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Mick Colagelo on Claude to the Canadiens and possible trade scenarios for the Bruins

Feb 16, 2017|

Pete talks with The Standard-Times Mick Colagelo. They talk about the Canadiens hiring Claude Julien and signing him to a contract extension. They also discuss some potential trades for the B's.

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Oh yeah. While I was a guy that was my goal. Go to we could go. I know a little over a week ago and I know the feeling. When you're like go. One feeling it. Something that you like to go through. We don't want my. Not just to put your family. And so I certainly want to. You know talk vote Mike Mariane who who I know we're going through those same feelings right now it's not easy for me as a coach. Coming here knowing that you replete you know. That's the worst conference call because then they say say your name which I never understand at this stage of the kids come up with a better system. It happens all sports page it's more than just the matter. Say your name preceding the two cultures still talking can't stated anyway. Marsh and others as you guys lined up at 617779707. Know get you guys. It just a few minutes from right now heading outsource AT&T got my check and give them my good buddy Nikolay GO of the standard times one of the best hockey right just not only doing what around the country. And no we policy and a show like you Michael how are you Mick. I. Why don't. All bush. It only it will not slice it and it looked ago. All right bill let's start with the with the events of two days. Upload getting a five year deal apparently worked report we worked a 25 million dollars Mick I don't know that's Canadian or American and assume it's Canadian but anyway. That's his day he did ads appear now that. Third I'd pay is the third highest paid coach. Behind Quenneville and and what's in Toronto on member of the brain fart. Babcock yes so. Thought that let me you know that it picked at an appropriate electrical that is actually right now I mean he would not. He could top Echelon quotes. I'd I'd I'd never thought he was going to Vegas ever. I know the teams should be up possibilities that the Florida is the Winnipeg in the world but. I thought Florida. While detractors the first thing I thought rotate when they fired your article on which changed the quote him but I'm. Sure there's some. Yes we know it is only ten years old. And in that system quote turn the league on its ear by putting it on installing a solar system that slowed me down. Four is or floppy and like Dennis Wideman. It turns guys like him an a plus players something I thought it Nicosia watching them. You know run up and on the ice that was the right to cap the well you know it pretty well short yes it finished minus seven. It hit certain quote that it is genius. And the intermittently. When he hit it in critical but it is the one without a leap without penalty spot and the defense. Is there any entity should affect people Philadelphia Flyers. Who witnessed it wake up. Without a holy definitely attention beside the world. Yeah now it's it's it's it's it it's a great point now is geared to before against the Bruins. But you did to Claudette obviously I think he's going to a rogue at hockey team a team that was red hot you know thirteen 11 they've only been 500 since. In the last of what 43 games there 1818 and seven by the get a damn good goalie David address in the world. That some real good defenseman and Weaver mark Kaufman. Amylin and some did quit for this a real good hockey team he's going to. I think he's going to be able to get them back on track how about you follow these system play with this this version of the Canadians. I think it'll help Weber I think it'll help Petri. I don't know what mark optical mark often do I really depends how much uncertainty. That a public. And his career three or four years ago so on pebble and he and I hope Amylin. You look at what. Look at electoral victory Kevin Miller. Kid with a lot of he would. Not a ton hockey sense. Didn't fool the puck bounced off his stick to readily into opponents arms. You know I didn't in this kid's game can't really come down last season in season and eight and one of the that it actually not a game. And. You know he's in also wouldn't get to these or great streak right he's he's good kind of reflect. And is already thanks quote so hyped. You know I mean that it would help won his seat in goal. I know. You know the Bruins are playing with a lot of adrenaline right now a lot of good things happening for them and well if it's being itself. All of you no longer than that initial burst that you alluded to before we can clear. And look at the liberal is a Cassidy and and Cam Neely John Sweeney and all that the second let's I wanna focus on the today's report and called style. And. But it was funny digress what sexier I asked Kerry did it right look. Anything that day that they announced and you know he was president of the Bruins six years ago at you have to area if you read the book. And he said I really don't want to put it out there he says people don't want it here he city goes it like actually wrote a book about hockey. And I thought to myself you know what he's right guy is genius he ought to your book about hockey. If you wrote a book about hockey wrote a book about the Bruins Mickey would be a billionaire. A billionaire everybody in New England would buy that book if viewers that insider as I think most the people can almost see. Love. That while we don't air it's not like a lot of us can't figure it out already. How do you think close to change his style law and by that I mean this far is. Rolling out four lines you think you'll cut back on that all of today's horrific it's going to be the same old load as he was a year. I don't think I can quote change with the times and with a rock their rosters most of what you he's on the problems. I don't think that is it and then it quickly I think that the team. Well part personnel wise and you get a coach what you have whether you're Roger Neilson coaching in 9192 race. 9394. Florida Panthers it's gonna drastically change. What you do know. What you deploy it I you do what. What you have out. Howard electricity usually apple would be playing a certain way. I think we'll certainly be a lot of young guys a lot of latitude here. And I don't think the change that nearly as dramatic it looked at amortized over the last three games I think what we're seeing their adrenaline. Good vibes and the celebration of something new for people who have grown tired of the old guy which you don't happen. But really I think you and I've been on the same page over the years about this as far as quote and developing the offensive players I think people have very short memory. Of what that 2011 team was which was a lot of young players I think it's a bad rap for not developing on players and I don't know where this notion came from Mick that this team didn't score goals while I was here there in the top five every time and the top three in most seasons. Why does why is that image portrayed about him in the media for some reason and fans alike I don't understand. Well at that stretch the year after right after the winter classic. Well we knew it and weigh in 2010 they had that awful stretch where. They were really struggling school ultimately look let's not forget that he didn't have built castle that you are needed replacing it with making more. Quality was going through a real sound. And then at rarely found itself yet but it was still good days and coming gritty here it was even Gaudio in 19160. Points. And have a lot of you know good stuff going on. Marc Savard could be injured. In so there's a look a lot of plug power play points phrases so. So I think you're extracting her you know desecration at a very young player in game completely English cricket and I as laying. And the ones that not yet a calm that scene that would point to win the Stanley Cup the next year. You know it's old and so I think because Internet stretch with a look at it felt I'd scoring 88 wanna eking away at the playoffs if you were then. For the win which is a rarity in the NHL. An and I think that they know that it would continue involves so famously said. Bit look what we're trying to win 00. And enacted the law is one that Ahmed. Just. Ran around a while 45 times I think that's really where it don't. And I don't think it ever lost the plot your money close detractors. On the world social media is gonna. Have enough voices out there that you're gonna get here everybody can get what you get a lot of people complain. Our let's get into the Bruins now in who abuses before we get to broadcasting system they are gonna I gonna ask you because when I heard Osaka was that the game against Montreal Sunday night I wanted to vomit. Because if I hear Brennan Karl's name come up at the end. I don't know where you stand on this and if they trade for latest cut it even if they got through Shane and get rid of Carlo there's Karl dean keeps coming up and coming up I'm going to be. Really really upset. One Heidi what do you think is gonna happen with this Bruins team as far as any. Major trade or any minor traded. If they giveaway Karl just at you know creep into the playoffs as the HCR what do I care who they get on the would be very upset when he stands and all of us. Well first it just jacket Putin blasted you want to stay in the second period like let's talk and it. I'd be crazy not so listen. At having been said. I don't think Sweeney is contemplating. Movie Britney Carl he says thoughtfully and defenseman he knows how hard it is to develop it and then he broke into it she looked great defenseman. Let irate or to its prime. And I think this guy this is that it anybody's. How crucial it is that the Bruins really built it up free. On. Can look at the thought is exactly players to date wrong. Opened fire risk kind of a leader who possesses. Great it. She only people that in the pock. You know we leave entering pioneer in his career he's got probably seventy years this problem. But I gotta be honest I don't feel like I know that they while watching them play I think you actually had two years. It really basic. I I agree and god the avalanche suck except the play in the Bruins the seven the worst year of his career statistically important wise. I told me Olympian. I've got the numbers are knock out my god that I'm looking at a guy knew these GE. At least you want people. I didn't trade a guy that Ike cab. Bullish. That is gonna be truthful all ought be a lot like big reason and years. I'm getting treatment for a questionable. Enigmatic left here. Yeah okay. Dish eight peak my interest more. All the way if I decided to move on from you pray she get my defensemen that like. I thought that they look at Ryan Suter kind of player out there that snapped it into contention for the points lead among these. But he got it kind of guy who could play 48 minutes is quite easy to. If you greatly here in the past three players on the ice and who got the pocket and how weird is on the ice and which team as it. He's able to turn that players needed at all times that's right and sooner if I could I could get yeah I. Dabble with that all kinds of discussions. But it does not apply on the table now look at Asia and circumcised. Band then I'm not just in his right shot yeah election. Yep without my next question you about Chad in Kirk because autopsies were the top did that he's the top defense rather 27 years old only be about. A fourth quarter our cap hit for the Bruins eleven goals of 28 assists. So far for the blues. So you know with the Bruins ever have a shot at getting him without giving up an early that in other on the the reddish but I would never shied getting him while giving up another younger defenseman. I'm. That's good question I'm not sure because I think that the thing that the blues need more funky. It is a proteins that are I think that he knew that the planet and that hockey team has been encouraging. And liberal plot to that problem. Let's look at Rangers. Date you're kidding really had a lot of qualities that can take a deep in the playoffs. But they lack an anchor censor a guy who's definitely skills in the middle popped up again. That is dominated middle of the day straight she could do that it could stand on the shoulders of the people lose and yet he can't. They need to get back on the player. He'll probably end I only make that deal. It's something that I that I think is more highly excite you as saying right consider who's like you know just in the news tonight. But Shaq the Kurt. It is an enigmatic player. The blues can't cap problems in the USA. Civil they're thinking well let's review the values is definitely let these discussions to crawl out here. In an explosion that just an application I Wear it. I Ellie the little stuff away from the talked password replay it about ten feet inside the line. And shopping cart would try to defend. The it was cutting fraud. And look at a good it'll hit and let applicator is that your rough I was kind of player. That wouldn't be surprised if he meant to do it that he got wrapped. On the planet checker was like what was that the only plot to shield was pretty impressive that having been sent. I've read and watch that cricket as it is a lot of population. I don't see it back into inspired my confidence is being a guy who doesn't he go to capture shot. He's one of my victory won't always. You know I added that it illegality but I don't think that street is he here. All right we're speaking with them to collage of mr. times mic and a few more risks as get a to Bruce Cassidy like the obvious out like a lot of what I saw the first three games I do edit. But like you. I think in I I I in the San Jose game. Bothered me a it's a great went there at the Montreal gimmick that was the best they played on the three on the whole. But I still saw some things on the Cassidy in a fire remember correctly Mick very similar. You know article going Keating was here I mean that the aggressive pitching and I'd say I the cast is there a better fit than the cuckoo once but. You know still a lot of icing is still some turnovers in the neutral zone still having trouble getting the puck got it wrong and I'm still seeing some of that. And all things were really well the first three games I get it I think golden stole the game form the second period of the cardinal last week one of those games with the San Jose game or forget. I don't think that was his top security. That because every every the last seven minutes were all odd man rushes that some of onshore created by by the sharks and I've got the Bruins were very fortunate to come out of that game with a with a 63 win but. Can they sustain this style Mick especially next week gigantic test at San Jose. It to kings the docs and the and and the stars would in Dallas. Or you can plug hard wore high risk high reward hockey and if you do. Actually this serious more chances in the opposition which means you better bury your chances because they will. Well. You know it it's really struggling snapple group that ticket scene actually dealt cards. And that would be surprised. If something happens between. The lately that point he bit actually carry on that neck in on the repeatedly here. Oh. I'm not hugely. Like apple bought you or. I go up like Judea pearl's grab our. Greg Middleton. A little rock central hockey hopes to attack of the players almost exactly Alec. Also. Saw a lot of guys who. We try to capture in their way around on the game hockey and and get where the pockets are on normal don't know it's Hideki enacted at the end of the game can be back at every paper actual comic. The broad. As Colin alert if he continues to press it accurately he. The way it right in the beauty shop and around there's going to be a line. Because it does not believe hockey team is developing hockey team. Too many players that are at entry level development stages. There. There's no way to make it through without any law at some point where some teams going to. Take what you're doing and. Make it look foolish enough to put it in the that shell hit me that they. You hold it where they are. I continue to work on it if they believe in the pieces that they have in place. And that's this is gonna go and it's. It really depends what ought to be safe so be it personnel. When most times but the front to comment whether it happened on the road trip yet where it happened a month two weeks after that things are really gone well it. That it's possible. All right a final question go about a minute left here. Just quickly if they do not make the playoffs side beaver you know my stance that can really has no business being president right now very organizations are qualified. But they don't make the playoffs I really believe you gonna get a I don't say blow it up. Liberally I don't I'm not one of those people it's is blowing up to every team that things are going well. But if they don't do you do you think that nearly as Sweeney and even PG Atchison in the scouting staff we're gonna have jobs come next season. While I don't know that what they won't really depends on the emotions of somebody like Charlie Jacobs. Shorter reading his mind if he believes. It's winning is that it came under right ports in Delhi police. Apparently it's me as a team. On the right course. That they have to accept it bumps in the road. I don't know what so these magical ball in the end it turned red wings they get into this community every year is it normal not felt the first round. An app that either their legacy I don't I don't know what's so great about that directly to rewarded destruction and this year. Babcock leptin in Datuk left exit could have been done. And and and now look at the broad and say OK okay dot. He he got that perhaps they secured their political prospects that by all else is pretty impressive. Does not sit well apparently people on what's going on with those players careers since the draft. And you know with that many gaping exception jock oral. We didn't rather enigmatic. Be doing better than he was. Then you know. Then it needs to be if you got the Catholic president it will people look at what happens. It'll otherwise what are you doing. Why would like to really connect at all. It got to decide that this little two years ago and stupid play at this planet a lot to trick here look at the 25 year plan. Now what the mayor had great stuff as always you're the best thanks so much has taken a few Woodward its own. Thanks love the collage of from the standard time joining us.

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