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OMF - Sports super agent Leigh Steinberg says Bill Belichick re-invented the way football operations are run, 2-2-17

Feb 2, 2017|

Sports super agent Leigh Steinberg Jjoined the show to discuss how Bill Belichick re-invented the way football operations are run.

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Matt Hasselbeck gone crew. Christian Fauria he'd like a mainstay here like you know Jim Wright ray Bork. Gloria. C'mon it's more or wade heard moaning and 48 much Sports Radio. I realize that radio route back down here in Houston Texas fourth place albeit Fauria. If you wanna talk about the history this approval and what it was like many years ago compared to what it is right now. So it you talk with one of the greats were agents that's the Stanford because in the old days we had a party. And at that or maybe two with three other parties now there are thousands of parties everywhere in the city and it's a whole different world scripts he once again it is different it is to. Different well I started in 1975. Whenever. Will lead mammoths and Saber tiger roaming year candidates that the well if you really think about it in that year each team made. To mean dollar. As its share of national TV contract this summer in cash a check for 226. Million dollars. The franchise's Tampa Bay and Seattle were valued at sixteen and a half million dollars in 1976. Dallas Cowboys four point three billion dollars today so. The Super Bowl was really a football game that you there were couple parties but it was a football game basically. And and it was attended by bands. To it now. They have that steam is corporations 3000 dollars to exits and saying well the average price now is 5000 dollars. In so. Depending on when the last time was and how the fans travel all the rest of it so. You've got big business encamped in the city big political figures beat entertainment figures. Big sports figures. It's a convention of America. I mean it is the place to be for the whole year. In this country. And it's the biggest marketing event it's the biggest shoes the phone. And so it is it. Bearden life in. We're now Thursday it was still possible drive this morning. The most people have Thursday Fridays news Sunday package hits his invite to mark the ball great this city will look nothing if it does. It's not the only thing missing Stevens is a long time it was social media we'd we'd do radio off it always seems that will come up talking about some other athlete that got in trouble of social media things that challenging is that for you with some of these young clients now added up how often do you talk to them about that staying out of trouble staying also from me. Remember in the millennial generation. We are because we tweet right. There their whole identity wrapped up with. Their bomb being the focal point. Oh wonderful points of that are assistant Ian. They constantly are our tweeting and texting and use to mean and snapped. Shining example lies about. That case. Great stuff but the point is that flow. You. The concept that they are broadcasting internationally. To any one. Who can pick it up the Q could be on an eight goal a small strip the scene in the in the South Pacific. And pick up whatever being brought. Is something you have to get across that athlete in that make the point to them that there. Under a microscope from the time they believe there. House to choose the time they return the ubiquitous nature cell phone. Means that any. Action that they do any work that this thing can be picked. It was made vivid one year when national Matt liner with that that was recorder where bird moment. Vote in the offseason he's in its own now he has to. The real threat to his in his hot. Yeah in the opening film is that the where's that to allow me if I did. Sorry news pointers from theory to. Anyway. So one of the girls. Puts an open Internet and it. Goes everywhere will look. The coach of the team assumes that he's now pardoning. That he's not taking football sooners sleet and it really was the end of liner Ian errors don't. And it was. He was there in the offseason program he wasn't Al history but that's what do you always are definitely imagery does so. When you think about. You know you you've been involved in a call for as long period Tutsi steal lie. The rocket down the heat that he's under and justice what. He's responsible for. And we compared to liberals now or have the Tagliabue to meet you sit there go I don't want that job I mean I it just seems like. There's so much heat some heat brings on itself in my opinion. And other times like how well why should Roger Goodell being charged of and whether domestic violence like he knows nothing about it. Because. The players association. In this sport. Has never been able to negotiate it in any equal way because they've never been able to pull off a strike that was successful. And you don't wanna strike in the labor situation but you want the threat of the net twice. Baseball players have somebody more rights as role players have so many more right football never knew him do it. Last strike in 1987 they played replacement games in the first three players across to picket line were Joseph Montana. How is long and Tony George so if you can't do that out. Then. The ownership got the power and they understand and they know that Roger Goodell instantly. For all he is. Teen years towards the public for all his ham handedness. Will be job secure for fraternity because he negotiated the collective bargaining room. Back in 2010 the players. We're making 55% of the firms OK let's beat number and owner from making 45% when they came out of the negotiation some now. The owners from making 53%. And ten player for making 47%. Jeff Saturday and Robert Kraft or hug and out like there's clearly a lot of unsolicited it will also be patent in England. It so he's that you can tell that age embassies really doesn't write the numbers down in front of the group and isn't this an agent completely healed so positive. Anybody to make money for the unit. I understand but the point is they have massive television contract the franchise values have skyrocketed. They have a salary cap to ensure. So from an owner's perspective. Big franchise values huge television contracts new stadiums everywhere. And the fact that. That he's in the disaster time the I think that. Voters conference. When it came to Ray Rice when he came to become greedy you know obviously. The thing that he forgot was that the press today pays attention. They actually match storage since both storage unit test and actually listen to what he's saying situation in a and that is so you've got a credibility problem. And and he hit the third rail of public opinion. They're rarely gets hit you know where you've got people talking about things and water coolers and and and beauty parlors. You know on domestic violence mean. The NFL doesn't lead CNN and every other news show and you know for problems with it the way we've seen happen mobile phone. It before we Klitschko I've got to ask you from a business standpoint. The New England Patriots. Dynasty years the 60s70s. News strike Egypt Kris. Because we expert we had Dallas San Francisco dynasty. Three free agents free agency comes at you all sorts of leverage right now with your clients and yet here we go. Great quarterback great coach we get that enabled the ration. Spectrum over old torn over of this roster opening it and they don't let that we still have a team. Here's right now so I think so successful business. Little. Good write it down and you're talking right now I. I represented Christians of hits the hated it got its did a lot of resentment that I hit it close the hole so. Part of the reason the modern in the nose the way it is is between two people third Jones of Bob Kraft. Bob Kraft he is as good an owners I've ever seen in sport okay. When he took that team over and I had Bledsoe and so I've spent a lot of time with the men nearly days. He was Smart enough to ask everybody in the NFL what makes a good coach what makes a good personnel person. What is the key to winning he asked everybody even though he was huge business success. He got the best advice in the world about all and he built a structure with extreme stability. And they built the concept which we've sort of modular the plug and play player run through there be consistent vigor. And has stability to coaching level of stability in front office and the systems bigger than the individual players. You don't see fourteen patriots going to the pro wolf if trickier you know but they win. The best example is hombre he's gone for four days. Is valuable players there isn't football robbery gone. And guess what the it won the third quarter thick and thin it to win the game which is try to agents crazy in that they're not dissipate he went to the PGA golf stuffed doll. They're probably not gonna pay. Did say hi to our top dollar loan no but here's the point that the salary cap the salary cap is designed for parity. The salary cap makes a great team discard its players you simply can't have. Highly paid. Offensive. Four offensive linemen that are really highly paid can't do it you've got a short these positions and they figured I'd have to do have one don't. Ortiz that would shield for but don't you think your Brady Brady has a lot to reach me a 1002000 do a lot of different things they went in normally wouldn't want to get that cheap contract early gives you were represented lets viewers that he get that cheap contract that allowed that the build a real team around them. She court xmas gift. It analyst at Warner once you understand it is that Bob Kraft is it different type of phone. Craft an owner who liked players. Another word he established his personal finance system that with with all the players I love Bob Kraft you know I've. Bob Kraft flew out to my fiftieth birthday party with his wife Myra. And came to. That if you were there anyway he picked it didn't either. Yeah yeah. He came to the heat became. Mean this is not an ordinary older now you know another I've stated how's this is. Someone who built personal relationships. And so the point is. Would I rather. Nom numbers. Would rather take less money. In wind cubicles. Com. You know for a half a players you'd you'd rather do that he doesn't. He's not as aggressive on marketing as he could be and those looks and everything he's done but he he should. Could easily beat you with Peyton Manning do I mean you've been Manning can do that cleverly written experts you know. Tom Brady would be America's wealth report. He but he doesn't do it. But he sent out to do. Because the winds are upon he could make a fortune more than he goes in and no market if he throws. Late August or talking or Strickland letters and things like very much Lee Steinberg. He was the model for level Jerry Maguire movie for remember that.

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