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Ep. 51: David Duchovny

Feb 9, 2017|

Kirk chats with David Duchovny about his current music tour, which takes him to the Wilbur on February 22nd, how David got his start in television, from his first stint on Red Shoe Diaries, becoming a superstar on the X-Files, and his hilarious appearances on the Larry Sanders Show. This is a fascinating discussion about show business and controlling your own career.

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We'll radio podcast and others. Once. We talked to David Duchovny to the company to the company the company the company. Not at the wild. Itself like. Seat plus X-Files I would watch it in the scandal loans to sort of you know flip earlier ones are sent to from ago to now. It's funny disorder precursor for shows. The X-Files deftly births are whole generation stuff at the company became a mega star but now he's like he's actors do you know depth and Russell Crowe and abide. He's doing his music and he's at the Wilbur in February February 22. At the Wilbur you know. If your fan of his I would definitely just goes it's your fans go to put these two hours I'm sure you'll be fine. I enjoyed the conversation short is sometimes at these stars. They're promoting something. They're up against centuries to a thirty spots they got about 25 minutes. Yeah just about Tony tournaments I was good you know it's one these ones are towards in Quito music art skip the next company's aptly fine and talked about everything. I enjoyed it seems like a nice guy laid back guy obviously real successful career. He's on these guys were like because he's on the budget depreciate by our two I think it really would enjoy the but for a short sort of one funny week from Houston I'm doing and probably. It got delivered (%expletive) deal that can beat the company what do you think by the way before we go where the chances but the actual podcast. Oh. No I think it's actually pretty good as forty minutes or somebody in Houston in the middle of all that details the reason I say it's a 100% will do is because colon. We're all we're doing well in Houston when. Duo to combat. I don't it doesn't matter once oats it's up to him really that's true. When I was when are we doing tonight we're salute morally backers to dinner when I was think him with regards to Houston was it's going to be probably like four people do ten minutes. Yeah one a and one in one episode you conscious and throw a punch people it's Kirk live from. But Kirk from Houston you know that that situation there which I think would be pretty good because known and give us more than 1015 minutes probably not mode again. It's a social chaotic there. It's very difficult you guys are off air at nine and Houston where often do beat them with two minutes away so we can figure out by I like tell like the covenant weapon in the top end of the dissident or 51. Weapon in the top ten I would not that with a closer to one and 51. Probably somewhere in the middle yes it's what it was fifteen to go for twenty car between its eagle for a appointments. It's fine if it seems like a nice guy laid back. You said there's not guidelines but there were certain ways to start there are two companies guy yet his as manager called me bright and talk to me for a few minutes and kind of just. Who's really nice about it pretty cool about it because he's like listen you know if you start here. You get a great interview. If we don't start there he's gonna kind of shut down you know what I'm doing right and if there's certain things like hey don't bring that up because fuel. You know he will give you anything and it's not going to be a good interview for you if he's not giving anything if you go here. I'm which I was very appreciative of and I know you're too because like hey you actually helping us rapidly and has. Look at life that these kind of laid back sounding of the company's sort of you know comics are very laid back dry dry but you know as a image and him. You know that Larry Sanders. Character replace himself to be cast cautioned Larsson from the great comedy things ultimate favorite things every comedy shows his sense of humor obviously. K are we talked about that we talked with the X-Files twin peaks of your film actually coming back on that. His music as well as I say he's going to Wilbur February 22 is that right I think we've done enough the 26 times between that podcast if it so enough about the episode number 51. Is that right. The threat David the company urges here play in the Wilbur in February correct. Yeah yeah yeah in. I always I'm always sort of which in this when you know. People were best known for one thing when they sort of doing something else was there a point when you were doing this for you at some point just said you know I don't hear people. Think of me is an actor doing this I just enjoy doing in in in you know that the backward or from some people. It doesn't matter at all today even at even at your mind ever. Well I mean it's the feedback. You know it's if it's if it's usable musical feedback you know than that I and I would. The interest to but you know in the new world of Twitter that's not an issue that really I think so I mean I assume. That people are gonna be skeptical. And that's their right you know. And people like people to stay in the boxes that they are accustomed to as. Does having people and so I get all and I also understand that. I'm gonna have a chance to. To have a bigger audience but because of people knowing. Mean from somewhere also a man I understand that I have an advantage. At least being able to get on somebody's radar because of some other kind of celebrity that I have so it's not. I'm and I understand all the things that are in play but I I think music and so kind of non prejudicial in the fact that. You you put on you put on a tune in Europe or like it or you don't you don't care that. There's an actor is doing I don't care that is a whale is making noise you know if you like to noises like penalize them. For me it was always like okay we can take any kind of presidential jokes you wanna pick out the top. And then if you listen in the music. You know then you're you have the right to other like it or not this it's just music. A US cent a year less sensitive as you get all like well I do was a sports talk radio host and we do politics all much stuff on our show so we'll take you take stuff on Twitter number 42 now opposed to this job and I was 22 social media existed a much sure I would be able to take it necessarily. If you just became a start today with cancer Graham and Twitter and FaceBook and all the (%expletive) I mean do you think you'd have been able to handle tens of health being older now doing it or does that not matter at all. And I think oh certainly helps taxes to be older because. I mean at some point you just go world with a talk scarce and so I'm just gonna do what I do you know and that's. That's the best that I can do on there's no hang on and I'm not. I'm not trying to let it get over on anybody and try to fool anybody I'm just making music that I love make it. The bit to the best music that I can and the most musical music that I can make or whatever you know what's a little there except. That means something to me and hopefully means something other people that's all I'm doing. I'm not trying to be something I'm not trying to be a rock and roll star not trying to do any (%expletive) like that. But I think. I think when you. When you grow up in this world of social media. I think maybe they have a different idea. Of their own personal semis I think maybe maybe. Kids that grow up. Having been subjected to a this (%expletive) all the time maybe they get harder earlier I don't know. I know it was certainly a process for me says that it should be able to silence other people's voices. Critical voices in my you know. And and also to be open possibly people that it's constructive things to say that are critical. When you grow up or you know the music that you like growing up loses influence what you do you give us in the music today in place and yet are we talking you know. How many guest analyst at its its spring she influenced you young influencers. And go somewhere else. Knowing you know the you know I certainly love those. Because I was grown up them and I and I think. You know but I'm not really I'm not. I'm not a route really. Through the web. Not a great musician I'm a threat to certainly in these new musicians and I'm not. I don't read music and have been taught music critic like that so. So my influences early unconscious. And I actually got my influences. After I write song you know so like I sit down and like write a song like somebody. But I certainly can hear. You know I can hear petty I can hear. Strange scene I can hear hopefully you know like these when I after I've written song. You all do you is always a feeling you write a song. It's like rewrite anything you standings are always if you were you when you're in the middle of writings on you look at you think Jesus that I Celek to pretentious ass hole aren't so you know it's soaked area to take a great song is so close I think it's some great songs. Product pretentious here I mean is always that that edge though sort of become mostly towards parity sometimes you can be sure. I mean look you look if you look at lyrics from and a blank displays without music. And some of the great songs are. You know they need to music to play at all you know they without the music they are pretentious or flat or whatever and are some beautiful. Like magical thing that happens between barracks and the tune when when it works. And what doesn't work can't let that remains pretentious but it but there's something that happened. Which is what's so amazing about you know pop music top songs. You mentioned patty and he's one of those guys right so I'm I'm like a massive Springsteen and it seemed almost seventy shows and one of the one of these losers you know he's he's just. He's that would be since I was like ten years older now so it was weird things were like you know. He Tommy had to deal with my dad and I was a kid in the hours in the dealt Yeltsin duke Mike it's just it's one of these things. But Teddy was always kind of behind Bruce for me but Teddy assists channel serious. And he's one of these guys who when you look at him now like is it told catalog. I mean I know we he's had a great career but he's almost under rated he's won these guys are here with an unreleased song. And you put holy (%expletive) like how this'll make an album in like three or four. Yes I mean what I what I love about letting them and what I respect about Sprint's in this world. I'm home I do a cover of petty song. In the concert at square one you know muscle. That's why it's more recent slump that but what I really respect about those guys is that that you know that they've. As they continue to write. They can they start to address the things that they're dressing as men at the age of there that you know they're not write songs about kissing girls in the backseat anymore. You know there is as he says you know he taught you how to do it you're dead. No matter raise Cain I'm thinking this kind of stuff right course then now he's right about his kids yes and that to me that's. That's an incredible thing and and for many. You know starting. At my age. To write songs you know I couldn't write. There early so how can I don't get director Lisa right and I gotta gotta go straight to. Has two older songs which has been an interest and think of you talked about pretentious I couldn't lie and and sit there and try to write songs about. You know kissing chain in the backseat of car. Did you if you if you written for a script ever get a script pretty good effort for which differ for movies television. It's I wrote one movie in direct physical thousand doses do that's right that's true and it's written I wrote directed I think three actual and I. Yeah and as a did you enjoy that process verses to song running process notes to hold the different. Now love that I mean. You know. I allows the collaborative aspect of of votes music and and making summer television and that he knows you have this blueprint. You know for me if it's a strong two scores together and I've got mentality and I've got some lyrics on the night I think I work on it with. Because of my men and become something else. And this is Sam went a movie or TV which is significant blueprint of the words on the page and then you give it to them actors and given the deeply and you and you put. You know music under over. And it becomes something completely. Different that you didn't expect. Did you enjoy. Sort of the that the peak phenomenon of the exposed as you enjoy being like that sort of the peak of your fame to ever having your life did you enjoy at the time. We do not enjoy. Bright. I think I appreciated it. You know enjoy the fact that probably the majority is much society. I would do if I knew what I knew now then you know that kind of thing yeah I think at the time I was just. I was afraid that that was all I was going to be known for in aside a certain kind of pushed back against that which you know nonsense sure. So. And also I wanna do you know gonna do other things and use the platform that that. Whoever it given meters to go on and do other things so. You know. To appreciate further enjoys something coming up to stand still and I don't think I was doing much damage to that point. But you cool with the idea now that for some people and obviously you've done you know. Amino things California Q we know things but are you cool with the idea that for a lot of people that's just what you don't for an hour now that you you know you're twenty years removed from the first run of or more. Yeah I mean that it worked. What I realized so important is that there's never. Fit as ever I'm government and famous going to be as. A phenomenon like I mean that it is because you're really isn't anything like that I mean you could maybe. Hunger Games here. Twilight or something but even that's. What do we TV works now it's not possible right now. No so. I don't hunger for that kind of recognition of that scale also. It's fine you know I mean it's something that I understand. And it's also something that is. It's a phenomenal thing to have happen it is safe phenomenon so. Yeah unemployment. Richard wrote here about to be in something it's got the gonna have a lot of attention I mean if you shot. Twin peaks you're done you've you've shot. Yes I was him I'd twosome I'm not at a lot of that was that was a Micah. The running thing yet yeah. Yeah Richard Richard see in the new one. Yeah yeah and that's and that's an X the Munich worked with lynch is an experience you joint yeah. Yeah always a genius I mean I don't I don't use that word lately it is I mean to say that he used. He demand that they take complete and unique. Vision of what he wants to do and it's kind of it's a beautiful feeling to. To be in that you know it's very secure. You know and so. Chirping here at the play your career now you know you're doing this music stuff like a senior beat the Wilbur in February. You serve at the play now and guess singing your career were your able to pick and choose. What you want it's going to be sort of comforting you weren't able to do that I'm guessing you're 2530 years ago. No I mean you know the showbiz hardy you're never. Feel like you mean. It's very rare that you get to push through you can pick and choose and it doesn't last that long you know for anybody. So chill businesses sickle and it's difficult and yet I have more. More choices at my disposal right. And I used to but you know. That could go away tomorrow or you know all I got to deuce is make a couple wrong moves metro Detroit. But today and again I don't care as much like I'm I'm kind of just doing stuff that I feel. Is worthwhile but I feel this is challenging that I feel is entertainment. Do you think they'll like when we're not a get back to music and in the Booker is relevant to your second but did you get to point. In your career like an X-Files that you start doing some these movies if you do movies. Because you thought you had to do them some of them it is does that question make sense. Yeah I mean I think I was. Probably the susceptible to that. Think Cain. At that point that there was late date qualitative difference between television actors and movie actor and wanted to prove myself. As a movie actor which I don't I don't believe anymore that I believe television those. And even as probably. Sure yeah yeah. So I am and I think you know I was working at a time when that was happening when television starting to do. The work to movies used to do rights. So. But at the time I well it was also like day. It was a creative choice you know if I could go movie two movies and you know wouldn't have to do the same character. For years at a time. For ten months at a time so pica. Miller that was that was probably why I I valued. At that point being in movies more than I value being television. I don't anymore. But you were still a guy who you know at the time your big star you're you start to break up X-Files is huge during the certain in these big movies and still you do. When I consider one of the I don't know five funniest cameos in television history on Larry Sanders which is one of the great. Running the current characters and you're asked about all the time yeah of all time I mean that's that's that M Washington time thinking. She's you know TV stars or ten or fifteen years ago would never play character who pretends to have eight or as a homosexual crush. On Larry Sanders think I could imagine it was a TV start fifteen years before that John later or their (%expletive) with Gavin MacLeod lake and I see that happening you know. Like how does that you know I'm sure until the story bunch and Amkor if you're bored about my understand what. No no it was. The tournament very. How does that how does that what's the Genesis of that. Well I have one or two be on that show. Serve as long as I've seen announced that the Vancouver lay my manager at the time would send me. VCR set was so long ago where an I would watch Larry Sanders Show and I just this is the formation are saying this is the greatest writing. And just please get their match or whatever you need to do do SNL and I wanted to do Sanders. And they look so like my showbiz checkpoints and wanted to let you know whether some one on a descendants in and like then I'll know that I've made it. And they got to do. One what one show with Gary in America area and we became friends and even by images basketball game played weekly game over there. And at some point we just start talking about coming back again and doing one. Where I think I said you know be funny if I had a crush on you but it was a factual and this was before the moment first thing we didn't have the words for right now. And they shouldn't enemies foreign and we've just got to rest and you know three weeks later 2000. Then might trailer Vancouver and that becomes the center scripts and you know those that was how he did it is Terry Terry was just. A missile missed and there was. They they replay via the so you know obviously after passage reaping a whole bunch of HBO's didn't want to marathons does randomly watching the first blood in the first one. If you call them on the phone you're talking back and forth and help. Yeah I'll be a town Saturday and he's like gusts are terrific a look at the town just you just wanna hang out of so bad he is no interest in exile group. At all against its illogical I guess it's a makes at some point. Yeah not a city that basic instinct thing with the with the robe and all of that stuff. You know I was you know the the same. That you're referring to where I'm talking alone on the phone. I was actually in my trailer in Vancouver and Gary says I think we can shoot the scene right now is an overshot my side of it it's only. My voice. And city called as scary and we just kind of a props that. So that's what you hear is the actual. Paul calling national conversation. Well the senate yet right and we knew we knew what we're gonna do guidelines and let that's the you know in this suit as Mulder in my trailer Vancouver. Just going Gary you know on a lot from where and elect. Did you and and you obviously I'm guessing we're pretty different to them although. All the way through to gasoline became we became great lifelong friend doesn't and you know just great great great Trent. He's another guy who seem like you know he did exactly what he wanted to do like he didn't you know he didn't he didn't. It works to sell outs a cliche but you know I mean he did what he wanted to do. He did and that was. That was both his his gift and it was a bit of a curse for them because it was. The loose. He is very very numb pain staking and in the kind of work that he would do and therefore you know people always say well why hasn't carried another show on line in a lot of legendary work more well. It was because it had to be. It has to be good enough it has to be the way he wanted to be and so businesses not further up that way. So what they see was it to cover the simplest along is the show amused to these like four hours Springsteen to respect that so now where I am I didn't you know thirty my son Gamal are stage dive and none of that stuff. I don't know the catalog although. Strange since this having you get more people to dive into my car myself. But there are no strings and covers. No I don't do a Velvet Underground government to do. It band cover. And do do that the only cover two petty cover myself and then. It was a pleasure about two hours a play good two hours and then you probably. Almost the the album and then maybe four or five tunes off of the development comes out expressed. Excellent and the B in February in your book you're novel which came outlast your chance to ask you vote to tell the actual tackle technical title is not Bucky (%expletive) Dan Wright is Bucky. The word (%expletive) is not usually put something or are you. It's the ultimate at a time it was a restaurant square the year should be master to the Republican force air hub in other words by and the flawed and that came out a wanna see 2016. Am Iran. Became opening day last year opening day last year and do well. Yeah yeah I mean yeah. You know book book Serb. Books to a whole other thing where we're you know you want people to be buying more books but. But they're not and as Tibet's. I think. You know. It if you're working outside of like a thriller genre if you were outside genres even harder to sell books but I I get to and I get to post another one so I guess who did well enough. In the plot is in just you know for people listen no there around her and wanna grab. Yes is it it's somebody's worked out I could be around three working for the Yankees. Well he he's so people don't being that he's done this I don't know spam that's just like the absence of agencies that. And is is kind of estranged from his father and and you move. You have like this if your father and son offense. But. He moves and I was father after Australia his father's dying of cancer and they view his father the big Sox fan. And he's he's obviously working at for the Yankees is six. And it in the senate one point figured out that his father's health or his wellbeing is dependent on whether this sucks or when they're losing. And of course we know that shouldn't really you know they're gonna they're gonna start to the tank and in particular time and at the end so. There's middle part of the book is kind of like this ruse. Taking outcomes that dishonest doing for the father as the site start to lose. By the use of the new technology called videocassette recorder. You're. True I've heard I remember growing up and I remember taking red shoe diaries and what's not meciar the next morning. Good man. Are we gonna see. With all these TV shows and reboot and come back don't think so rookie Jake winters come back your two year old man do it aside just I don't about it but I'm sure that's a dumb question but like. Is that an odd experience while it's happening Emmys and in any way linked. Sexual now. With elm. Well you mean tournament doing a lot since. What probably the Richard Dyer is if I remember like you being massaged by these women in the intro souls right now. Yeah Richard I was I was really like after the first yet been on the I was I would just read the letters in the road oh that's that's right straight answer it so I was just a lonely guy with the dog reading letters. Would you read those like we trying to reach those is an actual actor or you sort of tongue and shaking it like when you in on the joke. No no I was not I was just like man I'm getting paid to do this this is measured. As sure you're just basically start it right yeah yeah yeah are there if you think we surprised. Miguel which are going there against engaging show is it's in the will Burson in February. Were you surprised at the success X-Files had last year and came back and you do again. We're talking about doing some more I should have some news. Either yes or no pretty soon we just prize. I don't know the minute I just felt like there was such kind of progress council support for coming back that I. I just felt like there was this huge. Loyal fan base that was there. So the way I wasn't surprised but I'm maybe I should have been. Yeah I've engaged it again I guess that would surprise me he was. Powell in because I I like the opposite victory in the show are really like the movies but that last movie sort of came and went it was odd almost like it was a promoted it was a talked about. And then Friday to show the like in the movie theater. Well no matter what well aside and accurate I think it was a conjunction of a few different factors one it was. Kind of dark subject matter. There was not a pedophile priest and you know it was an X-Files around. This particular character played really well let Billy Connolly. But. It also came out the weekend I think after Batman. And and it was that was kind of put the citizen summer blockbuster and you know we can make a summer blockbuster Slava that was an at. So I think. I think it was a thirty million dollar picture you know that is right spoke to compete with these under 250 million news was just so it was a bad. I think fox kind of dropped the ball on the franchise. It's funnies I'm talking here on Friday. And last night I finished the fall on Netanyahu at which I hadn't watched which is due to a damn good show. There is good yep she was excellent the national right yeah yeah very very very good or greater if he thought to myself like that sort of Netflix stuff for I mean I guess you do you know if that's that is different. Absolutely it's a whole new world out there there's so many different. Vendors are doing great material they don't have to. Think about reaching a huge audience anymore and therefore they can they can kind of get in the show audience and to really have worked. Right well what you running up against a February 22 to beat the Wilbert David the company will be playing. For Imus say at least three and a half hours may become front and a two hour show with a torn name mr. wizard or. This really know our order now I want the album right yes film yet excellence allowed territory's second Wilbur. Thanks back right. Thanks again for listening to the enough about me podcast. Actually know what I'm really not thankful at all he should be thanking me get this ship every week these great podcast totally free do if it was you go to I two's. Download a noticed Richard do the same. And reiterating leave review that she can help me out this podcast is going to be number one again I guarantee you can help me along with the process so for that I guess at the end. They have total thinking is why I think he's going back and forth here's the point (%expletive) you.

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