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Bradfo Sho, Ep. 7: What does a bench coach do?

Feb 13, 2017|

Rob Bradford sits down with new Red Sox bench coach Gary DiSarcina to discuss the behind-the-scenes scenario that led him back to the Red Sox, the ins and outs of his job, and his take on the comparison between his former player, Mike Trout, and Mookie Betts.

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Add road show. That might open definitely probably would have brought that might help me. A wedding where you don't know what you're Brad boat show. That's delicious. Making your first appearance on the brow approach show podcast by it I suspect will be Betty Betty Betty. Many appearances as scared he says Dina. New bench coach for the Boston Red Sox. And one of the find is Lowell spinners manager ever and I would say Gary as is the best. But honestly I I love a lot of those guys that went through that John be able it Alice say it all those guys so anyway well. Thanks in actually this is my first time ever be able to podcasts as well never listened to long. Never been on long didn't really no one was so excited to be here in a break in the civil zero. As it usually where city you'd be deck chairs that lava lamps around a solid time. I wanna get into a topic a little bit of low which I wrote about the around the MVP congress time which is about move Keyon Mike Trout and every once in all my goodness don't you ever compare we'll keep as the Mike Trout. Before I do that 1 I am curious I've known you for awhile you obviously were at with the toss up as well have some history with a Red Sox. He'd take me through sort of the behind seeds how this came about with the with the whole bench coach job. I think the the ground workers were delayed probably two years ago when Tori was up for the Minnesota job and he was a finalist. And. I think those you don't know when Jon and Nolan you know an organization here in and haven't ties back to oil is thought in my mind that. Joseph Torre left or if Bryant left or somebody left the that a complete BS to come back so we all went down. Those are expected to meet result because Mike he's a left to go to Arizona which in turn started yet dominoes to fall. And I am I picked. Flashback to my relationship with John as a tactic meant to Pawtucket manager. The year we won the World Series. John Torrey that's. Made me feel part of their staff even though I was there on a daily basis. Whether it's your phone calls emails. Checking in on citadel guards Iglesias on our own players. So I had a really good working relationship with the without. Torre and Joan excellent pick when Torre landed the job done anything in Arizona but one of John's probably not a thought processes was. Going back to 2013. They know in the tepid job in the work that I do. It's one thing to be friends with somebody you know you don't hire friends to hire friends and I wouldn't want the job just being. Don't staff in different somebody wanna be good at what you can do you will be confident we have the ability to Walter do the job I think. I think it just resonated with John. It when he asked the committee to interview him. We started talking with a stick we connected don't come from the position player world and he comes from the pitcher world. As well as you know the farm but from you know it's farm director and his background there. Damn right I just think. With great in my player development and as my development as a staff Cameron stealing player development of this that we connected and I think we hit it off soon. I know the system a little bit some things have changed some things haven't. The nuts and bolts of the system's clear. It's pretty seamless coming back re cultivate some of these relationships with the players and staff as well so. Just kind of fell down like that like Suze my case left. At all sort of how long how long was the interview floor. We talked on the phone for. Probably one minute yes we have to become disinterested and presumed announced the angels mission. I sit yeah go ahead. Get a vote to our phone call. Guest of the committee on Wednesday we sent on his office for about three and a half more hours. Now to launch the bottom of the hour. And then they considered you touch real soon so. We know what the problem of fight a successful hours. I asked Billy Butler to GM meetings I said hey at the red flags out ready body progressive corporation for rent it for you guys to talk to your coaches. That if I were sick you take a pitcher billion polluted general manager of the angels face and believe me it was not hard to piece that together so. Yeah I think it'll happen during those meetings because Steve I have augmented yet we're spoke to David that he came back on Friday. And I had a 45 minute our conversation with him as well. In. Kerala town real quick but right around that time the GO music for those things happening just. When you're on your mind and you just you don't want to jinx everything you know just to keep quiet and just hopefully you don't tell your parents don't tell anybody. This one you know cross your fingers and hope things work helping to get that 11 phone call that's positive on. Well so the bench coach dynamic which is Kevin always weird to me because it did that ever came out there was there a bench coaches right now when I first came up. And then we had some changes. In the mid ninety's until men became our. He was a first base coach when he went to the bench coach if Joseph would just started talking about. The Saber metrics thing you know we've introduced a computer. They went from being our daily schedule with Ambien handwritten. To being on a cell and they don't mean just took it to another level. So when I took this job mr. and I talked to John and start talking with these obviously start talking with you influences in your life as a player who helped to. Good or bad like which emulate that are batterer Floyd's what you know someone gets on in life you avoid doing now. But Joe's a couple of back to Joseph on how we treat me and he treated our players and. Who's the guy that you go to talked about anything not just baseball and family issues to talk about dinner wine. Travel. And you need that bit and penalize you won't know you you know you feel on the B give their 162 games you spring train and these guys need an outlet other than baseball and that was Joseph men for me and sit down and talk to him about. We're to play guys I just wonder if you could put the visiting one of my locker every day. And it's not only put the visiting locker the visiting one of Malacca but he put. Is only copies of the spray charts and stuff like that was my introduction to what we call savor them supermarkets now. And so the bench coach. Not just look at the quality bench coach Summitt who allows the manager to manage. The deal with the media to do with the front office to talk you know to the press in the in the medical side of the ticket so much going on you know especially in this town in the city. Jones pulled and so we different directions the bench coach there for the players to put out brush fires before they happen to those who don't get to Joan and doesn't become a problem. Take care of the schedule of the minutia of the date of the daily grind that you just have to deal with. But it and foot on the players side Microsoft books of the players. Feel comfortable talking to you whether it's on a plane ride. That's on a possible shenanigans. But they just walked in the office today making it a minute talk to you know what whether it's about playing time. We're to withstand all that stuff so. And I said that germ of a percent on a setup it's hard to interview for bench coach Joseph. You this because the as a third base coach you can talk about the signs system went to send runners when not to send runners. We're really infield guys could talk about fundamentals but the bench coaches a lot of junk women a lot of communication in listening. So I'm looking forward to and no touchdowns and Joseph Torre did a great job here. Look at the witness him in spring training 2013 and how we did it. So. But you're just kind of not fall back a step towards. Well so. For the people who don't understand and you're educating everyone of the bench coach for for the people who owners to visit the latter happens during the season. When the manager makes a move that use today. Then on talk radio like how the world they make the move. Ultimately several say we're as the bench coach Oaxaca the backs coach who felt that both the the stupid move to out. So how does that dynamic. Wolf it's a bad move you find me the bathroom. If it's a good move I'll be right next to John. I was thinking about this to and you've obviously got the last night and see the reaction of the crowned him and hope. Passionate people are here. Those decisions in those moves are made that at that moment there they're talked about four hours before five hours before. Two days before we do our our prep meetings when that for new series. These are you know it's snapped spur of the moment decisions you know obviously you would just Johnny just as he goes in the game and but the good bench coach's perspective 223 innings ahead of them and trying to line up. As you might be worried about something else he might be the so what's going on the duck and looks boring. But it looks like what are these guys to rebut. You understand Terry Francona had why do you wads of com slash tobacco in front of the World Series this something must speak whatnot. There's a lot of that's it that's not just the bench coach as well you know when it comes into some date night in and mean who knows our hitters better than Chilean Victor there with them every day there with them in the cage and so. The good bench coach globe today that it took Zardari what you think about the situation coming up and talking to John a maybe that you miss guy if you don't match up against this guy John has almost match ups with them he's got is he's got a system. But like I said when you get the dugout it starts spinning and just like as a player and especially when you see these young players come up against Vince fast on same things that same thing happens in Chicago. And so for those decisions that you're talking about the people on talk radio people at home watching on message and know when they see it that like how could he do that. What what's he thinking but it's. And thought about talked about. Not just by him and me or him and Torre looked like Carl it it's not a snap. This is Fazio good vaccinated that's my thing is that if you have an explanation I can disagree with it but does have an explanation and usually usually does and and you'll gonna help to have that explanation so. Revelations on BBO. 88 top of the operate talk radio now that's another that you grew up you know you. You grew up that you I don't off W I was early W you're very familiar with this time. 01%. I work to get the gonna work for NASA for two years it was like nine years ago. Tom Karen Grotrian nicely the first year that I ran away from up the second is still in the office that. So I'm I understand what I was one of the guys I was one of those. How to call the dark radiant I've never called but I remember. In the mid eighties when Roger Clemens held out of spring training I was in college. My remit was a Mets fan ended up. You know the World Series in excess inserts. But I remember being in this in the bleachers and me in whatever year that was scream and yell and animus first time going out he was warming up to well. This made you held out an omelet guy that's young and Roger Clemens so. The passion here is it's spoiling all year long. Obviously comes to the forefront during the season in the offseason. It's always bubbling right on the surface you know we make it's still trader. Or some -- pitcher Pablo and hosted you know Elvis resurfaces. In an off season if the patriots Celtics liberals but. It's passion it's a daily passion tonight. I really think if you embrace it there's a new coach new staff member new player you embrace it we'll take it personal. You know the talk radio that the fans yelling matches. Whether you have one year in the big leagues fifteen years in the big leagues. How I got through it was literally a third of the people gonna like you have a third of the people are gonna hate here than a third of people living here we was. So why waste time trying to deal with. Controller to control. The media's job to do is be accessible be accountable but don't take it personal. And senators the people in time did did very passionate when it rained and the helicopter KB try to steal yes. Can't have a ring out man the 25 years I only remember two. And I was fortunate to be one Parnell autumn so along those lines. You. Obviously. Is a unique experience with the angels. One of the parts of that unique experience of getting a chance to see the player one thinks is the best player in baseball Mike felt like by the way. So I said this before I get to be Mike Trout will keep that conversation. Bo Jackson said the other day that he wished he'd never played football I don't play baseball. I try to explain to be by I think that Bo Jackson as a baseball player I'm not say that you could duck he would have the same careers might throw it may be I don't know. But that's the guy. This sort of they that you look at those two guys in need look sort of the same and run is that accurate. We were both for his last years of being within a time in 94 I believe. In same body frame same body type. But I like I would combined output Ken Griffey junior's if you could more phone can Griffey junior then you have Mike Trout. You'll see in both the depth post hip surgery in near the end of his career where wasn't used to the speed as well. But seen both the shirt off when Mike Fisher off its there but. They're men they're grown men Mike may act like a high school kid but he's a grown man. Well OK so. Once again the whole Mike Trout will keep that conversation the MVP conversation cropped up. It was really close this year but now the conversation about their careers as we close this trounced on it for a few years and smokey just started. But could you ever see where that becomes something where you're talking about oh. This debate about these two players I know that you haven't Teemu Kia tonne but you familiar with a being in the organization. Different types of players to a certain degree but everyone just says you no one's ever gonna approach might throw what's your take them. I would never put limitations on anyone like that I mean Mike Mike was in double layers of special assessment went down and watch them play in double him. He wasn't it was a good player having a conversation with them in the dug out one day estimates that Mike to wanna be a major leaguer and you wanna be an impact player. He didn't hesitate he said impact player. And that was. I told a lot about his mindset. And when he gets to get to the big leagues he didn't even have immediate success he struggled offers those first two months coming up it's his call up. I think he just let those two guys be themselves let them be who they are. Mike's track right now is. This is ridiculous it's unbelievably you know but he could still get better these conversations and he knows he can get better on the base paths. Works he works real hard center field to get better in the outfield so I think what might. You haven't seen the best and like I guess it really put together yet. He has a really and you hear you and I know you've been around long term it doesn't really figure out how to hit to their tweet me like thirty years later in their career Mike is still. He's got that was the that's not. In bookie. Not seen him and the minor leagues since you Michael Marley section it's tough to compare their butts in my community to looking what he did on the angels last year. The first thing it's about how we walked to the batter's box I mean he wants the batter's box confidence and obviously had a good year. And ready to do damage and hit the year he heard us with a couple balls off the won't Fenway. Change the game in Anaheim and we. Houston street ninth inning. Thought that was one of the days that the Red Sox really turned the corner there when a Seattle and came back down the LA but they beat us to recruit one of the night and day game. The movie and he was in the middle of it and I think that's fight whether you intentionally walk whom he gets on first. You might get thirty bags last year but he at their quality when we needed one could get about a seem to keep doing the same thing but just running around out there recklessly just trying to. Pad his stats but. I would never I don't do different body types like even looking at looking into this is not the president Hadi doesn't have the thickness. Coach at third base the best way to describe Mike Cho is. He wants by you hear that. Really do you hear you hear what's. You know his cleats coming around here like ripping up the grass is goes by you he's like a freight train when it comes around. And I'm sure haven't coached there didn't you maturity just glides. The different body type different gate the way they were on. Animated you know anytime Michaels on first or second it's always made sure it was off the line a little bit of the other pitches relatives and you're in the hospital. So different body types don't put limitations on them let them be themselves on wolf who beat who they are. I love the comparisons because. We try to do what might we see it as a staff that is what you as a reminder to. Guys go back to Mickey Mantle and I met the cumulative numbers on play and save body frame a little bit Ricky was a little bit older cars and his firm and strong. What is fraying of the day Edmonton against these. Built it square you know that's a Mike isn't. What was the same way bought excitement quicker senate to get more those two Griffey junior and well I think you got my stroke. Well when you coach if you want to coach third base of the media game you'll also hear me coming around third base right about it it's a little bit different noise. By Derek thanks so much for joining and we are I'm very excited to do you know April longtime in. And so just enjoy yourself before you have to actually runs returning now home. Trust me I know the bell rings you I'll be like despairing and a hole for what what is it six weeks simulator but our thanks there.

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