the planet of the apes let me in the which is the and cloverfield he director cloverfield. It's early directed some and wrote a whole bunch of felicity. Oh yeah he's all over Fuller Saturday they're sure guy. Don't you know the guy from soliciting Keri Russell which he had acute curly hair so she'll be and should be in the Batman of course yeah exact turn Russell. Who yet he about it a lot of felicity. Rachel daughter alive and well are you concerned that's not going to be a Ben Affleck. I mean I only got his hands still very much in it but he's not directing it I was really looking forward and directing it. See here's the thing that I've found with. In a movie like this before and I I read that David Ben Ben Affleck that I try to respected you know he said but it by the speculate if you want to. This character you need to put all of your energy into yes I do you can't have a foot in both camps but I can't be in front of the camera behind the camera and make this it. Yeah they get I mean that my dispute cop out that might just be a better with the electorate he missed out but the Matt read in the curious name because like you said immediately he has chops mean to guys done this opportunity movie which. Donald levity to really good now like it. I'll let an evangelical field home of a lot Libyan like the other I like the original better but he did this well yeah I but it decided it would. And he did cloverfield which was a great side by a movie so yeah you know that he's an Abrams guy. Rights you know I mean that that's promising what about out of that we're not soliciting. I am I can honestly say that I have never even seen it second of one episode of a full but he. Well she's she's simply the girl extort a main. Yeah they don't support me you know. That that the foot he was on at a weird time in my life when I was not very. He really all about the romantic comedy thing you know that's there which he says she's too role. No I would you know. I would this year is that she is Vanilla ice cream. At the table analyzed him. Some people do you guys with knots on that she is necessary would collect the effort there. Aren't season and it's gonna. Ahead. It's Tuesday night if you live there and give me. It got it LL clap of slots that DeWitt that the irony. But yet Doug Wright matter that solid assumption lap like that sect that is intriguing and if it. And Affleck doesn't completely fail without the worst. All new bat man and yet we can't be doing without exhorting and justice leagues or how asinine would it be for him not be in the Seoul on. Same universe what are. The know that you know honesty there would have to do is they were half too shall. And and they would have to do there's already been reports about like if they're gonna do Robin night wing a potentially night wing and and then you could do. There's all those decrease in Batman stories like the black near what you could end up doing now. Great but it narrows it decreases. Those ago one. How about this a massive and others follow about man there's another crazy rumors in the DC world. Suicide squad to. The potential direct there first of all that was news to mimic says that's what to. The few people defending them movie but I don't think it needs a sequel however they may do a sequel and the director. Rumor. Mel Gibson. Sure I swear to god this suit is still on this breaking from here right now it's breaking news below average so by the time people listened to podcasts will be older brother looked as I was just put the other final few notes for this up popped up. On the Twitter Mel Gibson. Now that nothing guaranteed but like there's like real. Media outlets report that it's not it's awesome Twitter read like there's there's real people said Mel Gibson suicide squad to. Yeah they're saying like right now he's getting familiar with collective. Like the characters Ehrlich whatever you don't. Yet what do you think. Just crazy not to work isn't it yes I mean the guy's an absolute lunatic but he's a good director. Yeah I just luckily have a laptop enemy Hollywood reporter is reporting yeah sometimes it's real this is real yeah. Now strapped in. I mean you know I would do it would decorate even most do it where did anyway as my mind Kagan anywhere let's just. You get melt and source material to just let it rip how how about a bill got a Mel. Yet were behind just admits that not a whole lot else bill your whole credit. General viewpoint on life we're just not candid behind young men don't know to let him go about it. But specifically suicide squad to Ian. Thousand TV news and notes Silicon Valley season four will return April 23. The great great comedy one of the best in the business right now the Walking Dead return from its mid season break this past Sunday. And it's it's still going on it's it's still a show. People it's it's it's become very polarizing shown now because it gets ripped apart alive and still the people defending it saying it's it's a good show. Man I'm still watching it by. It's not a great show. And I I'd I'd isn't it ironic yeah BP it's a whole met that twist that they're turning a show called the Walking Dead to us bombed. I mean it is a zombie right now very took Spock and slow crawl this is hey Greg Freddie era. It is detain I just wanna know how it ends Lee under the same thing with the comic book actually I enjoy the comic more. Then the she know what to show I sit Dominic here is going to be a full hour. Where's the comic I still am I'm a few bombs behind I've been born through it and I'm so entertaining. That this. I just wanna how it ends an unfortunate won't be for a couple of years and I don't want alike who now a minute to catch up on so many of them sub amid a weird place and a weird place. Yeah. You're better off your bill get your your better how to find out I'll always sunny in Philadelphia continues to roll and it is really this has been a strong season. It has been and I think I would think it is to some a statement to some of the other day they are. Getting into like South Park territory yeah where the show itself is so good. That like so Smart well now it when I had to watch. Like. Though most recent episode with Mac. Finally saying he's gay whether document that are not it is. You know spoiler alert I'll leave that up yeah do a whole area that I had to watch that episode twice. Because it would soak it I don't wanna like sound make it sound. Way more important than it is because Libyan at the end it these are very dysfunctional people it's supposed to be funny. But the nuances of the show. Like the one that blew me away it was the one where they had Charlie and Max mother and they had made a TV show out of it holy crap that's on me. It was so funny because it was Powell. It was basically a if satire on how sitcoms are made. Yeah lose out a laugh track and people laugh like you can say the worst (%expletive) in the world but yet a laughter like it's great. And then but if you don't know Obama got like this is unlike the civil. But it would so like there in a sitcom explaining how sit coms work Alex cities that cop where. They did it was it was brilliant. They did similar one member the one of the gang tries to win an award in the mail about the Bart it is really about you know the other. Shows other comedies that always get recognized than they don't legged and it's such it's it's such a great show and it's just didn't matter a lot to IDC some of these comedies really aren't ready guys probably need to wrap it up but may fifth. They're your best stuff behind him but now they keep they keep travelers have so tablet the one. Where is like making a murder and like the jinx. Great that they been voted off so that was that that continues to be dead and other comets on and l.'s workaholics are you or hawks got. I what I thought the first pre season yet I thought this show. It's spoke to a very specific time in my life that I'm that app yet nonsense Donald and I think this is this is their last season and I was listening to. And there is wrong mica a radio show and they were saying you know Adam don't want Adam divided the only who's not married. Like Blake and there are like married yeah there's that like to hit the right keep doing that. Yeah like this were passed this. Yeah and I think I'm Mike that we elect the same age as those dude yeah like yeah how how lucky you live in a house for the attitude of like. Respond like party and you know it I think it's it's gotten a little stale for me. Right here in the eighties you compelled by watching the show that it has built for them. I agree this season highs been hit or miss one episode because the season. It was great day one of the guys was wearing a patties publisher. From it's always side which is great there there's the picture some one album it's weeded out awhile ago it was like. The guys are more Ross walked workaholic and accrue from it's always sunny. Word picture altogether. In summary three dollar crossover episode question mark which would be amazing. That here again. I'm watching MTV's the challenge Ryan and the child back and this is one where. They they have a bunch of they have a eighteen contestants or whatever that have not want it. Yet so it's like some rookies it's some second third year people some veterans believe nobody who's ever won. And they they tell the night. TJ is like day like it's it's just you guys this time so that we're gonna have a new winner and they're all excited about it and that unbeknownst to them. They're bring in like eight ringers like later on including ET and been. And is well I didn't win it. I thought they pulled (%expletive) in BP out of the black wrote it all and elect ought to go back to work it's time ago yeah it's working out again yeah so yet. Other reports are they needed to like big. They also knew that they had to remind the viewers that these people were coming because if you just let that as a surprise for like episode four. Nobody would watch it but nobody would keep up with a ticketed tutored episode one Buick. And annoys people and there'll terrible and then so at least now at a word there next week I think they'll show up some pump out. Also. Yeah you don't really want that right I know I don't but I actually have an inside track to challenge. I'm a bit of an insider all I know I know your connection. If I got a connection so nice spoilers but I think he's on this episode this season. Yes yeah but his brother is not that Vick did I'd knows no better a writer and yet. The one of wood into the grammys. I was I'm a huge music and as you know we really are plastic door we haven't really touched upon. My radio. That side of me we'll get there eventually are rich and I wrote an idea maybe you'll get them Twitter. Responses to this but my high school TD musical type these high school he he'll start. Well liked on. Might be just my collections was tremendous during those are nothing but the I was like my in my house it was a little bit more refined or I would say much more yes yet. So bad that would be a fumble little trip but I don't huge music fan. I was that it was okay. Heidi. I'm gonna say this right now we're gonna divide them people I just find beyond dates to just be insufferable. Anything she does is so strong and powerful and blah blah and all I can we just get off. Beyoncé for a little bit. They even Adele who wins. Record song and album of the year. Basically. Break the god gave Grammy that I got but thickness because beyond they should have but even tell it the greatest. Yeah they're on the planet right now right like all over Dell's jock I mean out beyond the energy be not that. Yeah that's it he'll look at this point and the best part though. Com other than Daft Punk format you'd step on them performing live with the weekend was great about Bruno Mars was unbelievable yeah. Port James Hatfield Mike. 2 o'clock doubt and I get off rust but the best part of that night was mega best winning their first Grammy. It'll walking to the stage to a Metallica at the moment that was the best part of the night from that's when everybody knows this story bearcats on a wide that's funny yeah. Now that is funny. Now I don't like James Gordon or the Gorton a court. Wherever they live hosts that are like well him and offered him. Yeah the socket on a British games. Yeah yeah. Hussein and since. Wright who sings and doesn't have a great standup act. Kevin James this about one. Joke about swallowing he's the popcorn where he doesn't think the past without their father. You know what else they can not this week because you're not prepared unless you want to wing it I was thinking of adding to this we can hash tag dork. I don't worry don't come along with this but it's a shorter main episode anyway. The the good TV video game minute. It where every week as you you dabble in the morgue yeah like I usually get locked in on one for a few months whereas UWU tasty play demos or anything else. Sonera give anything new going on in the in the video game world. I got plenty of stuff going on an awfully well I don't Wear your I do it on the right that this week we came up this week at the veto Ubisoft is kind of beaten. Their portion titles right now. Speed came out about a month ago which is like Tamer at this sex words you know snowboarding. Winged suit skiing. You know kind of open world. You know French Alps yeah I think what you which is kinda cool it was playable it's like that like it's been cool. They just dropped off or water. Yesterday. Which is. Basically a game where you can pick you could be eight spiking a night or samurai. Who can you you like fight each other it is quite different factions and stuff like school I played the demo. It's pretty good. Again demos don't really give it a whole story in the bid the verdict is still kind of out if you look at meta critic in IG and they were still reviews are still in progress in the bother playing it up. It seemed like a different take. On. You know these types of these type became the peace fighting ago like a dark souls late you know I mean but yeah. Quite early get the whole picture but it's playable I would say it's great I wouldn't say you have to run out and get it. But what I am playing right now in this is if your PlayStation user elect. You have to do it here in two. Our role playing games they're game neo. Which just came I've mention on the lap yeah B model about forty hours into this game lead. Yet. It's one of those clear your schedule RPG's. A lot of people. Tom liken it was sold game you know dark old demon souls and blood borne like anything that from software makes it it's kind of like that kind of thing. But not as intent. Of that are you a casual player can play this and get some enjoyment out of it. Whereas with like dark souls and blood borne. Yeah just your are root out and sign a roster he's the edit that type of mechanic but there's a lot of things that it that'll keep you interest. I it's up to worth at about them. So yes there and and somewhat so that you are you are absolutely challenged but what you do you accomplish something you're like on top of the world. And you don't wanna stop. You know and I mean yeah things you plan other than anything else for hours is one right he's your super frustrated but your you know your armored away you're getting better be getting better all the weapons are great this story is pretty good mom I didn't realize that you played quite samurai has been you know. I'm not. Camera Japanese the great loss Chinese but how to get a little of that five. But the guy he plays actually a real guy. Well he was the first westerner to have to be recognized as a damn camera in the British guy did you lose bill until bill. No but interestingly enough one of the first Japanese people real historical figures you meet in this game is territory on though. I was gonna say isn't it's amazing yet so editorial on those shows up. Let out of school throughout now that that I like yet the Osaka and yes I'm like really into the story in outside but it kicked out of a clear your schedule all right that's good. It's great if it's probably we don't game of the year. Nominee already. Olds that oh yeah it's good not good well on the other video game minute Fredette like that just about a way to unscripted on them but don't. Well good on eleven none of this should be scripted really important prepared for you just heard a civilian amenities that dang I got some Florida. And I know a couple of recommendations there. Aren't the other topic Jews York is the avengers infinity war feature Rhett. I saw some people calling it teaser it's about a teaser. Yes and it's really it's not a lot of footage look at teaser footage of the actual movie this is more. There's maybe a little bit in the air but you have. You know that the producer talking the director's stock in the Ryder talk and some of the actors talking this is without calling feature rafts. A three and a half minutes longer so look up to weeded out last week. And house of ball lands and hey look at us for a movie that comes out in May of 2018. We're ready to go do we. Yeah it's it's and they they even that wouldn't have the best things about it 11 the very beginning elect art what am I watching as people clicked so well you'd like without. And right on the beginning of the screen you got Robert Downey junior palm Holland and Chris Pratt yeah yeah altogether. And Iron Man star lord Spiderman right in your face. They also they starch out wing of I believe it's the collector. Benicio del Toro he is quoted as saying as they show you some different stuff he says. Before creation itself. There were six singularity is forged into infinity stones. So that's sort assess the hoping up we've seen that we have tracked down what five out of six Infiniti stones I believe. Through all these movies like eighteen or nineteen movies through nine years in the moral cinematic universe. Just the sort of show you how powerful. These stone czar. For us six Fortson do with a result before creation itself so that's that you're dealing with right now the collector. Who will be in the small fuel or some of the the dudes and do that's who were in this movie but the collect their. Real creep we've always seen him a couple of times but the the guys get the skinny again here's the guy. Who knows stuff about the stones and he IP can be a fascinating character go for. And I think he's going to be an essential part of missile that you and I and I resent is that before. There's a rumor that Doctor Strange shows up in guardians to. And so I think introducing him kind of do it made the bridge. The all these characters meeting and that's another aisle stuff gets done. As far as the collector goes to mean that's the guy who would be that the got a gonna have to go to to get an enters. He's a historian almost yet. It's about out of school. What what's going to be adjusting to and I think David touched upon as the feature that is liked how do you get all of these people together in the same room and have people based. Links. How do you get how do you take screen time away from. Don't judge Robert Downey junior to give it to Chris Pratt and also take it away from. Paul could you take you to wait for your image so when two people or its creator group of people are green is people get lost. So they've nice job in avengers. Even though aides have all Tron wasn't an amazing movie. The idea of spreading around the the screen time the lions beat the action it did a good job there and and captain America's civil war. Right like that's a lot of cast members especially civil war can keep adding to it. You know it was essentially six on six plus he added a few other you don't villains and a few others counts supporting characters. And they they did a nice job spreading around. It's like that times to go 'cause because the big key that Iran will we knew it'd already been leaks though that in breaking news or in the feature out but they're saying. This is gonna be the avengers. Meeting. And teaming up with the guardians of the galaxy. Yet about what killed me in on maybe you can answer this question. Davis' reality. Yes your hawk eye. Candy is this the point where you're just. I got done. Like us you know that you're dividing this intergalactic inter dimensional war like yeah why MIT. Maybe I stayed back at base yet although I'll tell you he had a nice little move where he lives in the the avengers mansion there and he had that bad aero he's at some trick Garros is able to keep vision that day for a minute. For a minute now. You know you could even though you can put ant man on as aero that's nice. He's good he's a good pilot you. That. I play but it might stick is like shooting a bone marrow out in this one you don't think that the ship stuff. Well you know what here's the thing is there's gotta be obviously a lot of bomb battling. You out the galaxy but there's going to be some on the on the earth stuff. That to be right maybe going to be taking care they give big game a caption reflect with some of the gonna be protected the base. Yeah maybe he does some of that rank as he's a little out of his element when you compare him to some of the others. It's only one who has. I'll ask don't know Blackwell doesn't have any. Special abilities every she's she's special right there are all special. Were for Christ's sake. We have just look at it quicker with the. About Santos then they make a big deal out of standouts here saying how he is the baddest villain in the that the avengers that certainly ever seen it basically the avengers movies. It's span if you wanna tap counts of war yet you. Are it's those low key. It's all drawn. But it is themselves orb ZMO and cross bones. They FL is the toughest and plus because of these infinity stones is just upped the ante to the highest degree but why else that the avengers and the garden that outfit to get together for one guy like how. You must be pretty tapped that Yemen red infinity gauntlet infinity ward infinity crusade. Maybe don't realize. You know what what are dealing with the within else other done a nice job to this point though introducing him here and there are not giving away too much effected through the maybe even a little bit last. The sort of built up the aura around. Yet he did there is say this big bad kind of aura as you said about him out. And this is the other bid this is what all of these movies over to have a course in nine years you have been. Kind of going towards yeah you know so it's from the immediate the epitome what are you but the only issue is I haven't equity due after the. Yeah well. That's the question. You re all well what what we knows you're gonna have. Avengers infinity war in May have 2018 as they said and then the next. The very next year there to film won back to back may. 2019. He grabbed the sequel which when it was first announces going to be infinity war part one part two but they scrapped that. So it's just an infinity war and and the second thing my guess is it's going to be. Maybe they won't release until after the movie in maybe it'll be like somewhat spoiler Lee spoiler were spoiler alert. Hillary. Well at that post. But you know something about that also something about you know. The death of Captain America Orly do argue something like that there's been anywhere that logo. Com. But yeah I don't know what where where do you go OK at that point you've. The ball entire. Earth earth with the galaxy is in jeopardy look like number but it's you know ours is in jeopardy. And also here's the question I have for you is how much. Because they use civil war as the setup for this movie in the writers of the 75 even addressed that in the feature rat like. The avengers breaking up like right now Tony and Steve aren't talking to each other and that they're sort of you know the avengers are what the avengers war how much though in the movie do we really need to see them. Trying to patch that up to number one and it's important that you really wanna waste a lot of time of just. I'm sorry sorry Ehrlich on the Knoblauch and apologize and am no extra that like I don't know how much you can do that. I don't think you do it at all I think what you do is you you introduce it as like holes like holy (%expletive) we have to deal with this in my I'll deal with you later kind of thing out you know not make sense sort of bed detention is still there and I I would assume. That. There's going to be differing ideas as to how to go about dealing with them yeah you know and I think that's where that's gonna come and there might be at freeway between not not Beckham who had three way conversation between. Like our lord Iron Man and Captain America all of them bringing their kind of expertise to this Billick looks. This is not a you do now or even Doctor Strange coming in and try to bargain. So don't you think that there's gonna yet if Thompson he's gonna hunt bargain Doctor Strange. Or four. Are gonna have to meet the guardian somehow to get the guardians to meet the avengers like that's the conduit would mean when you think yeah. And MLB you know if you read some of the old guards the galaxy stuff. Iron Man there's a lot of Iron Man working with them. Like the character is going to be like. Can they can possibly be. Who. Smarty like I love stark you know that. But if you have star Florida Iron Man and ant man altogether is that. Is that too much. Like. It straight here. Religious keeps outs Arkin each other disputes. Are well they've they've they would need tracks to be there that have you get upset with how its market there. Now proudly what does. Or Iraqi that rocket and that mix too when we got home at. We get a show. Rocket yup and an even units are on Spiderman when his charisma. Art I've idle the idle with the characters how far complete list here's Alyssa characters from the from the Wikipedia. That are for sure in this idea of Iron Man yet. To strip them. Iron Man he's the leader and benefactor of the avengers who is a self the self described genius billionaire Playboy and philanthropist. And electro mechanical. Suits a win electro mechanical suits of armor of his own making. Co director Joseph Russo said that quote Tony senses this greater threat approaching that he is doing everything in his power to keep the earth safe. Now normally seen in civil war. They think he take he takes a little too much I feel like I think he feels like he is smarter than everybody else which. I donated times he is. He. Liked him less I guess as as these movies have gone on. Again I think there's a lot of guilt. That goes on with it you know and I mean yeah I think they're he's been kind of Debbie doubt. He has been a Debbie downer so we'll see if he can bounce back because you're acting over iron and one that all the way to civil war. What I've done a complete 180 on Iron Man like terminally. Josh brawl and as standouts like this will be his coming out party but we've seen a martyr of the few times but scandals will be ridiculous and we talked a lot about villains in. Marvel Comics. Santos they've really built him up to be one of the better ones for some people it's almost too much because. You know you value from earth and its is ago whole different thing but I do like him I think he's solid. I bet the solid you know. That back Ed piece he is going with dark side. Yeah which would bear entity that they can act as something very quickly that I can never get to do anything you want okay. So the whole story with infinity ward that battle distract impressed debt. Yes the WB in the sun assumed it yet dep will be in the beat personification of well Vienna which is important. Did you know Richard I was the classics major in college so I studied both Latin and Greek I did it you know. That the board named Panos. Is a play on the Greek word at menopause. Which gets what that means Richard. I'm gonna go ahead and take a stab and say death. Mean debt voice about that I'd like little classical mart does really strong at bat I'd I do like that. Well that so that's debt it according to. Do you think Hercules will be in this god. I got completely. I disputed mr. Obama luckily. That slowed. Death according to death so I'll be a big part in this I'm really intrigued. Obviously not I like this that we Nazi a ton of them know so I'm really intrigued by that. Of course. The whole will be in this and more world find out where he's been. You know him and the war. What's going on this limited testing nugget it has on four. Joseph Russo one of the directors stated that the worst storyline. Not in infinity war will pick up after the events of the war wracked Iraq which finds him in a quote very pro found it very interesting place. It gives him quote a real emotional motivation. After that. Going down or maybe Oden Oden got to die. I was I would assume look noticeable and dies because low key is reportedly tennis. Low QB and it obviously. Captain America is in this hot guy who you mentioned maybe east sit it out but either way he's in it. OnStar lord of course you have a scarlet witch Bucky Barnes. But bar. Stephen strange. Obviously the vehement vision. Nick fury. Maria hill. Speaking of a couple people my wanna sit it out. Real. You bring able sorry uniter. Know how long. Outsourcing of course it Wikipedia a long long played by play by Benedict long. They it and that he gives them more of the guardians you know Gomorrah. Nebula. Groups. Tracks rocket they'll all be unit mantis. Who Mitt this is apparently got to admit this is gonna make her debut in guardians to do. It so there goes add more important characters black widow of course match in the collector. And obviously Spiderman and they'll be so many others I could save black hat but on their notice vehement. While why why wouldn't be. Com. Good at predicting it will conduct that's ago. Other blacked out pretty good black yet I thought I was plucked at the million dropped that it sounds really nice that was not a sound it could be. Added security. At. Like that does and a that a little later. Might call you on the guy in a time. So electric there to wallow. Around their business. But it took what do you object if Roland bill to a bow. And there is a I like it when the Bruins where that third jerseys because our act. Yeah like that they're willing. To all the listening Mondale with the separate but it. Have to Tolle it took so two out its follow the seat. I ask you pretty well the the Chela yeah the child off from Conde is up next here on portrait at WEI to Chela. There you. Bruins are now active member of what that you put on it. Yeah yeah they are right. If if there have been up toward god in the fourth score that and Isiah Thomas. I think they'll work on the go the idea in order to start doing it that's our new bet. Well it works up the that I think will get lower and I just figured out I've never done that before ever. It's amazing it's by it's as good as impressionism ever. Unable there was may be welcomed by some leagues the Davey. Video game minute as fifth. Filling every day of his league is black panther trip but neither the other clock the whole area made a great game going and just their game. I am not in it which just (%expletive) Yeah that is the shame that shallow they throw it and go to not put me in the basic game is because I would give everybody a bastard who the fact that I have adds that the nature oh. The adamant DM the idea of going on black panther went in there and the unions now this is there any of your stupid idiot. Mr. I've drive that is my thousands of stepping it really spiraled out of his control just death via their black panther or god knows that he. Where I got my mind my mind really turn right now how we can use black panther weakly weakly at plus yeah there. I do love that and but he's not on the Wikipedia things alls I missed them. Now obviously I would assume is going to be that's that is eight ton of characters need her. A year ago there was a report that there was going to be like. Eighty characters or there's some crazy number and Iraq tried guessing all home it is like your regular run out of people pretty quickly. Bomb at any other thoughts here. But no I think I've exhausted. They have adopted by my you Alonso himself enough they'll do them good actually. Are all Corsican not tweet us at dark podcast meted emails to our podcast at gmail.com some of her ideas thoughts. Questions comments or concerns as a relates to avengers infinity war which comes out in the 2018. I got something else Oreo. Before it gets the pick of the podcast. On you and our both invited eagle on the next episode of Mac can do about is the Mac into podcast. And you view the commitment you can narco. I know I'm their represented dork podcast. Of the boxers are going to be there and of course Mac and you're going to be there. And it's gonna be a 2017. I'm movie preview issue with a twist. Twist. It's got to be a draft they do a lot of drafts they used to and always sunny in Philadelphia draft for the draft episodes. So cool and I put our heads together and rather than a standard serpentine draft where we just picnic the best movies of guitarist who has the best at the end. We're gonna split up in in and the reason is going to be the Mac and do. Team at the box esteem in the door team. And it's gonna be an auction style draft where each group is its own movie theater. And why you get to bid like a hundred fake you know dollars or their public make it hot dogs a hundred fake hot dogs. On each movie and then you see how you do it which which movie dear would you spend the most time that that year. It's very in depth I so do you have any. Any recommendations warriors Ernie who'd you wanted to spend my money on it setter any sleepers. I do are technically which you don't wanna spend your money on you do now wanna spend money on these the. Yeah I Wonder Woman and Justice League yeah you and I feel like Star Wars might go for all hundred dollars. I because it's recipe yet we're gonna come up with some sort of formula to see who wins based off of you know box office and like you know Ron tomato reviews. But it's interesting because you can buy a bunch of cheap movies or you can you know lawyer water on guardians and and Spiderman. Magic is we just went over the list not to long go look the best movies of 2000. Or you know the movies to see this year and the target source starting in March so decent these movies that took place this month like I'll Lego about mammal count. Barbara Starr march already the end of the year and it on film. So south strap in it's perhaps strap into that. Up in them I apologize to both of both of our our our whole potter and Finley just like it to be there duty calls as that work so I just want to Libya this Saturday. You know may be black liberal caller. That would that would actually be something. Yeah but it could bet that the expected it through the podcast that represented a guy has sagged arc is the average Keefe and what's that up black hip that are black panther advisor to Chela I look at it and what about my remote. The image removed coming out next year at the boat out here bullies not eligible. Other things of that nature of brainwashed. I'd I'd I'd say we yet rights of the of the final portion of the program. Because the. It's. I did the up tick of the podcasts. Is now we to the we will wrap this up it's gonna be a a movie a TV show a video game. They graphic novel something now we've just recently read maybe it's not all that new or summing Nader were org only going to luck watch coming up what are you got. Right now I got it actually I have a I have an album. You might pick the podcast or for this I don't typically give it but I'm I'm a huge fan of this this young man. I feel that he is one of the strongest performers in is shown. And that is album page fiasco has a new album out that I am listening to right now and very much in doing so if you enjoy the worker worker at Luke today. Who they Chicago and see who is. Com. Was brought along by a certain mr. Kanye West early in his club and so I TE was on Nam. The be tracked touch the sky with right right right yet. So if you period that kind of thing please check outlook based new album it's really good. Thought to broke out. Like so took that out. I saw a sub out dumb I'm gonna go with the I don't have one just like match job I don't dobbs getting I have. I don't what now this action I haven't read it yet so it's one of those where I'm not taking it at odds that it's a must have but I am I'm going to read. The graphic novel the fade out. By Ed Brubaker and are a few bright red brick Brubaker have a lot of great stuff. And I recently got I think it actually have been Christmas I haven't had a chance to read it yet but I'm gonna serve reading it's this week. It's a crime like new war like 1930s. 1940s Hollywood. I bigot I loved I loved Edouard stopped. Look sick in like the art works awesome and I was I was reading like. The forward or whatever that whatever was a treating Andrew Vickers I think on goal. Was like a screenwriter. In like the 1930s and forties so like I Felix summer this is going to be troll you know on some of it's going to be obviously you know some some fiction and there. But the reviews are all all really good for and I saw on some of the lists of you know best graphic novels from a the last few years so I'm excited to start. The fate out the payment also wants to jump on board that we could I don't see. What I'm gonna jump on board back I love hard boiled detective stopped but loved the way that you know that those are written. Oh good you'll get a plug people in the marsh yeah I'll ask a bigger let beat yet you know like that. Notes of the fate were both on the thing. Aren't off the wall. That'll do it for this episode of hash tag dork not sure we have. Lined up next week but going forward. We got some good things. In the hopper ram Logan act comes out. Couple week. Vote and coming outs real. This the north east comma con. There there are some that are in the works here day and I may both be shown up at the northeast come account to believe isn't he in over Massachusetts. Beautiful beautiful Hanover Massachusetts. Glorious hair over mass. Adam West is there Mick Foley is there and many others. Not entirely sure who but we may go we may try to do get an episode out of that so should be good so one alarm banker from listening you can. I don't wanna jinx it but this should be on our own channel if it's not something went terribly wrong and I thought oh well I doubt we'll find out but. In the meantime. You can check us out on Twitter at dork podcasts. You emails to our podcast. At gmail.com. Davie who if they wanna find just view. They get by just Miette. Capital our capital Biel and capital B on Twitter and twit. Nice. Arm on the team his final words for the folks. I know I do I do not just like Matt's job to. Just show you speak at the they guard tart. That's why well yeah that's okay you're young you were great early on with the video game minute then you you really wowed us with the black hip that are in the united demand job yet that current credit. Oh the silos and it was close to an hour though the only solid episode of hash tag dork we will low octave actually.

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