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Hot Stove Show - Initial Spring Training Impressions

Feb 16, 2017|

Pete, Bradford, and Tomase are talking all about the Boston Red Sox, who opened spring training on Monday with pitchers and catchers reporting. They talk about what the Red Sox approach at the plate will be to replace the loss of David Ortiz bat, the impact of some players participating in the WBC, and of course the pitching rotation.

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Where we're. I don't know I. Coverage of the Red Sox off season jumper over your manager for throughout the seventy featuring WEEI dot com mastermind rob Bradford wrapped. Coach. That's my hope WEEI dot com columnist John Tomas look at. Sorry Red Sox studio host Mike my next week. Yeah I hot still will be struck. Who might 24 flyers. In my heritage plumbing and heating cooling electorate course that's probably the business failed attempt. Time for the hot still. Home of the Sox. Sports Radio. Welcome back if not the road. Show on this always day February feared the adjoining it's been shepherded them what their tonight for joining me all the way beautiful Fort Myers Moyer here it's a not so beautiful right now. From WEEI dot com as rod Bradford and Johnson mossy gentlemen good evening sorry for the rain. He we have a big picture here in the press box are you to make it seem like you're here I always love you look. Then absolutely. Absolutely so love what sold kind of crappy date on the today. I it was a gorgeous day until about two minutes ago and rob and I are trying to drive over here which points guys opened up. And we thought we were gonna get sucked into this much like Detroit minors you also. Coach. Carr and did you guys eat yet more were important down. We we we won we won a stay hungry all the way at that position I'll I'll celebrate an awesome awesome show. After. So yes absolutely we don't know a chain restaurants be. Allred you don't be up or down in top put their all together in that house and some resort cooking and delivering its own. That we'll be and in the union house 07. Yeah you we have one bit being in a loose coming in on Saturday so it was going to be awesome. But. Yeah we. You out of spring training IP I actually have nots all. I am not in them and injuries haven't had the privilege yet but it until today I'll be allowed ago. I would I would if there's always a spot for you that you we got broadcasting wanted to 38 yeah yeah. I. By the look the guy in the about the guys he'd be among the next flight obviously don't show it at the tank and Wallace are Hamas is the third man and at that there no doubt about it would be would be a blast would be a privilege. Work alongside Juli has been there but. Are underprivileged records stuff you guys so far from there as always and one to start with the headline David Ortiz who Red Sox plan. To bunt more to beat the shift and obviously be one of bunt for hits or some. It tells them but interesting that Beckham has surprised you guys joke broke that we said. Yeah I mean it goes against it done in the past that their approach to the shift is always been. Don't take the bat out of the hands of a guy that's being shifted as in the past it'll be David Ortiz or something like that but now teams shifting everybody. In shifting guys at the bottom of the order shifting people like Jackie Bradley there are shifting their own approached him and saying. Bunt for hits if they're gonna leave the area between third base second base empty the draw bunt down and get on base that's just it is. You know which you just need base runners that points I think it's the Smart way to look at 80 whip. Admit it now. Be honest there are obstructive Ortiz career wins virtually wastes shift. Is that blocked punt on all met many many times and I started Dylan I mean at the end a little errors started a little bit a little bit but what he was going badly 20092000. And and he couldn't it. Yeah especially after lefties. All this month that was a frightening that is to put that in that's eggs and you don't want. That goes with a lot of guys don't ya think beat the pride comes into under the show them. That I team this year shift on meet the unique meat on it that's more often than not. I was thought it was too but I never understood the idea of not just taking a free base it's like. We talked about Ortiz great ID add and how we block it wouldn't say it's pitches out of the zone. This is the same thing as basically they're handing new base idea to do this but the ball down somewhere that left the pitcher's mound in you're going to be safe. I don't understand why more teams haven't taken this I've. A talk show host and maybe even some coaches are skippers and record from wrong. Who say no if you blood during the shift it's not like that you know that's it's like a cool to do that denotes a mainly think it's a discipline is a written etiquette certain etiquette that you shouldn't do that's definitely. No I did against bunting against ship I mean bunting with a no hitter that kind of thing that gets into some weird stupid. Baseball on ball rolls well you get the announcers and they'll say all they do himself a favor you did by putting getting a guy on base as he ripped a single against the wall. Would you say he did himself a failed to the other team a favor now if that's the thing like let's not forget shifts generally take away singles. That's why you're shifting your shifting to take away singles they'll take away on runs and optically double so if you're giving them the single. I never understood PAS. One who I know loved the article on where you punter. I was not I bet in my in my great Little League babe Ruth's career usually our lead up I've got there for most of the time yes yes he be used baseball bat at the the coach art about once. Really odd that a I didn't mean Edmonton are. I don't opera. That I want you to do charged about it I did get out of game with because that bowled over the catcher home plate it was thirteen of fourteen is on the call me out to there was two rocket enormously. Into weaving and blocking applicable them over. That's I went in the dugout in the it was a little as nasty. Shots that I've got the cost us the game notch I'd that you could throw on the game in the dugout there too pumped a couple of bad bullet were just to remind Roma and that's what's on the front of Madison ever got that was in the world temper your two kids at sport went hockey basketball and every else but that particular day I was so passable play baseball. I felt totally screwed by the nineteen year old umpire I was thirteen I've never forgot it. Products like that's the now. Let's solve that that was. Not the group you see before you today are back over I have about that. But my point resident who I know that if you were called upon to bunt. That you could probably do you do the science got yet built the bat and not have it in covering the baton. All of this. Where we talk about these guys be able bought in. Can't even do it the major leaguers cannot on how was the worst one that was Jackie Bradley was pretty bad yet not yet but. Which is unbelievable the million per you know of those but Red Sox in general right and this is not this girl for decades they have never be conservative fundamentally sound. Bolting teen. You know teams like the Angels it's always struck out of the soldier ups who you go you go to watch them in the warm ups. They have the pitching machine count them out and they they're practicing but obviously part of their game. By your right there was guys up and down on this lineup who could not execute Aponte who is someone else besides Jackie Bradley. It was just terrific last Sydney Ohio it was basically they detonated bond with a good. Bye. It's it's crazy drives me nuts I would I remember I need to get back in the even in the seventies and eighties and besides Remy and they were Burleson wells bloated on the team to back I'd try to. I tried to imitate Ramey little Al are you really had to drag bunt right bugs like that nobody nobody. Mickey Rivers back then I mean BWB a for a space before the ball before you can even blink. You go back there and it's this was it's on its a really a lost art it's a shame and if that the ship which I mean the numbers you guys put out there. In the article today the Red Sox place thirteen hundred defensive just let shifts last year. Which I thought it was until I saw the next line apartments on the W atop the league early seven yet only seven the detonated those David or you have water whatever tools and you said. Another the 224 from the Jackie Bradley. That they think about this duties that. That. Until a couple years ago you would shift on anybody but the big power hitters you wouldn't. The idea of shifting on the Jackie Bradley was unheard of now you shift on every body. And I'll tell you one guy who did a great job of approaching attacking shipped last year with smokey and out every down they shifted on him. He changed his swing and he put it to the right side and based options. Yet John Farrell today brought it Mitch Moreland and his career but the press the Red Sox faced him. Guys who were recognized here dude I am just. Yeah I remember I think me though Mo Vaughn did a good job backer David Justice too shabby start of dual power you've been known to the opposite field at that at times and use the wall more but the Shipley even that back then wasn't. You missed it into the way it was as much as it is now mean that the numbers are. Are believed you guys off the top it and with a number one team was shifted against a threat such as seventh with 14100. Did you guys find out from from baseball info solutions which don't. You know I didn't look that up you know sit at but presumably a team with a lot left in our yeah but but that's a here's another thing you talk about left handed. It's almost always get our yard better was Washington because Bryce Harper shifted. Betters it's the it's almost always against left handed hitters and then when they start should the government in Napoli a couple years ago only do this should not right handed or. Now that you would all the time and it's. It is is one of it we're talking about today about what Farrell says but it's one of a few things where you say they are going to approach the game a little bit differently that. You have to does it Bogart's talking about stealing game Terrel talking about how the actually might steal more because you don't have to worry about Ortiz in the home run. Things like that it's you don't really think about like all we do you think about replacing Ortiz but how they might change the way they play. Well let's just say no mentally the psyche so it it sounds like everybody better be ready right and in this lineup from the Bennett and these two. It outside elite did you go in go to whoever whoever's out there right is gonna happy right got to wedge hearsay Pablo. Sin of all I mean is it possible they shift on him that that Charles good afternoon blocks. Well yeah I I'd I we probably don't wanna take this too far it's not like every time they get its bases shift that the we're at a certain dollar let me like rod was not about the spin that but it's it's more of a tactical thing you know it's late in the game and you needed base down on. You take the buy out there are certain situations where if it's presented to you take if your guy. Who's not a traditional power hitter than in there and give us the base will take it. But in terms of you know somebody like Hanley starts getting chipped the one him bunting. Every other back just like you would Ortiz V forces. Pete are you were Joseph Maddon go higher now. Audio amateur a lot arch OK I heard what's so you know by the innovated trying to get polarizing Poehler yeah he has is sometimes a Mickey out think himself a little bit. But I overall enjoys the Albert much but I'll say this about three or four years ago carry conversation with them. And he said that in a few years in the minor leagues there'll still be teaching the minor leaguers how to approach going against the ship. For four years ago that seemed bizarre like why would you do why would you these kids were just trying to head why would you approach that. And sure enough here we are only talked about minor leaguers or talk about major leaguers and I think there I don't know about you guys but I think that like the shifting might have dealt a lot of control last yeah and I think we're seeing a natural like Farrell talking about ways to combat it. It's it's amazing how long. Baseball looked at shifts and said well what are you gonna do. We're just our guys just gonna swing away at the ball hard it's like. How about you react to what the other team is doing we're finally seeing that in the easiest way to beat the shift is to get enough it's against it where you force teams not to shift. Do you guys think it's going to be a huge philosophical change it in the organization as far as. You know even I know lol Portland Pawtucket. Donna Carolina I mean you think they're dude they wanna. It you know start to get the ball rolling at the lower levels here. I think so it is you the one thing we also sitting Ian thank you Steve before r.'s these guys getting shift in the model leaks. And in before it was based on scouting reports put on the Arizona Fall League game this year meet guys that get shifted off. Yet but you know the one that blew me away when I first realized oh my god it's like you mentioned the Napoli Napoli said. And I wish I can remember the player's name but the point of the story is that no one knows name the Red Sox played I think the raids in the rays had. A minor league catcher or somebody called it was like. A 190 hitter in the minors and the Red Sox shifted him in his first at bat first time they've ever seen him they ran one of the most aggressive shifts I've ever seen. And I remember talking to that must have been no lower but Eric yeah I remember which coach it was after the game. But they had minor league stats on this guy to show his spray charts that he pulled everything to second base like everything. And so they knew to shift him basically in his big league debut and that's when you realize OK teams have taken this thing to the next while the peaked or come back to it also. It is amazing. That how long look for players to understand that you have to change your approach. I mean now welcome back to Napoli. You look at his spray chart. He hit one ground ball to second the second base side the entire year couple years ago that's amazing that's amazing right and pin. Yet did you see him change his swing and all. No no. That's a Beagle that but that's an art performances Lackey is it's. You know. I want coach Cory young I was thirteen years old that I remember. Him try to teach us to hit behind the ball over a first for wayward when it runs on Eagles this is nineteen and then in a now it was unbelievable to me I'd rather forget it because you went through report an hour and a half a practice. You know trying to learn how to hit behind the runner on a hit and run so isn't that that's kind of let them it's how he got Napoli and others are gonna have to take that approach I mean but it's that. It's a lost art guys isn't it with. If it was 1985. B what is said what do cars out the beta VCR. Ever that they'd Max it impacts Marty Barrett. Yeah I thought he had with Marty Barrett the past at nominally. That Roman wrestling should always enjoyable ball LaTroy is great at it you know again in on the whole. Dose of abuse. Starts to I mean there isn't our guys so yeah poker it's going is naturally that way that you see Okie I just thought this guy who. You watch him it was like. With a bucket over there but he tries to place in the east going the opposite way or this. And they get the ship to that he hit one against the wall it's amazing the stuff that detail the teams remember coach from the team tell me that. J. D. Drew all people did not noticing the ground ball to third base here. But he hit line drives left fields though. They would shift the outfield left field and shift the field. Around to right against Haiti because this as the rays because at that stuff. You guys remember 1988 are Morgan magic remember how how crafty Joseph was because you bring the sort of reeled in regards assault ball short fielder that was like. Vader of the isn't it right other hours to Joseph Maddon though it did the lowest it was like the 46 defense. Adequate for outfielders in the outfield against Ortiz. So yeah 40 fielder's. And what Ortiz did he hit against the wall and you basically get real outfielder rotting it's we'd probably get a are 617779700%. Of a lot to do that with you guys but got a ticker. The border to bring its report called the guys on my days on a tape up your hot stove show repeat Shepherd. Johnson Boston rob Bradford out of Fort Myers they days. You know what's going on guys I don't wanna get into recess well I'm looking this team in the although all length of season and if you look at delusional achieved in both in the called out. Doesn't parallel that would doubt that ship doesn't yet they're managed more like a National League style manufacture runs you got a good start and pitch and hopefully the ball and it's gonna be because. I'm being booed I mean Liu Liu claimed to negotiate and Lee. Yeah having him lead by I think that you can't. You can't just say hey they got the this that a punt bunch of punch and Judy hitters you Jackie Bradley when he flung out. Don't don't don't take a guy right Bogart won McDonald's and I'm just saying don't don't you have to be more strategy this year well. I think I think what this does in in what we talked about this shouldn't and what they talked about today. What you might see is some more stolen bases because even you had guys who could steal bases but they might hesitate to do Pedroia. Wasn't gonna steal a lot of bases because when you have David Ortiz up next. You typically are gonna do that plus every time so I'd say that's fingers. Are at their parents were caller guys dirt expert break we come back. We get to more obviously on the Red Sox and I wanted to to the other story roach on. About their bowl guards believing playing in the WBZ deal world bull crap tournament. Is a good old Red Sox I think he's priorities I think is absolutely delusional or give you my thought should should tell me a couple of scraps or not some interest and stopped more on that the Red Sox wanting it to Chris early guys in Mora Jonesboro. All are the hot stove shall be Shepherd here back in Boston rob Bradford Johnson Monty down. In rainy Fort Myers and your phone calls as well 617779. 7937. Sports rated and Rhea. You know we've got a couple pitches over on the provisional roster that are eligible in the event in rounds two there's a need. Can you have someone on the first roster the current roster with a he yeah. We've got to get back in campers and get a moment to get him going there so whether he's even when you go from a physical standpoint once that potential. Need Brewers. That's yet to be seen so there's a lot of fluctuation that he didn't see it rushes that are current players. To securing those let those let I hate those letters me out but I want them. Pulled double BBC. I out on the former anymore. Backer about stuff to show some extremist gonna familiar page Shepherd here. And Johnson must it rob Bradford down there enough Fort Myers and we go thoughts on though those comments there about John Farrell rod Rodriguez again. You should be year ours. While the older Miranda settlements as he talked about weren't really years and he was exposed to throw off the mound today Didier and them what's cooler. I saw him pushing a bunch of weights around. I was leaving actually some BUS. And he says and knows it's top secret is out for everybody. He looked healthy to me so I don't think this problem all right Pete did era you're ready you're ready here's your Byron. It sucks sticks it's awful it's the worst. And well be the last one and all the people Dominican Republic excited over. And all the other countries I understand. I understand the players get excited when they play sport. In when they start playing in March where giving where there's going to be a semblance of excitement. Because. We're gonna get bought doubt in spring training would be looking for some games that matter and that's the game can be played. But it's still. It's I feel like a lot of these players are plain and they say that when it is in the country. I think that when it gets their bodies are playing it is the cool place to be in March. No sense at all for some of these guys to be playing when you have competitive. Jobs competitiveness. In terms of trying to get spots on the roster isn't wrote agent. It the whole thing that we have we talked about the injuries while that's that's it it's all it's all just portly for the time. And it's no question about it and I wish there was a way. For the franchises to stop it somehow someway they will stop also ordered it contracts that he signed his gazillion dollar contract and what I years in Bogart's and you don't guard god bless my ruled brother from the from better than our record and their eleven times as many that he 38 but I've been there eleven out like I got the same places. No but it a Bogart playing in the WBZ says it could be all the for the Red Sox had Allman. Because of what happened in 2013 now that without sunny and how the hell does it come to that conclusion when last year. It is certainly than he eat he was ever couple coffee 2013 despite the World Series. Played a 157. Games last year as you guys pointed out the article we all know. His numbers dipped dramatically after August forest is OPS were way down from 863 to 729 and is batting average of just 230. After August for a she played a 157 games how in his mind is this possibly going to be Ohman if for any hit it's it's just the antithesis of that it's just going to be more Wear and tear the body. Nobody expecting his average to dip around July 1 not on its first what is expected when he says that. Johnson huge proponent WB's. I don't know I don't under spoke and I aren't exactly a couple nights ago I he had so. It's being as well I played in the WBZ and 23 team and Expos meet at league. Packed stadium is the biggest crowd that are related what does that. Mean how do anything and then at the end of the Harris played in the World Series NFL ready for so that's not a latest we won the World Series sedate we will win it again did anybody ask him but blood in there with all the respect you to play a 157 games to 2013. But yet at this and you know what there's plenty of examples and we are Bears last the last game of the 2013 one. He basically brought the broke his finger though on the leaders instant doubt another month. And then we have talked about pitchers than Johnson stories on this in terms of the pitchers who have made terrific seasons. After putting me in the innings of the WBZ Daisuke being the perfect you remember the job ever murky Daisuke demeaning come to spring training. He stayed with his team in Japan. Event when he finally showed up to spring training there was there was a game or window of the Braves. You sort of like 85 miles an hour to a pro basketball remember until a particularly good on the West Coast in July. Is the first on the plate opened fire remember route and they were and he brought it's a hole. Geez there's a pro ball what's actually on the hit 93 miles an hour and that was the pin from there on in the year 2000 Nady was fourth in Cy Young out and in 2009 is badly at bat after that. And then there's some elements to this including. With a position players. What they are not equipped for it at that time the year is playing nine inning games and that seems stupid of people say you're stating around. But this happened they're not used to going like John and I were both up in Toronto. For the second round WBZ. They're playing on that turf against any effort night innings and in playing. All out full out in March they are not equipped to do it that's why you see you oblique injuries. And all these other entries in and the Red Sox have a lot of examples Youkilis Pedroia double line. And you guys know just from a media standpoint and about being the season receives are being smarter I mean it's I don't how exhausting it is to recover in Major League Baseball team. On the hole and you guys go to a lot of world are going to go to every road game to guys total lot of road games. And if it its eggs I know exhausting you to BI I hear the stories and I totally understand it. So of the people covering the team every day you left the even pick up ball at all. Are exhausted what the hell is it like for some of these guys and older or younger and and obviously in better shape. But it is exhausting it is a grind it is a marathon and present a Bogart's not the factory and 157. Games and be at its peak and if he gets even dinged up a little bit this thing misses any spring training or part of the season. Or in our water Rodriguez which are still very concerned about. I held dozen others you don't always kotsay to did you armor something into something else or or let a factor. He was thinking about code guys he's still on the roster he's more that you want clearly I doubt it to think that. You you're you're getting competition for a job on the Major League roster this and even. Bullpen and rotation this is either you play at the major leagues where you play the mileage. And you're choosing to hang out with your buddies in the WBZ. What you wanted to you know even if even if you wanna get the benefit of the doubt and say it's not about being an element but it's about winning for my yeah I don't like it but even if you agree it's and that. It's still like where greater priorities. Because this is of the World Cup it's not the Olympics in your gonna give up your chance like you said to be in the big leagues. And who knows if drew Palmer it's pitches well if Steven Wright gets healthy and pitches well. They spent half the year in the minors yes this is your best chance to win a job right now why wouldn't you be doing everything in your. Howard to make that. John can you reach out to the president by chance and have trump put a wall around the Netherlands is that it might well prevent the Red Sox from goal is that possible or loss and they are gonna NC had a Bogart's gonna pay for it. Say anybody who leaves the WBZ to knock it back can't come back out there I would actually sign off on I would. You know I would hope. I think it's happened that job and I'd sign up on that yet we cruise right by it but I. I wanna know are you won the Reuben hall of fame it is by people there right now. Is it bogus analysis. With Eddie Edelman has there is not Baltimore until the odds on this view it in and Andruw Jones though is what's the big supply whats really funny about a Rubin that good has that been there are many many times. There's not a lot of baseball looked at the bit as a baseball fields the minute rule book and go to smaller island. I ethic is like to. Well that there is the block everything should be prepared this figure scour the countryside for baseball field. Yes they don't have a baseball field next casino and that's why I have a bit I honestly appeared to every inch of that I -- on tours in the three wheeled vehicle I've been all over the place on that island and you don't see a lot of baseball fields it's. Obviously it is true that your not a big baseball it's becoming a bigger base they don't steal autism. Rubens. There. Six was excited at Rio goes and Roloson a six point 77797937. Now do you consider the what you guys stand on it though the WBZ what about the Caribbean World Series where you stand on that. As far as. Yeah yeah it's it's it's yeah you're talking about playing winter ball a couple of that we talk about these guys or played winter ball to get ready to play the WBZ. Team. Probably right up her backwards as this. Where you have you have these guys who there's a reason why Hanley Ramirez doesn't typically play. Ball because you need that on. Like you said. The Warriors that we are he as media members know do what it what it takes to get to a baseball season we healthier. At that if that is why I do not covered games in the winner I just sit on my couch and let my body heal up yet. Yet what route does he stores that he has firepower and Florida. He is empties to like to build Islam and yes. While I don't always. It is not working Rockport. And in studio yet for awhile but Mihm working with Chris price whose tremendous. The entire NFL. NFL Sunday. It is to go through that stuff. Followed all realize that chris' all of it valiantly. Guys tonight catching up to you group. Yet while well. As someone who just bought eight point eight at the back over all green wall we'll see about that but that's the slowly apart after reviews the sugar free stuff for the US though involved it's. All I'll run all of the ones that rob buys they have the word nitro. It's a it's the island now live this protein shake things all it is I'd become a better person. Better worker a better father better husband and everything well let's go to your son has no clothes no. It's the letter of fifth. My I have I've they've I am much more willing to drive him to Acton to get more clothes after taking time to talk about the Cardinals want to one guy acts that he just puts him on his back and he racist but he got my blood. Six what 77797937. About the boards we go Sean Watertown and as the WBZ the question hello Sean. Say hey guys I did on. 81 John dude brought your way all the cricket some last night. And I good call we are actually in jetBlue park so windows I'll. Yeah what was what was that about those crickets QB needs are setting the scene where on the and I wanted to bring the Florida experience to a it was weird you'll run collecting crickets the ones who. So. Yeah. That's the I think that's why that's exactly what you lotteries are Florida and Florida went. It certainly less tight. IR eight at the pilot gone with what you guys are talking about an idol eat that WBZ. And I guess by our question news. He that there are I mean what is so we get out of at least not even entertaining so. Supposed to on the fifteen rolls and then on the Holland who. Firing on all players who knows what a common obligated while apparent to smoke Adobe's in the red light district the red lit district. It all the all the young guns are all golds in the WBZ to aspire to be. You know like David Ortiz yet. There are try to they are the I think that bait purpose to to limit the QB smoking in and obviously probably we have a babysitting tonight does turn out a deputy police but. But you know I shot the thing is is that that you asked why they do it it's the same misguided reason why you had NFL Europe. It's all Patriots trying to play game and shine right it's all these places were to make almost went without a lot of luxuries it's just just what no. You could sell your merchandise fine. But you're not expanding you're not. Taking teams and putting them all these places it's not happening. Second shot at a. I thought that's who they're appreciated that China that that's a telling you guys know we almost vick's almost went to China all I remember this yeah. Yeah like this and I. Thought well we got the flight I mean we have spent a couple paella members will come on everything I remember. They gave us an itinerary from China and the first thing you said was. It was adult basic point that don't don't talk about religion don't complain about smoking don't complain about the bad it's historic to complain about the Bratton and his whole other list of stuff. Record once you open in which is selective that you're that way yeah on the plane dog dog because I don't know that was about it I'd say two months before resources an itinerary and that the stadium wasn't built I'd definitely they're gonna place Seattle in an exhibition game. And the stadium wasn't done at times of ultra crickets and the big show a ticket to 3 o'clock in the morning. Was going to be the time we were good but we've been on but we didn't get ago when you look at 42. Yeah I kind of was actually yeah I thought it was going to be really interesting in the the hotel they had us and was it was really nice I was more about Freddy. As that because and the other guys have seen that movie Richard your Red Square it's very into rated. He's a New York businessmen to get some residents signed an old movie about him getting out of it was just for some. As for murdered any commitments to I was worried about Freddie say the wrong thing are. Garlic noses and I don't know when was the shot on or Biggio or whatever but it didn't happen. I would just say it go left China taking big Rex. The best analogy I yet right I went to to and I went to Tokyo went through it sucks. And I after surviving city we cross the opera seventeen hours of the lane on the airplane but. It was it was it was a good experience to go there. But it was so dom it was so dumb to to try to force that in to a Major League season and that's what we're talked about we're talking about. This desperation to get to these markets in. In your your sacrificing your main product and so. Are you and in. Yet and just do weird things that they do as beaten attack the night they do get huge ratings in Puerto Rico and the Dominican and in Japan and some of these other countries. But I just wonder OK so what is the what's the trickle down effect from there at any lasting impact because of it doesn't then definitely yeah imports so low revert. Marcelo on dale Ali said this ride when Cy Young. When they asked about it's WBZ. And he was exactly right person the guys about sets which is I collect my paycheck from the Boston Red Sox and that goes with. Every single one of these guys so I think he what you're saying. They have to be some sort of checks and balances with the east teams they are paying these guys to play baseball. It's so if you're if you're putting them in harm's way to not fulfill their contract why would that be acceptable. How we get the commissioner's opera houses is gonna stop. This is stupid but B well I think when I mean I mean no I think I think I honestly the analyses that this'll be the last one. Late date barbecue and their sense is about the all star game counting now that could take this rant away from me you. And then and I don't know while you know it's gonna fix this trumps them. By the Marlins and this guy's a stupid stuff about what is going to be the ambassador friends speak and that's Jeffrey Loria who go to the video also there he'll execute best Alaska. So it's different looks good ambassador France Bobby Valentine had to Japan meanwhile won its workers are good I I would be. I was pulling so hard that well I've been a nickname consideration but he said he's gonna reconsidered two years like or anything to regret rattle out of the minute. Go to the sushi rapid Japan and they're good product on the doesn't he. I'll say it again. He could pretty good at best. I think a much better bastard and then they meant to us. Are quicker to get 6177797. Ignited 376177797. And three sevenths hot stove show until 8 o'clock beach Shepherd here. Rob Bradford Johnson Mossad down there in Fort Myers more over phone calls against more bulbous Red Sox. Rotation as well get your thoughts on Chris Sale there are some really good stuff volume that's all we come back or Sports Radio W Ria. Back featured on those showed no it's a but I would yours truly don't stand talking about every Red Sox Bruins. Celtics Patriots NFL there's so what do we have like 6177797937. V chip with a beer. From WEEI dot com rob reverend John Tomas you write down that. At Fort Myers rainy tonight and their little comfortable though crickets but those shows courtroom well. So Chris L boys up or understand it is a winning everybody over very quickly is that true. Yeah I was there yesterday when he toxin is like. I can't exactly put it into words like compare to that he's got a nice quiet confidence sort of a no nonsense confidence about him. It reminds me a little bit of Josh Beckett minus all that your team. Well wait now when is that it's his free rob Bradford Beckett as the grip or close hairs if I see the good in every night and that's true I would whenever I get depressed they whip out that video for me UN rob and then back to fish on that you have the if they get there may get a do we. That was what the most underrated beautiful. First off. And second law where you are they show you on the big show what he called and yes. Yeah when the fog kept drop in Iraq yep I was listening that it's just he hadn't done yet done radio I think game. Four or five years at least until until that time that was the big deal and a half spots. I don't know I heard him for that nest and post game that was always what I types Beckett tried Nelson posted July I don't think Chris Sale. It's going to be done that Scott but it but just in terms of like I'm good I know him it'd. David Price and you look back at. Even in his introductory stuff last year first question right out of chutes is Johnny Miller asking him about the playoff struggles ya and price laughs and then. In I know I have to be better and in you can and you can see that it's something that weighs on him. You don't get that sense at all for sale he doesn't happen is that any post season mr. charisma it obvious that. Is that that kind of failure that's weighing him down just a confident sort of no nonsense someone who's been here for role fourteen hours tackler is holes on the club yup. I will say this I did sense I think price seems a lot more comfortable. This watch them. One you interact while part of student going a lot of pressures were taken off for price to be yeah quote the million he's the third starter. Yeah you know he's their third starter so what and pressured him at the at bats that Tedy and you know watching Kimbrel interactive there's a lot of beat down their can lose. The TV people. Even Jim Cole Kimball last year was looking first deeper routes all the time. Am in today he was talking with some people you can see it's a very now. I I never ever this is the Coco Crisp last Coco Crisp lesson that idea which is week in. Tried a digital these guys where to find them in spring training say this is how they're going to be. And it's not a good way to do it this spring training is different the putting on a good base everything's good it's relaxed Coco Crisp was awesome. His spring training. By the first week of the season he was this earliest guy you were so obvious so many words I wanna use to describe him and I can't use an idea of twists arable. And that's reservation. Was. Swift to save. I believe. And it should be we talk about this every year both retreat what do you actually although giving your side of what do we learn all week all I hear about when I learned all I wanna learn is that the team that wanna see wind stays healthy. That's what I terrible violent. I heard Glen do this the other day you know and I saw at the right about it yeah I I take personal notes. On trees are gonna sit on the need themselves. So but I will say this there are things you knows that if there are things to learn from spring training you go back to last year. I know that narrative about well the pitchers aren't trying and so when the hitters averaged about nine. I guess that. But you look at him mare's Italy prepares last year and we were down here and we don't saying listen it's got to late first guy complete first. And we wrote stories about it every time we said it shout outs in note note note note note it's not happening all the way through spring training. And then one happens you could actually play first we learned that from watching him in spring training. And there's other things you can take away now you're right I mean there are some things where you kick it wrapped up into part particularly with starting pitchers but. You know but it justified my exit Johnson out Wednesday that program Owens. Was and I I think it. Ramirez though was that an extreme circumstance last year guide review because. I was worried about embarrassing the game his foot not being on the bag and being aloof I mean it got he proved everybody wrote everybody. Was wrong 95% of the people though that that he would be able ball. There's another one also the lowest you've got the bent over four ground balls and and you as you watched them you could see that that was going to be a problem and next the you know his belt busting and it was the prop. So. It's. I think it defensively. There are some things that take away and in terms of velocity with pitchers. I think there is an element of you get a hitter who gets on a roll and has a lot of confidence Trevor shot Trevor show was another example. Which this guy toward spring training he carried over in at almost 900 yes for the first few months yeah and that I'll throw bit attendees knotted at queen's to Nottingham last spring but what we did see. Opened our eyes and it's certainly open the eyes of the Red Sox and you asked John Farrell. You know when did you notice that intensity might actually be a factor last year and everyone will point back. That game yet to play when Jackie Bradley was let's writers thinkers Utley got that he was an emergency call up. He had two hits you've got to see the bat speed yet to see the confidence in so that stuff is real. Now I know you can't put too much waiting if the pitcher. Like to stay if FL it was so solid Webster and I was gonna give you two examples one on the outside as Allen Webster was untouchable repeat do Rosa and we were talking about these guys like one of them was gonna be Pedro and the other was going to be Roger. And neither of those things archer and that on the flip side you get a guy like Jackie Bradley. In 2013. Who hit about 900. But the problem was he was always coming in late in games he was always facing double that pitches he was always facing guys throwing fastballs. And you ended up putting too much stock. Into what he did in those situations yet to be careful but there are things. A couple of question before that you guys go I'll listen to Bob and attended for a second in the boil counties. Ball up a little bit right by 1415 pounds and he's a public spot on his should be a lot of practical that will most formidable lineups in without Ortiz I ticket will be. Anyway in the majors maybe not as good last year on the countered by it I think it'll be a top. Six offense in the American League I really believe that by. How about attending his attitude though luck and the sophomore year for him the what do you expect out of him this season. Yeah I mean that's a great question it as as confident as you might feel him. We felt this way about McKee that's coming into his sophomore year because of what he did down the stretch the previous year and that it took him half a season. The find its footing and menus rookie debts but. So back could have looked at attended but everything we've seen to this point. Is really encouraging and there is some pressure on him because he's probably gonna bat second. He's going to be at the top of that order in really the difference to me. Between this lineup being a top two or three lineup. And maybe middle of the pack line up is him because he's the one guy he sort of be expecting you know what you're gonna get out of McKee. You know you're gonna get out of boat artsy pinkie knowing you're gonna get out of Handley. Troy you started out lied then intent is the guy who can really separate this offense. And I'm fascinated to see I don't I don't know if I was him differently I think he's a pretty good idea of how to keep a low profile. Not putting the car for the horse and turned that stuff we saw will middle Brooks. It will middle looks great guy. And he had a pretty good rookie year it production in the major leagues but that he showed up in light of a leader this team normally use team. But Entebbe is I think going to do his best to stay in the shadows in and that I think that goes. A little ways are there for a chill final question and brought a puddle sent a ball before so bring it up again. As far as what we learned last year we'd about about Hanley Ramirez what in your guys' opinions you'd think we are going to find out about probable center mall during spring training. Yeah I think we're gonna find out and I could be totally wrong what is just so I feel we're gonna find out that the wait was not the issue for problem. That it's age it's diminished skills in that. He he's not going to be as terrible as it was before when he could move. But we're gonna be like this is all there is that's that's my fear with Pablo that we're gonna say that that's it. I think we'll get to spring training and Demps or get the regular season and they'll be some discomfort because. We'll be OK but not great. But there's not a lot of other options.

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