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Pete reacts to the Canadiens hiring Claude Julien

Feb 16, 2017|

Pete and Keefe are talking about the Montreal Canadiens hiring former Bruins coach Claude Julien, they also react to the report that the Canadiens also signed Julien to a 5-year contract extension worth $5 Million per year.

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You too much. At night on Sports Radio WEEI. Hey very very. Good evening welcome but at night my disappointment. Drive to compete with the Taliban quite work within. Yesterday about some agreed and Richard of W before but tonight. W four months on Friday night as well and Gilani enough ordered two more rate among the. I how's everybody doing risky for the house is well taken out for a another ours is braver part of the day that's labor part that is correct Pete. As long as if you're going to Mass Pike west though was I don't think you want to few words you would be upset that stuck and it should be stopped as much and want to hang on different for recent rumors and so brushed at that 61777. Died. 7037. And I told the story rebel anti again. So I'm commented I hear you talk about you Michael talking about actors and Robert De Niro and and and the Albert she yeah yeah you you c'mon in the we're ridiculous notion. That that this is worse and you're that you'll sort of relive it on the moon a threat that Vince Vaughn. Is your favorite actor Alec typically get so all in particular was at the site called episode. You know the contest. Where George gets caught pleasure himself looking amusement park that's the style says that at all and I ought to think of in my mind as you're saying Vince Vaughn going. And and actor Charlie and George Bush. A glimpse yet so Vince Vaughn who may be his best light ever. Was. Was as a hollering and Rudy when he went to people forget when this first roles ever in weight try to sack. When the when he's active play quarterback Rudy Saxon Shaw asked and Saxon. Because you shot. This is our procedures is what's the matter goes. Last practice of the year in this both access the Super Bowl well you just sum up your rules are asked whether I don't like the guy played her procedure was talking of its own right there you're just don't feel sorry yes acting career once that that's our ball is that it is very very good career and I US dollar it's a date and answer I was not prepared for the question about half race horse already had an article that about Michael yes I am a Michael the other is the favorite actor he's trying to he has some sort of analogy and right now well without my head so the guy who I love throughout high school college Brewster was Vince Vaughn. You gotta admit swingers made it old school wedding crashed those rocketed into anchored and has west mint suit. Is very good these are funny actor may never dated for retirement of the really it's blogs some illusion minutes ago RR OOK what do crashes of sports yet other god but as far as you know. But I didn't like a who's the best actors that was your favorite so your could be anybody could be some shock and that's investor favor that's a bad. But you didn't even come close to mention the Euro or cheat ordnance what Soledad we gotta order technical we got into that aren't the best of them to be your your favorite like my favorite basketball player of all time is in Michael Jordan but if you're like who's the best of that. But so that to the response think that ultimately led to a discussion we have between de Niro and the chino. Rice said it I don't think it's that close I think Robert Niro is far superior to Al Pacino Michael disagreed so much so that he thinks that you know is better. But let me ask you don't want the commercial breaks. And your answer one I think from. Movie standpoint I give the Nero BS how web bought a cut if you're talking about on stage and Broadway theater food that I'm not awards I think you have to maybe Egypt which you know the edge there I think god I know he got so much I think as much for prestigious Broadway career out there. Then than Bob osment Bob Bob Bob that body. But it Ellie I just think. Like when I see midnight run and hit picture Alpert you don't pull that off where did here which is really sick they would meet the parent to go as far right yeah role. He is really fought that kind of wanna see the signal from the just came hours a comedian. Kind of washed up with a mix of combat where those classic to me yes yes yes yes every looks pretty good he can pull up and we think ultimate permit some clunkers is known. All I go and then they only got any movies as they have they can't make LB winners but yet. The what you have overdosed on a copy of that I think is really elaborate views of the insider. You go with him a Christopher Plummer and it's all about doctor Jeffrey white candidates exposing the tobacco company. Back then and it was really really dwelled on Chris Plummer is just brilliant in that movie is Mike Wallace. Has some really really great wanted to sort of separate you know yes of some classy guy yells and yeah it does that fights that not not his I don't it's hot sensible woman over the top which is one of the great I think one of the greatest. For now he spoke last seemed to grade how monologue there knocking out William walking out this of the drive raid in talking to the two children it and the day you know but I mean that was the that was that was wrong. I got anyway that's that's what 777 nights have ignited resentment pitcher ever hear oh wait you're tonight until 10 o'clock keepers here until seven. Leave to other cordially exemptions to a vet my thoughts about it Salvatore action tonight always tough the first game back from a road trip out Carol you're playing. Against the assembly sixers and we get to that keep a little bit as well coming up at seven tonight in the hot stove show. Will welcome an adjunct to Boston rob Bradford out of Fort Myers at the latest. From down there in the interest and Jo bros gonna. But more but not sacrifice to get everybody's getting their panties in a bunch already have got some two now busy trying to pump more rituals you know that works out. The one disturbing thing about interval replica of a second but. We as a hockey as well after 9 o'clock tonight the collage of mr. time with a best hockey writers. Not only going around country will join me we'll get Warren to vehicle Julia situation. Montreal also allows listened to you guys yesterday I was I had just turned my computer directly on it was out there were some merits I it was perfect timing. It wasn't twenty seconds after I turn my laptop back on. That came on and I just retrieve the Canadians think Rob Portman yeah pull my own thing on that it didn't matter route it was out there but. While how this is so good for us it's so good for sports talk radio and then you find out to be key he gets a five year extension I'm not surprised. I think that's what the reasons why it may be the biggest reason why. No he took the job. Out there and and we won't know or maybe it'll get leaked out eventually if other teams were offered a five year deal. And maybe they would have done it right now maybe they wanted to wait the end of the season who know and it made sense they're a team that thinks their contender right now. And they thought hey if if we really want this guy ran to extend ourselves give him the job security. But you know he's one of the best coaches for sure that the league has had in the in the last ten years and so I think. To steal Mawae I think other teams may have offered Obama a five year deals while. Ahmad try to pin I can never and I could never picture him coaching in Vegas for expert judges towards. Yeah I couldn't see unless they really lest it throw the kitchen sick Edwards did like eight million years of but apparently Tony four point one million year. So the contract of of five years has been much about when he and a half million. Four of the five years so. Could you got that from lake Winnipeg. Welch's maybe Florida. Well have a good club dog teams out there that by you know what. Would have pegged. Maybe Florida not so sure Florida and lots of short left by I think he's in the perfect spot for him. And though there you don't have speaking French and everything gets downplayed whether it's employed it has a fact Matra what you can you pass a law over it. I got it and what about a but I think 99% of it is him being. A very good coach but. The weird part is defeated speak French she would be there. Yeah it's fascinating that stupid it doesn't really really stupid but that's the way they don't they rather secede anywhere from Canada they don't wanna be part of it right now and anyway area today at least get that. I'm also you don't wonder at at this stage of his career does he really wanna go to a rebuilding team so maybe some postings in the basement would have offered you have an expansion team or whoever else says you know we need a new coach and always available now in better we better snap them up now. But close close there'll other go to a team with some talent let me go to a team would more talent than this Bruins team could we saw that you can be a great head coach. But he couldn't get the Bruins for the playoffs last couple years do you want a roster better than that. And Montreal is one of the teams the better off now there's no question about it maybe get some studs on this team starting with the goaltender Carey Price Busey Weber. You got to mark off by Amylin and I mean they are they are loaded now it is amazing after the thirteen wanna start. That they've gone just about 500 since 1818 and seven which is unbelievable. Sits in the army distill fifth overall in the east there for cellular division Bruins have a short six points behind. But now you go to wonder not a good who you're just for the rivalry just for the drama that just for the narcissism that we are on this. On this radio sports talk media. To have them meet at some point it preferably in the first round would be absolutely. Sports or gas at. Back at at at that we have that if if that could happen however again. I swear to god. You know you're talking about the money my anger meter from one to shepherd and a yellow does that guy out I got pissed off at that to kitten those were the Yankees from that you elect immediate death yeah I just I was so mad sort because he never said he would get through. Two mobile alluded to Roger Clemens and he went read his big speech big news the and then when did again I was or were angry for a few months but the what's the playoffs program recover and I and a notes to cover but are you now about where you on this Bruins team are you. I'd watch it that says. I know I know don't know I want to I would not not at all not not that none of it like that I told I told me and I'm so glad that he went to Montreal. But I keep hearing in the Q is on a couple of the web sites today. That that led to skyrocketing is still out there and I'll I'll tell you if they trade braided Kahlo. Is going to be war. At a I declare war I I will ask nearly two since it to be impeached and it kicked out immediately. You can not trade rated follow from this team took yet day. You know to get that I'm so hard to get anybody that was to shape I'm sorry. The should be appealed for a much partnership I appreciate you for now I wouldn't. I would not you need good young defenseman I would not do it. Not for a team that may be might make the playoffs may be what about the argument being that and I would be for the most part I'm Carla I don't want I've grown way I could have Billy the site through 2021. No. One way I doubt they should do that I'll let its guard definitely not do Shane I would be interested now what about. The fact that the last couple of drafts there's supposed to have. Good defenseman on the way. Does that make it more are sold put your hundred no. God go to Luke Carlin and credible to you about ordered us to me he is right now that I at the status of this team absolutely is in no way of that and things don't trust that they would it told him tonight I don't know what to believe you know it Charlie Mack a voice still in a would be your speaker commodity you're gonna be the second best offense that dead doctors they probably not gonna happen this year but after the I was brought a good chance he mixes the club you know next season. And really got a couple of other is that there's more youth to talk about put. They can't keep doing this you can't keep trading all of these younger you can't keep trading to Doug Hamilton away. It Elway and what you believe the rumors are not that eager and I don't happen to believe them that didn't get along with people Malacca mama I don't know what's going on but they train bridge to Carlo. I mean if they get in shape okay they add a little bit more scoring. What it was to play defense. Now what if nobody talking about here I mean honestly got to me woes who's gonna play. Gonchar McQuay cruel and too militant love column to a lot I don't want to Colin Miller gonna I wanna see Brendan Carl ago at all. Not receive expedition eighth arm but maybe eighth maybe seventh right or maybe not the playoffs at all. Which is still the possibility in my opinion. So there's a there's a lot to severe but I'll I don't know all the rest of you guys feel it's it was 77797. That he threw seven no way in hell. In my trading greater caller from this team right now and if they ever pull up a big hopefully it's god which I tell you. And get back captain Kirk red alert that back to my dad's death south I doubt I'm just I I have a bat in the words of our support I have a bad feeling about. I don't. Now what if they make that trade and then cameo as press conference is that hey this is what Don wanted to do this is all bomb a move to Mexico perhaps. Our dollar record our record February the toy drive to get out that it could drive look at why they brought a little podcasts and right now I. First of the national W idea crossing the borders to those clear all right. You know she's the Bronson played Mexico the bigger drop than they have upon ratification houses you know some rockets and super duper equipment than it already played in Mexico City at about agents of liberals whether it had more fans and as a symbol of America's Mexican national. Pockets find that it's not bad. So let's there's data on the table I think it's really intercede and everybody around he was rooting for a Bruins Montreal playoff series and bullet. There's no question about how could you not want to be involved in this drama. The thing that stood out to me today a little bit. Is a John to Muster speech and WEEI dot com what's talked to him. About it to Bogart leaving playing the WBZ which circled the world ball crept torment appeared to do that the worst exhibition tournament on the planet. Could be a good omen for the Red Sox and it was not to say that he played in 2013. Pop up. A case did you can play a 157 games like you did last year 2013. You know yeah that's a big Eddie he's aren't you saw the numbers dropped dramatically from August 1 last year for his statistically. Went down done unlocked drop a 103 point is open yet to meet 63 to 729. And he batted only two authority after August 1 and now you tell me this is gonna be a good thing to play more game to some useless targets. It all before you come to the regular season. Yeah out on what's he talking about a good omen I don't get it I'll get I I hate the idea of the World Baseball Classic case that there's no time to play it that's why I hit it right that's the thing I did they they just it's a sport that it doesn't lend itself. To sort of in a World Cup type of atmosphere and so would you find out what each player sort of you know the news comes out that's sold those not playing and everybody that proof Flickr deal at that player playing in your right Bogart's thousand real problem that. He is gonna have to learn how to play a full season and I don't know if that is slow work out thing or is there but there are some of it just. You get overtime and yet the duet but the one halfway across the world than that don't isn't a good start for me. You know I was our Otto Otto and Betty there are 61777. Night 70376177797937. Until 10 o'clock which keep the house as well till seven. That's not a phone subjective with apps you don't take a break of serve were behind Mike rob mark to send on the ones are mostly wants to schedule your patio Bruce you know it was cited last. Again get two guys are welcome back after the speech shepherds were rated and yet. Back here six point 777979. 37647779770. Chip which you would still fit. It's from what tonight from what it tonight for you. There as well till 7 o'clock. Johnson must he had rob Bradford now only 201 hour tonight for the hot stove show from seven to wait. No. Ford to the latest news down in Fort Myers in the 2:1 at 7 o'clock with me. From down there have been. Just yours truly solo dad and nine point five or Mick Bellagio one of the best hockey writers many world would be joining me. For the standard times and nobody has better insight to the Boston Bruins and Mickey's were the best. There will join me at that night 25 of the default we don't. Klose headed to the Al Montreal Canadians I had these beer signs a five year extension we're talking about that here to tip things off. And here is so much the car up first tonight a W I repeat the rich keep him Mike. AP. I'm really glad actually requested. You know quote. Landed at Montreal currency you know I think he'll do good out there. I think he'll head to go wherever we big time. You know it'll be under watch and you're talking about earlier the the kids in not getting credit Carlo. I hope like you said they stick with with the kids because. Frankly I don't have any trust that they can actually make it traded it's going to be worked very look at their track record over the past what year and a half. Well especially when there we go along this is not a good time for them to make any serious move there's not a Stanley Cup contender. And ultimately headed to lose to grant you that they are that they make a move and caught logos so they can for his. In the playoffs I mean that people don't lose him once and I'll be leading the way. Well be right there would be busy and stick with that they young talents do they can do but it technical. Well I agree I absolutely agree. That's a culminates six point 77797937. Robs a New Hampshire of external review I'll rub. API and I were doing. Thought that they act as a monopoly on what to do about it either talked about things that she's yet anyway yeah I. Carl begala called the other day to what you know there's a bit too that I go with with Julia that you're you really are sure what got you would. Have betray I mean really excellent in that. Out there I could trade deadline which TD one who needs what we'd swap awful lot of it. And rolled out at anybody offered. Follow I don't I have people offer but I don't know what you were going to get a return you know I think preaches somebody's been out there. I thought I'd I still think there's a chance you might get dealt now I don't know what's gonna get back warm. Brought up credit call is a big name out there that a lot of teams want what you can understand why. I mean they can trade anybody I mean that's that's a victim trade if prospects they have and just what you wouldn't want it won't give up what are you looking to return to finish eighth or seventh. I want it to the other Italy Sweeney at nearly all. Yeah yeah there's. Probably. That's not practical order to make the trademark and nor talk about what you all are now the first it was with. Who bought for Webber I mean that took some order there yet I don't think you guys out there. That Alex thought it right now they went straight I think it took turkeys get beat up. The contract for a long time and I think if you don't ever expect golf I. I appreciate it trait Africa 404 watts who's your goal we've had won two games this year without yeah out and you are combatants. Let you go for the goaltender out that's how you build a hockey team I firmly believe that right and they got a good goaltender right now they have handful of good players but it's not a complete team right now and I if you trade took uniter opening up another. A huge hole now on the team. It's it's it's just no way that's gonna happen that you traded him the package again another number one goalie back. For him to me that this makes no sense we know you did gentleman was talking about. Gonna trailer bigotry in Washington they want me to trade is a lot of things they can do right up buster not Hampshire Todd here's a lot of them but yeah I've decked out all of their vote as you wanna keep bogeyed the guys that you get the balls for a thousand different is what worries me is that they they make its deal with Colorado for whatever reason which I think would be stupid. For latest god they would put Apollo in the deal let us got to sign for pot and have built through 2000 when he won. And then know that to happen pay pastor knock. They're probably at least six billion starting next season some out of debt rate in the Atlantic and gulf that you're stuck without Kahlo up Pasternak and you start with. That Gabriel latest god coming up its worst season of his career. That's my biggest fear and I'll tell you about the way this organization has been wrote the last couple years it is not out of the realm of possibility ions. Frightened. I'm scared of a mind dots are already disarmed and all good lord geez. Please let me be wrong please let let that happen please get ready Carlos they out of any of these ridiculous trade rumors. Makes no sense at all when you're gonna finish a may be or we got though two weeks and solitary did Allen yeah. So I left into it two weeks from yesterday yeah so I'll tell long. And you know diligent not at that point that. Hopefully Carlos still here they are also there's Jeff from political director at W regular Pete and rich keep ray Jeff. People love ya but that top that you just brought up I don't wanna talk about those guys I agree that certain things lead us. You know here's the thing you know. I wouldn't you Tony marinara podcast for the past. Eight and you know leading up to it thinking you know that if they may be you know make it make a move in Montreal. And what I find really ironic and if you wanna go a step further the reason why quote got fired from major. And Eddie got fired from Montreal the first patent was basically what. What it is like mama shelter and as far as. They've got good John Allen on a date there act getting a 100% you know out of Shea Weber. You know even though he had a pretty pretty pretty decent year but you know offensively. You know that that grind it out if that the and you know. I think it and that it. It didn't work for quote the first time how it'll work the second time you know it the way that they've been drafting I just I mean I'm glad for him I'd like to make it. I reaching peak yet and bought. Pardon me it when you. Listen to you you know the Canadian you know part that you look at you know quote history and where he had been fired from a cooling here and not on a mark. Even now I give him all the credit. Credit in the world or for being a big. For being a great coach but. Frustrated. Are all look about it he frustrated me through the last couple years for a lot of reasons but. Many of those reasons are because the front office is set him up to fail now I think. You talk about. You don't Stuckey got fired from Montreal four years we're talking what 12123 twelve years ago out on a long time ago things have changed the line it was totally different. I mean today it started off beside you taught these days are up thirteen 11 they're 500 team since. At 1818 and severed his good young talent and this whole notion that cloaked hit coach offense is so far fetched is so ridiculous. He's been the top five if not the top three almost every season he's been with the Bruins. He's go its way much brighter team with arguably the greatest goalie in the world right now and we struggling. But outside it was obvious shock (%expletive) a vital if if if if he doesn't get that team going again I'll be absolutely stunned I think he's more of a perfect environment. And I agreement and I believe what you know that one thing is that you know I think that side of a good team it is they have. You know good you know structure and the operative in the bat the bat. But where I need to get frustrated with load and where I can see that kind of not a long while for him in Montreal it. You want a roll or aren't. You know you go on they don't you know they. You know. Or good lie in and that's really I think ultimately part of it might. Any particular car. Journal problem and maybe that's something that that he's here he learned may be and what he's would much early can't go to that three. Pretty good lines I've looked at the foreplay what's the normal ease with which is that normal fourth line is toward Mitchell did a Carnell left and flew on the right. Now in out I don't see every single Montreal to dating game so I don't know how often they know they average price on Richards is part of the stats afterwards but. You know. I'm a firm believer. That. Maybe he's Laura from his past mistakes and maybe he realized. Well maybe just thought because that's how they had a liberal is that he had a play four lines. More there were times on other worked for awhile so I worked for a while the but he had the talent to go with fought with security and Kelly to a degree but Kelly sometimes we get more minutes. I know that on any other stars there was it was ridiculous I don't think that's going to be to just don't think it's good to be the case this time I think. It is note that that they are going to be a tough team to beat down the stretch Montreal Canadians are and code is not a clone would Neuberger job. I think they're better now but I I don't think this makes them. The favorite or anything like that again that it's a nice boost you know we've seen it first did just three games you know what at what a change in of coach can do Pittsburgh last year. The team and all that talent base walked up the coast they go on when the whole thing so it can sometimes be what pushed the team over the top. I still look at those teams in the metro and say that the price rather Montreal this might help them. Solidify of winning the division but I don't. You know just based off of the roster I don't know this is a aid they cup winning team. Well let's say what they would you can win a cup of the type of goalie and in the star players that they have an eleven and besides Washington's in the front. And the first that Don. Military that would be the first round. If there's anything that to lose to an eight seed it's a lustig capitals as anybody I don't care what it is that they have every year people jump on the capitals bandwagon and every year they fail. Just a maritime first round second round date fail. Other penguins obviously the finish in the cup champs to a seven point behind the capitals are so we knew reckoned with. Columbus has been on the ports are torts of sorts for Rel has been an unbelievable is obvious coach of the year. I think. With Columbus and and other they're amazing. What they have achieved this year. They're going to be at their beards they'll be a tough team I think you know in my in the post season. And I mean that they indicating exert orbit or five point three on the rate and the Rangers you know they again have a that it they're. They can be tough for me they can they go on when the playoffs I mean when Stanley cups all the time. Only one actually the last what fifty years but. Still they'll be a top contender Montreal I think we're there I think what's real and absolutely give anybody a run. Put their money and that would be right valeo the first round matchup would actually be Montreal vs the Rangers and so. Craig or to the metro so good. That they would get right now it before and for you know ten B five and three. But right now before Ford sold the Rangers at the top wildcard team. So they would actually jump into the other division here for the first round and played Montreal yes you know what they have more points than the Bruins got to play Columbus at the playoffs started today that the 73 matches. But I don't know they do they do go one through it'd be it's based they've. Made it all American all ghetto they say right if they Ottawa right in the face Ottawa ray contributed to three but yeah Toronto that's three games they still need to play to match the bruins' season total so there's there's so much to be determined that the spots are all gonna jump around between now the of the season. But it's one of those scenarios where 111 division is so much better than the other. Even if you win the division in the case of Montreal you don't get that layup you don't you're not guaranteed to face Toronto or Boston the first round you might have to face Columbus or or the Rangers. Or in Pittsburgh depending on how things shake up 6177797. Under through seven mark will patsy guys lined up on the court break a welcome back each separate from what tonight. Until ten which keeper to seven right here on Sports Radio W Riyadh. Factor shepherded from what at night 6177797. That if police ever rich keeping guy houses well defense on. That's superfast. You were to reframe. Their running back and get a good run there he did early 2000 what's next for Vince Vaughn could be a wave runners eleven. Maybe the that. It's what 777 night seven knighted threes ever talking Bruins right now. Until the top of the hour and then go to the Jews in much the baseball talked with the rob Bradford to Johnson must have been both down. In fort buys back the phones Rico it's a Patrick in New Hampshire next here that we are able Patrick. Eight PR or grade are you doing good great at bat that's. Agent. Or as quote I wish the best of luck unfortunately the Bruins through the whole thing up should let him go awhile ago what they need to warm up yet it was a disgrace yup. Oprah got to go back item. But between you and me let's start KM and dot mean it did it that Carlo where what you said they might as well as full team. Because that is all their future's young. I mean how would you get rid of crates. Trade him I mean we're done you're done now before you lately Nick Young. Well actually been better or to Cassidy a lot better to be honest with us look pretty much of Bruins always have these streaks of three games once they then that many of them over the years last three or four years. You know so that it opens to a well maybe they get a little more for him one up there. Mentality is that they're actually bred it Karla because Charlie Mack of way at the U was going to be the next sensation here and that's just garbage. Exactly on what you and I think you know it's if you look at the history behind this organization how many times a beginning of the way. You beat it like can't look at it gave weight to what he gave way you know seeing in castle. And I think what other count they have and if they continue to do that his organization is going to be one of those. You know had to make make the play out one round or economic class at all that I keep what they have if you're sick you get Carlyle. And that you you you Atlanta's got in that particular direct talks. For. It's equal right down to. That's and thanks for the call pressured recent report says that's the thing to pass an exciting. Are ordered not to pay him this year certainly what that's another. Thing to ward doctor Bruce and bill because. It's. That that's what he's gonna demand that the united. Right and you'd much rather have him in land is gone so well yeah Debbie metal crowd embraced an iPad and sort of forces your hand there or or then your year old. How this team sort of gotten his position in the first place in some of the contracts that they gave out and they sort overpaid. You know third line player lefty and jackets and I want to back this year but I mean did they have a lot of disaster rarely has so far maybe things turn around again on the Casio I don't know. I guess that I cautioned everybody to take a big giant deep wrecked this week and tell me let's see what happens next four games when they play San Jose. LA Anaheim and Dallas OK let's let's be. If this if this. System. Keeps up in this pinching down all this aggression that they have which has worked for three games but I have seen this act before. And I hope they can. Look I I'd I want this to to make the playoffs don't get me wrong all people don't pick a bit I want them to make the playoffs. I want them all the because I want to see what Montreal now the first round I actually I'd say no and I don't I'd rather have you just take it. And not worry about it by. There there is the worst. If frightened because it's the worst case scenario Richardson just hanging around hanging around. Yeah chase spot and I I I feel they're gonna do something. Germanic Leach stupid way to look at lashed dealer from their missed. It from last year you know it's very fresh they give up. You know they get on the farm but they give up on necessary draft picks in order to get guys that didn't even get them over the top and guys are really going to be a part of their future. So if you saw that how can you possibly make. That's a mistake if you're gonna make a trade at the deadline. Any figure playoff team. I don't know who it's going to be clear to find a way to bring in a guy. That is going to be here for the long term and you write Lance cocky speed and it bit somebody else is there somebody who's better maybe there's somebody who ignited picking on who's available. And you could make that deal. And maybe it does. You know the best of both worlds that helps you this year and they also going to be a party or core going forward though that this team doesn't need any rentals there's there's no reason. That they rentals just continue to play the young guys and and see which half bought. You know look at that the president look at that TS cents topped the retreat date lists which advocates of fascinating. And it's got they had the names the ages in the and that the cap it's on some look at that. There are opinion their best available defensive Michael Stone Maris zona who four million dollar hit against the cap. Spies played enough 55 games pumps are 43 games and as though. One goal and the assistant now at least fifth little marksman he's fifth overall he's there and the next best of but they have on their list for trade bait. You have to go out chimps are the first one is it ups are dismissed as it did it is Kevin shut Kirk already talked about so yeah. Now again it's four point 25 billion against the cap. That's he's pleased eleven goals and 28 assess. So yes obviously he's the type of guy you would want on your team four point 25 million it's fine. It's 27 years old now. Yeah what are you gonna give up to get him. Is it is it worth it. Does it work I mean if you're getting it put creature pastoral wanna give a car but to put Craig cheek and a couple of minor leaguers made it a package deal that I we're absolutely doing. But barring him. You know yes not much out there trip but it's a fifth as Michael Stone that you have to go way down on their list of sixteen. Two Dmitry. To be too caught off from buffalo who has 26 years old four point three million against the cap. 31 games. It's got one goal one assist I mean is an unrestricted free agent and shut it hurts an undershirt to free agent to might actually had a disease I thought I'd have to sign himself this. They have a lot to consider here there and my guess is I don't trust them. He and I don't I don't Rottweiler and the right back on and on there and expression now they're really feel on the heat more so than they were last year's us of the way this this quote to a debacle sort of unfolded. So wouldn't they be even more likely. They being cameo in downswing trying to save their jobs and bring in another guy. Just to get it in the playoffs at least they don't have a three year drought there about what's cost though that's my pride that as my water is the cost. All right go home all right thank you evidence on the ball well moving to a marathon absolutely. Burger all right thanks rich appreciate it you back tomorrow with Michael Holley assert without dale was in Roma that's our. Welcome but Romans and tweet out of the time to get to play up to him to him physical and knowing what Chicago is called some Italian radio tagged to sports talk show that we had fatwa that. Our picks against us what 777979370. Chat with you in for mud that Neitzel ten. I want to come back you'll be rob Bradford Johnson mossy joins me from Fort Myers targeted a little hot stove talk for a power. That after that you're right back and brew was talks about it on the news to talk about NBA news. Such an action tonight as well as the Philadelphia 76 it will keep you with. Update on all of it right here on Sports Radio WB yet.

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