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Enough About Me - Ep. 52: Glenn Ordway

Feb 16, 2017|

Kirk sits down with the legend Glenn Ordway to talk about when he got fired by the station, his start with the station, forming the Big Show, and his relationship with Eddie Andelman.

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I had I hate to use these guys to watch these have always a couple weeks ago we got unbelievable. Reaction on and by the way too great it was topped only iTunes for like a day. And he's always do what people like the stuff wedge that would allude to great. Jerry's well now we have Golan have been trying to get Glenn on here for about three or four months he had some rough patch is two of us and our friendship. Plus you must be finally sat down we talked for about an hour 45 minutes that they give or take. Decide to split up in the two parts a union one part today Thursday in another part a week from today next there's this one focuses sort of more on going to and fired. His thoughts on salt. Occur beginning parts of his career is Jewish a but Eddie when he's a program directors of controversial moves yet to make. The formation of the big show next agreement some other stuff as one Mexico say is more contentious. For short is a real legitimate argument back and forth with me England. But this one is not excellent as well Glenn did a great job came in and gave me a really good hour and a half you'll really like it. Do love inside radio stuff and gossip like we all do this is absolute candy. Glenn order way I enough about me part one is yours soaring right now. We totally blind sided when fired your (%expletive) ass that wonderful sweet day one of the great. I. So nice person so he's among my fat ass that's really not a fat enough well it counts that's out there who's I mean I killing seven need to know. That Ponzi gain and loss of thousands too many too incompetent. I gotta stay this has got to stay competitiveness would mean. Offer health young kids got to stick around but not if you need oh okay yeah definitely I don't know. She is god. I think I'll still live. I will now probably true yeah well when I recognize don't know where you live your life right now I stage all of you don't all the you know I'm 42. Thank god thirty years Jamaica and stay in shape and run. Because if you were in heavy drinker or whatever you'd be a public cares to be gone you wouldn't care but to be. That's gone so I was was I blunt said that was the question we why are exactly or was blank said yes he would no he was coming. Non no matter fact. Stuff leading up to that was. Was just the opposite which as we had a crazy general manager and Geoff price he never told me never spoke award today. After the decision was made in which like you might go Jason will in his army and after the show after the show so you see get called in after the shoot you now. Don't know hall it was a cold and announcing to show you all or bullish. You go in there whenever wolves has money you'd think and not. To be an. Now he was. Ice knew something was drawn out because I saw the expression on his face literally there was tears in his face that was something that really bad records. And have since found out he really yet. Absolutely nothing I believe nothing. By. It's stuff that transpired in the next few days can (%expletive) me off as. In the company leaked stuff out typical. And that's a pissed me off because was weak dollar remember it was a it was leaked out that I was I had sat down with wolf he we talked about it he said. You know do you wanna stay on here for the next couple. Of polonium an expert teacher and that they trusted me I was a kill them all I think it was pretty honest. There I wasn't. Getting a lot of reaction others though some some veteran people even on a bunch of people law the bill of rights hospitals as sites. I think you're telco and don't know. About this is yours is innocent he asked me. That your story where a show. But that pissed me because we had agreed at least once daily doubt that I was Stan I was getting fired two. Yeah but it was it was held internally. And then we all agreed. That we were gonna keep it quiet for three days old I gotta go on the air Wednesday Thursday Friday and Friday saying it was so we would we would say its rights and they and they. They broke the trophy candidate they Brody yeah so that became at that night. I don't know two became three B and lately that I know lately that McCain directly for adult. I don't how many people. So very few people yeah but leading up to it. Kirk now. Actually. There were moments are remember that July or August. The July or August before we finish number one of the spring book only I finished noble award right we came from the dead as people forget it. We with a first afternoon drive show when the station via FM. Beat the the children never played on FM show was an AM show any it was die badly. So he came and invited me out to dinner showed up it was at Fenway Park all plays Lucy. Jeff for a rate to which is sure it was different mind. For you. Talk all the time so if you for CBS does. He works for cumulus like doctors on our part. I know. You keeping score card as I have to kiss affluent yes I know you'll play the game but in any bank and so. Which invites me over Fenway Park that you needed the edit EMC and yes I think did you yes that's where you like it summaries practice right. My ass was just not only was asking where. A first showed up and he he invited because you wanted to congratulate me in the fact we were number one tour the spring book comes out in July that's when you get it it was days after that. Came up to be sent a warning of one gonna have a congratulatory debtor in a boy you brought us back from the does whatever. And he expects to blow any which I normally anyway edit but there was no. It is it at this is released Michael Michael was there it went into maybe he did a separate one vote like congratulate him. So we sit and we have this thing and he says it's great when whatever that goes to the whole thing and he said now what should just go out there and Barry that fork and felt what you just paradise at eye that the rob rob it's but litigated. And I said for talking business here. You understand how to operate. That. You're going to be an even level which laws and they all have of books with they'll be better because the Bruins will be better with the patriots will will hit. It will be better of the Red Sox getting at. In the Celtics and that's where the Celtics of the cells which. That's what's going to play. And it's whole demeanor changed at that point we were like blood struggled then he turned. It's you know. You don't want to kill a set course I'm competitors. I wanna kill accountants and just. Which rocking now business and tell you what's going to happen then this is going in from that day on. And I was later told by somebody that really turned him. It's our money can pick that was tough enough can be run but he runs this place like a dog fight. It's like he ran me I have worked with him I was here was like you operate a place like on the care and compassion the other guys and that was the attitude at all. With his attitude. What was that like going to sit but I mean Pete. We have meetings he'll live for star John Major League and understand programs that you still talk of torture Richard concede concede fielder's name. Which is always. NC Wednesday cumulative compete. For an ulcer at this point it's yours everybody knows gamer fielder's name your gamer for lecture I mean it's that's always dumb to not. That it doesn't do I don't really understand everybody knows every well it dates back to the old days when you had to do diary diaries right yeah it's O what would happen is. Somebody would listen to your show. It was at like fifteen minutes and then have to fill in the book. And it put four hours which I know you work that's why it's so he didn't want to buy your music and we were I think people thought would I went door to door girls go about rating on an idea yes but you've got leaders so it's totally different it's of of that assignment should system to. Not a bomber are perfect and the you know it's sort of feel coming metres of their right now not a lot thousand write in in the market. Yeah yeah the disorder that's kind of year deal one guy who listens in changer yet but what I said then you get fired. I had Michael hauling on few weeks ago country. I told him the story is at all tonight. 20 yes sure. I told them the story of my name's mutton I talk every day. And after the first salt and hall show. Mike called me. Into what you think it's knocking over shall. It. And we wouldn't mind tumors was respond now. To document a money needs another pizza at mean OK so you don't like reaction look at you and I and I'll give you a lot of credit. Because as you and I for some reason. Sparked up. Friendship relationship gone now we didn't via widgets and yet we are real but I'll always fought it wouldn't sleep together we thought about it at least I did you know good looking guys thank you. But. But you called me. And I heard from you after that. For two year period virtually. Gordon B wood two weeks go by and I want to we talked a lot so you nightmare you talk like Elvis. Notes did you talk to go to some of the orchestra some of the day you know conversations you and I wanna go out and got a it's anything you want here and got it will show good I'll organize a little bit later right. I thought the same thing when I first heard and I end but. It wasn't doing me any good say anything negative. About soccer wasn't helping mice to join it was it didn't work back again. But I will say this you in this town. This is his rope feel first of all I think there's some of the best sports talk radio. In this town when you listen of the markets and you've done some nice is it even in New York I mean you like for instance occurred last. Those who want the points of times he's lasted a few working here in Boston with his competitive not mark absolutely. Having you know just the sound like an amount that was ever feel there was coach really additional that it would do well yes that show what I mean. If they are from Boston what do put you know for instance has almost become like cancer but you know YouTube's and that night and and whatever. But. I just don't think you can take somebody from out of town and can't give me this (%expletive) that. While he wants with export fringe change in a five year cycle mr. and you gotta be in tune. With what the fans that think I grew up in the stands I you know had a thought I had a real good feel. Good feel for what was tropical what you wanted to talk about. If you would drop me off in Pittsburgh dropped the FA CL I wouldn't the eye and all of I would struggle you it's a national stuff with and serious hit and it was fine but I could tell we talked about Mac you tell your heart wasn't at its. Mean that's just not on the same way if I have a job offer him. Seattle's say you know with salt. Job CO. But I would say that whoever San Diego I'd say you know I can do I have no desire to those national stuff. Would you like rock period since 19 does that have elects the emotion and you hear these shall show. In a holding sucked really geared towards smaller markets and that's where they play Abdullah affiliates for Dan Patrick and have the same field in there and if you look at the ratings. It does well in the hinterlands. I'm sure he doesn't do well in cities where you hear about your own team and on here I've actually been done here he's not know you do know rating right. You get a microphone that what you gonna learn out of eligibility even if you do this for me. People don't you should you stop it you have said my my my are more into exile exile please fix this microphone Bakken thing which is unbelievable. Don't edit this out by the way this shows you that your side of many. As I need help please. Somebody white my blood my. All it's this this is not many. Yet here it's Jesus Christ that's. A well. Jesus Christ. A lot of things that drew but these days ago. So cocky so slim all in Iraq and cocky about what honestly I don't commissioners. And at the point in my life as they'll hit here okay okay why why is abortion because you still can't come answered. That's the door sensitive to me exit you love to portray this image. That you're not censored and I actually like this budget to good quality that I know that you get dented by stuff that doesn't know. You're addicted about the fact that you'll get a target to four is Beckett. Elwood that's sure sure people will do that or noticing is that that's about it here's what else. Heard the other day and I know what you're doing to try and it's me off old I think some on the radio thinking this is Kirk opt in Houston and new. You rejoice you enjoyed it thank you note that up but. I don't you know. Human radio long enough. That they morning show does say fifteen in the week. On doesn't help the show fall. I think and all you're an amateur I think you should the procedure (%expletive) talent yes. I think you should thank among two I do I do it's because he helped you that lead again is on this question Regan is a big part of it. We all succeed hell of a lot better notes on like where it's political it's Els. When we come together. But it is true that you weak unions do help the whole station at the shoot fifty mean or fourteen or thirteen to Whittle it which we don't want. Our shorten that date as to what you've you're only at your lead in place to the united. I walk on the street in my truck and you're back on the street here at Jones back and students get extra credit tobacco industry. The minute they show I've said it. And I think you guys think I'm being sarcastic sometimes I think is better in the wasn't bands although I think that's definitely the accident and forced the guys appreciate our protection like that it's not at all kidding aside I like to personally that stuff for the month come I mean he's you know all that salt you don't that's. Minimum government. I got usage and Cassel he's tough to deal with these those guys entry for anymore story from an Indian. In everyone's had them Benz is a good guy who I mean using another victim of two things a boy he was actually sent and number two like. Just you can say you're from here as much as well the key syllables salt pans can say my dad's whenever and I was here for why does he have to do before Felger guesses that the effort to fight yeah you're sits out college that's that's their. Means and that you had yet to serve. A certain amount of time I do think like you know I'm just I'm saying this like 48 is not from here but he put for the patients. It's it's different if you if you played for sports figures sort of grandfathered in but you gotta do one or the other you're dead. I agree I mean like associate dean was here forever yeah. Came from Kansas City but that was sure it's sixty it's that's a narrative and query came from him as he talked a mental. I am not. We texted each other a few times recently. Saying. Curve to great picture Jesus. For a surprise. I have no ill will toward you know. Nam a much your wife left. The issue we mean. Did it help them preferably sort of you know what. Couldn't deal would you have liked but it don't listen I'm not you what I've talked about the so we talked about it during the situation. And you know part of it probably was deals fall maybe. In when he got to new deal whatever maybe he felt. That he wasn't being treated fairly or whatever and so he looked at you said in wash and I've put all of the work as. That was the slippage there it is there's no question in this business and a minute. Longer than most people worked out you've got to work at every freaking day don't work at a man. You get killed one of the things I hero but I'm not here should be fair I would say. Is I felt there was a slippage in the big show from its peak which again you of the Jones peak. To winning and the ones is that you not working hard to were before don't. What I mean you can say I'm a liar on that I'm just I think there are a lot of things that happened win that the picture first of all my did you win that way personal what did you think was at its peak. Nineties early two thousands what we will win. Eighteen years with that show right. And for like fifteen of those years we were we were number one in shall be dumb and I get that but you'd say you'd agreed to stay halfway through like anything I think if we show your show is gonna have the same thing. While moderate Jerry. Which keep fresh I would you know I thought that to him and they come in one day and grab you and they throw your cell door and like I got to frustrate you won't take it well how many days you get therapy you know. Twice was one day. Once a week only choice would you go four days a week when that happens I'll get right Johnson got a pound. It's down it's but I think that's I think what Kabul but my point so. What's what's going to act so. Judicial. Which was not great you'll that was that was what you want you all measurable. So I don't know I don't know I think a piece of it is wonderful. I was gonna say I was the Celtics at the same time that you do so I don't know hotel room she's in Asia and you know it was not her fault it was my fault and I was so glued in. To the Celtics when you're covering a beat like you know a lot about a little as opposed to know in little model you know touch you sort of as. And they're talking Celtics every day if you wanted to talk about leadership that was clearly much so what you're of those. It was 9190. Two's like this is a fifth. This was eight and so when Demitra was always on the right so when did you become the program. So the region stab in the back. Corporate. So the Celtics gig for me. They offered me a four year deal for the Celtics big yen 95. Right. And that was the ML Carr here he was coming and ML and I were good friends so we go Sonia well. And ML started out hold championship driven thing championship German Iowa victory for Michael talked to Michael Jordan and it's and I knew one. The inner workings of the organization were. It's like this is it gonna try to make it look as if they were trying productivity and chip but they were trying to go for delicate and I knew that. So I would be doing this talk show as well as doing the games it's dog want to show people would call me a new pissed off with a team was a cynical adult shortest and distinguished get a lot worse before it. I get called in by August. For a meeting with Jindal. They brought into a meeting and he said what is this year is it yours in the team's got worse for. The forecast and how might harm any organization that's the truth is in the got to get to get her act. And when I don't. If you've got a C championship German. So by the media for forty minutes I said very little else John. McGwire I think was in the meeting with me he was general manager time. Man walked out of that and the question John yes and he said you know you got to conform any edits are went home. I thought about it I still had. Casilla attitude about it I said. I can't be Johnny most I can't sit in this generation and you can't get back in the midnight she can't do what he did you know it's a much different. Approach to play by plays at that morning said. I can't do. When he and then had another meeting next week. And I said to them can't do it. I just can't do and invokes you gotta do you know we're gonna bring in Cedric Maxwell weak side is gonna do this. So they can do if that's the criteria that that's what I have to say. And I was still cocky to the point right and give patients I said I can more away from now travelled and done it. For fourteen years I agree I loved it but it's still one of the highlights of of my life but could do it. And so locked away I I turned in my resignation told them where reaper Padilla forcing me out don't get me wrong right or forcing me bright it would they're way. So you can Deborah Howard David. They brought in wrong that I would they would lose the second when they brought somebody else in papers before so you figure still on the prince who don't know we would. So Oregon it was nobody should for a lot to Europe professionally. Professionally I was out of a job you know jobs new coach. It's and you wind up with some tips when you've probably never used to it. I was out of job and then Toronto believes coming in the league they just come in the league so I got a call Mary have friends in the ambiance union and and a lot of good friends at the end via. And they were calling me up and help me out in San Francisco that was an opportunity was told stage wanna do that don't. No I had got to the point in my life for so you know one of the fourteen unbelievably yields on their perceived better basketball in my life Abu. Players were in during that theory were my age now medical appear to. Some of these older guys to occur when you get these young kids that are it was so different. I used to be really friendly and have a good report with the players because you were similar age similar. Interest source of dollars in gonna do it and then Steve Dutch it was the CEO of American radio. Came to me and we had lunch or dinner. And he said to me it assuming that the site. Did you Dunst. Sports talk radio conversations with with you you've come up some interesting ideas a stuffed that you thought might work to a sports talk radio we're gonna flip. Yeah I go from 59850. Million doubts gonna give us a lot more club a bigger signal more listeners. And would like to put somebody in charge of that it really wants to do this one Cambodia. We want your brand on yeah. Source of wedeman you want me to broaden the program and are you also want me to be on the exit. And and we agreed to do it for like a two year trial period and then after the two years I had the option. Of doing either one of those things like advantage or I could be on there that's a stark went. Did you think of the big show. The idea that you into rotating guys that influenced by sort of a global bell would do once and in no it was actually influenced by a show that we were dealing with. We have. RK caucus I was involved in programming it RKO yeah. Earlier we had bill O Connell and we had you know different guys command and elect a three man shift east of show years ago called. The voice of sports which I listened to when I was really little kid. And it was a three real thing they would get into arguments and debates. So that kind of influence me more than anything else about. How would be if we had three guys in there and it's like three guys sitting around a bar. They're bringing up topics. And there's a lot of entertainment attached to reports of production to M and ever thinking why can't we. Do what Saturday Night Live does to bring some radio bits into it right for comedians to people who write and you know that's why were brought sharp grandy and we hired him because he could write if you put stuff together so production stuff and we had Jim Cutler is one of their voices and a Qaeda. He was doing all of our program uses. Actually like green ones yes. So we have some really wanted people gate. And we had a good concept and a good idea. How I like to buy like about Odyssey we've. Tweet that movement and one different guys. What I like about it is. There's no. Show was 5050 Jerry and we've Cole should show so if you bought somebody else in the major narrow board brings some of the Yeltsin. Full time be different in ideas we don't like news different attitude this sort of focus the way you in the way. Sort of sole ownership of that. Mean you measure shot you could call which you do it yet but I'd management while I'm an audition with senior own little world would agree you guys stole the concept except you've got two guys and it has big guys get done before it is. Buckley up for it doesn't. You don't get a and I demonstrated to him in the exact argument for a week we treatment everybody. We know with his club was actually surprised that people were surprised. He was surprised when he threw it. At me and I said okay. Efforts. To know what you can tell him privately you know we're being great friends for years and when he shows up at parties and stuff like that. And the guy shows apple and you know Rezko and on your plea but we do that I am more sleep and thought about a couple to. We did cigars together it's almost went off that's different and we did women on the show. You know you do you. Absolutely do and now early on know it was assortment discount getting early on it felt like. You drive in the new year Gerry Callahan and Bob. You hear Jerry Kelly and Chauncey. On whoever felt. Eight misty and first and and you know you can Felger. But towards the end of the show didn't feel that way we do have a lot of lectures. Because they want us out and first couple before a couple things happened they first thing is we have the technical issue. In which to globe. Boycotted our show. Over the boards. That was over the Borges he called and said what what he did was he called. Yes rabble he was talking about what George Steinbrenner says he called that number coma. As we call them a facto. He's Georgia yeah that would use his or used it to references to right in the center of the gold at the time happened to be. Married to an Asian woman says that didn't go over it was pretty sensitive to. Or just what it was sports is still get it wasn't the show on its own wasn't calling rob would you not go any time any corrected himself very quickly any boards realizes he screwed up. You know. Because that's that's the last pitcher Mike Shannon didn't write the first important for the future. Though that show but gorgeous not that type that he you know I was in it and I definitely on the typical overreacted to also think it was an excuse. For the gold to clearly get their people off of the act as EI. Was starting to move up with credibility in the globe was suddenly being threatened by isn't that. I look at if I were to the globe that was it on score. It was. Yes don't score regionally. The Who was an after inventories before he anyway anyway if optical would happily you know late nineties two thousands. These old guys on everyday. I think they felt. If they felt threatened or what we we were suddenly becoming a for sure but I'm saying to Portland huge ratings that you were doing show on the season. Importance is on whom ever else is on me have things promote its stories next day what's a better place to. Except global which cares about everything that happens within the line I forcible I missed it but it's certainly that was the away then I think. Things might be a little bit different now because there are few other. You know competitors out there on the Internet for them but that was the first thing I think that it but we actually went way up was like the best thing that ever happened. Like people love the fact that we said screw it we're gonna bow down to the globe. The global stratus parameters in which their guest would come on the didn't want any of their people. On the air when why Nolan was aired and we basically said screw it management which I said the management is that this is the dumbest thing if we count out of them you would usually definitely policies of his own some astounding consistency we can knock them over but the I we decided to see ever want to know global globes on each script. That's correct it is stations retrograde move that's right in what global wanted to do as they wanted to go dale now Joe's pub and I get Jerious. Not judge erred in its and that index stayed next to its profit. John Jerry but I think if you look at it over the years. We lost a lot. Of the masters two things happen wore and make budget something that's right it would make an awful lot of money in the show shall issue was telling her in the in the high forty and short so and they would do when so well that they sat there and said let's talk a few more box that lets you know we can do. And they offered peak torque tired. Crew all of the co host a 50% that means and fascists. And date field to his credit. When I finally sent download them and explain this was yet to England don't they feature to move right now to Ian Stewart. Some things buddy I'm. He he relinquished but down the road. Pete replaced jar great Pete was graves at different camera remembered mr. terrific character. And yet they replaced him with he's got to make it to much they're playing poker and a well that was another. Month a few other things. But it was great for the show offs and and people people to the statement to me it's it would do you know screw somebody's wife what happened there. It was simply a budget they they got to the point where they trim the budget kept on trimming it to we ended up with a lot of DNC pillars did you get. To the point where like worker frightens the guys that contract year and just use them yes I got to use a lot of testers aligned you would you say did I bring in his armor that was an issue that was an issue using. You know food on and is a week of football guys in baseball. Dimes and baseball guys in football that it it became different yeah there's no question about. When did you. So when it and you go easy at the call and you call on wall e.'s office he tells your. Ruins. While potency you know what next yes did you meet. Cause I didn't expect I started laughing. Win you know we appoint your life so that was 2013. Accuracy bright I part of the week. Egypt and if you wanted to retire right there could you do in the minor. Well not real life under rocket docket could retire. If I wanted to live a real quiet life and didn't want to an awful stuff but I wondered travel I would do things. Briefing and holy (%expletive) I'm whenever agents jump I'm like you don't have a lot of money coming down from the and we tree dropping out of here this all the time so win producer just said if you're if you're out tomorrow to be fair as you say something stupid it's definitely it's a four times that's it you know you'll mommy and daddy daycare appeals panel that also. Would you admit at least for me bring respect to me it seems like you wanna do which agreement work ethic is not work ethic as a you'd think its privileges to respond I would at least that you two were fertility organs you know. Picturesque right now job that was unique that your life is to be allowed at what's I would I would tell you that's what. Why you I think. It became friends right out of the gate because I think we both. An affinity for radio we'd love the medium. In the united talks about stern and other shows that you that you were you guys while John and you do your homework and you you've got punished. Why were dashed with a real person now it's fish shop and you work it is working to craft and give you all the credit the world and the other thing I think it's an admirable thing. If you don't give a (%expletive) and lists and tell you really become. Is it what you exit until you can sense a little bit hopeless little you consider checking in and I can about it. Right and then you become a little. Whatsoever just have it now I know each other so we got a little bit like before roads even filling out law. Which you from Michael over the year and I'm guessing one I did. Shows right for the first time we really talked parking. It was right at the jacket. We talk for you and that was you're sensitive. We're all of them and again somebody else who's all humans I was excited and of course a moment you forties and do we do should. That's why Russia these guys in the week saying. If the manufacturers that the judicial. Yes typically Mike Greenberg if I ought to work it really disappoints me some of these young people were so I hate this I'll I don't selling the old house I would hear what you gotta cannot along. But I think it's cookie cutter. I think the kids today coming out of it ESP animals. So they all wanted to safely and they all were staying neutral and all wanna stay right here. I pick the ones that stand out. The ones that come out and willing to throw (%expletive) against the wall and will it take a chance ever when you take a chance. You can solve this because it is a business and you can't say this is damaging our business but maybe you get that opportunity within extort him. And it's unfortunate as amateur a lot of creative kids I see stuff right now. YouTube did you know I never saw in my generation but you know creativity but there are free to do you guys it's easy to do each packet it's easier to do that medium the other thing I think. That hurts this generation now is work with people see people there (%expletive) and removal. In the if you'd say something stupid or something to mortars rocket like I see people say. And would mean am I going to look at the text or in the show the tournament it's me I mean just have to see what you think you think that some. Fifteen year old kid who sit there are flawed in you. That you wonder back twitters on the Q field. Something does. Come to your Don you're fired you're gone. You walk out of those three days or week mr. Suze borderline pathetic. Just. Oh. And who. And what it means that each one it was. I want after all we're first of all I couldn't do anything for awhile they would there's over a year right. For year. That was by the way and 5000 all that might have in the dumbest. Vision of a normal Nicky declined pushing much. If it. They pay you for years. Yeah Jesus Christ so can she hasn't had a baby forward for for a year and yet as I told you that the and we can get into later about. The station only the issues that they. So I couldn't do anything and when I tried to they initially fought would try to do. Well I tried duke series won an iron full time. They were talking about full time gig and that doctor John. You are having conversations and so and there were a couple of the places I could've gone elsewhere in the country but I would have lost all the money and they're going. They're paying me an awful lot of money. The new people are not gonna go hire me for the same amount of money. This is pretty stupid policy you're somewhere else it's no wonder come around Yang knows that's sadistic. And I thought about it I said. That makes sense with my kids leaving. Him a Boston guy a law of the emotion of this down Sony had the opportunity to do serious. And I had to use I would have had to do some stuff in New York which ended up doing right. And but I could do most of it in my house is definitely the studio my. And it will allow me to do it all it's the greatest game can work. But they fought the company funded originally and actually had lawyers going back and forth I had spoken to David. Field the CEO or we see Kramer so finally we connected. We kind of talked it through when they were a lot better toward the end of the year so I think I started with serious in December but I started. In a much different position I was planning on starting. Three months before shore and a good make a move and then you do which I give you credit for the dutrow thought she was big success. While people get fired me to sit around them to actually try to do something different while it sounded to meet with them earlier and failed because we we. The audience wasn't and we would do a 385000. A month and of course you know they can listen at different times definitely. Couldn't if you couldn't. Market than the the problem when she was still caught up as the still are right now with a lot of podcast heavily you know it's it's it's podcaster some of the great stuff you're hearing right now in the in the spoken word Macy's not yours but there are few others that I really really like. But the the thing is that advertising. Is currently account. For scale. Yeah us yes all the stretch and you're putrid water for my elbow against Lester what a journey and don't let on that point so it's an astronomer says it was a killer. And the thing was I had an opportunity. When I was out of there Buddy Guy I had an opportunity. To come back to EI a matter of fact after Phil's back rhetorical. Accurate and I hit launch. Assay. Seven or eight weeks after you've taken off. And he wanted to bring me back and we have a conversation. People here I think Kevin Graham who Wear underwear which times. We talked about a bunch of different I don't get it it emotion. With which I don't wanna get into why other people's jobs within their big guys now. Because it wanted to think that they were second. I'm right. Now now we're talking today we talked nights we talked after news. Do you hope you when I I'm president meetings with a meeting with stickers dinners right with the management here they wanted to put you and I on an afternoon in this post. To actually pulling out right that's a no no you didn't fund said no you hugged me I guess I had to leave the restaurant Tuesday Brad and I might take. Which you don't work that you probably know our workers as your caustic edge right. And I would have been able to live Porsche would mean I'm like you did which now and yeah it's it. And I was would be able to move the chair I was on the job and obviously John cherry point to. Which you want it now. Well I was frustrated with certain ailments and showed usually won it how you wanted to get away from John. I don't recall a specific reasons but there were reasons for why those worries of supply Katherine podcast is going to be honestly asking the question. And the person of sitting and asking them it's gonna be totally dishonest and and probably win the war the idea I think it's port important and appropriate and classy guy out dividend it for like three years to bat. A war is over like a decade two decades back at tucked in the when you've done a legend decades is that your work somebody maybe answers yes were you were to them and student talked to them for six months in all. Acutely needed to bite you when I used to talk about that all the time it's only. John saw a yeah I was so yes it was like solidly the studio at four seconds we sat there with a lot of times the time and it's me. Yeah and it was unbelievable the I don't I you could do. It to mean it's not it's it's it's it's it was not you put John injured yet. They'll Jason Wolfe put them together I put dale and any element together and bowl and yes listing here that don't dale dale album violated me for years. Currency majors was pissed off of any relation now. Do you think do you do you when you think of any element. You beat some great radio personality award all I think it is time he was really enjoyed sports our. Sports analyst Greg. It's funny I still have a good relationship when Jimmy cart. The initial injury only guy Eddie does not that Jimmie and mark we can do not speak to him spoken of that for twenty years idea out there and I was actually in the meeting. When we had to split them up the sports world because the sports I was gonna continue war with Jimmie and mark is the sports that you may remember that and Eddie wood his own. That was nasty lawyers worked with no. Steady was Eddie was really good it is time. Or what was the producer and show where I worked with Bruce over the years. If Bruce is really creative you know guy when it comes to that stuff but Eddie was really good. No it was any way to but I hear about it that are formed on in Gerry moan target once and Gayle some extent in U. He was eighty and get one guy in the years wacky love these rustling union Chinese food rumba in off the year has. I would say. Tim knee once. You get the stuff with a couple things one a fire off of that time and EH ID eight EEE he threatened France world with him all of that yeah it was a senate Sunday afternoon. And Freddie had his feet up on the table because his knees were blown out. And you know and he walked in there it started screaming that imminent. Said he was in Pakistan to that legacy got a 310 pound home built like. Should work out pretty young yeah and an NFL player of the price Britain removed from the game like. Four years assembly that you're gonna kick ass. And was he national. At times I think Eddie had his straight to me I got along with a real really. Well for a long period of time. You know he was helpful to me early on he was a big champion have all play by play as going to show up. But things changed my putter with dale he thought that was a a bad move within the ratings started going up. And taking off for those guys for those guys they were doing great together they were shouldn't now. Two people together and radio unit two people are going to be feel comfortable about everything. Feel good it was an uncomfortable. Setting and it works when you have an uncomfortable some sort of Take Two people that are nothing. Alike can put him in there. Should hop and that's what happened in the ratings took off. People love the show in the more the show became popular port eighty when he tried to focus he never thought it would separate memory having a meeting Monday. And we're going over the ratings there you know installment on the show Sox in this a show in the race and these ratings are you guys of your form. In its enemy you're looking at the wrong race you've I've got my own ratings I'd commissioned by ordinary tour it was one of those guys and always. You know has some money so we always would use that is like influence I do my old thing which I don't care what the companies tell you but I have commissioned as and I got a guy consultants telling me some cozy up to talk to me years you know ours. That's why I could really did have a prominent he had a problem with the Marlins catcher. Capital fires hit Kirk because. I had to I had to what happened was it was a weekend. In his kid had a strippers and in the studio and there was some of them some touching it was a touching going on in we had female. Sales people who were on the other side of the glass and the filed a complete and what's the CEO to CEO calls me out and says unique to fire this person. What are they gonna do my job my job wasn't I could say to the CEO screw you I'm gonna keep on because he's at least that's what ended up properties and I don't what did you tell any of you just go fight the coupon is good. And get pissed off that I didn't go to him for understand that you thought maybe he could influence it. Today I can understand nobody was the catalyst that what was it. And Mike he took it. Really well it's a debate it and really wanna be in this business and I think he's really down on your stuff cents. Signal are one excellent under the great job we start part to ask a question that I want this to ask him. And like it was the first or let thought up. England's perfect world would his ideal big trophy one more show four hours you'll potential format. We to cohost she wants. We ask when that we get into the whole thing lead into the Fauria altercation. I had Clemens or ultimately to Glenn I'm not talking for months we go back and forth worth ten or fifteen minutes. And it is heated you can tell. Really what we can get along for awhile now begin to more of Glenn's career. It's good the second part is just if you like the first part you'll really like the second part with or really more of that next week. All right thanks again for listening to the enough Moby podcast. Actually know what I'm really not think put all should be thanking me get this (%expletive) every week these great podcast. Totally free to if it was a good eye twos. Download the noticed Richard do the same. And reiterating the preview that tree can help me out this podcast is going to be number one again I guarantee you can help me along with the process so for that I guess at the end. Ever go thinking is why I think he's going back and forth here's the point hockey.

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