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K&C- Another clueless column by ESPN public editor Jim Brady; No one cares that Claude Julien is the Canadiens’ coach 2-15-17

Feb 15, 2017|

Hour 4. Jim Brady misrepresents ESPN on social media. No one cares about Claude Julien.

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He's Kirk. News of the Montreal Canadians have fired their head coach they have hired who do. Don't string him along the way they set him up oil and people didn't expect him to come available answers roar about Boston being impatient not in the left the guy hung up the dry and shepherd is vindicated I guess what we've moved away from that you you're pretty quickly I was less than with Gerry Callahan you have this ESPN's social media story my job is to Chico as many if your employees have from the moment showed more often has more reputation for being racist in media the gold standard of racism that I really could never went off. That's really hate right if Boston Gordon Hayward looks more like Larry Bird and other players. You go and hat bill in Boston racism was a big story Kirk minute. You've got some teammates that say they're not gonna go to the White House never overlook the political heat have to go now live from there otherwise it becomes a huge story he's doing your trump is. It's hard for now why we just gonna treat him like he doesn't have support from the all right you get to say I've been I've been friends with somebody that makes him they start out now face the better do it that divisive to our country that doesn't work out to me on Sports Radio go. Damn right finally some news. Finally somebody said it writes I was looking beyond a. If all of the Amani and game show Twitter pages 794 fault was able to get that 840. Glad nothing Kirk liked better than look at other people's Twitter account that you see their followers in just stomp on a really good more than me and I thought yours so much less suggesting that I don't play more time there was a lot it's mostly the Red Sox people on one. Then I horse racing tweets of people don't you got. I can barely hear Butler. I read more than I I do about it so why not a big. Big Tweeter I wish I had to beat I wish I cared more about shoots too which it suggests that loneliness comic and so it's really a lot nine to five and Matt my desk turn out the content in between too much to him against the work don't you wish you could now step back sometimes and Twitter and not care about reading and missing I feel like it why not going on that story is summer knock on wood everything is okay and it will be good for the country for about 10 days and I am not the agreement phone with. It is not come with that and stream in the show I imagine he's produced Internet villains okay crappy job and people like about the lottery dollars are pretty well exactly and that anyone here let's go around the room I can't believe he's not gonna take its own cross country bleaker and Curtis. No way that phones off Roemer now be text in my crazy no doubt after being. Way idolize no chance I've already promises and appeals the phone will not be with trees staying tucked in the house done on the play ago. If you leave your ticket on the the play. No and operate with now can I get nervous so don't miss some missed some capital oh how. You know on the monitors television and some numbness I liked them if someone wants to beat Q school emerging with there's a great family will be will be around great leadership to reach that will figure it out Jerry Jerel out of Roger random it's fine. I'll be flying over before I got figuring out a loan fund fund a B commercial support although I know you. How will be landing spending a couple of weeks then falling back in July I don't I I wish it would happen but I don't that you are much vacation time. Well I'd take etiquette and they recognize it and he struggled at the vacation which should give you more. I only eight weeks is enough for the I whatever I don't I don't fight it or Jerry weigh in upper. It's human he would suggest you shop I barely terrible that you are set it would not for your shots at your job beats all I want on you know like MetaFilter is you don't care about the you know we're just gossip you know no not yes. I think you care every day is much I do about the gossip you anymore because I talked to here you don't you hear more about it. We would every day eagle back their sympathies to losers why would never talk to enter commercial break people that fearful you go and talk to them what are you talking about. We talked about last beyond hiding from the only guys disgusted with and I'm dale yet all of us. Paired give him what combined seven your vacation or wrong and your panic and they are worried we're going to be doing shall removal there. What do you review shall. Fun it just you do emerge deal right and I know about the website merger what happens I know I've had talks about that notes that I know. My out. Your trouble internal yes external CBS the gays that was one of the deals meant so much as early overnight rain that's too bad yes count you R&R Michael. I am. Real ID says there's an hour yes a real life cycle apparently I rarely are part of the finally there is no reason bank. This horse to get it deflate it where he's the best guys hybrid has not count but I hired out this. Through bucks and now I integrated nets and he told me experts at stopped doing that showed off work side our show yeah. Yes read the clippers started with you guys as licking it before it was here full time. And they sent us here on the jancker o'clock. Nacchio continued here with us shore and in some columnist and he's obviously mess in a very welcoming place for a used to doing the -- minute NASA now that's have been real estate pay my body random checks are not that any NASA work in probably a year that's that's a pain that Purdue ahead of their marketing -- text meets at key. Out of nowhere and invoice and keep hope with a parade coverage to. Out of no I had no idea new spot. All but so. Think it's when he asks probably the GC WGC ten late on that great coverage and wanna do that's for any amount of money it was miserable time at a job in this that you have to. Go cardinals I wanna go do it now so likely now I missed the you wouldn't be Bradford debates on this. It was a very good at that you could vote on the right question right there are always happy out your phone to text it was the way. What about all. PH cart what do you think what the democratic right in essence tedious as people just have left the TV on that yes. Subsites war a war wins above replacement. Brad bristled as work for them I've been pushed out. A bracket as best you know it's weird as I started as of this award for show once a week or size they stopped and. Ankles shocker I never I would. I've ever spoke to that's ever even before the Comcast go to work for them and never came to me nobody ever does he always subtle vote no they never talked never we never any actions with them at all. I apologize that's yeah my department they do great work. It it. I would like. Do the podcast version almost on television like him hourlong commerce in my toolbox old HBO show every couple weeks it was a Bill Simmons should have. Thank you another couple weeks and Comcast discussed. You do would sort of become afternoons to be two weeks by and I agree on 1112 it's a twice a month. Bad idea you're committing to. 24. Hours of podcast on the radio on TV nodding like separate maybe. It's sort of the same format the couple people talking and for girl narrative read something. Stripper reits weeks have to act like educating talent you have receivable are just outraged by the way. You wanna talk about she deserves we were talking about the Twitter crowd Bruce are obviously no results club hazel and present you cannot say anything bad about you know not have never watched dish or shouted judging by legislators get no raise my buried at Charlottesville Wednesday night's apparently feel it's my watch she takes on the NFL. Okay she has the guts to take Johnny and against domestic bond okay hooligans who have yet I Democrat I'm neutral. Jack has that he has the common sense approach social media we are here at last only three hours and fourteen minutes into the issue. Jim Brady's two public editor of ESP and the ombudsman we battled him in the past Jim is what I would call the Latin were Arab leaders assay. I honestly I was hard for allergy chairs Dahmer got Gymboree Jim Brady will never come on your hides behind some contract which is not true. It's a media public editor has a content deals content into radio or television not to talk about his stories Pakistan die it's a lot to live byline. So he gets into the whole thing and basically it's about socially right mature as a great yes. An article about social media practices and policies ESP first page two of this story but printed out version. My opinion meaning James and dealing with social media trolling is probably different people's I don't take any issue. With occasional push back on a troll I confirm I've seen Jim Brady's work he definitely does not. The issue with that he goes at these egg followers like he is the spawn of John Dennis himself. I mean he attacks he's people who you know are definitely critical of him which is quick edits were to handle out there as the story goes on Chris. What's your recorder and we get a chance announced that he's an actor actress and you treated and yesterday asking a month overnight that he hates us he says it's access. Sure most journalists try to reports were dispatched their generally waste of time and energy should not. How can media organizations push their journalist you social media to better engage in breeders'. Then tell me must look the other way it was feast for the peace of comments 99. Your question at the end of the day famous or not journalists' thoughts remain human beings. Sometimes you're gonna break. That's what happens when you come crazy Eddie regular person said bull by the Jones. Co host of ESPN's highly questionable and somewhat never ends who's never shut down. Who's never shy mixing up with fans or critics all read all manner he ever actually demonized him at right blocked New England here in the last month. But going back at critics is come up risk than it did in Wisconsin power couple penalties Rachel rivers and coaches. It's funny you're so yes I look at Jim Brady is his personal account and yes at. Yes and public Ed is the public is it fires back at people most at Gymboree Gymboree refusal disagreements with the story. It classy be above for such an album. They get some Michelle beatle thing Jane McManus who of course were national average of that he's a fighter Jack McMahon if we meet again I'd give us. Deal which mobiles and otherwise we all the critics out of the pretend world and you know women women journalists that write anything that Everett back you know. If AJ Perez were woman today when the it was a great story into this story you want. It and shirts. Expressing opinions opinions is second part of the story. After the Celtics take proper expressed frustration in Boston fans cheered Utah's court it would. Bobby Jones got hot water when it's strong and quite highly question the race may have played a role. Though Crowder who was black he didn't suggest race might literal insuring your potential free agent. Johnson is or another arena in the whole country to get this charge of accord it would be becoming a free agent. Patrick for Drake is one thing but if you put Hayward in the same level as to rag you might be the Cigna had Kevin Love welcomed four when he wasn't even the freeagent yet. Again an unbelievably stupid statement by an unbelievably stupid person yes and Israel Gutierrez we had that sound back can he mentions an extra shirt off that Gordon Hayward looks more like labor than other players. Okay when you this is a couple comments drew fire from Boston fans how does she don't respond to such criticism I don't think he wanted to be fired because he disagreed with. I think he wanted to be fired exit thing they think a community fireball offense Johnson I never said Boston's racist city I said boss does it real affection and Knoll. For white players which is not the same thing Jones later clarified her on the radio he said possibly racist and but it said in the context the bowlers and he's being apparently figured out. Duo I've had this discussion before all cities are inherently racist that's a compliment yours Eddie Jones now flip over and he has that was originally called Austin races again would you weigh in. It's funny because we know. The Houston yes yes these are another arena whole country we can discharge of record here were me becoming easy free agent again I would ask money Jones. This race trolling fool. Did you hear the reaction to Gordon Hayward that that was or nine minutes standing ovation to coordinate with a really get back into that part. He gets back in the me the the should say steal stuff which wherever. Wraps up. Yes to should be a limit to the east and is willing to allow. It's commentators saying it's up to network management these clearest possible hey hey back on this aboard those limits are are something truly beyond the pale of some likely India's. Common social media posts in the world where patients. The opposing viewpoints and seems to be evaporating I think that's a good position for the company to take tennis coach Jim Brady. I mean literally just licked the nots of the easiest pin. Work I've to follow pliable and I can you go key guys when he to go to the paragraph. Were points out that Curt Schilling. Was fired for his not so interestingly enough my neighbor a story about ESPN social media policy did not mention the one guy yes who aspire to though virtually got to fire a single comment or so from -- post in in their details on Friday that a series of battles that someone like this right right and also it's someone like gels no horse has meeting number perhaps a reasonable com my question would be that she's going to races have its discretion juveniles are have been castigated recently by her bosses over. I'm not sure what's problem I don't know why you guys. Perhaps maybe you looks like it and they agree with her they agree with her they appear on her sailing now medically he said you know that Celtics fans you know I -- for the Celtics is like calling Hitler a victim of her never understood and only I mean how can you. You get more offensive than. Its its spots and again you know he just has he has no problem he just Brady is such as no problem the but that he is pianist waiting for this story. Ox and if you'd eventually gets a much flak and he. No probable money Jones in the Hoosier Gutierrez and all these other people saying the SP and things boss' race right and no problems or problems in the minds at saint Boston has particular affection from light place and what is not. He writes. Brady rights. Neither Steele that's made upstaged you over the whole stupid airport thing George Jones required if you're the same about every issues every reader we're not talking about. Misstating universally agreed upon fact we're talking about the opinions of people who have arrived here via their own personal experience that's Gymboree. Or the money Jones explained to me your personal Boston experience of would you say its most recent country what happened Alston has more of a reputation for being racist in India. OK so what what does that mean. I was I mean rice. Losses racists that that's clearly he means and at least so the bikes would Brady's he licks the nuts habeas PM which is price is true. It was a beast ignores the stuff that doesn't fit his argument personally is number one here's number two you write the second issue is is whether ESPN is OK with personalities. Blocking users on social media the policy doesn't directly addressed this but my opinion is the trying to avoid blocking is probably the best plan and shore. Young monastic persistent troll blocking my purely option. But ESPN personality should avoid blocking. When the issue is a simple disagreement and I weeded out and got the immediate response. Doesn't money Jones. Block everybody ought actives yes we get screen shot after screen shot of people are trigger or just add to that question Chris say ask her followers who's a -- by the money jobs want proof because I see the screen shot people said the money will you go on with Turkey Callahan and talk about this and hey next big ideas. He blocks them so. Jim Brady who as a serial blocker. All of this apple money Jones does not mind if I ignore it was aching north courage and so this unbiased and this is not. An honest portrayal ESP or sponsor of showers. Of course we know what this is disguised it by ESP add there's always gonna be completely buys and by the way my guesses. Jim Brady false politically on the side of these people don't think it's a fair guess to make it it's familiar flat on the attached to Schilling tight about a potential double standard. What is happening of late clock. And Jim Brady was and all the time he listens all the time you'll never ESPN's Tom and that's obvious opinion yes I didn't know the guy at contract with him once in my life. I looked him up today just easy I was on I think he was on as well some political climate he blocked me. How do we ever do the job and have a junior you're c'mon Hiro we're those Brady pieces with the workers from awhile okay. You wrote that we thought I was wrong so that the is your policies to block somebody disagrees with I'm not one of the greatest fears you that all people are not on end to the again. This week. We got to you know in these people rod had to have to come Marshall we will we don't rule. To fill a come on that's fine the subject to Boston Kevin they call the right time. Actually car where it. Occur in Cali. Money Jones thinks Boston's racist Israel Gutierrez thanks Boston's racist Trammell hill things Boston's racist what's his name. I mean Al Husain I mean Ellis on things Boston's races they have no proof. Zero per Richard Gordon Hayward it short to get your cornea with a nobody saw and they and they like Larry Bird and the record stop that time that already was in their mind to rest up for the and it seems to be reading it that that Jim Brady has absolutely no problem with the none none didn't even the clarification the money and saint Bosnia's particular affection for white players. You forgot to say good. White players like everywhere. Angels fans racist because of my course and the it I understand any idea telling jokes about the idea of Boston fans being excited about it in my sky and I got joy joy hate this too I hate the stuff he gets the whole thing about these women are abused on Twitter enough. You can block like what he says you you can do bought these offensive people. But that's not part of the story I'm sorry being tough on Jamie minister Michel beatle. Has nothing do with the dispute social media policy just doesn't I'm sorry doesn't bode does it you can easily say it would route now for talk constantly about Twitter. Where he can only see people who you follow or people who were verified that response I really thought about it what you call ins and and and revel in that and and you'd put the woe is me card. That is now officially on you and so that should egg you're right Kirk not be part of the conversation in 2007 call a city racist if you're a man or woman that's city's going to come back I'm sorry if you're Charl wilder you write a story like that. Man or woman in did you president of beating last 24 hours on Twitter obviously but you know again but it helps the brand and that's the best thing ever happened sir are you guys like what happened McKee that's why Charl while they're made up the story the other night is because you know I've seen happen to other guests on the show before. The sun shines on them for a day or two they don't really like it. But then the sun goes away and gets dark and you think women nobody's paying attention anymore let's make something up like that pension post on FaceBook the other day where. Jerry and I were offering a buyer drinks at 1230 at night hotel in Houston. In giving her money whatever Campbell sold forty dollars or an analyst at she told that party's right she says that other media member trouble for act damaged making something up and making sure and I look like you know old creepy creepy and a green there. But that's that's what happens they get home this is what goes on in this world. It's it's what happens. This three confirms. What Jason whitlock said with you guys a couple of weeks ago or Ryan or solo. Has said recently. But it ESPN if you if you fit in politically your wire they are top brass are. You can basically say and do whatever you want as long as you are on their side when you don't. And you speak out about it Carcillo whitlock even if you're not directly in competition even vaguely outside that box. You can no longer you say or do what you want and that. That is hypocrisy. Times I thought I mean they're different sorts of different people like I love Stephen A Smith he comes on here but you know he said a couple of years ago that I. You know what was suggested that women you know play a role in getting beaten in some elements of probably oh absolutely it out we have on this that I Easter curry stiffen Kerry's wife should stay quiet you know our place after she spoke out. Find game six of the finals and Alex Stephen A Smith but you'd like to say things that he doesn't Schilling. I weeded out that Stefan Perry's wife should know her place after ignite. Rightly be done right. So it was a double stack there's there's no doubt you is with ESPN is right now I'm not surprised us or Jim Brady write the stories was exactly expected. Everybody gets a free pass ESPN's fine. The woman to bully that that the fault us for the egg heads on on on Twitter they believe the women they elected personalities at the Scott impelled it's not fair. Not with the explosiveness to fight back he called tires the races. In your passport. That's what happened at that that indeed you are nothing they've learned nothing nothing lurking out there now and I'm not sure it's going to deacons keep losing subscribers in losing viewers and apparently they're OK with that as long as. You know they have enough political allies out their speaking what they want to speak on social media. And the platforms Leavitt tart across the hour the fans at this plant just said you know I'm downloading is becoming frustrated with remorse is just what they are made move on I mean a seed with the spins like Albany with recent ratings many people done. I guess but I just wonder people sitting at the beach as it did their liberal and they hate Boston it's okay. And their and their that they asked answers to mean the programming to is to straight out. I'm nannies Parker it's always so it was. Michelle. Trammell and Michael Smith writes don't know that I'll shots not last night revolutionary show every single program now and it's not working. No nobody talks about the shows of enough doing this and read it worked out more about the fans thank tweet after tweet of people so I got it now that the money's block them my gut that so he personally never backed down. Second of all Jim Brady about fences don't block or you write about the body and ignores the fact that this guy blocks what people and EDS will be altered so research to the legs. Actually it was just lets them view that to look actually act crazy little lazy physically is yet to narrative that mattered and right it's killing you mentioned was admitted he did mention them on engines box people right he had a narrative and but it but the narrative he wasn't 61777979%. Or more with Roemer and mark in for your. Kirk and Callahan. Now I want Sports Radio WEEI. The month. And fired their head. Centenarians yet they've hired. Him you. Know. Yeah and hey. Drill that you've seen the stuff. Okay okay okay. Yeah. Credit. It is brilliant. For a much different boxes Mike got the and gets a fake reaction from Holland now that's rich Keefe. What's insane that. They're rivals in OK what else like it to you guys have usher it's insanity it's like Terry Francona good to get Iraqis. Is the big accident at 60 final say it again now is it isn't like card in San. Insanity is to. It steepness of the girl I think it shows a lot of lot of stuff that's been made to do really well on them all be listening. But I I I think well. What I mean if my general rise up and realized what that is insane that when you heard it's what. In Hannity. Took. So cordial it is now the coach of the Montreal Canadians first place Montreal can on had a flurry content is out as they head coach for an. And he's replaced by Julian and everybody's pretending to be upset alone nobody cares again Canadians bruins' big a hands I don't necessarily want here's a story the Bruins okayed it. The move the birds and blocked it but they okayed it. Because they're cheap in one payment I got one reason other reason that only think much of jones' coach anymore like that okay. Can take on this please I host Saturday switcher taken literally it inherited if the Canadians Wednesday. It Sheridan now. Why. I don't want I would have directly aided their I personally won't care if you're court ten doesn't hurt us helicopters landed when does that June. I'll I'll be checked out by June through September good people watching and that's good luck in the media. Mutton would have Bradford show over three fewer Bruins would you care. I would say this if you're Bruins fan and you carried a fired. Yeah that's if you care how we got fired up that he might not want him fired most with you pulled Bruins fans in the last year and two weeks ago. The majority of them would've said get this right current sitting you can't care sorry no. Tito cares that be race care. I don't and is an English I'd think little things I understand who's a great. You know he's a fruity stimulants like that I understand would Red Sox fans care Francona with the Yankees and Els here went. After he was fired here now. Which I think that would have been around any right thinking reflects a camera album but what it again with 2000 but it would have been dead they won the World Series the Yankees. There with a scared she yes they would have yes absolutely Parcells went from here to new York and now they Francona Francona you know for this group is far more consistent that you. When I know he's every year. Julian at last every year until last that's true and until recently and outline so recently baseball that allowing teams in the playoff in the American League like hockey too good point of the year the brits are true it's improper to Iran Iraq how many did. While. You're going yeah it's been Scioscia security saying. Can't say well Julie what it was accessories coach technologies to get through they don't care don't indicate knowing they cared about you'd agree. Was the timing of the press conference vs actually fire right now was that everything the media all week he fit in in in felker in Bakken always. And that's all protect. Well altered our shepherd is upset he says decent failed team that's also okay there were somewhat pleased the reaction yesterday yes it was announced that it was a team that bad when they were in complete control the playoffs with a month ago each of the last two years now I think they should beauty talent level that fall off and last month whose fault was that letting the cat whose fault was that Julius okay whose fault was it when they won the presidents' trophy lost the playoffs. OK then. I would always have to quit with some of open lines right now. 6177797937. And which rescued this do you care at the closure les coaching in Montreal Canadians Kurt remains answer no. Mike and it's easy answer absolutely no outs Roemer yes Chris Curtis I do not care Ken Leonard Dobson okay so we have legitimate disagreement. I'm gonna dare people were calling right now talked was I don't think daycare. I'm doing a segment to prove a point I don't think Bruins fans care I think they cared about him really not a tentative that's not good for our right cut ties into dozens of pain how the Bruins are run as an organization and team president. Who likes being likes the title but he has only taken responsibility okay it was a good Julien pain scaring virtually coach techniques. I different issues but it just goes nowhere really. Yeah now we get new jobs are because yes yet paint he's spinning Bruce after payment this as a money. Let's get higher that's what's that now that you're just an argument accurate Bruins fan. And you think joined going to Montreal's cancer isn't going to be kick start the Bruins are considered cheap. That's an argument as I would like to kick start wondered if there for a place what what's the kick start birdied the committee I just fine. They fired up fired New Jersey is for keg with the other three broken as had to back all the sudden or Bruce Cassidy that's yeah he's small Santa I just seven games at Kerry price for the best goaltenders and hockey deal loaded roster who has twice team again. Points ahead Canadians. Where fading for first place team right now currently under in the standings yes in the division yes it's. Yes those who bought. I don't know that he's Nash national poetry for Shea Weber dead as a big yucky years what you Rebecca Hall. Kerry price is struggling blue liners want struggling he would like the all star into an artist John. As the latter swap that rare poll I think might be much harder the better of the deal disagree or agree here is at this point you. Well if you want a I don't apps. No shot of Portland and Jerry Rice he got 92 catches when he's forty years old XY know everything a multiple of course you give us. Tom Brady still forties about which of these columns just. Her donation to charity the comet lines and again perfect. Scots in Charlotte got a leg but not as I would say mutt is much is Lazard and excellent blitzer the coats on third Nate in what text that America right now. The the mutt you aren't impacts on drug sales were two of the dale is yet to comment lines here. On the schools let's go first to two lies with seatbelt on also the point I texture. On it's about Scott. What is that it that it no accident or is exactly they'll let or actually it was me I would bet on the thirtieth two. But he can't go to yet be a broad center of the group for a guy to coast. I Skype I'll say this if if the Canadians with a Stanley Cup which is gonna happen obviously. On Saint Louis is here is that if that if that's what happens you cannot you cannot get worked up and down the fair. Oh what a lot of work at night and I political institution one. I don't mind Whitney is the first place finish of what I OK maybe he's got fired. Yeah it in and got side. What if our history not to pay. He got a job offer actually job I looked originally went back to might do a great job appear on county and he's finally while the get fired led a job a week later talked about moderates it's an expert would have scored at 230 seconds that they'll never use I love you loved it I loved that usually got a job weeklies that does but I thought this is why. Other phony. Powerfully they're activated the sounds like Martin activated I don't I was a kid yeah. God under head right now consumer in the Stanley Cup Iceland ice in Washington truck. Imus in Washington. That's my take your year this year is different though new coach. Actions having a great year Imus in my trip back from is that now year. Which fashion at the back. The latest on the phone up that's it. No mere hey hi I am not so bad certainly it's just you just turn your sports page of the NHL standings and see who is actually in the playoffs out of Dallas I think that taking carries this if to host 32 this year. Dallas thanks this year what is wrong it's not the playoffs right now scenes agree on the radio Sega. I love scene honest I'm not I don't forget you have my uncles. Saints play on angles to 21 goals changed a mistake you train until the MVP right now. Who on product on a game might be. Not syndicate probably I would like I you've been here Michael Kanye for him but tonight. Eichel capsule is acting more Brent Burns articles or press the red birds and agree that it's not that you'd be he's gonna win the something this year dealers believe it. It might in the being you would believing that you in my yeah I would like us all Cutler shortly bank. Our show room in the league being idiotic and hearing smiles cynics might take off. Shopping. Sitting there pounding you know cold drug your body shots on the finger at your age. And then your article so it's not our own much as our backlog Juliet. Pro rail right generalize. In what order cost oil and Cam Cameron done. An architect of the game this matter what you could Bagram BB a voice of dissent. You're the you're the call nine Kurtz is nothing but what's at stake article thank you Sean we'll talk to embody our argument Nikki New Hampshire with Kirk can count depending on San Jose they never in every and it does show varies to the cup finalist here and they wind and analysts surveyed did not win. I don't see them I would Minnesota. Routinely share that was up nick. Eight. Yeah really anything else in the big news bulletins what elsewhere assault Sox we know what else. But course Mikey out we know mighty stale I don't know yet to balding and all we know yet the. The good news you Ali on the ago. Yeah market them. Magician is quiet he's a plus 31 again this year I was not very. Very focused on the caller talked please go ahead neck guide them. All we are all that's right on the part of our team they practiced the roads and streets we want the Bruins to be around us. So we can't figured I would want we want them here we all all for it. So nobody wants a pro sports you leave your city that's stupid the brunt of the Bruins have dedicated. Fans and it's not right that clue Julian is going to you know stand there and point of people somewhere else it's not right chosen now run I'll I felt. I got it to good morning though. I have no problem record Julian go to the coach does other consensus here I think pretty well within a deal. An attack on that map. Animation camera that. Camera and went back into Canadian. Rival is no cell and it goes without did not match and I feel. In Gardner. I am I the early show and I'll play the remedy any loyalty that they fired him and got off from the Canadians I think you should probably particularly noted they can do here in activated the enough right. DeVon was too much. No dad no fun not fun to watch and I actually enjoy to other smile and laughing they're making judgments Jesus the plane grab that's sitting duck he's seven the caddie you're you're not happy for the good you know the not a great year. An automatic on public Chara. Yet that the medical let out like Chara at a breath of fresh air for him when it close. Eighty each other that's facts are it's been locked up in the Bristol wrap this up Kevin did you concerns. In the but not here attitude right now I I care. A lot of it your question with a question. Would you care if what are your good buddies. Banged when he extra arts know. Lots I would I would bet that until well what correct. Kevin Wheeler from a lot of us that you got to. Apply apply. Serious of them have what are you doing. I'm aware this does that became public the like our anniversary of the Lyles that everything okay. I'm. About. What's going on. It skidded into silly didn't he was on campus and c'mon can't you guys. You know. Rob my store against the consignment business shore. Just ducky. It's off some Obama had a problem with. Now some would unite and now and stealing I had a about it it would be. Talk some time now lost a lot of my a lot of laden. Is Torre in his tank we've been charged that this you know I think. And lightning with nuclear. Outburst OK at. It's been rough patch but I'm sorry ass. Right debut audience wanted to chime ams are a little. I get to work we'll do better tomorrow be that meters here to market are solid and make fun of remorse like serious reflective camp now and I period series knows that series search from Hartford. Now rich are pros at this. It needs it's gay guy talked about having sex and Myanmar kills me is now sort of like you want isn't it it's just knowing you're gay men to yes you don't need I'd. That's it or wayward group tries his mentor role obviously shut up I'm better at this the godfather any I mean you know if I was doing with no competition in 1997 appreciate your ratings to. Ratings you know competition comes in later read that letter was adequate to hang around his feet that. John get thrown out Roemer midsize copied and work hard times are tough from shows he told me in the podcast OK okay away like that there. This Glenn talked about how he did hockey -- is people old core all it took us it took us I looked at those it was time to emitted 36 seconds for glad said but. Show was never run. OK check. I did hockey tot. Hockey as you imagine it's key. You tell me yeah talk about he'd needed they needed to hole I got all its power that can't wait to listen we got it got past the toward the end of the podcast and yet episode two of the two part thought was very good episode two if you want to guys who really matter each other. Don't have bombs each other part to Wilbert. Oh yes. Now they skip over will help you skip look like to Johnny most it was a little bit glad that people were my neighbor's yard but it but they wanna hear me talking about that because that's camera but very. But to our podcast attributed form. Of that would with guys like that now in my peek into the you know we're too high school thing and this is not interest to me it's more. Inside radius of marble do you feel better about your relationship with Glenn only two hours to your men mad at him for a long time as I Cecil he's a rat. Again I'm still down but you know I think people over the years I'll meet you can't trust this guy Shaughnessy was one of them is that you just you can not trust or was that with a back bench. Other people so to me as well and he did. What I understand who we is going in I capital like the dialogue you know we have a will be kind of close relationship. So it's it's it's been tested its protest by sounds like the way you're just speaking at soundly it's a little bit better Tuesday. Well I think when you come on kiss the ring. It goes along and that's the rule that is able to able Bryant's. Dave O'Brien sucked into Lee came into the pot and your opinion no no I was defending gained. He came in did podcast and then you were he's not my favorite Red Sox play by play I would say that O'Brien's a little a lot of personality he's a little and I'll miss you Christiane yeah. Our favorite guests who. We don't. Good answer was battered Albright when you set. Done as a guy like an easy outing days better a better Red Sox but I played ITV. Then jumped on why. Becomes critical the Red Sox and I've I've heard to be critical article with us on the broadcasts on not on me on TV and look at your stupid radio brought you we talk let's go on a lot of level brunt of Tunisia. Can we do my next week they're going to be on next week or roundtable. Who always gets to do that yes everything the route it was dunce of John you're the airport three hours early Friday it was eight got a 940. He was at Fort Myers are words that was tonight in one box library that I among tease them during Red Sox historian Gordon needs commodity and buckle commander in the week a couple of times and the breaks just like hey guys score when he says he and Dan roach is a candidate that chair in conflict not happen the book is new share. Arts it's what 777979. Double wrapping up and handed over to my friends in the day X Cooke and Kelly. On Twitter. Sports Radio we. Are you happy culture of the president. Yeah I don't care all thought the day. Or it came into the best. About my summer's funniest people on Twitter and people were mocking him and city overcame severe stutter his kids so. He goes a reason why the service Cameron fives is also. Had no actually no facts to back up its argument but I like age. Right out of the gate he admitted he was wrong yeah last week who was that the moment late Crockett from their path like he's excited for a couple of our salute. We'll casting tomorrow. Figured you know for premier hours per meter FO as we speak right now Gymboree the the opinion public editor is getting angry trolls on Twitter that's about it is that you can get on young at the WEI crowd saying they going Adam already in it. Somebody said their grand parents his grandparents of the machines have my grandparents' day. We have a right. Exactly honest people are yes and look at a screen CDs anonymous people sending me messages to and here's what's is it which is a character address Chris at Gymboree. Again he wrote the story between the story again if you disagree Jim let us know what kind of class just. Load up his is mentions with classic mentions that he would he deserves that pathetic stick your abilities we thank god AJ price for coming on. Peter King was scheduled originally Chris Curtis decided to back now and there's always. Executive call we have eight podcasts after it was some sound attached to what yes truthful but guess what's on second and be up for listeners lo lot of work to Oakland. A and it takes a look funny at work. 130 here but there you wanted to acknowledge the done well no. What's that we don't willing to 2 o'clock it's I got a haircut so the second his podcast at the station atlas is just the competition. Wait don't tell me to restart popular Callahan reinsurance definitely happens when its next generation billion crossed over ought to buy the place you assurance they shots he's hit quality complaints to dot com. Alex thank you we'll see you what it's a couple Yasser. You be around region the WBI dot com might be back tomorrow is it more like John Niedermayer mid day guys are up next I'm glad it's here right. What does it and it is a historian Lou I believe those guys coming up next stick around. The openly gay man who favorites all sorts of liberal stuff on Twitter my guide them in just a bad. Look at that they're. Saying. I. I am not game. I never happened today. And.

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