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NFL SUNDAY -- Some media members are just not fans of Brady and the absurdity of the Brady vs Belichick debate -- 2-5-17

Feb 5, 2017|

The guys talk about some of the bias from national media members in the way they cover the Patriots, but especially Tom Brady. This leads to a chat about how absurd it is to argue about Brady vs Belichick and which one is more important to this dynasty.

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Bottom Napster went and got. Him at. That's gotten her. There is some treaty hate on. On our show hurt among the analysts we have a stressful part of the race club rate that was our respect when he gave his football player out please. A lot of success and it creepy and Foxboro playoff but. I think they'd lean towards you our analyst Shannon rate others Cris Carter they lean toward bella checked just because. You're on the sort of not patriot they just here. Put their arms around Tom Brady because they think he gets too much credit and too much respect. Into my actual law. Not their cup of tea because he's not the coolest guy in their view. He'd be a little nerdy you can be a little all shucks he's with media they think it's not completely authentic. So they won't give him credit that it angers me that he deserves it. Against the I don't want to overstate this but I thought that. Tom Brady they'd build jobs and ended up making bill Bill Belichick because clearly. If Drew Bledsoe doesn't go down. You guys know early in net 2001 of these are built on a hot. Ask your bill is up with the off efforts on the planet blue and and Christian the other day for Marbury who wrote years and there's a couple of things there that always aggravated when I hear. Dotson we'll get that would register with skip about. It's just so sad. And this is why you cannot take. 99% these analysts seriously with people like Shannon shopper and rays who wears the right. Wait shoot Lewis and people like that seriously because of prejudices like if said the panel about race the part about the biggest players. Or coaches so everything they say when they may when they're breaking down film a break and and regarding the patriots any opinion. Goes up out the door and that's why don't listen to these people like did this week because part of my job. And I wanna be in touch of what everybody said. Regarding skip Bayless and Brady make it Belichick. We can have a chicken and the egg theory from now until hell freezes over the bottom line is and I don't know why skip and others don't get this okay. The people really think put let's go to and get healthy that he was going to be in there he had from my understanding. Maybe the indie game to prove himself who won the Brady came out and the next week you want. You know pretty heavily overpaid Mary and if we didn't do well there that was that they were making the change I don't understand. Guys why the national media doesn't get that. Well it. It's easing there. He it is in you know as breeding meat though it took to Britain to vote equity preview of the keys maybe my own opinion and talk to guys were on that 2001 team. In the consensus seems to be said they would have meat that move most likely toward the end of the 2001 season regardless. What would. It was trending in that direction maybe it would open up in 2002 with Tom as opposed to drool after it is injured you know who knows what would happen in the 2001 offseason. An and I am I'm seeing this with the Thursday that they don't want to run and witness who purported to continue trending in that direction as opposed to you know. Surprising everyone going into what it is so. Again repeated it's the ease the leaves are there today it is in lazy people always fall back on your own when when you're talking about the featured two gold little bit. Below the surface. In in you start to see the real story it its interest in being and we we referenced this a couple times that but I think it's worth it in the context this conversation going back at room. We've beautiful that work with Marshall Faulk who weighs in with the you know. Michael Robinson from the Seattle forwards to quit for you know with that there's well he's kind of gone back and forth and he's not at the same level. Marshall Faulk Paducah has some political or fun with a little more soulful where the Faulk. He says the development. Of a sports fan. In their people their thirteenth in sports you just don't like. In its not a rivalry thing but teams that win too much in it starts to Kelly didn't cite brain and you don't wanna see him win anymore in. The patriots for a lot of people are one of those buy anything in there and I think that there are a lot of guys out there. Former players chronicler who just feel deceived waiters no logical reason other than the fact it a V win a lot therefore I'm margolick. I'd and that's also no logic to this argument that. Brady made Belichick or that Belichick may Brady in this particular people who toggle back and forth. Between both of them to try to discredit with the other one is done. So do it right if you're a it's up the telecheck owes everything to Brady person then know what you're saying is that. If Brady had been drafted by HCL rams. But the rams would be the dynasty right now. Or tit to go the other way is to say okay if tick re buying didn't win the argument in the war room and they drafted by the huge sack instead of Brady. That they still would've won. You don't forcible balls in the B on the way to their seventh both of them are not top you've got two guys who aren't just the best they've ever been at that at their jobs. They work together they work combine that Brady you know. Is deferential to the coach Eddie he lets the coach go in on the meeting rooms on Monday and rep home apart and say I could get the quarterback a Foxboro high school to do what you know to throw better than that. And and it's the tour the working together and I look those arguments I think those people should be paired off. Silly confided alpha the rest of their lives and put on a boat show that this seat and I'll hit with a flaming Darryl gamble viking few. I'll let the door of the island where a loss was for older wanna get some days call 6177797. Under through seven. Dennis in credits of up first on and post on repeat Jerry and Chris say Dennis. A great chill guys thanks are you doing I'm gonna lay it all on the line around the patriots today currently. The only thing I'm not sure it was being what's the over under. It's up a 59 and a half now was 58 and a half yesterday that they are or be glad all week. Do the 59 of 59 and a half. I'm gonna do at all I thought that the projection at two weeks of looking at Carnoustie might igniting riots in for a big surprise. So have a good show ice thanks to listen to you all morning impeach. I've been up since 430. What you wanted to aren't cheap smokes Sadat. Yeah. I look at that it's gotta pace yourself well I think he's Cedric cities up the goats were for a possible solution to throw shooting which are a cigar watchable our allies or La law and order way that you got all my life coach absolute Michael Remy and the best here WEEI Mike. They don't like over the video police to report back to replacing the starting quarterback this principle. Creating an Marie Opel would double war sit back up to replace them and then like talk com. Want cannot and cold I went down and that got obstacle played the bad apple might get a job market researcher at about a lot more important trust principles cases. Dive though absolutely up. What got you up. Although I would. Outlook to blow it would not on the on QB and he brought all the employees of two people can be killed what sort time. Earlier the bigger picture it's fair and between forty year public say oh what a horrible but what little atomic. I don't that's what I don't know what else bothered by the hash tag one more. Like I say it won boys' team what it's all this and what more Super Bowl. Clinton out of the shared this came out late last night or yesterday I forget but I saw it late last night. The falcons right Chris had to cancel the pep rally 'cause they didn't have enough fans support. Right there seems to be some to be let's hear it look in in no way to know that did that story came out with their people here they're multiple there have just seen as their multiple people here. But I talked to who said. There was no rally poignant for the falcons anyway. It's not like the falcons had to cancel their their in an again I know that there were initial reports during the the falcons you know decided you look at that none of intra operative called it off. But there's seems to be there seems to be dispute whether the falcons even at a rapid weight at all. What I despite all the political rhetoric that has been brought up this week and all that stopper and you know if you are operating your paper tenure for trop all that nonsense like its stance. But I'm from my understanding Chris. That patriot fans are out. Gunning falcon fans by almost racial and one down there is a decision goes to. It just it closed at their batters and walking around downtown. A Houston there are four more features he's been thought as the federal court and won but it is it's gonna be entries and hear how. It all kind of please out in this stadium because it can be kind of the book the momentum can be kind of weird because and BO fans that's an upset that can kind of go the other direction but. Yeah it in terms of just you know during Super Bowl week there's been more Petri trees down the talk traders are Clarence and ups are Clark who has rocks around admitted report during the Clarence. Well I hope they Clarence. Pete yup I just wanna take the opportunity this. To welcome you back my man. A factor appreciated dog crates in September by really appreciate it. I've been listening brother of the reason I called him. Just to that you know I'm on board with his team concept. I'm not just while on the preacher it blindly. Do what I like about most of the patriots fans. Their objective that's what I and that's what I look for. And I want to get this off my chips until that part pride colts. Are a few of Pittsburg. This blog I'd like to check my royals like at. Some of this and let let us. I base and build a protective. It did give me good because model meant that. It was a good also. Are rumored news note this you know the do you like I have a piece yourself as a college cigar yet and we're yeah. Well at all might omelet. But the two weeks I got its picture Eddie Murphy. Case map you know that it is a ten to one ratio patriots fans took out its. Yeah that's an African American. I'd gentlemen paid prepared ripper Mike Tomlin. And Prague is we are good incorporate that hasn't been Super Bowl in whatever to two years. It's counter intuitive that they wouldn't be the year. In huge numbers double the Eagles donated them to Jacksonville Alltel by every account I was that there are you guys I was yeah that there would just hoards of them everywhere and I think what it will finally get it takes center mortgages out of their homes. What I will say this to guys inane it's important to remember that they're just some fan bases the travel really well like the Eagles in the Steelers and do you do actually go to suitable when you when you go to you know you just assume that they're gonna show up in big numbers. I don't think that's necessarily the case this falcons all right 61777979%. We have so much Morgan interior Tenet also under Pete shepherd Jerry thorn Chris price review with two outs there. Liberal leader rod Tommy current Christian Fauria gamer right seek. We it is an interesting numbers Joseph reckon Garcia guys all lined up a mix in some of the calls and some of the interesting stats we're gonna get into next and also wanna wanna into the theory would support the view much negative too little bit on Friday so pick it over during the break as is typical stop. Should the patriots won the coin toss what do you think they should do and why ponder that for a few minutes right here are Sports Radio W Riyadh.

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