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Late Night with Christian Arcand Hr 4- Late Night Low Light: Cuban baseball players going to trial for being held captive

Feb 16, 2017|

In the fourth and final hour Christian talks about a story that has not been talked about much, about Cuban players being smuggled out of Cuba and then being held captive.

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Christian art camp on Sports Radio. When that team winds down Christian art can winds up with the Sox pats decency stock its kitty goalies with. Talk a lot like Christian market but we're gonna get we're here. Final hours were traded WEEI Erica bandwidth. Fabulous tonight thanks to stand up and Braden studios 5000 messages eastern right here in Charleston behind the wheels of steel. Take your phone calls at 61777979837. Texas 37937. And your tweets. At Christian are key in on Twitter. We'll get to this AJ Perez interview from this morning in a little bit but first let's get to your phone calls here we're taking calls late into the night baby that's who we do you're only nine. Why it's called it also goes what time it is hobby years in New Bedford who lobby area. Bob good value. Well on. Our Ahmad autumn the pulpit. I think everybody keep talking about all the doors and the reality of pay it it get a patent on our weight to what let her beat either the player and it prepared well. It is not worth the price. Let me that two that jump at the pump them realistic. Has anyone that I haven't read anything about Paul George even being on the block hobby I mean I view it is that you see anything about deadpan as it is thirty. Any small to the Paul George fires are just the name that keeps popping up here and there. I think it is a name that keep popular now because I haven't heard anything about it. I haven't heard a word I only hear people say now I'd like to have Paul George and it's like gaveled grade I would do it is as they even interest in trading I don't think they are. I don't exactly have epic and the other record that anyway. It outplayed them out there and it will affect all of them right now for the court that they have fault on break and I will be. I think it's light tight and chain well I think you'll let out a week. Well what they've got going on right now ethic and somewhat awkward but it will it'll good place. GM now I I I like the idea Tyson Chandler to arrive here in you know who also like the idea. Is Drummond in Detroit. Yeah they're they're looking to move on for him if they would take markets Smart and not is not this upcoming Brooklyn pick but another one you know later honor one of the Celtics picks maybe. If they do Drummond for Smart and one of those other picks. I think I've probably do that and got probably do that and feel okay about it as much as I love would smarts been giving lately I think I would make that deal. Audio Bayer if they looked at. You told to do well at the air without it now. I wouldn't do I wouldn't do Smart for Chandler. When do that. The would have been Smart either I'll pick your like you know albeit not then all of a at all sultan. Won't play if not then like our party and I think if anything they can you make any minute that look at it at our feet and seven other people's. For the CA due to try to get to the finals hook. What about aids in mid piece of that Belichick look I think what what they've got or not now. I think they can give Cleveland a rock for their money. Again you know it's possible thanks for the Cobb mere appreciated. Texas says that whoa Joseph from Yahoo! said George and Boller available I just took a look at that I see from December. You know there is an article on December saying the pistons were trying to trade for Paul George. I mean the end maybe I just didn't see it in the I don't know how exposure ask either. I hope I rely heavily on the grew a lot of correct when it comes that. The most cutting ESPN was anything with a about the goodie as the end and air rumor that there is like tenants signed with them or something. I imagining that. We have big get Prius BM boy willow is very good his job. It's a break from Brian when we're. But yeah. I mean if Georgia Boller really are on the block. And yet have those conversations. But there's a difference between being on the block in being available. Guys put players on the block like this all the time just to gauge interest. And oftentimes they don't get the interest they want. Now is anyone gonna blow either their duty either Ayers back for Paul George or Jimmy bought maybe from bar area for George I don't know. I don't know if there's a team out there ready to really while the pacers and that's what they're looking for the fishing I think. I if either of those guys get treated at the Dell Arab east on a really would. I be double stunned if either one of them with the Boston. All right as promised. Coming up now the interview from the curtain Callahan show this morning Callahan was not there was Kurt. Mike and Alex Roemer they're talking with AG re as the author of the Tom Brady piece from USA today. That I ran yesterday that we talked about a lot last night. It was ridiculous and well you can listen and judge for yourself you're here's AJ Perez for leaker in Callahan show on Wednesday morning. It is nice that the join us and the AT&T hotline this morning AJ good morning how the don't. And went for hours. And that's that's like man who wrote it could interpret. Islet that read I listened to that there is probably like 45 the church in which means the question that. And somehow you know and that listen in transcribed I did not I've that's basically how how how little got started. So you just disease screwed up. Totally opposite reserves a 100% on. Well yet know if it was it was you know I. I do worse or is I just didn't didn't help in the right context. You know to. Would lead you put leisure to think that that was the contacts. It was I obviously. I. Looked into the interview that back and you Lisa knew what when you when you turn tracked something in mrs. Interview that our interview was the last two minutes of it right arm and when you. When you which has got things and act on your ship several times when yet on. They're in an issue but. If you lose you'll it would I want backer right at. Right afterward at this did not. Contextualize. That was put. And you're wrong you tweet then when you said you were changing a bit I don't use you weigh in on the headlines the first half I was Tom Brady says he nature of politics is silent comes to White House visit your lead was. Tom Brady says he may should be putting politics is how the cubs as in the White House took up the headline rushed for the right. No doubt because my you know I. Lot of the I don't mining and the stories of people on the voters can I write the headlines as they edit the editors wrote heavily we. Well you also be re tweeted that had wireless post it's obvious she read that headline AJ and you thought OK they got this thing right that's accurately portraying what. I wrote so with the re tweet that's that's you agreeing with the correct. Agreeing. Well what was said they're gonna or whatever. Like yeah and it was the middle firfer. Well in my job I I was actually when I saw the headline that we I was actually on hold. On quote the story and didn't happen you know 100% 100% my attention on like Internet. Right well. Is there a chance that you're wrong political feelings you know port that we all we are blessed to be fair that's what it feels like to be very Zhu went through your time I'm on Twitter went through your likes your retreats clearly. You're not Tron guy. Latin packet I don't putt well. Thought about until I don't have any idea what may donate more than I you we're not we're not the saves where we're adults here we we went through your light senior retreats. Very clearly you don't support the president there's no way you vote for Donald Trump right. I can't talk about. I did not I don't agent. AG and openly gay man who favorites all sorts of liberal stuff on Twitter like I'd so he didn't vote for just got in for. Oh look at that sort in the senate. There talk about that it is not all I know a lot of talk about the USA they would you talk about. About what about whether we were eased him politically. Well I I don't I don't hit it right you look at it might have wondered if you want to make up assumption he's. Make up any assumption I I I don't know I don't know if you're here you're straighter humanity of 42 to give three wives I don't co I don't know in order white hair. I look at your lights on Twitter and I see what you like and you don't like which re tweet. You did let's not let's not treat gently children age you don't like. Trump that's clear I mean we're gonna do this thing were and they give you credit for coming on a fallen on the sort I I do appreciate that happened. You can tell me that you look at this not what. You precinct on arms like I PP he could hi we have millions of guys they jag I give a lot of credit we have guys ESPN all the time. That are completely hopeless as he made a mistake you said you mean it is that you owned up to it. I give you credit for apple right they might is right. Users in my mind at least no doubt it where you stand politically colored where he wore when you wrote this he wanted this to be true. No idea about that say you know to understand that aren't you buy it there they are not buy it matters. How hard it to them in and we'd be if we do our best in all. Oracle. People you know try to get out of it and you know I'd I'd never beaten you think I want a whole entire day dedicated. A little while. Preparing about the politics. I don't that's why that's why you wrote about it because I know public AJ you know Tom Brady trump is going to. Get you clicks to get your story Red Sea say he spent a whole day dealing with it. Okay that's the byproduct of you writing about the of the most popular happy right now in this country and trumpet that's why he wrote about it. And I never have I have written about the topic that even popular show on and you got that the question the trial. About trump of Brady isn't an issue the last several once and I've never watched. I never once and it uses any bias and I still don't think this is that this was not in the bodies eyes. It would not a quiet. I disseminated eight you do it seems bigamy work restrictions are predicting the conversation can least admit you're doing it from my point of where you're a liberal you're not a Republican it's okay. It's not something I'm ashamed of Amin I don't know. I can't talk I can't I I can talk about that. May work perspective. Yeah yeah I don't I'm I'm I'm a newsletter I don't. I just episode episode but that was anger that you can light but you can buy it but you can like can reach three things on your on your Twitter account you can liken retrieve things that are obviously anti drop. Now at that. There at a retreat where reduced our retreated I think in new York and. None I'm going I'm going back I'm talking we went you know we have producers they go through months and months of the stuff they look attic as we know where you stand politically in the UC's story like this. Somebody who is down the middle or or a different ways knock in a you're Brady say this and write that headline somebody else who doesn't like trump is gonna write the headline another way to write the story the other way that's why he did I do think you're biased. Politically again you're wrong said Jauron full credit for that but you can't sit here atomic that's on the factors that you know. I don't know until it's it'll I can help this is that is that it is like is I don't like doing pop pop politics it's super nothing more than mystic. Amidst a mistake attention in my transcription or mistake. Even looking at the transcription AG putting politics aside it was never political thing at least it never was to meet a reading that I'm a marina transcription write them publishing Abreu before I'm looking at a right now reading it. I don't know how to help you turn that into. Brady says teenage above politics aside I think I mean mistake but how do you go from one to the other like just looking at the transcription I know I get here. Yeah and I and I. And I. That's but that's what happened I don't know I think there's not one that I. A personal it pilot motivated by that. Now I would be called out Greek you were right now at this yet allies in in in an accident that you think I want him in intentionally create the. Yet but I ask again putting politics aside there was never a political thing at least it never was to me to. Tom Brady said his team HB putting politics aside when it comes to the White House how do you get from there to there what was the mistake I'm reading the transcription like you did I get that. And you can make mistakes eagle for transcription to writing a story of Donna to. But I and I eagle from eight which is a pretty basic sentence to be his bold political statement that don't yet. And that is what happened I don't know well that was the snow saying they're cutting out it. These things happen I write several stories. That's the misspelling or putting a quote the wrong place or earth or are using the word twice or you know improper grammar. That is turning a basic sentence into a thought her statement. Now and that and that's political and when I went back and looked at an isolated. What did you do what I I'm sorry I keep asking question what. He keeps saying that's what they did what is that what did you do. Photo I like it went in and in the front transcribed interview and I this when I went back to writing. And I saw that there is we're stuck out in so late so I without the night of the nuance that I like to do it. You why don't Obama wants you need there and understand what war is putting politics. Aside it was an every political thing telling saying it teammates should put politics outcomes of I don't understand and he wants to what you would have missed. That's all I thought I when I went back I thought he was saying the opposite cycle. I would which is what they're. But even but even it even that does not pretend it isn't even new lead AJ you know Tom Brady said he respects his team's decision to skip the White House is that although he preferred is putting politics aside and not to meet makes it sound like he's kind of preaching like everyone. Should a politics aside how come we don't mention that he said for me you know he personally. It's the politics aside does it not become at a crux of what he sank. I don't end and they and I think I even even when I had a mistake in that first we have the awkward start. Avant but the we'd Dell makes it sound like that he's making a blanket statement even the new ones although he prefers. Putting politics IT person or make up. About what went into the well it was yesterday it that you know I think that I. I think I was on the that was lost there not any item. I think I'm a bit and deleted accurate I think it. And so publicly I mean I'm this particular person. A look at like Twitter the light you would like rogue pose a staff. You know don't forget day and his brother trumpeted to pictures of our trumpet in and Donald junior I'm looking other things you tweet as well. And you like you don't like anything on the other side you only like who's there are you know AJ AJ went through what we went through went from months of it. I asked him what he did that. He clearly went in with an agenda here. You may have made a mistake but you clearly and with the engine that it that it had to meet like like I said admitting a mistake is great but bit admitting his other agendas involved are failing to admit that. His car what'd she say yeah I don't like trump. Truck drives me crazy and I happen to make a mistake and a story do you do you do you like to deep I am happy healthy and happy teletype the president. Yeah I. Really don't care I'll come on the DNA that we all can't agent is so and so I I trumped up I'm I'm so wise and crew wide so while the likes while the anti trump likes reporter there. If the answer I if I like a couple of Evian is that the ones and our other. I tried not to like anything that's from a a source that it you know I try not to do from a source that I don't you know it's far all goes. Sock a we don't see any likes about articles with your time answered about Hillary's email scandal for example it's just all on one side anti trump likes. I don't know I like all. Right now to apologize why is now however is that it's great night after it's great if you like it just admit it. Mean I don't I don't I don't I try to remove politics in. By it's certainly possible that I'm on I'll leave it there. And I'll just say it's tough to itself to not see that bias reading the first headline that you promoted yesterday reading and hearing would Brady AJ. And any reading that the transcript is Kirk talked about. Reading your headline makes it seem like you you had the agenda here to put this out and there was 88 bias against. The you raise the decision there or that thought initially by Brady to say screw politics is go to the white. Asia like from a day ago for two days ago is a Stephen Miller trial for the Sean Spicer job he is the cold dead eyes of the socio path. Much like curiosity like like that we. Now I know is that I I distributed and story that was the that was right after. OK in the Austin. No I think I think organ not AJ appreciate coming on like I said fall on the sword that's good we appreciate that a lot of guys don't have that accountability it takes some guts to do we do appreciate that thanks a lot. I talked ice agent. That was the AJ Perez interview with Kirk Mike and Alex Reimer from Wednesday morning here are we running their four in case you missed it and after listening at this hour that you probably did. A organs are your quick break we'll grab bag don't go anywhere late night with our senior Sports Radio W yet. And Red Sox Celtics in more let's get you back good Christian I can't. And Sports Radio WEEI. Thank you scored trillion WEP guys late night car came here with you for about thirty more minutes and phone number 6177797937. Texans 379373. Ticker for American. Not one quick thing on an interview adjust and a favorite and if it landed. Dan why he didn't want to say those things on the radio. Why he didn't wanna save his political affiliation is or any of those other things because he's in his right here he's a news reporter and the people who do their job better excuse me are expected to is now there's an expectation of objectivity. And I understand why you know a place like USA today awaited consider him less valuable if you were to go on the radio in the you know and admitted is the bias the only thing is. In the Twitter activity is way it. Brought that up. Is Twitter activity is public people sawed people re able to read it Curtis and ten I don't know of candid and tens. With a baby or is Curtis is somebody else I have no idea who actually dated the year Manning and here we are producers who what are your tweets and favorites and everything else and also some of those tweets. And favorites and read tweets or whatever were before he was a reporter but there's been planning of the recently in an at a point you know if you're only. Tweeting on one side and liking things on one side that's not necessarily a vocal endorsement but it's you know liking something that's what liking means unfortunately didn't when he seventeen. Now may not be is a full throated endorsement but it's certainly a it's certainly something. So he's so concerned about the objectivity for his job than. OK but then you also viewed as he can't leave section trail of bread crumbs there on Twitter either at the north. Why again this dream on green thing a second. Streamline green. As a podcast called straight day could name. But he said some crazy on it that I will get two and a second but first though at stake. All callers 617. 7797937. Shots in the guard Jacque. Cushion this is the best. Shall today vital for people like me you know work. You know afternoon into the evening when you got to work at one point great recap and rich hosting and relaying all the topics to us it's it's a real it's real boon to beyond it looks sports fan and I wanna thank you and it didn't appreciate your. Shot I appreciate you saying that thanks very much. Yet beyond you know that the thing about AJ. There's a tidal wave. Triple a lot and implement it one. They're but they're been scorer they have been. And editor of vibe about almost on whether it was spike. Or deflected. And there was nothing in this time around was actually not. So now liberal media and liberal sports media. You know there's going to try to pay. Bought that race is now. In fact on here Saturday night there was a whole panel. That debated whether or not bought it is racist. You know what actually saw that the Celtics game on here in the studio I saw that I couldn't hear what they're saying but I did see that with the you know they were shown shot Philly Haymarket and stuff like that bounced around what do they say do what it was two cents. Probable and sound economy case you like me yes it's it's what boasting that it like it not been well nobody did anything wrong you know allegedly bit rot. Oh well let's just pick and direct. And it's not a. Well it's discussion I mean I think Boston has it has a history shine you know the history isn't in Boston in its. There are a long ago. You know but I think riots were in the in early. Your phone's breaking up family to go buy it listen I'm I'm not hang up on him because I think you're wrong I just the united I I didn't hear what they sat on the show. It's a it's a discussion topic of course it. Was Cedric Maxwell. I think Draper. The TV producer of Felger in man as who's name escapes me at the moment. Act. And another guy I don't I don't know his four African American guy. And the topic of the discussion it was a Black History Month segment or show I'd I didn't I hat on as there was pain super close attention was on the background McCain hearing things up. But I did see that and ended discussion was his boss and erase a city. And I don't I don't know what they said so I can't comment on and any further I got it on you know I got an home. I'll probably watch when I get Ohman and she with the conversation was like is it's an interesting conversation if you grew up in Boston. You know in his 70s80s. Ninety's. If you saw some things I mean there were these things happen it wasn't it's not it's not completely ridiculous dude. In and this conversations phone 2017 and talk about the city's reputation now. It's silly to me when people talk about Atlanta lake Georgia is this bastion of tolerance and that we should all you know trying to be more like damn when you know. Donald Trump on the state of Georgia by 300000 vote. He didn't win a single county in Massachusetts and Ian when a single state New England so what do we really talking about here. And you know the liberal sports media there's there's a liberal lean and certain you know certain outlets I would say share. But I mean as fox sports liberal sports media is you know. CBS sports the incident on the liberal sports media ESPN has a lot of talking hasn't commentators who. You know sort of drop these bombs lately and got us all riled up and talking about which I think was probably what they were intending that it. You can tell there weren't intending to have a conversation about a rate. If they weren't there would have been they didn't wanna I wanna conversation on it come on any shows here. They don't wanna have anybody from here on on our shows to discuss this. And you know maybe it doesn't make a lot of sense did invite white guy from Boston to come on your show and talk about Boston's races or not. But then don't so liars you know get somebody out they didn't wanna have that conversation orange didn't. I think they were just interest didn't you know asserted dropping these little drop in these little bombs around dropping this chum in the water and and getting people around this area talk about to vote otherwise you know. No one's listen ESPN radio around here we know that. And that's not a day goes the fact. Chris Curtis or when he worked that he is Ian added the united spent a lot of time trying to figure out added that'd. Boston as market and it's tough there's two stations here AD that have huge following. We're very sort you know tribal around here when it comes to our teams going cares about college football or college basketball. And on the offense the college football college basketball. What every that it it's true though. And oh by the way in you got some pretty compelling stories and in teams around here. It's it's the greens are pretty interesting narrative. When the patriots the Red Sox and Bruins this week is Celtics what they're doing I mean there's a there's some talk about every day for me is on the talk about every night. And ESPN went all in for these you know SEC contracts and these other things and they get roads. Some say it's worked out forms some don't know they're having trouble with those and some subscribers. Cut the core but I don't think that's necessarily any as BN problem I think that's just people in general cutting the core I gave. You know he was out that's why everyone's leaving ESPN because. You know well say these things about Boston in the dead and that's not pumping that's really it. And that's the sign of sort of a greater migration away from conventional cable and you know what I count again. I get why people are doing it. But I don't necessarily think ESPN has to worry about pleasing the people boss thinner. You know anything like that to keep subscribers or for that floated out there are few times are really buy that. One thing I wanted to touch on here before we go to break dream on green thumb has a in this assertive in that same day and I guess. As a podcast called the Dre day podcast. And on the podcast he said that James Dolan in the Charles Oakley thing operated with a slave master mentality. By taking issue with Charles opens criticism after the organization benefited from his contributions as a player. Green said. You do it for me it's all good you do when it against me speaking out against fired his nation is not good anymore that's a slave mentality a slave master mentality. That's ridiculous. It was all fine and dandy when he was laying people out seeking fines and all the stuff for your organization but now all of a sudden when he says something that he feels it's a problem. Green added that the organization's handling of Oakley and Phil Jackson's criticism or Carmelo Anthony will impact the club and free agency. You simulate what's going on now with a mellow situation in the organization and now I do allegedly Charles Oakley I don't know a free agent or wanna go there I don't know someone who would really wanna go there. Couple things here. Number one. Dream on greens entitled to his opinion. Get that out there first and foremost number two. What is he talking about. I know that they loved Charles Oakley over their New York. But I mean. You know this guy a clearly. Maybe maybe there's this situation was mishandled a little bit. Buy it. I refuse to believe the Charles Oakley was sitting there quietly minding his own business and suddenly got surrounded by ten security guards. There's been conflicting stories and I don't think we've actually heard announced. The real one yet. But I mean what Charles Oakley. Charles Oakley doesn't work for the team. Charles Oakley didn't only play for the next. You play for the knicks for ten years that wasn't the team the draft and a replay for the bulls before that he played for the raptors after that he went back to the bulls left again went to the wizards and the rockets and then said he wanted to come back complain when he was in his forties and he never did. He became an assistant coach for the bobcats in 2010. And then 2011 is back hurt he said I don't wanna be coach anymore. In 2011. Charles Oakley filed a lawsuit against the casino in Las Vegas alleging a group assault by five security guards sound familiar. Employed by the casino. He Charles Oakley sure seems to get assaulted by a security a lot doesn't it. I hate when that happens over and over again don't you. Sitting there minding your own business just being Charles Oakley all the sudden. Six security guards surround you own fortune to the ground but he you know just. And they're trying to live your life. And I mean. So Charles Oakley doesn't like the way the mixture operating what so why. The next half did make him the GM now he gets to make personnel decisions. Does every ex player from every team get to do this like wet you know they what exactly to the knicks owner Charles Oakley here. He's saying all these things about him he's not part of the team anymore. Yes I'm a part of the demon. A long time sixteen years. He's played another team's sense that he was drafted by another team before. They'll always be remembered isn't Nikki or shirk. Boy gimme a break. So they have the white do listen to what he says isn't what he thinks about the team who gives a rat's ass what Charles Oakley things about this current state of the New York Knicks. Why should that be something James Dolan need to dig seriously. And that's clearly girl who was upset about it couldn't get any face time with them and you know he's criticizing Dolan and he had zany doesn't like the way things are gut who cares what Charles thinks. What does that matter. You know the Celtics sit around wondering would dealer Roger thinks about this season all. I did the garage Charles Oakley but I mean come on Antoine Walker. In long marker was very popular Boston I don't care what Antoine Walker things about the Celtics the and if for some reason Antoine Walker. Or even Kevin Garnett. Let's take Kevin Garnett. Who wins. At times the player Charles Oakley was by the way. And also played in another place before and after he was in Bosnia. If Kevin Garnett started criticizing Danny Ainge. And Brad Stevens. And say they're doing this wrong in this Ron in this wrong what they have to change because Kevin Garnett said so. And when he's clearly making a scene that is at the arena they have to just get our hands up he's a legend. And now you're saying that's like a slave master organization how how is that. That I'm sorry I cannot I do not understand how you get. Listen James Dolan a lot of things. Okay most notably a terrible terrible front office and have an NBA executive. One of the worst ever. In any sport a guy. Slave master. Because he doesn't appreciate Charles Oakley ripping the knicks every chance he gets. That makes a misled what are you talking about. Well he played for the knicks and he did all these that salt. Every guy I ever played for the knicks nuggets to just say whatever they want no consequence. Please. And I you gotta kiss they're asked to like what it. Now Dolan says he can come back over resume and only gonna come back if you apologized publicly if Bob Dole and I'm same bleep you man you can't come back anymore. Apologize publicly they don't want apologized privately. The only did to appease the fans. Is the fans made such a big deal about it and I get why Oakley is one of those guys you know I mean that people have great memories of Charles Oakley no memory than have ever hoisting a and. BA championship trophy by the way. But great memories of him you know and slamming people down in the paint whatever and intimidating guys and thrown punches and so I'm not you know listen. This guy's 53 years old. He has nothing to do with the team professionally. He's just they're alive. And people are making him out to be the hero here. What what are we really talking about this guys had multiple run ins like fish. You know I have fond memories of Charles Oakley to. Bright unbelievably here. It's almost like I think James Dolan might be the they'd be the guy getting painted in correctly as the bad guy in this. What's so we don't. When either. In what T you know expecting the TARP would Dolan about the team for. What does he have to do with any of that. He'd probably be better at the job and Dolan is. Whether it's not the way the world works. No one guys the older one guy's a guy who played their for a while. Quick break come back to wrap things up next here on late night. These these Christian art can come on Sports Radio WEEI. And now. Time for the movie. Yeah night. No mother. I don't know sports week in the coming week. Anyone who disagrees is wrong but that's right. All right time the late night low life. Comes to us from other world of baseball as a story out of thing ever talked about today but it trials going under way in Miami for Asian Bartolo Hernandez and a trainer named Julio Estrada were accused of participating. In smuggling operations that brought a bunch of Cuban baseball players into America Fernandez represents over a dozen Cuban players including Leo as Martina. Who filed a civil suit in 2012 against the guys who smuggle them out of Cuba and when he and the and then held him captive in Mexico for six months. The charges involve kidnapping. Also. Inducing unauthorized entry into the United States. Scored in the AP report the players documents contain suspicious similarities outlandish employment records. For example all of them put down the same O positive blood type it was at the same home address. In their adopted country in order to establish residency. They claimed to have what appeared to be phantom jobs such as auto mechanic welder even an area supervisor. At a Cancun Mexico water sports business. Sounds like they talked to a better call Saul. After looking into the players documents prior to the trial Treasury Department investigator Timothy Smith said there appeared to be too many similarities for it to be legitimate. Jorge drone who signed with the Red Sox in 2010 for 350000. Dollars over a third of which. Was paid to the smuggling operation confirmed in his testimony. That he never worked as an independent tin Smith because papers claimed it was a joke among us for Droughns said. Current Dodgers minor leaguer Ryan. Who has been a 170000 dollars of his 450000. Dollar contract he signed 2010 through the smugglers including 5% the Hernandez. Said through an interpreter that many of the documents he was shown were an English only. They told me to sign and I signed. Players with false documents should have been suspended from baseball for a year in US district judge Kathleen Williams seemed unconvinced that MLB and the US government. Were fooled by their fraudulent papers. Judge says everybody seems to know about all of this doesn't seem to have deterred those folks from being able to play. To me the subtext was whether or not it was bogus was not my concern. Dad's been talked to Leodis Martins attorney. Before the start of the trial he said that MLB giving conducting their own internal investigation of which thousands and thousands of pages of documents have been subpoenaed. Jose Abreu and you want assessment as to be possible witnesses is going to be a big story so we'll keep you updated on it here on late night that's my time Ben Charleston great job my friend way to go. We'll see you next Wednesday our callers techsters Twitter followers a be back tomorrow night at 10 PM may be admiral be feeling better by then I sure hope so. Have a great night everybody later.

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