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Late Night with Christian Arcand Hr 3- Is It Time to Sell High on Marcus Smart 02-16-17

Feb 16, 2017|

In the third hour Christian talks about is it time to trade Marcus Smart after his past few weeks of great play. Christian also talks more about which actors could be cast for the Patriots movies. Christian is also looking to start his own 24 the TV show podcast recapping each episode.

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Late night with Christian arcade on Sports Radio. Would that tee winds down Christina art can winds up with the Sox pats decency stocks it's kitty goalies with. Talk a lot like Christian market but we're gonna get we're here. Everybody has worked pretty good WEEI is massive stroke of midnight here on late night I'm your host Christian are canned. Volatile throughout the morning nowhere admiral unfortunately called in sick and happened just you and me and I. Or brighten studio's high atop the man's turn right here thanks for staying up with me I appreciated darkened celtics' big win for them. We're talking about the patriots don't fall Hollywood get into the Bruins in the cloud Julian contract with Montreal here in a little bit. And they your phone calls on whatever you feel like talking about it's 61777979837%. Of the beginning of the show that we get to a little Red Sox were probably do that later on. And also the AJ Perez interview from this morning with Kirk Mike and Alex Roemer which was very eager to run that for you little bit later in the show as well. Quick thought on the Celtics. As we get closer and closer to the trade deadline we spent a lot of time in the first couple hours you're talking about possible. Trade partners possible players to bring in players you would be OK with losing all of those sorts of things. I have one question opposed do you hear the first question of the day. Since it's now Thursday. We all agree that market Smart is playing out of his minor. It seems like overnight almost he just developed a much better shooting touch he's competent. Had taken jump shots now is confident from behind the three point line. He was always confident it was never that the case is what good he couldn't do. But now you read in the is it. Are much improved. Looking jump shot and effective jump ship. In his ability to get to the baskets always sort of been their he has been a great finishers the much better with that too it. I love everything I'm seeing from Marcus Smart. And the defensive in the energy in the rebound all the rest of that that's all still there that never went anymore. Question is that. The hold on a Marcus Martin's she would you got. See if this is permanency of this is what he's gonna be here if he's gonna build off this and continue to improve as a player here in here in Boston or. Is now the time. The trade him. The sell high. Or in selling high would you be letting a potential. I want to say superstar would start small potential all star are you letting go a potential all start. Look at the ways plate lately and it's hard to say now. Well mark is Smart does on the court bid shows up on the stage feature. At eight steals tonight very efficient shooting the ball. Plays great defense. Good rebounding guard. And underrated passer too I think. Good ball and the Ernie does a lot of things well the only thing that was really missing was a jump shot nets spent nearly. So the question is this. Is Marcus Smart guys that you want as you wanna hold on to win in NC we you got. Hers Marcus smarty quintessential sell high guy. Deadlines coming up this is a it's a decision that is gonna have to be made here by Danny Ainge. So I challenge you out there listening tonight to put on your GM cap. And tell me what you do with Marcus mark. Do I guarantee you their teams out there that are watching when he's doing and we're gonna be receptive when Danny Ainge calls up ask inferred whoever the hell he's asking for. Are gonna say your let's talk anyway let's start number 36. I like the draft pick and Alec 36. We're going there are going make this happen. And Danny's gonna have to decide. Is gonna have to decide if if he believes in and Marcus martyr of you know this is just those brief flash from a guy who is not really this kind of player in his plane overs had. And this is not gonna do this all your. It's important to remember. Just our young Marcus march though as he's 42 years Ole. People talk about him like he's a grizzled veteran is is his third year in the league he's 22 years at all. And yet he didn't burst onto the scene and you know start off as this great scorer and he wasn't anticipated to be no one thought that's what he was going to be. But it's if you if you're ignoring what he's been doing lately than year you're really missing out. He's not the electric score that Isiah thomas'. But lately he's been an electric player and that's that's a fact. Only averaging about ten points for a half rebounds. Partners are four rebounds four campuses per. But when you when you watch him out there he's a difference maker. And he's big. Strong he can do a lot of different things. He's 22 years old which is important remember years we as we discussed this guy to people talk about when he's 26 he's not. What do you do with Marcus mark. If the right deals there I think you move on but the right deal I think would have to be some really good. I don't move markets Smart for a guy like Tyson Chandler you know discount big man now I hold on norm if that's the case. If we're talking about Jimmy Butler Carmelo Anthony here you know someone someone along those lines of wings score which I think is still pretty pie in the sky. Yet and then you have the discussion you know wanna get ripped off B you can you can talk about it you talk about Smart. What do you do with the U wanna hear do you believe in them. The big question that's the number one question on my mind right now with distinct. Anti mine Avery Bradley is coming back a week from Friday supposedly. So all that on the table here tonight 6177797937. As your phone number give back to your phone calls your Phyllis and Hampton. With a thought on the Brady movie what's up so. Yeah I am I going on. Now by checking a couple of thought I want to get. Out our spot or. Are acting. You want to cut cap and we got our our. Kevin Spacey is bella checking program mommy mommy process that way you keep going who welter. And accurately and look at our. It brought. But it's probably true it's like go out there and run a flight pattern. Backward and you don't probably pretty. Good but there aren't many other work would not I would not. All I yards in our you know. Yeah I guess but you know that if that's what you need then you hire him live work on the movie don't hire the star in it but yeah Idec. I spotted the Mossad plot then go you know I I don't wanna get read a lot like a pocket either. We regret we become expendable because parking spot at the lockdown. And the potential for BL a lot about it. So what I would Wear a topic world I would do. It got to try to go Orleans not the Mike equity in their. You know I bet that Rio. At any record of epic and there's a lot why because after that are not the score you have to be out. The thing that we element that we ought. To compliment I got a common and that got market smock and black belt beyond the perimeter necktie look at how the live out of a liability. That we go and adapt. Outlook our Barbara I've been number three post so suddenly I vehicle bump and bad that pretty formidable Baltic at that occurred what went right. Yes he's 22 actually I think and yeah now he is and he's making a lot of money they have they have as bird rates over there in the in New Orleans and that's important that it. Two guys is they can get paid more and you know a guy like him. I'm sure he'd probably like to get out of that situation because the team they have around them is terrible but if I'm New Orleans I don't let him go for anything. You know I wanna give me all these draft picks no way no draft he's going to be as good president. It's Oca I was talking a review announcements. If you propose that the majority Eckerd and you don't like in neighboring Bradley. You know not articulate them outgunned. Could potentially give them apple corps and just don't think around one pilot pilot Joseph. Good right now it up junk that I am not been bet that that really. Any pin but I deputy ticker. I agree with you but they have Anthony Davis signed records when he fell fell fell they have Anthony Davis signed through 22 when he won the point when he wants he's an am sign for five more seasons OK I know are not yet it is and that's great if the salvaging dead and heavy find what I mean by that is. They have five more seasons to put a team around him before he wants to do before he did you know contractually to get the hell out of there. He's not restrict the freeagent point one want. Okay that's. Five seasons from now. Including this one so for an freely. They're not gonna trade him and now. At age 23 when he's put up these crazy numbers just as the team around them no good. Delta air now what they have there and Tryon and try and put a team around and they're not gonna trade him for Avery Bradley a couple of draft picks no way. I mean I'd love and obviously who wouldn't but there's no way. Nick is in Cape Cod in a. There Christian a lot going on here on the turn dark past a first lord of the greatest travesty in the Hollywood is that Sheen happened retired. In his last movie was welcomed the moves Portland graver. 00 god yeah are they ran against each other and for congress or something here for like mayor of the town owners on the. Well what do one of the best actors multimillion hired now. I got Robert do ball playing dollar check in in the movie if she's well that and I'll oil and there is chamber here are rear admiral is under don't ask me about it are you ought to use its okay firemen and the first place. Still. When does that ever happen and it. Sport I don't I don't understand that and finally come Marcus Smart I think see him as like dubbed better Bruce Bowen you know remember him back in the day. Gotta give up on him or personal those. A big part of their dynasty. Yeah he was a good role player on a good team he was a very good defensive assertive stopper in the you know dirty little rat player on on very good San Antonio team yet it's true about a ball and I think all inserted his ceiling in Boston I think it's about as good as he was going to be here but you put him on a team like that he really a was a big part of those to injure it. Nancy Margaret Smart has been a better player than he was in diving associates definitely hang onto him and I. I can't wait to see whenever Bradley comes back and his team is going to be all the gonna beat. LeBron and Cleveland but it global shame that you will be a great series and they make it there. Yeah they would it would certainly be one that would get a lot of attention nick thanks for the call. LeBron against the Celtics around here mean two years ago it was kind of lands of the slaughter. This year you know some might say it still is. I don't know if I'd say slaughter I think that you know if they played Cleveland our playoff series they could maybe make it a six game series maybe. Not like Cleveland is you know so full of do that was a thing about Atlanta as it is at these big guys. And there Horford and Millsap been. Couple of those wing guys as big wing dudes who were just you know always in the middle on always. Knock in Isaiah down and don't call fouls in the playoffs like they do in the regular season because the other night made that point I've made that point before true. And when you talk about why the Celtics may not be a great regular season team that's a big part Arab post season team that's a big part of they're great. Very great. Regular season team and they have banned for two straight years. Last year there were a very exciting regular season team that in the end of end up in a four way tie now at the end of the year. But that was a really exciting regular season last year those games against Golden State in Cleveland and you know just exciting. The reeling basketball from a team that you really enjoyed watching. And you never quite understood how they were doing if they were doing it. This year you understand how they're doing it they're they're not you know they're not winning these games by the seat of their pants anymore. They're beaten the teams are supposed to be they have a full on superstar there'd be bring in a ball up. They have a guy and Horford who is good at what he does and did caller earlier said he's a stiff he's not a staff. He's not Anthony Davis but he certainly knows that. Now he runs a great pick and are always got a good jump shot is good pastor does a lot of things very well. I enjoy Al Horford game. But this team is still incomplete to me. It's incomplete in terms of what makes a great playoff team they just don't have. They can get it and they don't have. 6177797937. As your phone number 37937. And amber on tech's quick break we'll grab bag after this don't go anywhere click on Sports Radio W media. 61777979837. At your phone number of years late night in this Sports Radio WEEI MR against. President you whether you're. My Texan of the show it's 379837. You wanna tweet me it's at Christian Archie and I just got a good tweet now lost that I hear is from. Danga. Dagger for dagger on Twitter. Bill Belichick Kevin Spacey. Andelman wall bird and I don't know about that. Bruschi the rock. Not bad Brady upper east husband whose name is Josh do you bell. And I should know that name off the top in my head because Mike Adams Adam unlike every night offered three straight weeks when that speaks in movie came irate. He stayed loved them yeah I had strangers on a Red Sox broadcaster a couple of times so. Image is big trading you know Fergie stories. I was good stuff ocean Porsche find that audio went him always in there and just the whale was as don't know what it's like to be married to Fergie goes that was good stuff. Every once in awhile to dig Leon just smacked in the face with some pop pop culture reference and you're just like Walt. Let's see what else Brady just you know ground John Sina. Damp bunker. And Anthony Hopkins is Bob Kraft and that is that is a good call right there. Hopkins could mean Hopkins who play anybody beat you definitely like graph I get CNET. And video person who called in before and said that Belichick should be played by Robert Duvall Robert Duvall as 86 years hopeful. And I didn't realize how old he weighs 86 freaking years old could indeed Dick plea Jonathan Kraft. Hoping. Andy Dick is it fine actor but he couldn't I'm ready to do it. I mean you have to really get in and get into the character in. A Andy Dick while I was the name I haven't heard awhile. What to Andy Dick up there was this though is electric. He's like yeah I think he is. I'm Dicky is either earth pharmacy Andy Dick's name in the news it's something negative last time I saw me was the BJ instructor and now old school they at the last thing Osama. Right that was camera and yet an additional wives out of him. Work at the thing down club and her version. They have too much candy Dick cents a speaker come back for him. Someone on the tax board's day she get the kid who played doctor drain a player in the must good luck with that he's the new Jack Bauer and by the way that show the new 24. Awesome just as ridiculous and far fetched as any other season a 24 but I'm enjoying the hell out of it it's good. It's gonna need to wait for back in my life I needed big clock to tick down before and after the commercials. I need someone on the phone explaining that if I don't do what I'm doing right now a lot of people are gonna die today and cops and you know. Government agencies and everybody just accepting that at face value I need that I need that back in my life I don't know why just needed. When he for his a show that I why I've seen every single second of the show 24. I have not missed a scene of that show. I can do a whole you know like. New website onto a 24 podcast I was what 24 shore recap podcast. I will happily do that every Tuesday. When it's our bottle on the phone the 25 hour the 25 how it. Happening tonight. You know people's not much going on this week there's things happening right here in this room. Creativity just coursing through these airwaves also at or Michael B Jordan hat in the ring for rainy months Alia you Asher. The you know Michael B Jordan is a leading man now that you think he'd play like. Far supporting character and story Tom Brady. I think Michael B Jordan likes the roles where it's like physical he's going to be cheaper yeah I'm Dan seems or. Think that commercial with him and Kobe was pretty funny. Or is like so this is what I'm young before I get really old and jaded and nothing Kobe that Vonage got a metro does funny that was the good Kobe commercial. And that Jordan was funny and that a 61777979837. To your phone number 37937. Asian number on text. Let's go to Scott in Philadelphia with the thought on the Celtics say Scott. And I'll awarded to ask you. What you thought about possibly in the trade Paul George and what you need to take into. What would it take to get Paul George. It's probably more than I think he's worth Scott honestly and I that a lot of people call and ask me about Paul George I'm down on him this year. I'm not even sure he's a top twenty player in the league anymore. I would do outlook on. But I definitely was wondering what you player and I'm thinking that probably that knee injury he had a couple of years old colonel what. Drifted into. Or is it down. Yeah meanwhile I was there wasn't any raises new uses for almost snapped off and then world basketball term whatever that thing already done yeah I mean now is an I was gruesome and at that listen. It's amazing that he came back to play at all. But after that in Al last year he was. It is OK you know 23 points a game that's a little bit down this year is a rebound totals are down from last year's assist totals are down everything's down like he's. He's he's not. I don't know I just I like him I think he's good player he's 26 years old he's in his prime. He's just not the same guy if he was the same guy at C Asher do whatever it takes but now I still feel like the pacers will treat him like he got the got to. Really down open it up for a list their trend is start over rebuild I doubted if they are don't think they do without Paul George. I don't know I just I I don't think that's a good fit. I. Think Scott. Doesn't make sense for them. Paul George you know it it doesn't make sense this it it makes sense on some levels for the Celtics. While George does represent that secondary scorer he's a big guy 69 mean uses these are good player so argue isn't. And if the price is right I'd say yes sure go got to not a question. Have him out dairy be. Fight it would be fighting for minutes but it would take away some Jae Crowder and probably maybe more like Amir Johnson as it would take away which will be OK with. But George this year is not picker and and it's not his fault I mean you'd stamp your foot off at the that the ankle on and what team would expect but I don't know. I just feel like trading for a guy who is who's trending downwards nine. Maybe it changes seen aerial dude some form but I just feel like it's more a question of his of his health than. Indian sort of that explosively burden and slasher that he was in. I don't know I don't know if he's gonna be that again. And it's a shame though. Because she was really on cases to be one of the stars in the league I think before that happened. I card cause it texted texted and so are your wrong is the numbers are all up his numbers aren't out. All of his numbers are down points per game down now pile up it's down assists are down rebounds are down. His field goal percentage is better and is three point percentage is better but it. In if all those things are better than you think is scoring would go up. Not. I think that's a in that's a tricky one. If the pacers are looking to rebuild and wanna sort of blowing up in and start over and you know move on from Paul George who's. And clearly their breast player than yet you you do you talked to him but. I think you would I think it would via high asking price and I think that Danny's kinda stay away from those thank you staying away from trades like that where he thinks that. You know bringing a guy like Jordan would certainly improve the team no one saying it wouldn't it would absolutely improve the team and if the price is right I would do it every single time I just don't think depression era. And around I don't know adjusted doesn't that doesn't compute in my mind. I wish it didn't. 6177797937. Your phone number 37937. Your number on text I will allow re ask the question from the first segment. Got some interesting responses context about this and feel free calling with what you think mark is Smart. What you don't. Is mark a Smart guy the you have to the have to see through here in the and find out what he is in and believe that what we've seen here over the last couple weeks is. What he's going to be. Or do you sell high and a guy in his third she's 122 years old who was who'd been on top ten draft pick in point fourteen. And who finally seems to be figure in the game out a little bit after the game he said this is the most comfortable he's felt in a Celtics uniform since he's gotten here. And I don't think that's just you know jive I don't think he's just saying things just the same I think he believes that. You can see it on the floor he believes and so he's always sort of believe in himself that was never confidence is never from the Smart. It just wasn't you know wasn't quite there yet. Offensively. Now you know it seems like it is. In his last five games she's you know averaging about fifteen points per. At 21 tonight on seven of eleven shooting he had nineteen against Dallas on six of eleven shooting. Eighteen against Portland on eight of thirteen shooting I mean. If this is if this is what he is now. Heard something closer to this. He's not gonna shoot 52% from the field from now on I mean that's. That's what he's been doing over the last like five or so games 52% from the field I'm not expecting that. And no one should expect that because that's ridiculous. But I mean we're talking about a guy now who end. Last three seasons his rookie year he thought he shot 36% from the field 34 a year after that and so far this year issued shooting 37%. And that's been steadily rising lately he's becoming much more efficient shooter. And really isn't at the one thing that was missing from his game isn't at the thing we've all been sort of you know waiting for him the figure out. And a 22 years old the really wanna sell high and a guy who. As a long career ahead of him barring you know barring any unforeseen. The only thing that's stopping me for saying hell no god know keep them you know. What's he would decision. Is the fact that Avery Bradley is coming back in a week. In this team and as good as much as I like Smart he'd got have to make some decisions here. In this team afford to go forward in and play out the rest of this season. Fielding a roster. That has Isiah Thomas Marcus Smart. Avery Bradley. Terry rosier. And whom I missed in James Young. Five guys. All sort of at the same spot. Thomas Bradley Smart. Rosier. And young. Five guys for two response. You can't have that many guards and expect them all passes you know be able to contribute if it. Playoffs come around you know what happens these benches. Are missing James Young artist Carrie Lee might heroes here. Probably not that much. If Bradley and smarter both healthy. As it is not coming off the floor. As is going to be on the four all time unless they go with a really small lineup which again I mean we're talking really small. If you time those two guys plus another guard on the on the court. A fast for your small that was the problem last year there were too small be a pushed around. Thomas Bradley. Smart. Rosier. And young. Ended throwing Gerald Green to annoys more with three to thrown in there too that's 66. Guys six ones and twos there. Guys you move around you can't do they can't have that. It's too many it's just that it's unbalanced you can't that they can't be the case. You gotta get someone in here who's gonna is get more rebounds Avery Bradley. You know that's what you need Avery Bradley is still lay hasn't played since January 6 and he still leading this team's six point nine rebounds per game. You know I mean wet. Or fridge right behind him six point seven but he still hasn't quite eclipsed the you know. Round mound of rebound there Avery Bradley. Yes six pretty good guards one great one. And five pretty good once. And you got one good forward you know one. Night in night out reliable member your front court. That's that's a pretty simple fix to rewrite their. Would you like to get that wing scorer who can you know be there in the playoffs and take the opera is a yea you'd like that sure. I'd also like you know labor Dini. Just go back and watch. The Celtics ever. Really get to make those deals. Yet to make those deals on all the stars and planets align perfectly like they did for Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett and all that. And then they have in the realign again and couple years later when they traded all those guys listed to Brooklyn but that wasn't because of the stars in the planet says because pro growth was an 88. And agreed to just a crippling trade. That is now made them a laughing stock of the NBA while the Celtics being around. Considering what they were able to swing for that. I say him and put together great rebuilt and I wasn't even really much or rebuilt. The only really had that one down year. You wanna call us or rebuild that's fine they rebuilt on the fly. This current incarnation of the Celtics right now really got created and point fifteenth. Two seasons ago and had Jameer Nelson Nelson and Tayshaun Prince and all those guys come through town. That was what this incarnation when that's when Isiah Thomas got here as a trader Rondo and Jeff Green and they may like when he trades that here. And when all the dust settled yet Isiah Thomas and and around Bradley was still around and gurus came over in the Rondo trade all these other guys and in on the one really knew what to make of it. And now here we are two years later competing for the top seed in the Eastern Conference it's been great listen I'm not I'm not should despite what callers detection may think I'm not trying to get on Danny Ainge his case here. I think what he's done has been impressive. To be a lot more impressive to get out of that first round and so far he hasn't been able to feel the team they can do that yet and I'm not quite convinced that this team is that team in either. I need to see rebellion against some better competition which will be seeing here in the next couple weeks. Via Cleveland Toronto Golden State punter did clippers coming up that's going to be. That's going to be tough. And we'll see what this team looks like when they're faced with a real old you know major challenge. And a team that you know is is he. Worthy of being in rounded the team that they can be if they beat them they'll be worthy of or a playoff series maybe. And I know that one game in the regular season is not a playoff series make. But it. That's what I need to say. I need to see him do it against more some more teams and I need to see something happen here with this front court. It can't go on like this. It just can't too much is being asked of Al Horford and it's not his game underneath that way just isn't. Part of his game but it's not in I need to we need someone in there and that's just their whole game and they're better at than Amir Johnson that's of this team needs. And that's not the only thing Cheney but I think it's the most realistic thing that they can get. In the next couple weeks of the deadlocked. 6177797937. Your phone number 37937. On tech's quick break we're back. If he does is going. Your decision to make the team better. I'm fine with the guys we have now. I'd say it's common stock in the name that post game. Talk about his game. As daylight is seen. But I wonder if you did. I have a off the record conversation with the Isaiah what he would want amnesty. Is you know your members only analyze the united remembers all that went. And I'm sure you learn from it and I'm sure that this year no matter who they who they and the drawing in the first round Isiah is not gonna let them just beat them up in the in the paint anymore. By. What is it that you think a guy like him want one now this isn't a situation like you know in Cleveland where LeBron and complains and they do you know get him Kyle Korver for his birthday. In Isaiah Thomas is in making demands or anything like that with so little bit of that this year. Early on when he got banks and you start him out as minutes inserted got a little deviation there little bit. But that was over with very quickly. And you haven't seen any of that sense that the only thing not to like about Isiah Thomas is affect the sister friend Floyd Mayweather which is tough to get past but now. It's not the only thing that the only athlete and down with friends that aren't super popular right now in this region which is put it that way. And I've you know I've tried it's hard for me to really. Get that worked up about it. Isiah Thomas gets you know accused of the things Floyd money Mayweather is accused of then I'll do you know them talk about that being friends with somebody knowledge somebody. And that that's the only thing. Other than that it's tough not the law of Isiah Thomas really is. I think I read somewhere that if PS 34 points tomorrow if he scores 34 points or more. He will officially be averaging over thirty points again. Just think about that. About this guy we picked up in a tree and throw away asserted you know bring him and move him out let's say a rawhide kind of trade. For Marcus store and pick. And now this guys averaging thirty points again. I some people there don't care about who cares you wanna win championships not when scoring titles okay great. But just you can pause and still appreciate the fact here that Isiah Thomas this guy. Who not much was expected from. Any minute the end of last year I don't think anyone expected him to do this. Thirty points a game. Averaging over ten points a game in the fourth third and ten points in the fourth quarter. Which is something no one in the NBA is done in any quarter in twenty years. The special season we're seeing. And forget. Nice view there's a lot of fans in the NBA right now. Or watching there are teams maybe not the teams do special things there watching special players and a lot of special players all throughout the week. Oklahoma City and other teams aren't going anywhere but Russell Westbrook put asses in those seats. James Harden is putting asses in the seats in Houston. John Wall and beyond Washington. LeBron in Cleveland you know Golden State obviously San Antonio obviously. Now people are coming out to see Anthony Davis I bank and maybe. They should be. Utah's having a resurgence I mean there's there's a lot going on people sort lament about the MBA at the knicks are good anymore in the bulls aren't that great in the sixers and you'll lose all these Margaret the mavericks aren't that good this year. And our god how's the NBA gonna recover without these big media markets all being satisfied by having a great NBA team you know I don't I don't really buy that anymore. First of all the knicks are still interest thing with the whole Charles Oakley thing which is sad but it's true there's Thorman news. So the fact that they're not good does it really matters a lot is people are still talking about a and you know if you put if you put the fan on. In a flip on the W that's all haven't talked about for about four straight days. What else they gonna talk about. The jets. It. Target about you know what's Gary Sanchez gonna do in his second year New York,. New York sports banner and a fan of the mix. Of the jets. The Brooklyn nets. The Buffalo Bills I know is not New York City but it's still only York's vote counts. Islanders the islanders. That conductors who we're getting evicted from their second straight venue. I mean my god. The only team worth a damn and that whole city is the giants that it. Every other team is a whole dumpster fire. In the whole freaking state and they got all these teams. Oh it's glorious. It's really glories. Go to off. Are we ever talked to Corey acorn. Murray. I don't know what's up glory not bought second question or shoot. What do you make Coca-Cola. Markets mine next here are out there. Next year not this year next year next year's Brooklyn Decker. Aren't so expert our exit market oh. I'll sell their own date not the one not the ones and our admiral Eric Errol. Smart. Their pick next year or two probably be in the is you know high twenties for Okafor arm. You know what. Intensity Corey lessened if if they call that offered that I don't know what dangers thank you but I certainly consider it. Is greatest markets Mars I'm playing right now I you know the only thing is though with Okafor. I don't know what happened to own this year we always do think it was a bit of a knucklehead here we have another you know 22 year old guy. Who last year looked like he was. And rookie of the year type status with these other big man went into any towns you would just as good as any of them were seeing a slate. You know that was a that was a good draft last year and you think he was as good as any of those guys. And now this year you can barely stay on the floor he's not getting any rebounds he's not good defensively he's not score points and more it's it's almost like you know. I consider it because the needs of the need is and the players deposition by eight. Mark is Smart you know lately this year those guys are going in very different directions markets Smart is going up in Okafor is going down. You're you're a big men. Or rock yeah. Market wider or art audio admire. The Greta will it relate to the markets market. Why are we don't watch them lately glory. But he. Should start by. Audit. Last ten games he's shooting about 50% from the field. From three par whatever I mean the fact he's shooting 50% from the field at all that he shouldn't jump shots in the 30% from three point adds an improvement for him. You know this guy hey this guy was one of those couldn't buy a bucket guys for about two years. And now he's finally put it together and I know that makes it more valuable I know people around the league are looking at this in these last twelve games that they won eleven of he's been a huge part of that people are noticing. Yeah I guess that your committee. Earlier they wanted to. I know. That's why that's why I pause I mean let's Korea pause for about ten seconds when you propose that trade. I like I'd like Marcus Smart love what he's done lately. But as I said with Dan Greenberg the other night on Monday night or so listen is this is this is great we're seeing from him is great. But as what we're seeing from him now gonna make him the most tradable asset this team has outside of that traffic. I'd say yes. If that means. Denton a comprised Okafor though. Mean what's going on with him. They have. He was he was their main guy last year in deed was out all the the whole year now and beads out again. They have this ridiculous. Try numbering of big men and they can't get a mall on the court at the same time and there's always DNPs for these guys which. Is stupid because it hurts their trade value and wanna trade one of them in induce something but they just they can't get their act together not to mention Ben Simmons another big guy over there. Luckily for them. I say luckily with the around tongue in cheek here if he's out for the year. Although I read somewhere might wanna try and make a comeback this year but you shouldn't they shouldn't bother. God that team all these guys they drew have to get hurt. They make comebacks all once they'll play the same position I'm in what is this what is this process they're talking about Philadelphia. I'll tell you what does that team scrappy team. They don't win a lot of games but days they don't go to uneasy. They gave the Celtics a scare in this one and they're tough to us and talk kids and a team. Covington Alec Covington. Covington a good player. So our surrogate when he points eleven rebounds off the bench I mean they got some players on the team. Another guy another big man on the team. You got no well. Indeed and Okafor. Sarge. Ilyasova and company these freaking guys can you have they have more big guys in the suburbs have guards and the Celtics have all the guards. It would make so much sense for these teams who'd make it straight. But it also wouldn't hazard in division together. And when you trading division. If it is someone wins and someone loses and whoever loses didn't just lose but they help they aired the team in their division and that's a double whammy. I always happens that way. And based on recent events. In my mind right now. I feel like. And if the Celtics trader markets Smart for Joel local for the cell which will be losing their trade. Unfortunately it's in around. That may I know I'm maybe being a little too picky here but I think that's it's good to be had for Danny Ainge is going to be. We know that said Danny thinks about these things are trying to get around. Get his had a little bit which is difficult is you never really know what he's up though. But I don't know. Mark is Smart Celtics the Celtics picked up the Brooklyn pick. For Okafor him. Ominous day in. I'm gonna say is soft no. Soft snow on that point. But it's the most realistic thing I've heard all night. 61777979837. As your phone number quick break when we come back. AJ Perez of the USA today joined occurred mutt and Alec streamer yesterday morning. We will have that interview for you it was a pretty interest things don't go anywhere that's coming up next on late night.

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