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Danny Picard - NFL Free Agency

Feb 13, 2017|

Danny Picard takes a look at the upcoming NFL free agents.

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Solid number two on here until 4 o'clock and I am. Taking your phone calls up until then 61777979837. Watch and a little golf in front of me the Pebble Beach pro am always good. To watch some golf on TV when you get the snow all fallen outside. At least I enjoy it last night. I watched the Celtics beat the jazz. I was flipping back and forth and Ana FL network channel I was doing this myself but. Last night during that Celtics game you sub. All patriots giants who bubbles are allied that it but I just I I couldn't stop all back. I also always tune in and tune. The Oklahoma City Thunder that Golden State Warriors game which I'm idiot the patriots called again a second I got to. Point this out real quick you thought that was games seven of the NBA finals last night with the coverage that they would give this thing you look I mean this with. The coverage was shown all the blown I'd I've never seen anything like it. Why is kept under it was going back to Oklahoma City art. He screwed that Don organization. If I was at Oklahoma City Thunder fan I would be. I would I would not like Kevin Durant I'd Brody an uphill then pull them. I would not of showed up with. A sign that had a cupcake on it I know that was like an old Oklahoma City on the inside joke it would call some of the latest cupcakes means shot that. That wasn't funny to me it's just. I don't wanna Kevin Durant always and we dropped thirty plus autumn. Golden State is seven halves point favorite on the road and OKC they went 13114. The lid on the cover Doran has an iced the idea was brought. At all tried to talk trash she had to at that point but I mean. I just thought the cupboard is the pregame coverage at a all of pregame show. These aren't they if you watch the lesbians voted and hit us ball was like sit in a coffee shop. And Obama's sit in my. I did that Brigham again. Once this season it just wasn't in Oklahoma City again it was his retirement. It justified. Some type of residents from ESPN at the game Marilyn. That attitude to our print and shell Ford you would have thought that was the game seven of the NBA. Finals last night. And it wasn't. Obviously 61777979837. On this Sunday afternoon we have no football but we can still talk about football because I'd like to stick with the patriots. And go back to Sunday's win if you wanna get at this mosque seizes up we could do that is well. Idol is a big Bruins damp side of the god against the Montreal Canadians. Now the Bruins have this week off this bye week. But the Bruins who have been. Days no doubt about you cannot deny it would. Did you know that the punch that that they've impact in at least offensively here which aggressiveness and the offensives alone. Especially at home like that the Bruins edged not a fun team to watch. I thought the first snap decision especially in general bill would. But they have been the last two games did the coaching changes to do so because when you make a move like that. That's that pig with an organization I think it does give the play is a kick in the behind now. I'm not gonna take these two wins and say Cassidy is the answer. And Matt. You know this thing is completely fixed I'm just I'm not gonna go. But if you wind tide against the Canadians like I said earlier that you have my full attention. But if they win this game against the Canadian tonight I want a week off. Because I don't know let any play is plans offered is weak but I don't assume that they're going to be on skates. A week I just a satin tell me that they're not going to be. And how old how good is that for a team that. It's still trying to get into the plants about social but if you and I got my full attention right I'd like to statement patriots. Andrew is in the college up Andrew. Am on Wednesday my call. Yeah it is good things about the outline a dollar a minute ago and I got Serbia the problems at the interior. On the blood the differences in last season this season I mean it's nice day. I just want to know what you what you think about the future coach Scarnecchia. I don't know what his contract books like but I. In that you know I I don't and got Arnold's got yankees contract. What I will say is that. I don't think he came back for just one season finally he utterly un retired 41002. Seasons I think that. Scarnecchia you know they talk about this pact Kraft and Belichick have been no one Belichick done there is not to put it altogether I'd be shocked if Brady isn't. British plot of the conversation I just I feel like that have that we know that. And Scott recchi comes back if these particle decision does have pretty does want to play north forties. And do the best he can stay healthy and not get beat up every Sunday. Then Scarnecchia is god it's gonna help that offensive line protect him right so I would assume it's got to DA is not just giving a one and honored to when Don I don't always contract. But I I I think he's gonna see this thing out at least as long as Brady it's. Yeah I mean I hope because back I'd accuse the unsung hero the old C you know ideally that would outline between last year and this year yeah. Ridiculous. All you ought to enter they help. It's yeah I mean you're healthy. AFC championship and then that they were not there a banged up on top of that they were a girl and banged up and brutal. And they like second in Denver because they spotted broncos' field position and they made it easy on a quarterback in the first half and had no long. In all that has spaghetti on. And a major many easy form by given field position. By turn of all of the Brady interception that was a product of pressure that was a product of a brutal offensive line it was a product the Brady panic and in ID give credit or credits go to Von Mela he has it was a beast but. I mean. You know Brady does it make that pass or try to force that they get in if he's not pressured. If he actually felt confident with the block and that he had in front of him he what is no way in that game in Denver Brady felt good. About the offensive line. I that he felt good about it but the first half of. The Super Bowl it was no good major topic of one they fix some things in the second half obviously because he had more time in the pocket. But you're right offensive line as a key and sell his Dante Scarnecchia. John is in the college of John. Newt I don't you know right. Eight separating gains like played real real pro. Buy tickets for the play we go what's ballgame when it could get it separated to meet that the great thing. Jumped out at me first about your heart out on the field was you know. All well what a lot of play that but I broke up my tailpipe and at all you'll. But I would applaud that and it was like he dug advocate and an old yet so public debate he. That. Mostly the wrong way. Writing calling timeout when it's when he hit the preakness he can't hear anything as expect. You get beat Italy. You can get caught up and keep that timer how many times we heard valid XL timeouts are in the second half I you don't stamp for any circumstance whatsoever. You might like art and once you get caught a one. And most importantly a great. But what I am holding penalty epic convertible like. Why is running some sort of raw wrestling past Freeman to get that's except god you need. One of them kicked it in a league win the Super Bowl let me cut that's a place that had its report when you're right. You're not part of it up at. All. It's all happened and at an all time that would opportunity. Where political wins the game at 888. Square opened up and stop the clock and at all so. To meet on Paul would be in an adult you don't wanna related ought. Our Ali Abdullah adored. But it but it. He'd help Belichick and you look at it you drop low you know. You get the key principle. That ballot. It take rock and honesty all I know you're lucky by. But why can't speak and a lot politically when and I in summer. Let right to put some accent it's not like that but aren't about first and that's all wrapped. Are you drive that yep they're revenue drug but you know what I can't bear golf the next fifteen years apartment. Our guys are called John I just and and you obviously you said it's a you know are filled a grunt I'm not moving them. And I think on trial also be realistically the patriots got to do I don't think they're moving on. You say king's ransom for grapple. I'd say it first round pick from I think he can I think. Mean I I point out the Sam Bradford trade. Yet a first round pick him. I'd always played in the league has more experience than drop below but. Arnold you could make the argument he has more success even hunger problem hasn't had much experience. It's still first round pick Sam Bradford and start. I did the patriots can gloat or get a first round pick now ya talking about ya John's not the only one I got. Four or five of these calls yesterday that said. People want a trade grapple with grime package them together and they think that you know they could get this monster. Launched their time and that would be the you know the king's ransom. And net. And also sounds nice like I think that if you turn on a video game system and you plug in you know put the Madden game and then you're probably going to be able to pull that type deal lot. Ike is. I don't think that's realistic adult. Because I can bet the patriots and how they feel about this current run it with this current quarterback and if you got a trigger robbed a long time do you. It just doesn't seem like moving ground at the same time is consistent with your plan as an organization which is when now you don't. I don't they want Little Rock. If you'll hold of the Brady and you treat it properly as saying we do whatever we can't to went right now what Brady as much as we can right now. And even wanna we've outgrown you can't that I that the patriots are still a better football team offensively with them on the field. Know what's gonna happen and a dole movement for. Poll. And I assume that Bennett's gone that's just my assumption. Right. You look at the major debt to do I tell. But look utterly dead on any rep however they want to get those deals done I did they get it done and I had those guys are gonna be back next year. I think Logan Ryan gone. I somehow give him money and he should go take it he showed the issue could take better at a summit to give him money. Patriots are going to be pain Bennett won the tank rocket. I think summit did better light and he should take its British take it. Is easy for a for Bennett noted or at least let's go back 3 weeks I am insane I wanna stay with the patriots the static it if he even said that. I know he. Always talked about how good it was to finally playing a winning organization to have this chance to win a championship he had never done that but still. It's easy for him then to say during the season. They say Paula. At least hand that he wants to stick around. When somebody is out they don't have you know obligated as a bottom line. Her eyes light up they shut. It Richards on the match those dolphins which I don't expect them to do I don't expect that to be back. You know you are talking about looted pieces offensively. I just. If you if you can gain one and rock if you can still a first round pick from or oblong if that's your route and and stick with Brady. I just think you are contradicting yourself with your own plan as an organization in the next 34 years. Ike grunt is a a discount. Right now to you given his contract. I don't think I don't see any situation at least this offseason in which they move him adult get back in the field get tackled. Sea of grunt can be grunt again if began at the patron to be about a football team for and that is a scary thing. For the rest of the week. For pitcher teenagers won without. 61777979837. Jam is in New Hampshire woods on Jimmy. They don't want you good thank you have a different take on or upload not ideal match and I think that dumb. If you look at direct sort of backups of the I'm frank Brady I'm yeah look at them stay well as you really that put courtesy just that good underneath Belichick and Brady. Because Israeli Cass and lawyer the only two guys out here that I'm into any kind. So you look at this from a standpoint of an opposing GM or the or what the patriots. I don't get it back here you know what I mean doesn't Mikey really want this guy is gonna be that in order to seek. Just one year wonder like us. Well I I resent. And yet you GM cap on and you put yourself in the shoes of an opposing GM and also pay as. I when I look at the rest of the league and and they all equal most Italy needs a quarterback. Most of really need to quarterback. You'll have to look at what someone like Houston did. Last year in a big live. Osh while a 72 million dollar contract that's how desperate teams off the quarterbacks. You have an accomplice and wherever I am to. Now Andy Joseph I didn't I didn't like the odds while a contract alt. I think that just goes to show you. Get NFL GM is on. President of club operations for ownership they got well and. Either give the big money contract all make the big trade the got a quarterback again Minnesota. Yeah you go Minnesota you go to Houston these teams look at the teams ended divisions and their conferences that have. Big name quarterbacks and they say we're not gonna have a shot unless we don't want. How do you get want. You you you draft one and hope that he pans out. All. The triple on lease I want I mean. I think it's it's very rare that you see that the big name free agent quarterback signed right. Com. So you can trip for some like drop all I did she is saint but I I still think someone's gonna gonna give up a first round pick form the market is set. And the idea that you need a quarterback in this league to win is set. And and we party scene in recent years in recent off seasons. The number GMs that'll look around on whatever gonna have a chance if we don't at least take a shot to get a quarterback. I think the patriots are gonna be get some calls the united gonna have to make. John is in Braintree what's up John. It or listen I want imaginable whatnot and I got a note don't catch. Not did traced Ollie is. Can men need to hold rioted and took a fourth quarter it was toward your sworn. The trip while it's Shaq I believe is that the next play. I don't know what happened that is that what might have been the sack of support that you have a kidnapped about what. Two quarterbacks makes packed enough he'll go on. They ran but did they read it Freeman. And that net. Ryan drops back and he sacked for loss to twelve jas it was a trade flows Shaq. OK but the network went went to those jokes got a well we're noble position. All the added it was like twice won the big slogan go out right they keep that level up and down so there with a mop on the noble. There would have on the kick it. Now that's why when Julio Jones when he made that catch you know it all and I mean not again. Right they gotta make you gonna do this again and then make a catch like this again. Make us feel like is again. And you look at that all parents don't orange. Matt Ryan drugs back the cubs representative Atlantic take one big bad you know. It would take back how they handled things and again a field goal range in the fourth quarter when it's 20/20. That's they would take back. You know what I think of it this way too I'd Matt Ryan don't run by the stupid. It's stupid. But. You still have to go back and get it still gonna go get that twelve job loss yeah. You know let's say throws it to complete that what are you look at. Paul still at the major point for young lion than let's say it you get the penalty ten yards I'd expect that a different. A fifty yard field. This don't feel the orange. He's still need to make a play I don't it's important for me one got out. Because it's easy a look at I don't know well Atlantic captive to give your shot right what did you were shot. You have to make the big play the championship defense employed it to be honest with yet. Not this difference. You know everybody was questioned them. Going up against other quarterbacks who they go up against what teams they played it in play anybody the numbers don't match up to the eye test to what the Patriots defense actually is. When they had the opportunities. To make the big plays in the second half especially in the fourth quarter they didn't make a don't let up quite a dubbed. They should they should should not revert back to pass but. When I dropped back to pass. It's such a stupid decision. In a falcons not run there at the same time. Let's say he throws that ball let's say it's an incomplete pass. This militant wanted to rate this villain field goal range and get that sack. Flowers does Unita. Then get the penalty obviously part. If you had to get that sack even a panel beyond that. Would have kept him infield orange started to make the playoffs. 61777979837. I see. More of phone calls. The patriots ones I'll take an activist cannot. Julian element talking about his catch. That I just watch it in real time. Ice in real title like go to the ground. Obviously we know we didn't watch in every play and it was it. Amazing grab. And to get backhand on the football ball cans on the football make sure that they does not hit the ground and in any secure as it was on his straight out and in. We know what to replay adamant caught. Not knowing that he caught it iced watch it in real time is set this all all and I go he didn't catch. I mean that's where it talks it's insane. Fell. Right before that. They went deep. British sorted through deep downfield to Chris Hogan. And hold and couldn't come up with it and if he did he jump shot to get it turns around jumps up doesn't get it it was a guy right on him. A Donna Simon a bit myself and I shouted the people I was with watched as the boys said we did Drupal one of those matches out. Anybody doesn't get upset like how we can't make one of our duel for lawn. Next thing you know that eliminates that grabbed. Two as an insane catch. And the patriots on to win suitable 51 and I am taking your calls up until 4 o'clock 617. 77979837. IC some tweets from baseball writers. Seven out pictures of John Farrell is John Farrell is talking right now a sound than I do that. I see that picture of Farrell and I don't I'm not ready for that I'm not on a back up I am not ready for the John Farrell died right now okay. Let's not I'd rather do Bruins and Celtics before that and I'm not even there yet at the Celtics to be at least. Other story that when it comes to that. Haven't success right now the Celtics had a team. That is the second seed in the Eastern Conference what they too have buying. Cleveland I believe Cleveland and I believe the cavs won last night. Cleveland was all they did he began his shorts Celtics went Cleveland's is only to have games like Cleveland substitute seed in the east. Yet again tomorrow night in Dallas. Isiah Thomas keeps doing his thing. I tee time in the fourth quarter of that's his that's his thing now right taps the rest it's time it is time political ought to. And it got all star break actually got in the NBA. You have the trade deadline in the NBA if that. For the Bruins huge game tonight home against Montreal but like I said. Win that and Daniel have my attention my full attention not this avenue watching Bruins I have it's just. Both for these two wins after the coaching change. When they get your attention a little bit odd they would kind of a boring team to watch especially at all. Estella put off race but at the same time America overreacted to wins. I am I out of in order but this one and I. You get three at all against rival Montreal Canadians took a rescue met before this week after the gonna have you'll have my full attention by. There had been number one thing right now on my day rate got is still the patriots that emotional roller coaster and unlistenable 51 last Sunday. They show all the old Super Bowl games on FL network yesterday and today. All the patriots ones and yesterday they showed the two games against the giants. Added those in today they only initial wins five points bank. So. A look at the six. But I'd like to still do the this weekend on brace to fit 61777979837. Let's go to him in the concept and it. They had joined shell out poetic kind of talk like a aggregate GM I think partner. A big part tickets except the last seventeen years and they aren't great value in the draft like look at this year. Comport Robert Mitchell and flowers yeah they probably I don't know what the contracts are the economy is hate apple what the first Robert de. Probably and Andy. I can't go more than a handful first routers had what impact and go to guy. I think a lot of bad and I'm Belichick and clearly like stressed out here for trumpet the tree or like third report. Or expect a court. I just think she's looking for value you know these guys in the middle ground Pinault pare output from an expert Robert Ball and I'll. And acting like their bubble would pick the Cleveland Browns this year. I can't properly equipping the impact player would could be a bust and let him tech player pot or blast that trapped. Wanted to pay that guy. Tour pretty content what do our second or third rounder get. I mean don't put it. Oh yeah and you know I'm Belichick's got to do the best he can define a valued has pointed out Trey flowers two years ago. A fourth round pick. As beaches. Second season. Huge play noticeable. Malcolm Mitchell rookie and other like fourth round pick runup Mitchell fought from picked. Rookie. I don't think you can ignore what he did in his presence in the second half. During the patriots touchdown drives Mitchell is make it's a big catches. So yet they find value and and that's why if you do that. You know I sit a priority in the off season is trading grapple OP gotta tread on got to do before a draft but also. Don't even sure if you're going to be. You're what at at least what I wouldn't shock me. Belichick to do which is maybe get a first round pick for grappled and take a first round pick. And move it to get multiple. Third round picks a fourth round picks. At and find it more value play is. In those later outs I did it also because I think you could see that. But that does mean. They they shouldn't go on try to get a first round pick for grappling to get that first round pick all of a sudden. You know you can take that may be movement for multiple later round picks to get some value I could see that happen absolutely. Go to bed in the college open. That. Mayor what's up man Michael thanks to Paul. I just wanted to give a different perspective to all. Our tight end position. You know crock is obviously a great player when there. But on. She's been hurt virtually every year about eight patriot. And what I saw when we brought in edit. And locked him away you know she went a long time without a championship and I thought that you wanted to win wanted to win a championship. Lead to injury. So column. Well you tell what gets on the ground never played through an injury. Our I know I'm not saying that no I didn't say that I I said you know rock is injured you very proud to act. You know on either great player. It's just that I'd eat with the app even you know he's been at and it how. How you know a lot more to win a championship that brought you know you look there are a few weeks when he hurt you know keep her. Yeah I mean I also know this about Bennett and he played banged up and I'm not trying to take anything away from me. Made it seem like every week but it was on the ground and they had a help get them up at some point during dead he did Bennett. You know it seems like it's not kidding played injured. Is there an age there are reports that Bennett needs any type of surgery though I mean is that I don't I haven't seen anything. So I don't necessarily know exactly what he's playing with how bad those injuries knowledgeable about grunt when he's been out. I mean these things have required some type of surgery right. It's not like rock is refusing to play because he's got some type of minus brain might that's not the case. Aegis had back surgery that's why he was put on injured reserve I mean. It's all. I have a tough time to have done not insult one of. Continuing to get injured. That's what is a crock and I understand why that might buy it some people up because. I don't you wanna see him help you wanna seem on the field and and it does seem like. This always. I grunts of great play a bunch. He's always heart. What I do know grunt is that the contract isn't so big we had. I'll look at attic on well he's always heard and we can't afford to keep them around the can afford to keep around it's ATP friendly contract. It's probably the best contract NFL when when you talk about. The talent that rock cats. And it just how dangerous are receiving he is when he is play. Does tell you because of friendly contract. I'm willing to work with him to get him back on the field healthy because I know what he is when he is healthy. And about it. Considering deny. The fact that he's a tough kid he's a tough kid. He played art. But you know if you can win without gras which they did who were without bank to. I guess you want to reward a certain guy but. Dennett is not ground. He's not and you certainly not gonna pay him more than grunt and it. In knocking a look at Bennett the same way you look at rock when it comes to a. Let's get him back on the field and let try to take another shot to win when this guy is open site. So so what is it Bennett he's expected that ankle surgery. That resentment yet on CN buddy Sam there's no like I know Dieter anything of him do it not in lock. I told it every week he was on the ground. Deal with something. I'm saying what are his ankle whatever is also something else general he always seemed to take a hit and be down for the count and get up and he come back and keep playing. Like that. I don't know you can you my point is I don't know that you can use that. And Scott Alameda ground is soft like it just I don't know that the injuries at the same the same level they just not sell. I have a tough time knock and someone who keeps getting injured I just do I'm not critical ground I consider called ground soft defense of the call wanted to outdated on a trip to ground. Because I like the contract in fact I love the contract and when Rob Gronkowski is LP. Martellus Bennett is not anywhere close to being on the same level is not bad it's nice speech but he's not grow. And it's not even close. Brian is an Auburn which opera. And hey did you hear from you by the hour. I 100 I want nothing to do with John Farrell right now. Well I don't want to put an incident pitches and talking and like I'm selling depends Farrell. But either and Scott I think back of all the calls I got last year people a lot of them quiet and who hate Farrell I deserve no. I have no interest in getting into John Farrell debates today. I'm with a Wiki but what I do want to talk about is. Some respect that beleaguered defense. Need to get for the Super Bowl and Joseph you are understanding evil like 21 point and he practically to take it there's nothing that they could do about that. And there are actively repeat that Eric what 33 point gain. In particular that we care blah Hubble to image you give him enough. Where they got the ball that's when I the only the only two guys that are out and you eat and made play after play at this. The top and in the game you think ultimately get big name in. It would treat flowers and got their eye color by one person I think you're gonna get paid in now envision it up a bit. It Europe Byron act on that big deal he delicate. Art it will get right giving big deal something along those quiet. Toward the plate yet here and also added a lonely now Butler on the side bluntly. Is going to get beat you on each action that because. Use. A young shut down corner in that something they need to happen going forward. Yeah but you're restricted. Restricted but you domain you don't mean that. Logan Ryan is gonna side of the patriots right. No nothing out she didn't and it is ego somewhere outside you know over eight and corners are are are that the other. What people want melodies and Richard chairman in the barn Mack so of the world now are the biggest site unlike now butler's two. Just getting his feet into the thing you do so I do you look in 1980 but not yet I do not yet happened I had appetite hour. In all of our other two. People wait I didn't dump it right it bring that outbreaks like Elop deserved or not eight he can't let it eat it aren't that. He really stirred up there and hold them know what I did little. Yeah absolutely got planned branch not not I don't bring about enough I talk about free agents only because. You know high tower Butler to play as we've been talking about now for dinner and a half when it comes to. Potential contract extension. And additional packaged in the whole Chandler Jones Jamie Collins. Trades in suits remove those two guys who look at a guard he did have to keep both of these guys now high dollar. And abolish the right Alan Branch somebody I think you're gonna bring back as well. Branched. Bartlett high top I think all the patriots next season it always hides all on the tag it. And he's only have been for one more yet. And maybe a draft a couple linebackers this yet and nude they're ready to. Give those linebackers some some heavy plane diamonds in seasons I don't know would you be shocked it's like that happens I would be. But I would keep my tar around I keep around I expect them to do that good point Alan Branch I expect them to do that as well Logan Ryan. I'm with there as well. I think they'll get some. Someone. Ryan had a season. In which the way I've felt about him this year is O is a way I never thought I would feel about him that get back. Even a year and a half two years ago. I never thought I would feel confident in Logan Ryan. To make a big play. Any big moment I died I wouldn't even want him in that situation and here is not all almost expect to make that big play right. So nice season I do is if you're gonna. You can't tell everybody which Renault and the patriots won't. What if you're gonna pick your spots and pick certain plays the pay Logan Ryan is not on the top on the list and and I do think he could be. On the top of somebody else's list and if you want to go take the money that the mind. They're good for you get it but you know all an idol that next year next. Next September October November the patriots are gonna have somebody back there. In that spot where Malcolm booklet. You know that that maybe we don't even thinking about right now might be someone off the street. Let's act could do the job that's just how much I trust what the patriots still and the next man up approach to voter riot I think. I think he's gone and pimping goes out gets the big money or at least big money than what the patriots would get. 61777979837617779. 79837. More of phone calls after this final. Ride the snow is coming down. On here till 4 o'clock. Hopefully I got a I don't have one of these big trucks with full wheel drive nine in. The pig eats up unload get out of the pike and Mass Pike. And at it that the white doesn't look terrible but it's this road getting to apply that concerns me so sick. What way to find out. On to monitor 4 o'clock taking your phone calls up until that 61777979837. Let's go to Kelly in Amherst it's up Kelly. Portland to a lot of shock me well apparently yeah thank you Jeanne. Quick question in my comment city not done it in the what are you drive. At put it this way it's no good at said that's I'll answer that you don't want it I don't. I haven't of in the same boat that Obama spent not so much luck out a little brother comment on that it. A common Arab world is you said you let the contract in there and they'll see growth will be brought. I I don't let the contract. Because you're grown. What prompted you let him there at the beginning and more importantly he he went there and ended I mean if you're patriots already knock on the door. But it lockridge is already sick. All the time I think if we could pay him like Little League minimum just think she she came around I'd ever be worth it but you kept it million dollars in bad. Doesn't actually lay out your realistic deeply about it much here yet. Yeah I believe but I believe he has three more seasons on the contract. If he's signed a little puck retrieval and they love moment that you know he does like were so good for the brand of whatever. That's that's a whole separate thing but I'm just saying if you compare carpet Bennett certainly alert that typical garb and then is that there that would call that name on Sunday. Brought he talked about argued that the parade I'd really love the ground to shut not personally. Maybe Q what are you so much to be able to heal up back in. It in their. A limited human to tell you to tell me that that's gonna effects dead the healing process right now. Don't think it. Look at Brady elliptical look upgrading at Churchill green and the rest is regularly take care stop asking that much these quarterbacks and you brought it in depth comparison I meant that growth of the type situation it was Turkoglu quote so even at eight every right treatment someplace Floyd Mayweather treatment they'll start that Booker and their. I think you still. Probably in that game but it's a comment saying you know I'm not Allah typical for the rodeo I'll thinks that the rodeos in a virtue. But talked about it a while I think he needs the not too wild for a little bit I mean out all absolutely. Hurt your ability to heal a suspect he's going to be electric. It didn't sound into his brother and whatnot idle Ottawa. Let me ask you then on ESPN's count and I ask you this grunt is it wasn't like he wasn't with. People in the organist it like he was what everybody that he went up Robbins right he had the Super Bowl trophies and everybody's at some elaborate Belichick slapping laughter. Ed if this was affected his recovery process. And so. You you got there you have to let them look at look better or not but let the other. He's certainly not well. It's it's it's quite seventeen but they don't treat themselves like the only information like seventeen at the opt primarily watch and and it felt special about one of these receivers looming name about a pack at the OK don't church and the big deal that would easily wreck sent back. So ropes and the OK so you let it would put their outlet are often better outlook on it will some plates and since I. Yeah like. Look at networks are never raised public political let me put in there that are up and get through the general session but the operating approximately two point and that's it. Which is why did they don't let people who need ignored the Brady extra little I don't know. Not I don't think so it I mean I didn't I think is a middle ground with with the dynamics. Are called Kelly. Got to take a break but. Don't we go back and forth are you want on the body and then. You know did they drink and all of a diet that that he may or may not have I have no idea what grunt is eaten for breakfast lunch and dinner. But I will tell you this when when grunt is on the field but I don't similar Kelly might roll their eyes say. And when. When he is. He's one of the most dominant players in the league. And that he's under contract. Through 2019. At a very affordable right. Gang salt if that's the case. And you gotta order out of training grapple. And keep Brady. You know albeit realistic I'll be realistic with Kelly. I expect rain to only give you hear about three maybe four more years. And of grunts and a contract for three more. Well. It really gonna hurt and don't think about this second they did you know the last two years in a country just think about exceed. If you gras back on the field which I expected got to try. And he comes out and he looks like big east. What you gonna train. Just. I don't understand that that logic if you're gonna keep Brady. You should try to keep grunt as well or at least if you penetrate Ron what's the problem with. Even on the next season cheated he can have one of these Korea years again. And nick. Did his trade value is even higher the Indian. And I'd be the off season next offseason where you get broad and rosenhaus but does that motivated you look around at the contracts and irrationally right. It look at the tide and not just like other tight ends divot and other receivers. That same rockets and rose announcing rocket gonna. Get them negotiation table you gotta pick at some point of drug has a big season next year and all I. He's got to the best tight head he's the best receiver the most dangerous weapon in football. Needs to be paid like it. And that's made you rethink mobile right but. I'd like that the patriots they all that wild got their back pocket which is Crocs not just motivated to go on trying to win. You know the bullets for six. Trademarked. Phrase patriots trying to trademark. He's motivated to get to that negotiation table next she's whoever wrote an article and it. She does contract. Alleged drug make an eight male entered does it gain of nine military does a 19 am not good enough. Despite a four point 25 Mellon 2017. And he was the most dangerous weapon and football you'll think. That's the goal on drops for him on grunt side it is an if that's the goal. You bring in Britney back. You wallet out grunt but Europe this scary thing and it's a scary originally you're a better team he's on the field purity about a team and he's motivated to maybe. The imposition I get that negotiation table next Nazis who were saying at my contract Sox let's rip it up in due to get patriots might not do. That might be the time may be moved. You don't wanna try benefit next season from that motivation that extra motivation I don't I would. On top of it all right seems if you could get into a comments the ground made during the break ground. Seemed like a drive that was all end on the bullets for six. Seems to be a good thing. Guys is even all they want out of there about a team. When grudges on the field 617779. 79837. Final ala coming up at this final.

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