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Ep. 50: Michael Holley

Jan 26, 2017|

Kirk Minihane sits down with Michael Holley for the first time on the podcast. Kirk and Michael have hosted shows together in the past but have never had a candid conversation about WEEI. Kirk and Michael talk about Holley's career in radio, his best selling books, and what his assessment of the current WEEI is. There are a lot of interesting behind the scene nuggets for anybody who has listened to WEEI over the years. This episode is brought to you by hellofresh.com. For Enough About Me listeners go to hellofresh.com and use the promo code kirk35 for $35 off your first week of deliveries.

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Thanks and hello fresh dot com for supporting us well me you received 35 dollars off your first week of deliveries YouTube hello fresh dot com. And use the offer code Kirk 35 remember the 02 hello fresh dot com. Use the offer coach Kirk 35 to 35 dollars off your first week deliveries except hello fresh. Michael hall the try and get him on and obviously he's showed producer does politics for awhile from. Yes and no yes no we found attractive than. I was sure we're gonna get we got I think was a really good conversation I think the longest one today so who are breaking up over three days and three runs you can do better. What are vision you may be couple commutes. In our forties so maybe with Michael hauling me talk about everything we talk about our different styles was like well you shall we dislike about our show district Mike salt is to shoot the station. As history with the globe. His own family history and a lot about this father and his mother and his grandmother really good stuff Polley came into the great job he's not doing this because you know he likes me too because he is couple books or promote once coming up next year. With David Ortiz at the moment Belichick and Brady is out right now go to the bookstore again Michael hallways book on Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. Michael is the guest this week on enough about me. I don't you call me and apologized and how. Thoughts went to come podcasts in beg for Bradford for forgiveness of bestselling author accomplished in eons. Appropriate action epic it's the right move. So you start of the broadcast of the line will start up with multiple lies were able. Nell the pot that the apology we series with your palate or certificate and while you're it was kinda sad it was kind of Tung -- it didn't didn't sound like you're really. Into what I like the fact if you do you'll appreciate it you're really into the patient gives but forget the Baxter doesn't. But like effect she threw workers Curtis under the bus was just trying to do mr. That's all he tried to get it right is that his job to get a rise out of me. Yeah sure he would Maggette now what am I guess hey Curtis makers quote I'd had so you don't. Now like if I like your holidays are different records. And I like it's have a special special place in my heart for his him. His life worried with a time. Was I mean that's what it knew it was him and asked him Africa. Our dollars his wife that is that is that teachers would your kids yeah yes she's cool she's. Arm is solely places to start let's start with go to soul I wanna I wanna start with the thing that means the most to me and the other stuff okay. I always tell the story. When posted the mid day show. Is our member of the disaster that was and I just started in the morning. We call you kind of call or talk everyday about 230 just like damage to catch up would bitch would moan when ever which data gossip stuff I think in the news which is remarkable to. I you do that you do generally generally yet but more more than most I guess. You're above the fray. I'm not about the threat I think it is like a like they're about. That's that's an issue that you argued you don't like anybody that's true what can we get along OK I don't get the sense you come accumulate. There's that astle mr. Well that's a job would get the rhetoric I would get so the first day I'll remember you were to Mike's all. I do remember that the first day the first segment the show. Itself to a yes. It to whatever was 25 you said ma call me call me. And I said him before turning to this (%expletive) show is done. It's over you've got so the first day it yes I can tell by his voice and tell by his supersonic it's always personality. That you were absolutely dead. Get on. See I didn't know there I'm a marriage as true I didn't know then. I've actually thought our first show was pretty good. Really an element well Pacific but I was I was then there's always sit there and and you know sometimes you have to force you really can't see about the first show the pace was pretty good it was fast. We're pretty well I'll say it's about Mike's. He went idol and I first met him Menem. In March. We started in March Menem to ideas may on this spring training to bring training so it was kind of like speed dating sure I OK hey what what what are your life. You Mary Bryant hit rate can put a New Zealand in a movie if you like are on and we just trying to. Get a sense of each other and I'll tell you honestly I liked the liked them off the year. Off the aggregate. We talked for a couple of days and so it is going to be OK it's going to be all right now you know like the fact that the movies have always but that was that was lost that was spinning. Often not just the move record labor movement go back to move would. So screwed up and head anyway. It but I would say the move to dale and guess I don't know now being in this business. You going to was I as well I think the move would be that was and that's what you got more money. It so. Hubble does what it was about was are done here at. What to take more money to go the afternoons from midday it was as you're doing it yes. Once you get fired don't make decision by McCain got more money they make. You work for free. Work your chart at Dallas and get more my did you say so what are you saying oh I'm saying that the blowing up the show was not necessary number one show bright average market before mark your that we were in a more showed that bush is that you are up strongly and not at net at the time we may be shows are very nice that you don't know her credentials are more than very. Difficult to go to camp would you go back to order an issue. Some great show. We are great I like to nail polish we are great that they show up against that time. Selecting your we're tank where I think this will be breaking them should be going to start I was the going gets Gaza. That's your best we're or there was a superstar let's try created new Gary. Art idea or did or was older telling way the spotlight and get ready and then they moved on aggression would gradually went up against the did you note did you know. Did you know before dale news this is unfortunately that's got us that's terrible that's all water columns up for us. You know dale you know dale. Did the show with the day he found that he's getting fired. The mid ratio. You'll filled in view that day talented. Up a cammarata Winchester Massachusetts it was you it was me. I worked with dale. In I swear to god this happened we walked it back to the office you know your world. Did they opt in wolf there is it daylight to talk to actually that's crazy and you know that at the time on I know Forbes at the edge. Occasion for me was. So this is that this is the strength. A mine at the time in a weakness of mine that no longer exist and my mind. Strengths last week is that the timeless hams go to my head down and what you might. Do my job and I'm knock and I'm not gonna go in the management and not gonna make demands that other people do that. I'm just trying to do a job here yeah well try to well I I know and I don't either now right because. If I had if I knew and then which what I know now. Or send out onto the stupid now maybe they wouldn't listen but they were determined. That Glen ward away needed help on the show if they like the big show was run as. Course has run its course Iran. They're well. Running I think ticketed tweet tweeting it to blow it up or they blew it up tweak his secret toward yet they can tweak it but it and went to Japan why they do you Glenn and rotating third what we're doing now in the way when he knew that. Why was not that it shall concealed in the big show why don't do somebody else what I wanna go to and what to do what was the state to them I don't want to its. Ever never I don't once secret along I didn't rate and it was a mistake. Stabbed on the back and that's their deal on the back to the back I didn't and I hugged eligible for the and a couple weeks. Yeah I knew I knew it was wow that's CTO show's so so. It was a it was in I was in the spot where. The bosses. We're gonna take care we're gonna do this. And that it on one hand I know it's my boy so I know something's gonna happen on the other hand. It's not my job to tell them. I'm knows. He did he knew now at that learning which sees it talk about boring process at the same thing happened now which. Same thing happened now exam and do not understand happened but something its decision he wanted to do. In gales of news happening dale just yeah I would say dale was yeses and yet. Yeah I think I would probably give you pass and that's hearts just terrible situation so you knew that much into it already know that these new detail I didn't know what was gonna happen. A new and the fact is it's about money. We are we all work for salary all. Like a little extra money there's no question sure of their contracts. Negotiation at the time. And their track contract. They're trying to be a pay cut lecture payment yet in either number one number one kind of come up as well. Are real romantic epic human did you make enough money in the other shouldn't lights definitely that you can just walk. From books and other TV stuff. Just walk away from ray yet just in just not replace them. A married man I take a lead early I understand I know very. I missile Obama was great chase it its older children Leah Zell absolutely okay why all the time was different. Yet it's judged and I just felt like the principle that even if they'd said okay you know regular raids that would just. Bring back to your current salary that's why it's one thing I thought that was is unfair. I bought a blank. Level meet this week is sponsored by hello fresh dot com and nine drama can we are the preacher my morning chill was helping out today and this is proof positive owing double hell fresh dot com. Howell works of Neil can deliver service makes cooking fun easy convenient. A dummy like and where can use that as he did a game some of my. Great samples can EZ card amateur idiot in the kitchen this was as easy as it comes even I can do thirty minutes it's braised chicken. To tie pork. Came excellent my wife was in news outlets both were very tasty fresh everything you get as fantastic the same experience at my house very easy. In a delicious press reception can. Anybody can. You can delicious meal nutritious meal in thirty minutes when you cook for yourself you're not so comfortable that you hope continuously tends lovely wife was very pregnant she couldn't do it. So can pitch and they say hello fresh stock on the guy can use to its liberty doorstep makes. I've teamed up with hello fresh they're offering everyone our audience. 35 dollars up your first week deliveries even hello fresh dot com you offer coach Kirk 35 to great music break and we'll attribute that. Hello fresh dot com you scored Kirk 35 to 35 dollars up your first we could deliveries. Hello fresh little fresh doc. Why did the hall league or wish show. Pork I don't know if that's right it didn't work when you beat Felger imaginable once. Okay you beat them in the book you're you're you know you don't to a 26 in the right whose fault was I would say more ways new degree you know what's going to stop Nadia. He noted that I think column are really ultimately. I look at that you probably go to the same way. I should be it would help to show. If if that the show that the show's going to be better I can do something to make sure about what you want to look at it that way sure so I felt like I was out of it was my fault them primarily because I wasn't their mentally it was still. In shock. From our show being blown up. In mid day so now it's like imagine I move it into somebody's house and sit in movement but you move and you don't really like going to refrigerator. Without permission what's always you are entitled to first where John and Gerry yes it's a weird feeling yet so it wasn't really it wasn't really the board way and Holley show. It was it was Glantz a public I was going to go and show. And it was strange it was very quiet as quiet show and I blame myself for that to let was talk of a lot now at one point dissent him up on a year when ethnically and and they want to shut up you know and act like. A specific because he doesn't mind he liked it but there you agree there are certain people when you work with in radio. Some people he can unlucky Gerry McCann Gerry legacy. Everything you want to each other negotiators school much like and it's not personal the one dale I don't feel as always liked that you haven't relation with him I just weakens with dale in between I never got that thing went to the influence wielded. You know yeah sometimes that's right which cattle like this what do we really didn't matter Cilic for real deal and I. Didn't get along great as part of the reason why. It was they would dale I have never been to appoint him wears it and they're part and we're not talking for three days are talking for two days really it is now never. Like to. Talk to John for six months. What I breaks we didn't guys had a different relationship we certainly actually actually like dale away from Brady oh okay now there's so it deducted daily during the day. During the day immediately Jerry and I talk a sequel talk on the phone for ten or fifteen minutes wanted to check in. You see this little I would conference OK I don't know neglect like talk sometimes it optimist something comes up or be you know tail and run this by you work. Hey maybe we should go top of those Zachary about this right let's get on the same page here. Orban. What's his son's wedding no no with kids right now is wives and love. You tell me what assets don't you tell eulogy. The victim never told me love me I told Jerry W thank you might do I'm different I really do you love I love your loving this pilot. Not just gender religion thing that's part of the trials and other habits and we'll get theirs well in my apartment and heard that as well that is what I have to do like cherries and I was very odd appeal that but happy. Already but I think that's what got through got editorial and making war that's right I tell Jerry that love means never told me loves me I know it frustrates Gerry Callahan has never you sold it means that major drive up there are supposed to I I owe him why Tokyo's meat was asked if you. That's it for news and Omaha which he came out or you'll be solid and it's a lot of people he's somebody's been importantly he somebody like admire somebody who I think is green's job Myers passion his craft now so I think. He's a good father he's a good man I like having my life if you like them better with adamantly told him I love. And I'll say back. Trying to get like you know my great grandfather cracked as it was today can you say I love you without and that's where a lot of guys music news and without you mean. Beckoned the 'cause like I purposely try to avoid that people do it. Yes that's like the whole Aspen so often often on what is the things so you know. When I go Angola to this is abortion should be about you and me about seeing this sort go to about me it's sort of the therapists you know couple times. And one of the issues I've had stuff on element in your last year or so. Is trying to get some get some of some closure of its ways and sort of make sure that things are okay. So there are certain things that people my life had said habits and demeanor which they would say you know just just because. So I feel like I don't know but you was again and I know that you didn't have been a father and wife doctor in all right so I got but I burn them. There's something regrettable that work and rightly so it worked well we'll talk about it okay. Bomb in my my dad's a great guy but there are certain things were just generational he wasn't able to do. I find them be curious what you. I find the sometimes like mine does some dog role almost doing just tough time reaching out it's not time to chronic it's too much. You feel like you go out that you you either repeat you either repeat what they did to you or eagle to clean up all the way now the kids haven't said that yet. But I do density of my daughter my daughter roll my dog overall rise some time to do it dad can choose to meet she's she's spokeswoman it's from the get the nation by two personal records and I'm like crying watching you and she's on them hugging. It's obviously much about the stop it's going out with me. Which is like and snatches the girl which is and likely. She's just like direct to hard at it to become a couple weeks she's basically attacked not considered technically. Really good enough quite embarrassing. You know. If if if that's where it come what you what you bring it to we went we went to the movies a couple of super a couple of her friends and for the first time she said I took absent dad. Except a couple of rows behind us. It's just that in what it is yet. What did embarrass serves here doing things only got to be done so over to see my kids are 46 and if so there's like oranges it is my youngest is the girl so it's suspense relationship as you know father and in a lot of crazy I mean it's incredible. The boy's crazy but it was a bush yes on their I don't know what's wrong templates. My my daughter's she's she's a genius he's on the only course their wants are as everybody says that but the Q what happened what would happily. Which are debt with my dad well. And I've I've. Some information. Lately. Which is kind of changed the game here I was able build a narrative for awhile it turns out terms that wasn't true so. I never knew my dad never known. I didn't see my dad until I will. In an unusual. Item. Different different dad and my brother and sister and so my brother my older Brothers and for the two of them at the same thing to look at it I've different race so. My Brothers. We're at a movie. And my mom's talk and some guy he said you know that your dad. And I don't know wise and I know that's again now. That was it he didn't come talk to me did you actually know would you say no I I think I did because he's a look like them right so. And I used to be a and paper boy yeah so. The next Imus almost a fifteen or sixteen. And I was go around from my house 4 o'clock in the morning. Get bundle in the original together yet to hold a bit and I saw somebody in my front porch. Dropping check. In the mailbox. And I've Brit who's who's who's an opera port 4 o'clock in the morning right in the face to face with this guy. And space space with myself again as he did it every month for that that was almost like a house in and you think this is this is what it is. You know I give anything but it. Car from bird to break I just you know show up at a basketball game or something just come over and and and talk a little bit so I always felt like how far away it was are you from where in the same town who seems to be across town robbery is a fan penalty no then and never never had kids never never remarried. And so how is going with this guy and so. I was nineteen. Public of the man in the nineteen wrote a letter good you should give us a look. I don't know what happened I don't care what happened. We have an opportunity now. You have men and their relationship I'm an adult you're an adult lose so let's just get everything as what would you let's talk let's have coffee let's have lunch yeah. And he never wrote me back he taught to them every now and then. Was going on which was this other. Which are a main in your house now not at that point notebook it was from a better job secretary secretary Chu as secretary great. Mean unbelievable. On shorts just so I mean the three kids in mind blowing major dad depiction of that detectors and the reason conflict and while I sit it's sad to say hi how you got to do do you pay bills once salary right once every mine yeah. So it's Emma was was it's your dad said he rooster. It seems that your dad your father. Because you can calm no that's not dead as stash your dad or his Father's Day is so basically I so I started doing okay he's not an interest in. And I went through all various stages rejection in anger. Indifference. Then when my son was born that's when it really. Again. I've forgiven. Him of home care about. Them I homes and were sure and I looked and those guys it's okay. I understand what fatherhood is now time to grow up but I found out recently. They want to marry him and achievement that she he wanted to marry her. He said. She didn't think he was invested in the other two. It's because I was. In they weren't and so she just wasn't confident that that's still not excused from to a story. Ask that you can't slow and he's like there's any question I thought I. He's alive I was going around thinking that suggests. Is here had no heart and no interest but still had a kidney rhetoric. I'm not I'm not excusing this I believe in responsibility and accountability on sept. But my reach out to. And we reach out to us the states we it would be weird for me to think. Like my dad is out there alive and a whole other side of it right right. Brothers and sisters and mothers and you know is ms. mom and dad your grandma in my town right in my town where where I grew up. That was an intern at Akron Beacon Journal rate so. As probably my sophomore year college. And in turn this is big story in front page of papers this beloved figure in town. He called on the candy man he'd come around and give candy to the key is this this guy died and I read the story was my grandfather. So completely dead stature like you're. Ed and I am completing your dad's name obviously oh yeah yeah yeah knows me notes family of those families hey did you know people who knew him. Might like on the periphery right pathologist on the bike over to dad's house. No Kazaa a wasn't sure at that time I was unsure where he lived exactly. I knew he was in town and news and on the west side directly day anger like on your mom and home. I know you know we are angry. I was war. I think it was in denial. From I was angry after. After the teenage years it was probably angry at 212220. Threes when there are so going department first car in my mother said hey. Your father wants to help you. By car. It well really. He what's helping by car. I'm above it they'll take them out there and I don't address forever okay our first job and so. We tot he said. He's trying to get this car and it just went to right try to figure it out any money for the car. A thousand bucks something like that it and that was. So that hadn't talked to talk to him since I was 21 point two years that was the last conversation all Dina. Forty cent or six before next month you're 4647. Easel peeking out UP foolish you're ever it's you know have relations with absolutely you'll even you your kids you into this whole thing you'd be open I would feel to be no anger. The Bible says you very soon the botnet that is out of your father and a mother but no I and I do believe in forgiveness and I think it's important I think it's important you have a relationship with them here. Hear his hear his story when I want I wanna connect with them and in some kind of way it's a powerful thing. The connection can't even explain it. Did you think of it suggesting now we'll get the other stuff the minute it's adjusting now that you bring up. Did that relationship with your data lack of relation to tag cross your mind you're sitting right next to me it Jerry's dad's wake Jerry gave I thought. Agree it's a great speech was our youth like Jesus this is this out that. Was. God move me and I knew Jerry was Jerry was a superstar. Knows about it and it really wasn't MS for an unbelievable. Let. If you are in Algeria who once this year that with with people OpenId recorded it. If if you're a parent mother or father does matter mother father. If your kid says that about you know god did you have done it you've done everything right and nobody's perfect but. The way he described as bother me I still remember some of the stories. He was he was he profound he was funny and of the story about. UMass. Rupiah at the scholarship get a scholarship a paper college it was like thirty. Currently about 36 dollars you'll be 36 route just yet but yes I always think of it and particularly when dale when do you when you deal Brooke the first time in the last segment you said dale as you brought up did he is kids and you know a great kids are. I wonder if that's always always it's always that's I tell people like Kreider and godfather. That one scene where. Queries Anthony's car around and around. And the god all he dies he accuracy and the other drugs and Lotus connections right generations. Because I wanna have that and I have a really I've thought about it I went back and forth about ten years ago you know went. I think my father's. My grandmother. Paternal grandmother was still alive obstacle to her. And teller that. I'm agreements and that's the most is very old and she might have a hard cash not historical. I can you account when he gets that and my father is alive and in and at some point one reach out. Well maybe Europe your father was lucky enough not to hear this alcohol show is if you've been doing what you hated that show up what I thought here's my promise all. I assaulting you you may disagree do me some extremists. I like salt person like my view into sole person I just didn't like him I didn't like the interaction I didn't like. Who was on the year that that that's me I just didn't like him heard horror stories about the experience and stuff them and I was like. It but like I want you like I I like you I liked. I like rich I even animation the mid issues mayor mayor mayor to her but yes issues but I want them to do well I want all the shows dual owned weird odd way I want success. Sock I didn't like. I didn't like the guy heard stories from people. And you know I didn't know which you don't feel like all you know people that we deal with every single year at certain events. And stuff like that you know like this is this person really doing as you said. You liked him. And I remember like we said Erdogan said the right to believe said to me you discussed in the beginning Bradford set to discuss and you have you know said he was gonna be good group Felger and today I can't really elder. He's or prefer augur and 890 cities can be good he's gonna do a good job a lot like nobody thinks that I I. Heard salt comes amid against a couple of times he called from Seattle he was different something happened he came here I mean I'm they would let the enormity of Boston wouldn't know. It was. It was me who don't know with you Joe Brown. Jeff Brown who brought him in this where at least until I was really screwed up and at times so this is from one. They broke up dealing Hollywood 2011. And yet that's sounds right yeah and a film about it and that's about it except from like 2011. 22013. I was in the right it's all over the place a strong and leave a couple of times. Two ESPN go somewhere and get out here I had to get out of here because. Is especially with sol because I was mad. Honestly Jeff Brown came ambiance and look I know your broken up about order weigh in. And portly being replaced I thought that was Eric Carmen Tuesday moved on from the L Arnold England shortly Yu WE. You can't fire these guys that that was stupid that. And these guys institutional memory everything talent. So essentially broken up about or you know Michael and talk about it. And this is about promoting you know this is Bob Greene making your voice bigger brands and it ought to office. It's O. The day before the show started. In that percent with the name was going to be. Not be published in disguise he backed by its alcohol so now why is it would would you care that you care but they show particular name what unit first I did not want I felt like. I'm a woman named first with dale put a plea deal bills quarterback always deferred. And and limiting efforts were ignored. Quarterback you've got the experience your veteran. Some guy coming in from Seattle rate. Who was positioned me. It was going to be I was going to be. Have more to do her show. So they lied to me and told me it was like it did you all a matter but the whole idea but you know no it didn't matter my first on the show. It matters to that is yes it does I'd military I don't know if that's more of. Schobel situation what that's what that was government truck that was up rounds are that is true though. It's an unknown he was an unknown I agree I am not that your cat that you're not an unknown your average superstar correct. But they've they've brought a man in the empowered him in me. Yeah Rudy can't I try to make him feel like it was and that's what he did he believes and they gave this monster push for the got behind remember with NASA and they were doing a lot of that completely lives like oh yeah he's watching he's watching NASA and all away from Seattle he's kept double talk and Richard so don't you do your job all I don't pay attention to got hired see well next you write this. Just trying to check out. So well the problem the of the personalities like you did you guys didn't like each. After one after while we did right after I would like each other but it wasn't the kind of thing or is blood over the Aaron in an imminent entertain only want to get it right it wasn't my idols and then these guys like Jim Nicol on the air. It's just magic now how do you do it late. They you don't fight with Saul really legally to the you have like a real thing on year span except for once whereas I do we do it every single day. Like why what's which is the right waited. What do people want to hear people wanted to fight everyday I mean I don't know. You know this is the only ultimate argument about with him I guess now it's it's a tough argument I think the way you do it now pay your workers. If you don't just. Thank you know works for you but at that for the show of that would work so. Because while it talks went right it's what I learned about monologue about Boston eastern time. People come up to me and it was it was it was touching it was touching but it was out of business in the same way in saint Michael. And so. I can't listen so deep it is not do at camp I'm not. Adams well. I expect they're gone there's another listener so I think you know we fought on the air. They reached a point we're just what network rate no matter what happened was a part abuse assault goes it was always want to win no matter what bothers me about a wanna win so I'm so delusional you want to know the original and I'm in a moment ethically this token went up I thought every show. A bit a part of could win. Was it was a party after a while though we think of details on Oakland's go on salt on we gotta get out here no Internet speeds and Eiffel might do what am I doing. Well. I mean look it goes into your head but that you look at the look at the anatomy of the do the paper trail. Dale the fired nailed it in half to that I didn't want to do they need you that we were first place people I was. Bringing that up because. Believe me I hear from a ton of people every time we bring keep. All I don't portrait the death cab holly right here problems like Jerry Kelly what's called the Drew Peterson destruction most okay what are the guidelines are desperate that the eyes he's been thanks Christian. But you know. Work we're dale so. He goes. Management made the decision and her her politics for anybody give it wouldn't ever want to know about it that it is so right so he's gone so that's on me. Even though I didn't make that decision. Then they put me with glee and then he's gone. Any. That he. Ego standoff with Jeff Brown in salary that we had offered worsen anything yet time and so once again who's an army. Mike's all does not give our ironically. And I get here. Which led to one in the great. I remember I got I was and even listening my Twitter blew up someone was at the end with salty was leaving you know he was announcing who's leading. He told me you until you were like it's well good luck particular coldest a what you authentic but that was allegedly authentic and say I didn't wanna say Mike. It's been it's been great pleasure. In retrospect it was the best thing as a result no question how I mean it's humbling to just for me this is humbled. And Jeff Brown told it is just brown told me and you know he's now won it's it would DB from the truth ever Jeff Brown told me. That. It came down to meet Purcell. To replace were. He told that's probably (%expletive) but he's probably yeah. Probably now have we done it's over everything that would work. I don't know people ask me about your lot in animals. Have done some shows together and good book. At that clicking click the gentlemen unbelievable man it was a great show happen it was still one time. And I thought it was going to be the best show it was me view and current it was okay. And that was after. I think a passer so I was at our morning show and went to the show that yeah okay this could be great shows and his colleagues. A lot sometimes to become checks and after a couple of hours and you're kind of it's it was we give a guy like aren't you feel like you have to do football. So becomes a kind of thing were you should feel that we should talk. And if we got I think current your current would be if we didn't show. If we had done a show he would said a patriot I'm leaving Comcast. Right and I'm doing this full time he's got to do full time could he does via the checks out he has indeed the depth of those so twenty hours a week I think for him no football as a law that did the six a must use no football on all of you can but there's always football. There is a solid person there isn't normal. EU sounds bored sometimes you do you can never sound board and I'm ethnic and mushy mushy displeasure actually listen here's an important yesterday. We did show me your net 920 and the heirs to Bruce we're just went and skip to tend to despise in the march advantages Sox. But I'm about the producers are yeah a pattern it's okay he left about reform now true he's the best place Christian has yet right Seattle actually he had to. Mike saw grant festivals and present it as a Christian images from this point to the Christian you're not a saint. You are deeply flawed christianity is about being broken is not about being perfect so I am. The most flawed individual and I'm jealous of you. We're going to therapy could have been trying to go in there people want out of begging and taking a while ago. She's a place on an hour's notice that person that's been taking your wife to go to therapy actually go to therapy and information I think a lot of unresolved. She to me especially this is a therapy session this you really do this each of them badly help I just hope my day. Development is it if you go to their personal take right now everything about the fact you're dead was every single thing you'd. In this actually true of every move you make is because of you'd end up to some extent. And the good things because your mom if all goes back to it in your mom the good things she will be the from the good things for parents in all the way back and the that's it that's his entire thing. To receive a kid's a perfect little things. And you just wanna leave them alone you know. But Springsteen and yell experts. Not and I don't know I don't love Springsteen will we had to fight onetime expert on here you said you academy fumble but anyway I forgave America where it's fine. But he Asarco long beyond the working man yes is talk about long time coming it's a did not while on the outside and but he says a if I have one wish for my kids from your mistakes year old that your sins be basically not mine for ego trumps a great that is. Recent great writer and talk to stop guilty about the appeal he would have. A serious and why I. Think in a Springsteen. Springsteen and they're both sitting there crying. Talking about lyrics and talking about yours you Bruce yeah well I that would be so you gotta you gotta look at repeal it and to talk about. Nerd out on Springsteen's what are you enjoying this new. Part of the rich keep from dale report tell you how to about it you tell me if you like as. You're you're pretty you know I was told you're pretty tough critic I want my Michael Holley a couple of to an awful solution. He said you like to edition did during that read give it a couple of teams that would even a race I was guys who in cities just criticize a show don't listen to the show. And it's just you do it at that result does into the show you're criticized its. Yes college but I would say that he's just a social the most emotional. Doing saying get much respect for 98 on the. Don't you. I don't have any respect can be proud of where. I just like I'll just take as much it's a war that are real but don't know which of its its its a sure you understand how much Woodward and amateur bothers me. You probably don't because I don't I don't. Talk about it that much. Made that we haven't won and I remember when it was a long time ago are immediately once the wind so why is where they were close it's like that's it's like you guys are close and and I and I know how to about probably breakdown how crime like you do that your daughter's with me right how cry when we win publisher real tears it's gonna happen. But it's like respect an opponent. Did get better and we are now. You don't respect them and that's and then again. I'm now and I reckon I would say this I listen to what you'd like everybody decided we don't listen to hammered it it's (%expletive) we all know that was some types all the time. That show I feel like is vulnerable right now I think they're right we talked to were glam was you know whatever you want to do the big show they're starting middle stale. I feel the stale if you like the rain be attacked I'm telling you attack collapse them what's the wild give me that aren't that Alaska or would second it was and is that gonna help us. Yes you always say does that not exactly. Exist that is what a meter meter three meter was you don't you don't you'll talk to local Julian is going to be successful. And give me. Article called medium being gloat gloat Julian being fired okay to talk about the by points had a lot to do. If it. I go and say that Michael covers it's Tony has Roddy is that. That rule that won't. Give me three listeners or it will offset well it tells them our listeners legalism and ultrasound they don't focus they don't know Michael Felger thing my all it we don't we job and so I know it's nicer to anyone here say if I go on and on hold them on year. What does that do. Like it's entertaining it works people show me your more it. Maybe and they might that's my entire existence. (%expletive) army today knowing about sports you know I. Don't know what the sporting bet my life but I think. See each. It's not it's not support part of my job but are back I put an entertainer partner in energy York Tibetan question. For as much as much less MacKey I said before and it was like if you tell me what you think it's. I like the show I I actually like Jerry toward one personal. Com I might. Thing is in Iowa bang enter because he's gone and he worked hard used good guys are really good. I don't think comedians. Work every day on the radio here's. I don't think comedians are great listeners and I think listening is the most important part in a weird way of being good talk shows just take notes. It's the most important part. It's the most important part of a talk show host comedians in its not their fault it's what they're wired to do you always thinking of the next joke right. Is that makes cents or does make sense but notably because this show so you're David it's better about it earlier it's on its better. He. I wanted you guys higher the national. Collegiate not like a passel socks off the year like a guy like. Oh and whatever people think peace deal. But that those who has occurred many whose who is the other corporate and what exactly sent Mike Russo says it is well as the curtain and knock off. Who's hurt curtain and and imitator board of directors to like is Vegas would you say. Cover band version. Cover band version of Kurt many I don't know it's hard. Doll. And an arts OK on the call for now. Insulting. And did try to do I understand it's a burden too trying to again you're right he can't replicates don't have that help I think but I. Rich and I think the shows and I liked it here's like here's a nose in this my dynamic sumptuous it right now you're telling from. I am sensing a little bit that I've witnesses before the experiences all what you normally or does he get. Who who who got hurt his feelings were heroics where it was Felix and only here he's at the Oregon I've seen where. The guy's been around for awhile seized in new toy walking in right in lieu addressed in this like this yeah I've I've I'd muted this for a while. And oh and what is the other thing I COO Keefe holy magic going on right now. And I see my good friend my radio dad Dale Arnold who I like personally about your dad yes that's exactly right. On the outside she. Just a little just now. That's interesting I listen I listen now that now that's interesting. I hate you seem a little revitalized. On May yes oh yeah a little title so a little bit I am I think I think this show news. Is good now and I think he's got a ceiling I think it's it's a lot of room before we hit the ceiling write and thing like Iraqis none and none of them get back to a year. Courage of various C audible keyboard player has brought it out. It has brought up the shows that you get to this whole no you about last minute rush to it's about Shelvin talk about the dynamic of the triangle. Yeah always is always pretty good I have predicted mr. Retief and the reason the reason it works is because. You tell me. That's via word I threw it right hand Jerry would do that and we'll go back reports so what would disagree we'll agree laugh. I'd like if you pushes back against both of us and we haven't really had that consistent that was not Jerry's game rushing back Jerry. A legion of fans out you don't like. Hey this is what this is this guy's thoughts right just one of its way. But but keep this on something different and I think it's perfect for the shows it's what we what we need in terms of dale feeling left out of the U feels left out because Ali and magic. Is trying to figure out. How this whole triangle works at Dale's down other three does as we work today others Mikey. Some racism issues there's some should drop each time you want right that's it that's what that you want in our show you what it shows that the 21 more drop. Or more hate that that more hatred yes the hatred. Here's an example classic examples necessarily should you always say shall sit shall we meters right purely what the leaders of this so when you look at the most download audio to a three more on the you meet. And yeah I dot com last week so. Audio most popular look at all the time. One in Q would two segments we did talk Petro wild story. Did you guys that'll when. It's a great story it's the coach. Brady. Yeah what do we do is there any repeat to have ever unity in the end it after rigorous set just sit here is cents. And defending the money Jones. Oh no scene I want. Even I don't even respond to some of the folks on Twitter you have created this whole thing and that's why this comeback Chris Curtis again it goes right. Go back to my father Chris Curtis. And that's that's my whole outlook on the same person maybe I don't know a vote absentee my father now we have added Alice Paul Davies my bald skinny. Perhaps yes. So Curtis took four of four seconds to go along clip. Reduce it to four seconds and about but money Jones he tweets constantly and how he doesn't back down from these people don't Twitter we've argued in and he bought every charge it in Q and you turned it into. Oh Michael say the body Jones doesn't backed out for me. And he says he's my friend like these different ball black that legible black it does offer. Yeah it's the Suez aggravating side but I figure out what is on the Dixie Thomas councilman amateur breakage of Agricole might. And remake that movie today those days are over I think I was yet. A great movie became did you notice he Thomas Howell married raid on Chong movie. I don't know yes while slight. Raid on yes you'd like to the color purple that rigor and amount I think over a said to be executed what's the what's the question about should ask a question whether the sisters rather names. I'm all I know is that what's her face Oprah Winfrey would get the (%expletive) kicked out there until two until she fought yet opened and in love Harpo. I really do them. And I was and you know data and number yes and remember is acute Whoopi Goldberg kissed by the yes which is we hear from these kids. But not now I mean I've watched some of this stuff now and by the way white director Steven Spielberg not appropriate for als Walker's work. Well that's kinda the author of the book there was some criticism that very very helpful criticism at the time not a great and that. In Britain to grab a great film and now it's a little different than the book. Because that scene that lesbian scene and they go in. What it's it's you emotionally election feminist notion dated for one woman's work Alice Walker she did for I believe. Yes Christians. Are original yes it's right I messed around with I wanted to say that's true that you lesbian. Walker. Africa is a whole total (%expletive) yet but that's not an academic year ode to please this will be important here. Bomb but like we obviously we do our show it's two different shows we have different styles we do more anger we dorm media stuff we do more fighting too little. How would ever edgy you're sort of talk you guys might not. And I I get the sense sometimes you guys say all right you know these guys are razor and a little bit you know screw these guys. Are not sophomoric no no no don't raise you know we're better than they are our dogs wanna give look I if the people's day. This is what we want it they really wanted to they want Charlotte wilder for three hours of four hours okay we'll do mean. I don't care what we do which as long as we're grabbing people. So for grab people. With. Clos Julian is going to be fired we grab people with somebody going to her hometown of Lincoln and saying I don't wanna root for the patriots and where it. Does seem to be like aghast that some certain folks. Have a problem with the patriots because Donald Trump and Donald Trump is associated no wrapped in a great no knowledge gap. Listen to the show was hit again my issue is your writer and a good one you know that if you're gonna write the story which is a good story I think a really good prime additional public to the story. Yeah did you better than one example your your mom's best friend of the holy party like bets on nothing that's not tangible from. Okay you want heard it yet. Five or six more people into round sites say. And licked it ass I mean it's it's she talked when doing it I think are what are thicker premise was. This is the most it's the mostly old people are most liberal town in Massachusetts. And big patriots fans shortly she's trying to set up the dichotomy as you're liberal apparel and liberal. But you gotta be all and patriot but they like trump what's what does it do what she effect on TV ratings attendance merchandise to be something. Something other than my mom's friend. I think it is day I don't think its second mystery and maybe you it's not as you investigated. Maybe that's good to come up with is anecdotal evidence verses tangible because I can take the day after the election. People call BS on two. They caught up and said acting what speakers and more at a loss for Specter Belichick was wrecked the Brady. I've met a dumb applaud that that's that's its not true that's what their people feel that way. And once again what's on that once story and the other story is he might feel that way but. Look at the ratings are ratings are higher than ever and and people are still wanted to patriots pro shop and going to pick replaced do you feel sometimes like as the black eye at the station that concerns rose up you want to talk to tackle the knock and talk about them because of that. Not. I try to give them what this addition of a perfect examples the money Jones. You know you've been to Boston for a quarter century gift or right yep yep and all right 23 years. Bomb I mean even Boston's or racist city. I think Boston is like every other knives yes there there is. There racial pockets here or quick as racists then it I don't believe and I don't believe that I think as a cassette on the year. I don't think any any black person. Who says that is being honest. War. Or. You can't say what's especially valuable money Jones who spent note essentially no time this year for Israel Gutierrez. Or somebody else is where the (%expletive) whatever his name is via the guy it was about podcaster platelets from. What LL a meat which is okay yeah yeah yeah yeah he says that flaky Wi Seve Watson restaurant in particular record scratch for people turn their heads and you give it differ experts and I'd get it. And I don't understand how somebody could say that can be apart United States of America. And he's he's from New York have some say Joey so you in New York. What what Bensonhurst didn't happen Eric garner didn't happen in New York minor incidents. All over the United States of America so it's not to say. Hey Boston doesn't have to confront its issues. Boston has had issues in the past racial history not great and that's the story for every major and minor city in the United States of America a history. Of of violence. History of of discrimination in the history. Injustices. Against. People in America at it read about it I mean it's not his boss and I think it's very dangerous to kind of push it. Toward Boston in some in some cities wanna do that intentionally because that's about that right well we're fine if you come here. You'll find any racism but go to Boston watch out. In my experience of traveling all over the country I've never felt that way home now and in some pepper and Obama. Where. Having having dark skin won't be an issue for the was it I would think I don't know this I would that you might be different in Italy to say no end in com. Wherever Fargo now. Well I Atlanta proper sure there are a lot of black folks concentrated in a statement but did an outside go on on the perimeter of Atlanta based George used to thicken and confederate flag. The state house you have one. Perhaps want to verify now. You know showing you collect all kinds of solo memorabilia and offers answers the question about it. So we didn't you know your fear Pataki won this book Belichick and Brady. You know you want to do this podcast at any dual core I did always sort of quietly why do you think you honestly think I don't like Q do you think it's it's it's it's it's it's not a bomb. Is what it is about your editor about it and so you work that you work from sixty to hand. How were from two's six you know call me I don't call you we text of you know sent out once in awhile and protects me yeah you know you used to be subject I give this sometimes and I get them during the showed up on a show like well you know checked on listening when I care I think that's tonight an average never reciprocated ever that you text her children I have it I have had I have done and while I'm busy man whose title town and the last. Year and a half in a workarounds but only reason I haven't done your podcasts in band. Can back me up on this it's been busy Anderson now. Now the books are done out of the book a bit. Bookstore and great on the delivery in new England and never got a copy of which is comfortably. Short since the station was a man did not get a copy them. Oh how cute she won today. Okay well I'll have what you have won by. By Monday to. Deal but again books to grace its great New England book outside of new England and had a lot of fun talk repeat talking to people who. Who hate them necessarily me but they don't need a victory hate hate hate Belichick mostly you'd talk to you on those guys for the book. Did not did not know. I'm frustrated and it's frustrating in that you don't go talked. After the book didn't want. And ask when I said. It is not that long. Why you're indeed in do books go ahead we've seen every week now and he wrote a book. Kind of which obviously it you know well I know I mean with a heart a pitcher rain. That was what that was more of like I I was able to drop in on the patriots for like a year and a half two years. But it doesn't like at a run by an established that yet have good relation so that was that was cool. It was good hard look. And I think there was some things all good weren't happy about that the profanity and at that time that you know and that's and it's not true than lot of profanity just when you wrote the book with. War room. So so I always wanted it to the only departure from Iraq that Belichick yet that you don't know. Julio Jones who don't sing and play I was green I did think governments and I Obama partly you know it didn't work out match agree yeah I thought it was a fair point. May be the most honest room and that gives great incidentally Belichick think absolutely and so this time. Ask work twice as formed to participate you got him specifically went to Judy Woodruff went to him directly. Gently down that's fine kept going so the book is frustrating it would be. It would be the greatest book ever the great greatest book ever written with Bill Belichick and Tom Brady of the without them is still pretty good so. I'm happy with you know and and it turned out. And then maybe I'm just trying to rationalize this well. At least without Belichick and Brady in the process but given that look. Praise when I need to praise and criticize and criticize without somebody saying you know could put that in there are little more talk about it. Mean everything that's in there is laid out in this is right down the middle. I think it's a very fair portrait here. 46 almost 47 BSE could successful run well accomplished man. Bestselling author talk show host all these things. There's a chromium is sitting a coach or sometimes he's treating you kind of like dirt sometimes in their party want to say can you just I understand that you don't really wanna be here the contention for the question. We have a conversation with both grown men we know each other you know can we just talk. Do you think I should do that and no I'm just I'm numb I'm wondering you think that's you know good. Serious and you know me I'm not I would make it out of a crack about bush you know like how would you how would you approach tomorrow I'm always curious about this what how would you penalty and you guys. How would. I would love talk we've Brady every week. Maybe you guys like Brady did that and Brady gives you something every week was kind of easy to handle it at least it he's confident he's trying to. Kind of alludes you with a few interest but there are the keys that you that it will with Wilfork even cold and like when you have veterans who were around a while it for more comfortable with our guard down. Elise again and that you really really would give you anything anything but you can talk into conversation again today we esprit about the bill. Even along tomorrow where in a long pause was basically you sang I don't play on it that's fantastic. What don't check like. You know you're it's you guys think dump on Belichick all they want for shall we don't moan when that time. And you've worked to them before you know and he knows he doesn't know but you know I think we can and cannot handle the stories okay and some which where I hear them like in the comic. This what. You get better go under Belichick interview. Which you better at the follow up. I think we are at times he'll say something. And will move onto the next question I think we got. And not necessarily grabbed them pills but the got a good till the follow up. To push back a little bit. And they get another response our users are bigger follow ups it could be could be stronger is a concern the root sometimes if you ask certain questions. There's certain things you stay away from its US ski and it's just shut down game over. You can picture the week after in the week after week after. I don't think so me what's Wes one of those issues were Belichick I don't know what Jackie did you ask him about trying to remember just promote the pictures from fall asleep with Linda on. I know we didn't ask about which you're asking the visits and he wouldn't ask you just he is not play full of good. It's Limbaugh is yeah probably this probably swing and a miss an apartment a master sergeant Ali moment last couple years are we would often jumped all over you insult wouldn't forget shopping. I thought after a quarterback you know Belichick you know an awesome insight in the Belichick is you know that's what he said it hurts yet and that's how he thinks and you know he's he turned at around. My question well is this if you go back and listen to it was a softball question. Oh that's right it was like hey. You know how do you deal with teams that are you know two and two and you know what you said yeah I get that back this is what he would like with questions I get the sense. That we can you would say that the team with him into her too long ago as well when I spoke to set. They'll be irresponsible way it would have essentially zappa beat you where you relate I'm (%expletive) I'd talked at I don't know what I noticed you were you got the army had me retreating I was just hours as the most irresponsible things ever heard yet as a virus that we played a drop the average gutter and in stumbling have dinner. Nothing is why not I mean it's not like you know laugh about it about it or not only now after that particular and yet. Nods a glare. Yeah I think we're gonna go place at that time I think advocates it's a civil and we're civil now in the Belichick what benefit is it for him to talk to you about them. That's probably. We're Brady Belichick yet the cut as a benefit him it's it's something on the historical record and I understand that but that's I think that's pretty good at especially. If you don't want to punish him much Richard you don't wanna talk about deflate. I'm working on something that pinky at the QB. A really good project something that you enjoy talking about I don't know if he does. I know he to a tournament this and we talk about with me. But in 2001. Interview we did on the Ares going back to 01 he's remembered all the play only closest this guy rather than cut and in this guy got out of bounds and then you know there's the past wigand's. So there's a lot of history in that book he would have been great his insight it would have been great on it but it has hasn't sent. I'm really proud and happy with the an unhappy with the book to gymnast appropriate what you have Dave Ortiz yes what's that what's going I was so that was a that was strange process because courteous cup. A couple of years ago I saw you demonstrate a couple of years ago I was gonna be riding on him. Not with and then that ran into some. Some schools are not from Ortiz has some obstacles with another publisher. They wanted it to be one kind of book I wanted to open house at one to Russia in Russia so we had to part ways. And eventually wound up working with Ortiz and so when is eskimo may it's called with title yeah with a bit. Poppy is or is golf not really pop. My story OK with copy of my favorite cheese with Michael Ortiz of Michael. Paycheck. As Reagan yeah desperate to get the steroid stuff. We get it everything everything I have three everything any danger here to tell us any everything everything yes. Anything you would ever want to ask the liberties and things I was just process when he controversial topic was great while about what was how much time spent. I mean. Times attempt that would go. I'd go to his house in and yes it for sometime in the beginning I was little and this is the fiddler. You play for twenty years. And so and probably need about twenty hours. And your time while wine right and our preacher each year your career but he got much deeper than that so probably double wanted to start. Couple years ago Juneau before other people knew he can retire yes you to sit them. He had. Yet and yet that was tough is a conflict do you feel conflicted doing. But I know I knew like a cup I knew. That he was thinking about it so at the end of the 2000 what. Fourteen season yet again a 2014 season gives Hamel Mecca placement so I'm not simply much longer the case it was warlike. Just like a general thing so I'm pretty sure in 2015 a pretty short 2016 to be my last year. It's probably going to be my last year but you've heard at least that for sure so what that really solid. I knew probably. The day before yeah. A signal to do that to me but media was distributed. Yet. But getting better but god he's got a money just. Is it. Does it to church talk on this with dale couple weeks agrees to Africa with the arguments about. He seven you're writing books did you know he takes a widget take away is it from host to take away your. Always feel like the look and Minnesota that I wasn't driving in dale us all look honestly. Argument looks like oh it was it was the interviews from the coaches. Which was told he said. Oh you mean it's army using Joseph McCain loses her distracted. Doing three interviews if you could do the interviews what's wrong yes if you ask the state to those interviews and they see you later back to give it time and your time from one thing you're doing in there. Imagine they're interviewing for a job you don't think about NAFTA treaty. Imagine what do I think it really affected his McCain as work that we. Probably a little. Wait I mean it and put everything into it that he he wanted to come up short again had a better week this week now that he out of contention follow that I was I was saying. That quip I sat around if I work full time author. Sure. That the book would be I mean I have played it time to think about is. Writing not writing the book and researching but you have to worry about anything else. It's human nature. And you do not like to tackle achieved and stick around for awhile and they ones he trump sworn as president has received the I can't run from it I can't run from it. You should present I don't like it I have to say yes he is you don't like keep doing it showed much. Several sources I still don't know sources are correct I think it's a. I didn't. Want to hurt us on yeah thank Eric talked about this on here should talk about the that's. Is this is this is them a bit but for now talking about about the death without talking about it it's gonna play a part of Austria players' votes I can Escude I give you might give him about you know I love. Mike you know. He hateful or street just like. George. Bush one's met metaphors and Obama asked. The average of attempts to didn't quite know. These are even nice kid you've seen the organized. Anyway at its interest accretion of love her or your Christian SF I think debris everywhere you analogy economy. I shivered periphery you know that. You should think of it destroyed. When you guys are gone and summoned him indications original Burnett for game in Martha's Vineyard and this year almost didn't show which went to aux. Terrible. It was a device but that one day one day at work. Wonder where it wanted to work one day it didn't work as it was buffalo that article I've against her the house bathroom the year while I think I'm moved after a couple of places I mean. In the summer I want fund reduced patient I mean what can we do we can show us from. Yes what's the difference that's would have been trying to do what's the difference perfect temperature but probably the same room. That's different. Genetic. It shows you know this is different. You guys take vacation your favorites vacation and I both know we've over the doable happened have you don't really want me to me it doesn't obviously can't say it. This is old school and just like Jerry I don't look like you know Matt yeah Jerry let's. Jerry. Back in the day I thought I'd love people who love the craft of writing. And that guy should be right. It's if it's a shame that he hasn't written a book of what you might call me to believe it's like war but went and otherwise it just got to process yeah as Oprah does he does one get up write something every day. Sometimes it's going to be OK sometimes gonna suck sometimes going to be greatly copyright he did right to work on this time of Vietnam to towards India and still still scarred or in scissor doors yeah these is a guard and I and I think he's I think he's great way to he's very Smart we disagree vehemently politically but that's okay in the mid day guys you only can you said before the pocket started I said that. It says. And for these are like pouring into. Board way and now like him Lou. These are what station crews are we can opine much which which talks in the station. I think we're pretty good shape yet the ricochet look I think we're better at this back is respecting I think we're better. The 95 I agree I think we're better station I agree I think we got more that we got mourner repertoire. The Google. Handled a number of subjects breaking news. This. Nuts and bolts sports whatever. Society staff commentaries politicos over to handle at all. But I think it's we just need to just. Just no more changes. I think sometimes. Just get a little too Nancy. It's trying to do too many things and my opinion practice key thing. In my opinions we try to do too much. With our talent. And trying to spread talent to let if you want to if you wanna knock them off. Give us Keefe from 26. Don't put anything else honestly let him grow with the show. So weakened we can do some things fluids it really liked what he works six or seven with the front mutt and just goof around for an hour is terrible but whispers that Eric what's the perception and it's terrible rate. On the external radios we've just terrible I think it's a terrible. Sign what what what are you telling the audience what you Tanya on that we have a guy on to the sixth. The afternoon drive guy. Who used to do nights in 95 now he's doing nights again I yeah I do think I do think if you wanna I Shaq always keep one giants sort of on the future. So much in Keefe have good chemistry a in beat it can be damn good show for the week she casually this. That matters of. That's gonna happen anyway they worked together are ready helps my for an hour my needs to get audio there should ask him somebody else. Like give you when you race and why did. And is there a lot about it would have done limited yeah I you do what you do it I lost I lost that when I lost that battle and I try to make it happen and how outdated troop. You really think rich keep would have come here and that left 95. If they have said to him oh by the way. Yes I know what gets hot he should immediate to the six project works except. She now your award nights no left Adam Jones due so it was said so you're telling you would dissent. Rock for you two to six in the afternoon dale hall and establish a successful shall Boston yet but just do an hour now you produce it now signaled that doing nights. One power. He's already doing nights for hours with the times awful that he's off my my its ideals are at dog critical. You'll never you'll never give. Those guys web jokers you don't type I think gadget goodness that you don't I don't want governor. I think filters is a good host. To count a yes vote count the guy arm. I mean I understand exalt like I understand his elect appeal to some extent Japan and again that yeah. But I think he's Connecticut is anything but a bit the way I think of it is obviously think and I say this I think I'm the best radio personality. In the city and our humble exposed. No you don't you don't think I. I think you're the best radio personality in the city tired. Regardless of like sports politics getting in the part of any else you think yeah you're the best sports like yours are stationed there station that's. Nearly telling his battered him. What shall before I got you know what I. Over and awful awful don't think I'll tell him W Austin now yeah it's you know that's not custom that's why you bowed out to a and that's why it's like I can't tell a young guy that problem yet. Apps salute this guy like I learned apps and you'll feel it yourself. Now it's like so why but I mean a lot but you don't forget the real revealed that I'm the best times were a conflict you the best in the room and he column when he called me again accomplished this through the line. It's a how confident that that's a good lie in your elected a bass from the guard Drew Peterson was dale was symbolic go. What's interesting dale Ellis. Direct traffic. Traffic director great great great great setup guy Disney passes that kept you wish he was and so folks in the text one. At times yes yes she's got a I've been chosen them because anymore I don't I think everybody here why don't they got off. Does he and some guys turn up and benches to turn out like Tikrit as it looked at as yet. But I think he's he should turn it off because I think he's at his best when he's got a strong take. In sticks with it and think sometimes he has a strong case. And then the techsters detectives go all replaced. All here talking about that's not true but did you have I would just say it's turning off and go and sometimes a dispute that I don't economy. But I just got to focus on us what I'm trying to say that to. Yes. I think it's just going inducing but he's he's very good at that nets were towards a prompt and twitters effectively serve people shows were they start tweet like the Sox talks sports are I disagree. So listening. All information is all information but it does that too much Q way India to have an ebooks coming up after Ortiz Ortiz done. Ortiz is that an editing process you have out done writing and hope is that the process now where has to be everything that I Britons there. Now it has that passed through to make sure his teen news yes copy and if he does we got to go a born again Christian. Miami born again Christian is that when it was the day I'd love Jesus Christ I mean I have yet. Race you can lead you can get there what it does happen. The first time. But Howard got on the it will wind wind die. Not if not here's a guy like last couple years with you is a little more cushion and I read the read the Belichick pretty book at the end you think com. Some pastors are a lot of them aboard a specific please sort of longer knows I'm. Who were open for I would it was my name there with your name where if you every want to know where you were thing in the capital ship to go all the other like it should be specific. Corporate and that's. Love him he's a character cartman and Jesus receive my project or Jerry. What do they. Are debates all Horry talked to for the book. He did yet resilient. Yeah it was that the pastors at your house I'm ray Hammond and Gloria Hamilton. Brandon Thomas crow we don't homeless show our job high powered job Wesley Howard Johnson's great about that Howard Howard on Wesley Howard John Wesley Lance Watson recently born again. Just some sort of multi they got I came back probably the really has seriously about three years two or three questions yet when two or three years ago. I was fasting. And watch fasting. Fasting yes yes so I was fasting in orbit in. It. Please keep that. Please oh please keep that would I was fastening. And in prayer in your region read the word Latin. Just got. Does that mean he swear off here it's worth the spark. No no no I don't swear. Trying to charter attracting now well new means of photography you know and I used to. When apple because Jesus yes geez is Matt and even look at pornography. I don't think you read out the electric changes the way you. I changed the way you look at our at all. And ordered alcohol you do. Never been drunk Fredricka regarding your life now. Drugs known. Is that the that your nose ring in the hand and hand them out that was. And I think at the time. I've ever violate them just making clear as it's at you earlier. You're the perfect and no this is right is about and it's not about being righteous we that's not christianity I think you're more broadly I think but I think christianity needs talent. Campaign PR can only guess as sort of a lot of time saves us Christian and your religion is like it if Kirk Cameron now. Then that you don't make sense that you think oh OK this guy you know. He he he hates homosexuals he does it now known homosexual no willing must be some homosexuals. Well I don't know mock gun illegally you know I do know homosexuals homosexuals annoyed about it I hate but we sometimes he tells you stories here. And we give rambling awesome story and it's packaged games at the stores yet so but the this give context to and you don't hear much about Christian and Mattel had. But I do pray for you but your party an upgrade from Purdue did you eat pray for Kirkland yes I do individually yes win how pray for every. Perfectly for every don't operate known singer pray for. Before going on here pre college event or buy something to stand here so actually some know am I offended no known as Christian you know it's a geez I wish you would say now. Now I don't absent. That by my great grandfather. Archer. So he's a past does not from this remote. Yes my mom's a grandfather right. Was a pastor of mount calvary that mr. Akron Ohio and Akron check ups and so and then my grandfather. Was it was a preacher to. My mother is pretty much. He should be some some believe you have a conversely from a mother you ask questions you can do is quote. Any book of the Bible to operate and give you history out of context so yeah it's our kids so I was rates yet if that is the other was a cute. I was a kid from I'd say from. By eighteen couldn't wait couldn't wait to answer to that went to this Wendy's old school news all day get up at like 9 o'clock in the morning. And get home at 3:3. PM and I told my mama mama know this until recently. She used to get the announcements in the church and she's at the front and all the prayer warriors up there. That's you're sitting in the front that would dip out and run home watch the games. The united. Tight timing out and say yeah well that's about halftime so church should be wrapping up now run back and she didn't know I was doing that. Every Sunday during football season to a historical note though. Which you know we do -- of god god you think I was pleased public I would tell I would I was pleased. I'll let all the masturbation and deport you want that's not not legally dead and church christianity is all about forgiveness that's what's so I forgive us the very end. If you mean it sincerely do as the Israeli port au. So it may have been sick but you can't just say I ask for forgiveness and then just thought I'd look colleges because you I'm sure you're in the page. Kind of thoughts as you know. Much for your forgiveness is real some rock and forgive you go go to jail. The guy that's got got nothing I'm not sure your forgiveness is real god knows which are hard as well we've vote what your forgiveness what you are nice guys you you're good it looks like same flawed shore yet but the good guys. A good a good sign your putter. Who has a good interview and really shore they want for forgiveness not gonna say this guy. No not seen it by going to help. Maybe. Maybe the guys that on a baby. My baby. You're good so there's sort of changed mine are none are not about change my mind at all get to Florida are now I'm not change about it. Know him a good and a third good. But I don't. Really beer drinkers wine should Michael Patrick magical line to throw yourself off with one. You know Turkey Callahan of your penis jokes and we're gonna go arcade why do you think you'd. Think that about you guys at ever say that ever ever ever complain you. All I don't you know. Like to read your radio borrowing I'm above it all never you never if you have to buy every complaint you. Well of course the we have no relationship that I got to work on Unix the resort in early shippers and you really wants from the time with me how awful and enhance whatever it is a flat out but it felt that I am. Great deal. What if we we we spent some time ago but it will do just like all. I don't play golf. Yet. We're go to church Medina wanted you know when I I don't either stop and I was a year or you do you do Vinny Ciurciu so couple hundred or yet. Well my wife his decision future. She teaches Sunday school and Scalia and has yet in my marry my. Right that's so I was Catholic won the super catheter might be raised Catholic which school. I've its own war do you have you have received your kids what kind of god I don't do this on the good normally I play the god game always with them if you are you guys are you've got a policy you you do realize. Watching. LG and Sony is usually players you say prayers at the house to before dinners and honest I'm not that you. You doodle prayer before it. You can you can rule note with his feet let's get a those kids are great kids kids via the other day. It's talking to when myself and my oldest. Robinson easy he figures to get and he said he's asking about fasting what is it means it was a fast he did and now. Yeah sure. Sure what you don't think fasting. But is it it's a good idea. Who got Gandhi didn't plug and great. It is Jesus began with a beard and I mean. So no he did was talk about fast and expand its own. And now you do it a couple years you know maybe this is it fair to guess at now that's due to downgrade good deputies and argue that Jesus eight years don't you start on his eight year old kid. And it into. Hold. When you start starving mutual when he wants to I remembered honestly I did at around nine or ten. Which is starting early dinner yes which is double sacrifice. If you have agreed dinner. What we know she know it went only four hours. Sometimes longer and are different kinds of fast humans and can past for you to skip lunch you can skip dinner likens that would dale. It that the one lady in the wake up 180 the fat is a factor at all. They count that that part I would lose weight when AD and then at the adrenaline here as fast are Ochoa spell it all right Brady. It's poppy. Or my story in incidents on the what's next idea. Telling right now I don't know you have any ideas. Got to think forming I do think music you just did half an hour memoir meant to a memoir Wendy. We get a deity of your reconcile your dad to work at the end yet you need to united maybe that's why did the book it's -- to disregard you know he can if I secretly record them and I duplicates have a great Brady biography. Waiting to be written the quarts of all I think somebody is I think somebody's in it will be a better looking and mark leverage is right in the still don't. Yeah but he seems like he's very probe pre. I'm talking or you want to do this I want to Guerrero stuff I want all of us I don't want you know tag I want I want a real book if you look at subduction something there sure. David Perlman and maybe yes but to. He had nothing right now not right now did you did you. Labs to give before. The Celtics book that you wrote at a Celtics book that was in the works in this broke my heart. Because I really wanted to do it was last year doc and KG here is always going to be the last group and decide to do it. And I didn't get. And then get the access it felt I needed to. To attempt to make it work you rewrite the book an N dot doc was great in the beginning they also of short and takes him travel with SpinRite and watch some practices. I needed I need more time you've got a right thought. Did you stop for needles and research isn't researchers tested were reporting visit. Could have access to Garnett. How all competitors. While I'm just. They doc was doc primarily asset and need to proceed doc I try to scare always try to steer people in the beginning these access books. I'm going to be around all the time. You you're gonna get tired of seeing me that if they still say yes. Then I think it prepared them for the process and it's not going to be bad and make it worse is going to be an equity you can write what genius your book John. Ortiz he's special guy and he's about he's a special man I talked in its production gets into law I don't think that's not you. Do you think that knowing her you know I don't I don't only a doctor. I think that we would be awkward beginning but it took the keys are nice. It's nice isn't it. I guess you agree manager's. Package you'd I'd want change. A book on page expose what range was and these are markets are not there but no I think something on the Celtics would work. Do we do they gotta gotta go win as the best casino the best and see for agreeing. You know you you love your well read guy you're talking about you've met these literary references all the time and I'm on him they're pretty deep guy. So best basketball book ever written is everybody everybody says the breach of the game in which is right now but that's sort but I agree but that's sort of so I'll take it under readable it. It didn't get enough credit at the time which is insane to Berkeley deals that Jack McCallum was great. Yeah unfinished business that was part is as part of our research yeah it was a terrific he had a great he had he had the month plus you know show he diverted about a pair got great stuff parachute about cough from Eddie any painting which I still remember only only at all during the season and I says he's under that entity that calls greatly Canada the team is it just think it's Lewis and Sean brown received a ride coming up and you realize that's underrated as a terrific book the rich the game's probably the best. Probably is the best basketball I think the best ones so they need to be like a breaks of the game type book for the I think the Celtics are right there because. Not a championship team yet. It in a couple of years he could. That book you can really time and up with them being championship contention I'm a detour from a maybe trash and you start to fasting and so I was I just wish the BO does need to be a dead husband right now at the office door closed for a year and a half in techies get dealership okay trying to incorporate mute keypad to open round and the good time let him like it's out of immense portly can get ugly. Yet to experience lead to that John Dennis and I'd like to do it again and push him into retirement because you're you're you talked about it. No intimate text to Cuba I did yeah I think I gave them. Rush and I access on command he Damon went day like. Everybody I do. There's nobody dislike right now the station now not one person I dislike yes no. Do you dislike of the things you like you. You actually dislike them and that's why it's that there are certain people shows that had mixed relationship with Russia just as you mean of course but it's to a different level. Gone back and forth of people at the station but that's. This temporary. Hopes or one happy family right so apps are right it's a Belichick and Brady and was popular story. What is. My story my house or ours is soaring trade it's an English and this is he gonna do the do tours the audio we do with him. No no I'm I don't know probably that probably somebody doing it this is going to be Belichick and Brady comes out in paperback you'll see best seller. And so was the best so I don't know I don't know if I don't it was definitely. A New England bestseller no question I don't know there was. At times does so that's a different podcast for different day. So it all depends on when the book comes out who your computer you come back on you'll come back on in the pocketbook. Or come back you're you're telling us that. I have no quit. Do you think this is that since this premise you have that I got a problem with prop for those that do they all bring this up you have you. Jerry and Nigerian curtain until penis jokes and I don't like members and members in which you do with thinking you're sort of about a little. You budget should we start talking has been to presidents conversation in which talk turn to presidential administration. We started one name is present we had a number of times president Donald Trump for president I don't have to deal with this people form. I didn't vote for no no I didn't did you. I know I vote for Hillary Clinton which drove Jerry crazy get region which drove me crazy it was. I cannot look at Keaton in him a dollar and say I vote for what could compete actually section section result of yet at among them and say yeah I mean you know and you regulars again I don't think Hillary is great candidate also that and and the and the problem is you know if you had. If she had that turnout. African American turnout that Obama did easily. Easily would want answered it all ethnic and what it's just not. She couldn't. Garner and generate enough excitement. To pressure of that I mean it is too bad mr. you know you think about. I don't. To show they UWU worn out for the show not get man to a clock radio I'm good at what the top the previous game. You don't want to deal previewed game not. So what's written for a while. Talk about the stuff. We don't expressed Hamachi you probably don't listen shall. You listened and we mocked the doctor office and I'm a model of social and so just enough we talk over the Belichick brushed off we do that. I asked money. Is at least you're getting a good engagement in Texas had a good what's collateral a cross promotion when it was. The program or so what you don't do cross it was a lateral and horizontal. This or heard of great great program directors were Jason Wolff Kevin Graham was the story. We're gonna rank them via or quote can be and yet. What he has a program director likens his editing this. I mean he's he's got to be heard from now. Between. For now she like I grant you as a person but wolf first. I guess you have to look at the record delegate record user consult got to this verbal assault. He had yet Hiram. Well musical history utility meters at this disaster customs job a combined value you know everybody's rich like you me I love that idea too now rich now. Devastation come on now aren't you out of the your your mentor. He's he can detect vulnerable to any resorts in person makes. Me. Enough is there about. The bears he's there. But that memory and it got even this is you know it says and I'm glad you vote for him it's not even me it's not even reported that a wise but he drives but I'm where. You. Shari. Are obvious. If you're late for because this pocket that's what we're gonna do it. Maybe they'll keep what you like each with an expert and a regardless. We're gonna start to show today we talked with your ballot. Don't know not trump. I don't care medical therapy art. I don't care I do not need an adult I do not care that not for that from two to six we're not gonna talk about Donald Trump's inauguration. And care about watch watch fox I watched it. No well that's terrible that I don't care if it's FC championship game. And yet he's going to be the president tomorrow is going to be president and in two weeks in two years don't care know it was start shortly start. Couple was noted that and start with your you're Belichick talking Belichick's mr. You sure it's a good move gonna we're gonna find it and see if it's funny a man I'm gonna judge it on the ears and that's one element be listening okay to a clock you know after my post of yours thanks for me Ramallah will be up about the problems that I've got to get him is currently the start of the year are right thanks guest. Thanks again it was into the Moby podcasts. I. Think should be thinking is she every week he's great podcast. Oh lead free which I used. Noticed Richard do the same reading the reviews that streak via this podcast is going to be number one again I guarantee. The process of that I guess that the N. About I think he's going back and forth here's the hockey.

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