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Bradfo Sho, Ep. 6: David Ross compares fans, Boston vs. Atlanta

Feb 1, 2017|

Rob Bradford is joined by former Red Sox catcher, and newly-named ESPN analyst, David Ross to break down the good and the bad when it comes to the two Super Bowl teams' fans. Ross, who grew up near Atlanta and played for the Braves, offers examples of what separates the fan bases. He also adds some interesting insight into how close he came to not retiring at the end of the 2016 season.

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I. Adam Rose show. That might open definitely probably would have brought bats I don't. Away where you don't know what you're. Brad boat show. That's delicious. One of our favorite guest of all time on the driving road show hall of fame. On the on the on the ring of honor. David Ross. Now currently the straw mr. isn't ranked in the Chicago Cubs front office. And we you may know him from such education occasional films is Red Sox former outsized catcher. World champion Chicago cub. Just this the guy who who wins who wins titles but now is retired in and the reason David. That I wanted to have you on ours on our view on first while while Coleman and you every time you need to play to vent you know you can come over here. I noticed out in hotel rather good to hear from him always enjoyed being in on. Under show and and and talked and you know it's nice to our catcher but the old friends I talk a lot that we've sponsored. The bad news for I only restarts since Hugh since you had people carry you off the field on the shoulder so. Ed Ed dead heads as say as they treated out also. I just I'm assuming we don't have the two could clarify don't have to confirm or deny. The U wearing your at a private teacher underneath your seat when meeting the president the other day. I haven't on that. The sleeves cut the lead of the work in our hours but at least he knows on them. Yeah you can't hide the tries. And so so David's over what. Reason I want to have you on a scale when I was thinking about this who rules coming up and try to relate to baseball the baseball centric podcast. And and I. Listen I love railing on the Atlanta fans I'm gonna give that up off the the slate right away I because my experiences with the Atlanta fans. Has been I've been down to the Georgia Dome for some Falcons games I went to the Hawks Celtics playoff game last year. Obviously been to seven games with the Red Sox played the Braves. But I don't wanna I don't want to I'm just a Boston guy who is going to these games once in awhile. And in its easy for me to say there this is not the fan base that I wanted to be this is not the level of fan base of the Boston. In bases and I'm not saying that you have the rail on the fan base by sort of get prepped the perspective because viewers like you are guys. Who grew up in northern Florida. Who play into it with the Braves in Atlanta obviously you have familiarity there and Boston with a fan base here. So the first question and when asked David is. What is the biggest difference in terms of the to fill in basis. I think I think that when you grow up and they like it happened one Atlanta had them up we're transplants that ball does Austin. The one thing I know about Boston is that they are. You know tried through to their cheap and their city. Or never forget when I have my concussion in Boston went so. To catch a game. And and a bar right Austria and got some heat much the Red Sox. Play we're on the West Coast and the Bruins were in the play cops I could get one of a billion east earned the reds are in there all of a brewer you know. It's probably really fast. Boston fans were. We're aren't gonna stick to their team than it actually turned me I grew up with our order at a college outlook our sport part in my paper bag watched what. Much on the bosses turned into Patriots and just because of how the fan base followed her and cheer on the achieved it really is it's it's contagious. So when would you talk about transplants and land this give the sort of dynamic you. Grove near Florida State and so Dan and our. Fans down there is particularly football fans a sore or talk you know because of the Super Bowls coming up. By is it more about the college football that is about the Falcons even in as you're close to Atlanta. There's such a mix there I would say you have the more you get close to land out piece it all caught the ball well. I know that the fans in Atlanta allowed the bow in back yet. It's one of those pains. You know those are critical they would give up on their scheme that they're not doing well but yet they are when he's hurt they're all about so. I would say quite bandwagon but I'm I would be the negative term I would use but I definitely. Would say you know I don't think that Georgia don't going to be packed out did the year and I had its playoffs where. Some of these cities have been and then and the winning traditions. That you HM does he tend to cheer him on the matter what. So did you go through Braves games growing up or did you just not even bother. No different which which is probably like Spurrier or. You know outlet that when I was growing up I didn't. Well watch it on TV the light deck on the a couple of trips. And we were there have been a Gortat a Braves game and it did in the World Series a deck tickets bloom of our track meet sell really cool that was our first pick we ever went to it and it's a great rays were around when I was grown up so. The rays were it and everything that he watched on TV. A little bit that I watched on TV at two at all with the dale Murphy's and that certain sentiment and Robertson. You know Matta told those guys so. There's we're a big following the southeast in topic all the self well when the Braves. They're better on yes. What's the first welcome stimulants it. I've never been a topic yesterday you got there but you know what you shoot you should feel bad about this 'cause there's a lot of people that are around that area as. Theft. Well I know that he's got to be excited. A lot of all though I told had a paper for Tom Brady bill oh checked in and night crew. So I think it will be. Excitement for urban Atlanta Sanders as much as you know I really believe that. Championships and being on the biggest stage in the brightest stage. Can transform a city and in the standard to. A little more die hard a little more expectations that come out so I opted disappointment. Looked like he is that the fans can finally have have a resume to stand on when you started to go to multiple Super Bowl. Well and so it not to and so so the real hard toll on the negative view said you went to the Braves playoff scheme that was the height of oh. But we're seeing now with a Atlanta fans they are into it their act in the stadium that did tomahawk chop and everything that was that that time right. Brett okay so so you can offer. Some insight in terms of when things are really good like they are now with the Falcons when things are going really really dead. And there is. Disappointment. Is it oh well OK were just moving on what is it like to be in Atlanta. During this time when they are paying attention and they they are claiming that team as their own and they are. Actually going to the games what's it like being inland then. It's great it's great it really is it's it's. You know when you have the support the city. I think that speaks volumes. As a player. What. The city is electric divide be duly when you go. I'm made to the grocery store to Chrebet or a sandwich or work to Starbucks and a copy shop. You feel the energy from the fans in the end. And they start to recognize to tell you good luck all those things help in that just the excitement that you feel and and taking your game to the next level. A rhetorical cities is behind you. You know it you obviously were aware of the Cubs when the Cubs and you talk about the Red Sox and learning that fan base of Boston. American ask you say which is better which is more intense whatever bud gimme gimme something that it's different. About oh I'm not MMR arm arm I'm pushing the Atlanta fan base aside because I don't expect them to be in this conversation. But certainly the Chicago fan base in the Red Sox fan base are unique unique group. Gimme something that's even subtly different about that though. What exactly reports La which is bird you have chosen to better dog no I didn't ask which is better I don't I don't know I don't know that I didn't. You explain like it's just so different. I'm I'd learned about. Winning and what winning there's like from a fan base that had expectations and a and a and a oh well versed in the knowledge of baseball fan base which is ought to. That saw span. And a winning organization and be around when players are not for that she'll be a way to win. Now when I left there and seen it in our championship. So that was like. And and how they the fans to your game to the next level when they bring that energy that expectation great. When I came here to Chicago that wasn't the case they were making too you have a couple Beers and watch the show. And as actually with a winning so it there. The fans became more into the game that and more questions more expectations. A little bit more anxiety. All those things along with winning so I think that is going to be the translation you're gonna see your Chicago in the future. More expectations more a little more. In around that we haven't done before. More they respect greatness which I'm out there and took that would that's what I would say I'd learn about winning and what I expect our. And Boston and tried to bring those ways over here to Chicago. And it seemed to be a very easy transition where there at the talent that they're stroke. You what sort of things that you mention when the Cubs were working on one did and when you first got there in. And this is where I think there are some similarities in terms of everywhere I'll spot Boston. Where in the team isn't going did then it's oh well it's it's nice to go in the game and have a few Beers and and do whatever. In Boston you're here for a little bit when he wasn't going to do it's it's not like that right at the that's I guess in my right in my right in the that that's maybe the biggest difference. When you talk about Boston and then it NN Chicago went and ol' Saint Louis any other place it's not going did. It's like oh well it's you know it's isn't it funny go to game nut and it wasn't like that when you're in Boston you weren't going to. Yeah no doubt noted how it is today. Is a constant expectation of your best hands and I feel like that's how it should be I don't know why or whatever not be that I. Because we're look at the season may be come to an end or you may not have the greatest year. You sometimes and in some cities that fan base gets up and they move onto the next thing that's not the case in Boston beat these people's that there are our money. They loved the atmosphere and way they're going on experience whether your. They're doing to our team gains up they're going for a great experience and leaders see guys like David Ortiz Dustin Pedroia. That that dynamic player to keep that that you guys have. You know so. When when you step over here is a consummate stock you know or I yours there at the level of expectations are very very high. And that that follows when it either comes winning or losing. You know you said that you have sort of bidding to become immersed in becoming a Patriots fan and being around the pitcher's little bit and yeah appear. Q do you see any similarities in terms of what they do in and what the Red Sox did or what the the Cubs did this past season the last couple years. Because every once trying to grab that magic formula that. Has allowed the bout the Bill Belichick and his Patriots to do something that nobody has done in professional sports which is discontinued Ron. Of just winning winning winning winning while turning over rosters is there any thing. That you can say they do this and we did this as well and that is why. There is some success. He got I think what can I see a consistency and thought the group as a whole from the top down ownership to coaching staff you don't see a whole lot turn around coaching staff you'd see a consistent message. A week in and week out about. What the expectations are. And how west whoever whether it's still talking about you know moving on to the next week that's over turning the page two in the but she can't move or is it. There's the mat and it never changes. And that's what a great organization do in the ones that are consistently you have. You know continuity from ownership all the way down to waiters and everybody on the you know so to speak often in the row. That's what winning is that's how things stay consistent. You all along those lines are I think I get the impression. That the Red Sox would love to be like the Patriots in the sense of we are going to control the message that gets out there and I think that this goes not only the Red Sox a lot of organizations throughout. Professional sports we love to do this and use either Bill Belichick press conferences you see the lack of anything interesting coming out of that locker room and this might it is my assertion that that can happen and it's not only because the control you have in football. But because you can only do that if you have the cash day in the street cred of winning. So I don't know if they've how you feel list if they have. What the Patriots do in that respect of controlling the message in not letting anything leak out. And all of that could ever be done in a baseball clubhouse. Well I think I think you know quality went on for a good point but I also think it. Comes with the human beings but that you have a knack clubhouse. So that they just aren't based on those when the message is consistent and and it's about winning and it's about being consultations about cheese first and organization and the players at the team's first. And that's where that confident and you talk about what achievement join and it doesn't. But come about you know your night out the night before or what you did under they offer. What your batting average is or what your. You know OPS's. In the end this and that it's about what the group is doing and how I'm getting better or losing or how. Or were confusing message when we're winning and when that can do that message is consistent up and down the group then there's really hold now. There's not a whole lot of drama that you come up. And whether it's in the media or in the clubhouse or whatever is its start on selfishness and the group first. Well isn't also were also be more challenging for baseball because there's just way too much more as a way to its time. In too much access. There is a lot of time and access all you know but again I think. You know you guys can only write what we did use and at that their messages negative or so there's. Then you are right a negative so it was Matt if we can we can find the positive in the moments. And signed. Even a positive in the negatives or a way to continue to work it is better. Then I think that is the message that you write about so it has to do it. Was what what message is coming our back up. The other reason I ask is this because who's is it. But also go now on the Patriots and I'm gone through the entire offensive lines and I'm gonna get them to crack and we get them crack and you hear the same exact thing in. And in and then you get no baseball and yeah there's a lot more time as a lot more access but I think there is also a diversion of personalities to him. And where people are coming from I don't know it's I just. I think I did. And you have an you have articulate. 462. Guests. You know ideally you'd say that that access and so many days every day at the family at. And when you have them clutch. Much that many days and and pitcher doing the same thing guys are good at bat day you know. Are you said the access is it a lot different foe also were able to have kind of the same message of what the Mets is upbeat that week. What they're looking forward to Wear his heart is more the same thing in the ups and downs you guys are on us through basically being an. A reality is Asia ya what personalities. Are and did you ever look at the Belichick press conferences and in. In that whole thing in this while you know it that is something that we just don't see obviously you have the polar opposite of Joseph Maddon who's always entertaining. You know by I think it in the water strikes I felt like there's been times the Red Sox have tried to implement this Julio Belichick really passed that down. I don't think you can do it I don't think I'm destructive about the coach the B in nine we're muy we'd talked about the players in the clubhouse. But when you watch as a professional athlete you watched Bill Belichick it up with a podium and say what absolutely nothing. Are you like our men that is I you'll see that anywhere. Value doll you know Iowa I think the only one other one we're with the urge to panic you yeah you know Easter. You first brought to the point but. Builder and he beat it's just I mean he's just the same thing. Over and over again even in the most turmoil situations. That is you know they've been there for me one of the toughest media market that you have the Buick. Are so many different outlet of people come at an angle are different story they're trying to write and it just stays civil so branded and and claim that. There's really no not a whole lot to rights and no I don't see you'll see a whole lot a batter out most most diverse player in the game a lot. W boy and dog for a let ego I do what I this is they haven't talked to you since you bodied up to the president in the White House and and at all all that kind of stuff. Was I. Was there any time throughout this storybook run that you had was there any time that ball where it's even an inkling of maybe I'll come back one more year. Yeah oh yeah for sure for sure I mean you would when that success. Had a bad which Warburg and our travel secretary I hit some home run out of the pin out and all this started that yet. Or two in the playoffs are like man you know but still that was. Was a feel like was kind of diminishing it about not mean to leave and had a decent year in my role in. You know there's always that I'd love distinct so much. Others also mentioned the other factors that I was leaving the game went when it comes with family it's. And and that they don't want to do with my kids in and be all or. And and just being a big guy that it don't don't lead the party too late you know I'd rather leave early and and being not being on the over the next day that at least that game with a bad case about. It's kind of weird all that was going on and win the World Series of bad I think it's as you alluded to earlier when you're in great to Europe and Barry also feel that I think that's games set for. There Don on you're a comeback this Roger Clemens did like five times so. But Taylor or. What who what was the what was latest what was the latest that you that you actually had that inkling you know I've maybe fell. Another world. You know it was just it is just one of those things about your head when you have success you know probably sometime in September where. Where I haven't bought it such a great young cheap that's going to be as our off time. My role really you know was a really easy role on the team we carry that the two year out they're here to carry three catchers that takes a lot of pressure off the you know just catch and want to we pretty much in it like down oh or parole. Very very simple roll show is so easy on. You don't take BP take BP he don't know you know and so. I would they were to get my body they took care of my body and in a way to use me. So there's so many great doctors there it was just such perpich real super. The 39 year old backup catcher that at least oil dependency and how good this team much. So that competitiveness in the wanted your part of me wanted to come back where to be I would just keep that we didn't in the World Series but we did and I can run out into the hunt so if you if you win the last team he's a dues and make him back. I don't know out of it and I don't think so no I mean regular regular run but. In and Omaha and Miller there's. Pitchers in that you know policies and then we did win and I don't want to think about what oh what we spit at. Yeah bit used to ride this. The the in this this pop than mine has so I apologize for prolonging. Vehemently when I said it was over here by not. The date of the the Jason Heyward the meeting is that Alan you know that's fair to classify and is going awful what I read in and you were there. The the meeting there in the rain delay and then in the weight room. In game seven. How was that. Did that have the same vibe as the David Ortiz. And doing rather well gagged everyone gather around in the dugout sort of this reset. Everything out. Yet just getting back to I re focused on who we are like ever buy it starts scattering and you get scatter brained him and focuses. It may be on other things just David Ortiz quite I've I've. But compared to that Abacha and what David did there it would in any ground breaking you know. Yeah this is it beat Spain tomorrow the blew it eight let the dust this could take advantage opportunities don't come around. Let's be ourselves give back to do what we do beat Saints are exactly message that Jason. Was conveying it is you know beat yourself let's be us take care or another played one another. We're Brothers you know same company David David did an awesome which when it was going on that's acting thing that popped an upset on. Well they've court he's speaking in a lot younger eight in his first. World Series and and and Jason and such richer. Team first guy that it was the perfect idea to say it. When sorting your until what are you what are you doing and I know you can say our I would really don't know on this filling them in do you have any idea. What your new role with the Cubs is going to be. I'm not outlets around a critique your part cat has good well. It's not that easy why did you say it's Sox certificate. And. What you spent time Cutler you know what you would jet and Jason of these guys. Talk about how they ain't what they do. With with without achieve great stability achieved and admire me and maybe to learn about what scouts too and what they see or just part of my baseball knowledge and growth. In that area the opposite see what all goes into that and now I'll probably do a little bit that he'd be step. Oh lead that's that's in the works now until the Cubs may not matter of maybe maybe one of the network OK okay great. Yes that would be pretty cool and there was some of that so my my my first order of business as I won't spring training is a moment he would he. The series to cup officers in the way you ass yeah trying to put in my mind. My monsters he request. On the side I would like to watch in equipment. Vermont on nights ago is going to be and its a good seat I'm not American ideas. I'm excited about that and and and and come out there for that series I think he was Aaron and Peter Gammons are having their. Plus stolen van Buren Matt Serbia did little. A trip up there for me I'm excited about. Well really appreciated once again and and obviously it's it's I don't know how you walk it off better I don't I in. I just tell you it's it's that you know you've been told this a million different times by a year you learn that that that finish in. And it's nice to see things worked out like they should. Like he did and that the map and game eat it all the way up until when you wore the cut off teacher and you're suit and White House. Center that the putter talk to your outlook or seen it this year but I do I'll talk. Taker.

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