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K&C - NASCAR’s appeal; A great Wahlberg whine 2-16-17

Feb 16, 2017|

Hour 4. The guys really don't like car racing. There was a great call from the Whiner Line last week about Boston's own Mark Wahlberg.

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He skirt. And next time you take it feels you'll be forty why were you so on 39 that's for all the other podcast and. And I'm very hangs out with a Doctor Who. Not a doctor a lot of pictures are also known cheater by reputation. I'm not saying. You say usually snip no we don't sniff that we say day should step I don't downgrade my spirit and OK with Gerry Callahan time what that episode very day those alternate team. Would you support there wasn't a problem wouldn't speak you know did wise and all of the sudden problem now when he speak out bestsellers. Slave master of the sound that's playing into stereotypes that we get out of the angry black male colleagues. Not far Maude and white security guards dragging a big black guy out of the arena and Kirk minutes of Jimmy to drop below is a good player like I'm not saying he's that terrible player. Drop below barely played because he's terrible we'll. We're heartbroken this is going to be. You probably think agent problem is terrible I'm saying he's not a present so it's not a dad did it for the last two years. Feel like this kind of averages to watch what normal to say it again. BC does not know how to win. I've fox Sports Radio go. Hammer. Cameron you camera and whenever we're is BC stand this morning. Conference one of the season it's with a record conference. Chu and well not bad that's that is progress is progress from last year is my friend Jimmy Christian will be back next year. I hopes. To machine to drive the. Is Peter I say so Curtis would you Chris should be back next year. Note you'll. Was I get a job that's that this is the right guy UCL a was that began Bruce Pearl located BC's never gonna happen Bruce ever ever ever. We think what we're guiding number games but some sort of don't know they need to spend some serious money BC news nosed into the games it is a disaster movie on concrete. And he fired in Indiana be looking for jobs for a couple years as a popular revolt on his arm yourself for me yes he's on top accurate amount related to Jabar I don't run isn't yeah although it is it is that he doesn't he doesn't do performing he's going to be in the name a few people around Boston exit Calhoun had to retire how that would work and almost out of Australia and I heard. How Xena. He's six. 8099. Has coached for early lesson in coaching circles out these two teams under rated kept but I don't mind as you lose I don't coach Lauderdale place for those teams quit bill he goes in cycles and high school yes oh yes school high school I went Chester Calhoun even talked to scale was a lunatic he was around it and raising screaming lovable lunatic a great coach. The turn round pick in northeastern who you know programs and nothing cents turnaround currents of current UConn and who are also at UConn in the window and conventional. That cal patched it turned into a college basketball she'd left and right I I did not but they touched down. Advocates got a free deals or runs go up plenty Austin campus the price of free meals over itself. Yes they don't. Meter the other day we. Mike and I were discussing use all excited about as dumb winning streak for UConn women treated like it's a real thing I was in which it is in theaters is meaningless it's a very impressive streak is is the stack corrected 19800. By double digits I believe so yes we averaged one more aces and won the last 140. League average point spread was going into the game. 1718. Ayman generate I have not looked it too many women's basketball points these are better to be shared none never bet on this golf course things are bad. I'm Harrison. Skills competition for the NBA if you really add up and sat yeah interesting about the dunk contest three point contest I bet on the outlook all around thing they do yes person is last year rice. You've been on Saturday night off and Gilani a couple Exxon to handle your wife or your kids. I think a lot. You bungee to help them and the guys got watching highlights of when over the PGA tour as a reset absolutely I'd put Harry next and he loves golf. Critics are great excuse pictured the boards before I got my I had I was I excuse us so I'd Dan Webb it's hard we reference the the last segment weighed in with my friend of a money Jones. About Tom Brady misses less and on the within the show was on highly questionable highly questioned with him of the target until money Jones. I don't want to recklessly speculating here but we've measured before the Tom Brady hang out with a doctor who's not a doctor a lot and Tom Brady also doesn't themed. Agent was aging for awhile and now he's not aging anymore and usually what this kind of suspicious stop at around a we have a lot of questions the patriots are also note Jeter by reputation. But it top right or actually caught cheating at about that in real surprise betray not it would -- about it. Even though they're locked up around them like how does not. That's the thing though you say usually we sniff no we don't Smith and does something happen today and we say Dana should snipped but it feels really uncomfortable to say that we to sniff around him because you really don't have much. No you'd actually. Yeah I don't know the I don't know I don't know I thought 00 today that we'll be relied on a show it's hard yeah for its residents are that would leverage our dads about that night you win a hot today. I'm really sure what to say about that because it was partly agrees with the tart and then you need deuce and I eve of when Brady of Brady version of poppies and when our career it was slime ball. Yet what's this faces phone number and as great in his phone number we brought that right now it happened ten years ago and he's played great until he's forty years old so yes he would be a red flag and put all of saying he's Redford what is Welsh is almost. I must say he's doing an onsite rates it has been an Alice grow is the biggest red like other than that there's been nothing else right. Well what Greg Anderson there is definitely that your guys have poll numbers of people are all great guys. What we really gives greatest form report he's as friendly as more phone numbers of flights at all times is it bad guy he's got chancellor among why would have initial phone from California. Is he from that air California to me that is a population of about it. Are triggered a debate people earlier right that's probably all very well hardly able to Santa Clara California area. What if not be same hometown is still has also been here yes they're both fun that only apple in your the pain areas how he orders the Celtics it's. It's not that big. I just not only set guys just know it's great 111000007. A good probably arrives quickly act like crawling Grady. Anderson it's a full house cat suit but he's out there like growing up pepper right pretty much effect that would threaten widely area. Yes you walk that went back that's your defense credit Greg Anderson's phone number and I would say Brady's that's another. Using that is your advice your evidence for white speculate upgrades to having the phone number of somebody who is a steroid distributor unjust and don't want boys is evidence of blood oranges is it better areas gossip about it and a work Regina Tom Brady was followed. At one point that regulators have quite a job in my head as Brady used steroids in his career you putting got the might hit it. I'm gonna say yes W. A it's Oprah's every half essence yeah it did so there's no does make Brady different than anybody else needs to take it easy but thank members thank you present it anyway. It's presented in a way that makes it seem like every like this like everybody like Jerry never left the and it is the what are your design does that mean I am presenting like what you present it like when you say it that way yeah. Is like bradys the guy. Urge you to SA Olympic coverage all the player by events or what you re suffice it any player in this agency dot seventeen you'd probably try to pay Manning did steroids yes I do I yes I do at some point yes yes and aggression proof on that you know I'm of the that was being shipped with what I disagree and wife was in it and had a ball and cycle I understate the government to press the phone number but the same time you know the midwest small. Play forty million people. Accidentally shipped them I mean Jesus Christ I haven't seen it 819 I don't know if that Ecstasy I have it people say O Brady's doing steroids Walt. There's no proof so he can't say but your eyes should always be open I'd be stunned today stunned. If they pay Manning type story came out of a Tom Brady know how would. Break and criticized. OB steroids or BHD tonight a body of someone like using and a bottle like I'm a big fan argument either but if I saw that would you be knocked over an hour and professional I don't not anymore now Guerrero was somehow involved no it would not be surprised. Do you think if Tom Brady's doing Ichi to steroids and again animal fees at no proof. Coach Eddie Guerrero B involvement somehow given that he runs TB twelve yes gigahertz shaky guy he has been the path to some of them hard. It's used on a soft noble Beaumont who slightly do we get a phone caller in these two might have the super Specter decent take. We could've we try let's get done. Albert and I'll let you know next update on Tom Brady high Albert. It's a stupid. Notice how he he shepherded the job April the did you hear it almost like practice on the back aboard midshipman. Realistically now. Looked ready to what you got try to connect the dot with all of a modern day athlete and playing well they all agree that at all. It's okay you'll. Yes that's really view it didn't know yes. Okay you have a bank robbery he need for all due out later that year his phone number one wicket and Giambi and Barry Bonds. Cope with the Bentley filed on the right eat all Gregg into. We just said that Albert is Albert we just sent an edict we just said. And I'll look I've talked about it. If you. Look at what it ought to worry or. What your next. You got silent on this one for some reason. It what it. It is he doesn't sound elements and it's almost that it won't want to cool it. Right now. Because Tom Brady may not be as. Question and alt. Why don't you people had a memorial and block out and Rick this may be coming and he's a cornerback Albert the great. Out of me just give me a minute Albert Albert show offered for thirty seconds. I agree with you I decided I just laid out you have to have your eyes open in 2017. I'll ask you other than being on the caller I view someone what actual I believe and proof that's not proof. What proof do you have that Tom Brady he's HGH or steroids proof. I didn't come on this call and say I had proved. He's gone all right hold on let me give me 22 place and let let. Connect the dots like you. Actually got to play well out of pocket Alex Guerrero dock there is not a knock them. Tom Brady is not eating sugar is sweeping turn out the week or out girl flying. It'll oil would want it. He's all these are all these are all questions you can ask our but again we have no proof so I. I think man I'm not a big fan saying this guy that I got you know people kill me a couple years go because I happen to maybe suggest given it. What's his face that the train was banned from Major League Baseball present all. You were. Reportage of our Pedro Martinez a short of the Tampa 2000 to fifteen pounds of muscle. So you know I hate I hate to make speculation like that but that's what we do you put it got ahead assays operate that he cheats once in his life envoys say yes. He's been pathetic and sad are you don't stop. She wrote when it. Operative yeah yeah yeah. I know it's up some young people in your light stuff you would play and this got. Out and give up shall simply I don't. Are you need a second Pete Dye that argued that you all that's enough trust me that's enough yeah. It's quite an embarrassment to the Los. What and it Kirk eagle at Marist is they split up this stuff. If we don't rule. We're not gonna look to anyone of potentially taking and we couldn't be. Give Venus second PR IP that would ease. Are split up it's up some young people in your life you're disgusting you would be. What. Part of what you just. And it's disgusting human being IP thought maybe. On that shall we shall. Noted that. Takes. You all saw. In Paris. You don't you'll watch at all. Disgusting human being out or Albert second album to be the right guy Albert shut up he yeah I think you would be. I was told is an embarrassment that ought not later. On chip away. This kind of one million argument. While so that's classic I will be easier to get the pocket and you know but he took awhile for BT colony until I was a had a budget that reins on the station recently that she never have had to happen. You get there random say hockey that he could go a little bit. So it right now through right now to a boy Pete got a basket and he's the Al heated Rima salary two weeks ago Albert flows back and I told he's in New York what's up. Hey guys this morning. The most recent athletes. That quite well leader courier went despair to look at aren't included. Their body tight game was based on speed and shrink and bad luck. Brady's body type in the way he played football doesn't suggest that he's using Eric sakic Alex TERRELL OWENS. Would more suggests he's using steroid breaking never. Had a rocket arm doesn't have one now is running around like Michael Vick so from that the most importantly. Quarterback doesn't require dispute venturing where steroids would help as much as received. I mean someone to HEH yeah right we have zero proof Barbara non non zero so this is just reckless speculation my point is. I believe braided HEH is much that believe and what else witches is he wouldn't yield Paulson you know what's this doesn't Tony Todd would it surprise you if you're the tiebreak is that she. Portable really ICI IIBM. My eyes are open yeah Peyton Manning Tom great all these guys. For him and by the way when I say she is I'll start talking out of tragedy. Let me time. And by the way is that osu football players. It's an on drives who crazy how carefully do it is incredible scene and I really sort of league now I really don't get people just assume they go to war physically and I don't care about the career numbers I have no idea how many yards and staff at 400 yards Peyton Manning passed for a touchdown Jerry Rice has I have no idea. On the touchdown pass Albright is on there it was 756. Right there's no outside there's no 3000 is no 500 is 300 wins is there. I just left eye care less about baseball stats now to write feels like god damn it doesn't are literally solicited the new and Gerry have the average more he can't have those doesn't exist chain missed those are the total. I don't. Yeah but. The point at guys if you look at radio how cheaply just from a physical standpoint earlier career compare and now there's really no difference. I don't Tony's Tony when he's older now public anabolic steroids that the Alfred Neale was public there was fans were talking about every accusation Obama recovery. Human growth hormone which were calling steroids generically but. They help you recover they help you feel better. Stave off the age Rodney Harrison in late in his career got him sent to his house to use them he's not a play you guys have gone down that road so. That's six steroids how did that that's why used HEH Elliott you know we've zero proof. None. But ratings ever it's not like Brady was sacked a league lead at times it's not like he's running around lake. The recovery from an NFL quarterback standpoint compared to like Rodney Harrison and other positions. It's just not. Well Tony on the argument that it was dad's been the story yesterday thanks for the call to the based on. The this story where he is Vince sack what seven less time is that Cam Newton although cam Newton's played 32 fewer games some crazy now or Brady went doesn't it's bridges gets sacked as much as some of the of the big name quarterbacks they were stacked. They would speculate that that's the reason more so than. Is up protein or is water Rouse Guerrero that he feels good at 39 because the patriots protective enough for a reasonable what you sent to us. It helps Ford wants a viable release clock. Yes exactly right 6177 so pallets that he's 617 senators I was vision and he thought it was excellence. But that segment about ten was excellent that's that was a little monsters are again. Or did you pick it. It. Generic any thought it was hard it was hard it was good yeah Atlanta Albert. Is Donna's Albert is gobble us we still that was key bridge tragedy of the background respectable Gerry Callahan in the background I got hurt or way in the back hard at what point at that occurred there and Jimmy Murphy the background. I'm her career rear admiral. I've more with the meter. I know it's nothing it's eloquently. Whatever you give. I love his stuff has some young. Because you're white stuff. A hundred you know should be public. And. That's what you guys. Let's trust me that's enough you'll. Basically embarrassment. To the plus it. Could anyone with any curfew if we. Go back and forth between two lunatics that. He storms out you'll hear from him again for the dance outs. Thought they are Peters and fairness are no drops of these issues station the hardest on autopilot and stuff like much it's just had during the break it for the dale earnhardt's. Even know it and it they for a big hockey rage and pleaded dale earnhardt's number two I don't think that's that's but my fever pitch off ups. I just unbelievable it's under the Orlando Florida Dale Earnhardt died. Other groups and he's a very heated. Allen show us this very passionate flaws as does the extra one and two shows a team history guys did. Arteries. So yeah I was there for the other one whose accurate left when Tony Stewart go back guy and all that's right buried at the highest that its account in Asia that event August Terry. Waited for hours and ask her that day four hours or four hours what was take yep us that are witty Jerry suffers. Suffered uses drivers good so I thought our rush. Holler your first thought they were rained out tonight at Comerica Park in New York thick with talent and it was the guy who's viewed. All sells its iTunes is a god there is little. That's good for isn't tropic I was number one on the landscape no doubt a sad day number three leftists at about the same. But when the racing aficionado I never watched the race our race my life with a full of that but that was deals than we did the Daytona five all I know I used to do them all the time and it says that has now let's go to Vance. Do you always like saying talking about going to but actually going to read something couple years ago when he exacts won this before I get home keeper went right I don't know you well one year the spurs but with sales wanted to go to NC summaries January collaboration I almost. So. If you went one year and came back nothing of course goes you know it. I mean it's it's never what she doing here anyway to work that we do that shows in New Hampshire Motor Speedway in around the events in New Hampshire but never stay for the race we go Friday you'll live show and I would never stick around for centuries and to what those are looking at a rate the NASCAR open you've got experience in Illinois Don I'm sure it's great rattling and I don't I'm not talking with had to carry this summer in Maine to one of those like little. You know he's minding your tracks yet he we went me to good. New got he had nice green. The core 331 some said Larry Bird don't go out. Got a bunch of Londonderry he's got yeah apparently because of their car race I mean I mean it these hate to submit these for stupid people I mean. Ultimately if you like arteries and stupid and out of you but I mean what it's Thursday it is quite heavy who's watching it cargo around it is nothing stupid. It's. Tonight I've got tonight skill I'm actually not denying that but you're just going left is I never understood you deal. Like it is huge of a brain you read books because you're the appeal is some level is he's going to be a crash read that big wreck the excitement at those high speeds. GDP which is it's a lot now I have a lot of time to enjoy watching TV footprint by yes of course yeah I mean I do some five hours and watch I do think you get a brain in your head you some level of intellect you're not gonna like I have friends who go to Dover every youth this vapid and our bodies they cry right on target. Like a crystal gramatica thirty pack with a run down right ignored every package would they go. I dealt there was something about the used to blast you tailgate in eagle eye and owns all right five now tonight I breed. We went to which were called into question much of structure was. A million people a bright Arie came apart these things on Saturn. But they don't bigfoot carries before he was nine yet I went for them like I'm thirty I'm gonna go buy myself that no. The table for kids. Had never written it's never the pure that it's always was there also would appeal if your like your car. O'Reilly auto parts a little while ago after I like I like the snow and ought to chassis if you're handy around the house with a you know so doing your oats up the cars are more interest and oh absolutely not sorry Clark guy or I was like what the what and why it so if you like to fix cars you like car races more. Because your individual that hit changed. I got whatever you're into that supposedly antigen or gadget that they asked and it's an aptly it's a great RC Talladega nights off. Doesn't want him out for us. Both are as many good movies since days of thunder storm that got this summer with Christian week. With the Christian way. Whatever name's Chris is it that way yet Crist of what I expression no question answered when Brothers backers to answer in people. They don't reality pop art and started off our car started to see you know in the basement on wolf are about this all. I agree it's fragile body yes but I'm Amy Poehler god and jobs are not welfare you know barrel about once funny anymore. But the funny last five years it's Funny or Die videos are okay are you still watch. I'd watch recently and want gone back what all desperate for tomatoes are all as a last year when he did the spring training and it was a formidable document for HBO the thirty minute show. It was a funny was OK so easily that a yes go figure it's on the Yeltsin and an act whose career at this point. We saw a serious thing about the debt and no serious that is everybody has that they'll do that in most times people a buddy cop who Warburg. Yeah actually that the fund. Nazis wanted to daddy on all the kids right. So what for an eye opener at any IP or. Oversee the daily viewed as knowledgeable source. The burgers there's a good wise terrorism last wireline if you could find it. The final wind last week was about wall Bergen policy yoga did you hear about that all fled from Jose air race. A great one animal or bird patriots after says Gerri hated it. Hated that one yeah it's probably true it is way too critical and couldn't encapsulates why he patriots they better than I ever articulated or anybody else it was perfectly dot whoever did that. Good job could just be so we're on the year and I may have pulled away he came up with the accuracy all the issue of the arts and you see every movie you'd NC I listened to his review it and did not which was very much fun. Mean it really gutsy. I'd watch it here figured as Jerry was next enough. You want to move my cigarette just about us now lies lie about half spurt where it's even got there what he paid receiver Jerry. We advocate special screen. Greats and that's a great seat number on to great theater on the Jerry said it's the Mike in with his wife Gerri talked the whole time awful using movie from the sexiest photos are right yeah that's as he talked the other times. What's the moment. The Jake Gyllenhaal one with with Heath Ledger corporate outlook but Matthews talk about it or that often that this year so I think the real. Out of the sugar in it. Not as well yes it was us it was me Dino and Gerry too much and industry's race. He's sorry no doubt it was a sure thing I got I got nothing to do its return to do the show. A minute of my Iran and wants to move next week which that I didn't see a couple Oscar movies you returned you look at the wrong guy could tell that it is newsroom weekday. I don't like the movies out that's a little movie and notes and we'll see governors say no no and I take some off the founder has already left. As a reason for owners I don't want to seek out that's a good on demand movie without Ted. One got used to this is excellent. So we get this straight. But won't work in a movie about a very emotional trend go back to all of us. Put the picnic this Carrick that this somehow single handedly take charge of the chaos that America have been applied. I called immediately manipulative or adult cell phone to be confiscated. Company FBI which can look what it's. You can't listen to the question at pictures of the Obama for relief. He put that it'd be habitat Jack Kennedy didn't the only blood and talk with the water parachute out towards the thing I may have underneath the boat come rusty only one in the tunnel apparently they did it say anything to David Bruton and what did Hamlin. They put the to have him named above patriots stayed on the movie poster they've realized you couldn't get pulled up. Like you are good we will wounded. U. Europe. Very good to end it dialogue look sloppy seconds traders horrible movie. Absolutely loaded I was out leadership the movie he nails everywhere lately he's not exaggerating that is literally it was out or does it will be used everywhere Jerry's defenses you know they need it is a movie star. Michael I don't care system with Harold Washington will be equal reality is all I say it's a kind of subject that probably should be close realities policy just me. If it is he exaggerated that caller know. Eight out of it every idiot he's right. Dave Ortiz he's the only guy talks that David Ortiz he says they don't realize do you think back to the move amid I was watch walked out saying this is the dumbest forget they ever seen in my life that movies and embarrassed and I'm does all I kept thinking was early you don't 200 grand. Out of this for too by the way right into anymore that. So look at movies out this week a cure for wellness and skip the great wall that did you know I think it's given them now American fable now. Or defense ears its luster that hello Denzel item of a battle scene that's all dogs were pressured dog got her start to pick agency. Good no good. I implement a conflicted I kind of like Egypt just respond to weep. I I was close what you toys yeah yeah are not yet it's just that but they're hugging accurate now and again if lull and no I do know knowing all the all I was a coma tomorrow I just don't like her I like to I didn't wanna like a violent candlelight some. This is dark the community can media policy. That's at the near death of minutes but he sleeplessness of Clinton's sleepless at Denzel right. It's found boxes are wrong but it was like to get into that used to looking at a movie poster looks like pins el wise that necklace they look just boarded a title what they're both arbitrary right can get our files. It's about what's happened 7797. How to handle. I will wrap this one on hand over to the that was in the mid next. Indeed these days voyage bought and Maloney export trade WEEI. And the bar has been set. Lou awfully high whether it was dale and Michael. Palin knew me Daylon Eddie. You know like I joked in the past about this time slot Lou being the most even held show named Lou not in the history of sports talk radio I fully admit like you just said that we could. I'm not we treated agree on this. And I I look for to sit in here with you for hours today and talking sports and getting your written battling with you and that's what I hope to do with the show blog on the Lou they say the head with him. I hope I went back on what might well. And more my bought a couple guys guys slowly and it Providence UConn you guys wanted to get enough violating every regulations possible a lot of. There right now let's listen for for us I'm excited about it until almost excited as out of office office. It's true should leave. Back to the good news you are. Realized how does that Geist on radio children how he's that guy still on radio and I don't mind there are plenty but there is. Ever hearing that thinking because I know Marty do that we know which of the few years a lot of shows together. I'm like this is not the guy I know. But he was you've felt I felt bad that well rehearsed try to be somebody out once it was nothing rehearsals the first show Lou and I ever did the other guy's name was a little I don't know what it is amazing in there Lou another result ice board through a network. In the in the parking lot full. No because of the cars you know there's a big job they did Jolo about weekend guide us weekday on an organized to mark my bought from their people here on a weekday in the cafeteria. Lou always open. Parking garages full diligent and. Most of like always this guy anyway I had no idea what folks the notion. Got to tell you that talking right since chemistry there. Although we worked together on budget times announcing she had chemistry having thrown together to mid day shall replacing what was a pretty popular show at that time. So I mean plenty mistakes that sound is authentically bad whoo that's I would not hitting second out of it that these united motivation going forward to New York or bought off to prove. That that that's not wrong when I am teaching a high school history and coaching I JV basketball rob Bradford I'll think back fondly to. On dish ago vs say that show back in march of the fine job to look how far you've come and carry the show c.'s this week Garnett Hill Man Morning Show on. Jeff full time on our show did your Oakland you know you have your own show and I'd much at night yeah. And you do you update to score from American League the effort we come back. Jose Batista to work for the blue jays that's next on the WEEI Red Sox for you know we're regards it we got don't like real story is on their investment in prisons were the moment there's no Chris were you highlight calls of that you out of home runs that was a bad call is now he's lost his it took its time you know different right reader the twit doors just ten degrees. So I. This although we sure every one. I won't come out of character that I absolutely zilch nada zero BC basket note that is on Monday night wears tell us who fly and you'd be with us now for I well you know almost five hours away when I hated rival actually don't you guys obviously in time thanks to meters always viewed nobody on today and going over the mid day guys have gone and. I think they're gonna talk about the breeze and aggregators in the Lipitor come cheaters do you know better. I would think that would be good thing to do centers she's making sounds good to me what time as the podcast a portrait like castle via unleash at some point this morning elements of the mid day guys what time what time Gonzalez orca right now part one edge and it via intro for will be today its 45 minutes or two about an hour. Beale enjoyed you're going to enjoy aren't these parts reactor tomorrow we'll have sound. Much higher back tomorrow if we have anybody scheduled to what we doing children. Do we didn't think nothing to nothing it was what was it was critical to grounder and a third Dick around and I does that sound right well what's going on we don't talk about eyes and how does this also icy boss is also Charles Oakley Jim's got James Dolan like I get it that prediction before we handed over to our referenced in the day. Is that we are going to had you experience out whether Smith. Which are Mel or let it harder somebody defending his idiotic remind greens them to play compared Jamestown mislabeled. We'll be doing some of that tomorrow but lots of other stuff to get to. We're back tomorrow at 6 o'clock the Big Dig guys are next that's enough about me Berkman and with the Norway will drop off sometime this morning entry list. It's. It's tough. Anyone. Know we can't give this that VIP that would ease. It's playing well it's up some young people in your life you're disgusting you would be. What you are probably just. Lose.

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