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OMF - No more football on Sundays, so the Bruins and Grammys fill that void 2-13-17

Feb 13, 2017|

Glenn, Lou and Christian open the show by recapping a sports Sunday without the Patriots. The guys talk Bruins, who are 3-0 without Claude Julien, and the Grammy Awards.

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Fort Wayne and bony and 48 have a good weather everybody we'll see what spring train and in this case there there's always a lot more sense of redemption. Looking to make up. From the previous two years snob whose job. Yes and he hole where you were there briefly and went back. Michael and Christian who oversees the wars. In terms of one tree you report and we'll color don't like them don't clock from gladly meet these opportunities and issues. They won't I think beamer and the martian and it's an issue that's the real. That wacky or put them on those and the real foray I've seen them real boring that's the real story. On Sports Radio WEEI. Paul's own vacation. Feeling lower. We're calling it vacation. But we're calling it vacation you know Boise the judges that's and I miss a bigger figure what you wanna do that with their liking suspension. Suspension he's going to send you listened. It some time off figure out what you wanna do with live let you know your honor and committed to it that much power. I just figured it. Position but as you would have to your microphone and I think it's Anthony and the Shia community at us and that's why isn't this for us all working away harmonies are. I don't us all of this economy today. If there's one quick balls out here. For you young when my youngest is that you can't be UK companies get smelly. That that I think the plan now to Mike saw that it now that now Carlos and Nolan but look at the font on it look where that in my that's models that for much about what was here today event. Like all the alternatives brand new oh boy what has been French kissing wreck to me let's ask the small there is a dark navy blue now like Sony and I think that's a quick and Agile. I was going might be sick if I'm working yeah we're going on vacation I'm like chaos might get sick on the doubled refuse to. You can do you content you all you want them getting so but there's account that it wouldn't say it's. That can't do what you're by the way using catches reports that these should be done for my utmost respect most for you for press conferences yes we'll there or did you yeah. The method of thanks everybody I don't know. There was kind of an area I sit on the bench and it's just say it's one of those things it's a guy allocate soleil let's go to Lulu ought to look that good. Alls come out of his hands well. And guys don't bowl madness. Guys' attention and it's you know it's easily is. Hey this week it's an equal publicly you know conditioning tests. He's just like the first companies that do every season no I know but it's like the I feel like the first two weeks is like that. The first two there's nothing nothing really of the satellite going to all week this week Friday's first worked out for the team that's the first day get to see that lied BP. Guys work it out together ground balls whatever my routine drills. Right now it's PFP. You know ground ball first first pitcher covers put them blew everything at 50%. Toward bull parents that's real audio book. Yeah how are now putting hasn't got a lucky but kept shuttled out there are happy to India spots. I don't know. I mean it watchable and so it's like it's a waste of week you know what you said at the bench knew everybody talking yell fat problem was after a week in Miami and if he's in shape you feel good about it you're just waiting to see I don't create another one of these football vs baseball things but. You learn very little spring training. There's little. Very little because with the guys are hitting you don't know who's pitching. You don't know who's on the other team at the time you get past the third fourth and sit with everything knowing fire and it's standard. I would agree Percy should football you might learn. Be a little bit more than you learn baseball. So much of that with baseball's pitching that we don't know what you're basically Mitchell mightily direct you know what you're seeing right. Jackie Bradley June 3 years ago bring thought for what and he. Ready now ready last year when ready and because of what you saw forty at bats against the guy that was the same level that he. You know he faced a guy that was gonna go to double leg which when he should of went Eddie had a double off of those average goes up. But enough of big leaguer I got a couple again that your beautiful scene. Of this week I just sort of sit back I also. And even they you know some guys are down there that. You're gonna get a one on one interview you're now you're gonna give me. What what yours your forecast for season now. Now well would that at least they're only good moods now three weeks from now they're all night and out of the last night and be totally different you pretty much said anyway you wanna talk is really mean give me a big. Competition worth competition. A third page or there's don't come. Apparently won't get it will get Pablo stumbled into the game top prize of 10% body fat. It's of the marriage and everything later on the program the managing yesterday at some CEO answers that we need to interpret considerably can he says so yesterday it was our first debt. First some. Without without football as it was withdrawal take out the NFL network you play all of the a super cook wins and it was like four. And all of you may I hated Y a lousy two it was just I mean. I was watching it it now couple custom. Ones some pain in there and to. Watch it with my son he now I coach this football team he's critique and Helen I mean you know late watching every block in the snatch them running these routes. And watch him going. I am these low and that for author. Getting. Tired I don't warped sense of self worth and immediately Craig I thought I was really I did. Has opened their arms back I would flow back and look at it big interception I suspect that it's at the pictures from all down there. After Carolina scores actor Ruben Foster scores. Of all again there are nice mix of run pass it down there Bieber on this corner route. Primer on the corner route I'm watching myself Ron real time that slow motion is real time I'm like. Trying to run well it's like I'm slow. Down the field. Well a couple of different things that's nice to be out at any U Orange Bowl is. A little bit will look at the polar overnight the genitalia for once you horse all night long. This is slow. Laughter. Highlight. One highlights the Brady threw touchdown every ball. The left you know the one that picked up in the air and it was just fifteen exodus from here it says. And Ed I know that play now they knew I hope you already motioned for the right of somebody else was in most of the rip you off to the right and it just so you block in some corner suckered in our defense event. On the right Ramos catch in the left. You gotta be taken on movement and plays go this way at a hospital is there right. We're able get the touchdown 89 guys rushed him by high fives no 88 used to putting on Roger Allison sent you an ironic don't you rate look at a manufacturing joblessness like I don't down the season off and Gibson is altogether I'd lost slower than angry at UC Bagram air unit all a couple of okay Graham was the guy emotion that you were once I had ripples that yeah that's. That's down in Monaco it was the united it was the elixir yesterday though immediately sealed those kids was pretty pretty game grew to them a little bit later on as well. Because we furthered the the day here and you have the grammys and I never thought I would say. Based on what was seen over the last couple months with the Bruins take out the the Bruins game last night. Go back and forth from the grammys to the Bruins game it was entertaining. College were showing some wall life okay right. And agree image showed none of it you like that thing you opened almighty like that are. Forward. Change toward your putts and show itself down the stairs but it did it look like really happened that we really strip it was awful. It was shelves needs it was so. This guy was kind of funny. I don't think it's your worst post on one of these awards show he's the James cordless it's perfect for that to be hosting a lot easier as an English accent. Exactly yeah just after they say it's small. Talk or now he's kind of everything all do every I don't care about hosts he's a mean or slower recruits of the national treasure and I don't think they liven it up a little would you care. The us in July 10 and our security. Watch and beyoncé and Hillary wide why got a little under a table she gonna start African singing. Eight this one of those nights that you realize that video now you realize that you you've loved. Music OK maybe you'd love individuals for their music. But then you realize that they're the people the people themselves behind the music crawl whacked. They're all that there artists RT socks right your right to keep it keep it professional athletes like before you do an affair QE2 off the field. I like your music I think Iran knots but Jake Arnold what in God's name she was there was supposed to sit through that I. I don't know it was it was more like hell I first want you to. Well you are good but her mother pregnant under applicable to go about it which doesn't mean you don't know speaks his mother measurements she thinks she's mother nature. I think she's facing African song I she's got she's separate point you know. You know there's photos she showed at all the big as usual or Astros I did see a couple people between multiply to numbers she looked like. Cleopatra like she's like trying to really like I think she is all leads as she's mother and he is off. About Dell Dell screws it up in the applaud her tomorrow and pay a lower it and both personal and stroking. And you went and. You. I was in the audience. Okay. In his way I'm sorry just thought yeah he thought. Now. And it's not the least bit extreme. Singing in Budapest that what song is dad and wish you sing and you list. Just sing it. Aren't just say this all of the players and everybody knows sort of forced removal from the other side we're always been a re pretty. A spread of Tristan was pretty good are pretty damn good but most of it was corked practice so producer decides. The hideous. Embarrassing thing they do at Fenway pork in the eighth inning. It beat the believes that you make should serve well that grammys last night to bring Neil Diamond output much people but only. Our. This is innards. Other occasions. I think it through and get a team scored six. The book eight that through it dating is finally over and and he played this song you know regulate really isn't great enough for the Bruins are known to take for the women and how public delicate did you hear what people don't get receptive all of my TV did anybody here Metallica. Yeah well I was up front but he did it just one of Lady Gaga to have the state is completely so good last week at the super ball with. We had a Lady Gaga and the crowd and to have Wi-Fi version my Mike wasn't wearing a common what is it nobody talks about Indians the surgery she said I'm glad. It'll look at her like 56 years that's totally different warm. So that your anger at early Lady Gaga well totally off to Hollywood you are messed the first like five years of life. You know she bought it in a shoot in the public when she came out wishing them became. You saw her she didn't look like she does now I don't know if she looks like yes pretty good look at them she was never she's Republicans pretty. How do you know who so did you see C lo green. He agreed not to watch the Bruins at that are given he showed that usual question we should go with I got to find a picture because he actually I thought it was few. But you would feel greed had the exact same body fat cats now. I look like you pretty Blanco should. Why should I let me. While others like that I love you I'd like extra regional vote isn't exactly the same body type of shore meet all my religion today for little a little and your actual Mars and that's probably have 17%. On that. I usually work in this strategy did you play if you ever movie it's double a so I thought Clinton busta reds game and out of out of there that's just went put him blow up I'm blow up the city news streamers. President you know that storage. Forget the evil why I didn't think I did lap leader the president Agent Orange was actually funny. That cushy means different but it was worth you while watching grams or so ago. I would just beat the guitar. Federal football. Just that easy like if you would have to give couple hits on what you don't know the matter is that is that you can be ugly as bad as an active person in the war you probably hits on a diva yeah you could be getting way out of robbed and guys us. And that came out with a guy that was made a name for himself because it's here here was weird. I know you're talking about I would pick here that that it came became on saying that noble Erica now because now he made and they don't identify with a Erica. Now the rely as voice in his music. Nobody came on all if you think about was that real professionals or Alter ego I can't believe this guy actually onstage singing at the grammys. I can't believe this guy actually makes a lot of money listen to it it's pathetic what is his name are you somewhat got its name out there are some of the business and its export. Its ease off. Well of course the black I would crazier I eighty and he did this to attract to multiple shades of gray is awful but it was voted yes it's got to we have as many edits of some of those people that are real artist gonna sit there can't believe this is music Kyra we talk and not as your security now Illinois that black tablet we've. Atlanta area I don't want to look at his. Quote you're not paying it. All your calls into our job you know pay attention I'm taking I'm taking I'm taking apparently again taking a page from four days at booking out. When I get involved in race you wanna break but guys like as another week of badger description awful that's always right. Weekends off of the weekend. Also on and he. Wants. Is that a good news you know as you know mica he's got things in Paris to grasp. For this equipment losses what does your night last night it was backed out taxes aren't ready there you're traditionalists like my last night free dom dot com aggregate content into an emergency here it's only the Bruins as a Democrat and now I'm like who I am now you do. Google and it said from the get go beginning of the season no way to make the plan now suddenly he's going to make the. Hostility held the Princeton. You know okay. So yesterday so it's it's it's nice to see guys actually playing up that protects you don't you don't defensively you don't pick what their dual boot up but. Are they they play above themselves or is crate she actually looking like David crates legitimate option but the two checks on the same line together. I like the other Euro broke it it is called yes I'd like Galifianakis with Marcia and Bergeron it's all shared network it hasn't worked but offensively there's a lot more potential. That we've seen all year long their opening it up tomorrow they're still getting exposed defensively and name will. But it at their rights and a lot more exciting to watch they are more fun to watch. They're much better offensive team and it changes in the gas that you say are suddenly capping it with winning three straight at you shoot some of the stuff he's doing now I will last you discourse in the how long does that last. We've seen this before. You'd get a new coach in there guys that were pissed off made great she's one of didn't like Israel didn't like the way he was being coached suddenly he sits in its place the new coach Horton who coasted all I care. Lot especially young young guys play over there actress when you get a new coach in there because they want the title liked him and give them more opportunity here they feel they were slighted in the past. 234 weeks from now let's see whether Wilson at bats and penetrate that. Line acquisition pets I mean they have a bye week this ought to act and it's free time now they need to play Wednesday and 82 Pittsburgh a lot more talent and his team but you're describing a Pittsburgh art and other problems last won a cup. Because team as talented as that but. I I never understood why this team offensively was struggling and you look at civil Bergeron was pathetic the first couple of months while people Fella there was an injury related there. Preachy or what happened to him back it's the last he's been hurt so all these guys all of a sudden. If they can start the plate just to their protection not play over their heads. Team offensively should never have been as bad as they were earlier this and that other activities. Special opposite especially the way the two coup was playing a media a couple of bad weeks but overall. Took results start to cook played great the first half of the season you're right they should have little up. But you know I think that I think the defense right now is their Achilles heel and I think that's what went when he when this thing gets down to the nitty gritty. Are they gonna be good enough defensively in front of Tuukka Rask. Due to get it to the into the post season and trading deadline has something to do that I hope they make a deal with Colorado and don't go in making a deal. For some thirty tool 33 year old judgment that they think is gonna idea to make post season this year. 'cause you don't really believe they're gonna do anything. In the postseason to me. OK but getting in. As a step in the right direction. They did against the role they got as they got a shot at the death when he visited they've. Three games are four games in Hannah other teams that are behind the but the Russell six points up now it's not like you're topped it with three games in hand of games and at. You know six points up or gave him great three and one it's a good little Rodney is still tied it. You're much better position but CLA do come out of this. But it's not like offices in the issue anyways nineteen goals in the last five games it's never should have done it or what. That's been that's been husband and an admitted to benefit plot as anything did the defense had been much better than anybody who deserves it should have been a part of me just went up from your backup goalie I mean I think it's great it's all it's all coaching. All it is all military but it's sort of echoed Julius in my eyes it is so put last gorges week he's citizens. You see this in baseball all the time right little Sparky add new manager comes in team goes on Romney won eleven out of twelve. Stuff like that now its policy for four weeks from where it all settles in. They do with the trading deadline and we'll see what happens during the trading deadline but it's just the case what do they make this if this is what the team really is. Why did they think about making this. The I respect in the under the Nazi out of respect to close. Respondent we are yet they treated him great places preparations under way out Rey grocery bags we are valuable to be old girl when it Berea. Provide help for probably wanna do in the first four weeks of the season football season their right guy you know let you know we to bring back memories from back playing well is how we keep winning we are. It argued now. These two ways to vary and unbelievable season after they were by far the brewers fired by far last night. With the most entertaining thing until Tony C lo green's entrance was. Probably the most entertaining look at brokering that guy coming gas giant holes certain matters. And president pat mastering. Yeah. And workable. It's its own reach we tend to you know watch the red carpet that's right like the red carpet. I get it got a lot to get through today because we're we're going to talk about the winter sports teams really get into the Celtics as well. Because you viewers caught up in the patriots and we all across the patriots. Probably didn't realize right now that the Celtics are right there and knocking on Cleveland's go. And this has been an interesting wrong. By the Boston Celtics award mitigate it to that we're gonna get into the pros. And whether the story playoff team. And we'll get into a little bit of the Red Sox pitcher or two we have some patriot or as well. Plus plus a forum it's it yield penthouse forum type Peter Peter Peter King. Dressed up it is what are best put a pair snowshoes on. And Drake seven months through the heels of want him. To sit down and spend ninety minutes. With Tom Brady I'll have some minutes monument a lot in there and there's like to order. It's two parties the root Rolen and a little bit today. But tomorrow is teases you you know kind of get worked up it's the latter on the heels of months him. What we know where that is so he's actually it's like nobody knows that is that we found on the I want people to know yes are you know ordinances yeah he's got this big letdown assistance sincerely don't feel any sort of Indonesia ride it. They put I think it's a ticket in my I want to edit that whole prided. To go community where they have their own. Ski resort. There's only a certain model homes and they have their own ski resort there are only members of the community that have all their commute once again the difference between him and Peyton Peyton Manning goes to you know public ski place. Aziz he's Everyman he's he's he's every guy. Isn't routed dumb guy I had. By other purchases fell buys the northern half I'll buy them out and spinal canal Bob I don't know all the runs are named after his kids depth or Super Bowl as ours favorite place horse players like -- check with mes you know you're eager readers are Rex Ryan and every mountain gathers and it's really difficult one let's get back the dog diamond Ed Reed and double black with a kitty kitty trails that meetings are -- will be the kid colleagues from the Super Bowl and we'll let you just have been going they have used repeatedly. That's like that that's the uploading carpet or whatever it is that it did go on him but he learned his duels Evelyn. Joseph has military different or jewels that's moguls at best moguls that's in Mosul the selloff upper deck and Jones once that's what it is he already knows that the president I doubt Ed Reed. Love it as Brian has long and it still looking a little communication with his thanks solves nothing and is more stuff a grapple that we're gonna get into. As well also which it causes them to get to hug me tight. Amber and we got the long the big day tomorrow is built a huge dale guys but he got some free ones I did I'd boycott that day I hate it it's dismayed utterly despise it sort of want everything advertised exactly make your to surprise. They'll presence alone you have to at all in beta three dollar David all the way dialogue I I did not. I've yeah. We go for alleged of her car we go from a massacre to. A holiday that we actually have to give stuff away. Give stuff to the white from the why we wouldn't I'm not I don't know who invented this holiday hallmark flowers hallmark flowers and my company you know they don't people Vento last year or two years ago. When fifty shades of gray first and now. My wife took her girlfriends out I remember this vanity BQ with the real drunk or not you're drunk to let. Give him drunk and god to you know review the film give some commentary and just you know articles on whatever. So some of that and then of literature tonight again tonight not to do it again tonight and will play event tomorrow. On valentines. As I think Valentine's Day is really day to humiliate win there aren't the and yes you get flowers this little parachute on out. Symbol indications so. It's stupid for me to parties said this. Would be dumb that you go out and buy flowers. To apart. And won't go away indication because you can't take the flowers which you can guy and they don't. Tell you the weight loss should be your guess exactly it's your page near days. And it didn't hear Graham figuring dollars and I shared opportunities you have a maybe I'd yeah that's gonna do and I got to act is really not that back. A lot of faith out of may have. Act now it didn't bigot is a little bit bigger idiot is our apple. Now Russia are we get to your phone calls his walk is we went to work that we get in here at about eight minutes to work nobody went to work. Roads were clearing and a ritual for some reason Mondays off. Since the other things he's either remain in a row right McCain's head to Thursday and Friday I look at it and I'm here I was and they have a bit February break is next week actually. And yet. Was it. Difficult getting it worked you know it was the emotional and it won't be easy like it like driving and on fourth of July exactly that nobody should nobody comes less travel days in the cities when it snows so what's your excuse of not going to work as the roads or schools. Were clogged and congested. We get to work in real time and all was a daisy and it'll be here they made the whole decision I got calls like at 6 o'clock last. School college or phone recorded conversation whatever attracted by the way to Lamar celebrate guitar go have fun. I. I'd 6777979. Its recent you know that's our phone number 61777979837. Its always open for you know. Before she had to go borscht. And now. Like this would do believe in the Guinness so who can.

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